How To Remove Headphones From The Phone Screen

The headphone symbol is constantly on. How to remove?

This software error causes negative emotions of smartphone users at all Not only because you DO NOT want to see anything superfluous on the screen. Unauthorized appearance of an additional sign (symbol) may indicate the incorrect operation of the program, which can interrupt the regular functioning of Other applications and even the entire operating system of the phone.

How To Remove Headphones From The Phone Screen

What to do if the phone does not recognize the headphones

For example, it suddenly turns out that all calls are transferred to speakerphone.

The fact that the headphone icon does NOT disappear (although it should) is a symptom indicating some kind of software metastases on your phone. It is possible that this could have happened due to the following reasons:

Dust particles in huge quantities penetrate inside through all accessible holes, which leads, again, to contamination of the contacts and their failure. (Correct signal paths stop working).

Another popular reason why expensive smartphones fail and, in particular, why the headphone icon appears and does NOT turn off. Here, the situation can be corrected only by a timely appeal to the service center.

However, the headphone icon may appear and not disappear for more complex reasons related to bugs in the software, related to incorrect firmware or installation of “pirated” applications. It also requires the help of qualified specialists.

How to remove the headphone icon on a Xiaomi smartphone?

Sometimes after disconnecting the headphones from the smartphone, their icon remains at the top of the screen. Because of this error, take a look. Using an external speaker, or you cannot receive a call. This article will talk about why the headphone icon is NOT removed on Xiaomi and how to fix it yourself.

software problem

A banal glitch. Try restarting your smartphone.

If that doesn’t help, then start the radio and plug in the headphones.

In the upper right corner, click on the three dots.

Select “Enable Speaker”.

Then turn off the speaker, clicked “Turn on headphones”.

Close the “Radio” application completely so that it does NOT remain in memory. Open the settings, find the section “All applications”.

Find “Radio”, click on the name of the application.

Clears data, clicked “Clear All”.

Only then turn off the headphones. This should help.

Elimination of mechanical causes

  • cotton buds;
  • hairdryer;
  • lint-free cloth napkin;
  • PCB cleaner Flux Off (aerosol).

To clean the contacts of the connector from dirt you need:

  • Insert into a cotton swab and twist.
  • Inject the cleaner into the connector, wait 1-2 minutes and repeat the step For convenient application of the cleaner, you can use a tube from the penetrating lubricant WD-40.
  • Check the operation of the connector by inserting and pulling the plug 3-4 times.

If liquid gets into the headphone jack, dry it with a hair dryer at minimum power. Wipe off the remaining drops with a napkin.


Occurs when the connector is damaged or particles of dirt, dust, and clothing fibers get inside it. Indeed, for the most part, we carry our gadgets in our s, and the connector is NOT protected by anything.

In order to clean it, take an ordinary cotton swab or toothpick (most importantly, NOT an iron object), after splitting it a little.

After that, we place it in the connector and try to get out the Foreign particles with light circular movements. Then, we take the plug and just plug it into our clean connector several times.

You can also try to move the contact a little if it is stuck.

The user Vitaly suggested this option: Put some FLUX-OFF into the headphone jack. This is a special liquid for removing oxidation from boards and microcircuits. After that, the headphone icon disappeared.

Another option from our user.

If the problem persists, then it may be a software error.


What to do if the Unnecessary icon (indicating that the headphones are connected) is lit, and besides, glitches are already starting to appear in the phone, that is, in the second applications? There are 2 types of recommendations here:

  • What You Can Really Do On Your Own.
  • Activities that 99.99% will not be successful in the conditions of artisanal performance.

It is within the framework of this section that it is proposed to dwell on the latter.

For example, you can definitely never use such tips and tricks:

  • “Try to install a new OS firmware! I know a cool site: if something doesn’t work on my smartphone, then I always take applications from there. In general, everything is free! “
  • “Look, buddy, take a clerical knife and carefully undress the halves of the apparatus. Take off the top panel, in short. “
  • “Dropped into the bathtub? It’s okay: take a hairdryer and blow it through the jacks. Keep the hair dryer on longer. “
  • And even: “Try to reinstall the system. Itself of course. what is spent “

Modern devices are ultra-compact gadgets. These are far from the push-button telephones, which were disassembled and reassembled like a designer. As practice shows, opening the smartphone cases outside the conditions of a professional workshop leads to irreversible mechanical damage.

Using a hair dryer is also not a safe method. Since the air in the device also passes through the incandescent spiral, getting very hot (therefore, the hair here dries quickly).

Modern smartphones contain many parts and plastic, so that plastic damage (melting) can be inflicted on them by “blowing” a hair dryer to one point much faster than many initially thought.

It is also better to trust specialized specialists for any actions with the software. Even if your phone is on Android (and here the principle of open source code is used), then most users still DO NOT know how to properly perform even the initial OS installation.

The principle of open architecture has long become a convention, since the very device of applications and systems contains too many nuances that must be consistent with each other for the applications to work correctly.

An untrained user will never be able to properly install all the settings.

Cleaning with special liquid

However, in order to be able to use such fluids, you need to additionally purchase the appropriate equipment for their application.

(This is an advanced syringe with a visualizer, which allows you to apply the composition exactly where it is needed).

This method of removing contaminants is professional, so it is not available for the vast majority of users. Such equipment is very expensive, and in order for its purchase to be justified, it is required to put such cleaning literally on the stream.

Reset application data. Radio

The next way to remove the headphone icon on the phone, even if the physical prevention measures were unsuccessful, is to reinstall the profile software. If the headphones DO NOT turn off, then you should “demolish” the software that is responsible for this option.

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This clearly demonstrates the need to download control applications separately, and not to use phone firmware. In this case, it will be easier to localize the problem.

Further, the phone either shows that in order to use the headset, it needs to install profile applications (and then you install it again), or the headset icon does NOT disappear and then the OS should be reinstalled (for which we contact the specialists).

In addition, this method may also work: Connect an application that directs the sound to the correct output. It could be Toggleheadset in the Play Market for Android. This often works.

It also helps to eliminate the application responsible for the radio. Once the problem with the headset is resolved, you can reinstall it. The principle here is simple. we eliminate everything that may interfere with the correct operation of the headphones, and then we sequentially install everything again.

Special keyboard shortcut

How to turn off the headphone mode if it shows the presence of a headset even if it is not there.

The combination of “hot keys” is protected in any phone. try holding the on / off button of the device not for long, but for a couple of seconds.

Then a menu will be displayed where you can choose how the operating mode is more preferable to you at the present time. For example, “Silent” or “In flight”. both of them mute the sound and all applications associated with it.

How to remove the headphone icon on your phone

Sometimes it happens that a symbol of the presence of an active (that is, connected) headset or headphones may appear on the display of your mobile phone.

But at the same time, your headphones are disconnected, that is, you cannot take calls, and the player does NOT play the scale (when you change the volume, you will still not hear anything). At the same time, no matter how hard you try, this icon does NOT disappear anywhere.

We are talking about a fairly common bug that spoils the nerves of many. There are several reasons for this problem and a number of options for removing it. How to remove the headphone icon on your phone. we’ll tell you further.

How to get rid of the display of the headset if the phone is dropped into water

Quite often, the headphone icon cannot be removed on the phone if it has been immersed in water. Or you were caught in a shower with your phone in your and the body of the device got very wet. A small amount of moisture may have entered the case. Experts advise not to dry the phone in the sun or hot air masses using a hair dryer. This can affect the rest of the details and new problems will appear soon. The first thing to do is turn off and remove the battery if it is removable.

Remove the cover of the phone to get the battery

If the battery is connected to the back cover and cannot be opened, place the phone completely in fig. Grain perfectly absorbs moisture and after 12 hours you can try to turn on your smartphone again.

Place the phone in a bowl of rice

If the phone was completely immersed in water, for example, fell into a bucket of water, then it is better to leave it in a trot for a day or more. The SIM card and other accessories must be removed from the phone case.

The problem when it is difficult to hear, hissing and wheezing sounds in the earbuds on the phone

Often we turn on the headphones to the phone to listen to music on the subway or minibus while we get home, but the sound is very hard to hear. Instead of a melody, hoarse sounds and various interference appear. Sometimes the sound can just be very quiet, as if it comes from far away. In this case, the headphone icon is displayed.

Connected headset to mobile phone

Most often, this means that the connector does not fit well with the contacts inside the port. This could be due to dust or dirt particles inside. To fix the problem, sharpen the match and clear the port.

The connector itself is worth inspecting. It may be filled with some liquid and the contacts are not closing correctly. It should be wiped clean, as well as examining the wire to the connector. It may be damaged.

Damaged headphone connector

Restart your phone and check the sound level in your phone settings. If there is a regulator on the headset itself, it may be reduced to a minimum. This happens often while they are in s or purses.

Solving the error when the Android smartphone does not see the headphones

Many users have a problem when the phone does not see the connected headphones. And the icon at the top of the screen does NOT appear. This also happens quite often, especially with outdated phone models. Immediately you need to check the performance of your headphones. Connect them to a second phone or device. There is a 3.5 connector in every laptop or computer. If the problem is in the headset, then most likely the cable is damaged, check it.

Perhaps the headphones are NOT compatible with your mobile phone, other headphones with a 3.5 connector will help determine this. If they can be connected, then the matter is in the first device. Restart your phone and reset its settings. The method with rebooting and removing the battery must also be used.

Headphone Connect app

Headphone Connect app will help you solve problems if problems appear at the software level:

  • Install and open the application from the Play Store;
  • Connect headphones to the phone that are not recognized by the phone (the icon is not displayed)
  • When the application is running, two main blocks with text will appear on the screen. Press the second (bottom)

Select the second block in the app

  • The button below should change its color from red to green. Also on the screen you should see the “Headphones Connect” status;
  • Check your headphone connection now.
  • Check the headphone connection in your phone

    Performing a factory reset on a Xiaomi phone

    Often, phone crashes are caused by firmware or software conflicts in the mobile device. If the icon cannot be removed after unplugging the headphones, turn off the power to the phone. Then turn it on again or click on the “Restart” button, if such a function is provided. In some cases, a factory reset may help. After that, all files on the smartphone will be deleted.

      Open your phone settings;

    Open your Xiaomi phone settings
    Click on the “Advanced Settings” button;

    Click on the “Advanced Settings” button

  • Select “Accessibility”;
  • Click on “Restore and reset”;
  • Select “Recovery and reset”
    At the very bottom of the next window, click on the “Reset” button;

    Click on the “Reset Settings” button
    Confirm reset.

    Confirm factory reset

    After turning on and logging in, you will need to log in to your Google account again. If after the reset the headphone icon disappeared, then you managed to solve the problem.

    How to remove the headphone icon on your phone

    Today we will consider an unusual topic. is it possible to remove the headphone icon on the top panel of the phone screen. It happens that even when you disconnect the plugs from the connector on the smartphone, the icon does NOT disappear from the status bar at the top. Let’s try to find out the reasons for this phenomenon and eliminate them.

    • How to remove the headphone icon on the phone if it does NOT disappear in Xiaomi
    • Performing a factory reset on a Xiaomi phone
    • How to turn on the speakers if the headphone icon is not removed in Samsung
    • How to get rid of the display of the headset if the phone is dropped into water
    • Solving the error when the Android smartphone does not see the headphones
    • The problem when it is difficult to hear, hissing and wheezing sounds in the earbuds on the phone
    • -instruction
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    How to turn on the speakers if the headphone icon is not removed in Samsung

    You can download the program on Google Play at this link.

    Earphone Toggle in the Play Store

    It will help turn on or off the headset or headphones that are connected to the phone. Try to install it and disable them programmatically. After launching Earphone Toggle, click on the virtual switch.

    Press the button to switch modes

    The effectiveness of this method is indicated by the comments under the application in the market.

    Comments in the app

    If it turns out to be useless to you, try resetting your Samsung smartphone. Instructions can be found on YouTube.

    Due to the fact that this problem is quite common among Android mobile phones, there are other applications in the Play Store that can be created under your brand. Use the search to find out if such applications exist.

    How to remove the headphone icon on the phone if it does NOT disappear in Xiaomi

    Each model of mobile devices from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is equipped with the popular 3.5 mm jack. Today, it is considered the standard for connecting headsets and headphones to a telephone. When using them, it sometimes happens that after disconnecting the plug, the icon continues to be in the phone’s status bar at the top. But the most important thing is that the music is not played by external speakers.

    There are two main reasons for this problem: software and hardware.

    Headphone icon on the panel in Xiaomi

    First of all, let’s check the second reason, if you need to remove the headphone icon. To do this, carefully examine the connector of your phone for foreign bodies. dust, moisture, obvious faults. Malfunctions mean deformation of the connector or other signs of failure.

    Reach the 3.5mm port from the inside

    Try to get to the main motherboard if the phone design allows.

    It will be possible to examine the headphone port for a closer look. If you notice any deposits, malfunctions here, you will have to take the device for repair.

    In any case, try cleaning the port from the outside or inside, depending on whether you managed to get to the main board.

    Cleaning the port on the phone

    Wipe the contacts for connecting the plugs with a cotton swab, dipping it in clean gasoline. Try connecting other headphones. The following method will help determine if you need to go to a service center with a problem with the phone‘s headphones.

    Take a look. in which to show how to remove the icon of connected headphones on a mobile phone.

    Software errors

    The simplest and therefore the most common reason is a phone freeze or a prolonged glitch. This problem is solved quite simply, and in the future we will consider how to fix it. However, in addition to this, and such more serious problems as errors in the phone‘s firmware itself, as well as problems in the operation of music players, radio and other applications in which speakers are involved, are not excluded.

    mechanical damage

    This kind of problem occurs if, for example, you were caught in the rain or left the gadget in a room with a high level of humidity, and without disconnecting the headphones. After such water procedures, it may be that the phone still detects the presence of a headset when it is turned off. a common thing. Rain or condensation can easily enter the electronics and damage it.

    The second most common is dust and dirt entering the connector. Few people clean their phones at regular intervals, which affects Not only the headset jack, but also the microUSB port, speakers and microphone.

    If your phone is dropped frequently, do not be surprised that you will receive other various mechanical damages in addition to a broken screen. Despite the seemingly robust outer casing, the inner parts are just as easy to damage as the outer ones. Often, technology simply refuses to react in any way Not only to headphones and a headset, but also to other connected devices.

    common reasons

    By and large, there are only two reasons that the icon does NOT turn off. these are damage to the connector or any software glitches in the smartphone system.

    How to turn off the icon

    If there is such a problem at the top, there are several options for solving it at once.

    Special keyboard shortcut

    Often the error in the appearance of the headphone icon is justified by a program glitch. However, a simple reboot of the device is unlikely to help here. In this case, simple manipulations with the buttons of the smartphone will come to the rescue:

    • First, connect the headphones to the device and make sure it is turned on, sees the headphones and is fully functional. Unlock your screen.
    • On the headset and the phone body, the call acceptance and power buttons are clamped, respectively. After 5-6 seconds I suddenly release.
    • Now quickly unplug the headphone plug from the jack.

    In some cases, this method helps, but if the problem is in the software of any applications on the smartphone, simply pressing the buttons will not help, and you will have to use a more serious method.

    Cleaning and Drying the Headphone Jack

    Although this method seems to be the easiest, but it is with its help that half of the problems associated with mechanical damage to the smartphone are solved.

    Even if visually it seems that the inside is clean and dry, this may not be so. The smallest drops of moisture and dust penetrate deep cracks, and it is often difficult to see them in a narrow space, if not impossible, then it is quite difficult.

    For cleaning, you will need a toothpick or match and some kind of cloth that will not crumble. Do NOT use metal accessories under any circumstances, as they may damage the port pins. It is also worth refraining from cotton wool, paper, gauze and bandage, as their fibers can remain inside the gadget, and the problem will only worsen. It is better to use a small piece of knit or any other natural fabric.

    Wrap it around a toothpick and gently insert it into the slot. After a few circular movements, it can be removed. Now take the headphones and insert and remove the plug several times.

    However, if you get caught in the rain, dropped your phone into a puddle, or had a bad bath, this method will not work for you, as it will only worsen your problem. In order to eliminate further moisture penetration into the smartphone, take a hairdryer and turn it on at minimum power. Direct a stream of hot air over the connector and dry it this way for 10-15 minutes. After the end of the process, take a piece of cloth or a lint-free cloth and use a toothpick to remove the remaining large drops of water.

    Some experts also recommend removing the battery from the phone and drying it for 3-4 hours.

    And finally, it is worth noting that the new models of Flagship smartphones, which are equipped with protection against water ingress into the body, and are not subject to this kind of problems. Therefore, most likely, you will have to look for the cause of the problem in the software of the device.

    Data reset

    Clearing data. an operation performed in the software part of the device.

    For reliability, it is worth clearing the cache of all applications using speakers or headphones:

    • Go to the “Settings” menu (usually represented by a gear icon) and find the “Applications” item.
    • Select applications that use the headset from the list. Usually this is “Music”, “Radio”, various games and so on.
    • Click on one of them.
    • In the application window that opens, click the “Clear cache” button.

    Please note that cleaning will delete all data about the user, device, accounts within the application. Do the same with other apps.

    How to remove the headphone icon from the phone screen?

    • common reasons
    • Diagnostics
    • How to turn off the icon
    • recommendation

    Smartphones are undoubtedly the marvel of modern technology. They replace dozens of gadgets for us every day, be it a clock, a music player, or even a personal computer. However, even in such a high-tech tool, there are sometimes problems with operating programs. The appearance of the headphone icon when the latter are not connected is one of them. What to do if the annoying icon is constantly on? Fortunately, it’s easy to figure this out on your own.

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    Before embarking on a solution to the problem, you need to find out the reason for its occurrence. To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps:

    How to remove a circle from the screen of Honor or Huawei

    So, in order to remove the white circle from the screen of Honor or Huawei, you need to disable this function in the settings of the smartphone itself. In order not to be mistaken with the section, use the Step-by-step instructions presented just below:

    • Opening the settings.
    • Go to the “System” section.

    Go to the “System” section

    • We go in the subcategory “System navigation”.

    We go in the subcategory “System navigation”

    • Click on the item “Navigation button”.

    Click on the item “Navigation button”

    • Move the slider to the left near the timeline “Navigation button “. After performing this action, the indicator should change its color from blue to gray.

    Move the slider to the left near the timeline “Navigation button “

    As you can see, it will clear the screen of the foreign mug quite easily. Even the most novice users of the Android operating system should not have difficulty following the detailed guide.

    What is the circle on the phone screen for??

    Most often, such a navigation system as an interactive circle is used by manufacturers Honor and Huawei. However, it is excluded that such technology has already been implemented in their flagships by Little-known Chinese companies. The multifunctional button combines several tools at once. This is the ability to open the menu, as well as go back or to the main screen. Each movement is carried out by pressing differently in duration:

    • Return to the previous section of the program or settings occurs through a short quick press.
    • To go to the desktop, you need to hold your finger on the mug for 1-2 seconds.
    • To view the currently running applications, just click on the interactive circle and slide it to the side.

    If desired, the principle of navigation control can be changed by using the special settings section. However, we will consider this procedure, since most users want to remove the hated circle from the screen.

    How to remove a circle when you tap the screen

    Some users confuse the navigation button with a circle that appears when you tap the screen. These are actually two completely different things, so you need to do other things to turn off touch display. So, for clarity, detailed instructions were drawn up:

    • Go to settings
    • Go to the section “About phone” or “Information about the device”.
    • We find the term “Build number” or “Firmware version” and click on it several times. This action should result in unlocking the “For Developers” section.

    Opening the section “For developers”

    • Now we return to the initial settings page and open the “Advanced settings” menu.
    • Go to the subcategory “For developers”.
    • Next to the “Display touches” timeline, move the slider to an inactive position.

    Next to the “Display touches” timeline, move the slider to an inactive position

    After following the steps in the instructions, the touch display function will be disabled. This means that when you click on the screen, no circle will appear.

    How to remove the circle on the phone on the screen. instructions

    Today, almost all new phone models are equipped with large and high-quality displays. At the same time, the overall size of the device practically does not change due to the reduction of the frames around the screen. Agree that it is quite difficult to control such smartphones, especially when it comes to a woman’s hand. Developers are trying to introduce new navigation tools, one of which is the multi-functional circle on the display. Let’s figure out what it is for, and also consider how to remove it from the device screen.

    Our article has come to its logical conclusion, which means that we have considered all the options to remove the circle from the smartphone screen. We carefully follow the instructions of the instructions and no problems will arise. And if you still have questions, then write them in the comments.

    Common causes of malfunction

    • One of the most famous and common reasons is stroke. It may cause a malfunction, which affects the further operation of the mobile device.
    • Moisture. This can be accumulated condensation from temperature differences when the device gets into a warm room from frost, as well as liquid spilled on a mobile.
    • Mechanical contamination of the connector socket, which appears during its normal operation.
    • Inaccurate removal of the headset from the connector. This can “confuse” the phone and make it “think” that the headphones are still inside and connected to it.

    If you want to try to solve the problem yourself, then you should immediately turn off the smartphone, disassemble it by removing the battery, and let it dry in a warm place for about a day. If this method did NOT work, then you should definitely return the device for repair.


    Often the cause of the malfunction is quite obvious to the user, but there are several actions that can be performed to more accurately diagnose:

    • If the icon appears due to inaccurate extraction, the user may NOT immediately notice the problem. However, he will be able to exclude other options for the error due to the fact that this is the only option in which the headphones were physically in the device at the time of its occurrence.
    • Moisture. If small condensation has accumulated on the device itself, then it is rather difficult to determine. A sign of such a problem can be a transition from a frosty temperature to a very warm room. At the same time, most devices tolerate such drops normally, but there are exceptions, whose malfunction is manifested through the headphone icon.
    • Pollution. It may not be obvious to the user. over, if it is available, the headset can be effectively used for its intended purpose, but if a similar problem appears, then it can be completely solved by simple manipulations.
    • Sloppy extraction. The “symptoms” of this problem are similar to those of contamination. In both cases, the definition of the problem occurs in the process of solving it.

    What to do if the phone shows headphones

    Do you see a headphone icon at the top? You are not alone, people encounter such a “glitch” quite often. This is not only an unpleasant fact, which shows a temporary system malfunction, but also a very real reason for the further “freezing” of the device. That is why users of mobile devices are trying to quickly solve the problem.

    How to remove a burning icon from the smartphone screen

    There are several simple steps to take to solve the problem.

    • Reboot. This solves the problem 80% of the time.
    • Visual inspection of the entry socket. Even if contamination is not detected, it is worth “blowing” this nest and trying to gently “knock out” dust particles from it. After that a reboot is also recommended.
    • Take out the battery and let it dry. This option should be tried last. If the device has not been flooded, but there is a suspicion of the formation of condensation, then it is enough to remove the battery and let it dry for 3-4 hours.

    As you can see, there can be many reasons for failures. The main thing is to find the reason why this is happening and make the correct connection.

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