How to reset iPhone 6 to factory settings

Restoring data from a backup

After the device update is completed, you will have a completely blank iPhone in your hands. To return personal information, it is necessary to restore all data previously saved to a copy. The way how to restore iPhone after reset depends on which method of copying information you have previously selected.

Algorithm of actions for restoring the backup version to icloud.

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Select “Recover via iCloud Copy”.
  • Enter your personal username and password from your AppleID.
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  • Wait for the operation to complete.

Important: the download process is lengthy and can take up to 1 hour. Charge the device in advance to prevent emergency interruption of recovery.

If copying was carried out using aytyuns:

  • Connect using the iPhone cable to the device with the latest version of iTunes downloaded.
  • Enter the program, if necessary, enter the code for synchronization.
  • Select the gadget in the sidebar of the application.
  • In the “Overview” section, indicate that you need to “Recover from a copy”.
  • From the options offered by the service, select the current copy and confirm the action by clicking on “Restore”.
  • Do not disconnect iPhone from the PC as soon as the device restarts: to restore smoothly, you should wait until the re-sync is complete.

In the event that sync with icloud is not activated on the smartphone and data has not been copied (the iPhone was broken, did not turn on, you forgot about the copy), you can restore the data using one of the special utilities:

  • iSkysoft iPhoneDataRecovery;
  • Disk Drill;
  • Gihosoft Free iPhoneDataRecovery;
  • PhoneRescue etc.

Situations in which you need to reset the settings

Return to factory settings is required in the following cases:

  • iPhone is being offered for sale or transferred to another user;
  • a custom firmware is installed on the device;
  • you are flashing your smartphone due to problems with the previous version of ios;
  • the gadget is very slow, system functions are not performed.

Important: when the smartphone is rolled back, the iphone firmware is automatically restored, which must be taken into account if you have an old phone model that does not support the new iOS.

Using third-party programs

When deciding how to reset your iphone or ipad to factory settings, you can use special applications. Such programs will solve the problem if the device is not restored in the usual way. Installation requires a computer or laptop.

The phone does not turn on

  • Charge your smartphone: the battery may have been completely discharged during the reset or recovery process.
  • If, before the reset, the gadget also could not be turned on or after a full charge it “does not show signs of life”, contact the service: the problem is related to hardware problems.

Tenorshare 4uKey

The Tenorshare application is multifunctional and will help you both update your iphone and simply unlock your device if you have forgotten your phone password. It is also useful if the wrong code is entered repeatedly and the iPhone is “locked” for several weeks or even months.

  • Download and install the program.
  • Connect your smartphone to your computer.
  • Press the “Start” button and the program will begin to reset the parameters of your phone.

Remote wipe data via iCloud

In case the device was stolen or lost, using iCloud and the “Find iPhone / iPad” option, you can not only find the gadget, but also reset its settings, as well as delete user files.

Important: searching for a missing device is possible only if the user has activated the “Find iPhone” function in advance (done through the icloud settings on the phone).

  • Download the Find iPhone application on another Apple device or go to from any device.
  • Try to track your gadget through the program, if you wish, you can enable the “Lost Mode” and remotely lock the phone.
  • If you are sure that you will not be able to find your smartphone, select the “Erase iPhone” option: as a result, all files from the iPhone will be deleted, further search for the device will become impossible.

If the stolen device is turned off, the commands you have selected will be executed immediately after connecting the device to the network.

ReiBootPro utility

Using ReiBootPro, you can reset your iPhone with a few clicks. The application will help both in case of device freezing and screen breakage.

  • Connect the cable from the device to the PC, download the utility.
  • Select “Enter Recovery Mode”.
  • Indicate “Fix Now”.

The paid version has more extensive functionality and allows you to automatically format the system, restore gadget backups bypassing iTunes, etc.

Tenorshare reiboot

The ReiBoot program in a few clicks will help the owner return the smartphone to working condition if it freezes, in constant reboot mode, does not turn on or does not respond to other actions. Factory settings will be restored without connecting to iTunes and iCloud

  • Download ReiBoot from the official website, install and open.
  • Connect the iPhone with the cable to the PC, and then specify the deep recovery option in the program.
  • Enter the route to save the new package or download it from the Internet.
  • Click “Start Recovery”. Do not disconnect the cable from the computer until the operation is complete.

Using the settings

How to make a return to the preinstalled version yourself:

  • enter the “Settings” device;
  • find “Restore and Reset”;
  • go to “Reset settings”;
  • a notification will appear about the consequences of deleting data;
  • agree with the warning;
  • click on “Reset” and reset the data.

Factory reset target

If the laptop experiences problems, freezes or crashes, then resetting Windows 10 to factory settings will help. Rolling back the operating system is considered one of the ways to restore the performance of a laptop. This procedure will at the same time clean the PC of viruses and get rid of system failures.

During the rollback process, the system will offer to save the user files. It is better to transfer your data in advance to an external medium, for example, to a USB flash drive. At the time of resetting Windows, all programs that are not supplied with the laptop will be deleted. Settings will change to default parameters.

Reasons for returning to the factory version:

  • the computer works with freezes and crashes;
  • the PC has a slow speed;
  • OS won’t start;
  • none of the options (anti-virus scan, update) returns the system to normal;
  • reinstallation (update) of Windows does not work.
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OS rollback is performed automatically. Users should be prepared for the fact that during the procedure, the PC will reboot itself a couple of times. After the reset, the factory Windows will be installed. If the rollback fails, you can perform a clean install. True, you initially need to download the ISO image and create the installation media yourself. The old OS will be in the Windows.old folder (on the C system drive). It is advisable not to delete the old operating system immediately after the reinstallation procedure.

How to reset

There are several options for returning to the factory, that is, the previous state. If the OS starts up, you can reset Windows through the “Settings” or using a third-party utility. If the startup fails, you can enter the boot menu (that is, restore) and directly from there execute the procedure.

Before the process, it is advisable to make sure that the system drive C has at least 15 GB of free space. Often, it is necessary to first remove installed anti-virus programs and other applications. The return to the previous state may not occur if the service files are damaged. In this case, you will need to restore their integrity. In case of serious problems, it is better to install a clean Windows yourself.

Reset Features for Laptops

New PCs are now usually sold without recovery discs. However, through the built-in software, it is possible to independently restore the working capacity of your laptop. If you find problems, freezes, it is better to roll back the operating system to its previous state.

Reverting old Windows is done differently on different devices. Before returning any laptop to the pre-installed version, it is recommended that you save your personal data, for example, on external media. Dropping will delete many user files. Before the procedure, it is advisable to disconnect all peripheral devices (mouse, USB flash drive).

You can independently return ASUS to the original version with a pre-installed operating system using the system itself or using third-party utilities, albeit already downloaded. Downgrading to an earlier version is allowed from the recovery menu or by logging into Windows.

How to return the PC to its original state by yourself:

  • at boot time, enter BIOS (usually via F2) and disable fast boot;
  • from “Boot” go to “Boot Booster” and select “Disabled”, then click on “Save changes and exit”;
  • a reboot will be performed;
  • turn off your laptop and turn it on again;
  • at the time of loading, quickly press F9;
  • when “Select action” appears, activate “Diagnostics”;
  • a notification will appear on the monitor about returning the PC to the factory version and deleting file information;
  • choose what to delete and run the procedure.
  • through the “Options”, and then “Update” go to “Recovery”;
  • find “Return to original”;
  • click on “Start”.
  • enter “Recovery” sequentially through “Options” and “Update”;
  • activate “Special options”;
  • Restart Now;

How to return to factory operating system:

  • start Recovery Manager;
  • a window and methods will appear that allow you to restore the PC to work;
  • find “Recovery environment”;
  • reboot the device and enter the environment;
  • in “Select action”, find “Diagnostics”;
  • activate “Revert to original”.

How To Factory Reset iPhone 6 / Wipe / Format Before Selling

How to restore the device to its previous parameters by yourself:

  • write in the search engine “Restore”;
  • find Acer Recovery Management;
  • through “Restore” go to “Completely restore factory settings“;
  • reset the OS following the instructions.


How to demolish the OS to the previously installed option:

  • at the time of loading the laptop, press F4;
  • Samsung Recovery Solution starts;
  • activate “Recovery”;
  • activate “Initial state” and go “Next”;
  • in the window with the notification “Run?” confirm by clicking on “Yes”;
  • the rollback process will start;
  • at the end, restart the laptop.

Using the recovery menu

How to reset Windows 10 on PC yourself:

  • go to the menu in one of the ways;
  • click on the power button icon on the monitor and, while holding “Shift”, click on “Restart”;
  • enter through “Options”, “Update”, “Recovery”, “Special”, “Restart now”;
  • use a USB-flash with an ISO installation image;
  • once in the “Select action”, activate “Troubleshooting”;
  • in the “Diagnostics” window activate “Reset to original”;
  • in the window “Select action” activate: “Save” or immediately “Delete”;
  • go “Next”;
  • in the window “Everything is ready” activate “Reset to original”.

Important! If you reinstall Windows using a pirated copy, you will not be able to restore your laptop to the factory version. If you reinstall the operating system incorrectly, the partition on which the Windows installation is stored disappears on the system drive. You will not be able to revert to the old settings even if both versions of Windows (old and existing) are the same. After removing the recovery partition, a clean installation of the operating system is recommended.

Third party utilities

How to return a computer to a factory version using the Refresh Windows Tool:

  • through the “Options” go to “Update”, and then. to “Recovery”;
  • find “Additional options” and activate the line “Learn how to start over”;
  • initialize the download of the utility, that is, go to the Microsoft website and download “Refresh”;
  • run the downloaded utility;
  • the “Installation program” will start;
  • in the window “Start from scratch” at your discretion, select: “Save only” or “Save nothing”;
  • activate “Start” to start the process;
  • wait for the procedure to complete (during the PC reboot).

How can you reset Windows 10 and roll your PC back to factory settings

Users should know how to reset (roll back) Windows 10 to factory (previous) settings on their own. After all, returning to the original state will eliminate all problems in the operation of the device. True, before starting the procedure, it is advisable to transfer personal file data, for example, to an external medium. The process of returning the device to a preset state is performed by different methods.

How to Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode

If you forgot your password, you may not be able to reset iPhone 7 Plus / 7 / SE / 6 Plus / 6s / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 to factory settings using the usual method via iTunes / iCloud or via the Settings application on the device itself. And if Activation Lock is enabled, sooner or later you will need to enter a password or log in using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

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The second problem is deleting all data after restoring iPhone to its original state after purchase. As you know, resetting iPhone 6 to factory settings will entail a complete wipe of all information from the device. Here, the solution may be to back up all data on the iPhone. then all data can be restored from the backup file. But all this is very long and difficult. The easiest way to use the Tenorshare ReiBoot program.

Hard reset iphone 6s/ 6s plus, SE, 6/ 6 / plus, 5s, 5c,5, 4s,4 (reset to factory settings)

How to Reset iPhone 8 to Factory Settings without Losing Data if Forgot Password

Usually, the iPhone owner is faced with the need to reset the iPhone X / 8/8 Plus to factory settings without losing data in several cases: if the phone stops working correctly, starts to glitch and lag, malfunctions appear regularly, or before selling and buying a new device. In some cases, the user forgot the password or entered it incorrectly several times in a row, which caused the device to be locked. Standard reset methods, for example, through iTunes, will not help here. The use of professional software is required. ReIBoot.

How to reset iPhone if you forgot your password?

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions on how to reset iPhone DO to factory settings without losing data if you forgot your password. Tenorshare ReiBoot utility will restore your phone and reset all settings without requiring you to enter a password, while retaining all data on the device. You don’t even need to back up everything on your phone, download Tenorshare ReiBoot from the official page (Mac and Windows versions available). Install the utility on your computer.

1.Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod to your work computer with a USB cable. After that, launch the preinstalled Tenorshare ReiBoot program.

Next, click on the “Solve all iOS freezes” button at the very bottom. Click Fix Now. The program identifies your device and prompts you to install the current firmware version. Click “Download”.

When the download of the new firmware version is completed, you need to click on the “Start recovery” button.

It will take about ten minutes for your iPhone to be restored. After that, it will be ready to go. Now you know how to reset iPhone DO to factory settings without losing data and if you forgot your password.

You can also use the advanced recovery mode, but this will completely clear all data on the device and reset all passwords.


Another option for resetting the iPhone to factory settings, as well as completely deleting the content stored on the device, is the destruction of data on the site. To use it, you must:

  • In the menu that opens, go to the “Find iPhone” section. in this case, the option must be activated on the device.
  • Wait until the program detects the phone. unfortunately, you won’t be able to skip this step.
  • Expand the All Devices menu at the top.
  • In the small menu that appears on the right, click “Erase iPhone”.
  • Read the system warning and click “Erase” again.
  • Now, in order to still reset the device to factory settings, you must re-enter your account data.
  • And go through additional verification by answering two of the three verification questions created during registration.
  • If the answers are incorrect, this method will not work to reset the iPhone to its default settings. The owner of the device will either have to remember the correct options, or use the recovery form at the bottom of the window, or go to one of the other methods.
  • As soon as suitable answers are given, the user will have to go through two final steps: indicate his phone in the data destruction form (this is optional).
  • And, giving in the next field a message for the person who found the phone (it does not make sense when resetting to the factory settings), click “Finish”.
  • The reset process will start automatically and will take, depending on a number of factors, from a few minutes to half an hour. Upon completion, the owner can easily restore the data saved in iCloud. this is also done on the website in the “Settings” section.

Recovery mode in iTunes

If resetting the iPhone in the previously described way for some reason did not work out, you will have to use the second option. reset in recovery mode:

  • Turn off the phone, connect it to a computer or laptop running iTunes via a USB cable and, while identification is in progress, hold down the keys to go into recovery mode. Depending on the iPhone generation, this could be a combination of Power Home, Power Volume Down, and so on. The iPhone is in the desired state is indicated by the notification that appears on the computer screen “Establishing connection”.
  • As soon as the device is recognized, click on the “Restore” button.
  • And confirm your decision using a similar button.

Important: if the user remembered that he forgot to make a backup, or changed his mind about resetting the iPhone to factory settings, close the recovery dialog box and click “Eject iPhone”. and then turn on the device and continue working with it normally.

How to reset all settings on iPhone?

Realizing how different an iPhone is from a smartphone, and opting for the former, the buyer will receive a device with a stable, intuitive interface. and will enjoy the purchase until it becomes necessary to reset the settings to the factory settings. The reasons for this decision can be very different; the procedure is the same in all cases. How to completely throw off your iPhone. let’s try to figure it out.

Reset via iTunes

To reset your iPhone to the factory state using the Apple branded application, you will need:

  • Connect the switched on phone to a computer or laptop using a USB cable. Call the drop-down menu “Account”.
  • And log in to the system with the same username and password to which the iPhone is “tied”.
  • Click on the phone icon in the upper left sector of the window.
  • Click on the “Restore iPhone” button.
  • If the “Find” option is activated on the phone, the program will notify the user of this and offer to disable it for a while. you can do this without disconnecting from the computer.
  • Next, the iPhone owner must specify whether iTunes should back up.
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Important: during the process, it is highly discouraged not only to use the iPhone with deleted settings and content, but also to disconnect the device from the computer. if these conditions are not met, at best, you will have to carry out the reset process again.

System settings

The easiest way is to restore the iPhone settings to factory settings using the built-in option. then you don’t have to resort to using third-party programs and services like iTunes and Icloud. Resetting the iPhone, including removing all content from it, is no more difficult than transferring contacts from iPhone to Android; the owner of the device will need:

  • Tap on the “Settings” menu icon. it is located in the general list of applications.
  • Despite the popular belief, neither the Software Update item nor the Content Update item next to it will help to make a full reset on the iPhone. Instead, the user must move further down.
  • The owner of the iPhone will have to tap on the “Reset all settings” button.
  • And, since the system is designed to hedge against rash decisions, once again confirm your intention.
  • As a result, the owner will receive a “bare” device on which to log in again. The second option (“Erase content and settings”) allows you to delete absolutely all data from the device. just as easily as adjusting vibration on an iPhone. By clicking on the corresponding button.
  • And having confirmed the need to reset the iPhone to the factory state, the owner will have to wait a few minutes. during the cleaning, the phone will definitely restart.

Tip: if the iPhone owner just wants to “forget” the previously used Wi-Fi network, just select “Reset network settings” in the same menu. and, as usual, confirm your decision.

Depending on the iOS version and current iPhone settings, a factory reset may not be possible for a number of reasons; one of the most common is the active “Find iPhone” option. To disable it for the duration of the reset, you should:

  • Launch the “Settings” menu and tap on your profile avatar. it is located at the very top of the page, and it will be easier to find it than to understand why the iPhone is not charging.
  • Tap on the heading “Find iPhone”.
  • To reset the function, enter the password and click on the “Disable” button.
  • Wait for the changes to take effect.
  • And return to the “Settings” menu, then repeat the above manipulations.

Important: in the future, after new authorization on the device, it is highly recommended to enable this option. without it, it will be almost impossible to find the lost iPhone.

Coolmuster Lab.Fone

You can restore iPhone settings to factory defaults using this handy multifunctional application as follows:

  • Download (link., install and run the program, then click on the iOS Eraser tile.
  • Connect the device to the computer via a USB cable and, after waiting until it is recognized, click Erase.
  • In the next window, enter the check word delete in the only text field and use the button with the same name as before.
  • By clicking on the Security Level link, the iPhone owner will be able to choose the quality of content mashing: from the minimum, which cleans the device in the shortest possible time, to the highest, which allows you to reliably delete confidential data.

How to factory reset iPhone DO and clear it completely

Surely everyone faced the problem of incorrect operation of the iPhone or iPad. Previously, it showed the highest performance, but now it glitches with minimal use. It turns out that fixing this problem is very simple. You need to clear app data, reset some settings to factory defaults, do an iOS reset, or even format your device completely. But how to do it correctly so as not to harm your favorite gadget? Let’s find out!

Removing from the desktop

To uninstall the program directly from the desktop, do the following:

  • Go to your desktop.
  • Hold your finger on the touchscreen for 2 seconds.
  • Click on the cross that appears next to the program shortcut and confirm the deletion.

Please note that you cannot remove standard programs.

Delete via iTunes

ITunes is used to control your Apple device from your computer. Accordingly, you can use it to remove programs. Connect your device to PC and enter iTunes.

The connected device will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it.

Click on the “Applications” (or “Programs”) tab. A list of installed programs will appear on the screen. Next to each there is a “Delete” button.

After clicking, it will change to “Will be deleted.” Thus, you can choose several programs to remove. Then click “Apply” and the specified actions will be performed.

Reset advanced settings

Full formatting of the device is, of course, a drastic measure. Once you know exactly what the problem is, you don’t have to erase all data. Apple devices provide the ability to reset specific settings. You can access it along the familiar path “Settings”. “General”. “Reset”.

Removing applications and ancillary data

It may well be that an application is taking up too much memory. Or you want to uninstall a program that you haven’t used for a long time. One way or another, this can be done in several ways.

Resetting the Home setting

This feature allows you to restore the original appearance of the first page of the desktop. After resetting, shortcuts of standard programs installed by default will appear on it. The rest of the icons will be moved to another page.

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