How to remove parental controls on a Samsung phone

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Disable parental controls on a parent’s smartphone

  • Go to the “Kaspersky Safe Kids” application and log in using your username and password.
  • Select the parent as a user, click on the “Browse” button in the upper left of the screen and select the child profile over which you want to disable control.
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  • We go to the settings of the item “Using devices”, select the desired smartphone model and in the line “Control device” change the position of the slider.

In order for the changes to take effect, you need to restart the child’s smartphone and connect it to the Internet.

Family link

The official Google app for monitoring a child’s phone can only be deactivated from the parent’s smartphone by deleting the account.

  • Open the application “Family Link (for parents)” and go to your account.
  • On the main page, go to the menu, and in the “Family group” block, select the child’s profile.
  • Now click on the icon with three dots and select the item “Account Information”.
  • In the section that opens, we find the item “Delete account”.
  • We get acquainted with the list of consequences of account deactivation, put a checkmark in front of the items at the end of the page, and click “Delete account”.

After completing all the actions, the child’s smartphone will automatically log out of the Google account with the cancellation of all parental restrictions.

Kids place

In order to disable parental controls from the Kids Place application, you need to:

  • Open the application and log into your account using the previously entered password.
  • Press the “Exit” button in the main menu and re-enter the password.

If the password has been forgotten, either a full reset of the smartphone’s settings or uninstalling the program via a computer will help.

How to remove parental controls on Android

The parental control installed on the smartphone can be removed in several ways: through the Google Play settings and in the application that installed the control. As a last resort, you can use a factory reset, but it will entail the deletion of other phone data.

Parental Control allows parents to monitor how their child is using their smartphone and, at their discretion, block applications and websites that contain content harmful to minors. How to enable it, read. here.

However, in some cases, you may need to restore unrestricted access to phone functions and deactivate parental controls. In this article, we’ll look at ways to turn off Child Safe Mode.

In most cases, parental controls are disabled in the same apps in which they were installed.

Disable in Google Play settings

  • Open the Google Play Store, and in the menu go to the “Settings” page.
  • Click on the item “Parental Control” in the “Personal” section.
  • To deactivate the mode, click on the active slider and enter the security PIN-code assigned when the function is turned on.
  • Go to the “Settings” phone.
  • Select the tab “Applications”. “All applications”.
  • Find the Google Play Store in the list.
  • Click on the “Clear data” button.

Disabling parental controls on a child’s smartphone

  • Go to the system “Settings”. “Personal data”. “Security”.
  • Click on the item “Device Administrators” in the “Administration” section.
  • In the list that opens, uncheck the box next to “Kaspersky Safe Kids”. After that, the program window will appear on the screen, in which you need to enter the password for the account and log in.
  • Go to the settings section again. click on “Kaspersky Safe Kids”, select “Disable” and confirm your actions. confirm deactivation of the application as one of the device administrators.

You can now completely remove the app from your device. For this:

  • Go to “Settings”. “Applications”.
  • In the presented list, we find “Kaspersky Safe Kids” and remove the program from the phone.

Kids Safe Browser

Kids Safe Browser is a web browser with parental controls enabled by default. You can disable it as follows:

  • Open the browser, go to the menu on the top panel and go to “Settings”. “Parental Control”.
  • Log in to the program and go to the list of main parameters.
  • Uncheck the boxes next to the marked items.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is one of the best programs that allows you to activate parental control over your child’s smartphone and customize it as you wish. You can disable its action both on the child’s phone and on the parent’s phone.


If we talk about Huawei phones, then, as in the previous cases, a separate restrictive function is installed on them. It has the name “Children’s Corner”. Deactivation is also done through the phone settings.

How to turn off parental controls on your phone

How do I remove parental controls on an Android phone? First of all, it should be borne in mind that different manufacturers may have a separate limiting function installed on their models. Accordingly, the option how to disable control on Samsung will differ from Xiaomi or any other company.

Disabling is most often done through the settings


Most smartphones from Samsung have a built-in system of restrictions. On the devices themselves, this function is referred to as “Kid Mode”. It turns off according to the following scheme:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the phone, open the section “Children’s mode”. If you wish, you can use a voice assistant, which will significantly speed up the process.
  • Going to the specified section, you just need to select the “Delete” function and that’s it, you can forget about control.

Important! In addition to the built-in control, separate restrictions can be set on one device, for example, on YouTube. Accordingly, this is removed separately.

How to remove parental controls in apps

How do I remove parental controls from an Android phone if the restriction is set on a specific app? In this case, there will be a lot of options. Which one should be used depends on what exactly the lock was established through.

How to remove parental controls on an Android phone

The problem of the modern world is that children have begun to spend a lot of time on gadgets and the Internet. To reduce the harmful influence, you can use a special system called parental control. It can be turned on in a variety of ways, but how to turn it off is discussed below.

Family link

You can reset parental control in “Last Name Link” as follows:

  • Open the application itself and go to your personal account.
  • Open the “Family group” block by selecting the profile on which the restriction is enabled.
  • Click on the icon in the form of 3 dots and open information about a specific user.
  • Find the function “Delete account” at the bottom.
  • Confirm the action by ticking the appropriate boxes.

How to remove control in third-party programs

There are a number of specialized programs that help parents limit the child’s access to dubious materials and simply reduce the time of interaction with a mobile phone or tablet.

Among them, the most popular are Kaspersky Safe Kids and Family Link. In more detail, how to remove the restriction from these two programs is discussed below.

How to remove parental controls on your phone in the Google Play Store

You may need to disable parental controls on your phone, for example, if your child has reached the age of majority, or you have found convenient software in the market and do not need the parameters of the smartphone directly. The option connects to Android devices in order to provide limited or denied access to the inappropriate content of Internet resources.

How to turn off parental controls on your phone

Settings and disabling features are similar across Android models. For information on how to turn off parental controls on a specific phone model, see the description.

On Family Link

Parental control with Family Link can be turned off from the main or control unit. To do this, in the “Account Management” settings, you need to follow the instructions correctly so that there is no accidental blocking of the phone:

  • Two smartphones must be online.
  • Open Family Link on your gadget.
  • On the young user’s smartphone, go to the account settings.
  • Deactivate the function at the bottom of the screen.
  • A notification about the cancellation of restrictions will be sent to the child’s email inbox.
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Then you can uninstall the utility from the child’s phone.

How to remove parental controls from an Android phone

To determine how to remove parental controls on the phone, you need to figure out which service it is connected to. Android mobile devices provide the ability to add accounts with limited viewing or use of selected programs. You will be able to set a ban with a protective password for applications to which you need to block access for a young user.

  • To use an account without any set restrictions on content, enter the security pin on the main screen of your smartphone.
  • In the device settings, go to the “Users” subsection, then to an account with set restrictions.
  • Select the software for which you want to open access to the account with the set restrictions.

On Google Play Store

Remove the limit on purchases in Google Market using a passcode on your Android gadget:

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Swipe from left to right to bring up the market menu and go to its settings.
  • Find the configuration “Use PIN-code for purchases”, may have different names, and deactivate it. The application will ask you to pre-enter a security pin.

Disable Google Market content restrictions on your Android mobile device:

  • Go to the Google Play app market.
  • Go to “Settings” and find “Content Filtering”.
  • Enter pin.
  • Check all to unblock.

On Honor

To deactivate parental controls, go to options and then select the Digital Balance section. Turn off “Access time management” after entering the security password.

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On Samsung

In Samsung smartphones, parental control is performed by the Child Mode option. To turn it on, you need to swipe the screen from top to bottom and activate it using the drop-down menu. To turn off Kid Mode on Samsung smartphones, follow these steps:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Search for “Children’s Mode” and go to the program.
  • Select the “Delete” option and enter the security pin.

If the pin is lost, do the same in safe mode. To enter it, turn off your smartphone and, when turned on, hold the volume down button.

To boot your phone normally, restart your smartphone.

If you forgot your password

To unblock Google Market without entering a PIN, clear your data. The method will allow you to cancel the code and cancel the previously selected locks:

  • Open the settings for your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select “Applications”.
  • Go to Google Play from the list of suggested utilities.
  • Click on the “Erase data” button.

Removing the time limit

To temporarily restrict blocking, use administrator access. With their help, you can temporarily remove restrictions without completely deleting the profile. For this:


  • Log in to the system using an administrator account. Open “Control Panel”.
  • Go to the Accounts & Family Safety section. In the “Parental Control” item, select the “Control” line and move the lever next to it to the inactive state.

You can return control back by moving the switch to the active position.

Hard reset

This is the most radical way to disable parental lock at any scale.

It is recommended that you back up the information on your phone before resetting data, as resetting will completely erase all data and user settings.

Follow these instructions to reset the settings.

  • Turn off your phone, then hold down the power and volume up or down button (depending on your phone model). Hold the buttons until the Android operating system emblem appears on the screen.
  • After loading, you will see the engineering settings menu. In this mode, the sensor does not work, so switching between elements is played using the volume buttons, and you can select the desired item with the power button.
  • Find the item “Wipe data / factory reset”.

The system will offer the option to confirm the deletion of all data or reset the operation. Click on the line “Yes. delete all user data”.

The system will start deleting data. The screen will briefly go out, after which the main page of the engineering menu will appear on it.

Now you need to start the reset process. To do this, select the section “Reboot system now”.

After completing the process, you will receive a phone with factory settings. You will need to set all the necessary parameters manually. Use a previously saved backup to restore files.

Also, the recovery process can be launched directly from the operating system settings. For this:

  • Open your phone options.
  • Find the section “Restore and reset”. often it is located in additional or advanced settings.
  • Tap on the “Reset settings” item at the very bottom of the page
  • Confirm the reset by clicking on the corresponding button.

How to remove parental controls on a Samsung phone

Restrictions set by administrators (parent) on software in the Android operating system activates the locking of partitions and device options at the user’s choice. This allows you to safely give your smartphone to the smallest users, or even purchase their own. But if you don’t need to limit the resources used on your smartphone, we’ll show you how to turn off parental controls on your Samsung phone.

Google play

Google Play is a standard application for downloading and updating software versions. Among the service settings there is an option with which to control this process is removed. It is used to filter search results and hide attachments containing content 18.

To deactivate the option, open the app, then its options.

In the list of parameters, find the “Personal” block. Find the line “Parental Controls” in it. Move the switch on this line to inactive state. The system will require entering the password that was set upon activation.

If you cannot remember the pin code, open the utility options and use the reset option. This will remove all custom settings, including the child lock.

How to turn off parental controls on Android

Blocking content that is not desirable for users under the age of 18 is enabled in several ways. It can be deactivated using the same tools. Each tool is protected against shutdown so that little ones can accidentally or intentionally remove control. Therefore, when connecting, you should immediately write down all the passwords you set. without them, you will not be able to remove the option. Next, let’s take a look at all the ways to disable parental controls on Android Samsung.

Kids Safe Browser

Kids Safe Browser is a mobile browser with the ability to control actions and the content viewed in it. If you previously installed control with it, to remove it, repeat the following.

  • Open the application, find the options button on the top panel. Expand the options in the menu. Then select the “Parental Controls” section.
  • Log in to Kids Safe Browser using your Google account details. If you have not previously logged in with this data, the system will not ask you to enter a password.
  • The system will redirect you to the page with the main protection parameters. Uncheck the necessary parameters in front of the necessary parameters, then save the changes.

If you no longer need the program, uninstall it using the application manager.

Family link

This application helps to monitor your child’s phone. It can only be controlled from the administrator’s smartphone. To disable the service, you must delete the parent profile. To do this, repeat the following.

Open the Family Link utility on your smartphone, find the menu icon at the top of the start page. In the menu, select the family block, in the list of profiles, select the required.

On the next page, tap the menu button, scroll down the page to the line “Account Information”.

The window that opens, scroll down to the inscription “Delete account”.

Select deletion and read the system message about the consequences of deleting your account. Confirm the action by checking the boxes in front of the three consent points. the account will be immediately deleted.

After the process is completed, the Google profile is deactivated on the controlled smartphone.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

The Kaspersky Safe Kids utility is one of the most common options for configuring and regulating content control on a phone using another device. The program is configured on both devices. child and parent. We will analyze step by step the process of setting up and disabling.

To turn off the lock directly on the child’s smartphone, repeat the following:

Open the settings on the child’s smartphone, find the “Personal data” section, expand the “Security” item in it. In the list that appears, select the “Administration” line and hold it down. In the context menu, click “Device Administrators”.

In the list of devices that appears, select “Kaspersky Safe Kids” and uncheck the checkpoint opposite the name. In this case, a system request for entering a pin code from the account that controls the blocker will appear on the screen.

After entering the password, press the login button. Then go back to settings.

Highlight the line with the name of the application again and press the deactivation button. Confirm the disconnection via administrative access to the device. This action will cancel the protection of the program from deletion.

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Return to the device settings, select the “Device” section, tap on the “Applications” line and find “Kaspersky Safe Kids” in the list of programs.

In the application card, press the erase key.

The program will be erased from the phone’s memory, and the restrictions set with its help will also be removed.

Also, the program can be limited or removed from the parent smartphone.

To do this, you need to open the program on your smartphone and log in to it.

Open the home page of the program and select “Browse”. Select the profile you want to stop monitoring.

At the bottom of the screen, find the menu bar, open the first tab and look for a block called “use devices”. Click on options (gear icon).

Open the list of devices and select the monitored smartphone. Next to the device control line, move the slider to inactive state. Be sure to reboot the device to permanently remove control.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

The popular service from Kaspersky Lab performs well the function of control over children’s devices, which is adopted by many families. You can remove parental control from the phone provided by this program from the parental device and the gadget for the child.

You can exit the control state by performing the following operations:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the smartphone, then to the “Security” section. Click on “Device Administrators”.
  • Select “Kaspersky Safe Kids” to deactivate the checkmark. After that, the main program will open with a field for entering the password of the linked profile “My Kaspersky”.
  • Click “Login” after specifying the password, wait for authorization and go back to the “Administration” section.
  • Click on “Kaspersky Safe Kids” again, click “Disable” and again “OK”.
  • Then go back to “Settings”, go to “Applications”, find “Kaspersky Safe Kids” and click on it.
  • Click the “Delete” button and confirm your action.
  • Done! The parental controls were removed successfully. Now the program is not in the list of applications and in the “Device Administrators” section.

Unlike the monitored phone, here it is not necessary to delete the application after deactivating the option:

  • On an adult’s device, log in to the application using the My Kaspersky account. Indicate that you are the “Parent”.
  • On the main page, select a child profile with which you will need to work. this is done in the upper left menu “Overview”.
  • Go down and in front of the “Device Usage” block click on the gear icon.
  • Select the device you want to release from the control option and deactivate the slider.

For the change to take effect on the controlled gadget, it must be connected to the Internet.

Play Market

The Play Store platform for games and software on Android allows you to remove control using the previously set password:

  • Open the “Play Market” on your phone, and from the top left, click on the menu button, depicted in the form of “three stripes”.
  • Deactivate the function using the previously set PIN.

You cannot bypass the option even by pulling up a new account and switching to it in the application.

If you forget your PIN, you can try to stop, disable and uninstall updates to the “Play Marke” t application, and then restore the current version. There is a chance that the “default” parameters will be restored and the option blocking full use will be disabled.

Removing the time limit

In various shells of the Android operating system, there is a “access time” function that limits the use of the application by time. For example, you can limit the daily limit on games to two hours.

You can unlock the function in the phone settings:

  • Set the “Access time control” slider to the “Off” position.
  • Enter your PIN to cancel this feature.
  • If you forget your PIN, you can enter the answer to the question asked during setup. For example, “Who was your childhood idol”?

How to remove parental controls from your phone: parsing the Hamster

The “parental control” function is necessary in order to protect the child from adult content when using gadgets, a smartphone or a computer. Also, the function allows you to monitor the child’s actions, set a time limit for games, can tell where the child’s device is at a given time, and much more. If the services of this option are no longer needed, it can be deactivated by returning full access to the phone.

Kids Safe Browser

Parents often choose Kids Safe Browser as a browser for safe Internet surfing. You can turn off the “family care” option on it like this:

  • In the settings, click the first item “Parental Control” and log in to the account of this browser.
  • Remove the birds from those items that need to be deactivated. It’s all.
  • If you do not need the application, you can uninstall it through the “Application Manager”.

Hard reset

Resetting data through the “Recovery” menu can be viewed as an alternative to disabling parental controls for any application. The disadvantage of this method is that all data from the phone is deleted. Its operating system becomes practically the same as it was when it was first turned on.

The second disadvantage is Google’s protection against theft, which requires, after “Wipe Data”, to enter the login and password from the Google profile that was tied to the phone. If the child’s profile from “Family Link” was linked, then you can return to the state of parental control again. It will not be possible to hack in this way, with this Google has thought out everything to the smallest detail.

Android parental controls

How to disable parental controls on smartphones and tablets of the Android operating system? The whole point of parental control as an option is that it is offered by various companies using their software.

Minimum functions may be present in some programs (for example, a password for downloading applications and paying with cards in the Play Market) and firmware (setting a time limit for using any program).

But parental control is provided to the maximum thanks to complex systems working according to the algorithm:

  • The administrator account (which is controlled by the parent) has maximum control and monitoring of the child’s smartphone.
  • The child can use the standard functions of the phone without restrictions or with restrictions (all functionality is configured by the parent).
  • When changing the phone settings (adding new options to the system, deleting old ones, enabling or disabling functions that affect the operation of “parental control”), a ban will be indicated for the “child account”. A kind of prohibition manifests itself in the form of entering a password from the parent’s account, a warning about the impossibility of changing a parameter, or a notification with a button “ask a parent” to perform the necessary option for a child.

It turns out that in order to disable parental control on the phone, it is imperative to know the program to provide this option and at least the password for the account with administrator rights. The latter is usually at the disposal of the parent. Naturally, there are more radical methods, but they will be announced last.

Family link

A free utility from Google that allows you to build a family hierarchy using Google accounts and the “Family Link” service. You can create a child account only with reference to the parent. You CANNOT separate a child’s Google account from an adult,

As soon as a child turns 13 years old, he has the opportunity to transfer his profile to the “adult” category, shifting all responsibility for his actions “onto himself”.

If you need to disconnect “Family Link” from the device earlier, you will have to delete the child’s account, with all the data saved on it:

  • On the device of an adult, click “Menu”. “Family group” and open the profile of the controlled account.
  • In the upper right corner, click the three dots and select “Account Information”.
  • Go down to the bottom and delete your account.
  • Check out the associated losses, check the boxes that you agree with everything and want to delete the profile.
  • After that, the child’s mobile phone will automatically log out of the deleted profile.

For everything to go smoothly, leave the controlled device connected to the Internet.

Kids Safe Browser

One of the web browser options that includes parental controls by default is Kids Safe Browser. We considered it in one of the articles on the site as a means to block certain sites. As an example, we will pay attention to it because of the similar settings with alternative solutions.

    On the top panel, click the menu button and through it go to the “Settings” page. Then tap on the line “Parental Control”.

Log in with your Kids Safe Browser account. If the link has not been performed earlier, access to the section will not be password protected.

How to turn off parental control. Android (Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, etc.)

After the done actions, you will be redirected to the page with the main parameters. Uncheck the boxes next to the necessary items, and this procedure can be considered completed.

Without setting up additional protection, such a program can simply be removed through the Application Manager. This approach can also be one of the options for disabling parental controls.

Google play

    In the Google Play Store, open the menu and go to the “Settings” page.
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Change the position of the Parental Controls slider to Off. Disconnection must be confirmed with the PIN assigned when the function was enabled.

This way of disconnecting should not cause problems, since it does not require the use of a long password or other device. over, you can always reset the data about the application by resetting the settings.

Disable parental controls on Android

Parental control on the Android platform allows you to block some functions and sections of the device at its discretion, ensuring safe use of the smartphone by a child. However, under some circumstances, this feature, on the contrary, needs to be deactivated, restoring access to the phone without restrictions. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can turn off parental controls on Android.

Reset memory

The last and most radical shutdown method, which works regardless of the application used to control the device, boils down to a factory reset. This can be done through the recovery menu, available before loading the operating system. We described this procedure in detail in a separate instruction on the website.

An important feature of the method is the complete removal of all installed updates and applications on the smartphone, which is why it should be used only as a last resort.

Family link

You can only deactivate the standard Google tool for monitoring a child’s phone from the parent’s smartphone by deleting the account. To do this, respectively, you need the Family Link app (for parents) and an account added to your device.

    From the list of installed applications, open Family Link (for parents), on the main page, click on the menu icon in the upper left corner and in the “Family group” block, select the desired profile.

On the next screen, click on the icon with three dots in the uppermost corner and use the item “Account Information”. In some cases, for the appearance of the button, you must release the page to the bottom.

At the bottom of the section that opens, find and tap on the “Delete account” line. Be sure to read the list of consequences, as after confirmation the child’s account will be deactivated.

Confirm by checking the boxes next to the three items and clicking on the “Delete account” link. This completes the procedure.

After completing the described steps, the child’s smartphone will automatically be logged out of the Google account, along with the cancellation of any established restrictions. In this case, deactivation is possible only with an active Internet connection.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is one of the most popular options that allows you to set up parental controls on your phone from another device or through your personal account on the official website. It is in connection with the high popularity that we will pay attention to this program using the example of both the child’s smartphone and the parent’s device.

    Go to the system “Settings”, find the block “Personal data” and open “Security”. On this page, in turn, click on the “Device Administrators” line in the “Administration” section.

Among the available options, tap on the “Kaspersky Safe Kids” block to uncheck the checkbox. If the application is working properly, the main program window will open with a request to enter the password for the linked account.

After specifying the password and clicking the “Login” button, wait until the login procedure is completed. After that, you can close the application and return to the previous section with settings.

After tapping the “Kaspersky Safe Kids” line again, click the “Disable” button and confirm the deactivation of the application as one of the device administrators. This will deactivate the application’s protection against deletion.

Go to “Settings” again, in the “Device” block, click on the “Applications” line and find “Kaspersky Safe Kids” in the list provided.

On the main page of the application, click the “Delete” button and confirm this procedure through the pop-up window.

Immediately after that, the program will be deactivated and removed from the smartphone. However, it will disappear from the Device Administrators list, and any restrictions that have been set will be canceled.

    In addition to the child’s phone, you can deactivate the program from your Android assigned as a parent. To do this, first of all, open the application and authorize using the appropriate username and password.

Having moved to the start page of the program, through the “Browse” menu, select the child profile for which you want to disable parental control.

Now, using the panel at the bottom of the screen, go to the first tab and on the page find the “Device Usage” block. Here click on the gear icon.

At the next stage, select the model of the required smartphone from the list of devices and change the position of the slider in the “Control device” line. For the changes to take effect, be sure to restart the child’s phone and connect to the Internet.

The described actions will be enough to deactivate parental controls. At the same time, keep in mind that you can not only disable the application, but also simply change the set settings.

Disable parental controls on Android

Today, parental control on the platform in question can be installed in several ways, which we described in a separate article. Each of the options is more or less protected from deactivation, thereby providing a high level of security. Due to this feature, you need to prepare in advance the passwords used when setting up parental controls.

We talked about disabling parental control using the example of all applications that are relevant today. If for some reason you cannot deactivate the restrictions, you can use the device reset to the factory state. In addition, you can always connect your smartphone to a PC and uninstall an unnecessary program.

Parental Controls on the Phone: How to Set and Disable

Phone parental controls are something every parent should use. After all, now almost every child has smartphones, and they can go online from almost anywhere.

It is definitely not worth putting children in danger that may meet them online. Incomprehensible groups with various appeals, sites with an adult m, social. networks with faces of not very good intentions. It is better to protect them from all this.

The previous article was about parental control on Windows 10, 7 and 8, today you will learn how to implement this function on the phones of your children.

Interesting! Until the child reaches the age of thirteen, it is recommended to give him a simple push-button telephone. So you will protect him from the Internet and there will be less chance that he will simply break such a device. But he will always be in touch.

Google Family Link

Address: App Store and Google Play
Support: IOS and Android

An app from Google itself provides many options for controlling your kids through their smartphones. Distributed absolutely free of charge and in Russian.

  • Track actions
  • Usage time
  • What programs and games were opened
  • Manage the installed software and install the newest one
  • Set restrictions on the time of use of the device and software
  • Block the device completely
  • Locate the device


Address: App Store and Google Play
Support: Windows, Mac OS, IOS and Android

Kidslox in Russian and not with bad functionality. Everyone praises it in every possible way, but the price for use for someone may seem high.

Also allows you to limit the time spent at the device, block the necessary elements and much more.

Parental control apps for iPhone and Android

Let’s take a look at the very best apps for these mobile operating systems. There are a lot of them for IOS and Android, the article will contain the TOP of them.

Screen Time

Address: App Store and Google Play
Support: IOS and Android

An excellent option that is quite popular in Russia. Has a large number of functions and works in Russian.

  • Set limits on the operation of the entire device and its individual programs
  • Block required software on the device
  • View actions performed on the device
  • List of visited sites
  • etc.

How to turn off parental controls on your phone

You can turn off RK on the phone only if you know what password is set. It happens that applications can crash and crash, but this is a big exception.

Probably the only 100% off this function is to force reset all device settings. But is it worth it?

Where are my kids

Address: App Store and Google Play
Support: Windows, Mac OS, IOS and Android

An excellent GPS tracker to find out the location of the one who has the application installed, it works even without the Internet. Also, it allows you to find out what your children are doing on their mobile or tablet.

How much time he spends at the device, what he launches more often, what games he plays more often, allows him to make a call in loud ringer mode even if the phone is in vibration mode.

Interesting! There are many other applications in the App Store and Google Play that provide such functionality, you can easily find them yourself by simply typing them into the search there.