How to remove balance from the phone screen

Service connection

“Tele2 menu” is the default application, it does not need to be specially connected, the service starts when the SIM card is activated for the first time. If for some reason the user has deleted the application from the phone and wants to reconnect it, you need to go to your personal account on the company’s website and move the cursor from “Disable” to “Enable”.

If it is not possible to use the Internet, then you can restore the “Tele2 Menu” by contacting the operator by dialing 611. or 7 951 520 06 11 if you are abroad. Connection and call within the Russian Federation is free.

USSD request

You can stop the “Tele2 Menu” by entering USSD-combination 1520 #. After that you need to restart your phone.

Service cost for subscribers

The app has a number of free useful options and a series of paid offers, which are issued as a subscription for a certain period. The subscription fee is charged daily, the amount is displayed when the subscription is activated. The subscriber receives an SMS about all changes to the service.

How to remove pop-up menu Tele2 on the phone

The mobile operator has developed for its users a series of convenient services and applications, one of which is Tele2Menu. The application is preinstalled on each operator’s SIM card and is launched free of charge when activated. By default, the option does not bother users with pop-up windows and intrusive offers, but after independent settings, subscribers are interested in how to disable the “Tele2 Menu” so as not to accidentally connect paid service offers.

Ways to turn off pop-up notifications

In 90% of cases, it is after the activation of paid options on the smartphone that the “Tele2 Menu” constantly pops up, so subscribers wonder how to remove push notifications and intrusive advertising offers.

In addition to the fact that pop-up SMS that come to the smartphone interfere, they dramatically reduce the productivity of the battery, since they do not go out until the subscriber executes one of the two commands. In addition, users are often faced with the fact that paid subscriptions fly out automatically, without the user’s knowledge. The most reliable way is a call or message to the operator with a request to disable unauthorized connection and block ads.

Through personal account

With a PC, it is convenient to manage all your subscriptions, connect and close applications, monitor your account status. You can delete the “Menu” in your personal account in the following way:

  • Activate cabinet.
  • Open the section “Services”.
  • Go to the section “Subscriptions”, opposite the service “Tele2Themes” click “Disable”.

SIMilarly, the service is disabled through the “My Tele2” application from the mobile or directly in the application menu.


It is much better not to turn off the menu completely, but to block unnecessary notifications, put a ban on ads, news, horoscope, etc. To do this, use selective disabling of options.

The most convenient setting is in your personal account. You just need to uncheck those services that are not needed, the options will no longer open. Each service has a combination of numbers for the USSD command and sending a text message to a short number. Some of the most common USSD requests:

  • 1446 #. disable anecdotes;
  • 153 #. list of numbers to deactivate each of the services;
  • 1520 #. stop the service.

After each command, you must turn off the phone and turn it on again, this is the only way to disable intrusive notifications.

Option benefits

Before completely removing “Tele2 Menu” from your device, you need to figure out why the application is popular and what are the advantages:

  • quick access to your subscriptions and balance history;
  • prompt notification of all changes in the tariff plan;
  • sending out new offers to save money;
  • most of the service options are free;
  • the application connects automatically, there is no subscription fee.

Data can be obtained in your personal account and through the Tele2 application, but the service allows you to receive information quickly and without entering a password.

Disable push notifications

In the “Tele2 Menu” advertising SMS are systematically popped up, before disconnecting the application, you need to check your subscriptions in the service, which will automatically stop working. This can be done:

  • Via USSD-combination 189 #. The subscriber receives a list of his subscriptions and instructions for changing.
  • In your personal account, enter the section “Tariff and services”, “Subscription management”. Here you can disable all unnecessary options.

Push notifications that come to the phone are not always associated with the operation of the mobile application. If the user subscribed to the newsletter from any site, gave permission, the advertisement will come out at the most inopportune moment. To get rid of push notifications, you need to:

  • go to the notification menu, to the settings;
  • select “Installed” or “Third Party” from the drop-down list;
  • disable popup set.

For each program, you will have to disable pop-up windows separately, SIMultaneous shutdown is not provided, the exception is blocking the application completely. If the push continues to climb, then permission has been received on some site, and you need to go to the browser. Should:

  • Go to settings, sites.
  • Open “Notifications”, “Manage Exceptions”.
  • Disable unnecessary options.

The procedure will allow you to continue using the “Tele2 Menu” without pop-up windows in free mode.

Baking soda

It is believed that baking soda can also help cope with scratches.

  • Take one part of water and put two parts of baking soda in it. Stir until you get a lump-free paste.
  • Take a cotton cloth or a piece of cotton wool, apply the paste and apply to the screen in the scratched area in a circular motion.
  • Then wipe off any remaining soda from the screen with a slightly damp cloth.

Baby powder

They say that baby powder is good at masking scratches.

The principle of action is the same as in the case of soda: take powder and water, mix, get a paste, apply on the screen in a circular motion, then remove the remaining paste.

How to remove scratches from your phone screen at home?

Manufacturers claim that many smartphones use special tempered glass, which is impossible to leave scratches on. This has been proven by many users, for example, with a key, which they tried to leave scratches on the screen. But the problem is that even tempered glass can still get scratches! But this is impossible. Or. Oddly enough, perhaps only scratches remain not from the same keys with which the smartphone is in your. but from micro particles of sand. They are invisible, but they can do their dirty work. The question is what to do?

In general, we advise you to use protective equipment, and this is either film or protective glass. The good thing about the protective glass is that it is installed on the screen in such a way that it is difficult to understand where the protective glass ends and the smartphone screen begins. In addition, it protects not only from scratches, but when the smartphone falls, it takes a hit.

Films are cheaper, but the sensations from them are not as pleasant as when using protective glass. In addition, they do not protect the screen when dropped.

What if you don’t have a protective glass or film installed, but there are scratches on the screen? On the net you can find many ways by which you can allegedly remove scratches from the screen, although in fact they are not removed, but polished. in other words, masked. Let’s say right away that we did not check these methods whether they work or not, we SIMply do not know. over, there is a possibility that using them can further damage the screen, so you take full responsibility for applying the methods. Please note that these methods may adversely affect the oleophobic coating of the screen (if any).

Scratch remover

It’s easy to use: apply on a soft cloth and wipe the screen in a circular motion.

It is not known how the use of such a tool will affect the smartphone screen, so be extremely careful.


One of the most common ways. Good because toothpaste is always at hand.

  • A small amount of toothpaste is applied to a piece of cotton or cotton wool.
  • Next, use a swab or cloth to gently apply the toothpaste to the screen in the area where the scratches are. This should be done in a leisurely circular motion.
  • At the end of the procedure, take a cloth and remove the remaining paste. Most likely, the fabric will have to be slightly moistened with water, but only slightly. It is recommended that you squeeze it out so that the remaining moisture does not get on the smartphone.

It is believed that this method is best for plastic screens.

Vegetable oil

The oil itself does not mask scratches well, although you can try, especially if the scratches are superficial (not deep). The oil must be dripped onto a swab and gently applied to the screen in the scratched area.

Professional scratch removers

  • The “Hama Displex” set includes a polishing paste and two napkins. One napkin is rubbed across the screen, the other is polished. The product removes minor scratches, has an antistatic effect.
  • The Polirun set consists of a paste, a napkin and a felt polishing pad. Thanks to the nano-components of the paste, scratches on the screen become completely invisible, and the felt pad will make the surface even and smooth.
  • Disc Repair polishing paste was originally intended for polishing discs, but later found use in the care of touch screens. The product is applied to a cotton pad and rubbed over the surface. Due to its composition, it fills microcracks. After drying, you need to polish the surface of the screen with a napkin.
  • GOI paste got its name in honor of the State Optical Institute, where it was created for polishing optical instruments and jewelry back in Soviet times. It’s easy to use. apply a little paste on a cotton pad, rub the surface, and then drop a few drops of machine oil and rub again. The surface of the screen will become smooth and even without scratches or cracks.
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Mobile devices are more and more included in our life and firmly settled in it. Even 10-15 years ago, many of us only in our dreams were the owners of mobile phones, and now even children have them. When you use your phone or any other device that has a touchscreen, it gets scratched. Some time passes and the phone does not look its best. To return the device to a pleasant appearance without scratches, it is not necessary to carry it to a service center, this can be done at home using improvised means. There are some SIMple ways to remove scratches from your phone screen. But before starting this procedure, you need to prepare the device.

Vegetable oil

How to hide scratches on your phone? Vegetable oil will come to the rescue, which will hide minor irregularities, abrasions and micro-scratches. Just apply a drop of oil to the surface and rub thoroughly.

Preparing your phone

How to prepare your phone?

  • First, turn off your mobile device completely.
  • Wipe it well from dirt and dust.
  • To prevent water or cleaning agents from getting inside, it is necessary to seal all external connectors with tape or electrical tape.

How to remove scratches from your phone screen?

Car polish

This composition is intended for car care, but will also help eliminate minor scratches and microcracks on the display of your mobile phone.

  • Apply a small amount of the product to the screen and lightly rub it over the surface using a napkin or soft cloth.
  • Remove residues with a damp cloth.

Egg, aluminum and potassium sulfate mixture

What else can you polish the glass on your phone? There is a way for those who do not like SIMple solutions, but seeks to experiment with various interesting chemical processes:

  • Mix one egg white and a teaspoon of potassium sulfate. Potassium sulfate can be purchased at the pharmacy.
  • Preheat in an aluminum pan to 65 degrees.
  • Soak a microfiber cloth in this solution.
  • Wrap the dampened napkin in aluminum foil and place in the oven, which must be preheated to a temperature of 150 degrees. Leave there until the napkin is completely dry.
  • Dip a napkin in cold water for half a minute.
  • Repeat the procedure 3 times, then leave the napkin to dry for two days.
  • Now you can polish the display with this napkin.

Useful Tips

In order for the phone to serve for a long time and please you with its appearance, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Do not carry your phone in your with keys, coins, or other hard objects that could scratch the device screen.
  • Get a screen protector and case.
  • Handle the device with care, try to avoid dropping the phone and hitting other objects.
  • Leave your phone out of the reach of children.
  • Wipe the screen regularly. Use special microfiber cloths for this. This care is important for your sensory friend, as the accumulation of greasy marks and smudges, as well as dust and dirt, leads to minor scratches. In addition, such a screen will become less responsive to touch over time.
  • If you scratch your phone a lot, then you should consider buying a self-healing phone. On such models, the plastic coating can be restored after minor scratches.

Baking soda

Every home has a versatile remedy like baking soda. It can help you to remove scratches from your phone screen in a quality manner:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda and 2 parts water until smooth.
  • Apply the resulting gruel to a piece of soft cloth, rub it into the screen with light movements.
  • Use a damp cloth or napkin to remove any residue.

Personal Area

Use the user’s personal account on the official Tele2 website on the Internet. Let’s take a closer look at how to remove the option:

  • Open the main page of the official website. On the top panel, select the authorization item in your personal account.
  • The login menu will be displayed on the screen, write down the phone number, password from the account in the appropriate fields.
  • Once on your personal page, select the item of installed services.
  • A list of all active offers on the device’s SIM card will appear.
  • Select “Live Balance”. Click the function disable button.

As confirmation of deactivation, the subscriber’s number will receive a notification from the Tele2 company. A SIMilar procedure is carried out in the provider’s mobile application: log in to the system, on the main page open the active options tab, select the unnecessary one and disable it.

USSD command

The function is controlled and disabled by entering a coded USSD combination. Dial 3640 # using the device keypad. Then click the outgoing call button. After that, a request will be sent for consideration. In case of successful registration of the application, you will receive a response from the provider with confirmation.


The fastest way is to use a coded combination. Enter USSD code 3641 # using the keyboard of your mobile device. After a few minutes, you will receive an official notification from Tele2 confirming a successful connection. At the same time, a fixed subscription fee for the first period of use will be debited from the balance.

Sending a code request is completely free, regardless of the current location of the consumer.

Disabling the Live Balance service from your phone

When the personal account goes to zero or negative, the provider automatically suspends the service until the debt is cleared. To avoid such situations, the company recommends regularly checking the amount of money on the SIM card. To SIMplify verification, the operator has created a special “Live Balance” option, which automatically displays the current state of the personal account on the screen of the mobile device. The service is available only on a paid basis, but not all users are ready to give money for a SIMple widget. Therefore, before connecting it, you need to learn how to turn off the “Live Balance” on Tele2 by all available methods.

Several ways to connect the Live Balance service on Tele2

If you want to track the state of your personal account in real time, then activate the option. For this, several standard methods have been implemented, each of which can be carried out independently at home.

Subscription fee

The service is provided on a paid basis. The provider has set a fixed subscription fee for use, the amount of which is 2 rubles per day. Funds are debited automatically from the personal balance of the consumer, at a specified time, each settlement period. If the required amount is insufficient at the time of the next debiting of the subscription fee, in the event of a zero or negative account balance, the provision of the option is temporarily suspended. The resumption of work will occur only after the required amount has been paid.

Activation is free of charge, the operator does not charge any commission fees. At the time of connection, a fee is charged for the first day of using the function.

According to the terms of provision, the provider offers subscribers to connect a trial period of use. After activating Live Balance, the service is provided free of charge within three days from the moment of installation. When the grace period ends, the standard pricing of the offer starts. The promotion is valid only once, when the service is turned on again, the free period is not available. The cost, tariffication features of the service are described in the article for subscribers of St. Petersburg. In other regions of the country, the option may be absent or be charged on other terms.

By calling

If you cannot find and install the option yourself, contact the Tele2 technical support line for qualified assistance. Dial the short number of the hotline 611. You will be greeted by the voice of the automatic assistant, he will describe in detail the provider’s new offers, the features of their activation and settings. Follow the instructions of the voice menu by typing the appropriate keys in the tone dialing mode or wait for a response from a free consultant.

remove, balance, phone, screen

The manager has the right to request from you personal data, name, surname, passport details, to identify the identity of the owner of the SIM card. The operation of installing an additional service is available only to the owner of the phone number. Follow the operator’s instructions. Upon successful activation, the SIM card will receive a notification from the company with confirmation.

During a busy period on the line, you will have to wait for an answer. If you don’t want to waste time, personally visit the operator’s service department in your city. Prepare your passport, ask a free consultant to activate the function on your smartphone.


The next method is to use the mobile application “My Tele2”. This is an online service that allows you to control the balance on a SIM card, check the number of available balances of cellular services in the current billing period, activate and delete additional options, set up a tariff plan.

In the utility, the user is able to connect Live Balance in a few clicks. The procedure will look like this:

  • Download, install the mobile application on the device. It is freely available for download, compatible with all modern smartphone models, operating systems, for example, for IOS the application is available in the App Store, and for Android. in Google Pay.
  • Run the program. An authorization window will appear in front of you. Write down your personal information, a valid Tele2 phone number, a security password for your account. Login parameters are the same as for a personal account. If you have forgotten your account code, start the recovery procedure. In a few seconds, the specified contact number will receive a message with a new password from the system.
  • Once in the main menu, select the “Services” section.
  • On the next page, select the Number Actions tab. A list of options will appear, select “Live Balance”.
  • After that, it remains to click the install button.
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A SIMilar procedure is carried out in the environment of the Tele2 personal account on the operator’s official portal on the Internet. It is enough to log in to your personal page, open the tab of available services and find the corresponding function. Access to your personal account is performed in the same way as in the mobile application. You only need a phone number and password.

Service Description

In order for a mobile device to correctly perform its basic functions, send SMS messages, provide Internet access, make and receive calls, it is necessary to maintain a positive balance on the SIM card. In the event of the end of funds on the personal account and in case of untimely payment of the subscription fee for the services provided, the provider limits the possibilities of the subscriber.

It is recommended to regularly monitor the status of your personal account so that you do not end up without a cellular connection at the right time. There are several SIMple ways to clarify:

  • Use your personal account, the mobile application “My Tele2”.
  • Send the coded command USSD 105 # using the built-in keyboard of the device.
  • Contact technical support at 611 for help at any time of the day. Ask a free consultant to name the exact amount of the balance, or follow the instructions of the automatic informant on the line.
  • Ask the seller for information at any Tele2 service branch in your locality. You must have a passport with you to determine your identity.

“Live balance” and “Water balance” are different options of Tele2, sometimes users take them as one opportunity. Do not confuse them, the first sentence indicates the state of the account, and the second is a third-party paid subscription.

Consider the features of providing an opportunity:

  • Indication. After successful activation, the indicator of the counting position will be automatically displayed on the cell phone display. The counter determines the amount of money on the SIM card in real time.
  • Availability. The offer is open for activation on all Tele2 tariffs for individuals, regardless of the method of tariffication of services.
  • Update. The indicator changes its readings in automatic mode after the user performs any paid action, makes a call, sends a message, activates paid functions.
  • Compatibility. The option works correctly only on modern mobile devices that have the ability to display widgets on the desktop.
  • Limitation. The service is valid when the consumer is within the region of registration and on trips throughout Russia, subject to registration in the provider’s network. The Tele2 company does not guarantee the correct operation of the service when using the phone in international roaming conditions. The registration region is the area in which the service contract was signed with the operator.

It should be borne in mind that for the stable operation of the function, you must have a constant connection to the Internet and a positive state of personal balance, the presence of a constant signal of the cellular network.

How to remove scratches from your phone camera

If you are going to solve the question of how to remove a scratch from a phone camera, you need to make sure that the problem is precisely in external abrasions, and not in the functioning of the device itself.

In order to put the camera in order, you need to do the following:

  • remove the glass from the surface of the phone camera;
  • take a cotton cloth and carefully polish the glass with toothpaste;
  • it is worth paying attention to the fact that the paste should not contain large particles, so as not to damage the surface even more with such an effect;
  • To remove scratches from the camera, you can use a nail file to polish your nails. It must have a good degree of abrasion. First you need to process the screen, and then take a soft file and rub the camera screen with it.

How to remove scratches from your tablet screen at home

Tablets, which have become widespread and are often given into children’s hands for a pleasant pastime, quite often get scratches or other damage to the screen. It is possible to remove such abrasions from a tablet, and the methods will be almost identical to those used to remove scratches from smartphones:

  • The use of GOI paste, so valued by jewelers, is considered the most effective method. The only drawback of this method is the duration of exposure, because it takes at least half an hour to polish the device with a paste applied to a soft cloth.
  • The polishes that motorists use give a good effect: the main thing is to pre-seal all the connectors, after which you can clean the screen surface with the application of these substances.
  • Ordinary toothpaste or powder works well for scratches that have settled on tablet screens. The product must be applied to a soft cloth and rubbed thoroughly into the surface of the device.

How to remove scratches from your phone screen

By using a phone that has a touch screen as intended, it is very difficult to avoid damaging it. It’s quite a shame when a new smartphone, for which a lot of money has been paid, quickly loses its visual appeal. Therefore, the solution to the question of how to remove scratches from the phone screen comes to the fore.

Before proceeding to troubleshoot the problem, you need to prepare your mobile device:

  • turn off the phone;
  • close the external connectors with adhesive tape so as not to damage it by moisture or cleaning agents;
  • get ready for painstaking work, polishing the screen may take a while.

Ways to remove scuffs from a smartphone:

  • You can apply toothpaste to a cotton pad, and thoroughly polish the screen of the device, and then SIMply remove the excess with a tissue.
  • Car and furniture polish can give an excellent result, it is enough to wipe the screen with it to cope with scratches in the same way as in the previous method.
  • The most effective method for removing scratches is the polishing of the device with GOI paste, you need to use it as follows:
  • apply a little product to the fabric;
  • add machine oil;
  • rub the resulting composition into the phone screen with light movements;
  • wipe the smartphone dry with a cloth.
  • If you mix 2 parts of baking soda and 1 part of water, you can make your own polishing paste, with which the phone screen is processed. If there is baby powder at home, you can use it for this purpose.
  • You can use vegetable oil to remove abrasions. It is necessary to drop it directly on the screen, then gently polish with cotton wool and wipe dry with a napkin.
  • Another method requires a lot of preparation, but it has quite proven its effectiveness:
  • Pour a teaspoon of alum (which can be purchased at a pharmacy) and egg white into an aluminum bowl;
  • heat the mixture to 65 degrees;
  • apply the agent on a microfiber cloth, then send it to dry in the oven, putting it on foil;
  • after the fabric is removed from the oven, it must be lowered into a container of cold water;
  • this ritual will need to be repeated three times;
  • the fabric should dry on its own within 2 days, after which it can be used for polishing.

What to do if your phone screen is scratched

Modern smartphones have made it possible to control all actions with the touch of your fingers. However, this gadget is quite easy to damage with careless touches and sharp manicure. An excellent solution is to attach a special film to the phone that protects its screen. But what if it’s already damaged? How to remove scratches from your phone screen at home? This will be discussed below.

How to remove scratches from phone film

The film, which is created from polymer and glued to the smartphone screen, has as its goal protection from minor damages and scratches, as well as from global troubles in the form of a broken screen. True, a rare species of it is able to save the phone from breakage in case of a fall.

It is best to entrust the gluing of the protective film to the seller to the consultant of the communication salon, but this process is quite capable of carrying out independently:

  • before gluing, you need to thoroughly clean and degrease the phone screen;
  • the surface of the applied film must be flat, like a mirror surface;
  • you need to carefully monitor so that no debris or pile gets under the film, which will nullify all the work;
  • before gluing, you need to align one, and then the second of its ends.
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The protective film can be cleaned with a disc polish.

So, the film is glued to the screen of the device and can serve as a good cause of its protection from all kinds of damage, to prevent small scratches from nowhere. Over time, the user may have a question how to remove scratches from the phone, or rather, from the film covering it.

It is best to use a substance that is used to polish the discs. True, the process of such processing will have to be repeated at least once a month. Otherwise, if the scratches on the phone screen that appeared on the film do not go away, it makes sense to purchase a new protective coating.

How to remove scratches from an iphone screen

Almost all modern mobile devices are prone to scratches because they are operated directly with your fingers. The expensive gadgets of the iphone brand are not without this nuisance.

How to remove a scratch from an iphone screen? This can be done using one of the following methods:

  • polishing with a toothpaste that does not contain abrasive substances;
  • special cream for cars that is able to remove scratches;
  • minor damages are perfectly removed with soda, which must be mixed with water and rubbed on the screen with gentle movements, then wipe off the remnants of the product with a dry cloth;
  • processing with a powder for baby skin gives an effect comparable to that of soda;
  • you can try to smooth out very small scuffs of the screen on the iPhone using a cotton pad soaked in vegetable oil.

How to remove scratches from a metal phone case

The owners of smartphones enclosed in a metal case, who neglect the use of protective cases, may sooner or later face the inevitable appearance of scratches.

You can polish your phone with a soft cloth and an electric shaver.

It is possible to remove damage to the phone cover, but for this you need to do the following manipulations:

  • First you need to remove the panel from the device.
  • The first method of polishing the display, as well as the phone cover, involves using an electric razor with a soft cloth attached instead of a mesh. The device is connected to the network and smoothly polishes the case.
  • Another method involves the use of manual labor: you can grind the metal surface if you apply GOI paste or an ordinary toothpaste to a soft matter. Both of these substances with equal effectiveness remove microcracks and abrasions on the metal case of a smartphone.

How to remove scratches from a phone case

The appearance of scuffs of a brand new mobile phone can spoil the mood, but you shouldn’t be upset, it is better to get down to business and find a way to remove scratches from the phone case. As a rule, every person will definitely have tools at hand that will significantly update the appearance of the device.

When removing damage to the case, you must first remove this panel from the device. The 3 most popular methods can be noted:

  • Remove scuffs using an electric shaver. To do this, place a small piece of soft matter on its blade with the mesh removed and fix it. After that, SIMply plug in the device and polish the phone case with gentle movements. It is important to monitor the safety of matter in the place where it was located at the beginning in order to prevent damage to the mobile phone.
  • You can polish the smartphone body for 20-30 minutes with a soft cloth (ideally with felt), on which GOI paste is applied.
  • The polish that is used for computer disks has shown itself well. It needs to be applied to the body and rubbed with a cotton swab.

How to remove scratches from your phone with toothpaste

Remove scratches by this method as follows:

  • first you need to prepare a paste or powder for cleaning your teeth (do not take a gel-paste, it may not cope with the task at hand);
  • the composition is required to be squeezed onto a piece of cloth or a cotton swab;
  • using gentle circular motions to rub the substance into the surface of the screen in those places where there is damage (do not press too hard on the screen so as not to damage it);
  • as soon as the result is visible, the procedure can be finished;
  • the remains of the product must be removed with a dry cloth or napkin.

It should be noted that special protective glasses, films and covers are created not only to make a mobile phone more attractive. Their main purpose is to protect gadgets from damage and scratches. Do not neglect the purchase of these devices, so that afterwards you do not waste your time on removing abrasions that spoil the appearance of your favorite smartphone.

Features and appearance

Electronic invoice results are displayed as a scale. The color indicates the period spent on a particular application. Below is the total phone usage time. The main functions include:

  • receiving reports on daily use to find out when and which programs were launched;
  • setting restrictions on the use of specific applications and programs;
  • lock the screen at a predetermined time;
  • prohibition of opening certain programs in a set period of time;
  • setting restrictions on individual requests;
  • limited pastime in the chosen program;
  • setting a PIN to make various changes.

When the screen is locked, the display turns gray, thereby signaling that it is time to finish working with the gadget. The option allows you to check how much time the user spends without looking up from the phone.

The digital bill feature is optional for Android, but Huawei decided to enable it to help users spend less time with their smartphone and go to bed on time. The first option generally reduces the available time for a particular application. In the second, a limit is set for the selected period of time.

Setting up

To activate the function, you must open the “Settings”. After activation, the usage time of the gadget will be displayed. At the first start, the function shows a small amount of information, subsequently it will be constantly updated. Viewing statistics is possible for a specific day and week. The time limits for the gadget are set on certain days. weekends or weekdays. Use a tick to mark weekdays. SIMilar settings are made for the weekend.

When the set application period has expired, the system displays the following picture.

You can set a password to be able to access control access alone. After displaying the weekly report, the data is cleared by itself and a new record starts.

What is digital balance on a phone

The electronic bill on the mobile allows you to make sure that the child is sleeping at night, and does not get stuck in the smartphone. Or control yourself not to answer calls and messages outside of business hours. The Chinese company announced that it will install an option in each of its gadgets as a good test of the level of dependence on the device. This is done so that the user can analyze how much time is spent on the smartphone. And so that after the analysis there is a desire to stay in reality longer.

What is digital balance on Honor / Huawei and how to disable it?

“What is digital balance?” Is a frequent question among Honor and Huawei users who have decided to start fighting smartphone addiction. The digital balance on Honor / Huawei is a limitation on the use of the phone, the applications installed in it. It is necessary for those who cannot independently control the time spent using the smartphone or who want to regulate the child’s time spent with the gadget. How to enable such a mode on the phone, about the features and advantages of its work in this article.

How to Disable Digital Balance on Honor and Huawei Phones

Disabling the digital balance on Huawei and Honor set by another person is possible only if the specified password is known. If you know the password, it is enough to turn off repeat the actions, as in setting, just uncheck the boxes.

To buy an Honor gadget is to make a significant step towards the conscious use of personal time. Users connecting the function note the stable dynamics of reducing the hovering with a smartphone.

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