How to remove glass from your phone screen

How to properly remove the protective glass from the phone screen

A protective screen in the form of tempered glass on a smartphone is an opportunity to protect the gadget from mechanical damage. But what to do in a situation when such protection has already completed its actions, cracked and interferes with the operation of the device? Of course, you will need to remove the protective glass from the phone and install a new screen. over, this work must be done carefully and observing certain precautions so that the new bulletproof glass lies on the display, which is clean from glue and debris.

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Features of protective glasses for phones

The protective glass not only provides protection for the smartphone, but distributes the impact over the entire surface, preventing point impact. To protect the touchscreen from damage, the screen takes a hit, weakening it to a minimum. As a rule, the resulting damage to the protective glass takes on the character of cracks and chips. Due to this feature, it will be extremely difficult to tear off the tempered glass from the display, because even one shard can lead to scratches already on the touchscreen.

Do not try to lift the edge with your fingers, picking with your fingernail. this action will not produce the desired results. It is possible to carry out the removal procedure or even replace the protective coating with a new one correctly and without additional damage only after careful preparation.

How to remove protective glass on iPhone

For the iPhone, most manufacturers provide a set of tools that make it easier to install and replace in case of damage. Removing the protective glass should be carried out starting from the top of the display. this way you will not damage the button at the bottom of the smartphone. As a rule, protective screens on iPhones are highly durable, and the reaction to impact will not lead to splinters. Due to this, it is possible to carry out the removal procedure without additional steps for cleaning small particles.

How to remove a broken screen protector from your phone

If the protective glass is not just cracked or covered with cobwebs, and the damage is much deeper, it will be necessary to carry out the removal procedure in stages. Remove the largest debris first, and then remove the smallest particles. For removal, use only soft materials such as a scraper, plastic card or similar. Do not drag shards of glass over the display. this may cause scratches.

How to remove the protective glass on your phone: detailed instructions

It is possible to carry out the repair correctly, or rather, to replace the protective screen that has completed its task at home. The main thing is to carefully study the entire sequence of actions in advance, and not follow it, looking at the instructions. For greater convenience and as a visual aid, you can also watch a video in which all actions are performed in stages and with accurate comments.

All work on removing damaged glass should be carried out after preparation of the place of work and even the premises (carry out wet cleaning). It is necessary to remove and install the protection in a clean room, which will avoid the ingress of fluff and dust on the display, as well as the appearance of new damage, but already the touchscreen.

Having prepared all the tools and the room, all subsequent work will be divided into five stages:

  • Wear gloves or wash your hands thoroughly and then dry them with a towel. Gloves will help you avoid smudges and fingerprints when you need to stick the protective glass on the display cleared of fragments of the old screen.
  • Examine the damage and choose the place that crashed the least while protecting your cell phone. It is in this place that the suction cup should be installed (if you will use it), pressing it firmly against the screen. It is important to choose one of the corners of the gadget, which will greatly facilitate the procedure.
  • Gently pry the edge of the protective glass closest to the attached suction cup. While lifting the edge of the glass, pull back on the suction cup. Be careful not to push in any debris that could damage the surface of the touchscreen. If the display is large enough, use a wider spatula or a plastic card that will allow you to remove the protective glass from the iPhone across the entire width, rather than using a pinpoint.
  • Without making any sudden movements, press the display with a plastic card, removing the protective glass with a suction cup or grasping it by the edges. The protection should come off completely by itself when all grip points with the smartphone display are disconnected.
  • Clean the display from glue and small glass particles using a tissue. A small amount of alcohol-containing liquid will allow you to easily remove all debris and glue residues, preparing the surface for the installation of a new protection.

Special cases

If removing the film on the phone requires only care so as not to tear off the sensor along with it, then in the case of protective glass, more complex problems may arise. In particular, it will be necessary to remove the screen, given the degree of damage, configuration and many other conditions.


Remember that the display is bonded to the protective glass by two factors. electrostatic attraction and the adhesive backing. To separate the glass and the touchscreen, it will take the effort of two tools at once. a suction cup and a plastic card, which will significantly reduce the likelihood of damage to the display.

Why replacement is required?

Before you get acquainted with how to remove the protective glass from “iPhone 6” and 5, you need to familiarize yourself with the reasons for replacement:

  • The appearance of the phone deteriorates.
  • The protective functions of the device are lost.
  • If you want to change to a new glass.

When the phone has a new protective glass, the device looks neat. There are special accessories for the iPhone that fit perfectly in size. But you can also use universal ones, which need to be glued correctly.


The work must be done carefully. Before removing the protective glass from the iPhone, you need to prepare everything for the procedure:

  • Mediator.
  • Silicone suction cup.
  • Lint-free napkin.
  • Wiper.
  • Medical gloves.

Some glass sets include everything you need to complete the procedure. If these details are there, then the work is done easily.

Dismantling features

How to remove protective glass from an iPhone to keep things tidy. Before the procedure, you need to wash your hands with soap and dry. You can use rubber gloves. This is to prevent fingerprints and smudges. The screen will look neat.

On the damaged glass, you need to find a whole corner where there are no chips or other damage. In it, you need to cling to the suction cup, pressing it to the device. The corner with the suction cup must be pry off with a pick, a spatula, so that the glass peels off. To do this, you need to pull the suction cup in your direction.

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The procedure must be carried out carefully so that the screen is not torn off before a gap forms. If there is no suction cup, you can smoothly insert the pick into the gap that appears. When peeling, you need to deepen the pick. With a large screen, you have to use two tools. At the end, you need to lift the suction cup towards you in order to completely eliminate the glass.

How to Remove Protective Glass from iPhone: Tips

The main function of the protective glass is considered to save the phone from shock, cracks and scratches. This element takes care of everything. Over time, it becomes unusable, as it loses its attractive appearance. This reduces the level of protection of the device. To replace it, you must first learn how to remove the screen protector from iPhone. This procedure is simple. You just need to follow simple rules.


Honor needs one important nuance before removing the protective glass from the “iPhone 5” or 6. Since the surface of the screen is perfectly smooth, the glass is fixed to it securely. It is held not only by glue, but also by electrostatic forces. The two surfaces are firmly in contact, and therefore the glass is not so easy to remove. You need to pry it off with your fingernail. If you use another object for these purposes, for example, a knife, then there is a possibility of damage to the display.

A silicone suction cup alone will not help here either. If it sticks securely to the damaged surface, there will be no vacuum under it, it rebounds with force. When the grip is good, the suction cup does not come off, but another difficulty appears.

The sensor is attached to the body with double-sided tape or glue. They are less durable than touchscreen and protective glass. If you apply force, you can rip off the entire screen module, which will damage its loops. Therefore, actions must be deliberate. Only then can you use the instructions on how to remove the protective glass from the “iPhone 5s” or other type of device.

New glass sticker

When the user knows how to remove the protective glass from the iPhone, you can safely follow the procedure. Then you will probably need to glue a new element. For the result to be of high quality, work should be done in a clean room. Before sticking on a lint-free cloth, you need to apply a cleaner and treat the surface with it. This is necessary to completely eliminate dust and degrease the surface.

The glass must be taken by the edges. Hands should be washed and dried. You can work with medical gloves. Then you need to pull on the tab of the protective film, which is on the adhesive surface, and remove it. The glass should be kept closer to the smartphone so that no dust particles stick during operation.

The glass is placed away from the sensor and needs to be centered and aligned. Make sure that all holes match. The product must be lowered onto the display, pressing it down a little. Bubbles must be removed immediately by wiping the surface with a dry cloth. At the end, you need to remove the film, which served as a protection for the product during transportation.

It is better to immediately remove dust particles that have fallen under the glass. It is necessary to carefully peel off the glass, removing debris. You can use a napkin or tweezers to do this. Then the glass is put in place. The phone will then be protected from damage again. The procedure for removing and gluing glass is the same for all iPhones. You just need to choose the right accessory.

How to peel off a protective glass. the sequence of actions

Remove the protective glass from the smartphone while observing the following sequence of actions:

  • Initially, you need to thoroughly wash and dry your hands to prevent the appearance of marks and stains on the surface of the touchscreen;
  • Next, you should determine on the base of the glass the angle that is least susceptible to damage;
  • Fix a silicone suction cup in this place;
  • Using a pick or a piece of plastic, pry off the corner to detach it from the surface of the screen. To do this, you can additionally pull the suction cup towards you;
  • Advance a pick or a plastic card into the formed space and move it along the base until the glass is completely peeled off;
  • Remove glass from the screen using a suction cup or by grasping it with your hands.

Removing the glass. what you need to remember

Quite often, not glass is used to protect the display, but a protective film, which is thinner and characterized by very weak strength indicators. But the choice in her favor is extremely unjustified and impractical in situations that require maximum screen protection.
Here you cannot do without a durable and reliable protective glass. But when replacing it, you should be extremely careful and careful. The smartphone screen has a perfectly flat base, and this provides the glass in close contact with the surface. over, retention is carried out not due to glue, but under the influence of electrostatic forces. Therefore, removing the glass may not be as easy as it seems to some initially.
You should not use all kinds of cutters and knives for this. And one silicone suction cup is also indispensable. If it is weakly adhered, it is impossible to obtain a vacuum, and excessively tight contact can lead to other problems. In this case, not only the damaged glass can be ripped off, but also the sensor module located under the screen. To remove the glass, you should exercise the utmost care and caution.

How to remove the protective glass from the phone screen

The main function of the protective glass is to provide the smartphone screen with maximum protection from all kinds of negative influences and unwanted contacts. As a result of a fall or impact, the glass cracks, deforms and becomes completely unusable. And here you can no longer do without replacing it. But how to peel off the protective glass, what is required for this and in what order should the work be carried out? There are a lot of questions and each of them requires a competent answer. Let’s talk about removing and replacing glass in a little more detail and in detail.

Remove glass. what is required for work

For work, you should prepare in advance such a set of devices:

  • A mediator or a narrow plastic card. it is better to take 2 pieces for greater convenience;
  • Silicone suction cup is optional;
  • Napkin with a lint-free surface;
  • Glass cleaner. a preferred choice in favor of a composition with m of alcohol;
  • Medical gloves. optional choice.

Protective glass from a smartphone. put a new one

At this, the work can be considered completed. The protective glass is removed and you can proceed to installing in its place a whole and serviceable module. This process is not particularly difficult, but it requires careful observance of all requirements and nuances.
First of all, you should clean the display with an alcohol-based composition. After that, you need to remove the film from the new protective glass. This should be done from the side that will contact the mobile phone screen. In this case, the glass should be kept as close to the display itself. Careful alignment of its position is necessary to ensure that all cutouts and holes match up accurately. When full compliance is achieved, the glass is lowered onto the screen.
All bubbles that appear are removed without problems and difficulties with a dry napkin. It is enough just to run it over the glass. Finally, remove the film that covers the glass from the outside.
Removing the protective glass is not particularly difficult. You just need to be careful and strictly follow the recommendations presented above.

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What is needed to remove the protective glass

In order not to scratch neither the smartphone itself, nor its display and back cover, it is worth preparing simple items available in every home. First of all, these are two microfiber napkins, one of which should be placed on the table and used as a soft pad for the smartphone. The second cloth is useful for cleaning the smartphone screen after removing the protective glass.

But it does not have sufficient edge sharpness. Therefore, the four corners of the card will need to be previously “sharpened” with a file or a nail file. It is advisable to do this at a very sharp angle (literally, like a knife blade).

You will also need a second such card in order to insert it into the slot so that the protective glass does not stick again.

How to remove a protective glass from a smartphone: step by step instructions

Protective glass for a smartphone makes it possible to protect the screen from scratches, and also takes the brunt of a fall on a hard object, providing insurance against breakage. We will tell you how to remove the protective glass yourself to replace it.

Many users do not accept cases and bumpers for smartphones, but install protective glasses on the screen and back cover. This does not spoil the aesthetic appearance of the smartphone, allowing you to enjoy the design conceived by the manufacturer. But if you dropped your smartphone and the protective glass got damaged, then the question arises of how to remove the cracked glass from the phone.

How to remove the protective glass from the screen

The very procedure for dismantling the old protective coating will not cause problems if you use plastic tools, as we indicated above. The use of sharp metal objects, such as the tip of a knife or scissors, can scratch the smartphone screen, which is exactly what we are trying to protect the display from.

Examine the edges of the protective glass adhesive on the smartphone and find the place where the gap or air gap is most visible. Take the thinnest spatula in the disassembly kit, or a sharpened plastic card, and carefully insert the spatula or card into the gap at a very sharp angle. If necessary, apply slight pressure to the tool to overcome the magnetizing force of the protective glass and display screen. As a reminder, the protective glass is attached to the display without any glue due to electrostatic attraction.

After the edge of the spatula (or plastic card) enters the gap between the protective glass and the display screen, gently push it slightly inward, so as to avoid strong bending of the glass and its breaking, and slowly move along the perimeter of the screen. To prevent the unsticked areas from touching the screen again, place a spare plastic card (or spatula) in the vacated space.

Walk with a spatula around the entire perimeter of the screen. The protective glass must be completely detached. Set it aside and wipe the display with a second microfiber cloth.

That’s it, now you can re-glue a new protective glass. But this operation will already require you to improve protection against dust, which is always in the air.

Alternative option: peel off the glass with a thread

For this option, you will need a fish line, a narrow ordinary or dental floss.

Pull the thread firmly with both hands, and use it to pick up one of the corners of the protective glass. For these purposes, it is best to choose the strongest corner. With movements left and right, begin to advance the thread to the second corner of the glass, and only after that move to the center of the screen.

After the glass has completely moved away from the screen, wipe the phone with a tissue and proceed to apply the latest protection!

Protective film for mobile phones is a versatile and affordable device. Made of high-quality polymer, it will prevent scuffs and scratches on the phone screen and extend its service life.

Types of protective films

Glossy phone screen protectors are the most common option. They do not allow color and image distortions, do not lower the detector’s sensitivity, and due to their affordable cost and a large variety of models, they can be installed on any mobile phone.

They have anti-glare properties as the matte surface diffuses light. There are no fingerprints left on them, and dirt does not actually stick. Matte screen protectors are easier to stick to your phone screen as they are more dense than glossy ones.

Protective devices for phones and telephones are also offered in the kit. The set includes immediately two protective films on both sides of the phone.

Why do you need an annotation for removing glass?

Incorrect, inaccurate removal of the protective glass can lead to a sad outcome: at least you will damage the surface of the phone screen, which is so painstaking, and in the worst case, you can be injured yourself.

Many active phone users, when removing protective glasses, use improvised means. knives, scissors, or simply tear off the glass from the screen with a rather sharp movement.

These actions are fundamentally wrong, and we will tell you how to correctly remove protection from the screen and not incur any unpleasant consequences.!

How to remove the protective glass yourself: a popular method

The most popular method to remove screen protectors is to insert plastic.

To properly remove the glass, you need to prepare special tools in advance. Among them:

  • a damp alcohol wipe to remove glue residues;
  • any plastic card (credit card, discount card, etc.) or a mediator, in order to neatly pick up the edge of the glass.

Using a narrow plastic, gently pry up the protective glass from either edge. As soon as the plastic is under the glass, begin to smoothly move the plastic along the edge of the phone, thus launching air under the glass. As soon as you go along all the edges of the glass, start to deepen the plastic a little, moving towards the center of the smartphone screen.

Move on like this until the protection falls off the screen one hundred percent. Then wipe the screen with an alcohol wipe, removing the remaining glue, and you can start applying the latest glass.

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Why it is necessary from time to time to change the old protective film for the phone

Any screen protectors for your phone, regardless of their type and density, wear out over time. With prolonged use, its high quality properties are lost. Countless scratches and scuffs add to the sensitivity of the screen, distort the image and increase the possibility of getting the most severe mechanical damage. In this case, the old film must be removed and a new one must be installed.

How to properly and safely remove the protective glass from your phone screen at home

It is unlikely that now it will be possible to find a person who does not have a single prestigious gadget. in fact, each of us can no longer imagine our life, at least, without a phone. And each of us wants to preserve the attractive appearance of the mobile device and a high level of efficiency as long as possible. Protective glass is the highest quality method to protect your phone screen from scratches, cracks or chips.

There are a lot of articles on the Internet on how to glue glass correctly. But few people think that they should also be removed with extreme caution, following certain instructions.!

How to remove a protective film from a smartphone. Removing and applying protective glass to your phone in 5 steps

Step-by-step annotation on removal

  • Before starting work, you need to clean the phone screen. wipe it with a napkin dipped in an alcohol solution. After cleaning, it will be visually more noticeable in which specific place the film is attached weaker, where you can lift it for removal.
  • To pick up the edge of the film, but not to scratch the screen, you need to use tools and improvised means made of soft materials: toothpicks, a pick, a plastic card. It is not recommended to heat the film at home, as the highest temperature can destroy the phone screen.
  • After you managed to pick up the edge of the old film, you need to pull it in the opposite direction.
  • All work should be done carefully and follow the recommendations.

With a timely replacement of the protective film, the phone screen will amuse its owner with good color rendering, good detector sensitivity and a careful appearance.

Safety glass manufacturers

Deppa is the most popular manufacturer of protective glass. The company’s line includes accessories for protecting devices:

  • Deppa. subtle 3D Touch compatible glass;
  • Deppa 3D is 3D Touch compatible and covered with a film that repels grease from the screen. Thanks to this coating, there are no fingerprints on the glass.

Red Line offers the thinnest safety glass available on the world market. In addition to the oleophobic film, Red Line Tempered Glass is coated with a water-repellent substance.

UBear has created a hardened Nano Full Cover Premium Glass coating similar in thickness to the previous version. Protective glass Ballistic Glass from Tech Amor is made of several layers of Japanese glass.

How to remove protective glass at home

You can replace the protective glass yourself without resorting to the help of masters in specialized repair centers. The main thing is to remember about simple rules when working:

  • no need to rush, act as carefully as possible;
  • when removing the glass, try to hook it onto one of the corners to lift it up. It will, of course, be easier to do if the glass is not badly broken and is relatively intact;
  • all manipulations must be carried out in special gloves that do not leave fingerprints on the smartphone screen.

How to remove the protective glass from the screen

Use a plastic card or small piece of cardboard to hook the glass. You can try to pry off the edge of the glass with your fingernail or any flat object such as a bank card. Another option is to use a special key for removing the SIM card slot to remove the screen, which the manufacturer puts in each box with a smartphone.

After the edge of the glass puffs up, you need to carefully separate the protective coating from the screen, deepening even deeper.

If the glass is badly cracked, then you should find the corner where the least damage is. It is necessary to start from this very place, and to clean off the cracked particles as the space of the screen is cleared from the glass.

If the glass is slightly damaged, you can use a silicone suction cup to remove it. The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to rip off the glass along with the regular screen.

The main goal is to separate the protective glass and the regular screen, which are held by the acting electrostatic forces. These forces work better than any glue mass. In this case, the model of the device does not matter at all, when removing the glass, the same algorithm of actions is used for all phones.

Remove protective glass

Protective glass is an accessory that protects your smartphone screen from damage if dropped or bumped. Often used to protect the screen on touchscreen phones.

If the protective glass is broken, then it must be replaced in order not to interfere with the work with the smartphone.

Safety glass suppliers

Several companies can also be distinguished among manufacturers:

  • ICHECKEY GROUP is a Chinese manufacturer, one of the leaders in the world market;
  • Mofi is a company that is focused only on the production of protective glasses and cases for mobile phones of various models for many markets;
  • Benks is a brand that has received a national license for the production of protective glass, its products have passed MFI certification from Apple;
  • CHYI Glass is the largest manufacturer of special purpose safety glass;
  • Geemo is the youngest representative on this list, the production of which is based on the use of active polymeric substances and special coatings for spraying. On the market since 2010.
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