How to Reset Google Account on Samsung Phone

Forgot Google account on Samsung phone

What to do if forgot Google account on Android after factory reset? The answer to this question is quite simple: bypass the system. This can be done in several ways. Let’s consider two of the most simple and reliable ones. They allow you to switch to using devices, bypassing the protection of Google.

Important! If you remember the email address that was attached to the device, just enter it when you turn on the phone and recover the password in any convenient way.

Step-by-step instruction

After completing Factory Reset, the phone will certainly ask you to attach a Google account. On some devices, you can skip this step, but this is very rare. To bypass authorization, if the system does not allow it, you need to hold down the link to the privacy policy when setting up the device. Then:

  • Open it in a browser.
  • Click on the toggle button and open the Google search bar at the top of the screen.
  • Open the settings by entering the corresponding request.
  • In the settings, find the security tab, and inside. reset DRM licenses.
  • Reset DRM.

This method works with many devices, although not all.

Typically, a Google Account is bypassed to further restore synced information. The user simply bypasses the authorization in the account, in order to then restore contacts, Play Market data, mail and so on. But Android smartphones can have multiple Google accounts attached. Therefore, if the old account is forgotten, you can not bypass the system, but simply create a new mail.

resetting Samsung account password on mobile

Step 1. Visit in your browser, click “Login” and then click “Forgot your ID or password”.

Step 2. Click the Reset Password tab, enter your Samsung Account ID and Security Code in the appropriate fields. Then click “NEXT” to continue.

Step 3. Create a new tab in your browser and access your email address associated with your Samsung account ID. Redirect the Samsung account password recovery page by clicking on the link in the email from Samsung.

Step 4. Enter and confirm the new password on the reset page. Then you can re-login to Samsung account on your mobile device and access any service.

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Today I will tell you a simple way to bypass the FRP blocking (Google account block) on modern Samsung phones.

To do this, it is enough to install a working SIM card in the phone, and from another phone, using the hashsms program, send the prepared SMS to the locked phone.

After that, the YouTube mobile application will appear on the locked Samsung, using which, depending on the Android version, it is quite easy to bypass the lock.

part 2. Forgot Samsung Account. How to Recover Samsung Account ID

Once you add your Samsung account to your device, you can access various services again without logging in. It’s comfortable; however, it also increases the likelihood that you will forget your account. When you find you have lost your Samsung Account ID, don’t panic and follow the steps below to recover your Samsung Account ID in less than three minutes.

recover Samsung account id on your phone

Step 1. Unlock your Samsung device and open the Apps screen. Go to “Settings” “General” “Accounts” on your phone.

Advice. Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Select the Samsung account to recover from the list; click on the “Forgot your ID or password” link and then open the “Forgot your ID” screen.

Step 3. Leave your first name, last name and birthday in each box; and click “Confirm”. After a few seconds, your Samsung Account ID will be restored to the screen.

reset, google, account, samsung, phone

Step 1. Login into the address bar of any browser and press the “Enter” key to open the site. Then click on “Login” in the upper right corner and then click on the link “Forgot your ID / password”.

Step 2. On the Samsung account recovery page, go to the Find ID tab. And you will be required to enter your first name, last name and birthday which are associated with your Samsung account.

Step 3. After that, click the “Confirm” button. Samsung will start searching for the Account ID based on the information you provided. Then it will show you the id matches.

Bypass Google Account on ALL Samsung. New way! : 65 comments

Greetings! Tell me I can not bypass frp in any of your ways sm a520f / ds Android8.
The odin3 program does not see the gadget, but sees other samsungs. SMS push writes SMS is sent but it does not come to a5 I do everything as shown in the video I don’t understand what is the problem? If possible, I ask you for help, can you tell me something in advance I am grateful to you

Hello. Write to me in WhatsApp, I will try to help.

It does not work in the applications of Samsung j5 prime 2016 I do not google account is not there

Hello. So this item can be skipped.

help unblock the Google account on the phone samsung A3 2016 there mine 5 Android did a new way on video, apk file 1.5 did not turn on and 1.6 did but it was not possible to press open

1.5 or 1.6 are Google account managers. They cannot be opened. These are updates. After them, put 2.APK, run, and everything will work out.

Hello, give me the tsap number, I’ll write you pzh

Good day. Model G-390F. Android 8.1, second bootloader. When you click on 1.6.ark, a white window pops up, which you can only close, and then throws it to the start page. Can you give any advice on how to remove frp in such a situation? I can throw off how it looks. thank

When I save 1 APK file, it says that “open the file” and before that it is proposed to rename and save it (the version of “my files” is newer than the campaign) what to do in this case?

Hello. Have you tried this instruction?

Hello. Alas, I don’t understand Ukrainian, SMS doesn’t work, or is it not sent? If it is not correct, write to me in Wotsap, I will send it to you.

Hello, I followed your instructions, everything went well until the moment where you need to install frprom, does not install, but writes ‘analysis synthesis error’ something like that? I don’t know what to do next

Hello. And what is your exact phone model and Android version?

Hello, thanks for your instructions, but for me (Samsung j5 prime) everything worked out until the frprom file was installed, when I select from the download it says ‘error while parsing the package’ what to do?

Can’t see SIM card only emergency call USB flash drive also does not see the computer I connect only charging is in progress after bypassing Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 8.0

Good day. You helped me a lot with this problem, thanks. Now a question from the past is relevant. The phone hangs on the download page and does not go further. Time of wines does not see the system. What to do. Samsung Galaxy note2.

Hello Samsung j2 I’m checking the connection it is interrupted and writes skip I miss and the notification that without WI-FI I can not install the protection of the bodies if I press the protection of the phone then further check and throws it back to protection but WI-FI is connected to j2 in general pushCmc,?

Hello, help with sending a message, on the sending phone it says that the message has been delivered, but it does not come to the blocked one, more precisely, it seems that the SMS came but tel. Doesn’t show it to me. I also tried to flash the firmware according to your instructions, downgrade Android from 8 to 6. model SM-G935F. When flashing through odin3, it knocks out the “binary 3” error along the way due to the fact that the model is G935F S3 and in the files you provide for the firmware, instead of S3, U1 is indicated. Please tell me where to download the appropriate firmware. Thank you in advance.

Does not work. It lights up that the SMS has been sent, but there is nothing on the locked phone. Galaxy a7 phone.

Hello Mikhail, I dropped my huawei y6 prime with the security patch from 11/01/2018, all attempts to unlock ended in failure, even in 9008 / edl mode it did not help. I gave up, went to the service, they said that only through the programmer you can throw it off, is it so?

I can’t use one of the ways, because you upload a file to Yandex, in which access for Ukraine is limited and even VPN does not help.

phone oukitel c12pro 8.1 Android help bypass Google account my daughter registered in the new phone and forgot everything, tried to reset the factory settings, but nothing helps

Hello. I’m afraid that for this I need such a phone, but nowhere to take it now.

Hello, I have a Samsung a310f 2016 Android 7, I went through YouTube with great difficulty, because there is no longer a link to YouTube on. and after I click to enter the YouTube account I press the keyboard opens, but it does not print. What to do help.

Hello. Lenovo tab4 7 tb-7504x needs root rights
To change ttl. Tell me how, I tried it
a bunch of programs, on android 7 they do not roll.
I will not stay in debt.

Good day. Problem with SM-G935FD. Everything is going fine until 1.6.APK and 2apk are installed. 1.6 is not installed at all, but 2 is installed, but when you open the application, it immediately throws out “an error occurred. Do you want to restart the application? ” and so. spinning a carousel. Maybe there is some other option?

Hello. You can see the current Android version?

Hello, I tried several of your methods. none is suitable. The problem arises when you give the command to download files. a white window pops up with one CLOSE button and you are returned to the original Google account entry. Samsung Galaxe J7 Duos phone. Please answer. why is downloading files blocked??

Good morning. SMS is not sent, writes Generic failure. Could you give your WhatsApp to contact you, or send an SMS with Hushsms to 380636513012. I would be very grateful to you.

Good morning, when sending SMS, I get the error “Generic failure”.

Hello. Write to me in Votsap. I will send you an SMS.

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If you have a Samsung device like Galaxy S8 / S8 / Note 8 or Galaxy Tab A / Tab S2 / Tab S3 / Tab 10 and others, you’re in luck as Samsung offers various services through Samsung account. And when you forget about it, you have to restore your Samsung account to access these services. Similar to a Google account, mostly required on most Android phones, a Samsung account is an integral part of owning a Samsung smartphone or tablet. Considering that Samsung account is very important for customers, we will tell you how to recover Samsung account if you forgot your Samsung account ID or password.

  • What is Samsung Account?
  • Forgot Samsung Account. How to Recover Samsung Account ID
  • Forgot Samsung Password. How to Reset Samsung Account Password
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Sign out of your Google account from another device

This can be useful if the phone was lost or you gave it away yourself, but forgot to unlink your account. This operation is better done than changing the account password altogether, remembering it again.

Go to the address. Find your machine in the list, click on the ellipsis icon in the upper right part and click on “Exit”. Or first open to see other details, for example, where the device is at the moment.

A message will appear. “You are signed out, but some applications may still have access.” Open the link. Configure App Access.

Interesting! You can also untie your device by performing a factory reset on Android. It is better to do this if you are going to give your device to someone for permanent use, for example, before selling.

Sign out of Google Account on Android

You can sign out of your Google account on your Android phone or tablet at any time. This is done in the device settings in just a couple of clicks.

Let’s consider in detail and in pictures how to do this for all versions of Android and for popular models of smartphones and tablets.

You already know how to enable T9 on Android. Today we will analyze in detail how to remove a Google account on an Android phone or tablet quickly, so that it is no longer tied to the device at all.

Interesting! Follow this instruction no matter what brand of smartphone or tablet you have: Samsung, Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi or other. Everything is done the same way, in any case, only the names of the menu items will differ slightly.

How to sign out of Google Account on Android phone and tablet

Open the settings and go to the “Accounts” section, it may also be called “Accounts”. it depends on the device model and its launcher.

Log into your Google account and open its management menu by clicking on the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner. Here we need a point. deletions. If there is no ellipsis icon. then look for the delete button at the bottom of the screen of the same page. scroll it to the end.

Interesting! On Android devices, to sign out of your Google account, you need to completely remove it from the device. Therefore, the item is called. delete, and not exit or log out.

Confirm the action, after that the smartphone will become unlinked from your Google Account, if you want to add it again. do it here, in the same menu.

Interesting! The account is deleted only from the device itself, and not from the servers of Google itself. You can use it at any time, for example, from a computer or from another Android device.

After you untie your device from Google services, they will work fine, just some of the functions that these services provide will not be there. In any case, in order to experience all the delights of Android, it is still worth tying.

Method 2

The new way to figure out how to reset your Google account on Honor is a bit like the previous one. Need to:

  • put a SIM card in a smartphone and call it;
  • reply to the incoming one and select the “add” action;
  • enter the special code ###;
  • wait for the extended menu to open;
  • click “back”;
  • go to the subsection “recovery and reset”;
  • disable backup and all found items with mention of recovery;
  • save the changes and confirm the actions;
  • press the button offering to restore the factory parameters (default);
  • log in to your account.

Method 5

The fifth option to reset your Google Huawei account (aum l29, aum l41, dra lx2, etc.) requires a Wi-FI connection. If the user has already connected, there will remain:

  • enter your email address;
  • click on the offer to share contacts and go to messages;
  • specify the number 112 as the recipient (the text can be any);
  • send a message;
  • wait for a notification indicating the impossibility of SMS delivery;
  • open a message and press the call key;
  • wait for the transition to another application and enter the previously mentioned request ###;
  • after that, in the menu that opens, go to the settings and reset the parameters to the base level;
  • the last step will be to confirm actions.

Method 4

The next method is very similar to the previous one. The only difference is that you will have to reset (reset) in advance, and you need to download the ADB RUN utility (it is easy to find it on thematic sites and forums dedicated to y6 prime, 8x and other smartphone models). After that, it remains to connect the device to the computer and run the downloaded program and write:

  • adb shell content insert –uri content: // settings / secure –bind name: s: user_setup_complete –bind value: s: 1
  • adb shell am start –n /
  • adb shell am start –

How to Reset Google Account on Huawei Phone after Hard Reset?

It is important to emphasize that in 2021 there are 2 main approaches that allow you to access the phone after a hard reset:

  • official;
  • informal.

It is recommended to use the first option first, as it eliminates the fuss and is simple. Informal actions are provided for cases when legal solutions were powerless and the user did not gain access to the device.

Method 3

The third method of bypassing a Google account after a reset will require:

  • download drivers for Android and Fastboot in advance;
  • connect your phone to your computer;
  • put it into Bootloader mode;
  • enter a command to unlock and cancel existing restrictions.

It is recommended to try 4 types of commands in sequence:

  • fastboot oem clean_frp;
  • fastboot erase persistent;
  • fastboot erase frp;
  • fastboot erase config.

After the introduction of the commands, it remains to follow the instructions to prepare Honor for work.

Method 1

  • insert a new SIM card into the smartphone;
  • call her from any available phone;
  • accept an incoming call and press “add new”;
  • open the “phone” application and enter any numbers;
  • add the resulting number to an existing account;
  • enter information about the desired Google profile;
  • save the resulting contact;
  • reboot the system.

Usually, the described actions are enough to restore the operation of the device and access the main functions of the device.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

FRP Official Reset

The simplest method of solving the problem and restoring access will require:

  • turning on the device;
  • logging into your old Google account;
  • reset frp via settings menu.

An alternative approach requires authorization in the Google account through a computer or laptop and unlinking the smartphone there.

Additionally, a third option is provided, which is optimal for people who have only recently purchased a phone. You need to re-visit the communication salon and ask for the help of the managers working there.

How to Reset Google Account on Huawei / Honor Phone: New Way to Bypass FRP

How to reset a Google account on Huawei. craftsmen have come up with a lot of ways to bypass the blocking. It is impossible to understand in advance which of the proposed approaches will be effective and will help to circumvent the limitations. Therefore, users will have to act by trial and error, consistently testing various methods to reset an account tied to a smartphone. One of them will allow you to achieve the desired result.

How to bypass google account on phone after reset

D G Unlocker, works in any Android phone. It is able to unlock almost all Android phones and is very easy to use. It is a versatile FRP bypass tool as it allows you to unlink google any phone.

Therefore, you need to install it on your computer. After successful installation, you can remove or bypass Google Account verification from anyone, Motorola, Huawai, HTC and Lenovo.

If you have forgotten your Google credentials and the system asks google authenticator “Account Verification”, you can overcome this situation if you enter them correctly those that were synced on this device before.

If you don’t, then the tool I provide is a one-stop solution, since it supports all types of mobile Android brands and you just need to follow a few steps on any device.

One-stop way to bypass Google account verification after reset

Do you want to bypass Google account after factory reset in your phone Samsung, Honor 7, Huawei, fly, ASUS, micromax, Xiaomi, huawei, prestige grace, blackview, homtom

There is such an opportunity only if you look on the Internet for how to bypass Google blocking after a reset, then, as a rule, either the method does not work there, or narrowly targeted.

For example, for Samsung j3 one, for ixion es950 second, for micromax q402 third, for blackview p6000 fourth, for honor fifth, for prestigio q3 sixth, for homtom s8 eighth, for huawei p30 ninth

In this tutorial, I will show you one way to bypass Google protection after a reset on almost all phones at once, including Android 7.0 or the latest Android 9.

What do you need? To bypass the Google account login, you will need to download the FRP Lock Bypass Tool D G Unlocker Tool below.

With its help, it will not be difficult to bypass the check. As a rule, she manages to quickly bypass the security system.

How to bypass Google account after hard reset

First download FRP Lock Bypass Tool D G Unlocker Tool on your computer. Now install D G Unlock Tool on PC and run it.

Now reboot your locked FRP device and turn on Wi-Fi on it and Google will come to the stage when it asks you to “verify Google account”.

Next, connect your phone to your PC. Then in the title select the brand of the phone.

Now click on “Read info” to identify your smartphone first.

Next, you can see the full information in the D G message window (as in the picture, I connected Samsung a3 for example).

Now go to the “Archivos” tab and choose any way to bypass FRP blocking, for example SideSync, Nova Launcher, Bypass Remover.

For example, if you click “Side Sync”, it will ask you to install SydeSync on your computer to bypass FRP blocking. Just go ahead and install sydesync correctly.

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Now disconnect and reconnect your FRP device to your computer and click “Read info”.

This time, click on “Remover FRP Samsung” and unlock FRP on any device (this is the case with my example, if you have a different manufacturer, it will be different).

NOTE: when installing the program, you will need a password, you will find it in the archive (in a text file).

The program is only in Spanish, so I recommend using any online translator. I used a Samsung phone as an example. ATTENTION: whoever fails, write in the comments the exact name of the phone model, and I will provide you with individual instructions.

How do I reset the settings on “Samsung” to factory settings? Instructions

When using any technique, people often have various problems, because of which they involuntarily want to rewind time and not make this or that mistake. Fortunately, this does not apply to mobile gadgets. Knowing how to reset the settings on “Samsung”, you can roll back all changes to the basic (factory) settings and start using your phone or tablet from scratch.

The first way

So, we finally got to the method of how to reset “Samsung” to factory settings. There are two ways to solve this problem.

  • Turn on your phone.
  • Enter device settings.
  • Next, you need either “General”, or immediately the “Archive and reset” item. In rare cases, it can be “Confidentiality”.
  • After that select, respectively, “Reset device”. Item description may differ depending on phone firmware.
  • Next, you need to click “Delete all” or “Reset device”.
  • After that, the gadget will restart. As with the first startup of any device, it may take a little longer than usual.

Thus, you can easily delete all your data and fix a number of software errors.

Second way

If your gadget hangs at the boot stage, you can use the “hard reset” through the system menu. To do this, you need to do the following.

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press three buttons on the device at the same time. “power”, “sound up” and “home” (center button on the panel). In some cases, you don’t need to press the third button.
  • After the gadget starts up and the “Samsung” logo appears, release the power button, but continue to hold the rest.
  • If the menu does not appear, then try another key combination.
  • In the Recovery menu, use the volume buttons to control the pointer and find the item Wipe Data or Factory reset.
  • Use the power button to confirm.
  • Click Yes to confirm.
  • In this case, the device will not turn off. After deleting the data, you will be returned to the main menu, where you will have to select the Reboot system now item.

Account deleting

Despite the fact that we are considering the question of how to reset the settings on “Samsung” in a quick way, there are a few things that will have to be done manually. As we found out above, in order for the data to be completely cleared, on “Android” version 5.1, you need to manually demolish the “Google” account. How to do it?

  • Go to the settings in a way you already know.
  • Next, you need the “Cloud.” Some models may not have it.
  • Then you need “Accounts”.
  • Choosing a Google account.
  • Press the “Menu” button of the phone or “Options” on the screen.
  • Tap “Delete Account”.

You can now delete your Samsung phone settings. How exactly to do this, we will describe below.

Remote reset

If you have lost your gadget and do not want someone to use your data, you can remotely wipe your phone. This option is also possible. But only on condition that the gadget remains turned on and with an active Internet.

  • Go to the main page of “Google” and log into your account.
  • Then open the app drawer and click “My Account”.
  • Next, you need to select “Phone search”. Despite the name, tablets are also easily detected.
  • Select the desired device and select “Delete all data”.

After that, you will need to re-enter your account password. If double authorization is enabled, instead of SMS, you can send a confirmation letter to your mail.


What else needs to be done before resetting “Samsung” to factory settings? Synchronize your contacts first.

  • Go to phone settings and select Google account.
  • Then specify “Sync”.
  • Synchronize all the data you need. This way you can restore all contacts and files on another device.

Before you restore the factory settings of “Samsung Galaxy”, you can reset all data from the flash drive to the corporate cloud. This operation is carried out all in the same tab of the “Cloud and accounts” settings. If you do not have access to the Samsung cloud, you can use Yandex.Disk or Google Drive. Remember that if you use data encryption for a flash drive, then when you reset to factory settings, “Samsung” will delete the access key (decryptor) and the data will become inaccessible. So be sure to copy them to the cloud.

In addition to the above method, you can also use backup and restore. This method will also require you to be connected to the Internet and is no different from cloud storage.

Important information

Before resetting the settings to “Samsung”, be sure to check the version of your operating system (“Android”). The fact is that starting from version 5.1 “Google” has implemented an anti-theft system in its product. It lies in the fact that if the user does not delete his Google account in advance, then after returning to the basic configuration he will not be able to turn on the device until he enters the old data.

  • Turn on the device and go to the main menu.
  • Then you need to go to “Settings”.
  • Now we are interested in the “About device” tab
  • Scroll down the screen and find the line with the version of “Android”.

Removing an account from a device

First, let’s look at a case when you need to delete an account from your smartphone or tablet. Remember, in this case, the account itself is not deleted, you, roughly speaking, go through de-authorization in order, for example, to log in using another account.

Find the “Settings” icon and click on it.

In the menu, find the subsection “Accounts” and click on the Google icon, as shown in the screenshot.

You will now see your account. Click on it.

Now you need to click on the menu button. It can be located both in the current window and displayed when you click on the button below the screen, as in our case. In the menu, click “Delete account”.

How to Delete Google Account on Android Phone?

Many users often ask how to delete a Google account on a smartphone or tablet? The question is twofold: the point is that you can delete an account directly from the device, or you can delete it altogether. Let’s analyze both cases in detail.

That’s all. Please note that deleting an account will result in the loss of all data associated with it, including contacts.

The circuit is almost the same on all devices with a few exceptions.

Deleting an account completely and permanently

In this case, we will consider the situation when you delete your account completely, including all data. It cannot be restored, which means that you perform all actions strictly at your own peril and risk.!

Go through authorization on the website enter your username and password (the same that are used on your device for your Google account).

Next, click on the logo on the right side of the screen and when the menu appears, click on the “My Account” button.

In the “My Account” section, select “Disable services and delete your account“.

Now choose “Delete account and data”.

On the account deletion page, you will see information regarding your data. Including here it will be written that you will no longer be able to use Google services under this account. At the bottom of the window, you need to confirm the deletion of the account, enter the password if necessary. We remind you once again that you should only delete your account if you really do not need it and you do not plan to use it in the future at all. We strongly advise against deleting it.

If you only need to delete an account from an Android device, use the first option.

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How to Delete Google Account on Android if Forgot Password

When it is impossible to restore the access code, but it is necessary to delete the account, there are not so many options for solving the problem.

How to view your Google account password on Android through saved browser passwords

If you cannot log in using standard methods, then there are other options. And although most users know that somewhere in their device there are all saved passwords, if necessary, they are unlikely to be able to find them right away. However, it is quite easy to do this, all modern browsers save information that may be needed in the future.

The browser stores passwords for all applications that the user logged into

To find the password for your Google account in a browser, you need to know a certain sequence of actions:

  • First you need to open Google Chrome. There are three dots in the upper right corner that you need to click on.
  • After that, in the menu that opens, go to the “Settings” item.
  • Here you need to go to the sub-item “Passwords”.
  • As a result, the user will see the entire list of sites that he visited, and passwords from personal accounts. Among them, you must select this is the personal account of the Google account.
  • You must select it, and all the necessary information will appear. password, address, login (name). For obvious reasons, the password will initially be hidden. To view it, you need to click on the eye icon. Then you will be prompted to enter a code from your phone or tablet to make sure that the device did not fall into the hands of fraudsters.

Note! In the menu, it is possible to copy the password to the clipboard, but for this you also have to first enter your code from the device.

In addition to the standard version, the Play Market service offers the ability to install special applications for storing personal data. The most popular and reliable ones are:

  • RoboForm;
  • Last Pass;
  • KeePaSSDroid.
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They work in a similar way. a file is opened in which the necessary ciphers are written. Of course, to enter the application, you must enter a pin code.

Important! By far the most reliable key is the fingerprint. This function is available in almost all modern smartphones.

Second recovery method

Sometimes a situation may arise when additional mail is also lost. Thus, you will not be able to answer the security question. However, you should not worry ahead of time. you will get back all your photos, contacts and personal data in a different way.

To do this, you need to have a special program on your device. Google Password Decryptor. Its purpose is to search and decrypt all passwords that were used to launch various services and applications. It is very easy to work in it. It is enough to start the program and click the “Start Scanning” button. After that, the process of searching for passwords will begin. Upon completion, the entire list will be available to the user.

The application will help you recover lost ciphers

What you need to restore access to your Google account on Android

If you need to restore access to your account, it is important to remember that it is not so easy to do this. This requires the following information:

  • password or login;
  • additional email that is linked to your account upon registration;
  • phone number specified during the registration process;
  • with two-factor registration, the user will need to enter an additional phone number;
  • secret question and answer.

One account will allow you to log into several projects at once

If additional mail and number were not added, then you will have to go to the settings and go to the “Additional information” section. Here, in the appropriate field, you must specify the email address. If it is difficult to remember the password, then you must select the “Other question” section. Here you will need to specify the month and year when the profile was created.

Important! If you cannot remember this information, then you will not be able to log into your account without providing additional data.

If the main password is lost, then you can try to enter any of those that were previously. Sometimes the system asks you to answer a security question.

The easiest way to regain access

Also, to increase the chances of restoring your profile, you should use the following recommendations:

  • answer the maximum number of additional questions;
  • it is better to log into your account from those devices from which this is done most often. a smartphone, tablet or computer;
  • you need to open the browser that you use most often and restore the profile from the place where you usually log in.

How to find out your Google account password on Android

All owners of Android phones have noticed that when the device first starts up, it asks to create a new Google account. Most are dismissive of this and do not pay special attention. However, a Google account has broad functionality. It is needed to register Gmail mail, log into your YouTube account, Play Store and browser. Therefore, it is very important to remember the password from your personal account. But people often do not pay attention to it, and when they need an account, they cannot log into it. It is necessary to study in advance all the options for how to find out the password from the Google account on Android.

Root rights

Some users manage to get Root rights on their device. This gives them an additional option to delete their Google account. To do this, you need to launch the file manager Root Explorer, find the accounts.db file in it and delete it.

How to find out your Google Account password on Android through password recovery

When the access code is lost, and you need to log into your Google account, the recovery system can help.

Note! Although you can perform this procedure from a mobile device, it is recommended to use a computer, as it has a large number of necessary capabilities.

To restore access to your Google account, you will need to follow this link. Here you need to enter a password from the user, but since you cannot remember it, you will have to click the “Forgot” button. Then the system will be prompted to enter one of those ciphers that were introduced earlier.

If this option worked, then you just need to follow the instructions. Otherwise, you will have to select the “Other method” item. Here the user will be offered many different options with which he will prove that he is the owner of the account. You need to answer one of the following questions:

  • enter first or last name;
  • indicate the phone number used during registration or as a fallback;
  • additional email address;
  • security question answer.

Thus, if at least some information is known, then it is possible to restore access.

Return to initial settings

You can use the function to return the device to its original state. This is required both when you lose your password and before selling the gadget to another person. User information is deleted in several ways. The easiest way is to go to the “Options” menu and in the “Personal data” section to make a backup. However, depending on the phone model, this function may be located in different locations.

Important! It is best to read the user manual in advance.

In any case, you need to press the button. The phone will warn you that all data will be deleted. After confirmation, the rollback process will begin to the original settings. After the reset is complete, you will need to reboot the device.

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If the device itself is also protected by a password, which cannot be remembered, then you can rollback in the following ways:

  • via the Recovery menu. Read more about how to do this in the instructions for the device;
  • find the Reset button on the case and hold it for a long time. In some devices, it is located under the rear panel.

Note! An even more serious option for deleting an account is a complete flashing of the smartphone via a personal computer. In this case, all user data and applications will be deleted.

If it didn’t work out

It happens that something goes wrong and the account cannot be destroyed. This usually happens on the phone. Let’s consider options for solving this problem. After each step, try to delete the account according to the standard instructions (see above). Device may need to be rebooted.

via mobile browser

In a mobile browser, go to Click on the profile icon in the upper corner of the page.

If instead of an icon you have a “Login” button, tap on it and log in.

The control panel will open. Click the Data & Personalization tab and scroll down to the Download, Delete & Scheduling section. Click on “Delete service or account”.

Click the “Delete Account” button in the “Delete Google Account” section.

A message will open stating that all data will be erased. At the bottom of the page, put two checkmarks and click the “Delete account” button.

The system will inform you that the action was successful.

If you have root rights

For this method, full access to the phone through root rights must be open. And also installed a file manager with root support.

  • In the file manager, go to the / data / system directory. On some devices / data / system / users / 0.
  • Find the accounts.db file. Hold your finger on it until the context menu appears and select “Delete”.
  • Reboot the device and try to remove the account according to the standard instructions (see above).

clearing data in applications

Open “Settings”, go to “Applications” or “Applications”.

Display all applications. To do this, at the top, swipe to the right. Select “Google Accounts” from the list.

On a note. On some models, you also need to erase Google Apps data.

How to log out of the account without deleting it

If you need to remove the account from your phone or computer, but you do not want to erase it completely, then you can simply exit it. Then all the data will be saved and the account can be connected at any time.

Deleting a Google Account

In this tutorial, I will show you how to delete your Google account. We will learn how to disable it on the phone and computer, delete it completely or close it temporarily.

by changing the password

This option is fine if the previous method did not work. Since the phone remembers the current password by default, it will automatically log out of the account when it is changed from.

Go to “Settings”. “Accounts”. “Google”.

Open the “Security” tab and click on the “Password” item.

Enter your current password and click “Next”.

Type in the new password and confirmation. Click “Change Password”.

A system exit notification will appear.

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