How to remove the black bar on the right monitor

Monitor settings not adjusted

Pay attention to the photo below (I combined several options for projecting the image on the monitor on it).

Such bands arise due to the fact that the picture on the monitor is simply not adjusted (note: in almost any monitor there is the ability to expand / narrow and shift the image to the left / right).

remove, black, right, monitor

Black bar between the edge of the picture and the screen

Typically, in the monitor settings, you need to open the “Image Setup” section and change the vertical and horizontal positioning. In general, it is difficult to give any specific values ​​and recommendations here. many depend on the model of your monitor and its factory calibration.

Black bars: reasons and solutions

Streaks when watching some videos

The most common variant of the problem. It’s all about the aspect ratio of your monitor and the video you are watching. In general, the following screen formats are currently the most popular:

  • 4: 3. found in monitors designed for work (resolutions: 1024 × 768, 1400 × 1050, 1600 × 1200.). The screen looks more like a square in shape;
  • 16: 9. widescreen monitors, great for everyday household needs (resolutions: 1600 × 900, 1920 × 1080, 2560 × 1440.). Shape. rectangle (See screenshot below).

Example on two monitors: 4: 3 and 16: 9 aspect ratios

If the video comes with a resolution that matches the 16: 9 ratio, and you watch it on a 4: 3 screen, then black stripes will be noticeable from the top and bottom (if the video was shot with a 4: 3 ratio, and you will watch it on a 16: 9 screen, then the stripes will be left and right). Such is the “parsley” with these formats.

By the way, to make it clear what this is about. see the screenshot below (further we will consider 2 ways how you can remove these stripes).

It was. it is now (there are no more black stripes above and below) / Stills from the film “Oz: The Great and Terrible”

The settings of the video card and screen resolution are not optimal

Also, most often the problem occurs due to the scaling settings in the control panel of the driver for the video card.

To open this control panel, just right-click on any free space on the desktop, or use the system tray (next to the clock, see examples in the screenshot below).

2 ways to open AMD Radeon graphics card settings / clickable

If you do not have a similar icon (links to the video driver control panel), most likely you simply do not have the drivers installed (updated). About. you can find out how to do this in auto-mode from my last article (link below).

In the driver settings, find the section responsible for scaling (for example, in AMD Catalyst, this option is located in the “My Digital Panels / Scaling Settings” section). Next, use the slider responsible for the unwrapping.

By the way, in newer drivers from AMD Crimson ReLive this option is located in the “Video” section.

AMD Vega. Scaling Settings (Display)

As for video cards from nVidia, they have this section called “Display / Adjusting the size and position of the desktop”. An example is shown in the screenshot below.

If we talk about image quality, one cannot fail to note such parameters as resolution and scaling in Windows. To open the window for setting these parameters, press the WinR combination. enter the command desk.cpl on the Open line. and click OK (valid for Windows 7/8/10).

Next, check if you have set the native screen resolution (the one recommended by Windows). If you have a small monitor that supports high resolution (this is usually found on laptops). then resize the elements on the screen using the scaling option.

Display settings. scaling and resolution

Stripes can always be observed, in any programs and games

This variant of the problem is much more inconvenient, and it is not always easy to solve it. Although I can’t help but note that usually in this case, the bands are not so wide and some users even get used to them.

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cropping a picture

If you want to change the aspect ratio of your video file once and for all (so that from now on in any player you have played without stripes), you need to crop.

This can be done using special video editors and converters. In my article I will focus on “Video-Editing”.

A powerful, feature-rich and versatile video editor. Suitable for most popular video processing tasks.

  • the program quickly and efficiently edits / converts almost any video into the format you need (and, really quickly: it takes me about 10-40 minutes for 1 movie (depending on the format for compression));
  • simple and easy interface (even for a novice user);
  • completely in Russian.

I will consider all the steps for trimming unnecessary black stripes step by step (I omitted the installation of the program, since it is standard).

1) Launch the program and open the desired video file (use the “Add” button. See screenshot below ).

2) Next, you need to click on the crop button. and select the “Remove black bars” option. The program will automatically remove them. Conveniently!

RMB on the video track file (second method)

3) By the way, pay attention to the editor’s viewport. you will see that the bars at the top / bottom (right / left) are no longer displayed! (they are gone now).

4) By the way, if you need to manually crop the edges additionally or remove something unnecessary from the frame, you can also do this through “cropping”!

5) In the window that opens, you can use the mouse to select the very area that you want to leave, as well as set the proportions (16: 9, 4: 3, etc.)!

6) And the last thing. click the “Save” button and select the format for compression (in general, it is recommended to use AVI / MP4).

Incorrect parameters are set in the game / program settings

If we are talking about games, then stripes may appear in them due to their graphics settings. In almost every game, the resolution, color, frequency is set, vertical sync, etc. very “sensitive” settings (it is with their change that I recommend to start).

Here, of course, it is difficult to say something universal and definite (a lot depends on your monitor and the specific game in which the problem occurs). But if stripes appear only in this one game, then almost certainly the problem lies precisely in its settings.

By the way, Intel provided specials for their video cards. base for many popular games. In this database, you can find the recommended parameters for a specific game so that its launch on your specific video card does not cause problems. Not bad!

use player settings

It is not at all necessary to process and convert all video files. If you are just going to watch a movie / video on your computer, you can use the special player settings (i.e. it will remove black bars on the fly, showing you an image without them).

And so, let’s say you started watching a movie and noticed “blackness” above and below (as in my example).

An example of removing black bars when watching a movie / Stills from the movie “Oz the Great and Powerful”

To “fine-tune” the image. go to the “Video / Video Options” menu (just press the ShiftV key combination)

And then in the subsection “Geometry” change the view mode, for example, to “By height”. You will immediately notice how the “picture” of the movie you are watching will change.

Please note that there are a lot of viewing modes here. you can even manually adjust the scale with an accuracy of 1%.

General Technique for Troubleshooting Monitor Problems

1) We look at the physical connection of the monitor to the motherboard connector. Trying to pull out and reinsert the cable.
2) We check with our hands the serviceability of the cable (whether there are any kinks).
3) Checking the monitor power connection.
4) If the image does not appear on the monitor, then most likely the video card is covered. You need to take another and try to see if the monitor will work with it. If not, then the end of the monitor has come.
5) If you still saw the image, but it is distorted, then go again to the context menu of the desktop. Screen resolution. Here you need to set the standard resolution of your monitor, specified in the instructions. If CRT monitors (similar to TVs) allow you to change the resolution without any problems, then their LCD counterparts should only have a standard one. Otherwise, the image will be blurry.
6) If the image looks like a ladder, like here (it is best seen on the basket label): then go to the additional parameters (as in point 2 of solving my problem), go to the “Monitor” tab and below there is a color rendering quality mode switch. So there you need to select 32 bits (True Color): Then the image will become smooth and the gradients will be invisible:

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smooth image with normal gradients

7) If the text still looks fuzzy, crumpled, like printed by a printer, in which ink is running out, then most likely you have disabled the Clear Type mode. To enable it, in the same screen setting at the bottom, click on “Make text and other elements larger or smaller.” A panel will appear:

make text and other elements larger or smaller

On the left in the menu, go to “Setting the ClearType Text”. And in the window that appears, put a checkmark “Enable ClearType”. At the same time, you can immediately see the changes on the monitor and understand what’s what. Click the next button and choose the best text options for you. It is not difficult there, so I will not give screenshots.

8) If the interface elements on the screen look small, then in the menu, which we entered in the 7th paragraph, select “Other font size (dots per inch)”. A window for selecting a scale will appear:

In the middle window, go to the video adapters and click on the name of the video card. In the pop-up window, go to the “Driver” tab.

“Roasting” a video card

There is a possibility that the chip moves away from the video card a little, which causes artifacts in the form of annoying stripes. The vidyuha is “repaired” as follows:

  • Disassemble the system unit using a Phillips screwdriver and disconnect the video card from the motherboard.
  • Cooling must be removed from the extracted circuit. We take the device in hand and go to the stove.
  • Turn on the hotplate and hold the part higher over the fire with tweezers. The chipset must settle on the entire structure.
  • We cool down the component and check. You can also use an editing hair dryer for this method.

Important! Many problems with PC screens arise for the simple reason that they are wiped with anything. ordinary dust rags, alcohol, washing gels. To prevent this from happening to you, be sure to read about how to wipe your computer screen.

How to remove black bars on the sides of the screen on the desktop

The first and simplest reason is that the picture you put in the background is not adapted to the resolution of your screen. Take the following route on your computer: “Control Panel”. “Personalization and Design”. “Personalization”. “Desktop Background”. Scroll through the list and find “Select position”. from the drop-down menu you need to click on “Fill”. this mode is designed to fill the entire display with an image.

If this did not solve the problem, then here is another method for your attention, suggesting how to remove the black bars on the sides of the screen:

  • Right-click on any empty space on the desktop.
  • Click in the menu that appears on “Graphics settings” (if the graphics chip is from Intel) or “NVIDIA Control Panel”.
  • In both cases, stop at the “Display” section.
  • In the NVIDIA menu, you will need “Adjusting the size and position of the” Desktop “, and for Intel.” Basic settings “.
  • For NVIDIA, set the scaling mode to “Full Screen” (you probably have the standard “Aspect Ratio” selected). In the Intel menu, there should be a checkmark on “Save scaling” for the highest resolution, and for other cases (some specifically lower the resolution so that a weak PC “pulled” “heavy” games). a checkmark on “Zoom to full screen”.
  • Save the settings.
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If the item “Scaling” is not active, then change the resolution to the smallest, set the desired scale (“Full screen”), and after these manipulations return to the usual resolution.

On a PC monitor, you can solve the problem by pressing the Auto button located below the screen. Alternatively. the Menu button, where you can manually adjust the width of the image on the display in the “Size / Position”.

Monitor settings not adjusted

Pay attention to the photo below (I combined several options for projecting the image on the monitor on it).

Such bands arise due to the fact that the picture on the monitor is simply not adjusted (note: in almost any monitor there is the ability to expand / narrow and shift the image to the left / right).

Black bar between the edge of the picture and the screen

Typically, in the monitor settings, you need to open the “Image Setup” section and change the vertical and horizontal positioning. In general, it is difficult to give any specific values ​​and recommendations here. many depend on the model of your monitor and its factory calibration.

How to remove black bars on the sides of the screen in the game

If the problem appears only during the passage of the video game, you can also try to start with the steps mentioned in the previous section. It will not be superfluous to go to the graphical settings of the game itself. In most cases, the problem occurs due to the fact that users deliberately lower the screen resolution so that the game does not “hang”. In this case, such inconvenience will have to endure, since you created it yourself.

If you have not changed anything either in the game settings or in the standard graphics menu, then you should go to the official website of the manufacturer of your video card and download the latest driver versions. After installing them, be sure to restart your PC or laptop.

If the black bars along the edges of the screen have not disappeared in this case, then, as an option, it remains to reinstall the system.

Installing new drivers on the video card

It is possible that this defect is caused by problems with the version of your video card drivers.

Important! Some display devices do not return to normal operation even after setting the correct resolution. The image simply stops stretching across the entire screen, leaving unfortunate streaks on both sides.

In order to get rid of this, you can try the following method:

  • First you need to go to the official website of the publisher of your video card.
  • Sites of all manufacturers have a similar principle of operation, so you need to go to support and select the “Drivers” section.
  • After that, you need to fill in the empty fields, you need to enter the data of your personal computer and the model of the video processing chip.
  • You should be redirected to a link to a site with the latest driver version, from where you should download and install them.
  • After these steps, you need to go to the settings menu and set the maximum allowable resolution for the model of your device.

Important! To avoid misunderstandings about compatibility principles, check the box on the last item of the scaling options in the settings.

In the settings, you need to find a line with the name “Scaling Settings” and move the slider on the item “Compressed scan. Stretched scan” so that the picture fills the entire display.

Important! It is also worth making sure that the picture is calibrated and located exactly in the center.

How to remove black borders on the monitor if the above does not help?

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