How To Remove Screen Lock Password On Android

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Bypass blocking with Samsung service

All Samsung devices are equipped with Find My Phone. To bypass Samsung screen lock pattern, PIN, password and fingerprints just follow the instructions below.

  • First of all, create a Samsung account and sign in to it.
  • Click on the “My Screen Lock” button.
  • Enter the new PIN number.
  • Click the “Block” button at the bottom.
  • Within minutes, this will change the lock PIN or password so you can unlock your device.

Factory Reset to Bypass Samsung Screen Lock

Factory reset is the best option in almost every case if the solutions above don’t work.

The process may vary depending on the type of device. In most devices, you must turn off the device completely to start the process.

Only this method deletes all valuable data on the device after a factory reset.

  • Hold down the power button and volume control at the same time. The bootloader menu will open.
  • Select “WIPe Data / Factory Reset” option using volume buttons.
  • Confirm by pressing the “Power” button.
  • Select “Reboot system now” when the process is over.

How To Remove Screen Lock Password On Android

Bypass blocking using Google service

To Bypass Screen Lock in Samsung Android Phone, please do as follows.

  • Visit on another smartphone or computer.
  • Sign in to your Google account, which is used on the locked device.
  • Select the device you want to unlock.
  • Click on the “Block” button.
  • Enter password. There is a need to do any messages in the recovery. Again, select “Block”.
  • Now you can enter a new password and the phone will be unlocked.
  • Go to the settings screen and turn off the temporary password lock.

Another way to bypass blocking on your smartphone

  • Take a friend’s phone and call the blocked ones.
  • Accept the call and press the “Back” button without disconnecting the conversation.
  • You can now access the device completely.
  • Go to device security settings and delete the PIN or pattern.
  • The system will ask you for the correct PIN-code, which you do not know. try different configurations. maybe guess.

In order not to forget your password or PIN-code next time, be sure to write them down on paper to ensure your complete safety. success.

How to disable your android phone screen lock password

Screen lock protects the contents of your smartphone or tablet, rather than letting it fall into the wrong hands.

Samsung Galaxy phones, like all other Android devices xiaomi redmi note 4x, Lenovo, huawei, on Huawei Honor ASUS zenfon, firmware miui, zte blade, LG, Sony xperia, htc, meizu, lumia, allow you to block yourself with Several options, as a rule. use a PIN, a password, a picture or a fingerprint.

If you decide that you no longer need a phone lock, you can disable it at any time: graphical (pattern lock), PIN, password or fingerprint. Here’s how to do it.

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NOTE: this entry applies more to smartphones Samsung j1 mini, j3, a 3, a5, grand prime, duos, on Android 5.1 and Android 6.0, but if you have a different one, then the difference will NOT be significant.

By the way, if you have forgotten your password or pattern, then how to disable the lock screen can be found here.

Turn on the phone and open settings and go to the “lock screen and security”.

Then at the top of the screen, click on the “Screen lock type”.

In the tab that opens, Click on the item “Net”.

That’s all. the lock mode, in your samsung, honor, lenovo, sony iksperia, asus zenfone, ljy, lumi and so on will be disabled in the future.

What to do if you have forgotten your PIN or pattern and cannot access your phone?

Maybe someone changed the lock screen template to annoy you?

In order to avoid this kind of conditions, there are proven methods to bypass the screen lock pattern, PIN, password and fingerprints. Here’s how to do it.


I need to change the blocking method. But the phone doesn’t let me do it. How to be?

I have a Samsung j3 phone with a password locked and I can’t remove it

How to get rid of the pattern or password on Samsung see here.

Maria was not the same problem, I will take off for a long time you need to choose a good assistant for your Google phone or some other and someday install a good reliable agent in which you have the right to turn on and off if everything is well configured, you can turn off any voice commands directly

There are problems in the language settings and speech recording, there are very expressive words to correctly record so that the voice does not change

What to do when you forgot your pattern on Android: How to unlock

Now let’s look at how the Android screen is unlocked:

    After the gadget went into sleep mode or needed to be turned off, after turning it on, you will need to enter a code word or key. depending on which method of protection the user has chosen.

To remove the password from the screen on an Android device in this way, you need to remember the code combination. But often users forget the codes that they enter.

How to remove a forgotten cipher

The first is a factory reset. To do this, you need to enter the “Recovery” mode. The way to get into it depends on the specific device: to find out the aLGorithm, you need to refer to the Official Instructions or to the manufacturer’s technical support. The menu item “Factory Reset” is selected. All contacts and SMS will be erased, but the password will disappear along with them.

Another way to remove the screen lock password is to reflash the gadget. However, in this case, there is a risk of getting a non-working device.

Advice: before you turn off the gadget with a set password, it is recommended to write it down somewhere, then the risk that the code will be forgotten is minimized; there are special programs for generating and storing code words.

How can you remove Android screen lock :. How to set a password

First, we will describe in detail how to put protection on Android. To do this, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • First go to “Settings”, then go down to the menu “Personalization “.
  • There will be a sub-item “Security”. Enter it.

In the future, in order to remove the lock from Android, it will be necessary to connect the dots in the sequence in which they were specified when the option was activated.

In addition, there are also special utilities on Google Play, which allow you to lock and unlock the Android display, but at the same time have a much wider range of options than the usual ones. Both paid and free versions are available. One of the best utilities of this type is Pattern Lock Screen.

How to remove screen lock on Android devices

One of the main advantages of the Android shell is a multi-stage protection system that can be improved almost indefinitely. But there are times when, having put the protection, users do not know how to remove it. In the presented essay, the question will be considered in detail: how to put protection and how to remove the screen lock on Android.

Disabling screen lock on Android:

Thank you very much! The first option worked for me on an Android device! Thanks again and good luck!

I was not even allowed to reach the point “Do not block” until I erased all security certificates.

And I could not turn off the lock. Paragraph “No” inactive. Below is written: “Denied by administrator, encryption policy, or credential store”. How to be?

That’s all and-no rummaged, nicherta NOT found! Only after I climbed everything / rummaged through all the settings, I finally found it! To do this, you need to: in the settings, select the item “credential storage” / “will clear credentials” (remove all certificates) and that’s it! All his mother works;)

Thank you very much! You are my savior.

Thank you very much, your advice helped me a lot.

hello, but deleting certificates to remove the screen lock password did not help me. Also, the word ,, is, is visible, but inactive, it is prohibited by the administrator by the encryption policy or the account store. and if I delete the security certificates in the system or this cannot be done? prompt

It works! Did everything as Alexander wrote.

And Alexander’s advice helped me. thanks

Alexander! Thanks! happened!

Thank you, Alexander !! I have been suffering with this screen for 2 months!

Alexander krosaucheg! 5 people suffered and could not help

I have open 3 lower terms graphic key, pin, password to the upper access comments what to do help pliz

I want to disable the lock screen password

Thank you, just super. The helpers removed the block. On the second sites they write such nonsense

Thanks helped. Alexander, you are a genius!

Sasha you are super. thanks

And what to do if in the Screen lock menu there is nothing but the word password. Then he only offers to change the password, and not cancel its input ?

The screen lock password is disabled in the same settings where you enabled it. You just need to know what kind of password was entered there. Besides, did you use a third-party blocking program or a standard one? In any case, it all turns off and on. Just dig into the settings. If even it does not work out in the settings to disable the required password, then you can do a general reset to the factory parameters. only after recovery does NOT download the backup from the cloud (if the system prompts). Of course, programs and games will be lost, but you will get rid of the annoying password. And games and programs can be restored, because everything you need is on the Play Store. And if you downloaded APK files, then, accordingly, you have them, and so should be saved somewhere. The rest of the items are not used for you, because the password is included. As soon as you Disable it, the other items will work. Disabling your password is easy and simple. However, you should understand that each device has its own aLGorithm of actions. For example, I have a Samsung C4, on this phone everything is done like this. go to the settings, go to the tab “My device”. Opening the section “Lock screen”. We enter the heading “Screen lock”. We enter the password, which we set ourselves (you need to disable it). That’s it, so we entered the lock screen settings. Here we select the type of blocking “Swipe across screen (protection available)”. That’s all. Well, that’s how it is with me. On the second phones, the aLGorithm is similar, but the section names may differ. We must look at the circumstances. If you used a third-party application, then simply delete it or in the settings of the application itself Disable the screen lock with a password.

Aha, and the line “Swipe across screen (protection available)” NOT ACTIVE.

You first enter the password, and then it will be possible to delete it. Well, as a last resort, you can reset to factory defaults and henceforth not enable password-protected lock. I don’t know any other options. I would do just that if the second comment.

Alexander you huge respect and with the coming

Thank you, Alexander. Only you helped.

Me too. I do not know what to do

I also did everything as Alexander said. But the line “delete all certificates” was gray. What should I do? Please, who already faced this?

Sanya, thanks!
Your advice is the most sensible)

Thank you, did it as written and earned

Alexander handsome, your advice on 5

How can I change the lock key I now have a lock pattern and I want another.

If you clear the credentials, the applications will be deleted?

Hello. You need to enter the menu “Settings”. “Security”. “Screen lock“. Then go to the submenu, where you previously selected the method of protection, and enter the code. After that, you can choose another blocking method.

Thank you, I did it)

Sasha thanks! Cleared all certificates, everything worked.

Thanks Alexander, everything works.

Thanks again to unknown Alexander # 128578;

Thanks, all worked well!

thanks. thanks. thanks.

Thanks to Alexander. Really sensible advice. And most importantly, it works. respect.

Alexander, thank you very much for the advice, rummaged through the entire network in search of a solution to the problem with inactive password cancellation points!

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Hello, I wrote that the administrator was banned?
what to do?

What exactly was banned by the administrator?
Please clarify

I began to turn over by itself more than one screen in the unlocked state, namely the lock screen when I turn on the tablet. Instead of the horizontal one, it began to perceive the vertical position. There is an option for the Unlock Slider. Help. Annoying incredibly.

Please tell me, smart people!
How to remove the inscription from the lock screen: swipe to unlock.
Now I use a fingerprint to unlock, but the inscription is still there.
I tried to remove the lock completely, but then when you turn on the phone, the home screen (without the lock screen) immediately appears on the Honor 5x phone, maybe they have their own quirks?!

Delete the program “Cleaning wizard”.

Hello. This is such a lock screen. You will not go anywhere from Him. Try changing the type of screen lock, for example, so that you do not have to swipe across the screen, but put a pattern or Use a PIN. That is, see the available options in the settings menu in the section “Lock screen”. I won’t give any other options.

Alexey, hello. I have exactly the same bullshit !! I do not know what to do (((

And I could not turn off the lock. Paragraph “No” inactive. Below is written: “Denied by administrator, encryption policy, or credential store”. How to be?

Remove security certificates, here they have already described how many times, you need to read at least a little

Thank you so much! May God give you health!

Thanks for the advice! After removing the security certificates, everything worked out for me)))))

After 5 times of trying to enter the pattern, everything was blocked. Now it turns out that I don’t know the correct key, nor the code. And I need to open my Samsung Android so as not to lose text messages and other information. Is it possible? thanks.

Android 5.0.1 was helped by deleting certificates. All items appeared.

Hello. Comments, in order to pull out text messages and other similar information, you will need to turn on the device and use programs to transfer all the necessary information. But, since you cannot load the phone, you will NOT be able to do this. All that remains is to do a factory reset to reset the key and boot the system. But, in this case, you will lose all text messages and in general everything that was on the internal memory of the device. This is how the reset is done.

the same garbage. an inactive item NO. in the “password” menu. Phone honor 5C
I read the forum, deleted the certificates, rebooted the phone. it’s still gray, and not active ((((help pliz

the same phone, the same trouble. Nothing helps

After removing the security certificates, everything worked out for me)))))

Thanks for the advice, after removing the security certificates, Android gave the go-ahead to use without a code / password / key. good luck everyone

Yana, I also have honor c 5, after removing the certificates everything is like clockwork.

Hmm, it’s just that nothing has changed for me after removing the certificates? Line “there is” as she was inactive and remained, so in vain you, Alexander, raising your voice. everything is read carefully.

It didn’t work out for me! Honor 8 phone, and you have?

Cool, it turned out to remove the screen lock, thanks to Alexander. I also crawled the whole phone. I will know now)

Sasha you are my idol!

Hello. Just click on it. If nothing happens, then your phone simply does not support the function of disabling the screen lock. Again, you should understand that the screen lock will still be there, even if you turned it off. The bottom line is that when you try to unlock, you will not need to slide your finger across the screen or draw a pattern or enter any PIN codes. This feature leaves the screen locked, but when unlocked (by pressing the Home or Power button), the phone unlocks immediately without any further action. On those phones that support such functions, the lock is disabled in the same way as described in the article. If it does not work, then the phone simply does not support this function.

I forgot my password, otherwise there is nothing about it, so it won’t help me on this site

Hello! Please tell me if I delete the certificates then all data will be deleted?

thanks, it helped a lot in the net for 2 hours. I went over the whole Internet_) thanks again.

Do not worry, nothing will be deleted, there will be access to unlock the screen.

Thanks to Alexander. Found a way out of this puzzle)) Read Alexander’s advice, at the top he wrote there for the credential storage.

Thank you, Alexander. helped.

Here you hit the spot! a great addition to this article! Thanks for the tip. Some gadgets work like that.

Please, help! I put the pattern on Lenovo Tab 2 a7 10 wanted to return everything as it was so that the block was not! Writes me “Denied by administrator, encryption policy, or credential store”. And I can’t do anything! Help.

Go to “Settings”. “Safety”. “Registration data storage”. “Clear credentials”. Restart your phone and try disabling the pattern again.

Thanks to Alexander for the tip.

Alexander, thanks. everything worked out.

Thank you so much, helped.

DO NOT unlock anything like this, I have already made mistakes 20 times and does NOT offer me anything, just try it after 30 seconds. and all.

deleting certificates also did not help the graphic key INFECTION DOES NOT go away.

Alexander, thank you so much for the instructions. in time I found your advice on clearing scientific data, otherwise 2 of the most advanced members of our family gave up on this notorious lock password, which was installed so simply, for the game. the child became interested in turning on his tablet through the password)))

Alexander thank you very much !

You need to install a pattern. the system will also prompt you to enter a backup pincode. Enter 0000. Starting to unlock the phone with incorrect pattern keys, after all attempts, the system prompts you to enter a backup pincode to unlock. Enter it and all locks are automatically removed.

I didn’t succeed.

Step by step process, suitable for most devices.

Removing all certificates helped me! Thank you, Alexander!

Alexander, thanks. everything worked out.

I only have a broken screen where is the pattern

Sorry, go to repair shop.

Good evening, Alexander. Huawei 8. I did not have any lock (turned on when the cover was opened) And now the screen is locked. Writing DO NOT Close the top of the screen and you can press the power button and the Volume up button to turn off this mode. I tried, but nothing worked. Overloaded. Many times.

I forgot rusynok huawei how to remove rusynok

Good afternoon. I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016), I can not remove the pattern. Help me with advice on how to do this.
thanks in advance.

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How to disable password when waking up from sleep

You may also need to remove the Windows 10 password prompt when your computer or laptop wakes up from sleep. For this, the system provides a separate setting, which is located in (click on the notification icon) All parameters. Accounts. Login parameters. The same option can be changed using the Registry Editor or Local Group Policy Editor, which will be shown below.

In the “Required login” section (in some computers or laptops this section may not be available) set “Never” and after that, exit sleep computer Will not ask for your password again.

There is one more way to disable the password request in this scenario. to use the “Power supply” item in the Control Panel. To do this, opposite the current scheme, click “Configure power scheme”, and in the next window. “Change advanced power settings”.

In the additional parameters window, click on “Change parameters that are currently unavailable”, and then change the value “Require password on wake up” to “Net”. Apply the made settings. Not in all systems in the power supply parameters you will find such an item, if it is absent, we skip this step.

How to enable automatic login to Windows 10 using Autologon for Windows

Another easy way to disable password entry when logging into Windows 10, and perform it automatically, is the free Autologon for Windows program, which was previously available on the official Microsoft Sysinternals website, and now only on third-party sites (but it’s easy to find the utility on the Internet).

If, for some reason, the ways to disable the password at login, described above, did not work, you can safely try this option, in any case, there will definitely not be something malicious in it and most likely it will work. All that is required after starting the program is to agree to the terms of use, and then enter the current username and password (and the domain, if you work in a domain, is usually not necessary for the home user, the program can automatically substitute the computer name) and click the Enable button.

You will see information that automatic login is enabled, as well as a message that the login information is encrypted in the registry (that is, in fact, this is the second method of this tutorial, but more secure). Done. the next time you restart or turn on the computer or laptop, you will NOT need to enter the password.

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In the future, if you need to re-enable the Windows 10 password prompt, run Autologon again and click the “Disable” button to disable automatic login.

How to remove login password using Windows 10 Registry Editor

There is another way to do the above. to use the registry editor for this, however, it should be borne in mind that in this case your password will be stored in clear text as one of the values ​​in the Windows registry, so anyone can view it. Note: a similar method will also be considered below, but with password encryption (using Sysinternals Autologon).

First, start the Windows 10 Registry Editor by pressing the Windows R keys, type regedit and press Enter.

Go to the registry key

To enable automatic logon for a domain, Microsoft account, or local Windows 10 account, follow these steps:

  • Change the AutoAdminLogon value (double click on this value on the right) to 1.
  • Change the DefaultDomainName value to the domain name or the name of the local computer (you can see it in the properties of “This computer”). If this value is present, it can be created (Right mouse button. New. String parameter).
  • If necessary, Change the DefaultUserName to a different username, or leave the current user.
  • Create a string parameter DefaultPassword and specify the account password as the value.

After that, you can close the registry editor and restart the computer. logging into the system under the selected user should occur without asking for a username and password.

How to turn off the password prompt when waking up from sleep in Registry Editor or Local Group Policy Editor

In addition to Windows 10 settings, you can disable the password prompt when the system wakes up from sleep or hibernation mode by changing the Corresponding system settings in the registry. There are two ways to do this.

For Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise The easiest way is to use the Local Group Policy Editor:

  • Press the WinR keys and in enter gpedit.msc
  • Navigate to Computer Configuration. Administrative Templates. System. Power Management. Hibernation Settings.
  • Find two options “Require password when waking from sleep” (one for battery power, the other for mains power).
  • Double click on each of THESE options and set “Disabled”.

After applying the settings, the password will no longer be prompted when exiting sleep mode.

In Windows 10, there is no Local Group Policy Home Editor, but you can do the same using the Registry Editor:

  • Go to the registry editor and go to the section (in the absence of the specified subsections, create them using the “New”. “Section” item of the context menu by right clicking on the existing section).
  • Create two DWORD values ​​(on the right side of the registry editor) named ACSettingIndex and DCSettingIndex, the value of each of them is 0 (it is like this immediately after creation).
  • Close Registry Editor and restart your computer.

Done password after Windows 10 wakes up from sleep Will not be asked.

instruction [del]

How to remove password when logging into Windows 10

The instructions describe several ways to remove the password when entering Windows 10 when you turn on the computer, as well as separately when you wake up from sleep mode. This can be done Not only using the account settings in the control panel, but also Using the registry editor, power settings (in order to disable the password prompt when you wake up from sleep), or free programs to enable automatic login, or you can simply delete the password user. all these options are detailed below.

In order to complete the steps described below and enable automatic login to Windows 10, your account must have administrator rights (this is usually the case by default on home computers). At the end of the article, there is also an instruction that clearly shows the first of the described methods. See Also: How to Set Windows 10 Password How to Reset Windows 10 Password (If You Forgot It).

  • How to remove password at login (disable password prompt) in account settings
  • Automatically enter Windows 10 password using Registry Editor
  • Disable password when waking from sleep Windows 10
  • Sign in to Windows 10 without a password using Microsoft Sysinternals Autologon
  • How to remove Windows 10 user password completely
  • instruction
  • Additional Information

How to completely remove Windows 10 user password (remove password)

If you are using a local account on the computer (see How to delete a Microsoft Windows 10 account and use a local account), then you can completely remove (delete) the password for your user, then Ego will not have to enter, even if you lock the computer with the keys WinL. To do this, follow these steps.

There are several ways to do this, one of them, and probably the easiest one, is via the command line:

  • Run the command line as an administrator (for this you can start typing “Command line” in the search on the taskbar, and when you find the desired item, you will right-click on it and select the menu item “Run as administrator”.
  • On the command line, use the following commands in order, pressing Enter after each one.
  • net user (as a result of this command, you will see a list of users, including hidden system users, under the topic names, under which they appear in the system. Remember the spelling of your username).

(However, if the username consists of more than one word, also enclose it in quotes).

After executing the last command, the password will be removed from the user, and it will not be necessary to enter it to enter Windows 10.

Disable password prompt when logging into user account settings

The first way to remove the password prompt when logging into Windows 10 is very simple and does NOT differ from how it was done in the previous OS version. It will take a few simple steps.

  • If your system is logged in not by a password, but by a PIN, first Disable them Using both parts of this instruction: How to disable the request to create a PIN and remove the PIN in Windows 10.
  • Press the Windows R keys (where Windows is the OS logo key) and type netplwiz or control userpasswords2 then click OK. Both commands will bring up the same account setup window.
  • To enable automatic logon to Windows 10 without entering a password, select the user for which you want to remove the password prompt and Uncheck the box next to Require username and password. If there are comments like this, the solution is described here: What to do if there is no item Require username and password in Windows 10.
  • Click “OK” or “Apply”, after which you will need to enter the current password and its confirmation for the selected user (which can be changed by simply entering another login). Attention: if you are using a Microsoft account and the method does not work, try again, but in the upper field, instead of the username, enter the associated email address (E-mail).

In case there is a checkmark “Require username and password” in the window, go to Settings. Accounts. Sign-in options and check if there is an item “Require Windows Hello login for Microsoft account”. If there is. Disable and re-enter the automatic login settings. If not, run the command term as administrator (how to do it) and enter the command (pressed Enter after it):

After executing the command, close the command line and restart your computer. Then repeat the steps described above. the item to disable the password prompt should appear. Also, the “Require username and password” option will be unavailable if your computer is currently connected to a domain. However, it is possible to disable the password prompt using the registry editor, although this method is less secure than the one just described.

Additional Information

Judging by the comments, many Windows 10 users are faced with the fact that even after disabling the password prompt by all means, it is sometimes requested after the computer or laptop has not been used for a while. And most often the prerequisite for this turned out to be the included splash screen with the option “Start at the login screen”.

To disable this item, press the WinR keys and type (copy) the following into the Run window:

Hit Enter. In the screen saver settings window that opens, Uncheck “Start from the login screen” or completely Disable the screensaver (if the active screensaver is “Blank screen”, then this is also an enabled screensaver, the item to disable looks like “Net”).

And one more thing: in Windows 10 of the latest Vera, the “Dynamic blocking” function appeared, the settings of which are in Settings. Accounts. Login Options.

If the function is enabled, then Windows 10 can be locked with a password when, for example, you leave the computer with a paired smartphone (or disable Bluetooth in it).

And the last nuance: for some users, after using the first method of disabling the login password, two identical users appear on the login screen and a password is required. This usually happens when using a Microsoft account.A possible solution is described in the instructions Two identical Windows 10 users at logon.