How to remove stripes on the phone screen

How to remove triple tap on iPhone?

To use the quick command for accessibility, press the Home button three times. To slow down the speed when you double- or triple-click the Home button, go to Settings Accessibility Home, then change the settings.

How to hide sidebar in Safari iPad?

How to Disable Sidebar Multitasking in iOS for iPad

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  • Open the Settings app on iPad and go to the General section
  • Select “Multitasking”
  • Slide the switch to Allow Multiple Applications to OFF
  • Exit the Settings app as usual by pressing the Home button

Why do spots appear on the iPhone screen?

IPhone Screen Stripes

Reason for appearance: horizontal stripes in the wrong connection of the display cable. If the device is not turned off immediately, the anomaly may affect the matrix and it will no longer be possible to eliminate it.

How to make transparent buttons at the bottom of the screen on iPhone?

First, open Settings. Basic. Universal access. Increase contrast and turn off the slider opposite the item Decrease transparency. This is a mandatory item. 2. In Safari browser on iPhone, open this link and save the gray background to the smartphone gallery. 6 May 2016.

What is Dock on iPad?

Using the Dock to Work with Multiple Programs at the same time The Dock lets you open and switch programs instantly, no matter which program you are currently using. You can also customize the left side of the Dock with your favorite apps.

What to do if there are stripes on the iPhone screen?

The stripes on the iPhone screen appear as a result of a malfunction in the smartphone system. Restarting often helps. Hold down the Power and Home key.

Why stripes appear on iPhone?

Why stripes appear on the iPhone X display

Mechanical damage. Falling, hitting, even a small impact on the matrix, can become factors that will disable the device;. The equipment screen is made using OLED technology. The component does not tolerate hypothermia or sudden temperature changes.

How to remove the bar at the bottom of the screen on iPhone? How to customize the dock bar on iPhone?

Go to Settings → Home Screen & Dock and deactivate the “Show recommended and recent apps in dock” switch. After you do this, only the applications you manually placed for quick launch will remain in the Dock.

What to do if stripes, spots appear on the mobile screen?

The aLGorithm of actions when screen defects appear is always standard:

First, first, copy all the important information to another medium.
The appearance of screen defects can be the first harbinger of its imminent failure, after which you will not be able to save the necessary information. And if the screen does not fail completely, then you may have to hand over the phone for repair, and personal information may be “lost” there.

Second, turn off your phone.
Let the device lie down in a dry and warm place, as a possible reason for the appearance of spots or stripes on the screen is banal condensation.

Third, check your phone for viruses.
Malware may have caused the screen defect.

Fourth, update all application versions and Android itself (iOS).
Thus, we will exclude the possibility of a screen defect due to software.

Fifth, reset your phone to factory settings.
Hard Reset can with 100% probability eliminate the appearance of streaks and smears on the display due to software errors.
For instructions on how to reset, see

If all else fails. take the phone to the service, to the specialists, especially if the device is under warranty, do not be afraid.
For example, I came across phones with defective displays, which showed their defect only after 5-7 months of using the phone.

How to remove streaks and stains on your phone screen

The appearance of a black spot or stripes on the phone screen is a very unpleasant event that greatly upsets and spoils the mood. In this article, we will understand the reasons for the appearance of various defects in amoled and IPS screens and how to eliminate them.

Some time after buying a phone, some users have screen defects (spots, stripes, etc.).

Screen defects on my Xiaomi phones

Personally, over the past 7 months, I’ve seen screen defects on 2 different brand new phones from Xiaomi.

On the first Xiaomi Pocophone f1 phone with an IPS matrix, after six months of use, yellow spots (stains) appeared on the right edge of the display, for more details, see

PS: Xiaomi Pocophone f1 display was replaced under warranty.

On the second Xiaomi mi9t pro phone with an AMOLED matrix, after 5 months of use, purple dots first appeared on the display, an hour later a vertical stripe, then the second and third, after which the screen went out and I handed over the phone for repair.

The chronology of events looked like this:
First, dark purple spots began to appear at the bottom of the phone screen. I thought that my screen just got dirty, but it turned out to be not at all true.

The number of dark purple dots grew rapidly, literally every hour their number doubled, they formed spots and spread all over the screen. Already 2 hours after the first dots appeared on the screen, a bright strip appeared piercing the screen from top to bottom.

It looked something like this: After another 30 minutes, a second SIMilar strip appeared, and then a third, after which the screen went out and no longer showed signs of life, but the phone worked, its touchpad worked, too, I could blindly pick up the phone with incoming calls and my previously set alarms rang.

I had a hope that the phone would lie down and work the next day, but it did not come true.
The next day, the display did not work, but I noticed at the bottom of the display, where dark purple dots began to appear, barely noticeable stains, under the glass. They were very faintly noticeable, but they could be seen if you looked closely.

As a result of several hours of googling and reading hundreds of pages of specialized forums, I realized that amoled matrix leaked in my phone and the only way to make the display work is to replace it, and this is a common problem in many phones with amoled displays.

By the way, I managed to capture the appearance of purple dots on the display on

By the way, replacing the amoled matrix with mi 9t pro costs around 10 thousand rubles. this is 150 third of the cost of the phone, which is many times more expensive than replacing the IPS matrix in my previous phone Xiaomi Pocophone f1.

Why do streaks or spots appear on the screen??

Usually, the reasons for phone display problems vary greatly from model to model. For example, if the reason for the appearance of screen defects in cheap phones is a break in contacts, then for expensive phones the most common reason is a matrix defect and / or overheating.

The main reasons why displays fail:

  • Overheat.
  • Cracks in the matrix and / or glass.
  • Contact with moisture or condensation.
  • Failure in software.
  • Physical Impact: Pinching / falling / crushing.
  • Manufacturing defects.
  • Viruses.
  • Wear of some components.
  • Contact group problems.

How to remove streaks or stains from your phone display yourself?

Yes, in some cases this is possible, but only if the appearance of screen defects is caused by software failures. For example, you can use the dr.Web application to search for malware on your phone.

It is also worth trying applications for “curing” dead pixels, such as: Pixel Fixer, Healing dead pixels and phantoms, TouchScreenDeadPixels.

If the problem lies in the “hardware” of the phone, you cannot fix the breakdown without completely disassembling the device and using special tools.

Types of phone screen defects

There are not so many main types of display defects in the phone display:

  • Stripes of different colors (white, yellow, purple, pink).
  • Spots (yellow, purple, purple, black).
  • Dots (blue, black).
  • Image streaks or distortions.

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How to remove black bars on the sides of the screen: three ways to solve the problem

If the image on the screen of your PC or laptop suddenly or due to some reason ceases to completely fill the monitor. there are black stripes around its edges, do not worry. You can handle such an incident yourself by following the instructions below.

Causes of the problem

Black bars can appear on the monitor screen for a number of reasons:

  • wrong screen resolution;
  • incorrectly set game parameters;
  • incorrect setting of the video player;
  • outdated video driver;
  • incorrectly set codec functions;
  • virus attack.

In most cases, the problem is easily solved. you just need to adjust some Windows settings.

How to remove black bars on the sides of the screen in the game

If the problem appears only during the passage of a video game, you can also try to start with the steps mentioned in the previous section. It will not be superfluous to go to the graphic settings of the game itself. In most cases, the problem occurs due to the fact that users deliberately lower the screen resolution so that the game does not “hang”. In this case, such inconvenience will have to endure, since you created it yourself.

If you have not changed anything either in the game settings or in the standard graphics menu, then you should go to the official website of your video card manufacturer and download the latest driver versions. After installing them, be sure to restart your PC or laptop.

If the black bars along the edges of the screen have not disappeared in this case, then, as an option, it remains to reinstall the system.

How to remove black bars on the sides of the screen on the desktop

The first and SIMplest reason. the picture you set as the background is not adapted to your screen resolution. Take the following route on your computer: “Control Panel”. “Personalization and design”. “Personalization”. “Desktop background”. Scroll through the list and find “Select Position”. from the drop-down menu, click on “Fill”. this mode is intended to fill the entire display with an image.

If this did not solve the problem, then to your attention there is one more method that tells you how to remove black bars on the sides of the screen:

  • Right-click on any empty space on the desktop.
  • Click in the menu that appears on “Graphics settings” (if the graphics chip is from Intel) or “NVIDIA Control Panel”.
  • In both cases, stop at the “Display” section.
  • In the NVIDIA menu you will need “Adjusting the size and position of the” Desktop “, and for Intel.” Basic settings “.
  • For NVIDIA, set the scaling mode to “Full Screen” (you probably have the standard “Aspect Ratio” selected). In the Intel menu, there should be a checkmark on “Save scaling” for the highest resolution, and for other cases (some deliberately lower the resolution so that a weak PC “pulled” “heavy” games). checkbox for “Zoom to full screen”.
  • Save settings.
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If the item “Scaling” is not active, then change the resolution to the smallest one, set the desired scale (“Full screen”), and after these manipulations return to the usual resolution.

On a PC monitor, the problem can be solved by pressing the Auto button located below the screen. As an option. Menu button, where you can manually adjust the width of the image on the display in “Size / Position”.

Black bars when watching videos

To solve this problem, first of all, right-click on the video icon and call “Properties”. Next, open “Details” and view the file resolution. if it conflicts with your screen resolution, then the problem is in it.

How to remove black bars on the sides of the screen in this case: open the video player options, find “Crop”, “Aspect ratio”. switch modes until you find the best one. For a wide screen, 16: 9 or 16:10 is suitable. In addition, all modern video players can stretch the video in height or width, fit the image harmoniously into the screen, or display it in its original resolution.

If changing the settings did not lead to anything, then it is also worth updating the drivers. You can find the latest version of the codecs. Most suitable. K-lite and Shark.

If none of the above methods turned out to be useful to you, then the question “How to remove black bars on the sides of the screen?” it remains to decide only in a cardinal way. reset BIOS to default (initial) settings. If you are not confident in your abilities and have never performed such manipulations, then it is better to entrust the setting of the “heart” of your PC or laptop to a specialist.

Yellow tint

It doesn’t matter if you are using an iPhone 5s or an earlier / later device, a yellow (usually teardrop-shaped) area may appear on its monitor in the center or at the edges of the display. Its formation is not necessarily preceded by the fall or drowning of the phone. A yellow tint of the defect in 91% of cases indicates a poor-quality sizing of the monitor (a multi-layer structure consisting of the monitor itself and glass). The yellow area is the developed glue. It’s another matter if on iPhone 5s or 6 the tone of the picture has changed, as if it has slightly faded. In this case, display problems.

How not to do

It is not uncommon for users to try to fix a broken iPhone screen on their own. separate the glass from the display and then glue a new one. Such a procedure, if it goes well, will lead to a decrease in sensor sensitivity and other problems. If, after completing the above measures, the defects are not eliminated or the monitor turns black, blue or red, contact the service center for help. Remember: unqualified repair in 8 out of 10 cases leads to the loss of the gadget.

How to get rid of stains?

If the screen of the device has gone out or a flaw appears on it, do not panic and immediately run to the service center. There are problems you can try to fix yourself. The main thing is not to repair it. When detecting color or white defects, proceed as follows:

  • Reboot the smartphone. After switching off, allow the technique to “rest” for 2-3 minutes before switching on again.
  • Check the train. A black screen of the device may also be a sign of a loose loop. It is necessary to carefully disassemble the case and install it “all the way”.
  • Reset iPhone to “Default” settings. Reset updates or remove those applications that were installed before the stripes appeared. Reboot.
  • Update device software. Go to “Settings”, click the menu item “Updates”. Then follow the instructions strictly. Reboot device.
  • Dry the equipment. If the phone falls into the input, you need to quickly get it out, gently wipe the case with a dry soft cloth and turn it off. Let it sit for 3-5 days. Then try turning it on. Long-term presence of equipment in water requires its complete disassembly and professional drying of contacts and microcircuits.

What does the color of stains mean??

If stripes appear on the iPhone screen, then by their color you can approximately determine the area of ​​damage. Vertical defects can have:

Horizontal stripes

In addition to vertical defects, horizontal (blinking, flickering, solid or colored) streaks often appear on iPhone 5s and 6. This signals a serious problem with the monitor. If horizontal flaws are detected, the user may notice that the sensor does not work or has become poorly sensitive.

Falling or crushing, mechanical stress or moisture can result in more than just visible flaws on the display. Slight bends and light bumps to the center of the smartphone monitor in 87% of cases lead to physical damage. Only a professional can fix a broken iPhone display module by replacing it with a new one.

White shade

Most often they occur due to the failure of the smartphone monitor controller. Also, white streaks appear when problems arise with the capacitor. When hitting a hard surface, radio components easily move away from the printed circuit board. Overheating is usually responsible for the malfunction of the controllers. When an iPhone 6 or 5 series falls into water or is flooded with a drink, the first thing users do is force-dry it with a hairdryer. This cannot be done. The technique must dry naturally. Hot air from the hair dryer causes the controller to SIMply peel off from the module.

IPhone screen stripes after a fall. what to do?

Even the reliable, functional and resistant to the harsh operating conditions of the iPhone, the Apple trademark, with careless and careless use, will stop working stably and efficiently. This often happens after the smartphone has been dropped on a hard surface, subjected to strong mechanical impact, or moisture has entered. The consequences of sloppy operation can be very different. the phone is dull and often requires a reboot, the sensor refuses to work, the device does not respond well to commands, etc.

But more often, the results of a fall are invisible at first and are manifested by vertical streaks, after a few days of operation. What action should I take if my smartphone is dropped on a hard surface or in water, for example? What to do if the screen goes out and does not turn on, vertical streaks appear on it? We will answer all the burning questions in this article, we will analyze each case separately.

Gray tint

The defect appears at the bottom of the monitor and can cover ½ part of it. The problem only occurs in early iPhone models.

The main reasons for the appearance of stripes

Whitish or colored stripes on the latest iPhone series may indicate:

  • breakdown of the phone’s sensor chip;
  • physical malfunction of the display. To solve the problem of broken or cracked glass, just change the screen to a new (original) one;
  • penetration of moisture into the interior: corrosion, closing / opening of contacts, failure of a loop, etc. Water, tea or a carbonated drink are most “terrible” when the smartphone is turned on. they can lead to failure of microcircuits, printed circuit boards, etc.
  • breakdown of the smartphone cable;
  • incorrect firmware and software updates. IPhone may have a black display with no signs of life when turned on;
  • mechanical damage to the elements of the printed circuit board;
  • faulty connector for loop.

Apple devices iPhone 6 and 5 series are considered especially sensitive to mechanical stress. In this case, the phone does not have to be thrown against the wall or dropped on the asphalt. It is enough to carry it in your trouser or just toss it into your bag. The case of the latest Apple gadgets is made using a special technology. solid cast. But even this does not guarantee that prolonged squeezing and minor bending will pass without consequences. Therefore, if you find vertical stripes on an iPhone 5s or 6 model, it is wiser not to make serious attempts to repair yourself.

The main reasons for the appearance of stripes on the laptop screen and computer monitor

Among the main reasons for the appearance of horizontal or vertical color, white or black stripes on the monitor are:

  • Problems with the video card, video chip (overheating, hardware malfunctions). as a rule, in this case, it is clear that the reason is not in the display itself (if you have ever seen problems with the loop or matrix, it will most likely be clear), moreover, in a safe mode, low resolution and in BIOS, the image may remain normal (but not always). The appearance of stripes in this case often has the form of artifacts, strange elements of the image and text in different places, or stripes (often colored) arranged evenly in a certain system across the entire screen, examples will be given below. In this situation, most often there is a horizontal distribution of artifacts or stripes: even if the stripes themselves are vertical, but we see them evenly distributed horizontally across the entire screen, apparently something with the video card (but the second option is also possible).
  • Problems with the laptop matrix cable or the computer monitor cable (or connector). Outwardly, it may look both in the previous case and in the next version. Sometimes the screen can be “painted” in some color. The appearance of stripes or artifacts may change when you open and close the laptop cover, or when physically impacting the monitor cable. In the case of a laptop cable, the image may also disappear on a large area of ​​the screen: it turns white or black, or there is a single vertical stripe of some color.
  • Damage to the laptop matrix or monitor screen. Usually it looks like either a set of multi-colored vertical stripes in one area of ​​the screen (may, in turn, consist of horizontal ones), sometimes. as single vertical stripes, there is also a variant of black spots on the image (often have a horizontal orientation). In case of serious damage to the matrix, there may be more interesting patterns, combinations of vertical and horizontal lines.

Stripes on the screen of a PC or laptop monitor. reasons and what to do

If stripes or artifacts appear on the computer monitor screen, or the same thing happens on a laptop screen, horizontal or vertical, white, red, green or blue. you are not alone in your problem, it is very common. Unfortunately, most often this requires repair, but not always.

Further, what may be the reason that stripes appear on the laptop screen or a SIMilar problem occurs on the computer monitor, photos with examples of such stripes and what by their appearance can be said about the source of the problem and the corresponding solution methods.

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Note: if stripes or artifacts appear in only one program, then most often the problem lies in how this program interacts with the video card or with the latter’s drivers. For example, if strange stripes began to appear in the Google Chrome browser, it is usually enough to disable hardware acceleration in the browser, for some other programs, for example, video players, this may also be relevant.

Examples of stripes on the screen of a computer monitor and laptop and the corresponding reasons

And now examples of such stripes on screens and an indication of the specific problem that caused them, so that you have the opportunity to guess what is the cause in your case.

In the pictures below, the reason is most likely in the video card.

The following 3 options can indicate both problems with the video card and problems with the screen cable on the laptop or the cable on the PC (or connectors on the video card and monitor).

Below are 3 options with a high probability of reporting problems with the matrix cable on a laptop or problems in connecting a computer monitor.

Finally, damage to the matrix itself due to impact, punching or other physical damage may look like this. The picture may vary greatly depending on the location and severity of the damage.

What to do to fix the problem with stripes on the screen

For most cases, such as damage to the cable, hardware malfunctions of the video card or damage to the screen matrix, you will have to apply for equipment repair or change it, but sometimes options are possible:

  • If you suspect a problem with the video card, and you have a desktop computer that has a separate integrated video output, and the integrated video card is turned on, try connecting a monitor to this output.
  • If you suspect connection problems and speech, again, about the PC, you can try other cables, inputs on the monitor and outputs on the video card.
  • A laptop with a broken matrix or a damaged cable can usually be connected to an external monitor or to a TV (see How to connect a laptop to a TV).
  • If you are not sure if the problem is in the computer monitor or the computer itself (its video card), try connecting the monitor to a laptop, another computer, game console and see if the problem persists.

A common recommendation is to update or roll back video card drivers. You can try to do this, but it helps in very rare cases and only for the first scenario: when we assume problems with the video chip.

I hope that some of the information provided will help you figure out exactly what the problem is in your case and take the appropriate action to solve it.

How to fix white spots after being dropped / damaged.

Smartphones are constantly falling. Such incidents may not even leave marks on the case, but white spots will appear on the screen. In most cases, when struck, the LCD display connectors are disconnected, and this leads to the fact that a yellow spot appears on the smartphone screen. If this cable “falls off” constantly, we recommend that you replace it. However, if the connector is SIMply misaligned by the impact, here’s what you can do:

    Turn off the device completely by pressing the power off button for 10 seconds and then remove the back cover of the smartphone and remove the battery. The internal components of the device are now available to you.

  • Use a thin and flat tool (usually a small flat screwdriver) to detach the connector tape from the LCD.
  • Carefully check the connector for dust and other debris, then wipe it with alcohol (DO NOT use thinner only) and carefully place it back in its original position.
  • Now fix the tape again with the appropriate terminals.
  • Put the battery back in, close the cover and turn on the smartphone.
  • In 90% of cases, such actions will eliminate the problem with white stripes on the smartphone screen.

    Reasons for the appearance of white spots on the smartphone screen

    Very often, smartphone users notice that white or yellowish spots, irregularly shaped light spots or even vertical white lines appear on the screen.

    Such manifestations on the phone are very annoying, especially if you do not know what to do with it and how to fix the problem. White spots can cause a lot of difficulties when controlling the device. in these parts of the screen, the touchscreen may not respond to touches, applications are displayed incorrectly, multitouch may not work (several touches on the screen at the same time), and the general appearance of your phone becomes SIMply unpleasant.

    Small white dots on a smartphone screen are a fairly common complaint from users who actively use the device. The reason may be any damage: falling, falling into water, pressing the screen hard (for example, if you sat on it). If white spots do not cause anything other than a damaged appearance, then this is not a very big problem, much worse if your phone stops displaying running applications normally or certain buttons are not pressed in programs.

    In any case, the problem with white spots or stripes must be addressed. But for this it is necessary to determine the reason for their appearance. It is very important to understand the nature of the anomaly on the screen. the actions that you will take in relation to the phone depend on this. Incorrect diagnosis of the cause of the breakdown will only harm the device, since you will not be repairing what you need.

    In this article, we will look at the main reasons for the appearance of white and yellow spots on the display of your device and will try to offer as many solutions to this problem as possible.

    Reasons for the appearance of stripes on the smartphone screen

    • White lines appear on the display because the display flex cable is damaged or is not seating properly in its connector. Less commonly. the logic board connector itself may be damaged.

    There might also be a software issue. This reason is quite rare and unlikely, but it should not be ruled out. We will not go into much of the solution to the problem with the software, since this can be easily solved using the Hard Reset procedure.

    Matrix damage is the most common problem that will require sending your device to a service center. But you can replace the screen yourself, we talked about this recently in our other article.

    Peeling of glass from the matrix. this happens as a result of the fall and subsequent impact of the smartphone. There are several solutions. independent replacement of the adhesive between the glass and the matrix (special transparent glue or double-sided tape) or sending the phone to a service workshop. If the phone is dropped, it may happen that one of the soldered components hit the main board next to the LCD.

    The penetration of water / moisture under the glass very often causes a small rainbow spot on the smartphone screen. If the phone has been exposed to moisture, then the reason for the appearance of white spots and lines on the smartphone screen may not only be from the water itself under the glass. Another cause is corrosion, which has damaged the connection pins between the display and logic board.

  • If your smartphone is old, general wear and tear on hardware and software can cause the problem of white spots on the screen.
  • Software problem. during the installation of programs or updates, the device was interrupted, and this may also lead to abnormal functioning of the smartphone screen.
  • Large files and clogged memory can also affect the performance of applications, causing external anomalies on the screen associated with a lack of RAM or internal memory. As a result, the whole system starts to work incorrectly.
  • How to get rid of white spots on the display while using apps

    Very often, anomalies on the screen are usually observed when using a particular application on the device. Smudges or streaks of various shades suddenly appear on the smartphone screen when you launch a certain application. But this problem is very easy to fix by following these steps:

    First, unplug your device. To do this, press the power button for 7-10 seconds and wait until the phone display completely turns off. If this does not turn off the device, remove the battery (only for phones with removable batteries) and leave it in this position for 5-10 minutes. Then insert the battery and turn on the phone.

    Once the device is successfully turned on, you need to do these three things immediately:

    • Clear data and app cache.

    This method helps to combat the problem of white spots on the screen when it is called by a specific application. To clear the cache, click on Settings and select Application Manager. Now tap on the name of the app where the white streaks appear. Then go to “app info”, select “clear data” and click “clear cache”. This method helps to erase any unnecessary data that might be causing the crash.

    • Removing unwanted applications

    By uninstalling unnecessary apps, you get free space on your device. You can do this while you are on the “Application Information” screen as described above by SIMply clicking on “Delete”.

    • Move app to internal storage

    Another useful method for solving the problem of how to remove the yellow spot on the smartphone screen while using the application is to move the application from its internal memory to the SD card.

    Click on “Settings” and open “Applications”. Now select the app you want to move. Then under “Application Information” select “Storage” and then click “Move”.

    How to remove white spots on your smartphone screen

    Here are some SIMple and effective ways to solve the most common problems:

    Solving other problems

    • If spots appear on the smartphone screen after water, then there are several solutions:
    • Water got between the matrix and the glass of the screen. the service center will help you to fix the problem. On your own, of course, you can try to disassemble the phone, but you risk damaging the matrix without the necessary experience.
  • Moisture has oxidized the contacts of the matrix connection loop to the logic board. If the connection connector is under the battery, you can remove and clean it yourself. If the cable is hidden inside the case, contact the service center.
  • If a stain appears on the smartphone screen under a protective glass, you will need to remove it, wipe it dry and reinstall it. But protective glasses, as a rule, cannot be glued again, you will have to buy a new one.
  • Vertical, even stripes of white or yellowish color. hardware problems, it is also better to contact the service center.
  • Yellow spots that change size when you press the screen are glue or double tape peeling off. The problem is solved very SIMply: you need to re-glue the glass of the smartphone screen.
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    What to do if a yellow spot appears on the phone screen?

    The number of malfunctions in mobile gadgets is growing in proportion to the emergence of new technologies. Competition is recognized as the culprit of this trouble, because in the race for success one cannot hesitate, otherwise another company will take your place in the sun. As a result, the developers do not have time to test the devices properly, and imperfect smartphones fall into the hands of consumers.

    Malfunctions are different: from serious, disrupting the performance of the device, to minor, but spoiling the aesthetic component. One of these problems is a yellow spot on the phone screen.

    Overheating of the smartphone

    If the defect is caused by high temperatures, it is worth trying to cool the device. To do this, you need to turn off the device, put it in a sealed bag and. put in the refrigerator. No, this is not a joke on inexperienced gadget owners! This method really helps, but there is one caveat: the temperature in the chamber must be at least 8 degrees Celsius.

    You need to keep your smartphone cool for only 10 minutes. Then it is removed and left to “warm” at room temperature. The next time you turn it on, the yellow spot on the phone screen should disappear.

    However, this method does not save from the secondary appearance of a defect.

    What is happening?

    If a yellow spot appears on the phone screen, there are several reasons:

    • falling of the device from a great height;
    • strong blow to the body from the side or directly to the display;
    • long exposure to direct sunlight;
    • liquid ingress;
    • strong heating from an external source (stove, fire, battery, etc.);
    • the same as in the previous paragraph, but due to the fault of a faulty battery or processor.

    All these factors can lead to the failure of transistors in some of the pixels. Because of this, the latter stop working correctly, producing various effects: from colored or dimmer areas to a “gasoline” rainbow on the display.

    You should not despair, at this stage this can still be corrected.

    What the malfunction looks like

    than half of modern smartphones are not immune from this trouble. Most often, users of devices from well-known brands mention it: Apple, HTC, Samsung (less often than others). But during operation for a period of two years or more, such a defect can appear in any brand of device.

    The yellow spot on the phone screen can be anywhere, so it is recommended to carefully examine the gadget when buying. It is worth remembering that most often this malfunction is visible on a white background, for example, if the search results are open. The intensity of the defect is different: sometimes it looks like a slight darkening on the display closer to a brownish tint, but there are also very bright spots, as if oil or glue was spilled under the glass.

    How to remove the yellow spot from the phone screen?

    Attention! The methods described below are not suitable if the malfunction of the gadget was caused by mechanical damage. In this case, only a complete replacement of the display will help. It is produced both independently and in any service center, so there is no need to worry too much about this.

    So what to do in other situations? Unfortunately, there are not so many options.

    Spontaneous detection

    If the gadget has not been exposed to high temperatures, you can try another method. This will require a special program (like ScreenFix Deluxe for smartphones only), which launches a high-speed change of pixel colors in the desired area. Sometimes this helps to remove the yellow spot on the phone screen, but not in the case of a factory malfunction of the display.

    Then all that remains is to contact the warranty service or service center.

    The phone screen turned yellow. why and what to do

    Yellowness on the smartphone screen appears after 0.5. 1 year from the date of purchase of the device. The main reasons for this are mechanical damage to the display, periodic overheating, due to which the adhesive composition between the sensor film and the screen itself acquires the same yellowish tint. Sometimes such a defect occurs in only one place. Is this breakdown subject to repair, what is the reason for its appearance? And is it a warranty case?

    Why the smartphone screen turns yellow

    The main reasons why the screen turns yellow:

    • Regular overheating of the gadget. Often the phones of gamers are susceptible to this, which can play when the smartphone is charging. At the same time, the battery and the display warm up to 60. 70 degrees, the matrix is ​​damaged (more precisely, it “burns out” the adhesive composition between the matrix and the sensor film).
    • Mechanical damage to the display. Often a malfunction occurs for those who carry the phone in their along with keys and coins. Pressing hard on the screen will damage the matrix and create dark spots. It is not at all necessary to drop the gadget to manifest a defect.
    • If moisture or other liquid gets into the display area, one drop is enough, so it is recommended to wear smartphones in flip cases. For the same reason, laptop screens are subject to a SIMilar defect.

    How to remove yellowness from the screen

    There are recommendations on the forums on the use of special programs that supposedly help to eliminate the defect, the only possible option to get rid of yellow spots on the screen is to completely replace the display module (or re-stick the sensor, but this is possible not on all devices and there is a risk of mechanical damage during repair matrix).

    If a yellow spot appears on the phone screen due to moisture, then a complete disassembly of the display module and rinsing it in propylene alcohol sometimes helps to get rid of the defect. But in modern smartphones, collapsible displays are rare. Craftsmen have to remove the film literally with a string, but the sensor becomes unusable (it needs to be replaced with a new one).

    If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

    In general, if a problem occurs, then you cannot do without visiting the service center. Trying to remove stains yourself is not the best option.

    What threatens a yellow spot on the phone screen

    In principle, if the display turns yellow, then you can use it further. But the stain will not disappear, and over time it may increase in size.

    If a strip appears on one edge of the display, then this indicates a damaged matrix loop. This happens when moisture gets inside (contacts are oxidized, the signal is not disturbed). As a rule, the entire display module must then be replaced.

    And if the phone’s screen turns yellow from moisture (the defect is more pronounced on the sides of the screen), then you cannot do without a complete disassembly of the gadget. The presence of moisture inside will lead to oxidation of contacts on the CPU or memory chips, due to which the device will SIMply fail.

    Is it a warranty case?

    This nuance depends entirely on the manufacturer. For example, Meizu smartphones, in which this defect appeared during the warranty period, are changed to new ones. The same applies to Xiaomi, Huawei. Samsung has long denied the occurrence of a defect due to the manufacturer’s fault, but now they also accept phones for warranty repair (to replace the display module, and not provide a new gadget).

    There is also a nuance: in many smartphones, special marks are now installed that allow the manufacturer to establish the fact of excessive heating of the gadget (they are installed inside, they look like litmus paper, which reacts precisely to exceeding the permissible temperature of 70. 80 degrees). And if the fact of overheating is established, then warranty repairs may be refused.

    In total, the appearance of yellow spots on the screen in most cases is due to mechanical or thermal damage to the sensor film (or its adhesive base). The bug is eliminated only by completely replacing the sensor module with a new one. But even if there is a defect, you can use the device, the sensor will work normally without “ghostly” touches. The defect is of a purely aesthetic nature. How much does it cost to replace a module? It directly depends on the device model. Average (the work of the master is estimated at 2. 5 thousand, the rest is the cost of components).

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