How to remove an icon from the phone screen

What are the advantages of the option on Honor and Huawei phones?

This special mode, provided by the developers of Huawei Honor, allows all users to work with a smartphone. Also, the function allows you to control the actions of the heroes in games without resorting to manual control.

How to remove apps icon shortcut from Android screen

This service will be especially appreciated by customers whose hands are constantly busy. For example, young mothers who feed a child and at the same time read a book from a device.

This option is a huge advantage for those who use a smartphone a lot before going to bed. As soon as the sensor does not capture the human gaze, the gadget is turned off and battery power is not consumed.

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How to remove the eye from the phone screen

If you suddenly saw an eye-shaped icon on your Samsung smartphone, do not worry, because this only indicates that the Smart Stay function is currently on (Smart screen or simply a smart screen). In fact, the function will be useful to many users: Imagine a display timeout of 30 seconds. With the Smart Stay function, if, for example, you are reading a book, the display will not turn off at all (subject to certain conditions).

Interestingly, in more modern Samsung smartphones, the icon in the toolbar is not displayed.

To disable or enable the function, go to the settings.

Enable or disable the function using the toggle.

Yes, this can be done on the previous page, but here you will see under what conditions the functionality works correctly.

On earlier smartphones, the function is enabled / disabled differently: My device. Smart screen. Smart disable (uncheck).

What does

If we are talking about a smartphone from the Korean manufacturer Samsung, then the eye icon on the notification panel will indicate the start of the Smart Stay mode. This is the inclusion of a “smart screen”, in which the phone has certain capabilities. For example, a smartphone is capable of analyzing the position of the user’s face itself, and also does not turn off the screen until a person is looking at it. This feature is very handy when watching videos and reading books. If the function does not recognize a face, the screen dims, which can significantly save battery consumption.

But this only applies to Samsung phones. On other models, the presence of an eye icon most often indicates a special mode for “saving eyesight”. A similar feature is present on screens with Amoled-matrix. Here, using a special function, you can remove the brightness of the blue color, which impairs vision with prolonged use of the smartphone. But it should be borne in mind that activating this mode makes the screen a little yellowish, which is especially noticeable in the dark.

An “eye” icon appeared on the phone: what is it, why

Unfamiliar icons on a smartphone screen are not always a bad signal and warning of danger. If we consider the suddenly appeared icon of an open eye, but there may be several options, but they depend on the specific model. But in any case, the eye is not a cause for experience. This icon only signals the inclusion of a certain mode.

How to enable and disable

You can turn off the function to protect eyesight in the “Display” or “Screen” section. Here you need to find the “eye protection” section and just put the toggle switch in an inactive state. Immediately after that, the eye icon will disappear from the home screen.

The second option is to lower the “curtain”. Here you just need to click on the “eye”, which will be crossed out, which indicates the deactivation of the mode.

You need to remove the “eye” on Samsung in the settings. Here you should find the line “additional functions”. In this section, there will be an item “Smart shutdown”. By moving the slider to the left, you can deactivate this useful feature.

These modes are activated in the same way, but in reverse order. If “eye protection” can in some cases interfere with the use of a smartphone, then from “Smart Stay” on Samsung there are only advantages.

Modern smartphones make human life easier and more comfortable. Some functions are not very useful and sometimes interfere with convenient use, but they can always be disabled by spending 5-10 seconds.

The eye icon on a Huawei phone. what is it? The question is of interest to novice users of smartphones from this manufacturer. Usually, all suspicious characters on the screen, the origin of which is unknown to us, are alarming. It is better to immediately figure out what it is, where it came from, what it means, and, if necessary, remove the new icon on the desktop.

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Which phones does it appear on and why

There can be two options. On ordinary smartphones with Android OS, this is the “vision saver” mode. For Samsung owners, the appearance of an eye on the top panel indicates the activation of the Smart Stay mode.

What does the eye icon on Honor phone mean

At the top of any gadget there are designations of different icons. Each of them is comparable with a certain functionality.

Often, users do not understand the notification that is displayed. Therefore, one of them will be considered further.

The eye icon on an Honor / Huawei phone is a function of monitoring where the owner’s gaze is currently focused. So the device tracks the position and does not extinguish the screen so that you can continue to work with the image. The whole process takes place due to the sensor in the front camera.

The tracking feature is configured to automatically scroll the page as you read. Also, the brightness of the screen is adjusted so that it minimally harms the eye shell of the smartphone owner. As soon as you activate the focus mode on a point on the screen, the brightness is automatically adjusted, and an eye image appears at the top of the panel.

All about local area networks and network equipment

In modern smartphones, which are constantly improving and getting smarter due to new functions, from time to time unfamiliar icons appear for the user, for example, an eye in the notification bar.

Inexperience, the user may think that this is some kind of bad signal. But in fact, this is a completely harmless and even useful function that can be disabled.

Go Launcher EX

Go Launcher Ex is a relatively new launcher, but it doesn’t lag behind others in terms of power and flexibility. Changing existing icons is easier with Go Launcher Ex than with previous examples. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press and hold the icon you want to change.
  • In the menu that appears, click “Replace”.
  • Choose the default icon, one from the current Go Launcher Ex theme, or use your own icon.
  • If you chose Theme Icon, just select one of the default options.
  • If you decide to use your own icon, go to the folder where you saved your icons and select the appropriate.

Like ADW Launcher, Go Launcher Ex also supports themes that customize the look of each of the launcher elements.

Using third-party applications

How to remove an icon from the Android desktop using third-party programs? The first thing you need to do is check if your launcher allows you to change this setting. In most cases, this feature is available. Otherwise, just visit the Play Market and select any of the available applications. Here are the three most famous Android launchers.

Niagara Launcher

New launcher to hide and remove icons:

  • In the main menu, select the desired shortcut and use hold to bring up the context menu.
  • In the pop-up window, tap “Delete / Hide icon” and activate one of the actions.

How to remove autosave shortcut

We have already said that when installing programs, icons, as a rule, are automatically saved on the desktop. Is it possible to make sure that application shortcuts are not saved, but simply add the necessary icons yourself when there is a need for it?

We go to “Play Store” on our smartphone, open “Settings”. We find the item “Add icons” and uncheck the box:

How to add or remove an icon icon from the Android phone screen

Now I will show you how to add or remove icons for applications and games on the desktop of an Android phone, as well as the lock screen or menu bar. Understanding the features.

This article is suitable for all brands that produce phones on Android 10/9/8/7: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

Attention! You can ask your question to a specialist at the end of the article.

How to remove an icon from the Google Store

Another way to remove icons on Android is to prevent adding icons to the home screen. The Google Store has a feature called Add Icon to Home Screen that allows you to automatically add shortcuts to your Home screen when you install new apps. To disable this feature, follow these steps.

Launch the Google Play app on your Android phone. In the upper left corner, you can see a “menu” icon with three horizontal lines. Click on it to open the menu bar.

Scroll down until you see the Settings option, tap on it to go to the Google Play settings screen. Uncheck the box next to Add Icon to Home Screen.

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Step 3.Next time you install a new app on your Android phone, the icon will not be displayed on the home screen.

On some Android versions, the Add Icon option can also be found in Settings Home Screen or something similar.

How to remove or remove app shortcuts on the desktop of an Android smartphone

Many users often face the problem of how to remove a shortcut from the desktop of an Android device. This is necessary when there are a lot of unnecessary icons on the home screen. This procedure can be performed using standard utilities in the phone or third-party software.

Where do icons and icons disappear from the Home screen on the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?

Our modern smartphones equipped with the latest eight-core processors delight us more and more. Especially after getting acquainted with the capabilities of this technique, which allows you to turn a simple telephone conversation into live communication, when you can see your relatives live.

But, as it turned out, your personal “communicator” is of great interest not only to you, and he is being watched with undisguised passion. You will be surprised to know that your children “love” your smartphone even more than you do. They are just waiting for him to fall out of the field of your attention, and you will temporarily forget about him. It is then that they will get to him, so that, hiding in a secluded place, they finally figure out how it works and why it is so beautiful.
Naturally, this will require young researchers to experiment with icons and icons on your phone screen.

And where could our children hide the icons and icons from the screen of your Huawei (Honor) smartphone?

“Hello, I have a small child left 1 on 1 with my phone, I pressed everything that was pressed, and now the icon” “appeared in the notification line to the right of the battery, but I don’t know what and how to remove.”.

“The child has removed the shortcut icons from the main screen shortcut camera and voice recorder There is a camera and a voice recorder in the applications, but how can I enter them? If there are no icons on the home screen to enable them. “

All your kids can do with icons and icons is:
– either hide them in a folder,
– either move to another Home screen of the phone,
– or remove the icon.

Case 1: Icons hidden in a Folder

Children discovered that if you click on the icon (in our case, “Weather”) and wait for its vibration feedback, then by moving this icon around the screen, you can set it to a new location.

And if you move the icon across the screen with a swipe and overlay it on another icon, then both icons will merge, and a new icon with the word “Folder” will appear instead.

Smartphone screen. click on the icon and wait for the vibration response to move it. Smartphone screen. overlay one icon on top of another.

And looking into this “Folder” you can find both of these application icons there.

Smartphone screen. view of the screen with the newly created “Folder 1”. Smartphone screen. “Folder 1” view containing icons of two applications “Weather” and “Translator”.

This is how Folders are created to organize the icons on the screen.

Therefore, if you find a missing icon in any Folder, then it is very easy to pull it out of this Folder. To do this, you need to click on the icon, wait for the vibration response and move the icon with a swipe from the Folder to any Home screen.

Smartphone screen. click on the “Weather” icon and, after vibration feedback, move it up from the Folder. Smartphone screen. view of the screen with the extracted “Weather” icon on the Home screen and the “Translator” icon instead of “Folder 1”.

According to the conditions for creating a Folder, a Folder cannot be created for only one icon, therefore, a Folder always contains at least two icons. Therefore, when from a Folder, in which there were only two icons, and one of them was moved from this Folder, then this Folder is eliminated, and instead of it the second icon from this Folder will appear in the same place.

Case 2: Icons moved to another home screen

To return an icon that appeared on another Home screen, you need to click on the icon and after waiting for a vibration response, move it with a swipe to the right or left edge of the screen. towards your Home screen, where the icon was previously located (in our case, to the left). After that, the screen will scroll and you, once on your Home screen, can set the icon to its original place.

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Smartphone screen. click on the “Translator” icon and after vibration feedback move it to the left edge of the screen. Smartphone Screen. A screen view with a movable Translator icon at the left edge of the screen. Smartphone screen. a view of the Home screen with the “Translator” icon in a new location.

Case 3: Removed badges.

Some applications on a smartphone are systemic. These applications are essential for the operation of the operating system and therefore cannot be removed. Therefore, when you click on the system application icon, a warning appears at the top of the screen: “This is a system application. You cannot delete it “.

It is possible that there may be an application icon on the phone screen, the removal of which may lead to the removal of the application itself from the phone memory. Then, to restore such an application, you will have to reinstall it from the Google Play Store.

But if, after looking for the lost icon (icon) on all Work screens and in all Folders, you did not find it, then there is no need to despair, because there is another way that allows you to restore icons and application icons on the Home screen.

In this case, the restoration of the deleted icon is carried out in two stages:
Stage 1: Changing the style of the Home screen of the phone from “Normal” to “Application screen”.
Stage 2: Placing the application icon on the Home screen from the Application Screen Menu.

How to set the Home screen style “Application screen” on HUAWEI (honor) phone

The Phone Settings application is launched.

You need to select the “Screen” section.

Smartphone screen 0. launch Phone Settings. Smartphone screen 1. go to the “Screen” section.

In the “Screen” section you need to select the item “Style of the working screen”.

On the next screen “Home screen style” you need to select “Application screen”.

Smartphone screen 2. select the item “Working screen style”. Smartphone screen 3. select “Application screen”.

After that, a new fifth icon will appear at the bottom of the screen on the Quick Access Toolbar. the Application Screen Menu icon.

Smartphone screen 4. a view of a part of the Home screen with the Application Screen Menu icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.

The order of placing application icons on the Home screen from the Application Screen Menu.

While the “Application screen” style is set on the phone, you need to click on the Menu icon at the bottom of the screen.

After that, you will be presented with a list of all applications installed on your phone, the icons of which you can install on any Home screen.

To do this, you need to click on the application icon that you want to bring to the Home screen and wait for the vibration response (in our case, the “Cool Reader” icon). After that, you swipe this icon, without lifting your finger from the screen, to the place you need.

Smartphone screen 6. click on the “Cool Reader” application icon and, after vibration feedback, move it down the screen. Smartphone Screen 7. Move the Cool Reader icon to the Home Screen.

That’s it, now the application icon you need is on the Home screen.

Smartphone screen 8. a view of the Home screen with the “Cool Reader” application icon.

Further, if you deem it necessary, by clicking on this icon again and waiting for the vibration response, you can move it to any other place.

If you need to remove an icon from the screen, then again by clicking on the icon and waiting for the vibration response, you can move it to the basket. The Trash icon with the word “Delete” appears on the top line of the screen after a vibration feedback.

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