How to remove payment information on iPhone

Turn off ads in the YouTube mobile app?

This item is located in the “Settings”, then “Security” and the tab “Unknown sources”; As soon as you download the application to your phone, launch it and allow installation. Then, after launch, click the “Upload file” tab, and then click “Disable ads”.

How to disable ads in VK 2019 iOS?

  • Open the standard phone dialer application
  • Dial the code ### (you do not need to press the call button)
  • The debugging page of the application will open with hidden settings
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box next to “Disable ads”

How to remove ads in VK music on Android 2020?

Click on the picture with the dog or the VK logo three times, but you will not see any action. Open the Phone app immediately and dial the following code. ###. Click on the call button. The debug menu will open, where you need to find the item “Disable ads” and put a tick in front of.

How to remove the restriction in VK on iphone?

How to remove the age limit in a group

  • Go to “Community Management” (via the button with three dots.)
  • Find the “Additional Information” section
  • In this section, click “Specify age restrictions”
  • Select the “Under 16” option to remove the restriction
  • Click the “Save” button.

How to remove carrier ads on iPhone?

On the smartphone, go to the Settings Phone SIM-program, disable everything that only contains the annoying mention of advertising and spam. We go to the personal account of our operator (you can use the Internet, you can use a special mobile application) and also refuse push notifications.

How to remove payment method from your I Phone, Remove Credit / Debit card from Apple ID iPhone

How to remove YouTube ads on iPhone?

  • To hide ads in the YouTube app on iOS, download the Luna VPN app on your iPhone or iPad;
  • Enable it and add the proposed configuration to the trusted VPN list;
  • Now go to the developer’s site and download the Adblock Extension profile;

How to disable push advertisements of the operator on the iPhone mts?

To disable the service, use one of the following methods:

  • USSD request Dial 9870 # and on your device.
  • Contact Center
  • MTS communication salon or MTS commercial representative salon

How to remove ads from the feed in contact?

How to remove ads in the application for Android

  • We launch the mobile client and go to the settings.
  • We select the last item “About the program”, after which we will see brief information regarding the version and build of the application, as well as the dog’s face.
  • Now go to the dialer (dialer) and enter the code: ###
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Installing and trusting an Enterprise app manually on iPhone

When a person first opens a corporate program that was manually installed, he will receive a notification message stating that its developer is not trusted on this device, which means it may be malware. The message can be ignored, but then the program will fail to start.

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In order to turn off the notification, you need to go to the “Device Management”

How To Remove Payment Method From iPhone

There is a way out of the situation. to close the notification window and add the developer company to the list of trusted persons on this iPhone or iPad. For this:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the device.
  • Select the “General” section and the “Profiles and Device Management” subsection (on older operating systems, just “Device Management”).
  • Under the item “Enterprise application” you can see the developer’s profile.
  • It is necessary to click on the name of the developer and in the window that opens, select the parameter “Trust”. This will help establish trust in the company or studio and will allow you to download, install and launch products that have been developed by it.

Important! The developer will remain “trusted” on the device until the “Uninstall the program” is performed, which will entail the erasure of all applications of this developer.

How to get rid of the “untrustworthy corporate developer” message on iPhone

The question of how to make the application reliable on the iPhone is still pending. In order for programs from unofficial sources to be able to safely install, you need to remove the notification, that is, completely rid yourself of its appearance. There are two ways to do this:

  • uninstall a program that the operating system considers rejected;
  • add the developer to the “trusted”.
  • Turn on the phone and go to its main menu.
  • Select the item “Settings” and the section “Basic”.
  • Find the “Device Management” parameter.
  • After opening, you will immediately see a list of corporate programs that are installed on the device.
  • Select the program that needs to be added to this list and click on the “Trust (Program Name)” button.

After these steps, the developer and all his applications will become trusted, and the operating system of the iPhone or iPad will not “swear” at their installation.

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Disable the message in the smartphone configurations

What does untrustworthy enterprise developer on iPhone mean

In fact, such a message is not an error. This is a notification, and it does not in any way affect the basic functions of the operating system or its additional components. The full text of the message reads: “An untrustworthy corporate developer has not been identified as trustworthy on this iPhone. Until this developer is designated as reliable, its corporate software cannot be used. “.

Error on iOS9 “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”

In addition to programs not approved for sale and installation, the files may contain viruses and other malicious programs. This cannot be ruled out. You should never open access to photos, videos, music and other data to a program that is not installed from an official source.

In the case when the operating system blocks the installation of an application from a third-party source, but it still needs to be installed, the message will have to be removed. If the error “The developer has not been designated as reliable on this iPhone” appears, and what to do with it is described in detail in the following sections.

Adding the company to the trusted ones will help to correct the error.

It’s one thing when an app asks for a phone number to register, send notifications, and other actions. And it is completely different, when the software, without having time to install, already requires you to enter personal information about yourself or other people, and also asks for a bank card number or other confidential data.

How to mark an app as Trusted on an iPhone

Now is the time to figure out how to designate a trusted developer on iPhone. App reliability is the same as developer reliability.

The application to which you need to grant trust will be automatically highlighted in the appropriate window

If you indicate trust in the application, then the manufacturer will receive it and, as a result, all its other products that can be installed and used on this iPhone or iPad gadget. This assumes that adding a program to the trusted list is the same action as confirming the reliability of a software provider.

Therefore, the method described above will do. If the user is faced with a similar notification, then he must accept it and follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to the main menu screen of your iPhone and find the “Settings” icon in the form of a gear.
  • Click on it and select from all configurations the item “Basic”. It’s directly next to the gear icon on the first page of the settings menu.
  • Select the sub-item “Profiles and device management” (in some versions of the operating system it may be called “Device management”).
  • Select the name of the developer in the list of corporate applications.
  • Click on the “Trust this developer” button and confirm your action.
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Apple wants users to download software only from ApStore

Important! The sub-item “Profiles and device management” will not appear in the settings until the user first encounters the problem “Unreliable corporate developer”.

What restrictions are imposed on an untrustworthy corporate developer on iPhone

The limitation is essentially one. the inability to run the program of such a manufacturer of digital products and use it. It is also the most essential. A person simply will not be able to use the provided functionality or an old and stable version of an application that he needs due to the technical features of his device.

Important! This includes the inability to update the operating system to work with new versions of applications, errors and crashes in new software assemblies, and so on.

Third-party program may be infected

Thus, it was sorted out what an unreliable iOS developer is, which can be disabled through the settings menu. The question of how to designate a reliable developer on the iPhone is solved with the help of one function, which allows not only to remove the notification, but also to remove the trust status from the development object.

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