How to remove iCloud from iPad

How to find out who logged in to Apple ID?

Go to [your name] Settings and scroll down. Select the name of any device to view information such as model, serial number, operating system version, whether the device is trusted, and can be used to obtain Apple ID verification codes.

How to remove iCloud on iPhone 6?

Enter your Apple ID password and click Turn Off. If you’re using iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to iCloud’s Settings Sign Out. Click the “Sign out” button again, click “Remove from [device]” and enter your Apple ID password.

How to turn off Safari sync between iPhone and iPad?

  • 1) Open Settings and select your Apple ID at the top of the page.
  • 2) Select iCloud.
  • 3) In the Applications Using iCloud section, turn off the switch next to Safari.
  • 4) A window will appear where you need to decide what to do with previously synchronized objects.

How to turn off photo syncing on iPhone?

Disable sync for all photos

Click a device to select it. If prompted, confirm that you trust your device. Click on the “Photos” tab under the device information. Uncheck the Sync box, then click the Delete Photo button.

Factory Reset iCloud Locked iPad And Remove iCloud Account iPhone iOS 6,7,8,9,10,11,12

How to unlink iPhone and iPad?

Launch iTunes, select “Edit” (on PC) or iTunes (on Mac) in the top menu of the program and select “Preferences” from the drop-down menu. Click on the Devices tab and check the box next to “Prevent automatic syncing of iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices” to prevent this from happening. Click “OK”.

How to Erase All Data from iPhone or iPad Remotely

Apple services allow you to remotely interact with devices, if you know the Apple ID. If you want to erase all data from your iPhone or iPad, you can do it via iCloud as follows:

  • You must make sure that the “Find iPhone” (“Find iPad”) function is enabled on the device;
  • Next, you should go to the website and enter the data from the Apple ID;
  • After that, in the list of available options, you need to select “Find iPhone”;
  • After confirmation, the process of formatting the iPhone will start.
  • Likewise, you can delete all information from the device, even if it is disabled. The signal will be sent via iCloud, and it will be triggered the moment the iPhone or iPad turns on and connects to the Internet.

    How to erase all data from iPhone or iPad

    Apple devices are in good demand in the aftermarket. Apple Corporation has been supporting iPhone, iPad, MacBook and its other products at the software level for several years, which makes it attractive to purchase a device that was previously in use. With careful use, Apple devices externally and internally may not undergo changes over the years of active use. Before you sell an iPhone or iPad, you need to completely clear it of the accumulated information and reset the settings. Within the framework of this article, three ways will be considered on how to erase all data from an iPhone or iPad.

    Formatting iPhone via iTunes

    The best way to delete information from an iPhone or iPad is to use the iTunes app. This is due to the fact that when connected to a computer, the user has the opportunity to make a full backup of his device before cleaning it. The backup will contain all the information from the iPhone:

    • Individual settings of key applications of the system, including information about a fingerprint (Touch ID), data from medical programs, information about bank cards in Apple Pay;
    • PDF files that have been downloaded to the iBooks app on the device;
    • Apps from the App Store;
    • Videos, music and other content from the iTunes Store;
    • Information synchronized with iTunes: books, photos, videos, music and more;
    • Data saved in iCloud.

    To create a backup in iTunes, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer, synchronize and select the appropriate item in the program menu. Later, the backup can be used on another iPhone to instantly set it up for the usual work.

    remove, icloud, ipad

    When the backup is made, you can start cleaning the device from the information available on it and resetting the settings. To completely erase an iPhone, you need to:

    • Connect iPhone to iTunes and sync the device;
    • Click on the “Restore iPhone” button;

    Important: When restoring iPhone, you must not remove the wire from the device, otherwise a software failure may occur, which will lead to errors.

    Also, if you delete all data, you can reflash the iPhone to earlier versions of the software.

    How to erase everything from iPhone or iPad

    Complete cleaning of the Apple device from information is possible without connecting to a computer or remote control via iCloud. To carry out full formatting you need:

      Go to “Settings” on the device, then select “General”. “Reset”;

  • When the password is entered, the iPhone will reboot and display the company logo and a line that fills in as information is removed from the device.
  • Please note: Depending on the total memory on the device, smartphone model, firmware version and other parameters, the formatting procedure may take from several minutes to half an hour or more. It is important that the smartphone is not discharged at this moment, otherwise it will have to be restored through the DFU mode.

    How to Delete iCloud Data Directly from iPhone

    To delete various data from applications that support iCloud, just go to the desired program and select all the necessary items. As a last resort, you can delete the application itself, but even this is not able to completely remove all unnecessary information from your device. Apple’s cloud service is certainly very easy to use, but it has a habit of storing completely useless data that takes up extra space in your account.

    Now we will look at an easy way to quickly and painlessly delete this kind of data right from your iPhone. First, go to the “Settings” of the gadget and scroll down a little to the iCloud menu. Here we find the “Storage & Backups” section, which stores backups of all your devices registered with this Apple ID.

    We are waiting for a couple of seconds, and under the names of the gadgets a block “Documents and data” will appear. it is he who interests us. To get started, let’s look at working with this section using the example of the Keynote presentation viewer from the iWork office suite. The fact is that I deleted it from my smartphone a long time ago, but, as you can see, all presentations have been safely saved in iCloud. I do not argue, in a sense it is convenient, but in this case my goal is to free my “cloud” from unnecessary burden. Since these presentations are not of particular value to me, you can safely click “Edit” and delete all these documents. You can also turn a similar operation with a swipe to the right.

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    So we replenished the iCloud storage with an additional 135 megabytes of free space. In addition to office applications, some iOS games like Sprinkle are very fond of saving in the cloud. This app also hasn’t been on my iPhone for several months, but it takes a treasured place in iCloud. Of course, the size of the program’s data causes laughter, but some serious games can win back up to 100 megabytes with their saves. Delete.

    Why is this needed? It seems that such applications do not take up too much space. However, five programs with a data size of 30 megabytes each can already significantly reduce your storage capacity. Considering that most users prefer not to expand its space from the free five gigabytes, the bill is already clearly going to megabytes.

    be careful!

    Clearing iCloud information in this manner will delete it from all of your devices. In particular, after deleting documents from Pages, you can’t pick up and open them from your Mac. Therefore, choose carefully which information you can donate and which should also be kept in Dropbox for security. Just in case.

    Longreads for you

    Search engines appeared in the App Store on iOS; tags. They allow you to narrow your search to a more specific selection of applications, giving the user a more relevant result.

    It’s time to grab some good apps for sale on the App Store! In this collection, you will find an augmented reality game that was shown at Apple’s presentation, an application for night mode on any iPhone, and much more. Some apps are generally free!

    Still listening to the conversations at the Clubhouse? Now the same conversations are available directly in Telegram, and you can listen to them even in recording. So you can safely delete Clubhouse and no longer beg anyone for an invite.

    How to demolish a Jailbreak using iTunes?

    This jailbreak removal method is the easiest and safest: you just need to restore your iPhone from a backup by pressing the corresponding button in iTunes.

    It is pointless to describe the procedure here in full. there is a detailed article on our website on how to restore an iPhone from a backup.

    The advantage of this jailbreak removal method is that the user has the ability to save important information on the mobile device. However, the method also has a drawback: “traces are swept away” not thoroughly enough.

    Although the user will bring the device in unjailbreaked state for repair, experts will quickly find out that the iPhone has been subjected to a forbidden procedure. In this case, the current state of the gadget will not matter. the repair will still be refused. Therefore, if the owner of the iPhone intends to transfer his gadget to the service, it is better for him to demolish the Jailbreak in another way. through the button “Restore iPhone”.

    When iTunes prompts you to create a backup, you must refuse. select the option “Do not create a backup”.

    With this method of recovery, iTunes will independently download the current version of the operating system and install it on your mobile device. Naturally, in this case, the owner of the gadget will lose some of the data, but will receive a “clean” smartphone, without traces of jailbreak.

    Before restoring the device via iTunes with the deletion of all data, the user is advised to create a backup in iCloud in order to find important data in the “cloud” in the future. On our website, you can learn how to restore iPhone from iCloud backup.

    How to remove jailbreak from iPhone?

    Hacking an iPhone is a reversible procedure. The Apple user can remove the jailbreak and regain the right to warranty service in different ways. both through the iTunes media combine and using a special tweak from Cydia.

    IPhone and iPad users are very often frustrated with jailbreak. As a result of the “hacking”, they expect to get open gadgets, which have all the restrictions of Apple “on the side”. but in fact become the owners of “buggy” mobile devices that work extremely unstable. It is logical that they want to remove the jailbreak. if only their iPhones become comfortable and fast again.

    Another common reason for not jailbreaking is to seek warranty support from Apple. It is known that the manufacturer does not repair devices that have been “hacked”, therefore, before asking for help, the user must thoroughly cover up all traces of the “criminal” procedure. How to remove jailbreak from iPhone without leaving a trace, we will tell in this article.

    How to remove jailbreak without flashing?

    Another way to remove a jailbreak and reset your Apple device is to use the “self-destruct” tweak Cydia Eraser (formerly Cydia Impactor), developed by Cydia creator Jay Freeman. This method has a number of significant advantages:

      The gadget is not flashed. the iPhone continues to work on the same iOS version. No traces of jailbreak remain. No computer needed, Jailbreak removal is carried out directly from your mobile device.

    If you still consider yourself a pro in the field of mobile technologies, try to demolish the jailbreak via Cydia Eraser. This is done like this:

    Select the “Utilities” section.

    Find the Cydia Eraser tweak in the list of utilities and install it.

    Launch the tweak. at the bottom of the main screen you will see a button “Erase All Data, Unjailbreak Device”. Click this button.

    You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete all data on your iPhone:

    Select the “Delete All” option. After that, on the screen you will see a command line listing the operations associated with removing the jailbreak.

    You don’t need to press anything else. just wait 5-10 minutes for the process to complete!

    When Cydia Eraser does its job, the iPhone will reboot and the screen will display the same welcome message that you probably saw when you first activated the gadget.

    Activate iPhone again from scratch. You will make sure that the device is “clean” and the version of the operating system is the same as before using Cydia Eraser.

    How to remove jailbreak if iTunes can’t see your device?

    The fact that iTunes does not see the connected “jailbroken” iPhone is a consequence of the “glitchiness” mentioned at the beginning of the article. Most often, owners of old iPhone models. 4 and 4S suffer from such problems; after installing the jailbreak, the “four” may even turn into a “brick” that does not show any signs of life and is not recognized by the PC.

    There is a way to get out of such a predicament. you should act like this:

    How to Delete iCloud from any iOS device: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

    Enter your smartphone into DFU mode. Having connected the gadget to the PC, hold down “Home” and “Power” for 10 seconds, then release “Power” while continuing to hold “Home” (in more detail about what DFU-Mode is, we talked in the article “DFU-mode on iPhone 4 and 5 “).

    ITunes will display a message like this:

    Click OK, then Restore iPhone You will get an iPhone without jailbreak, but again you will lose some valuable data.

    Removing a jailbreak from an Apple device almost always results in the loss of all user data. whatever method is used. Therefore, if valuable information is stored on your iPhone, it is better to think seven times about the advisability of “jailbreaking” the file system before cutting it off once. installing a jailbreak.

    If, through imprudence, you have already jailbroken the device and are faced with the need to return the gadget to its normal, “closed” state, be sure to make a backup before proceeding with the procedure for removing the jailbreak. From the backup, you can then “get” the necessary information using one of the file managers.

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    How to uninstall an app on iPad

    If you actively use your iPad, then a large number of unnecessary applications and games have probably accumulated on it. Usually this does not create problems, but if the space in the device’s memory has run out, then in order to install new applications, you will have to delete old ones.

    Now we will look at three ways at once how you can delete an application on the iPad and thereby free up space in the device’s memory. We will also tell you why applications may not be deleted and how to fix it.

    Removing apps using settings

    Also, iOS provides the ability to uninstall applications through the iPad Settings. To do this, open the “Settings” application and go to the “iPad Storage” section.

    Note that in some cases this section of the settings may be called “Using storage and iCloud”), and in older versions of iOS (up to iOS 9) you need to go to the “Statistics” section.

    In the “iPad Storage” section, you need to wait a little while the list of installed applications is loaded. After the applications have appeared, find the one you want to remove and click on it.

    As a result, a window with information about the selected application will open in front of you. This will indicate the size of the application, as well as the amount of documents and data that are specific to that application. In order to uninstall this application, click on the “Uninstall program”.

    The function “Download the program” will also be available here. In fact, “Download a program” is the same as deleting an application, but saving the data that belongs to this application. Using the “Download Program” function, you can reinstall the application without losing user data.

    Remove apps from the iPad desktop

    The iOS operating system allows you to uninstall installed applications directly from the desktop. This method of removal is the most convenient and fastest, so in most cases it is used.

    In order to remove an application, find its icon on the desktop, press it and hold your finger on the screen until a button in the form of a cross appears next to the application icons.

    After that, click on this cross and confirm the removal of the application.

    As a result, the application you selected will be removed from the iPad. To remove crosses next to application icons, just click on the “Home” button.

    It should be noted that in some cases this method of uninstalling applications from the iPad may not work. Sometimes, when you click on the application icon, the uninstall button does not appear. If you encounter such a problem, then try one of the methods described below.

    Removing apps via iTunes

    As a last resort, applications on the iPad can be uninstalled through iTunes. To do this, you need to connect your iPad to your computer, launch iTunes and click on the device icon, which should appear in the upper left corner of the window.

    This will take you to the iPad settings in iTunes. To uninstall applications, here you need to go to the “Programs” section, the link to which is on the left side of the window.

    As a result, a window with the desktops of your iPad should appear. Here, with a double click, you need to open one of the desktops.

    Then hover over the application and click on the delete button.

    After that, the icon of the selected application will disappear from the desktop. Now it remains only to confirm the action using the “Finish” button at the bottom of the iTunes window and the application will be removed from your iPad.

    Apps are not removed

    If none of the described methods worked, then perhaps you have enabled the restriction on uninstalling applications. In order to disable this restriction, open the iPad settings and go to the “General. Restrictions” section.

    There will be a long list of different restrictions here. Find the restriction on uninstalling programs and disable it. After that, you can try again to uninstall the application.

    How to disable iCloud account without password from Mac

    Alternatively, you can delete iCloud account without password from Mac computer. Here’s how:

    Click the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your Mac. A drop-down menu will appear on the screen and click “System Preferences”.

    Check iCloud option on screen.

    Then click on the “Sign out” option located in the lower left corner of the screen.

    You can back up important data, including contacts, reminders, photos, etc. Then tap “Save a copy”.

    You need to enter your Apple ID password to remove iCloud from your Mac.

    How to Delete iCloud Account without Password with UkeySoft Unlocker

    If you forgot iCloud password or didn’t know it from the very beginning when purchasing a used iPhone, you can use this method to delete iCloud account on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch without any problem.

    UkeySoft Unlocker is just the kind of Apple ID and lock screen removal that meets your needs. It is designed to unlock the screen from iPhone and iPad and includes 4- or 6-digit passwords, Face ID and Touch ID. over, this tool can easily remove Apple ID or iCloud account without password. It is a really good iTunes and iCloud alternative that can be used specifically to bypass the screen passwords of disabled / broken / locked iPhones and iPads. Follow these steps to permanently delete your iCloud account from your device.

    • Remove Apple ID and iCloud account from any activated iPad without password;
    • Remove lock screen from damaged, disconnected, locked iPhone / iPad / iPod;
    • Unlock 4 types of passwords such as 4-digit / 6-digit passcode, Touch ID and Face ID;
    • Unlock the lock screen without a password from a used or second-hand iPhone;
    • Your iDevice will not be tracked or blocked by a previous Apple ID user;
    • A few easy steps to remove your locked screen;
    • Works for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models such as iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone SE / 6S / 6 / 5S, etc;
    • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 13;

    How to Delete iCloud Account without Password with UkeySoft Unlocker

    Launch UkeySoft Unlocker on Computer

    Launch UkeySoft Unlocker on your computer and then you will get a main interface like this. To remove an iCloud account without a password, check the box next to “Unblock Apple ID”.

    Start Unblocking Apple ID Please confirm your device model. After that, click “Run” to enter the iCloud unlocking process.

    Unlocking occurs automatically. The whole process takes only a few seconds. Please make sure the device is connected when unlocking.

    Success The unlocking process is completed soon. Now you can set a new iCloud password without any problem. Click on “Finish” to exit the unlock function.

    prompt: you need to log in before you can comment. There is no account yet. Please click here to register.

    How to remove iCloud account without password from settings

    Sometimes, you may need to delete your iCloud account for some reason, but you forgot your password. Here is another way to delete iCloud account without password using settings.

    Go to “Settings” on your iPhone and select “iCloud“.

    You may be asked for a password, you can enter any number.

    After entering a random number, tap Done. iCloud will tell you what is wrong.

    Click OK, then click Cancel. You will be taken back to the iCloud page again.

    Select the account again, then delete the content and click “Finish”.

    You should be back to the iCloud homepage without a password. At the same time, you will find that Find My Phone is disabled.

    Scroll down and click Remove.

    You have now successfully deleted your iCloud account without password.

    Forgot iCloud password? How to change / reset

    Forgot iCloud password? You can change or reset forgotten iCloud password on

    Go to your account page and select “Forgot your Apple ID or password?” reset iCloud password.

    You will be taken to a new page where you will need to enter your Apple ID or the email address associated with your account. Click Continue, then select I need to reset my password and click Continue again.

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    There are two options for resetting your iCloud password: receiving an email or answering security questions. Choose one of them and start resetting your password.

    Hot solutions. ALSO ON UkeySoft SOFTWARE

    Looking for a secret passcode to unlock any iPhone? Using passcode to unlock iPhone and iPad, you need iCloud remote unlock. This article will show you how to unlock iPhone with or without a computer.

    IPhone screen is broken or unresponsive? How to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen to access it? This article will teach you the useful method to enter password on broken iPhone screen, you can also learn how to unlock broken iPhone and iPad screen.

    Can’t enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen? Try the solutions mentioned in the article to enter passcode on iPhone with broken screen and you can also use iPhone unlock tool to unlock broken iPhone screen without passcode.

    How to remove passcode from disabled iPhone? How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your passcode? This article will show you how to remove password from locked iPhone / iPad using iTunes, iCloud or UkeySoft iPhone Unlocker.

    Board Notifications

    Pop-up windows or informational messages from applications and games also significantly affect system performance in previous iPad 2, mini models. To resolve this issue, you should turn off notifications for all applications or for those that are not important. To do this, go to “Settings”. “Notifications”.

    Reboot the OS

    After you’ve cleaned your iPad, it needs to be restarted. Restarting the device will refresh its memory and start working from scratch.

    Hold the ON / OFF button of the device until a window appears prompting you to turn off the device. Then, press and hold the button again to turn on the tablet.

    Spotlight tip

    The performance gain can be felt after disabling the standard search for a smartphone or tablet. Spotlight is a pretty handy feature if you want to find something very quickly on your iPad. To disable search, go to “Settings”. “General”. Spotlight.

    Disable updates

    Now that you’ve cleared out the trash, your iPad should already run much faster, but if you are using previous versions of tablets, the question of “How to speed up iPad 2” remains relevant.

    In order to achieve the most significant performance gain, you should disable application updates in the settings. Start by turning off app and game updates in the background. Go to “Settings”. “General”. “Off. Background update of applications and games “or” Settings “. “ITunes Store, Appstore” and switch the curtain from active to passive.

    Removing trash advice

    The first trick is to leave in the device memory only those applications that you use all the time. Delete applications and games that you installed at one time and completely forgot about them.

    It’s important to know! Please note that we are talking exclusively about deleting applications and games from the device, and not about closing them (unloading from memory) with a swipe from the multitasking panel. In this case, unloading the application from memory will not have any effect on the device’s performance. The theory that closing multiple apps will free up memory and speed up your iPad or iPhone is a myth. Users who understand how multitasking works are well aware of how iOS manages memory.

    But, deleting applications and games forever from the device’s memory will significantly speed up the work, for example, of the iPad 2.

    On the other hand, if you want to uninstall multiple apps, there is the easiest way. Go to “Settings”. “General”. ICloud. Go to the “Manage backups” section and delete the content of all applications and games that take up a lot of space. For example, podcasts or movies are one of the main reasons for the slow performance of previous generations of iPads.

    Tip Location

    The device’s location function works in the background from the start of the iOS download. This has a big impact on battery life and iPad performance. But, if you disable this function, you will lose the ability to take snapshots of location-referenced photos, it will be impossible to use the navigator and other resources that require the enabled GPS on the device for high-quality and reliable operation. To turn off automatic location, go to Settings. “Confidentiality”. Geolocation Services. Move the slider to inactive state.

    OS Update

    Keep in mind: updating the iOS operating system to a newer one can be a “pig in a poke”, because from the point of view of performance, it may increase or remain unchanged. Developers add and introduce new functions that can actually slow down the device significantly, but, as a rule, Apple does not leave such errors in the code for a long time and fixes them rather quickly. Anyway, if your iPad is slow despite the steps in the previous tips. it is worth trying to upgrade your device to a newer operating system.

    Go to the “Settings” section. “General”. “Software update”. Check the availability of new firmware versions.

    Removing a working Apple ID

    From the moment I created my Apple ID, I have not had any thoughts to delete it or create a new one. But since the people demand, it was decided to write this article and share their knowledge in this area.

    Apple ID password recovery

    Removal through contacting the tech. support

    This method is the only one that permanently deletes Apple ID, i.e. in the future you will not be able to restore it using the same e-mail. The other three methods only suspend the action, and do not delete the account, although in general the result is almost the same, nevertheless it is up to you to decide which one is best for your particular case.

    So! What steps need to be taken to permanently and irrevocably remove? Let’s follow it below:

    • In order to remove Apple ID, go to the official website in Support;
    • In the form that opens, fill in the fields (“required”. required). We write the request in English. If knowledge of the language does not allow you to write a letter yourself, we create an appeal with the help of any online translator. Text created in this way, as a rule, is not a reason for refusal.
    • in the line “Email address”. be sure to indicate the email from which the Apple ID was created.
    • in the line “Subject”. we write about the desire to delete the account.
    • in the line “Comment”. indicate the reasons for deletion.
    • We send a message by clicking “Submit Suggestion”.

    After a certain time (from a week to a month), a letter from the technical support service will be sent to the mail. It will contain a link confirming the deletion of the account. You need to go to it and delete your account without the ability to create a new one using your old mail.

    Disable or limit in-app purchases on iPhone

    Remove Apple ID directly from your device

    This method allows you to quickly remove Apple ID from any device (for example, iPhone) and use a new one.

    • Go to the home screen in “Settings”;
    • Select “iTunes Store, App Store” in the settings;
    • In this control panel, click the “Apple ID:”
    • After a sign with four inscriptions pops up on the screen:
    • View Apple ID (View)
    • Sign out
    • iForgot (iForgot)
    • Cancel
    • Choose “Exit”.

    When we re-enter the same menu, we will see that the current Apple ID has been deleted, and we were able to enter another, or create a new one. I hope I was able to tell you about something new and useful! Good luck!

    Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

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