How to remove stripes on a computer monitor

Possible sources of streaky monitor distortion problems

The causes of horizontal or vertical stripes on the monitor should be divided into three large groups:

  • Software;
  • External factors (shock, loose wires, debris, overheating, moisture, interference);
  • Component.

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The former include driver malfunction, virus failure, or software conflicts. The main reason is rare. The second group of factors entails changes in the device itself and its components.

often than not, the reason is hidden in the equipment. The main sources of stripes are:

  • Loops;
  • Motherboard;
  • Video card (may burn out or deteriorate);
  • Monitor (due to shock, increased moisture, sunlight);
  • Monitor matrix.

Before diagnostics, you should take a closer look at the type of defects on the screen. If the picture is simply deformed or the colors are distorted, then perhaps the reason is in the driver, which just needs to be updated. If the screen is divided into strips, then the reason is clearly in the equipment, including the wires.

How to remove stripes on the monitor screen

There are many factors that affect the performance of your computer. It is necessary to regularly carry out diagnostics and keep the equipment clean. This will allow you to identify the malfunction in time. Problems are often caused by malfunctions in complex components; you cannot do without the help of a wizard. In certain cases, it is quite possible to cope on your own.

Before identifying ways to eliminate stripes on the monitor, let’s look at their varieties.

Types of stripes on the screen.

The monitor is a device for displaying information to the user. Often, unforeseen situations arise in the work: a vertical stripe, ripples or an incomplete picture appear on the monitor. Stripes can be colored and monochrome (white, black, yellow, red, green). The arrangement of the stripes on the device is possible horizontal or vertical. They can be present constantly or appear periodically. Screen operation is difficult, and there are several ways to solve the problem. First, let’s identify potential sources of the problem.

How to remove stripes on the monitor

Remedies are varied and depend on the source. First of all, it is recommended to disconnect the computer from the network and start a thorough check of each element.

First of all, check the cables: inspect bends, fractures, black dots, remove dust, make sure that the connection is reliable and correct.

Inspect the motherboard at the same time. Defects due to overheating, power surges or factory defects will be immediately noticeable. Physical damage is repaired by technicians at the service center.

Diagnostics of the video card consists in cleaning it from dust, checking the operation of the cooler, replacing the thermal paste, and most importantly, checking it on another working computer, conducting tests of the video adapter in benchmark programs such as FurMark and 3DMark. If the measures did not help, vertical or horizontal stripes on the monitor still interfere with the work, then the video card will need to be replaced.

The monitor is tested with a direct connection to a 220 volt network. Remember to dust off.

Sometimes problems stem from monitor settings. It is recommended to reset them to the factory settings. And also check the operation of the matrix for integrity and hidden defects using:

  • a special program from the Internet (for example, Nokia Monitor Test);
  • watching a special video for the matrix test.

These methods will not eliminate the streaks, but will help to find the defect, and the user will have to change the matrix.

See also the video The most interesting starts at 4:20. it tells what types of stripes correspond to what breakdowns the card, hit on the matrix, loop. And most importantly, how to remove such stripes, if possible without contacting a service center.

Thus, horizontal or vertical stripes on the monitor are not a reason to purchase a new computer or video card. If you wish, you can fix the problem yourself, and in difficult cases contact the workshop.

The monitor screen flickers

Monitor flickering is a phenomenon that PC users encounter quite often. There are several ways to solve this problem. it all depends on the reasons for this phenomenon. If you carefully read the troubleshooting methods, you can restore the former clarity of the monitor and again comfortably use the computer.

a few words about overclocking a video card

If you overclocked your video card, then it is likely that artifacts could appear (especially if you have never done something like this before and there is no practical experience ).

Overclocking, in fact, is a whole science, where you need to know and feel quite accurately how the hardware will behave (and, of course, there is always a certain risk).

Screenshot from the Doom 3 game: note the white dots. the result of a bad overclocking

In general, in most cases, with unsuccessful software overclocking. modern video cards, processors and memory themselves reset the settings to safe.

Ripples and stripes on the computer / laptop screen (artifacts)

Stripes and ripples have recently begun to appear on my computer screen, the picture can sometimes twitch when passing a horizontal strip.

This happens only in games. I tried to reinstall Windows, change the video driver. the effect is zero. These are artifacts on the video card (they told me so at the service center), and it needs to be changed. Or are there other options?

In general, the presence of any distortion on the screen is a very alarming sign. Stripes and ripples on the screen can appear both in case of problems with the software and in case of problems with the hardware. In this article I will try to disassemble the most basic things that I have to face, what can be done and taken to diagnose and find the cause (well, knowing the essence of the problem, it is often possible to fix it on your own ).

Photo of a monitor with vertical (horizontal) stripes and ripples (as an example, to understand what is at stake)

By the way, such distortions on the screen are often called artifacts. On monitors, in addition to such defects, you can often observe white (sometimes red or blue) luminous points. these are dead pixels. I have a separate blog post about them, I recommend it:

Updating Drivers

The most popular way to update drivers is through Device Manager. The user will need to do the following:

    Open “Start” and select “Control Panel”.

For what reasons the monitor screen flickers?

Due to failures with the monitor screen, not only the level of quality and productivity of work is reduced, but also severe eye fatigue appears, as a result of which vision is actively deteriorating. It is worth examining the main causes of this kind of malfunction.

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Table of the main causes of flickering on the monitor screen.

Checking the screen refresh rate parameter

  • It is necessary to press simultaneously two keys “WinR”, after which the window “Run” will open. In the line you will need to enter the following characters: “desk.cpl” and click “OK”.

Important information! If the latest drivers are not installed on the monitor or GPU, then with a high degree of probability no mode other than 60 Hz will be supported (even if the product is modern and should support it). In this case, it is better to pre-download programs that automatically install the latest drivers.

check and update the drivers for the video card

Drivers for a video card can significantly affect the quality of the picture (especially for 3D games).

For example, 15 years ago, I had several driver versions (official and not) on the ATI Radeon 8200 video card (if I’m not mistaken).

So, on the official drivers, on the most recent version, there was a glitch: some elements in games (in particular fire) were not shown. instead of it, some squares were running, stripes in places. When switching to another version of the drivers, everything worked as expected. Over time, the developers have fixed this bug.

I recommend downloading the driver from the official website of your video card (several versions are better). Then remove your old drivers and install new ones. Then check how the PC / laptop will behave.

By the way, pay attention to how the computer will work when you uninstall the drivers: whether there will be stripes or ripples. The link to an article that will help you remove and update drivers is given below.

How to update the driver for an AMD, nVidia and Intel HD video card: from A to Z.

Settings for the Windows 7 operating system

To solve the long-standing problem with black bars, you can try to follow the instructions below:

  • Turn on your device and wait for the Windows operating system to load. Make sure the display is connected to the computer system unit.
  • After downloading, left-click on the “Start” icon and go to the “Control Panel”.
  • You will see a context menu with a huge number of icons responsible for different actions. You need to go to the “Display” tab.
  • Now you need to go to the option “Adjust the screen resolution”. A dialog box will open in front of you, in which you need to select the “Additional parameters” setting.
  • It remains to go to “Graphic characteristics” and select “Zoom to full screen” in the zoom settings.

Most often, the manipulations described above help remove black bars on the monitor on the sides. If after all the actions nothing has changed, then you will have to resort to other methods of fixing the problem.

How to remove black bars on the sides of the monitor

Installing new drivers on the video card

It is possible that this defect is caused by problems with the version of your video card drivers.

Important! Some display devices do not return to normal operation even after setting the correct resolution. The image simply stops stretching across the entire screen, leaving unfortunate streaks on both sides.

In order to get rid of this, you can try the following method:

  • First you need to go to the official website of the publisher of your video card.
  • Sites of all manufacturers have a similar principle of operation, so you need to go to support and select the “Drivers” section.
  • After that, you need to fill in the empty fields, you need to enter the data of your personal computer and the model of the video processing chip.
  • You should be redirected to a link to a site with the latest driver version, from where you should download and install them.
  • After these steps, you need to go to the settings menu and set the maximum allowable resolution for the model of your device.

Important! To avoid misunderstandings about compatibility principles, check the box on the last item of the scaling options in the settings.

In the settings, you need to find a line with the name “Scaling Settings” and move the slider on the item “Compressed scan. Stretched scan” so that the picture fills the entire display.

Important! It is also worth making sure that the picture is calibrated and located exactly in the center.

How to remove black borders on the monitor if the above does not help?

How to fix

When thinking about how to remove the black stripes on the sides of the monitor, first determine to which point of the reasons your situation can be attributed specifically (if it is impossible to do this, just try all the methods in turn):

  • Set the launch parameters for Dota 2 according to your screen resolution. This can be done using the –w XX –h XX parameters, where w and h are the width and height, respectively. This method will simply stretch the image so that it fills the screen completely.
  • Run auto adjustment. The monitor can correct the problem on its own based on the data it receives from the video card. It is important here that the vidyuha itself works correctly, otherwise the set parameters will be incorrect.
  • Set up the graphics card control center. Both Nvidia and Radeon release additional software for their graphics cards to allow for more fine-tuning. As a rule, the item you need is called “Display in full screen”. he will help to remove the problem. In some cases, in order to remove the black bars on the sides completely, you need to restart the computer.
  • Reinstall the drivers. If the current drivers are not installed for the video or they are completely absent, then you need to download them from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Switch the connector. Sometimes, absent-mindedly, gamers connect screens to an integrated video card instead of a discrete one, but it has completely different display parameters. In this case, you do not have to conjure, just plug the wire into the desired socket.
  • Select the desired resolution in the game. For Dota 2, the coincidence of the selected resolution with the system resolution is a guarantee of the correct picture, and this is done in the settings.
  • Select the aspect ratio in the game. 4: 3 and 16: 9 formats differ significantly, which is quite noticeable on large monitors.


When you decide to apply all the knowledge about how to remove the black bars on the sides of the screen, find out the following points:

  • What is the recommended resolution for your monitor?
  • What is the limit of image quality on your graphics card?
  • What is your format. 16: 9 or 4: 3?
  • Are the drivers up to date?
  • Will there be lags if you set the resolution in the game to the same as in the system?

Once you have all the information you need, troubleshooting is straightforward and not time-consuming. The most radical methods are a complete reinstallation of the system and replacement of a monitor with a vidyuha, but they are almost never required to be used.

How to remove the black bar on the monitor?

The monitor is an essential component for any computer. All work on the device is not complete without the display itself. Modern technologies have presented us with the highest quality screens on which the picture looks very rich and realistic. Unfortunately, no user is immune from problems when working with such devices. How do I remove the black bar on the monitor? How do I set it up at all? Perhaps the point is in the video card drivers or image output settings. To solve the problem that appears, you can use different methods of elimination. Let’s talk today about all the nuances of setting up this familiar invention.

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How to remove black bars on the sides of the screen: three ways to solve the problem

If the image on the screen of your PC or laptop suddenly or due to some reason ceases to completely fill the monitor. there are black stripes around its edges, do not worry. You can handle such an incident yourself by following the instructions below.

How to remove black bars on the sides of the screen in the game

If the problem appears only during the passage of the video game, you can also try to start with the steps mentioned in the previous section. It will not be superfluous to go to the graphical settings of the game itself. In most cases, the problem occurs due to the fact that users deliberately lower the screen resolution so that the game does not “hang”. In this case, such inconvenience will have to endure, since you created it yourself.

If you have not changed anything either in the game settings or in the standard graphics menu, then you should go to the official website of the manufacturer of your video card and download the latest driver versions. After installing them, be sure to restart your PC or laptop.

If the black bars along the edges of the screen have not disappeared in this case, then, as an option, it remains to reinstall the system.

Causes of the problem

Black bars can appear on the monitor screen for a number of reasons:

  • wrong screen resolution;
  • incorrectly set game parameters;
  • incorrect setting of the video player;
  • outdated video driver;
  • incorrectly set codec functions;
  • virus attack.

In most cases, the problem is easily solved. you just need to adjust some Windows settings.

How to remove black bars on the sides of the screen on the desktop

The first and simplest reason. the picture you set as the background is not adapted to the resolution of your screen. Take the following route on your computer: “Control Panel”. “Personalization and design”. “Personalization”. “Desktop background”. Scroll down the list and find “Select a position.” from the drop-down menu, click on “Fill”. this mode is designed to fill the entire display with an image.

If this did not solve the problem, then here is another method for your attention, suggesting how to remove the black bars on the sides of the screen:

  • Right-click on any empty space on the desktop.
  • Click in the menu that appears on “Graphics settings” (if the graphics chip is from Intel) or “NVIDIA Control Panel”.
  • In both cases, stop at the “Display” section.
  • In the NVIDIA menu you will need “Adjusting the size and position of the” Desktop “, and for Intel.” Basic settings “.
  • For NVIDIA, set the scaling mode to “Full Screen” (you probably have the standard “Aspect Ratio” selected). In the Intel menu, there should be a checkmark on “Keep scaling” for the highest resolution, and for other cases (some deliberately lower the resolution so that a weak PC “pulled” “heavy” games). checkbox for “Zoom to full screen”.
  • Save the settings.

If the item “Scaling” is not active, then change the resolution to the smallest one, set the desired scale (“Full screen”), and after these manipulations return to the usual resolution.

On a PC monitor, you can solve the problem by pressing the Auto button located below the screen. As an option. Menu button, where you can manually adjust the width of the image on the display in the “Size / Position”.

Black bars when watching a video

To solve this problem, first of all, right-click on the video icon and call “Properties”. Next, open “Details” and view the file resolution. if it conflicts with your screen resolution, then the problem is in it.

How to remove black bars on the sides of the screen in this case: open the video player options, find “Crop”, “Aspect ratio”. switch modes until you find the best one. For a wide screen, 16: 9 or 16:10 is suitable. In addition, all modern video players can stretch the video in height or width, fit the image harmoniously into the screen, or display it in its original resolution.

If changing the settings did not lead to anything, then it is also worth updating the drivers. You can find the latest version of the codecs. Most suitable. K-lite and Shark.

If none of the above methods turned out to be useful to you, then the question “How to remove black bars on the sides of the screen?” it remains to decide only in a cardinal way. reset BIOS to default (initial) settings. If you are not confident in your abilities and have never performed such manipulations, then it is better to entrust the setting of the “heart” of your PC or laptop to a specialist.


Why might the monitor deteriorate? often this is a physical effect. shock, increased moisture, sun exposure to the matrix. Sometimes a power surge or network noise can damage your device. I recommend all users to connect the monitor to the mains through a surge protector. This is a good defense. There is a nuance here. Sometimes an extension cord is used instead of a surge protector. When connecting different devices to it, noise may occur, which causes image distortion. In this case, we check the monitor by connecting it to the network separately. If this does not help, then we refer it to a friend. This is the easiest way to eliminate damage to the monitor and start checking the rest of the computer.

If this does not help, all the wires are intact, the card does not heat up and is not dirty, then we repeat the previous point. He removes the video card and again go to visit a friend. The video card is working. So we are looking for the problem further.

Why stripes appear

A monitor is a means for displaying images on a display. It is closely related to various computer components. Sometimes multi-colored stripes are the result of a driver malfunction or a malfunction due to a virus. But software problems are rarely the root cause. Most often, the reason lies in the incorrect connection of the PC nodes or the negative impact of one of them on the other.

Before starting diagnostics, it is worth checking what kind of defects on the screen. If the picture is simply warped or colors are inverted, then the likely cause is the driver. Updating it is a simple task. It is best to download the latest version from the manufacturer’s website. In the case when the screen is divided into stripes or disintegrates into pixels, then the reason is clearly in the hardware, and not in the software. Not all users know what to do in this case. Many people blame the graphics card, but that may not be the question. Loose wires, overheating, dust are all possible sources of streaking. Therefore, first of all, I recommend disconnecting the computer from the network and starting sequential diagnostics of each element.


Service employees often talk about the fact that most of the breakdowns are solved by checking or replacing the connection wires. It was said above that you need to check how the video card is connected. However, it does not hurt to consider the cables that connect other components. What is the verification? We remove dust, check the reliability and correct connections, inspect the wires for black dots, bends and fractures. For many years of using technology, many users do not look inside their system unit and do not suspect what anarchy reigns there. A lot of wires entangled with each other, covered with dust, and sometimes cobwebs. All this will naturally affect the work. To make it easier for myself in the future, I recommend that after purchasing, inspect the system unit, switch the wires and try to lay them as evenly as possible. Subsequently, this will avoid breakdowns.

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While switching wires and checking the connection, it will not be superfluous to inspect the motherboard. There are many elements on it and an unprepared user will hardly find a problem himself. But it is quite possible to notice minor defects. We are talking about burnt out resistors. These are small protruding parts. Most often they are in the shape of a cylinder, they can be of a variety of colors. black, green, red. A burnt out transistor will be black and with traces of carbon deposits. The second sign of its failure is swelling. You shouldn’t change them yourself, but this is a signal that it’s time to take the PC to the service center.

Checking the monitor matrix

Above, I mentioned that the appearance of stripes is often the result of a hardware failure. But sometimes the nuances lie in the setting. First, you should try to reset the monitor settings to factory settings. This is very easy to do. On the body of the device there are buttons that allow you to change the gamma, brightness, contrast. Among them there is always a factory reset button. With its help, the monitor returns to the factory settings.

To understand the correct operation of the monitor itself, it will not be superfluous to check the integrity of the matrix and the presence of hidden factory defects. This is a trick that sellers often use to sell services to customers. It all sounds tricky and complicated, but in fact it is done easily.

There are several ways:

  • using a special program;
  • video launch;
  • Microsoft tools.

Option 1. download special software to a USB flash drive and run it on a PC. There are a lot of programs, they take up little space, and they are quite easy to use.

Popular utilities include:

  • nokia monitor test;
  • eizo monitortest;
  • passmark monitortest.

These tools will allow you not only to identify the broken pixel, but also to check the matrix for color transitions and contrast. In general, the test is to drive the device to fill with one color. The broken pixel will be highlighted in a different color. Special gradation images help you determine if colors are displayed correctly.

Option 2. go to YouTube and enter the query “matrix test” into the search. The principle is similar, only you don’t need to download anything. We just start the video, expand it to full screen, remove all unnecessary elements and carefully look.

Option 3. in the OS settings there are special items that allow you to customize the desktop for yourself. Among other things, you can choose a background here. The verification process boils down to removing all elements from the desktop, the taskbar and sequentially filling it with one color. In other words, this is a variation of the first option, you just have to dig a little in the settings. I do not recommend using this method, because it is the longest. Suitable if there is no Internet and special utilities.

For those who all decide to turn to this method, the sequence of actions is below:

  • Personalization. Options.
  • Background. Solid Color. Complementary Color.
  • You need to choose alternately white, gray, black, green, red, blue colors. It is on them that the pixels are noticeable.
  • Go back to the Personalization menu and go to the Taskbar.
  • We select “Automatically hide the panel on the desktop”. Now she will hide off the screen on her own. To return it to its place, just move the cursor down.
  • The last point. Right-click on the table and go to the “View” item. At the bottom we mark “display desktop icons”.
  • After completing these steps, nothing will remain on the desktop except the selected color. The action must be repeated for each of the above colors.

We remove horizontal stripes on the monitor screen that appeared suddenly. How? I tell

Good day, dear readers and subscribers of my blog! I, Rostislav, recommend the article for a full reading in order to solve my problems in this topic. A computer is a complex device where all the elements are subtly interconnected. Poor performance of one of the units can lead to equipment defects. In order for the equipment to serve for a long time, it is necessary not only to take care of it, but also to carry out diagnostics. This will allow you to identify the malfunction in a timely manner. Not every user will be able to do this on his own. Today I will tell you what to do if horizontal stripes appear on the monitor screen, how to remove it will be described below. It is not uncommon for a problem to be caused by a technical breakdown, but this is encouraging by the fact that there is usually nothing critical in this, which means that it is quite possible to cope on your own.


If the stripes on the screen are faintly visible, and they rather resemble incorrect display of colors, then you can try to fix it by adjusting. There are a number of special programs that allow you to achieve the most accurate color display.

  • Adobe Gamma. As the name suggests, this is the brainchild of a well-known company that gave the world Photoshop. Once the utility was part of the main software, but later it was undeservedly removed, since it was created for CRT monitors. People who work with photography and images in general believe that it is quite applicable to modern devices. over, it is one of the best.
  • Power Strip. The utility is good because it works with a whole list of video cards and gives you access to many settings. In it, you can adjust not only the color, but the clock frequency of the monitor and other important parameters.

The appearance of stripes on the screen is not a reason to buy a new monitor, video card or system unit. You can often fix a defect yourself, and I hope this article will help you do it.

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