How to reset a call on iPhone

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How to Recover iPhone Call History from iCloud Backup

Using iPhone data recovery software will be the best choice to recover iPhone call history from iCloud backup.

Step aerobics one. Download iCloud backup.

Launch iPhone Data Recovery and enter “Recover from iCloud Backup File” mode. Do not connect iPhone to computer to prevent updating or changing previous iCloud backup files. Sign in with your Apple ID and password, then select one iCloud backup and also click the Download button. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to restore a specific file type, select “Call log” and “Next” to continue.

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Step aerobics 2. Recover Deleted Call History from iCloud on iPhone.

Turn on the Show Deleted Items Only button at the top to display deleted iPhone call logs in red. Check and check your iPhone call history in the preview window on the right pane. Click the “Recover” button after all deleted call history has been selected. Install the older one to keep the recovered iPhone call logs on the computer. Now you can display iPhone call history with iCloud backup files again. It also allows you to recover text messages on iPhone easily.

Effective Ways to Recover iPhone Call History

“How can I see the call history from a month ago? Is there an easy way to get back some deleted call logs? “

“How do I check the call history on my iPhone? I want to recover my iPhone call history, do you need help? “

There are many similar questions asked online about iPhone call history.Some people wonder why these call logs are important and how to recover deleted call history.

To be honest, iPhone call logs contain some important data about your incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls and other detailed information. Even if you delete previous iPhone call logs, they still have a chance to be restored on your iPhone.

If you have the same requirement to recover iPhone call history, take a look at this post. An excellent iPhone data recovery is recommended here, which offers you 3 data recovery modes.

How to Recover iPhone Call History without Backup

It is a shortcut to get back deleted iPhone call history without backup files from iTunes or iCloud. You can view your entire phone call history with iPhone data recovery software on Windows desktop or Mac. It’s just a piece of cake to find and extract call logs on iPhone.

  • Recover lost / deleted data from iOS devices without backing up directly.
  • Retrieve Data from iTunes Backup Without Erasing Data.
  • Download and Recover 19 Data from iCloud Backup Files.
  • Preview Lost iOS Data Before Recovery.
  • Fully supported by iOS 10.3, iOS 11 and any other iOS devices.

Download for WinDownload for Mac

Note: iPhone 4 / 3GS, iPod touch 4 and iPad 1 are supported for recovering 10 types of text content and 10 types of media content. However, iPhone 7/7 Plus / SE / 6s / 6s Plus / 5s / 5 / 4S, new iPad, iPod 2/4 and other iOS devices are only capable of recovering 9 text content and 4 media content. But don’t worry, call history recovery is supported to run on all iOS devices.

Step aerobics one. Scan your iPhone.

Launch iPhone Data Recovery and use one USB cable to connect iPhone to computer. Click the Start Scan button in the lower right corner. Wait a few minutes to carefully analyze your iPhone.

Step aerobics 2. Selectively Recover iPhone Call Logs from iOS Devices.

Tap Call History in the Messages & Contacts menu. All call history will be displayed in detail, deleted call logs will be marked in red and the rest. green. If you are having trouble finding deleted call logs quickly, enable the “Show only deleted items” option at the top to view only deleted call logs. Preview before iOS data recovery and then click “Recover” if everything was done. Don’t forget to include the output folder.

In fact, it is very important to learn how to backup iPhone to laptop with and without iTunes.

How to Recover iPhone Call History from iTunes Backup

If your iPhone can’t connect to computer or retaliate and you just have iOS data backup regularly, then you can restore iPhone call history from iTunes backup. Make sure your computer has synced iTunes files before, otherwise you won’t be able to access your iTunes backup.

Step aerobics one. Select iTunes backup.

Launch iPhone data recovery program and click “Recover from iTunes backup file” mode. All iTunes backup files will be displayed in the row according to the latest backup date. Tap the latest iTunes backup and click “Start Scan” below to discover all data.

Step aerobics 2. Recover Deleted Call History on iPhone Selectively.

Click “Call Log” on the left panel, and then you can access all call logs. Select Show Deleted Items Only to retrieve deleted call logs with phone numbers indicated in red. Check the items you want to restore together and click the “Restore” button. Set the folder to save the recovered iPhone call history to your desktop, and your deleted call history will be output in HTML format.

From the above description of iPhone call history recovery, it is obvious that iPhone Data Recovery offers users easy-to-use operations. You need to train and equip professional skills to recover iPhone call history. What’s more, it has eliminated the negative impact of iOS Data Recovery from iTunes and expanded the reach of iPhone Call Log Recovery from iCloud. With all supported iOS devices and a wide selection of file types to recover, iPhone Data Recovery is your first aid to recover deleted / lost data from iOS device.

Disable in “Settings

When messages arrive on two iPhones at the same time, not everyone knows how to disable this service. Call duplication occurs because there is a connection between Apple equipment, which is established when logging into one account on several devices, as well as when they are connected to the same Internet network. It’s worth learning how to reset a call on an iPhone, of course, but the constant cancellation of calls can get annoying.

The double of calls and messages is convenient if the phone is far away and you do not want to follow it, or it is charging. But the situation when the iPhone and iPad are ringing at the same time will require knowledge of how to disconnect the connection, because it causes inconvenience.

There are two ways to solve the problem through Settings, which differ in approach. The first implies a complete disabling of the function. For him you need:

  • Go to the “Settings” section from the main screen.
  • Select “Phone”.
  • Go to submenu “Calls to other devices”.
  • To prevent the call and message from being duplicated on devices, you need to remove the top toggle switch in the “Allow calls” line, making it inactive.

The second solution allows you to partially disable the function, leaving parallel calls on the necessary gadgets:

  • The settings menu opens.
  • In the same section “Phone” select “Calls to other devices”.
  • In a separate window, remove the toggle switches for those gadgets that do not require duplicate calls.

Sometimes this menu is absent. this indicates that there are no devices simultaneously connected to the Wi-Fi network and the same iCloud account.

Different Apple IDs

One of the conditions for calls to come to two or more devices is their authorization in one Apple account. Therefore, the most correct method would be to create different accounts for several devices, which will allow you not to think about how to turn off the synchronization of calls on iPhones. In fact, this is the right option, since initially each iPad, iPhone and MacBook should work under its own “account”.

How to turn off calls on a MacBook from an iPhone by changing the account? To do this, all devices are deauthorized, except for the main one, and you are logged into them with the new Apple ID. This will stop incoming calls and messages to other devices. But if you need to take advantage of one account, for example, you need to share the application history, it is better to turn off the call on other devices through the “Settings”.

The call goes to two iPhones: how to disconnect

If you have multiple iPhones, there is often a problem when calls are duplicated on two iPhones. Few know how to disable this feature. When creating iOS, Apple provided the ability to receive a call arriving at one user’s device using another device. But since this is inconvenient, people often ask: “If the call goes to 2 iPhones, how can I disable this mode?”.

If two iPhones are ringing at the same time, how to turn them off becomes the number one task. There are three ways to remedy this situation. They assume that a user, without contacting technical support, will figure out how to turn off calls on a Mac from an iPhone.

If the problem persists

Rarely, but there are cases when the instructions on how to turn off general calls on the iPhone did not help. Then we are talking about failures in the operation of iOS, when the firmware was installed incorrectly, often this happens after updating the operating system. To solve this problem, you should reflash the device, making it “clean”.

The procedure will require a computer with iTunes and downloaded firmware supported by the device. Further actions are extremely simple:

  • The phone connects to the computer.
  • Hold down the Shift key and press the “Restore” button.
  • Firmware file is selected.
  • iPhone is set up like new, or you can use a backup.

Using these instructions, the iPhone owner will solve the problem of duplicate calls and messages on Apple equipment. This can be done in two minutes and in the future you will not experience the inconvenience associated with syncing iPhones.

ITools app from Chinese developers

It’s no surprise that Chinese developers have tried to create a product that is no worse than iTunes. This is how the iTools application appeared, which in terms of functionality is not inferior to the original. In addition, some users claim that this program is more intuitive to use.

It is very easy to use the program to create a ringtone and download on iPhone: upload the desired audio file to the “Music”. “System Sounds” category when the gadget is connected. Synchronization occurs automatically and in minutes, the track will be on your device.

Program for quickly changing ringtones on iPhone

One of the programs that allows you to quickly drag any file to your Apple device is Waltr. It can be installed on computers and laptops, as well as other portable devices that run on Windows and MacOS. Very easy to use application.

Just install the software on your gadget, connect your iPhone, wait until the program detects the device and you can drag and drop any file. In the case of a ringtone track, do not forget that it should be no more than 30-40 seconds.

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How to put your own ringtone on iPhone using MobiMover

MobiMover is an alternative to the desktop version of iTunes. Works adequately during installation, both on computers and laptops with Windows OS and MacOs. Designed to exchange files between computer devices and iPhone. In the application, you can process media files, crop to the desired size, drag and drop to iPhone.

Download ringtone to iPhone via GarageBand app

A convenient application that does not require the use of other gadgets besides your device. You can download and install the application using the App Store, besides, it is free.

Its functions include the ability to process any file and set it as an iPhone ringtone. You can download the track for the future ringtone for free or use the existing ones on your device.

How to set ringtone on iPhone via iTunes

The easiest way to create a ringtone, as well as put a song on an iPhone call, is using iTunes. To do this, the software must be preinstalled on your computer or laptop. Depending on the version of iTunes, the process of creating and installing a ringtone on the gadget will be different. Let’s consider both options for outdated and new software:

  • Install the program on your computer device. In iTunes 12, before you start creating a ringtone on your iPhone, you first need to make sure that the box next to “Process music and video manually” is checked. You can find this field by opening the program and selecting the category “Browse”.
  • Drag the media file or media files from which you will “cut” the ringtone to the library. To do this, go to the “File” tab, and then to the “Add file to the library” category.
  • Now you need to right-click on a specific music track to use on the call.
  • Select “Information” or “Details” in iTunes 10.
  • In the window that appears, and more specifically in the top panel, click the “Options” category.
  • Now a window should appear on your screen with the ability to select the time segment of the song being played. Ringtone on iPhone should not exceed the time size of more than 30-40 seconds, so you must decide in advance on a piece of music composition and choose the best playback section during a call. But, as stated above, it should not be longer than 30-40 seconds.
  • Now in the window with the ability to select a time interval, you need to put a tick next to the word “Start” and write the start time of the composition. Do the same with the “Stop” category. check the box and write down the end time of the musical segment.
  • Save your changes.
  • After that, you need to click again with the right mouse button on the selected composition and select the line “Convert to AAC format”. In newer versions of iTunes, you must first select the line to convert, another small menu will open, where you need to select “Convert to AAC”
  • After this action, your 30 second piece of music will appear in the list of media files. It also needs to be right-clicked and selected to show in “Finder” or “Windows Explorer”. A window will open where the file we need is located, but in a different format. m4a, and you need the m4ar format. The new version of iTunes will offer you the option to show the track in the “Finder” for MacOs or show it through Windows Explorer.
  • To change the file format, you need to go to the “Control Panel” in the Windows OS through the “Start” menu. Next, find the line “Folder Options”, and in the top panel of the window that opens, select the “View” category. Closer to the bottom, find the line “Hide extensions for registered file types” and uncheck it. Then save the changes.
  • Now you can start renaming the file type m4a to m4ar. To do this, right-click on the file, select the “Rename” line and the desired file format.
  • Drag the m4ar media file with the future ringtone to any place convenient for you on your computer.
  • Finally, we start solving the question of how to install a ringtone on an iPhone via iTunes. This process depends on the version of iTunes installed:
  • For version 10 and below. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Now drag your ringtone into the iTunes folder called “Ringtone” located under the “Sounds” section. Now put a tick in front of “Synchronize ringtones”, confirm your actions using the active “Apply” button. After the synchronization process, already in the gadget itself, go to the Sounds / Ringtones category and set the track you created instead of the standard call sound.
  • In iTunes 10 through 12.6, the Sounds folder is hidden, so you have to dig a little. There are several ways to make a folder visible. For example, right-click on the iTunes menu and select the “Edit Menu” category, and then check the box next to the “Sounds” item, and transfer your media file to the folder that appears.

You can also open the hidden folder “Sounds” if you go to iTunes in the directory “Edit-Settings-General” and check the box next to “Sounds”. If the track cannot be dragged into the appeared folder as standard, and copying via the mouse does not work, then try copying and pasting the music file using the keyboard shortcuts: “CtrV” / “CtrC”. Now connect your iPhone, sync and transfer the file to your gadget.

  • In versions of iTunes 12.7, you must first connect the iPhone, as soon as the synchronization process starts, drag the file with the track to the device section and the iPhone subcategory, or copy the keyboard shortcut “CtrV” / “CtrC” into the same category. Now grab your gadget, go to Settings-Sounds-Ringtone and make your track your iPhone ringtone.

There is nothing difficult in installing a new ringtone on a gadget from Apple, although, of course, you have to tinker. Perhaps it can be done faster with the help of third-party programs.

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 App

Paid application Softorino YouTube Converter 2, which is designed specifically for converting and downloading ringtones on the iPhone, and also allows you to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram and another 62 web resources.

In this application, you can upload a musical composition, process it, crop it to the size you need and, of course, transfer it to your gadget, automatically synchronizing. It is free to check the program for performance, you can only within 24 hours, then you will have to pay about 20 USD.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

How to reject an incoming call on iPhone (smartphone screen is locked)

If the gadget is locked, then instead of the buttons, the ill-fated “Answer” slider appears, which some users try in vain to swipe forward, and then return it back to reset the call. In fact, the on-screen controls will not help in this case. this is done for security reasons to avoid accidental taps in your

To reset the call, you need to use the physical buttons. one press on the Side button or the volume keys will switch the smartphone to vibration mode (turn off the sound), after which pressing the Side button again will drop the incoming call (or just double-click on the Side button).

How to reset an incoming call on iPhone (smartphone screen is unlocked)

If at the time of the call you are using the device (that is, the smartphone is unlocked and is not in sleep mode), then the reset problem is actually not relevant, there are two buttons on the screen. “Reject” and “Answer”, the first is just responsible for canceling the call.

How to Reset (Reject) an Incoming Call on iPhone: 3 Ways

Almost every new iPhone user is faced with one primitive, at first glance, problem. how to drop a call if there is only an Answer slider on the screen? In fact, there are as many as three ways to reject an incoming call, which we will discuss in this material.

How to Properly Reset iPhone to factory default

So, to begin with, let’s deal with the call screen interface, which has practically not changed functionally since the first models of the device.

How to reject an incoming call on iPhone using Remind me later

There is a third way to reject a call at an inopportune time or from an unwanted subscriber. using the “Remind” function. The corresponding on-screen button is available in the call screen interface in any case (when calling both a sleeping and an unlocked phone). In this case, the Reminders will keep a record that you were going to call back the “dropped” subscriber.

Reject a call on iPhone (if blocked)

Okay, your iPhone is locked, they call you. Only three buttons are visible on the screen: accept a call, remind, and a message. The problem does not seem to be real at all. But the catch lies in the fact that you need to reject the call not on the screen, but using the side button.

In this situation, you need to knock down the call with a side button. If you double-click on it, the call will reject itself. If you press the volume down button, the sound of the incoming call will stop (the iPhone itself will go into vibration mode), and pressing the same button again will drop the call.

As conceived by Apple, this “function” should prevent accidental clicking on “Reject call” if the iPhone is in your After a few calls, you get used to this feature and just don’t feel such discomfort. Although the thing really saves when the phone is in your and you need to drop the call without reaching Athos.

How to Reset an Incoming Call on iPhone

If you bought yourself an iPhone for the first time after using Android for a long time, you may have an elementary, but depressing problem: how to drop a call on an iPhone, if there is essentially only a slide with an “Answer” interface. We solve this problem in three ways.

Drop call on iPhone (if not blocked)

Perhaps this is the most elementary way. Because when the device is used by you and someone calls. the call pop-up window itself offers to either accept the call or reject it.

In order to ignore the call, you just need to press the red button. And the incoming call will stop, and your annoying caller will receive a notification that you are busy.

In fact, it is very convenient that the system understands that you are using an iPhone and can quickly drop an incoming call.

Resetting a call with Remind

In addition to these two methods, you can also drop the call with the “Remind” button, which is located on your iPhone, regardless of whether it is blocked or not. Only in this case you will need to choose when the system should remind you to call back the subscriber.

IOS 14 features

As much as we hope, in iOS 14, Apple did not add the ability to swipe away the lock screen call with the red button. Nevertheless, it became possible to ignore the call push notification simply by swiping it up.

We hope that our tutorial was useful to you. Do not forget that if you cannot answer a call on your iPhone or reject it using the side button. you need to contact the iLab service center and diagnose your device.

How to Drop / Reject an Incoming Call on iPhone?

If you are reading this page, then for sure you are now holding a brand new iPhone and now you have a lot of questions about using it.

One of these issues is exactly the usual reset of an incoming call on your device. The function is for sure one of the most vital in any phone.

So that you can understand everything, I will give examples on situations from life. There will be as many situations as there are opportunities to reject an incoming call on any iPhone.

Situation 4: reject and not call back

There are situations when you are sitting at an important meeting and a large number of calls from one person will be very disturbing. In such a situation, we can use regular SMS. By clicking on the Message on the right, we get three ready-made templates at once: I’m on the way, I’ll call you back later, I can’t speak now.

Or, in the fourth option, Other, we get into a regular SMS dialogue with this person and quickly write the desired text to him.

Situation 2: reject on unlocked iPhone

When you are using the phone and suddenly a call rang, here you can already use the touch-sensitive red button to reject the call. Or, again, press the Power button, which is located on the top or right of your device.

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Situation 3: reset, but remember to call back

This is exactly the situation that the developers of all our favorite manufacturers have foreseen in our iPhone. Let’s say a call has gone on your phone and it doesn’t matter if its state is blocked or not. In both cases, the Remind Me Later option will be available. over, there are three reminder options at once: exactly one hour later, when you leave home, or when you come home.

In the latest iOS (9.3.1), there are only two options: On departure and After 1 hour.

Tips on how to customize sound on iPhone

Sometimes the iPhone volume can “freeze” at the maximum or minimum level for no obvious reason for the average user. Or there are times when the sound level is maximum, and the output volume is still less than it should be and increase, turning on or off the sound on the iPhone becomes problematic. But, there is a solution to the problem with the sound in the phone.

Instructions on how to reset sound settings on iPhone.

So, you can always manually restart your iPhone to reset the volume.

Press and hold the “Sleep” button at the top of the device for four seconds.

Move the slider on the screen to the “Slide to Power Off” position. The screen will turn off or a standby icon will appear and the iPhone will turn off.

Press and hold the Sleep button again for four seconds. Apple logo will appear on the screen at boot.

Check the sound level by simply playing any track (melody).

Useful Tips for Setting Up iPhone Sound.

If the problem persists, try performing a General Reset. Before factory reset, back up your personal data!

If the problem is only about ring volume, try to fix it as follows: Settings Sounds Ring

Also, the iPhone will not ring loudly if a headset is connected to it. The sound will be from the headset, not from the phone speakers.

Chinese phone maker Realme, in an effort to beat the competition, has unveiled a 5G compatible mobile phone for around 146. Realme is going to use new 5G phones to increase its share in the mobile market.

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How to Reset iPhone To Factory Default

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There are no such codes! Regarding the silent mode. It is necessary to change the upper train. Speaker, speaker cable, may have come off when dropped. About the awful sound, I can suggest to put the usual headphones. If it does not help, do not fully insert the connector, if the sound is good, at least in one ear, then the top cable for replacement!

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I have not yet decided exactly where you can get your iPhone repaired. If I don’t find where a good iPhone warranty workshop is, then I’ll probably have to repair the iPhone at Gorbushka or Kievskaya.

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If the problem has appeared recently, then perhaps the case lies around the phone system. Well, as one of the intended options. After all, most people don’t think of it that way, iPhone. it is a computer that is in your hand or in your And while it certainly doesn’t look like a home computer or laptop, as it does similar devices, sometimes you need to reboot or even reset all iPhone settings to fix problems. Before any action, as advised above, you need to back up your phone data!

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In general, a factory reset means a lot of different things. This can be a basic restart, a more complete reset, or sometimes even deleting all content from the iPhone so that it works like a freshly purchased one and / or restores from a backup.

Help me please. Son gave iPhone SE? I tried to figure it out on my own, accidentally connected, apparently, the Touch Adaptation function with sound. Now he just says something quickly when he touches it, but I can’t turn it off or go to Settings to disable this function. What to do?

This is a very useful tip, thanks! In my cases, even if the volume was turned on at full volume, the sound came out lower than I know what the iPhone is capable of. When something happened, I tried to reset the iPhone volume like this. He turned off the phone completely and then turned it back on. After the phone has rebooted. the rebooted iPhone returned to its normal volume settings. Somehow it was.

I wonder who else besides me can hear distorted sound from the iPhone 8 speaker? Share a secret or what do you think is the best way to fix such sound problems? Thank you!

I am doing an iPhone reset by rebooting and resetting to factory settings. For me, holding the buttons until the screen on the iPhone goes black and the Apple logo reappears is as easy as restarting the computer after a crash. As they say, one reset will solve a lot of troubles! 🙂

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Factory reset and hard reset Apple iPhone

Well, friends, it’s time to get rid of the contents of our iPhone. If earlier, using the instructions for beginners, we filled the phone with various information (games, music, photos, movies), now we will learn how to quickly get rid of all files and settings, returning the device to its original state. Today we will consider resetting all information Apple iPhone with iOS 7. But if you do not have a phone, but an iPod touch player or an iPad tablet computer, then you can also perform a full reset using the instructions below.

We will erase all information from the iPhone by means of the phone itself, namely the section. Reset. In addition to completely resetting information, we will consider other types of reset available in the settings of any iPhone, iPod or iPad, which are also useful. The method considered today is not the only one, just as quickly you can erase absolutely everything from the iPhone in another way. using the recovery procedure in iTunes. There is also a third way. remote reset.

To be honest, today’s reset I am doing for you, our reader, a lot of information has accumulated in my iPhone, which I do not want to delete at all. In general, I advise you to use a reset or a full reset:

  • When your device is about to have a new owner
  • After lots of experimentation and testing of thousands of applications
  • Reset sometimes we help in case of iOS firmware failures

Since I need my information, I will do the following before resetting:

Now I’m ready to perform a hard reset. Before we start, you need to know that immediately after the reset, we need a Wi-Fi access point or iTunes installed on the computer with Internet access. Although mobile internet will probably do too. Another very important feature for iPhone owners is that the phone must be officially unlocked. If you have a locked model, then do not reset. But iPad and iPod touch users have nothing to fear. here we go.

The first thing you need is a good level of battery charge, if you do not have 100% charge, then it is better to connect the iPhone to power.

We put it on charge, now go to the standard “Settings” application, select the “Basic” section. Scroll to the very bottom, there is the “Reset” section. Here we see the following types of reset:

  • Reset all settings
  • Erase content and settings
  • Reset network settings
  • Reset keyboard dictionary
  • Reset Home Settings
  • Reset location warnings

Let’s analyze the first three types of the most popular faults:

Factory reset Apple iPhone

The very first is “Reset All Settings”, a very handy thing when you need to reset all iPhone settings without losing information in your phone.

Click the Reset all settings button, a notification appears:

Are you sure you want to continue? All settings will be reset. Information and media will remain.

Confirm the reset with a few more clicks. Reset all settings. The reset procedure takes less than a minute, it applies all the initial settings to the iPhone, including among standard applications, alarms are also lost, but applications, music, photos, contacts and videos remain in place. Safari bookmarks and calendar notes are also intact.

Hard reset iPhone content

The second button from the top “Erase content and settings”, allows you not only to reset the settings, but also to erase all data from the iPhone or other device. Very useful when selling or donating a used gadget.

If you want to delete everything from the iPhone. click the Erase content and settings button, we see a warning:

Are you sure you want to continue? All media files, data and settings will be erased. This action is irreversible.

A couple of times we confirm with the button. “Erase iPhone“. The phone turned off and after 2 minutes turned on again, in some cases the reset procedure may take longer, it all depends on the model and the amount of memory filled.

Important! When buying a used iPhone, before paying, always reset with the button. Erase content and settings, this will allow you to avoid, in the future, a possible activation lock.

After turning on, the iPhone asked for activation, during which we needed the Internet (Wi-Fi or iTunes on a computer with Internet access). During activation, the iPhone is gossiping about something and connecting to Apple’s servers. Accordingly, without the Internet, a completely reset iPhone cannot be started. iPhone or iTunes suggested to me: Set up iPhone as new or Restore from backup, I chose the former. Upon completion of all stages of activation, we get a clean, empty iPhone, where not a trace of the previous owner remains. We tried to find anything in the iPhone, but nothing was left, the “Erase content and settings” button deleted everything:

Reset network settings

Resetting network settings is also sometimes used by ordinary users. Helps when iPhone refuses to connect to a configured Wi-Fi hotspot or problems with mobile Internet settings. If iPhone cannot find the network of the mobile operator, for example, when you inserted a SIM card from another service provider, then this reset sometimes helps. In general, if you have any network problems, try this reset. Doesn’t touch information and other settings.

In today’s example, we learned how to make a full reset of the iPhone, and looked at other types of reset. Well, tomorrow I will try to return all my discarded information back to my phone by restoring from a backup.

How to disable the second line

Information on how to disable the second line on iPhone will also be helpful. All parallel calls will be transferred to voicemail or a busy signal will be set.

To disable “Call waiting” in the settings, you need to reset the slider to the off position or contact the operator and he will do it on his own, disabling the withdrawal of money.

If after setting the settings, no changes occurred, you need to restart the smartphone.

The function can be turned on and off several times as needed.

New iPhone users sometimes encounter a situation when, while talking on the phone, they are called on the second mowing line, but they do not see or hear it.

As a result, some even mistakenly begin to believe that the iPhone does not have a “call waiting” function, but this is not so, it just needs to be activated, if for some reason it is not enabled by default.

To learn how to turn on the second line on the iPhone, read this instruction.

For those who are not familiar with this feature of their phone, we will briefly talk about it. The call waiting function is really very convenient. you will not miss a call even if you are currently talking with another subscriber.

On the iPhone, as in most other phones, when during a conversation with the other person you receive a call on the second mowing line, you can choose one of three options:

  • drop the incoming call and continue the conversation with the previous subscriber;
  • answer an incoming call and put the previous conversation on hold (to return to it later);
  • answer an incoming call and drop the current conversation, if you have already agreed with the previous subscriber.

Connecting a second line or the so-called “call waiting” on your phone is quite simple, for this you just need to put one slider in the settings in the “On” position.

How to turn on the second line on the iPhone

To make the listed features available, you must enable the second line in the settings. The procedure is performed in several stages:

  • Enter Settings.
  • Find the item “Phone”.
  • When you navigate, a list of items opens, from which you should select “Call Waiting”.
  • Set the slider to the active position. move it to the right.

This feature is already active on some devices. To check this, you can ask a friend to call during a conversation.

Some operators make the service paid, and if switching the slider did not help, you need to call the hot line and clarify the information.

Call Waiting

Before turning on the 2 line on the iPhone, you need to study the “Call Waiting” function, it helps to see a new incoming call during a call.

When calling on the second line, the actions can be as follows:

Put the conversation on hold and start a dialogue with the second interlocutor

Cancel a call or switch it to an answering machine, which is the same as dropping a call on an iPhone

End the conversation with the first interlocutor and answer the second call

IPhone Call Waiting

Many smartphones have the function of switching the call to the second line. With its help, you can put the conversation with the interlocutor “on hold” and at the same time answer another incoming call. Let’s see how to enable second line on iPhone.

Rejecting a call and sending a call to the answering machine

Do one of the following:

If iPhone is unlocked, tap Decline.

If iPhone is locked, quickly press the Side button or the Sleep / Wake button (depending on the iPhone model) twice in a row.

On EarPods, press and hold the Center button until you hear two quiet beeps.

To set a reminder to call back, tap Remind and choose when you want to be reminded.

To answer the call with a text message, tap Message, then select a reply or tap Compose.

To create your own standard replies, go to Settings Phone Reply with a message, tap any of the standard messages and change its text.

Note. In some regions, rejecting a call disconnects the call without sending it to voicemail.

Enabling a second line cutter on iPhone

It’s all. Now the second line of your iPhone is activated and you will not miss a single important call, even if you are busy talking with another interlocutor.

To all of the above, it should be added that for some operators the call waiting function may be disabled on their side or even be a paid service. In this case, the slider for enabling call waiting will be inactive, and to activate the service, you need to contact your mobile operator.

If you see the message “Failed to save Call Waiting setting”, try restarting your phone. If this does not help, check the availability of the service with the operator. If the operator says that the service is available to you, reset your phone settings. in this case, the option appears in 100% of cases.

In the Phone app, you can answer an incoming call, mute the call, or reject an incoming call. You can also reply with a text message or set a reminder to call back.

iPhone protects you from unknown and unwanted callers by automatically directing them to your answering machine. Only calls from numbers that are saved in the Contacts, Mail and Messages applications are transferred directly to the phone.