How to remove a second clock from the lock screen

Method Disable the Google app

This method allows you to remove the Google search bar from the screen through the phone settings. It is worth noting that the method works on fairly old versions of Android, so it makes no sense to recommend it for every smartphone. So let’s get started.

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First you need to go to the device settings.

Now we go down and go to the “Applications” tab.

Here, from a large list of programs, you need to find the “Google Search” utility. It should be understood that depending on the firmware, the name may be different, for example, just “Google”.

After that we get to the window with the program, where you need to click the “Stop” button.

The system will ask about our consent, click “OK”.

After that, the “Stop” tab will turn gray, which indicates that the application is inactive.

As you can see, it is not difficult to remove the Google search bar from the phone screen. The main thing is to be careful not to turn off any necessary program.

How to get back the favorite contacts widget in iOS 14

Many users have noticed the Google line on the screen of their Android smartphone. It partially replaces the usual browser and allows you to use voice search to enter a query. Most users do not like this format, so they are wondering how to remove the Google search bar from the Android screen. It’s easy to do, but it all depends on the phone model and Android version. In this article, we will take a closer look at each method.

How to remove a widget from the menu system completely

As mentioned above, if the widget is installed independently, usually during the installation of the application, then when it is removed from the system menu, it is completely removed.

If it is built-in, then you will not be able to remove it in the usual way, but you can. Much depends on the version of Windows, since you need to get ROOT rights.

If you get root rights, then use any file manager, for example, “FX File Explorer”, “Computer File Explorer”, “Ghost Commander”, “ES Explorer”, “X-plore File Manager” or simply “File Manager”. You can download them for free from Google Play.

Later in this article, we will take a look at the Lock Log itself and how to manage it.

The lock log is a phone screen that contains a beautiful photo, the current time, a welcome message and, possibly, a notification of one of the applications.

To switch to the lock log management mode, you need to swipe up from the bottom edge of the lock screen. When swiping in other directions, you will be prompted to enter a password to unlock the device.

In the Lock Log management mode, you can scroll through the Lock Log images by swiping to the right or left.

At the bottom of the screen there are two rows of icons, of which:

HUAWEI (honor) Smartphone Lock Log management function icons

Lock screen settings:

To configure the lock screen, you need to enter the “Settings” of the smartphone.

On the first page, select “Security and Privacy”.

Next, select “Screen Locks and Passwords”.

The procedure for managing the lock log images is described in the article “How to customize the lock log images on the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?” Click here to go to the article.

Disabling Home Button on Huawei

Now the interactive button has been integrated into their firmware by Apple and Huawei. Other manufacturers are in no hurry to equip smartphones with a convenient navigation element. To remove the button from the Honor screen, you need to follow a series of steps:

  • First of all, go to the settings, where we open the “System” section. Depending on the firmware, the location of the category may vary, but often it is located at the top of the settings.
  • Next, go to the “System Navigation” tab.
  • Then open the window with the settings for the navigation button.
  • Here you need to move the slider to the left opposite the desired item.

The interactive element will then disappear from the screen. You can return it back according to the instructions above, where in the last paragraph, move the slider to the right. It is also possible that the Home button can be disabled from the quick settings panel. Open it and click on the “Navigation button” icon. After that, the icon should change its color.

How to use Notif Notifidgets is designed to add widgets to the Android lock screen using the native Android notification system. The best thing is that you don’t have to root your Android device to use this amazing app. Just follow the simple steps below to try it.

After launching Notifidgets on your phone, it will ask you to choose. what apps you would like to add to your lock screen. Then follow the instructions. to create popup widgets directly.

There are two ways. which can be accessed by the added widgets. You can access them from the lock screen or Android notification tray.

Please keep in mind that after adding widgets to the lock screen, who can access the phone can access and interact with the widgets and information.

How to add a widget for any calls

To add a panel for calling subscribers in any available way, you have to tinker a little more.

In the Teams app, go to the My Teams tab.

Click the button in the upper left corner to go to the folder section.

Create a new folder to host contacts.

In the created folder, add a new command. Select the appropriate calling option, such as an audio or video FaceTime call.

Give the command a name and select an icon.

Create the required number of cards to call your favorite subscribers. You can add a card of one subscriber with the ability to choose a communication method, or vice versa. create several for a call by phone number, video communication or through a messenger.

Add a new widget to the widget menu or on the desktop. Select the Commands widget and set the size to 4 or 8 shortcuts.

Click on the widget in edit mode and select the folder with commands created in the third step.

As a result, we get a widget for quickly calling your favorite contacts, which can be located right on the desktop or on the lock screen (in the widget menu on the left).

This is how you can replace the missing call widget in iOS 14 favorite contacts.

Enabling and configuring

To enable double time, use our step-by-step guide:

  • Open the “Clock” application. you can do this either through the icon of the same name in the menu, or by clicking on the time on the desktop.
  • Click on “Three dots” in the upper right corner and select “Settings”.

Now scroll down, turn on the Dual Watch function with the toggle and select the time zone for the second region.

  • Two clock widgets will appear on the desktop. They will also be displayed on the locked screen. The local time will be displayed on the left, on the right. any selected time zone that you need.
  • To change the look of the clock, you need to change the theme of the smartphone through the Themes application, and the appearance of the widget will change with it. The developers claim that for the option to work correctly, a default theme and a stock lock screen are required. However, some of the installed themes support such a widget, you just need to try installing it and restart your smartphone.

    What is this function

    The Dual Clock on Xiaomi is a MIUI-wrapped widget that shows the time in different regions of the country. This widget can be configured to be displayed both on the home screen of the smartphone and on the lock screen.

    Previously, this option only supported one widget, but now a separate dial will be set for each region.

    Thus, thanks to this functionality, the user is able to set the local time and time of another desired region, which must be monitored. This solution is perfect for travelers in order to track the time in their hometown and in the region where they are located.

    How to enable or disable the “Dual Clock” function on the Xiaomi phone screen

    In the new versions of MIUI (latest updates 10, 11 and 12), an interesting feature has appeared on Xiaomi phones. a double clock. She adds a special widget to the screen that shows the time in different regions. We will figure out how to enable and configure this function, as well as how to disable it and remove the widget from the screen.

    How to disable the function

    To disable dual clocks, follow these steps:

    Turn off the function using the switch by sliding it to the left.

  • Go back to your desktop and check if the widget has disappeared. If not, restart your smartphone.
  • In which versions does MIUI work and how does it look

    Dual clocks work in the latest global updates, starting from MIUI 10. Earlier versions of MIUI also have the function, but the display shows one widget, divided into two parts, as mentioned above.

    The working screen after switching on and setting will look like this:

    Work problems and solutions

    If the clock does not appear, in the “Settings” open the “Date and time” section and enable “Automatic detection” of the time zone, or specify the region in which you are now on your own. Then open the “Clock” application and in the parameters, mark the second region in which you want to track.

    If the screen displays the wrong time, try turning on the Internet, geolocation and automatic time zone detection. Or vice versa, turn off automatic detection and specify the city manually.

    Thus, the Dual Watch feature, introduced in recent MIUI updates, will be useful to many users. It will be able to make life easier for travelers or those who constantly move from one city to city. You can also use it to track the time in the region in which, for example, relatives or friends live.

    Removing the clock from the main screen

    Is that annoying time left on the home screen? No problem! In this case, everything is much simpler for both types of devices. If you have not installed additional applications for displaying the clock, then removing them will not be difficult.

    • Press on the clock of the main screen and hold.
    • The widget editing menu appears.
    • We drag the clock to the very top of the basket.
    • Release the press and they will disappear.
    • Press your finger on an empty spot on the screen until the settings mode appears.
    • A cross will appear near the clock on the right. Click on it and the clock will be deleted.
    • You may need to drag them to the trash can.

    The actions are quite simple for an ordinary user, just nowhere is it written about it.

    After the first launch of the software, the user goes to the familiarization block, in which he will be offered to learn more about the terms of the software privacy policy and the rules for its use. Later, the tool will ask the user to grant him several permissions to work correctly. After that, the user can instantly go to the parameters of the tool and customize them at his own discretion.

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    In the properties section “Clock On Lock Screen Clock On Screen Off”, the user can enable or disable the service, find out under what conditions it will work, as well as set certain gestures that will perform specified actions on the device.

    A person can customize the appearance of the dial and the brightness of the backlight when the smartphone display is turned off. The user can configure notification settings, enable power saving mode, activate automatic night mode and connect a motion sensor to the software. It will detect when the phone is in your and turn off the backlight completely. Also in the properties you can get information about the developers and completely uninstall the application from the gadget.

    The advantages of this program include the fact that it is really working and when the smartphone is locked, information about the current time and date remains on the display.

    On almost all Android devices, the clock is displayed on the lock screen by default.

    On some smartphone models, you may need to install an additional application or add them through widgets. If you accidentally deleted the clock from the lock screen and do not know how to get it back, then below we will tell you in detail how to do it.

    How to set the clock

    If the desired widget is not there, then most likely you have deleted the “Clock” application and you need to install it again through the Play Store. Instructions:

    Launch the Play Store and type “Watch” in the search bar. Find and select an app from Google LLC from the list. This is the official Android tool, but you can use any other.

    Click “Install” to start downloading and installing.

    After that, the clock will appear on the home and lock screen. If this did not happen, then add them yourself, following the instructions described above.

    How to remove the clock from the lock screen

    When you start the smartphone or for a long idle time, the lock screen is displayed. It contains a description for unlocking the device and of course a clock that cannot be removed with a simple click. To do this, we need to go to the settings and disable them from there.

    For Android, the steps are as follows:

    • Go to the “Settings” of your device.
    • In the list of features, select “Lock screen”.
    • We are looking for the item “Clock”. He is responsible for displaying the clock when the display is off or on the lock screen. In some versions of Android, we will be prompted to go inside, but in most cases, just uncheck the box.
    • Sometimes you need to click “Apply” (checkmark in the upper right corner).

    All is ready! You can check the result. Lock your screen and see if they disappeared. Yes? Great, so we did everything right.

    For iOS devices (IPhone):

    • On the application screen, you need to find the item “Settings”.
    • Next, we are looking for “Screen and brightness” or “Lock screen”. There may be cases of “Screen lock”.
    • It contains various items (may be in English). We are looking for “Time Setting” or “Clock and Lock”.
    • We transfer the green slider to the “Off” mode.

    All is ready! Now clocks and any mentions of them have been removed from our devices.

    How to get the clock back through widgets

    On many smartphones, the clock that appears on the main display is automatically duplicated on the lock screen. If you accidentally or on purpose remove them, they will disappear there and there. How to display the clock on the phone screen:

    Long press in any free area on the main screen and wait for an additional menu to appear at the bottom of the screen.

    Click “Widgets” and in the screen that appears, find the “Clock” application.

    Tap and hold on the desired widget, and then place it on a free part of the screen.

    After that, the clock should appear on the home and lock screen. Optionally you can choose analog or digital display.

    How to Disable Clock on Samsung Lock Screen

    After buying a smartphone, the first thing on the screen is the widgets supplied with the device. Usually this is a calendar, clock, notes, google or Apple assistants, a search bar (in Russia, Yandex) and some icons. The first thing you want to do is to clean the cluttered desktop for a more pleasant perception of the device.

    In this article, we will look at the most problematic place. the clock on the screen. They interfere with everyone, tk. in standard form are huge for a small display.

    How to return the clock through the settings

    If the clock still does not appear where it is needed, then most likely you need to turn on the screensaver. This can be done through the settings. How to set the clock on the lock screen:

    Open the “Settings” menu and in the “Device” section select “Display”.

    Click on the “Screensaver” item. If necessary, move the slider to the “Enabled” state.

    Make sure “Clock” is selected in the screen saver settings. If you are using a third-party application, then specify the required.

    In the screensaver settings, click on the “Show more” button in the form of three dots and in the menu that appears, select “When to start the screensaver”.

    Tap Always to keep the clock on the lock screen all the time. Or specify the required parameter.

    After that, the clock will appear not only when locked, but also when the screen is off. To conserve battery power, this setting can be turned off at any time. If you want to set the clock to your lock screen, then you don’t have to use the official app. Try to download any other one through the Play Store.

    Dual time display. is it possible?

    It would be great to show a few clocks on the lock screen! It would look very cool and you always knew what time it was in another country. People who have moved to another state, or those who are at a distance, can use this feature.

    You will always know what time it is in your partner’s city or your family’s state; this will help avoid possible misunderstandings. You would never risk calling them while they are still sleeping and so on. Unfortunately, iPhone 7 does not support this feature.

    Of course, you can download various apps that show multiple clocks and use them instead. But when you exit the app, you won’t be able to see both times on the lock screen.

    You can always use World Clock, which is built into your Clock app. You can add as many places as you like and scroll down and see how long it is there. All you have to do is enter world time, click on the plus sign, and select a city. The list contains all major cities of the United States, as well as some important world capitals.

    Even if you don’t know anyone who lives in a different time zone, it might be interesting to know the time in a different part of the world.

    Can I move the clock on the lock screen?

    You can do so many things on your iPhone 7, which is why some people are starting to wonder if they can also move the clock on the lock screen. Some want to move the clock down, and some even want to hide it from the lock screen. If you are a perfectionist, this can ruin your ideal background.

    Some people contacted Apple because they couldn’t find this feature anywhere. It turned out that there is no such function. You cannot move your watch around the lock screen.

    However, this does not mean that you will never get this feature. Apple may decide to introduce it in a future update. You are not the only one who asked for this, many others want this feature and it seems reasonable enough to us.

    Things you can do

    Even if you can’t move the clock on the lock screen, there are tons of other things you can customize on iPhone 7. But since we are talking about this, let’s mention some other watch-related features.

    The good thing is that you can choose whether you want the time to be in 24-hour or 12-hour format. All you have to do is go to settings and then click on General. After that you have to click on the date and time.

    Here you can choose how the time is displayed on your iPhone. You can also choose a time zone and decide if you want your iPhone to update it automatically or if you want to do it manually.

    How to Move Clock on iPhone 7 Lock Screen

    If you’re using an iPhone 7, you already know you can customize pretty much anything. From Home and Lock Screens to Photo Albums and Font Sizes.

    You’ve probably already set up your wallpaper with photos of your loved ones or some motivational stuff. If you also want to know how to move the clock on the lock screen, we have an answer for you.

    The last word

    It is currently not possible to move the clock on the lock screen of your iPhone 7. You also cannot have multiple clocks on it. We hope this article was helpful to you and Apple introduced these features in the future.

    Where would you move the lock screen clock if you could? Would you place it somewhere on the screen or remove it? Let us know in the comments below.

    How to Remove Dual Clock on Samsung from Lock Screen

    In this article, we asked the wizard to answer the question: “How to remove dual clocks on Samsung from the lock screen?”, And also give useful recommendations. What came of it,

    Samsung has tried to concentrate all the technological trends of our time in its top-end smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8. This is a curved display, and a retinal scanner, and “night mode”. Of course, the hardware and software interface match. We will talk about it today, more precisely, about its hidden and non-obvious capabilities. So, what is fraught with the new interface of the Galaxy S8 and S8?

    The navigation bar in the Galaxy S8 and S8 has a few aces up its sleeve, including allowing users to bypass the device’s lock screen and instantly access the home screen.

    To do this, you need to activate unlocking from the Home button in the settings. Settings Display Navigation panel. Now a strong press on Home will unlock the device, and a double press will forcefully block. In addition, the user can hide the navigation bar in applications where it is not automatically removed, and can also be configured to suit his tastes. In some applications, the navigation bar can completely disappear, to call it you need to swipe from the bottom to the top of the screen.

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    The Galaxy S8 and S8’s screen edges provide access to apps, news, and key features, allowing apps, shortcuts, and notifications to appear on curved screen edges. In addition, there are notifications in the form of glowing stripes along the edges, so you will not miss a message even if the smartphone is lying face down. The same mode works well during game battles.

    Users can access screen bezel preferences by going to Settings Display Screen Bezels.

    Found which you would like to watch later? The Galaxy S8 allows users to simply save URLs with a reminder feature. To do this, you need to click on the Reminder icon in the standard browser. The URL is saved automatically, you can also set the time for the reminder to appear.

    In addition, the smartphone allows you to create reminders in instant messengers. To do this, click the Message Options menu item and select the Send Reminder sub-item. Finally, you can pin reminders to the display. To do this, select the Reminders application, select the desired reminder from the list and select the “Always on screen” item.

    Sometimes you only have a couple of seconds to take a good photo. On the Galaxy S8 and S8, you need to press the power button twice to instantly launch the camera. You can zoom the photo from the camera application by dragging the shutter button left-right.

    In addition to unlocking the device, the finger scanner allows users to open apps and control key functions. A simple swipe up or down will show or hide the notification panel, while swiping from screen to sensor on the home screen will launch Samsung Pay. The feature can be found under Settings Advanced Features Fingerprint Gestures.

    If you cannot answer the call, you can reject it by sending pre-formed messages. A heart rate sensor is used for this. a double tap will send a message. The setting is as follows: Settings Display Screen edge Lighting Additional parameters Quick reply.

    To quickly take a screenshot of the game and merge the game, you need to press the volume down button and the power button. You can also swipe your finger across the screen from edge to edge and then select the area of ​​the screen to save.

    Configurable in Settings Additional Features Smart Capture

    The new S8 feature allows users to select a portion of the last open application to pin to the top of the screen. For example, it can be video or stock quotes. This allows you to keep two applications on the screen at the same time. To start, you need to press the arrow button in the application title.

    If you are using a retina scanner, you can select different masks for this in the authorization window. Not too interesting, but still. surely someone will like it. Find it here: Settings Lock screen and protection Retina scanner Mask preview screen.

    Samsung Cloud offers users an easy way to share large video clips and photos with other users. The function supports FullHD videos and files up to 1GB in. Users can save up to 2GB of content per day. After two days of storage, the files will be deleted from the server.

    To use this feature, select a photo or video that you would like to share in the Gallery app, tap Share and select a link to share. On the next screen, you can select the app you want to use to send your link.

    Users can also grant other users access to shared content by sending them a code. Those who receive the code will be able to view the materials on the link.

    Of course, these are far from all the chips, but we will tell about others sometime next time.

    On April 21st, two amazing Samsung smartphones hit the market after a short delay. Now that they have fallen into the hands of users, the owners want to customize them properly by adding personality to their smartphones. Many people don’t want to waste time learning how to change the lock screen or add new wallpapers, but it’s very easy to do.

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have beautiful Quad-HD displays with a resolution of 2950 x 1440 pixels. Only the size changes, 5.8 and 6.2 inches. The high definition wallpapers look amazing on these screens. With that in mind, here’s how to add attractive wallpapers or customize your lock screen.

    These are the most advanced smartphones on the market, boasting a full range of features, and these devices can easily overwhelm any user even before you even bother setting the wallpaper or lock screen.

    The best thing about the new phone is that you can customize it from scratch just the way you want it, even if it might be a little daunting for novice users. We’ve prepared a guide to help you tune in in no time.
    How to Change Lock Screen and Wallpaper on Galaxy S8?

    There are several ways to change the lock screen image or background image. The best part is that you can use two different images. One for lock screen and another for desktop wallpaper, be it live or dynamic wallpaper.
    The confusion occurs when Galaxy S8 owners navigate to Settings, select Wallpapers and Themes, and then switch to Samsung’s theme engine. And the latter is not very user friendly and can be tricky to figure out. The engine is loaded with beautiful photos, themes, labels and other elements. If you just want to set your own image to the background, it’s not that easy. So here’s how to do it. We’ll look at different ways.

    Press and hold your finger on an empty spot on the home screen;
    When it enlarges, go to the “Settings” menu and select “Wallpaper”;
    Scroll through the options from Samsung or tap My Photos;
    Now select the image you want, crop it properly to fit your screen and click “Apply Wallpaper”;
    Choose “Home Screen” or “Lock Screen”;

    Lock screen wallpaper
    In case you haven’t noticed, in the course of our instructions outlined above, choosing a wallpaper for your lock screen is just as easy. Follow the same steps as above. If you find an image you want to use, click “Apply” and the phone will ask if you want to apply the image as wallpaper for the home screen, lock screen and both.

    Choose the latter option if you want only one image on all screens, or select the desired option for a specific area of ​​the device. Do what you want.

    Samsung Theme Store
    Go to Settings. Wallpapers & Themes where you will find a huge collection of themes, wallpapers, live wallpapers, custom icons, and more. If you do not understand the steps, just select everything you want, download and click apply.

    We recommend browsing the gallery as you will find tons of great images there. Once you have found a suitable option, just download it and click “Apply”. The app will ask the owner whether to apply an image for the lock screen or for the home screen background, as expected. There are dozens of neat themes that will change the look of the entire interface, for those interested.

    Among other things, you can customize the navigation keys on the screen as well as change the Allways-On display. There are tons of options and settings for Galaxy S8 owners. Email us if you encounter any other questions or problems.

    TouchWiz in the new Galaxy S8 allows you to customize and reconfigure the look and feel of your smartphone’s operating system until you get bored. The user is allowed to customize almost everything. The only element that is always and securely “sticky” in one place is the navigation bar.

    By default, the navigation bar in Samsung smartphones is known to be inverted. She has a Back button to the right of the central Home button, and a Recently Opened Applications button to the left. I mean, exactly the opposite, when compared with panels from other manufacturers.

    In addition, Samsung also allows you to change the background color of the navigation bar and adjust the sensitivity to pressing the Home button.

    But, obviously, Samsung considered that this was not enough and in the last update added another feature to the TouchWiz settings that allows you to hide the navigation bar altogether.

    Many Android applications, as you know, hide the navigation bar of a smartphone or tablet automatically in certain situations. For example, when a video is played on the device screen in full screen mode or a toy is running. It is very comfortable. Firstly, the image becomes larger, and secondly, you do not need to be careful all the time, so as not to accidentally hit the panel and not fall out of the game.

    On the other hand, in some other apps (or mobile browsers) the navigation buttons remain in place. Which is just not always convenient and often very annoying, since the panel still covers a rather noticeable part of the screen.

    So, Samsung paid attention to this. In the new Galaxy S8, after a software update, a small dot appears in the far left corner of the navigation bar. This is the panel display mode switch. If you tap on it, then the option to automatically collapse the panel is turned on / off.

    If, after updating TouchWiz, you did not find this dot on the navigation bar of your Galaxy S8. So, you just need to enable it in the smartphone settings.

    Click “Settings”. “Display”. “Navigation bar”. We find and activate the Show and Hide option (if you didn’t find this option either. Then TouchWiz hasn’t been updated yet, and it’s better to check for updates).

    When the automatic hiding mode of the navigation panel is active, the toggle point will look like a white ring, and the panel itself will be translucent. If auto-hide is disabled, then the point will be just a solid gray point, and the panel will be the color that you set for it earlier.

    By the way, the Home button works even when the navigation bar is hidden. That is, to go to the home screen, even without the panel, you just need to tap a little harder around the place where the Home button is usually located. And to return the hidden navigation bar to the screen, just swipe up and down from the bottom edge of the display. the bar will appear for a few seconds and then hide again.

    Perhaps you have your opinions on the topic “How to remove dual clocks on Samsung from the lock screen”? Write about it in the comments.

    Local Group Policy Editor

    The ability to change the local group policy is available only for users of the Professional and Enterprise editions of the operating system. In all other cases, when you try to open the local group policy editor, the message Gpedit.msc not found in Windows 10 will be displayed.

    • Open the Group Policy Editor by running the gpedit.msc command in the WinR window.
    • Follow the path: Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Control Panel Personalization.
    • Next, change the value of the Prevent the display of the lock screen parameter to Enabled.
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    After that, when you press the WinL key combination for, you will no longer see the lock screen, but will immediately be prompted to enter a password. If necessary, you can change the default value of the parameter, which after the next restart of the computer will return the lock screen.

    How to turn off the lock screen in Windows 10


    Not many people like this method, and it is not worth recommending it, but nevertheless it exists and works. With the help of the best file manager, you can find the file or folder in the system that is responsible for locking the screen and rename it. For such an action, an ordinary system conductor will also be sufficient. Please note that we are not deleting the file, but renaming (there is an option, move the file to a different location).

    We follow the path: C: \ Windows \ SystemApps, where we are looking for the Microsoft.LockApp folder and just rename it. It is enough to add one character in the folder name so that the system does not see it. If you want to bring the lock screen back, then just set the default folder name and save. In this case, you will need to restart the explorer or the computer completely.

    How to remove the lock screen in Windows 10

    The lock screen has received a significant update from previous versions of the operating system. When turning on the computer, users must enter their account password on the lock screen to gain access to the system. Many users do not like the new lock screen, as they have to do extra steps to get to the desktop.

    This article will tell you how you can remove the lock screen by disabling several options in Windows 10. It is enough for the user to understand that the password input screen differs from the lock screen in that beautiful wallpapers, clocks and notifications are displayed on the lock screen. If the user does not have an account password, then removing the lock screen, the user will immediately go to the desktop.

    Registry editor

    The user can independently make changes in the registry by opening the registry editor. To make changes to the registry, the user simply needs to have device administrator rights. But before making any changes, it’s advised to back up the Windows 10 registry.

    • Open the registry editor by executing the regedit command in the WinR window.
    • Go to the section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Policies / Microsoft / Windows / Personalization.
    • Find the NoLockScreen parameter and change its value to 1.

    Although these are changes in the operating system registry, you do not need to restart your computer. Strangely enough, the changes are applied immediately after changing the value of the registry value.

    Ultimate Windows Tweaker

    There are many third party utilities that can help you remove your lock screen. We will show you how to remove the screen lock using Ultimate Windows Tweaker version 4.3. Although the program is in English, the interface is intuitive and clear. And so to disable it you need:

    • Download and run Ultimate Windows Tweaker utility.
    • Go to the Customization category and the Universal UI section.
    • In the Lock Screen item, set a check mark to Disable Lock Screen.
    • Click Apply Tweaks and check.

    This method works automatically by analogy with the previous solutions. The user just needs to download a small utility to disable the lock screen. And also you will have to run the program as an administrator in Windows 10. If the program is launched without administrator rights, the changes in the system will not be applied.

    Despite the interesting look of the lock screen, many users are looking for how to turn it off. Using any method of our instructions, you can remove it yourself. If you are afraid of harming the system as a whole, then you can create a backup copy of Windows 10. There are definitely many more different ways to disable it, starting from the task scheduler and ending with downloading other third-party programs, but we have selected the simplest ones for you and which take least of all your time.

    There are 2 options for solving the problem:

    Removing the Wallpaper Carousel application. To do this, go to the “Applications” section on your phone. And expand the full list through the additional menu (three dots). Go to application properties and disable, and then uninstall it completely.

    The second option is to change the region. In this case, GPS will not work on your device, but you can. And then use the automatic wallpaper changer application. This can be done in the “Advanced settings” section in the “Region”.

    How to remove the inscription on the Xiaomi lock screen

    How to remove the inscription on the Xiaomi lock screen? All ways to disable pop-up advertising information. Comments: Please help disable ads from the lock screen on Xiaomi Redmi. And then she already bothered me with the order and strongly drains the battery. Ads constantly pop up on my Xaomi. She especially pisses off on the lock screen when the phone needs to be at rest. Help turn it off, otherwise I can’t find how to do it. Does anyone know how to remove ads from the lock screen on Hiaomi? Thanks in advance. 1 How to remove the inscription on the Xiaomi lock screen1.1 Ways to disable ads from the lock screen1.2 It is removed as follows: How to remove the inscription on the Xiaomi lock screen Users have often wondered how

    An advertisement appeared on the Xiaomi lock screen

    All smartphones with MIUI 12 version have such an unpleasant nuance. The manufacturer at the software level provided the ad service with access to system applications. For example, ads on the Xiaomi lock screen began to appear very often. This is for the simple reason that the Chinese company is not earning enough. According to the data provided by the head of the corporation herself, the final profit is no more than 5% from each device. The integration of advertisements into applications has made it possible to generate additional income from advertisers, but this content has become a serious cause of user dissatisfaction. Naturally, many want to turn it off.

    The main reason for ads appearing on the Xiaomi lock screen is the Wallpaper Carousel app. It is this, together with the themes, that generates advertisements on the display. It is important to know that it has a regional character and there are a number of countries. Where it is forbidden to distribute it in this way.

    Xiaomi miui 12 lock screen ads. Solution

    Where do the ads on the Xiaomi MIUI 12 lock screen come from? Ways to disable it and their different options. Comments: Please tell me how to remove ads on Xiaomi with MIUI 12 from the lock screen. Is she annoying? Is there any way to disable advertising content on Xaomi from the lock screen, otherwise the battery charge quickly runs out? After the update, ads on the lock screen began to appear regularly on Hiaomi. Has anyone been able to remove it? How to do it? 1 Advertising on the lock screen Xiaomi miui 121.1 The first method1.2 The second method Advertising on the lock screen Xiaomi miui 12 All users of Chinese smartphones are faced with the problem of fast battery discharge. The reason for this is advertising on the Xiaomi MIUI 12 lock screen. This is done

    Ads Appeared on Xiaomi Lock Screen. Solution

    Why ads appear on Xiaomi lock screen. Methods for removing advertising content. Comments: Ads constantly appear on the lock screen on my Xiaomi. Can I somehow turn it off, otherwise this advertising service is already tired? Tell me, pliz. Is it possible to make the lock screen on Xaomi with MIUI 12 without ads? Recently, Xaomi’s phone had an ad on the lock screen. How can I turn it off? 1 Advertising appeared on the Xiaomi lock screen 1.1 There are 2 solutions to the problem: Advertising appeared on the Xiaomi lock screen Such an unpleasant nuance appeared on all smartphones with MIUI 12 version. The manufacturer at the software level provided the ad service with access to system applications. For example, ads on the Xiaomi lock screen began to appear very often. It…

    Lock screen Xiaomi redmi note 9. settings

    How to customize your Xiaomi redmi note 9 lock screen? Set your live wallpaper, change the style of the clock and remove unnecessary widgets. Comments: Good afternoon, dear fans of Xiaomi smartphones. Can you please tell me how to set your wallpaper on the lock screen? Already climbed all the settings, but did not find the necessary functions in any way. Hello everyone. Someone, tell me how to remove the clock from the lock screen on Khiaomi, otherwise they spoil my live wallpaper with their appearance. All the time, ads on the lock screen of Hiaomi Note 9 are tormented. Do not tell me how to reset it, otherwise this behavior of the device is already tired of it. 1 Lock screen Xiaomi redmi note 91.1 Setting your wallpaper 1.2 Removing or enabling dual clocks from the lock screen Lock screen

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