How to remove black screen on your phone

Factory reset or flashing

Sometimes you need to sell or give the device to another family member, then there is a need to rewrite the device. In another way, the process is called a factory reset. The procedure is standard for all androids. Everything happens in the “Settings” section. In the smartphone menu, it is indicated by the gear icon.

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Factory reset will erase all important information from your phone

  • Click on the gear.
  • Select the stage “Recovery and reset”.
  • Select “Reset phone settings”.
  • Click on “Erase everything”.

Note! Depending on the manufacturer, the names of the items may be slightly different, but the meaning remains the same. For example, Samsung changed the word “Recovery” to “Backup”, “Reset phone settings” is designated as “Reset data”.

Other brands like Xiaomi, Meizu and Huawei have changed their button names. The sequence of actions: “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Reset settings”.

Gadget repairmen are more likely to use another data reset option. It is also accessible and understandable for any user and is used successfully. The process takes place using secret codes.

  • Use the call button to switch to the grid of numbers (as when dialing a phone number).
  • Enter code 27673855 #.

Important! In this case, the impossibility of turning on the phone is rarely observed, somewhere in 1-2% of such operations. This will not happen if you use the code ###. All applications will be removed, but other information, such as contacts, will be retained.

For advanced users, Hard Reset (hard reset of Android settings) is more interesting, since it seems to them a long time to return icons to the desktop of an Android device in other ways. The reset is performed by simultaneously pressing a certain combination of buttons through Recovery. Most often these are the volume down and on / off buttons. Press until recovery appears. The operation is performed when the device is turned off with a charge of more than 80%.

If the smartphone has a “Home” button, for example, for Samsung, then a combination of volume buttons is used to activate the recovery. “Home” and “On / Off”. Sometimes you need to press the buttons to repeat. For example, on several LG models. In this case, after the Recovery logo appears, release the power button and press it again. On some SONY smartphones, you need to use the volume control buttons at the same time and turn on.

Note! The recovery menu is regulated by sound buttons.

  • Complete the path “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”. “Clear eMMC”. “Clear Flash”. Select the desired button on / off.
  • Tap “Yes” or “Yes. Delete All User Data”.
  • Select “Reboot System Now”.

You can also clean your smartphone with a jing adapter or through the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) program on a PC.

Reboot your smartphone

Restarting your smartphone often helps to restore the usual order on the desktop. This will prevent the operating system from crashing. To do this, select the “Restart” tab in the menu. If at the end of the operation the lost icon did not return, you will have to look for another way.

How to recover a shortcut on an Android phone

How can I restore the application icon on Android if it is missing? There are several ways to put the shortcut back in place. The most used of them. search in applications and through the “Settings” menu.

There are several ways to return icons to the desktop.

Search for an icon in subject folders

Sometimes users display folders on the desktop, as a rule, frequently used types of contacts, camera, WhatsApp, Viber, VK, Odnoklassniki, etc. Applications are grouped in folders according to criteria. If the application icon on Android has disappeared, then it can be found in one of them. To find out, you need:

  • Open folder.
  • Scroll through content.

Important! If the loss is found, then by pressing and holding it, it is moved to the desktop.

Why app, camera, call and other icons disappear on Android

Determining the reason for the disappearance of icons is not easy. A certain inconvenience appears, especially if a frequently used icon has disappeared. For example, the Yandex. Browser “on Android or the handset disappeared on the screen of an Android device.

If icons disappeared on the phone, not every user knows what to do

Depending on the previous circumstances, there are several reasons for the disappearance of icons from the desktop:

  • the operating system crashed;
  • the deletion was accidental;
  • the application has moved to a different storage location (to a memory card, to a folder, to another desktop).

For your information! Most often, the shortcuts of self-downloaded applications disappear. Standard ones are unstable to long pressing or applying one icon to another. In this case, they together form a new folder.

By installing a third-party launcher

A third-party launcher is a utility that changes the design of desktop icons (icons, buttons). Long-pressing the icons often change their location. Along with a changed appearance, changing locations can be confusing. The same utility can also help find the loss. To do this, you need to scroll through the menu and return the desired icon to the main screen by pressing.

If all else fails and there are still no icons

If you can’t find the missing icon, you can take more drastic measures. The easiest way is to reboot the device.

Note! Sometimes it crashes when the cache is full.

Transferring applications to the SD card

To transfer applications to an SD card, the device must support program transfer. Not all smartphone categories have this feature. If there is such an opportunity, then the transfer looks like this step by step:

  • Enter settings.
  • Open the “Applications” tab.
  • Open the page of the lost program.
  • Tap on the item “Storage” and select “Change”.
  • Select and install the “Memory card” option in the window.

After all the manipulations, you should go back to make sure that the icon is present.

Fix Android Black Screen Issue

Easiest way to fix Android black screen problem and restore it to normal. use Broken Android Fix Recovery Tool. With this useful data recovery, you can fix Android black screen problem and extract data from Android black screen directly. Broken Android Fix Recovery Tool is capable of fixing and recovering various kinds of abnormal Android, such as black screen, phone freezing, system crash, phone thinning, virus attack, etc. Supported Android Samsung devices: Galaxy S7 / S6 / S5 / S4, Note 5, A9 / A8 / A7 / A5 / A3 / Alpha and others.

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How to fix Android black screen in normal state

Step 1.Run Android Fix Recovery Tool
To get started, run Broken Android Fix Recovery Tool on your computer, click “Broken Android Phone Extraction” Feature, then click “Install Device”.

Select Android Abnormal State
Select the abnormal state of your Android device, click “Next” Continue. There are five states to choose from: stuck on startup loop screen, stuck in boot mode, stuck in FoneGo interface, black screen, others. In this case of a black screen, you must select “Black Screen”.

Select Android Model
In the new window, select the device name and model of your Android phone. It currently works with Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab devices. Press the “Confirm” Button.

Put 4.Enter Android into Download Mode.
Follow the simple guide to put your device into download mode. Turn off the phone, press and hold three buttons: “Volume down”, “Home” and “Power” press the “Volume up” button to enter the “download mode”. “.

Fix Android Black Screen in Normal Mode.
Now the program will start downloading the recovery package to restore your Android black screen to normal.

Note. Please keep the device connected and do not use it during the repair process.

Fixed black screen issue. Your Android is now back to normal as usual. You can switch to “Android Data Recovery” to scan your phone data including deleted and existing data to backup / restore data.

Extract data from Android for backup or restore
1) Select data to scan by program
When switching to Android Data Recovery mode. Select the types of files you want to recover and click “Next” to start the scanning process.

The program will now start scanning data stored on your Android, including deleted data and existing data.

2) Preview and Extract Data from Android
The scanning process will take you a little time and you will see that the files you select will be listed here. Select the file type and you can view detailed information about the file. Select the ones you want to recover and click “Recover” to extract data from your Android phone to computer.

How to fix Android black screen problem

Method Checking Internet Connection

The most obvious tip. Just check your “Internet”. It is possible that the connection speed has dropped to catastrophic values, with which even a small YouTube video cannot download normally. Sometimes it’s easy to miss such an event. For example, you were sitting at the computer, worked only with text information all day and did not realize that the speed had dropped.

Dig into your network connection settings, run a Problem Diagnostics, see if anything has changed in the settings that may have affected it. As a last resort, you can contact your provider. It is possible that the problem is on his part.

Method Update Adobe Flash Player

It is highly likely that the problem with black video is in the Adobe Flash Player. There are a number of reasons what could have happened with this software. You need to uninstall your old version of Adobe Flash Player and install the newest version in its place, straight from the official site. After this action, the video will most likely have to earn.

You can uninstall Adobe Flash Player from “Programs and Features” in Control Panel.

YouTube Black Screen: Methods to Fix

As already mentioned, it doesn’t take a huge amount of time to fix this problem. This is not some kind of bug with the Windows operating system, over which you will suffer for several days, but eventually reinstall it.

No, everything is decided in a matter of minutes. Now let’s look at methods to solve this problem.

Method Disable “Hardware Acceleration”

You can try disabling Hardware Acceleration. For most of the users, this method solves the problem. In order to disable you need:

  • Right click on the video;
  • And uncheck the “Hardware acceleration” option;

Black screen on YouTube: reasons for the appearance

  • Bad internet connection. The reason may seem like a joke, but sometimes there are times when we do not notice how the connection speed drops. It is possible that she has dropped to such a value that she can no longer cope with the video on YouTube.
  • Problems with Adobe Flash Player. This is the most common reason for such a problem as a black screen on YouTube.
  • Your browser cache. Another most likely reason that causes YouTube black screen. A huge amount of cache can cause quite a lot of problems, including this.
  • Problems from YouTube itself. Usually, rarely happens with YouTube servers, but still, from time to time, there are cases. It is possible that you were simply “lucky” to get into this time period. There is nothing you can do about this and, of course, there is no solution for this problem. Just wait another hour and everything will be decided.
  • Problems with the drivers for the video card cannot be ruled out. Some users have faced a similar problem.
  • Outdated browser version. Well, everything is simple here. everything around is constantly updated, and if you get stuck with the old version of the browser, then it is not surprising that something will not function normally.
  • Various ad blockers. Yes, even that is possible. A lot of people on various forums began to report that their AdBlock (or something similar) began to interfere with the normal display of some resources.

These are, in fact, all the main reasons for the appearance of such a problem as a black screen on YouTube. As you already understood, there are quite a few reasons that cause this problem. However, there is also a plus, since this “blackness” is solved quite quickly and easily.

Method Clean install video card drivers

If you are having video problems, the first thing that comes to mind is that something has happened to the drivers for the video card. Some users were able to fix YouTube black screen with a clean install of video drivers.

Go to the official website of the graphics accelerator manufacturer, i.e. Intel, AMD or nVidia and download the driver bundle from there. When installing, select the “Clean install” checkbox. Thus, the old drivers will be removed first, and new ones will be installed in their place. In general, it is better to perform a “Clean install” of drivers more often.

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Browser Refresh Method

If you constantly refuse to update your browser, then the occurrence of various problems will not be something out of the ordinary and a black screen on YouTube instead of the usual video, too. If you haven’t updated your browser for a long time, then maybe it’s time to do it.?

You should not be guided by the principle “it works, which means there is nothing to update”. Updates come with improvements to many aspects of various applications, improving their performance, applying new technologies and fixing multiple bugs. Try checking for available browser updates and update. Maybe it was just that.

How to fix YouTube black screen?

Probably, each of us, users who have been online for a long time, have encountered such a problem as a black screen on YouTube. This problem arises, as a rule, quite suddenly, and most users do not know what to do in such a situation.

Agree that many of you spend your free time on YouTube. It doesn’t matter what exactly you watch there, this is everyone’s business, but it is quite difficult to imagine today’s Internet without such a resource as YouTube.

Well, there are several reasons for this problem, since it, and no other problem, could not arise from scratch.

  • Discharged battery.
  • A system or a specific application is stuck.
  • Virus or software glitch.
  • Hardware failure.

It should be noted that not every case is associated with screen breakage. In most cases, a black screen occurs due to an error, a failure to tamper with the system, viruses, or an unsuccessful installation of a system update.

forced reboot

Often the system freezes or a certain application does not respond, which leads to the smartphone freezing. In this case, the phone should be rebooted. Since it is not possible to remove the battery for an emergency reboot on many models, all smartphones with a built-in battery have a forced reboot function. This requires holding down the power and volume buttons at the same time. A reboot will occur in 10-15 seconds.

a trip to the workshop

If the previous methods didn’t fix the black screen, there is probably a hardware problem. As a result of strong shaking or impact when dropped, it can really damage. the ribbon cable, SMD components or conductive paths on the board. In this case, only a service center or repair shop will help to accurately diagnose and fix the problem.

battery charge

The absence of any reaction to unlocking, turning on or forced rebooting of the system is a sign of a low battery. Therefore, you should put the phone on charge and leave it for 15-20 minutes, and then try to start the device again.

In some cases, a fully discharged battery will stop charging, which helps identify the USB tester with charging indication. In this case, you need to recharge the battery with an external source. And if the Honor has that most of the models have a non-separable battery, a trip to the workshop is guaranteed. However, it is worth trying other methods described below.


Overflowing memory, incorrectly installed updates, or viruses often cause system crashes. As a result, applications freeze or the system freezes during the boot process, which manifests itself in the form of a static picture or a black screen. In this case, clearing all the memory of the smartphone by resetting the settings will help.

To format, you need to enter the recovery section, and then erase the data. Read more in the description “Hard reset in recovery mode”. Please note that factory reset will erase all data on internal memory.

How to fix black screen on Android phone

Section: For beginners Date: 03/04/2020 Author: Alexander Moiseenko. Comments: 0

Sometimes, owners of Android smartphones are faced with the problem of a black screen when the phone is working, but the picture is not displayed. In this article, we will look at the most common causes of a black screen, as well as ways to troubleshoot the problem.

The article details how to fix black screen on Android phone. Most of the cases are the result of a frozen application, or when there was a lack of resources, the utility did not start on time, which led to a black screen. Therefore, the problem is often solved by a regular reboot, more often by forced or resetting the settings. Hardware problems, like manufacturing defects, are rare. At the same time, malfunctions of such a plan are often eliminated only in a service center.

Have you encountered a problem with a black screen? Share in the comments how you managed to solve the problem.

Common causes of a black smartphone display

Because of what such a defect may occur:

  • Mechanical damage to the hardware of the display after the fall of the smartphone;
  • As a result of water ingress into the device (loop closure);
  • Natural burnout of the display hardware;
  • Firmware crash, which prevents the display from starting (hangs on a black screen).

In rare cases, if the display on the phone does not work, this may mean mechanical damage to the processor, due to which the device cannot be restored.

When you turn on the phone black screen

Damage associated with a smartphone display most often refers to hardware failures and requires specialist intervention. At home, you can try to solve the problem, the phone works, but the screen is black. This article will help diagnose the cause of the breakdown by also describing some of the methods for repairing and restoring a mobile device.

How to fix the problem with firmware and deep reboot

A black screen on your phone is a clear sign of a system or hardware failure. It is unlikely that it will be possible to fix this by simply rebooting the device. The first thing to do is to do a deep reboot by simultaneously pressing the volume key and the Power button.

The next way to solve this problem is to restore the operating system firmware, which will reset all factory parameters. In this case, only Android devices can be flashed. Assess your capabilities and skills. If restarting and resetting the settings did not help, and you are unable to update the operating system yourself, contact the specialists.

To activate the firmware process, you need to enter the Recovery mode. The procedure can be performed both with the use of third-party software and with the factory update mode. The standard keyboard shortcut for entering protected mode is the volume up button and the Power (lock button). Depending on the phone model, the combination may change (for example, instead of the volume up button, you will have to press the volume down button).

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Next, you need to find the Reboot item, which means updating the system. If a third-party Recovery is used, then you should initially reset the basic parameters through the “wipe data / factory reset” menu. Then go to the “install zip” menu and select the location from where the firmware file will be downloaded. After agreeing and confirming the operation, the update process will begin. Upon completion, the corresponding inscription in English will appear at the bottom (something like Completed). The last action in this operation is to reboot the smartphone, after which the operating system with the display should start loading.

If, when you turn on the phone, the black screen continues to appear even after the firmware, then the problem lies in hardware damage. The same applies to cases when the screen displays a picture, but the backlight does not light up.

If you could not find a solution to your problem. then contact our Service Center for help

What is it for and why it appears?

Initially, this mode is intended for programming a mobile device using a PC at a low level, including flashing, rolling back to factory settings, obtaining root rights. In this case, the Xiaomi phone will be defined not as an external storage, but as a terminal to which you can send service commands.

In fact, Fastboot is not part of Android. it starts earlier than it, so you can enter this mode even if there is no OS at all.

To activate Fastboot, on the switched off device, simultaneously hold down the power key and “volume.”. The combination is pretty straightforward, so sometimes Fastboot Mode is accidentally activated.

In most cases, the appearance of Fastboot indicates that an error has occurred in the OS, perhaps a system file was accidentally deleted or the device is infected with viruses. Also, the mode can be activated due to an unsuccessful OS recovery or installation of third-party firmware on Xiaomi.

Fastboot Mode Signs

First of all, you need to make sure that the Xiaomi device is really in Fastboot, because this mode is often confused with Recovery or an operating system error at the boot stage.

When Fastboot is active, when the Xiaomi phone is turned on, the following image most often appears on the screen:

Also, this mode can report itself using the inscription fastboot mode start on a black background.

If you are prompted to select one of the boot options, then the machine is in Select Boot Mode, and you need to start Normal Boot. When the display is completely black and even the backlight is missing, most likely the smartphone has turned off. This could be due to a firmware issue or a hardware malfunction.

What is Fastboot on Xiaomi phones and ways to exit the mode

Sudden activation of Fastboot on a smartphone can be perplexing for an ordinary user, especially if before that the device worked without a single failure. In fact, there is no reason for panic, it is quite easy to exit this mode, and in most cases it does not indicate a breakdown.

Eliminate Fastboot

In most cases, holding the power button for a long time (20 seconds or more) helps, which leads to a device reboot and normal OS startup.

Another way is to boot Android using Recovery Mode. You can also try to completely discharge the battery, unfortunately, the design of the device often does not allow removing the power source.

Usually, after the first correct launch of Android, Fastboot mode is completely disabled, but it happens that it continues to appear every time the device is turned on. In this case, you will need to go to the settings menu and in the “Accessibility” or “Screen” tab (depending on the OS version) uncheck the fast boot checkbox.

Another way to disable Fastboot is to use a PC. You will need to download ADB Run and connect your phone to a USB port. If this is your first time doing this, you may need to install the drivers. If the system does not find them automatically, then you need to download the software manually from the manufacturer’s website. When the device is successfully detected, you should start ADB Run and enter the fastboot reboot command in the terminal. All! However, this does not always help.

When you still can’t get rid of Fastboot, you should try downloading a backup copy of your data. If there is none, then you will need to either return to the default settings, or install a new firmware. Both methods are associated with the loss of user files, so it is recommended to connect the device to a computer and try to copy as much information as possible.

To enter Recovery mode on Xiaomi phones, hold down the volume and power keys while the device is turned off. In the menu that opens, select the Wipe Data and Factory Reset items. If in this case it was not possible to return the correct operation of the phone, then only a flashing will help. In the absence of experience, it is not recommended to perform it, so as not to harm the device.

If none of this list helped, moreover, the computer refuses to detect the mobile device or gives an error message, then the reason is a hardware malfunction. In this case, there is only one way out. to carry the device to the service, where they will perform professional diagnostics.

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