How to retune channels on a Samsung TV


The practical service is a multi-functional player available on most TVs, including Samsung. Here you can upload links to online libraries or add channel playlists. The RemoteFork plugin can expand the capabilities of the player, which opens up more functions for working with online cinemas. The utility also allows you to run videos from torrent services without having to download files. This is a great option for free TV on Smart TV.

How to set up free channels on Smart TV?

Most of those who have a Smart TV still use cable TV, not even knowing that you can connect and configure free channels on Smart TV using an IPTV application.

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IPTV. this is a great solution with which you can watch TV in excellent quality and, most importantly. completely free. Among all the options, the most popular are:

  • SS IPTV application;
  • Vintera TV program.

Both methods allow you to view channels without a monthly fee, so the choice is yours.

Best IPTVs to Watch Free Channels

  • We enter the name of the IPVT application on the Internet with the mark “download for [your TV brand]”. It is better to use a computer for this.
  • Download the file in the appropriate format (the most common one for Android TV is APK).
  • Transferring the file to the TV.
  • Go to “Settings” in the “Security” section and activate the item “From unknown sources”.
  • Using the explorer, we look for the previously downloaded file on the USB flash drive and start its installation.

Now we figured out how to install almost any free TV app for Smart TV. Basically, the method is applicable to Android TV, but there are corresponding programs for other specific operating systems.

LG Smart TV free channels with Vintera TV app

Watching free channels on Smart TV with Vintera TV is much easier to set up and use than the above application, since this program already has a ready-made list of channels, you do not need to download a playlist. The choice here is small, but many users are satisfied.

A user with any skill level can install the application.

After that, you can freely start watching, the main thing is to never forget that the TV must always be connected to the Internet.


A practical channel app for Smart TV that supports playback of IP TV channels, videos from YouTube, VK and Internet radio. It supports most playlist formats, works on almost all devices. There is a playlist search, helping to choose thematic channels and filter out unnecessary ones. There is also a search history, the “Favorites” tab and manual setting of free TV channels on the home screen of the application.

Setting up free IPTV channels on Smart TV

First, you need to connect the TV to Wi-Fi. The device supports connection via internet cable and Wi-Fi, in both cases everything is simple. We will not dwell in detail. Now you can start the IPTV setup itself.

Watching channels using an Internet connection is possible thanks to the SS IPTV application. This requires a playlist with a list of channels and access options, as well as a simple TV setup. First you need to create your account, you will be sent an email in which you need to confirm your registration, and then enter the received data in the TV connection parameters. Thanks to authorization, the user has full access to all the features of the application.

When you first launch the application, you won’t find the playlist right away, since you have to create it yourself. A menu will appear in front of the user, then you need to:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Load playlist”.
  • Click on “Create playlist”.

As for creating a list of suitable channels, there are two options:

  • find and enter the address yourself in the TV menu;
  • synchronize via Wi-Fi with a computer or laptop and manage the channel list through it.

Addresses for playlists are located on the websites of IPTV providers or downloaded from the SS IPTV web resource using a code, but it changes every time. The number of external directories is not limited, but the internal one is only 1. To download external channel directories, it is recommended:

  • Open the “Content” submenu.
  • Select “External”.
  • Click “Add”.
  • Specify the name of the created directory and the link.

To add an internal list, you need to:

  • Open the “General” category in the application settings.
  • Click “Get”.

The list will be valid for a day or until another code is created. You need to copy it on the SS IPTV website in the section for editing the playlist and click “Add”.

What you need to watch free TV channels on Smart TV?

So, you have a TV with Smart TV and want to watch channels for free. Are you wondering what is required to make everything work without purchasing a separate package from providers? Little is required, namely:

The most difficult task. will be determined with the list of channels. IPTV is always full of offers, so try different options, everyone will find something for themselves.

Disadvantages of automatic search

To figure out how to tune channels on a TV, every home appliance user should be aware of the disadvantages of automatic search. These include the fact that the channel numbering is carried out by the TV independently, so you have to remember at what frequencies this or that program will be broadcast. It is also possible to accidentally persist interference.

Screen image

After buying a new TV, it is not enough to know the answer to the question: “How to tune channels on the TV?” Note. Any settings in modern digital technology, whether it is screen resolution, setting the quality of the displayed image or setting the sound level, are made using the “Service menu” function. To open it, press the “Menu” button on the equipment control panel.

In addition to answering the question: “How do I set up digital channels on my TV?” it is also important to know about the quality of the image. This function is launched by pressing the “Menu” button. Then you should select the sub-item “Image”. This section adjusts the image to the optimal quality for the digital TV screen. In this case, the following parameters are used:

  • definition;
  • color;
  • contrast;
  • brightness.


By controlling these parameters, the value of the scale of the required parameter is changed up or down, achieving the optimal picture quality, pleasing to the user’s eyes.

Automatic screen adjustment

Most TV models allow you to adjust the screen in automatic mode using the factory settings optimized for certain programs: bright screen, soft, for movies or watching sports, and more.

In some cases, TV owners are faced with a problem with the geometric proportions of the screen. This becomes noticeable when watching programs and films, when people become very fat or, conversely, thin. The reason for this disadvantage is the incorrect setting of the screen aspect ratio. For modern broadcasts, you should use a ratio of 16 to 9, but for old films, a ratio of 4 to 3 is suitable.

Adjust the image using the remote control by pressing the appropriate buttons (on each TV model they are located differently) or by pressing the “Menu” button. In order to properly configure this parameter, it is best to use the corporate logo of the television channel, which is located in a circle. The MIR, EuroNews and TV Center channels have such an icon.

How to tune channels on TV manually?

To find out how to tune channels on a TV, you should know that this process on modern models is divided into two stages. The first is to set up the input source. The second is to adjust the sound and quality of the image displayed on the screen. It is also necessary to assign numbers to TV channels and adjust the functional parameters. If there is a function of connecting the TV to the Internet, you need to connect your digital equipment to the network.

Tuning channels on an old TV

In modern TVs, the setup process is almost completely automated. But with the old model of such an electrical device you will have to tinker. For example, to set up a Grundig TV, you need experience and some knowledge.

Some obsolete CRT TVs still have good picture quality. However, in order to display the image on the screen, you will need to search and adjust each channel separately, prescribing the color and sound parameters. There are situations when high-quality channel tuning is available only if you perform the following operation:

  • Preset TV channel.
  • After that, go to the fine adjustment mode, and only after that proceed to adjust the image quality on the screen.

This is how old models of Grundig equipment are set up.

Antenna types

Those people who are interested in the question: “How to tune the TV to receive channels?” you should be aware that there are several types of antennas for this household appliance:

  • The signal received from the terrestrial antenna should be tuned on TVs using the remote control.
  • Tuning TV channels of a TV that is connected to a satellite dish is carried out using the remote control from the satellite receiver.
  • On a TV that is connected to a cable antenna, you should tune in TV programs using the TV remote.
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Not so long ago, television could only be watched using an over-the-air connection. The signal was then transmitted to the TV from the TV tower. The design of the antenna in this case had large dimensions, it had to be installed at a height and directed towards the nearest TV tower. The signal quality was poor, so the picture displayed on the screen often disappeared and noise appeared. In addition to all this, the number of channels was limited. It is not an easy task to tune TV channels for high-quality signal reception using a terrestrial antenna in an urban environment.

Fortunately, more modern cable television is available to most Russians today. Using the latest technology, you can tune your TV to show several dozen analogue channels of flawless quality at once. As well as over 100 digital channels. However, the questions are: “How to tune channels on the TV?”. not less. The image output is carried out using a cable laid in the apartment. If you use this method of connection, no additional equipment is required, such as receivers.

How to Edit and Sort Channel List on Samsung TV?

The issue of editing the list of channels, of course, can be sorted out using the “typing” method. Banal attempts to figure it out. There is, of course, this point in the instructions for the TV itself. But our mentality is such that we look into the instructions in the last place, and where, as often as possible, we simply lose it or do not remember where it lies. Therefore, sometimes you just need recommendations on how to make the same setting.

I will note right away that I will not consider old TVs. their settings are obvious, but more modern TVs raise a lot of questions, and not the most obvious ones. It’s hard to believe, but one of the most popular requests from service centers is an application for setting up a channel list. Many of my former colleagues even made a separate, albeit small, but business on this.

How to configure?

So, modern smart TVs are pretty obvious to set up. But channel sorting on Samsung TV is not in the obvious place, which makes it difficult for users. You can deal with this problem simply by clearly following the instructions. By analogy, you can customize any Samsung TV.

  • We enter the TV Menu. Button of the same name on the remote control.
  • We select the item “Broadcast” in this menu.
  • Scroll down the list using the navigation buttons. It is important to remember that you can only change the channel number after automatic channel tuning. At this point, click on “Change channel number” and activate this function.
  • Now we select the item “Change channels”. Before us opens a menu that allows you to move channels. In it, select the channel of interest and press the button “Change. Rooms “.
  • Now we can move this channel to a different location. It is important to know that the channels that have the name are digital and when you move one to the place of another, they just change places. And if the channel does not have a name, it is analog and moving it will move the remaining channels down.

So, it’s not hard to see that rearranging channels on Samsung TVs is not a difficult task. It is enough to show this procedure to a person a couple of times, and he can easily repeat it.

Think it doesn’t work with grandparents? Ha, in my experience of working for a provider, it was this category that wrote down the order of actions on a piece of paper least of all repeated calls. But younger people paid twice, and sometimes three times. And many dealt with the instructions on their own. Special knowledge is not needed here, it is enough to know that all this can be found and done.

Auto mode

Every modern Samsung TV has an automatic TV set-up function. To search, you must select a signal source: satellite, cable or antenna.

To search, you need to go to the menu, select the “Channel search” tab and start the automatic mode. Programs will line up in a specific order.

To change the location of the TV guide yourself, you must select the move function:

  • Go to the main menu.
  • Go to the “Broadcast” tab (plate icon).
  • Move the slider down and find the “Change channel number” command. Click on it to activate.
  • Return to the “Home” tab and reopen the “Broadcast” section, select “Change”.
  • Select the program to be moved to another position in the channel list. Put a tick on it and choose to change the number.


To re-tune channels on an old Samsung TV manually without a wizard, you need to understand:

  • Firstly, this process is a little more complicated for older models.
  • Secondly, old modifications do not have auto-tuning. you will have to configure it manually.
  • Thirdly, often outdated technology shows poorly and will not allow you to fully experience the quality of modern television.
  • Fourth, you can get lost on the menu.

over, making adjustments on an old model involves changing some important parameters. Sometimes it scares unprepared users, but there is nothing wrong with that, since it is impossible to harm the technique in this way.

  • Activate “Menu”, then open the “Antenna” tab.
  • “Manual setting”. “Setting digital to-in”. “Create”;
  • A window of parameters will open in front of you. purity, module, transfer. By default, you should enter such data. 170,000 kHz, 128 QAM and 6900 KS / s, respectively. The device will tune for a while, detecting TV programs. The picture on the screen will change, frames of different programs will flicker. Black and white pictures may come across. Do not be alarmed.
  • When the search is over, click the “OK” (“Save”) button. The window with frequency, modulus and transmission will appear again. Leave the last two unchanged, change the frequency to 178000 kHz, then repeat the steps.
  • By analogy, you can search for TV programs, each time adding 8000 to the frequency. Such experiments can be carried out up to a frequency of 226000 kHz. this is the end point. By the same principle, it will be possible to adjust the picture or sound, making them of higher quality. To do this, press “Menu”, sub-item “Image”, then arbitrarily adjust the clarity, color, contrast, brightness.

You can manually sort and reorder TV channels on Samsung TV:

  • The “Menu” button will open a list of sub-items. You should click on the “Broadcast” window. Tick ​​the required programs.
  • From here you can add to favorites, delete, rename, swap. To save the arrangement of programs, press the “Enter” button.

Functions and characteristics

Samsung surpasses the competition in this respect by equipping each of its Smart TVs with a separate unit with an expanded set of tools that allow the owner to control their TV receiver while watching Smart TV using built-in applications or by interacting with a remote server located on the network.

over, the owner of the Smart TV will have access to high-quality TV, regardless of the configuration of the device, since among the mandatory options for the products of this South Korean company are:

  • viewing video content of different formats;
  • high display resolution. from 1080p;
  • the presence of connectors for connecting cables with high bandwidth.

However, the main feature of Samsung is the Smart Hub Internet platform, which allows owners of a smart TV receiver to:

  • purchase full-fledged Internet access;
  • use the TV remote control as a gamepad for modern computer games and a control device to enter any portal or social network;
  • receive timely software updates via a remote service;
  • regularly expand the capabilities of your TV by installing new applications from the Samsung Apps Internet service;
  • view any content, including video from external drives;
  • use computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other digital devices to relay TV broadcasts.

This entire set will be available to the user if he is able to set up Smart on his Samsung Smart TV, in which a connection to the network must first be established.

Features of Samsung TV Panels

For many years Samsung Electronics has been holding the bar as one of the undoubted leaders in the production of television equipment. In total, the brand has 6 series of TV receivers released to the market. The countdown begins from the fourth (most budgetary) series and ends with the ninth, which includes the latest innovative developments. Since 2013, the manufacturer has abandoned LCD displays and now all LCD receivers use LEDs as screen backlight.

The most common is episode 5. People liked the devices with basic equipment for their ease of use. Such models have nothing superfluous, and no one expects miracles from them: there is still no 3D and Smart TV, but the expansion is already Full HD. So the series cannot be called primitive, and it suits all those who do not want to pay for newfangled technologies that they are not going to use.

The latest TV series are already more like multimedia devices that can convert the format to 3D. Smart TV has expanded the number of applications and increased data transfer rates. The built-in camera allows you to control the TV with gestures or voice. And the realism of the image is simply amazing due to the use of Ultra HD and SUHD technologies. Since 2017, the market is simply replete with a variety of models with different capabilities.

But remaining budget or being luxury models, Samsung TVs are always easy to operate and set up. Even if you have lost all the instructions, you can easily understand the interface and set up the TV equipment literally intuitively.

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How to set up Samsung manually

The manual method is used for older Samsung models. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Select the “Menu” button on the control panel.
  • Now you need to click “Channel”, select “Antenna” and change it to “Cable”.
  • The Country submenu will be available. Here you will need to enter a password, pin code, whatever you want to call. It will be different for each TV. For example, the code is four zeros. Now you need to put the country of residence. Select “Russia” from the list, if not, then you need to select others or “Eastern Europe”.
  • Now you need to go to the “Cable parameters” section. It is usually found in the main menu. If it is not there, then you need to look in autotuning. In some Samsung models, the developers decided to do just that.
  • After you have found the desired section, you need to open it and insert the parameters: beginning. 298000 KHz, ending. 362000 KHz. All other parameters are already there.
  • Now you need to open autotuning. If only digital TV is used, then this item must be selected. You can also install analogue channels or digital TV plus analogue. Then click “Next”.
  • Now you need to open the search mode and drive in “Network”. Click on the “Search” button. We are waiting for a few minutes. This is the time for the search and tuning of the necessary channels to end automatically. Then click “Ok”.

After the system has performed a search, all the channels that the cable TV managed to find will be automatically saved. But, only those that you have selected will be shown.

How to auto-tune broadcasting on Samsung

Configuration can be done automatically or manually. Everything will depend on what year your TV was produced. Newer models have a special tuner that helps you quickly tune your TV. You just need to connect the antenna to the TV. If you have a Samsung TV with the new Smart TV feature, then you can do auto-tuning. To do this, follow these steps:

  • We go to the Samsung menu and select “Broadcast”.
  • A window will open, in it you need to select “Auto-tuning”.
  • Click on the “Start” button.
  • Now select the “Full” search mode and start the scanning process.
  • This completes the television setup. Now it remains to wait for the Samsung TV to independently search for available channels and store them in memory.

It so happens that the channels disappear. In this case, you will have to configure special modules that will become available in the TV menu. After setting all the items, you need to check the quality of the transmitted signal. If the channel has not been activated, you must go through all the steps for setting up again.

Smart TV on Samsung TV

The Smart TV function turns an ordinary TV receiver into a multifunctional platform that allows the owner not only to watch their favorite channels, but also to enjoy videos of various formats, install Internet applications, communicate in social networks and explore any content posted on the network.

Samsung TV settings

In nature, there are no exact settings. It all depends on the individual qualities of a person, his color perception. The TV must transmit such a clear picture that the user wants to see. The display is carried out in several modes and the most suitable for the human eye is “cinema”, in which there is no anti-aliasing, brightness improvement. According to the degree of illumination of the room in which the TV is installed, the method of viewing the channels and their color rendition is selected. You can make the broadcast brighter or, conversely, add a dark shade.

Follow the tips for setting up TV

For starters, you should try the automatic setting with an economical mode of operation, which will not only protect your eyesight, but also slightly reduce your energy costs. Then you can adjust the contrast and clarity of the image at your discretion and adjust the balance of dark and light. If you are not satisfied with the saturation of the color gamut, you can increase or decrease it. Also experiment with sound.

How to set up channels correctly

Misconfiguration is often the main reason why channels are not detected. How to tune channels:

  • After connecting the equipment. antenna, set-top box and Wi-Fi adapter, if necessary, turn on the TV and select the type of connection.
  • Open the options and find the item “Broadcast”.
  • Click on “Auto Tuning” and “Start”.
  • In the next window, specify the cable as the antenna, select digital and analog TV against “Channel type”, which will allow you to search for all types at once. Put “Full” next to the mode.
  • Click on the “Scan” button. this will start a search.

The above instruction is suitable not only for Samsung TVs. It can be used when setting up any TV set. The only difference is in the different names of the menu items.

Why won’t digital channels be tuned in to my Samsung TV

  • Software glitch.
  • Improper antenna or equipment connection.
  • Damaged cable.
  • Technical problems on the provider’s side.
  • Incorrect setting.

Transmitter technical problems

The last cause of the malfunction may be hidden on the side of the transmitter, which was the lack of a signal. Then:

  • In the case of cable TV, use a multimeter to check the wiring contacts, including the shield. An open circuit may have occurred between the transmitter and receiver. Make sure the cables are solid and not damaged. As a last resort, call the company that maintains your home and is responsible for providing access to TV broadcasts.
  • When using satellite or terrestrial TV, make sure that there are no problems with the provider. Often on the off-site there is information about scheduled maintenance or possible problems with receiving a signal. Call the operator and clarify the question.


Make sure the connected equipment can receive the broadcast format you want. DVB-T2 is a European digital TV standard that has been adopted in our country. That is, if you cannot use the new format and watch digital broadcast, then your equipment is probably outdated and cannot broadcast the accepted DVB-T2 standard.


One of the common reasons is antenna placement issue. It is necessary to improve the quality of the received signal. But, when using an indoor antenna for digital broadcasting, the image will start to ripple or disappear.

Location and external factors are also important. Place the antenna pointing towards the repeater. Additionally, make sure that there are no obstacles such as tall buildings, trees, etc. If present, move the antenna higher.

Software glitches

System failure usually occurs due to user action. Perhaps you specified incorrect settings in the parameters or made a mistake in specifying the frequency. Also, the fault may be the installed software in the console, which the developer has ceased to support. The solution is to reinstall the software on the receiver.

Additionally, do the following:

  • Reset to factory settings and search for broadcasts again.
  • Install a different firmware on the receiver.

Search setting

Search customization is often the cause of the issue in question. If the automatic search did not return any results, use the manual one. Do not forget to specify the parameters in the form of connection type, change the country, etc. Use the instructions attached at the beginning of the article.

Why Samsung TV Can’t Find Digital Channels: Reasons What To Do?

Why can’t my Samsung TV find digital channels? This failure is a popular phenomenon among many users. In such a situation, do not rush to carry the phone to the repair service. Perhaps solve the problem yourself. Digital television provides high-quality, high-definition images. Despite this, there are some problems and difficulties in showing digital broadcasts. The article will help you figure it out.


Software glitches can be quickly dealt with. First, change the country name to Other. Didn’t the action help? Do a manual search for TV channels, delete all data on the TV or receiver. Update the parameters to factory defaults, and reactivate the search. Try also to update the STB’s firmware.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know


TV antenna problems are a common cause of no signal on a TV. Install the antenna towards the TV tower. Check that nothing is affecting the signal. If there are obstacles in the way, place the antenna higher.


If the previous methods did not help cable TV owners, then study the cable. Check the wire for damage, holes, or other problems. Examine the status of the plugs and input. If only 10 digital television channels are working, then the reason is technical problems and structural features of the TV. After a few seconds, work will resume.

Why won’t digital channels be tuned in to my Samsung TV?

Not sure why Samsung TV won’t pick up digital channels? First, let’s define the breakdown:

  • Hardware problem. If the TV does not turn on digital channels through the antenna, there is most likely a problem in the wire or receiver. To correct the problem, check the integrity and functionality of the cables, wires and plugs. To check the local antenna coverage, go to the official website http://map.rtrs.rf/ and specify the city of residence. The map will show the broadcasting territory at a specific site or area.
  • Software glitches. Such damage depends on the owner himself. Users may have misidentified the frequency and parameters. Another option is legacy set-top box software. In this situation, you will need to install a new reinstall software.
  • Another reason is preventive work on the TV tower or weather conditions. In such a situation, you will need to wait a little time.

How to set up channels correctly?

Regardless of the TV model, setup takes place one instruction at a time. The principle of operation is exactly the same. To begin with, there must be a correct antenna that receives a large signal from the TV tower. The device then adds a signal to the menu. After connecting to the adapter, follow these steps:

  • launch the Options menu folder. then click “Broadcast”.
  • Click on the “Automatic Search” section.
  • Activate the “start” key, then select the signal source.
  • When connecting to the antenna, click on the folder with analog and digital channels.
  • Choose one of the options or both.
  • Final stage. activate “scan”.
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If your Smart TV device does not include TV channels, then use another method of connecting digital frequencies. Buy a dedicated cable or reinforced box.

Software glitches

In case of software breakdown, restart the device. Unplug the adapter and reconnect to electricity. Reset all parameters and click on the “Clear” button. Turn on the TV again and check for TV channels.

Forgot password

during auto-tuning, the channels are numbered in the order of placement by frequency range, I need to change the order I can not understand how to do this, neither by the menu, nor by the instructions, please tell me or give a link if the topic has already been raised model LE26B350F1Whttp: // ru / consumer / tele. returnurl =

63 answers to the question “how to rearrange channels after auto-tuning

To sort programs, you must: 1. Select the program you want to transfer 2. Press the CH button. List3. Press the Tools button 4. Select Sort 5. Move the selected program to the desired position 6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the next channel.

Thank! Everything worked out right away. Well, there is no word “sorting”, so you need to move your brains. We can read.

Well, I finally found it! Thank you so much. Short, clear and working!

I have a dexp TV. Auto-tuning passed. the TV found and numbered the channels. I cannot change the numbering. manual tuning does not allow changing the channel number. HOW TO BE?

Samsung AV1 wrote: To sort programs you need: 1. Select the program you want to transfer 2. Press the CH button. List3. Press the Tools button 4. Select Sort 5. Move the selected program to the desired position 6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the next channel. 4 item sorting it is not there.

anpel wrote: Samsung AV1 wrote: To sort programs you need: 1. Select the program you want to transfer 2. Press the CH button. List3. Press the Tools button 4. Select Sort 5. Move the selected program to the desired position 6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the next channel. 4 item sorting it is not there. UE40C6510 I confirm, there is no such thing. UE32C5100QW

UE32C6000RW Dancing with tambourines Select the channel you want to move 1. Menu 2. Channels / Channel Manager / Enter 3. In the opened menu / Sort 4. Move “up / down” to the channel you need 5. Enter

Thank you, I did it! True TV set UE32C5000WX!

Can’t you do it in a simpler way? I have only 40 channels, but I’m tired of doing this, and advice to everyone. after auto-tuning, immediately rename from the first channel, because Do you want to. For example, if you want the first button to be, for example, the NTV channel, then find it first in the list and then everything as written above. If you do not do it from the first channel, the remaining channels (which) have already been renumbered will get lost (for example, channel 4 will become 5 or 6)

How do I rearrange the channels in the right order? UE40EH5300W
there is no sorting in TOOLS,
on the menu. channels. no channel manager and sorting

I, too, can NOT find “SORTING” ANYWHERE. rave. how to do?

if it’s impossible, tell me so, at least I won’t suffer

U tex u Kogo Netu Slov SORTIROVKA. Punkt Izm.Nomer kanala

when changing the channel number, it does not move, but is superimposed on the one that needs to be moved to another digit.

So did anyone find a way out of rearranging digital channels on samung?

You enter the Smart hub and select the channel icon. then you move the frame to the channel you want to transfer, press the tools button, select Change channel number and type in the number where you want to transfer

Thank you)))) I suffered for two years. provided that I have a tricolor TV

Fine. finally figured it out. ))) THANK

Thank you very much πŸ™‚ Everything turned out without problems

Thank you, kind person! Everything changes precisely through the Smarthub!

Here! Here! And then sorting, sorting. And after all, I saw before that this is done in smart, but it flew out of my head. Thank. Andryushka fellow.

Thank you Andrey. The best answer you have!

Thank you so much. It’s just brilliant. I already wanted to throw out the telly)))

Finally, I solved the issue thanks to Andrey. All advice before this is complete nonsense. Not for the specified TV model. thank!

Yes, immediately it turned out-List-Tools-change of the channel number.

Here. Found it. Hope it helps.
I did the sorting:

Why throw a link if people write that they have neither sorting nor channel manager. Although you enter through the menu, at least press the buttons you need on the remote control, if these items are not there (sorting and channel manager) they will not appear. apparently done somehow differently. Who can tell the thread how to do it TV UE40ES6307U. televizorakh-Samsung.html Here it is written step by step how to do it. The main thing is to tick which channel you want to move and re-broadcast. I did it;)

And it helped me, just what I needed) Thanks to the young lady)

The button on the “Smart hub” remote control, then at the bottom select the “channel” application, then on the right in the corner there is a barely noticeable menu next to the antenna, just editing channels. Click, select the channel with a daw, edit. Just do not touch to delete the channel, otherwise it will drop out of the list, it is better to block.
Awful analog setup of course. I agree.

It turned out not quite so for me, but the initial hint helped. Then he acted with the method of a noch poke. On the UE32ES6500, I pressed “Smart hab” (the colored button in the center of the remote control), selected the “channel” application, marked the channel with a checkbox, found the “tools” icon at the bottom of the screen and pressed the TOOLS button on the remote control (it also has the tools icon) and a window opened. The window displayed: Change favorites, change channel numbers, sort, block, delete and something else. I chose “change channels”, set the required number to the channel, pressed “ok” and the channels were swapped. Sorting here is dreary, either by number or by name. On Phillips, it’s easier for me, there I raised the channel up or down the list and that’s it.

Tell me how you set up sorting on Phillips

Thank you very much, your exact directions helped me a lot.

how to sort channels on LCD TV Samsung 48j6300

And on TV ue48ju7000u, can anyone tell me how to sort channels? And then the Koreans are wise, it’s not clear why, they seem to be chasing siemens))
Or you can configure it manually, just what you need?
Thank you in advance

I go to the channel manager, press “select” on the desired channel, a checkmark appears. Then the “TOOLS” button on the remote control, then “change the channel number”, then I move to the desired place and enter.

ChanSort program channel list editor on computer.
Editing channels in Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Panasonic TVs,
Look here step by step here isok_kanalov_s_pomoshhju_chansort / 2015-12-12-76

There is more menu than Samsung, I have not yet met.
In my opinion, the best thing I use for sorting channels,
this is the program ChannelListPCEditor.
Yandex to help you.

tell me with which program it is possible to edit the channel list on ue49k5500 ?
I also have a Samsung ue6400, but the same program does not work and the list from that 5500 TV does not perceive
Samsung Channel Editor program

Antenna-channel manager-enter-tools-change channel number-enter. Down and up select which channel number you want to put-enter

Everything is very simple. First, press the “house” on the remote control (Menu). Choose: Live TV. Channel list. Edit. And that’s it! Start with channel 1. And go in order! Otherwise, the channels will not move as they wanted. In general, we found a picture with the desired channel and move it to 1 channel. Then find the next channel and put it on channel 2.

Thank you Natalia! Not really, but I followed your path. happened.

Natalya Thank you very much, 27 years old seems not so old, but for a long time I tried to set up channel sorting on my own, but alas, I had to search on the Internet until I came across your hint. THANKS AGAIN

Thanks for the advice! Everything worked out, but to make the Edit window active, I HAD TO REMOVE ALL ANALOG CHANNELS! AND AFTER THIS I HAD TO CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING AGAIN AND THE EDIT MENU BECAME AVAILABLE. Samsung TV UE32K5550BU

There is a ScanSort program. We copy channels from the TV to a flash drive, sort them on a computer, save and copy them back to the TV.

How to edit TV channels after auto-tuning, if there is no such function in TV, but there is a channel export function. As I understand it, editing takes place via a PC. Which program?

After buying Samsung UE24N4500 AUXRU spent about 10 hours searching the internet and trying to sort channels. Can anyone help.
1- CH LIST (a list of channels appears and on the left: All, Favorites, Channel Type, Sort, Cable)
Move 2-UP arrow to “Change”, above the right column and press ENTER
A window appears where you can sort the channels.

Hello. Samsung 7 series TU7100 2020 does not even have an inscription to edit channels. And delete, just block. How can I not edit channels.