How to remove black theme on iPhone

How to enable black theme

Method number 3

Add a dedicated button to the Control Center. To do this, open the “Settings”, select the “Control Center” section and add a mode switch to the existing elements.

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After enabling dark mode, all apps will automatically switch.

IOS 11 has a Smart Inversion feature that allows you to separately turn on the dimmed screen for specific applications. However, it is in the Instagram application that “Smart Inversion” does not work well. Primary colors change: photos become less saturated in color, videos become gray.

Method number 1

Open “Settings”, find the item “Display and brightness” and there switch the theme to “Dark”.

How to turn on the dark theme on Instagram, instructions for iPhone, Android and PC

A dark theme has appeared on Instagram! It is available to owners of smartphones on IOS 13 and Android. In addition to aesthetics, the black interface will help conserve battery power and preserve your eyes

On Android

The dark theme can also be activated on Android devices. The interface will be completely black with white accents. The function seems to be in beta, since the new function has appeared relatively recently, not all the nuances have been worked out. For example, the battery status bar may also go dark, making it difficult to know how much battery power is left on the phone.

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Go to the “System” item;
  • Click “About phone”;
  • Scroll to the very bottom and click on the line with the build number;
  • Wait until it is reported that you have become a developer;
  • In the developer settings, find “Night mode” and set the mode to “Always on”.

After enabling this mode, the theme will change in all applications.

And on a computer you can?

Of course! It is only active on Windows 10. Older versions do not support the dark theme.

  • Open Options. To do this, click on the gear button in the start menu;
  • Next, go to the personalization settings, where you will select the “Colors” subsection;
  • Indicate that you want to use “dark mode”.

The appearance of Windows and applications will not change, only the background color and brightness will change.

Method number 2

Open Control Center, press and hold the slider until the theme switching window appears.

How to change Instagram theme to white on your phone?

To return colors to light mode on social media, you need to do a few easy steps:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Screen is selected here.
  • Next, Brightness and Night mode are activated.

After that, the insta will automatically return to the standard white style. Dark Mode Insta will turn off. To get similar results from an option, it is important to ensure that the OS variant matches. In the case of iPhones, it should be iOS 13. It was after this update that a full-fledged darkened theme began to appear.

It is equally important to ensure that the network itself is updated to the latest version. You can check this factor and, if necessary, make an update through the resource where applications are bought and downloaded.

For the reason that the black color of the insta is tied to the system settings, it is allowed to activate and deactivate it through this section. Here it is enough to find the Screen and brightness tab, then change the background.

Instagram turned black after the update

If a black theme appears on the gadget after the next update, and for some reason it does not suit you, you can return to the standard mode. The darkened theme on the social network is activated at the same time as the OS settings.

To return to normal mode, you will need to act through the settings. To activate, set the display brightness button to the desired position. The Dark Mode Instagram option is available for many functional gadgets. It can be used on devices of different OS and on Android 9 Pie. Screen redesign is attractive not only for the average person, but also for business.

This will concern the compilation of visual content. The emergence of a darkened mode is considered direct evidence of a new trend. Accordingly, for promotion, you will have to present similar content.

To keep up with fashion trends, you should use a dedicated photo editing application. You can select a resource to apply filters and effects to images. There is software in which it is possible to use ready-made pictures.

Developers offer software with which you can create layouts that are ideal in structure and appearance. There is no need to neglect these applications. This will increase brand engagement. It is allowed to organize direct posting to the social network directly from the mobile application. This is the best opportunity to fine-tune visual content and get coverage of publications.

On Android

On devices of this OS, similar manipulations are required. If the user has updated the app, Instagram has become dark and annoying, the option can be changed.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

There are two rules for activating a black background. If a light theme is installed on the gadget, the insta will be light. As soon as the user sets a black background on the smartphone, the dark mode will automatically appear on the social network, in stories.

The described innovation is available for all variants of Android OS gadgets. There are no innovations and new options in the application, except for the darkened mode. The mode can be used by owners of gadgets running on Android 10.

As soon as the user switches to the updated mode, the dark theme of the application is automatically activated. Elements such as become lighter:

  • Logo;
  • Control buttons;
  • Details responsible for the functioning of the OS.

Similarly, you can convert different sections of the software, content of the IGTV category and messages. The mode works pretty well, despite the innovations. Android display looks stylish and attractive after update.

Instagram went dark: how to bring back the white theme on your phone

Why Instagram turned black is a question that owners of functional gadgets and visitors to the social network began to add to the search. After another update, a dark theme appeared in standard social networks. It has become available to everyone. It was activated automatically on certain resources. Based on this, there was a desire to return to the normal regime. The article provides information on how to return a light theme.

On iPhone

IPhone and iPad users are now able to enjoy the long-awaited darkened design. Most of the owners of modern devices are switching to a new background. Such popularity and demand is based on the fact that vision is saved and the intensity of the battery charge is reduced.

To return the color, you do not need to act according to any particular pattern. If a similar design is installed manually, then the theme becomes active automatically after the next iOS 13 update. On some devices, you can add a button to activate the mode in the control panel. To this end, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Through the same settings, go to the appropriate section.
  • Next, a switch is added to the control.
  • It remains to turn on the smartphone in a new night mode, the insta will automatically become the same.

After that, the user will have to appreciate the appearance and design. It will be possible to adjust the activation of the function. You will have to act through the control panel. For this purpose, you need to hold down the display brightness slider. Click on the left icon. If there is no update, you should wait a bit. The available options appear gradually. If the desired setting has not been activated, you need to check the update via the App Store.

Summing up

After turning on the darkened interface, the insta will become more comfortable to use. The Android notification bar will be black. The icon that reflects the battery charge becomes unobtrusive. Ios users saw this as a disadvantage. Accordingly, the problem for iphone can be expected to be fixed soon. This is the only dimming bug on Instagram. The rest of the account holders are happy with the innovation.

How to enable dark theme in Microsoft Office

In the applications that are part of Microsoft Office, it is possible to change the color scheme of the office suite theme. I will talk about how to change the theme color in Word, using the example of Word 2007 and Word 2016 (in other versions of the program, the theme changes are made in the same way).

In Microsoft Word 2007, click the Office button and then the Word Options button. In the “Word Options” window, in the “Basic” tab, in the “Color Scheme” settings item, select “Black”, and then click on the “OK” button.

After that, the Word test editor window will change color to dark.

In Microsoft Word 2016 go to the File menu, click on Options. In the “Word Options” window, on the “General” tab, in the “Personalize Microsoft Office” section, in the “Office Theme” item, select the “Dark Gray” option, and then click on the “OK” button.

The Microsoft Word window will change its color to dark.

How to enable dark theme in Windows 10

In the Windows 10 operating system, you can enable the dark theme. By default, Windows 10 runs in the light theme of the operating system interface.

Previously, the dark theme in Window 10 was only available after making changes to the operating system registry. After the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the dark theme is enabled directly in the settings of Windows 10 version 1607 and above.

Now you do not need to make changes to the system registry, because you can activate the Windows 10 dark theme in the operating system settings. After applying the changes, the colors of the Windows 10 settings window, the windows of some built-in applications will change.

Another way to apply more dramatic changes is to enable a contrasting black theme. In this case, all elements of the Windows operating system will change color.

Separately, you can enable dark themes in programs: the Microsoft Edge browser or in the Microsoft Office suite.

In this article, we’ll go over all of these options for changing the Windows 10 color scheme.

How to enable dark theme in Edge

To change the color of the theme, enter the settings of the Microsoft Edge browser, click on the “Options” context menu item. In the “Theme selection” option, select “Dark”.

After that, the Edge browser window will change its color to dark.

Black theme in Windows 10

In the operating system settings, it is possible to enable the black skin in Windows 10. After enabling the appropriate skin mode, Explorer, Desktop, the included programs will change the default colors to dark (black).

Right-click on an empty space on your computer screen. In the “Options” window enter the “Themes” tab, click on the link “Theme options”.

In the Personalization window, go to High Contrast Themes, select a theme: High Contrast Black Theme.

After applying the parameters, you will immediately see the changes caused by the black theme of the system design.

This is how Explorer looks like, after turning on the contrasting dark (black) theme in Windows 10. Agree, the view is not quite normal.

It is clear that such a setting for displaying a theme is not for everyone. Therefore, not all users will like this look that works in all applications. In some applications, you can change the color of the theme, which will affect only these programs.

How to make a dark theme in Windows 10

Right-click on an empty space on the monitor screen. Select “Personalization” from the context menu. In the personalization options window, open the “Colors” tab.

In the settings section “Select application mode” activate the mode: “Dark”. Dark theme set.

After that, the settings windows, the Windows Store window, and some other applications of the operating system will change colors to a dark color.

Users of early versions of Windows 10 (before version 1607) can download ready-made registry files to enable the dark theme in the OS from here.

For users dissatisfied with the changes that have occurred, there is a radical way to switch to the dark theme of the entire Windows 10 operating system and installed applications.

Conclusions of the article

In Windows 10, you can turn on the dark theme to change the color scheme of the operating system. The dark theme is activated separately in the Microsoft Edge browser or in Microsoft Office. To change all color settings in Windows 10, the operating system has the ability to enable a black theme.

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On Android

Algorithm of transformations for the audience that has installed the new 10 version of the OS on smartphones:

  • start the settings by clicking the gear icon in the device menu;
  • select the “Screen” button;
  • turn off the switch “Dark mode”.

Now alerts, status bar, utilities and system settings will be colored back to white. Subscribers who use the Dark Theme for Instagram application are obliged to make sure that there are no conflicts with the official client. Remove the software to get rid of the annoying black design.

How to disable dark theme on Instagram on your phone

How to remove the dark theme on Instagram, users who did not like the innovation of the developers intend to know. The latter decided to pick up the trend of “muffling” the interface tone, emerging in the world of social networks.

Why they decided to put the black mode for users:

  • reduction of eye strain when considering dark design, although the participants of the messenger do not share the idea;
  • saving battery charge;
  • “Night vision” on Instagram is a sign of grace and grace.

In this article, we will analyze how to turn off the “left” background for owners of gadgets based on Android 10, iOS 13 and earlier versions. We will give examples of user practice when darkening is implemented by third-party means and a way out.

Unlike followers of. bloggers of photo hosting did not have to write comments to activate the dark theme. But if, nevertheless, the registration of an account in black is not suitable, here are the algorithms for turning off the cover.

How to turn off the dark theme on Instagram on your phone

Before turning off the dark theme on Instagram, consider the relationship between the design of the smartphone and the official client. If you have previously set the appropriate background in the gadget’s configuration, the social network interface will also turn black. To return the white screen in Insta, you will have to deactivate the “night” mode on the phone.

Until there was a separate button for color control inside the social network account. neither on Android, nor on iPhone.

On iPhone

IOS devices support the discussed cover after updating to version 13. Therefore, in search of how to disable the dark theme on Instagram, you will not have to wander through the settings. J The configuration that erases the “night look” from the photo hosting is provided by the developers of the portable OS:

  • open settings;
  • touch the inscription “Screen and brightness”;
  • select the checkbox “Light”.

The next time you start restoring the default settings, in the appearing “Appearance” frame, similarly mark the light background checkbox.

Starting from version 7 of OS for iPhone, you can invert colors. Make sure not to enable the feature:

  • go to the configuration;
  • select the line “Basic”;
  • tap “Universal Access”;
  • press “Display adaptation”;
  • there are two options to choose from:
  • deactivate the “Color Inversion” toggle switch if you intend to remove both versions of the option. classic and Smart;
  • click on the team name and turn off one of the design options.

How to make a black background in Tik Tok app


There are several ways to create a dark theme on Android in tik tok:

Method 3:

  • 1) Open the settings, go to the “Accessibility” section.
  • 2) Go to the “Colors and Display” section, select “Inversion”.
  • 3) Confirm your choice.

Color inversion isn’t just about TikTok. The colors of the entire interface will change.

Attention: it is contraindicated to use the inverted mode for a long period of time! You can damage your eyesight!

You will be able to make Tik Tok black on a black screen.

Method 2:

  • 1) Install an app to help enable color inversion. I am using Dark Mode, there are other analogs.
  • 2) When Dark Mode is activated, dark mode will turn on in the TikTok app.

How to put a black theme on Tik Tok

The TikTok mobile app is very popular. It was created for shooting, editing, viewing short videos. If you want to share with your friends, family, acquaintances the highlights of your life, interesting events. use TikTok.

Are you tormented by the autumn blues? Are there too many bright colors around? Today I’m going to show you how to change TikTok’s design and make it a black theme. If you want to set dark mode on TikTok, then you need to enable dark mode right on your phone. Making only Tik Tok black will not work. We’ll look at several ways for androids and iPhones. One of them should suit you.

Method 1:

The desktop and applications will change their color to dark.

But not all phones have this feature.!

Method 2:

You can change it by going to the settings in the “Screen and brightness” section. After you move the slider to the active position, the entire phone interface will be displayed in dark colors. If you did everything correctly, then you will be able to make Tik Tok black on a black screen.

On iPhone, you can use the color inversion described above.

How to turn off black and white screen on iPhone

Relatively recently, studies have appeared on the Web, suggesting that it would be nice for every phone owner to change the color screen of a mobile phone, replace it with black and white. Scientists attributed this to the following reasons:

  • a person spends less time on the phone, since dull images do not bring joy, as a result, the user is not drawn to the device;
  • the load on the organs of vision is reduced by reducing the effect of light from the monitor on them;
  • general well-being improves, the level of anxiety decreases, insomnia disappears.

This kind of research really puzzled users, but the majority rushed to fix the look of their phone. As time went on, many had an irresistible desire to return everything back. And if you can enable monochrome mode in several ways, then the easiest way to disable it is just one. How to change the black background on iPhone to another? How to remove a black and white screen:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select the column “Basic”.
  • Open the “Accessibility” tab. “Display adaptation”.
  • Select “Light filters” and use the slider to adjust the eye-pleasing ratio of white, gray and black, return them to their original position.

After that, the colors on the screen will return, become as bright and saturated as before.

How to make Instagram black on iPhone

It is not at all necessary to completely change the interior design of the smartphone. You can only change the interface of some applications, for example, Instagram.

Instagram has long become not just an entertainment resource, but also a good platform for advertising, promotion, business. Therefore, the work of a huge number of people is associated with this resource. And many people want the visual image to be perceived better and easier, which the dark theme can certainly help with. How to make Instagram black on iPhone? Follow three easy steps:

  • Open “Tinctures”.
  • Select the sub-item “Basic”.
  • Go to “Accessibility”. “Display adaptation”.
  • Click on “Inversion”. “Classic Inversion”. Select, by moving the slider, the desired color, in this case. dark.

Like any other function, inversion, or dark version, can be turned off. How to remove black background on iPhone will be discussed in a separate paragraph.

How to turn off dark theme on iPhone

Perhaps a person can get used to everything, even the new dark iPhone theme, which until recently seemed incredibly stylish and laconic, can get sick of it and stop bringing its former joy. As already mentioned, it can be turned off, and it is not at all difficult to do this.

One of the most convenient and simple ways is using the built-in settings:

  • Open “Tinctures”.
  • Select the sub-item “Basic”.
  • Go to “Accessibility”. “Display adaptation”.
  • Click on “Inversion”. “Classic inversion”, moving the slider towards off.

In this section, you can enable the “Smart Inversion” function so that the iPhone can independently turn off the dark version in the daytime and turn it on in the evening.

Note! All existing objects will change color, return to the previous classic.

How to change the theme on iPhone

The new unusual theme attracted the attention of a huge number of users, since the old options no longer seem so fashionable and interesting. There are several ways to change the default theme to dark.

How to make a dark theme on iPhone? The first method is the simplest and fastest. It is done using the “Control Center” tab:

  • Hold the screen brightness level indicator.
  • A window will open where you need to select “Switch theme”.
  • Open the main menu tab “Display and brightness”.
  • Choose the theme that you like the most.

This method allows you to make the design any, not necessarily dark.

The third method is immediately after purchasing a new device from Apple or after a factory reset.

Themes can be configured so that they change depending on the time of day: during the day. light, in the evening. dark. Automatic activation is based on the Night Shift principle, through which the user can independently set certain time intervals. This will significantly reduce eye strain, calm the central nervous system before bedtime, which is especially important for students and people whose work and life are inherently connected with technology.

Note! You can create an automatic update through the “Screen and brightness” in the “Settings”.

The question of how to change the theme on the iPhone has generally been addressed. Now you need to understand in more detail the nuances of the main, frequently used applications, the rules for enabling and disabling this design.

Dark Whatsapp Theme

For your information! For a long time, the creators of the messenger did not release new products in terms of design. The tipping point was 2018.Since 2019, WhatsApp can be turned black using internal device settings, not phone properties.

How to customize WhatsApp dark theme on iOS:

  • Open WhatsApp app.
  • Login or log in, if this was not done in advance.
  • Click on the ellipsis sign in the upper right menu to open the “Settings Menu”.
  • Open the section “Chats”. “Wallpapers”.

A wide palette of colors will open, where the user can independently choose the color of the design, including rich dark shades. Stickers, emoticons and fonts will also change slightly according to the selected color gamut.

How to make Instagram black on iPhone: changing iOS theme to dark

Apple phones are wildly popular among buyers. They are distinguished by high quality, stylish laconic design, wide functionality. In addition, manufacturers offer more and more new features that help make the device even better and more convenient. One of the latest and most popular is the black theme on iPhone. How to enable dark theme on iPhone will be discussed below.

Which iOS version supports the dark theme

Updates for the iOS operating system are released regularly. Each new version is better than the previous one, since it takes into account all the bugs and errors of the previous one. In this regard, it can be difficult or even impossible to install a new update on an old version.

Black background option on iPhone is set in two clicks

For your information! By now, users of iPhone versions 6 S, SE, XR and 12 can put the dark mode. The dark theme of iOS 13 is supported by the software and all subsequent.

How to Get DARK MODE on your iPhone!

How to find out what version of the operating system is on the phone? There are two ways. The first is using the phone. You need to do the following:

  • Select in the main menu “Settings”.
  • Open the column “Basic”.
  • Click on the line “About device”.

All information about the phone, including the current version of the iOS software, is presented here.

The second way is using a computer. This requires:

  • Connect the device to a computer using a USB adapter.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Select the connected device and click “Browse”.

As in the previous case, information on the device will open, where the version of the operating system will also be indicated.

How to remove negative on iPhone

Another problem that iPhone owners often face is changing colors to others that resemble negative. Usually the reason for this is accidentally clicking in the wrong place. Very often people, trying to solve some problem with the device, go to all the menu items in a row and click everything that they think is suitable for the given situation. Therefore, the first step to take is to check the “Settings”:

  • Open “Tinctures”.
  • Select the sub-item “Basic”.
  • Go to “Accessibility”. “Display adaptation”.
  • See if Inversion or Smart Inversion is enabled.
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Important! If there is nothing suspicious in the settings, all additional features are disabled, it is better to transfer the phone to the service to specialists.

There are several reasons for screen breakage, and only a specialist can determine them:

  • hitting a hard surface;
  • falling from height;
  • moisture penetration;
  • a strong temperature difference (and for the iPhone this is a particularly painful topic, because it can easily turn off on the street at negative air temperatures);
  • mechanical defects: dents, scratches, cracks;
  • incorrectly glued protective glass.

It is possible to establish the true cause of the screen color change only in the service center.

The dark theme is a really fun and unique way to style your own iPhone. Do not be afraid of changes, because it turns on and off in a matter of seconds.

Dark theme on Instagram iOS

In order to fully appreciate the innovation, it is worth performing a couple of simple operations. The scheme of action depends on which OS the phone is running on. Previously, this effect was achieved through special applications and browser extensions of the pub category. But this caused many negative factors. The topic and content of the social network became dark.

For this reason, users were very active in accepting the new accepted innovation. There is no dark mode in the social network application itself. To set a comfort option, you need to proceed through the settings. This makes it possible to use a background for the dark time of day. To make the screen dark, you need to lower the brightness on the gadget, there is no more convenient option.

How to make black Instagram on iPhone: step by step instructions

How to make a dark theme in Instagram on the iPhone is a question that arises from users of the social network. Blacked out mode has been waiting for smartphone owners for a long time. This innovation is activated automatically after the update. If this does not happen, you should set the background yourself. The main thing is to follow the instructions presented in the article.

How to enable dark theme on iPhone?

If you have a phone of this brand, you will need to check for an update for the night theme. A full black theme appeared after the release of the new iOS 13. After checking the smartphone for an update, you need to go to the settings.

Then it remains to decide the question of how to make a black instagram on the iPhone, in one of three ways:

  • You need to find Settings. Then the item Display / brightness. Here it switches from normal to dark.
  • A tab with controls opens. Next, you need to press and hold the button to change the lighting level. In the window that opens after that, you need to activate the background switching function.
  • A separate button should be added to the section with controls. For this purpose, you need to open Settings. Add a switch to the controls.

After putting the phone into dark mode, the social network resource automatically turns black. The interface will immediately take on a gray-black tint. He’s a comforte for the evening time.

How to change Instagram theme on iPhone?

Despite the fact that the insta does not have a button that switches the background and theme, the option is considered available. Re-registration is carried out automatically. This happens after updating the phone to iOS 13. As soon as the user installs the update, the main firmware turns dark.

The problem may arise if the user has a phone on which there is no way to install a new OS. Usually these are models of iPhones 4, 5 and 6 versions. Functionally they work on iOS 11.

To make a dark mode on such a device, it is worth using the Smart Inversion function. It makes it possible to change the standard mode to a dark background. In fact, it is a night mode that is activated in different applications. This also includes insta. There is a drawback here that not everyone chooses this mode change software. It lies in the fact that simultaneously with the interface, the color scheme of the content switches.

To get the background dimming after the update and not face any drawbacks, it is worth stopping your attention on the IG Dark Mode application. The tweak here is completely free. No additional repositories are required. To provide a dimmed mode on the device, you need to proceed in this way:

  • The utility is being installed;
  • The program is being launched;
  • On the settings page, put your finger on Edit;
  • Next, Install is clicked;
  • In the window that opens after that, click on Accept;
  • Next, Restart Spring Board is activated.

Then you can turn on the desired dark theme. If the user does everything correctly, the interface of the version of the new insta will turn completely black. It is not only very stylish. Lightness appears in the eyes, as blue and white becomes much less than usual. Most importantly, the quality of the content does not decrease after activation.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

Summing up

The dark mode on Instagram can be changed in different ways, and on Android as well. If it is not possible to act through an OS update, you can always use third-party applications. In such a case, the main thing is to follow the instructions and download utilities from official trusted sources for Android. The study of available content on instagram will be as comfortable as possible.


You can download an add-on for your browser if you are not ready to change it. The add-on expands the capabilities of the browser. But be careful: downloading extensions can get a virus on your computer.

Dark design

This extension is available in all browsers, but the name is slightly different. For example, “Dark Theme”. “Dark them for VK”, etc.

  • Install the extension.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Click on the button that appeared in the browser control panel.
  • Voila! The page went dark.

Turn on the dark theme in the standard way

To change the theme, just go to the Settings of the official application and connect the dark theme. You will see the slider with a dark theme immediately, at the top of the screen.

Previously, this function was only available for iPhone users, but thanks to the developers, now you can change the theme in VK on Android.

How to change the theme on iPhone

On iPhone, you can change the theme in the standard way. it is described in the first paragraph.

Changing the theme with the kate mobile app

To change the VK background on your phone, you can install the kate mobile application. This application is popular due to its function. design change. After installation, you need:

  • Log in. That is, enter your profile.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Appearance.
  • Choosing a theme.
  • For the picture to work, you need to restart the application.

How to change the topic on : detailed instructions for use

Do you want to change the light design of. which you are already tired of, with a multi-colored, dark one, or put your own image? In this article, you will learn how to change the theme and make the interface unusual.


With this extension, you can set the background in two clicks.

  • Download the extension the same way as the previous one.
  • Activate the slider in the on position.
  • Find a picture on the internet.
  • Right click on it.
  • The line “Set as background in VK” will appear, click on it.

Set the background image as a theme

You can make a background image in the same kate mobile application. To do this, go to Settings again, select Appearance. After:

  • Click on the Background Image.
  • Click the checkbox.
  • Now you can choose. blur or choose your own image.

The image is displayed only when the transparent background is enabled.

Via Settings

The second option is a little longer and is implemented using Settings. Here you have to take a couple of steps more.

  • go to Settings;
  • scrolling down a little, press Screen and brightness;
  • select the Dark option in the Appearance section.

That’s basically all the options for how you can turn on the black theme on your iPhone or iPad. There is nothing complicated, just choose the instruction and follow it.


Through brightness control

The fastest way is through the control center. You only need to make three movements and you’re done.

  • open the Control Center and hold down on the Brightness Control using 3D Touch;
  • at the bottom left, we see the option Design Light, which you need to click.

Click on Brightness Controls. Light Design

Now go into all the standard programs and you will see dark tones, which cannot but rejoice.

How to put a black theme on iOS 13?

When you first see what kind of work Apple has done, you will be very surprised, because everything looks incredible. We have been waiting for this very much and this function appears in the new version of iOS.

There are three ways to put a dark theme on your device and now I will describe each of them.

How to turn dark theme on / off on iOS 13?

For many years, Apple fans have been asking for a dark theme, and now it happened. the company introduced a dark theme at the iOS 13 presentation.

No more parodies like color inversions. Today you can turn on the black theme on your iPhone or iPad and I will tell you how you can do it in a couple of taps.

Adding a button to the Control Center

With this option, you can get the fastest way to toggle Dark Mode in iOS 13.

    click on Settings and go to the Control Center;

Customize controls. Plus sign opposite “Dark Mode”

Whatever one may say, but in this way you can get full control over this feature in the most convenient form.

Additional Information

I would like to add a few points that you will probably be interested to know, because it concerns today’s topic.

    the dark theme has additional settings if you activate the Automatic slider.

You can make the design turn on on its own without your intervention. Just activate Automatically and select the From dusk to dawn option (when the sun sets, the black theme will turn on) or Schedule settings, where you choose the time you want.

  • in the future, all programs will be required to make a dark theme. These conditions were made by Apple, so that everything is aesthetically beautiful when you activate this feature.
  • On this, perhaps, and we will end. Now you know all the necessary information that I wanted to share with you. Write in the comments if you will use this theme.

    How to change the theme on Instagram on Android to white

    First of all, deactivate the automatic display of the black cover at nightfall. Check the absence of a software conflict if you are working in the browser version. Why did Instagram go black? You might have forgotten about the installed Dark Theme for Instagram software. The utility is compatible with Google Phones and changes the web browser screen without affecting the official client.

    The algorithm applicable to gadgets based on Android 9 Pie involves the use of inversion of coloring:

    • open the configuration of the mobile phone (the inscription “Settings” of the desktop);
    • select the “System” item;
    • tap the “Accessibility” button;
    • in the “Vision” group, turn off the “Color Inversion” slider.

    After that, the standard white theme will return if the corresponding interface was previously deactivated by advanced installations.

    Instructions for removing the black mode on a smartphone running Android version 10:

    • check “Settings”;
    • click “Screen”;
    • turn off the toggle switch “Dark mode”.

    After turning off the standard “night vision” of the Photo hosting history, Ribbon and other design elements will turn white again.

    Why Instagram went black after updating on my phone

    How to change the theme on Instagram to white is interested in users who, after updating the application, do not accept design changes. Initially, at the time of the launch of the function (October 7, 2019), the black mode was operated by a limited contingent.

    Then dark mode was released to the masses for owners of gadgets based on Android 10 and iOS 13. After the incident, the company’s decision was followed by questions from Instagram participants about deactivating the cover.

    The “evening” theme of the profile design is a flash mob in the world of social networks. than a year has passed since the beginning of the addition of discussions by VK followers. users wrote comments to get a fashionable look. They picked up the emerging trend and YouTube with

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    To create a new cover in a photo hosting service, you do not need to create dialogs. The default function is present in the standard arsenal of the OS of the specified versions. In the material, we will analyze:

    • the reasons for the change in the appearance of the application;
    • the return of the light “apparel” to Android;
    • color inversion work on iPhone.

    Why did Instagram turn black after the update?

    It’s time to give reasons for displaying the darkened background of the messenger. Bloggers wonder why Instagram goes black despite expectations.

    • developers wanted to annoy the fans by including a product demonstration in the “night” mode. Joke J It’s just that some users do not digest such an initiative of the developers, complaining about ripples after viewing dark photos;
    • the desire of developers to increase the solidity and elegance of the Insta design. Who knows, programmers could have borrowed the design idea from the OS, PC, or even culinary products

    But these are the ideological motives of the creators of the social network. The technically annoying appearance of the app in black is due to the contingent working on updates to portable operating platforms, not a photo hosting.

    With the release of the upgrade to Android 10 and iOS 13, design adjustments for a mobile device became available. The changes apply to your Insta account as well. But you cannot turn off dark mode without removing the corresponding cover in the phone settings.

    How to change Instagram theme to white on iPhone

    Color inversion, which we mentioned in the subheading for Google Phones, is true for Apple devices. In order not to think about why Instagram turned black, keep in mind that iOS-based gadgets support such a color change since the 7th version.

    Check turning off dark mode in the settings of the portable device:

    • click the “General” button in the configuration;
    • select the “Accessibility” command;
    • turn off “Display adaptation”.

    If you are setting up a new phone or setting the settings after a factory reset, select the “Light” checkbox in the “Design” window. Then tap “Next” and follow the instructions of the wizard.

    Finally, an algorithm that is fair for owners of gadgets based on iOS 13:

    • run the settings;
    • tap “Screen and brightness”;
    • check “Light” in the “Appearance” group.

    A hidden setting in all Android smartphones allows you to enable a dark theme

    Owners of smartphones based on Android and iOS operating systems have long been waiting for when Google and Apple will deign to add a dark theme to the operating system, which would make it possible to comfortably use a mobile device in the evening and at night. In fact, all Android smartphones already have a setting hidden from prying eyes that allows you to enable a dark theme, it’s just that many do not even know about it.

    The good thing about the dark theme is that it significantly reduces eye strain at night and in the evening, when there are no light sources indoors or outdoors. If you read black text on a bright white screen for a long time, then the eyes will begin to experience a lot of stress, which can subsequently lead to vision problems. To avoid this, you need to use a dark theme, which makes the background black and the font white.

    It is very easy to enable the dark theme in all Android smartphones, and it only takes a few simple steps. You can use this color gamut on absolutely all mobile devices and tablets running the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system and newer. Google notes that this can lead to a large decrease in the speed of work (within 5%).

    To activate the night theme, run the “Settings”, and then go to the “Advanced” section, in which you should select the “Accessibility” item. At the very bottom of this section, you should activate the toggle switch opposite to “Color Inversion”, as a result of which the entire interface of the Android operating system will become dark. Most of the elements will look like they are sharpened for this type of display, however there are some disadvantages.

    The main disadvantage is that all icons and images will also be displayed with color inversion, that is, they will look extremely unusual to the human eye. However, you can turn on the dark theme for Android whenever you intend to use your mobile devices for a long time in the evening and at night. I would like to believe that in the future Google will add a full-fledged and native night mode to the Android operating system, which will allow you to use smartphones and tablets with greater comfort.

    Attention! Until December 6, everyone can get Xiaomi Mi Band 5 for free, spending only 3 minutes on it.

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    Dark Whatsapp Theme: Go to the Black Side

    Dark fans dream of a dark Whatsapp theme. They want a black background, not a light one. Messenger users want to know if WhatsApp has a black theme on Android or iPhone, how to install it and where to download it for free. Read on and find out.

    Why WhatsApp dark theme is good: latest news

    03.03.2020 version 2.20.64. the developers have officially announced the Dark Version of Whatsapp. Below we will tell you how to enable it)

    Background: Whatsapp’s dark theme haunts users. The developers have been working on a new design of the messenger for a year (since September 2018). And nothing has changed.

    The techies first showed how the dark WhatsApp theme would look on iOS devices. It turned out spectacularly: deep gray-black background, white and gray text. The owners of phones with a green robot are jealous of apple fans. When will the dark Whatsapp Android theme appear??

    And at the end of March 2019, good news arrived: a dark theme for WhatsApp on Android a little more and will become available to everyone who is thirsty. Testing is already in full swing. The test period seems to be ending.

    However, almost all summer has passed, but we have not been informed of official information on how to install the dark theme in WhatsApp. It only remains to wait.

    How to make Whatsapp dark theme available and legal

    For iPhone it is a little different: Phone settings Display and brightness Dark design;

    Important! Dark Mode is available for IOS13 (version 2.20.30)

    Let’s find out what’s so attractive about the WhatsApp dark theme. The advantages of the dark interface are:

    • It is nicer and healthier for the eyes. Scientists have proven that dark tones do not irritate receptors as much as light tones.
    • It will save energy costs of the device, you will have to charge the phone less often.
    • Black screen on Whatsapp will look more stylish, users say.

    Therefore, fans of the messenger write requests to Google and Yandex “Whatsapp dark theme how to enable”. And in return, they only receive promises.

    Although there were proposals for this demand. Some sites offer WhatsApp with a dark theme to download. You shouldn’t believe them. It is not known what you will get by clicking on the download button. At best, an ordinary Whatsapp application, but with ads, at worst. an appendage of viruses.

    Other options if there is no update

    As you understand, today it is impossible to change to a black theme in WhatsApp. An application with such an interface has not yet been officially distributed. And fakes can threaten the security of your device and account in the messenger.

    Wondering how to enable dark WhatsApp theme? Use a compromise option. Change your chat wallpaper to black. Nothing complicated: a few simple steps. and the background under the correspondence will become darker than the night.

    Let’s take a look at how this works in Android. We use the option with the settings first:

    • Let’s go to Whatsapp.
    • Touch the three dots on the top and right to open the menu.
    • Let’s choose the option “Settings”.
    • Let’s go to the “Chats” tab.
    • Click on the line “Wallpaper”.
    • Select Solid Color, then mark the black background and save the selection. To do this, click on the word “Install” from the bottom of the screen.

    Now let’s look at how to replace the topic in Whatsapp through the “Chats” section:

    • Opening the messenger.
    • Go to any chat.
    • Click to bring up the menu on three points, they are located at the top in the right corner of the screen.
    • Go to the “Wallpaper” tab. Then we repeat 6 or 7 steps from the previous instruction. And enjoy the darkened screen.

    If you set the wallpaper in one chat, it will change automatically in others.

    IPhone owners can use the same instructions. There are no significant differences in the background change operation. The only peculiarity is that the transition to the settings is hidden behind the gear icon, and it is usually located at the bottom of the screen.

    Now your Whatsapp is partially darkened. Perhaps someone will like this method. But this trade-off is not suitable for all users. He is criticized for the lack of a uniform style in the design. It turns out that the interface of the messenger is designed in white and green light colors, and only in chats there is a sharp darkening. You can soften this contrast by choosing a dark gray or purple instead of a radical black. Or use other methods, read about them further.

    If you really want to change the design, you can use the following, completely legal options:

    • Don’t know how to make a dark theme in WhatsApp, replace your iPhone or Android with Windows Phone. You will be surprised, but it was originally used for decoration black, dark gray and dark green. So the messenger interface in Windows Phone is very, very dark.
    • You already know that pre-launch testing of the dark version of Whatsapp is underway. Try to take part in it, offer your services to the developers. To do this, write a letter on the official website of the company. Perhaps you will be invited to the testing team.

    Finally, if you’re looking for ways to change to the dark theme on WhatsApp, check the Play Store or App Store often so you don’t miss the nightly interface update. Although such expected news, the messenger team will certainly hasten to publicize it widely. We will tell you how to delete a missed call in another review.

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