How to Roll Back Android Update to Samsung

How to reset to factory settings?

  • Settings.
  • Backup and reset / Backup and reset / Restore and reset (different name options).
  • Data reset / Factory data reset.
  • Erase everything.

In different smartphone models, the data reset option is located in different sections of the settings, therefore, first, you need to find out the exact sequence of actions for a specific phone model. This can be done on the manufacturer’s website.

System recovery using third-party applications

If a typical smartphone does not have a dedicated OS rollback button, special backup software will help. Provided that you make a backup in advance.

For example, Titanium Backup is one of the most popular and effective applications in the field. But to use such programs, you need to get root rights. Getting rooted will void your smartphone’s warranty, but if you’re willing to take the risk.

  • Download Titanium Backup.
  • Give the program superuser rights.
  • Insert a sufficient memory card into the slot.
  • Select the tab “Backups”. “Menu”. “Processing”.
  • Select “Back up all user software and system data”. “Start”.
  • To create a complete copy of the system, do not change anything in the proposed menu and do not check the boxes.

When the system backup is created and you need it: “Processing”. “Restore”. “Restore all software with data”.

But please note that a rollback always completely destroys data on a smartphone, so you MUST first make a backup copy of the data or save the necessary photos, audio and video files, contacts and messages on another media, flash drive or in the cloud.

  • the gadget hangs at the Android logo when loading;
  • the screen is displayed mirrored;
  • the touch display does not respond to touches and actions;
  • it is necessary to delete all user data from the gadget.

Roll back Android to a backup

Any competent user of an Android device knows that before each installation of a new version of the platform and firmware of the gadget, it is necessary to create backups (Backup), which in case of problems will help you quickly and easily return to the previous state of the system. There are many dedicated backup applications, one of the most popular and versatile is Titanium Backup.

This application will require root privileges, which will provide access to the necessary system folders and files. You can get them through the programs SuperOneClick, Unlock Root Pro, Kingo Android Root and others. each device has its own rules and instructions.

You need to understand that inexperienced users should be careful about root-rights, since with them the owner of the gadget gets unlimited access to system management. Subsequent root problems can be resolved by resetting to factory settings.

Phone firmware via Recovery

You can also perform the firmware without using a computer, using only a phone, using the Recovery function.

If you have updated Android at least once, you should be aware that this does not delete the user’s personal data. Photos, applications, music and so on remain in place. But if you decide to rollback Android, then it will be equal to a factory reset. All information will be deleted.

If you have updated Android at least once, you should be aware that this does not delete the user’s personal data. Photos, applications, music and so on remain in place. But if you decide to rollback Android, then it will be equal to a factory reset. All information will be deleted.

Another point is the difficulty of rolling back. To update the operating system, you often do not need to do anything. The new version comes over the air, after which you just need to click on the “Download” and “Agree” buttons. There is no one-size-fits-all guide for rollback. You will have to get a special program, install it on your computer, download the custom Recovery menu and perform many other actions. That is why it is recommended to rollback to the previous version of the system only in case of urgent need.

Another feature that needs to be taken into account: if you roll back the update, then your data that is stored on your smartphone will be lost. Roll back the Android version is equivalent to a factory reset.

contact the manufacturer

For example, here is an instruction provided by Huawei support for one of the Honor smartphones.

How to Return to Previous Security Patch Level Update Android OS

contact the service center

Usually an authorized or “quality” service center has service firmware. In extreme cases, tools for changing software, which are often not available in the public domain. If there is a possibility of a rollback, a certain fee will be required for the provision of services. That, while maintaining the warranty or full performance, will save your nerves on self-flashing.

Android firmware via PC

Finally, the most important step is installing the firmware. In order to properly flash a smartphone, you need: firmware and a firmware program, or. using Recovery.

In one of the articles on the site, the method of flashing an Android phone through a computer has already been discussed. The article is very extensive and it makes no sense to completely duplicate it. You can get acquainted with it at the link:

Here’s a quick guide to rolling back an Android update using a PC flashing:

The first way

Find the section with applications. Open it up.

Find an application for which it is possible to uninstall updates. Let’s take Google Photos as an example. Push.

On the application page, click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

The “Delete updates” button appeared, tap on it.

Updates removed. Please note that the version of the app has also changed.

For example, here is the instruction provided by Huawei support for one of the Honor smartphones.

An Android update is often referred to as a system upgrade, and a rollback is often referred to as a downgrade. There are no standard ways to return to a previous OS version for several reasons. Firstly, the manufacturers of mobile devices are not interested in this, since the old version of the firmware is worse. Secondly, Google is insisting on the update in order to eliminate previously identified vulnerabilities. Therefore, rollback in some cases is impossible, while in others it is fraught with certain difficulties:

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Below we will consider several ways to help roll back a system update.

On Samsung devices

Samsung Galaxy owners are often plagued by developer updates and are looking for how to rollback to Android. Such actions on “Samsung” are the easiest to perform through a PC using the Odin program. The step-by-step instruction looks like this:

  • Go to any search engine and indicate in the search bar the site and the name of your phone with the model.
  • Click on any link that is not advertising. Register on the forum.
  • Find in the header of the attached topic a link to the section with official firmware. Expand Drivers and Utilities.
  • Download and install the program “One” from the official website, as well as the utility “Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones”.
  • Open the firmware tab and find out what version of the release is on the phone at the moment. To do this, go to the path “Settings”. “Information”. “About software”.
  • Select the operating system corresponding to the region and bootloader code that you want to load. Download it to your computer.
  • Back up all user data through a special utility, which was described above, or use the official program “Samsung Smart Switch”.
  • Transfer “Samsung” to recovery and firmware mode. Make sure it is at least 50% charged.
  • Wait until the phone is recognized, select the downloaded firmware files and start the process by pressing the “Start” button. When finished, the phone will reboot automatically.

Important! It is advisable to trust such actions to a person who understands Android and its recovery processes. When you rollback yourself, there is a chance to face many errors.

You can find previous firmware on “Samsung” on specialized forums

How to rollback an Android update to a previous version

Many want to update their operating system and only a few are looking to roll back the Android firmware. This is due to the fact that not all OS releases work well on every device. There are also mistakes that prevent you from using the phone normally. It is also possible that a person does not want to switch to a new version, since the old one is completely satisfied with him. This article will tell you how to return the previous version of Android if it was updated by mistake or against the will of the owner of the gadget.

How to roll back Android firmware updates

The most effective way to quickly restore installed programs, system configurations and system appearance is to download the latest stable backup. Before making any major adjustments to the memory or the system, you need to make a backup. This can protect against any consequences in the form of software crashes, OS instability and critical errors.

Important! Creation of restorations is an important point not only when flashing Androids, but also in any other areas of software installation and programming.

If a person did not take care of creating a backup and began to change his operating system, then there is a way out. In case of failure, you can be asked to provide a backup copy of a person with the same gadget. It is clear that the best way is to rollback to your copies, as this is more reliable and safer, but sometimes there is no other option.

There are a huge number of programs that make system backups. As it became known, Android cannot do this internally, so third-party software becomes relevant. Each application has its own merits and demerits. One of the most popular and suitable for many smartphones is “Titainum Backup”

On Asus devices

If a person owns an old smartphone or tablet from ASUS, then it is best to use the following step-by-step instructions for rolling back:

  • Download the firmware that will be suitable for the existing device from the official website or specialized forums.
  • Transfer downloaded files to the root of the device in any way.
  • Reboot your device and wait for the search to end.
  • After that, an icon in the form of a triangle with an exclamation mark will appear on the notification bar.
  • Click on the icon and agree with all actions that will be performed with the operating system of the gadget.
  • Wait until the end of the flashing and reboot of the phone.

Important! It is worth noting that the OS does not care which version of the firmware was loaded into memory, if it is suitable. Thus, you can not only roll back, but also update.

It is sometimes easier to delete the firmware and restore it back on Asus than on other smartphones

On Xiaomi devices

To rollback on Xiaomi smartphones, you need to perform a number of preparatory steps: charge your gadget and create a backup copy of existing data, including OS parameters. This can be done by analogy with Samsung phones. Next, you need to reset all Android settings. Often after that, users can already switch to the release that they used initially, but this does not always work. To reset, go to “Settings”. “Advanced parameters”. “Reset”. Reset to factory settings “.

If the rollback fails, then complete update wipes should be carried out. To do this, go to the gadget settings again, select the “About phone” menu and the “Software update” item. It will contain a sub-item “Reboot in recovery mode”. After rebooting, you must select the “Wipe Data” option and wait until all Android and MIUI updates are completely cleared.

Sometimes resetting “Xiaomi” helps to reset the settings

Differences between Android update and rollback

If a person at least once in his life has come across an operating system update on his mobile device and performed it, then he should understand some things. In this process, all user data (photos, videos, contacts, notes, programs, etc.), as well as the parameters of installed programs and linked accounts will not go anywhere and will be available as usual. If the user rolls back or returns the system to a previous state, then all this data is deleted, since this is equivalent to resetting all parameters to the factory state.

There is another nuance: rollback is quite difficult to perform. Typically, you do not need to do anything to update the operating system. She performs the process on her own. You just need to check for new releases and agree to install the most recent one. In general, control is carried out by two buttons: “Download” and “Accept”. You cannot rollback the version in this way. There is simply no universal instruction or manual for this.

Important! Rollbacks are recommended only if absolutely necessary.

To return to the previous release of the operating system, you will have to find and download special software, install it on a personal computer, find a suitable recovery mode (Recovery Mode) and perform many other actions.

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It is best to search for old firmware versions on

Is it possible to rollback an Android update

Modern mobile phones are highly dependent on software and operating systems in particular. There are times when a gadget is sharpened for one single OS or its version. Computer technology can be cited as an example. If a laptop was sold with a pre-installed Windows 8 or 8.1 operating system, then reinstalling it on the seven is very difficult or even impossible. In some cases, only replacing the hard drive will help.

It is possible to return a previous OS release, but it is not easy

The same can happen with Android smartphones. Only in some cases is it possible to install older operating systems. Not everyone knows about this, but the components of the gadget work with the help of certain drivers, which also makes them similar to similar components of laptops and personal computers.

Note! You can install older OS versions on those phones that came from the factory with releases 3, 4 or 5.

Lack of support is the result of the unscrupulous economy of a mobile technology manufacturer. He develops processors and drivers for them, which “go” only for certain releases of the Android OS. Therefore, any Snapdregon processor may simply not be recognized on an old, but stable version of Android 3 or 4.

Before restoring the OS, you need to find out the current software version

Rollback means installing the OS release that was originally installed on the device from the factory. Many people think this is logical and they hope that the manufacturers of software and smartphones will not prevent this in any way. Here, too, not everything is as simple as it seems. Simply and without unnecessary problems, you can roll back the system only if its backup copy (backup) was saved in the smartphone’s memory.

Unfortunately, operating systems from Google do not have such a function, and when installing new releases, all user data, as well as the settings of the phone and programs (as well as the applications themselves) are completely erased. Internal memory is usually so small. Nobody wants to clutter it with unnecessary backups that they might never need at all. In this regard, many experienced and not so users are looking for an answer to the question of how to return a previous version of Android.

Odin is the best solution to rollback to Samsung

Features of Android version rollback

It is possible to roll back Android to an earlier one if you know that it was on your smartphone. But if you just want to “downgrade” the version of the operating system, this may not work, since the components of your phone may not be supported by the old software.

How to install stock Firmware or Rollback on all Samsung devices

Another feature that needs to be taken into account: if you roll back the update, then your data that is stored on your smartphone will be lost. Roll back the Android version is equivalent to a factory reset.

Also remember that rolling back an update is more difficult than updating Android. The update is automatic and smooth. actions need to be taken to rollback.

Solved: Broken after February 2020 update. Samsung Community

Just ran the last update on my phone overnight. Woke up this morning to find that most of the functions on my phone no longer work and the apps crash frequently. These include the gallery crashing every time I try to open an image, crashes when trying to access anything in the file explorer, playing any music stored on my SD card results in no sound, and any backup / transfer attempts data to another device cause the phone itself to crash. Also, trying to install apps from Google Play causes this app to crash. I also noticed that I no longer receive any custom alert sounds. I’ve tried clearing the cache and user data which doesn’t seem to do anything at all. I feel like there is some mistake right now in the way the phone reads the data. All this makes me very upset, because I have a lot of important things on my phone that I do not want to part with when performing a full factory reset. I hope there is a major fix coming soon, but if I can do anything I would like to know.

Is there a way to BACK update?

After such a major update, it may take a while for the phone to calm down. @ Bluelily216

Performs a soft restart by turning the phone off and on.

Turn off the phone and then after a predetermined series of button presses go to the phone system files and clear the phone system cache.

As a last resort, backup and factory reset. Remove any SD card.

Downgrade Android 11 Rollback.Android 10 On Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10/Note 20 Series/S10 Series

Search Google for how to downgrade to a different firmware, but be very careful about the pros and cons of doing this.

Anyone attempting to rollback firmware does so at their own risk.

My advice comes from the fact that I am a UK Samsung phone owner. I have nothing to do with Samsung. Current phone

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G _256Gb Model: SM-N986B / DS._ Samsung One Ui 2.5 / Android 10.

How to change / update the firmware in Samsung Galaxy A50, how to


  • Be sure to make a full backup of your Samsung phone before proceeding.
  • Install the appropriate Samsung USB drivers.
  • Make sure your device is charged to at least 60%.
  • Download the latest version of the Odin tool.
  • Be sure to enable USB debugging :. To do this again, go to Settings Developer Options Allow USB Debugging.
  • Put the Galaxy into Download Mode by pressing the Volume Down Home Power buttons. for Samsung phones with capacitive buttons and Bixby Power Volume Down for newer models.


Below is a list of issues you may face while installing Samsung firmware using Odin tool. You can quickly fix the problem by following the solution below:

  • Device not detected by Odin: Make sure Kies is disabled and you have installed the correct Samsung USB drivers on your phone.
  • FAIL message to Odin: Make sure you have downloaded the correct Odin tool and are using the correct USB drivers. Try to force shutdown the device and follow the steps from step 1.
  • The device enters a boot loop: Boot into standard recovery and reset the device to factory settings. Hold down the Home / Bixby Volume Up and Power button at the same time for a few seconds. On the screen without commands, hold the power button and press the volume up key once. Then press Wipe data / factory reset button and confirm.

So that’s all on my part in this post. Hope you enjoyed this post and were able to install stock firmware using Odin on your Samsung phone. Let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below if you have any problems with the above steps. Until next post Hurray!

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How to rollback firmware to Samsung

Roll back Android update to Samsung: step by step instructions

To return the old version of Android and, I recommend using tools such as the site and forum, the program for Samsung smartphones. Odin, as well as drivers for your Samsung phone. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to properly roll back the firmware and how to correctly uninstall the software update on Samsung:

  • Open any search engine and enter your phone model and “”.
  • Follow the first link (not advertising).
  • You will be taken to the forum. on the branch of your device. Register on it to be able to download files. You need it.
  • In the topic header, follow the link “Official firmware” for your Samsung device.
  • Expand the Drivers and Utilities tab. You need to download and install the Odin program, as well as Samsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones.
  • Open the “Official firmware” tab.
  • Now you need to find out which version is currently on your gadget. It depends on which one you need to download in order to return the Samsung phone settings before the update. To do this, go to “Settings”. “Phone information”. “Software information”.
  • In the “Firmware version” paragraph, pay attention to the fifth digit on the right side. This is the bootloader number, it should be remembered.
  • In the paragraph “Software version of the service provider”, the designation at the beginning and at the end is important. this is the region code. The region codes are decrypted on the previously opened forum page. Expand the “Regions Included in Firmware” tab to see them.
roll, back, android, update
  • Having found out the version of the bootloader and the region, you can proceed to the selection of the OS to which you want to roll back the gadget. On the open forum page, expand the tab with the required version of Android. For example, if an unwanted update is installed on your Samsung Android 9, then you need Android 8.
  • The firmware must be selected according to the following principle: the match of the region (if not SER, then you need to select the multiregion), the latest by date and the matching fifth digit on the right is the bootloader version. Download it to your PC. Unfortunately, if the bootloader version is different from yours, you cannot roll back the firmware.
  • Since if you roll back the operating system, your data will be lost, it makes sense to back it up. The easiest way to do this is with the official Samsung Smart Switch utility. You can download it on the same forum, or on the official Samsung website.
  • After installation, launch the program, connect the phone via USB to the computer and after recognizing the device, set up copying by going to the settings. Look at the “Archiving Items” tab and put the checkboxes you need there, and then click “OK”. On the main screen of the program, click “Backup”.

Important: write down the passwords for Samsung and Google accounts, but be sure to delete the Google account from your phone. Otherwise, you will be able to roll back the system, but you may get new problems that will have to be solved additionally.

  • Launch Odin on PC.
  • Put your Samsung phone into firmware mode to uninstall software updates on Android and Samsung. Important: it must be charged more than 50%. In order for the phone to be in the desired mode, turn off the device. Then simultaneously hold down the power button, the volume down button and the third function button. Home or Bixby, depending on the device model. When the information appears on the screen, press “volume up”.
  • Connect your smartphone to PC using a wire.
  • Odin will recognize your phone, after which the inscription with the device identifier will turn blue or yellow. If this does not happen, do not proceed with the installation.
  • Select all firmware files by clicking on the four buttons on the right. The fifth HOME-CSC file, if present in the archive, is not needed for this operation.
  • Make sure all four files are selected and only the Auto Reboot and F check boxes are checked in the Options tab. Reset Time “.
roll, back, android, update
  • Click Start and wait for the process to finish. This can take 5-7 minutes. “Pass” will appear.
  • The smartphone will restart automatically. You will need to do an initial setup: your Samsung phone will be as if you just took it out of the box. You have already managed to uninstall the downloaded update on Android Samsung.
  • If you’ve done a backup, you can use Samsung Smart Switch to get the data back to your phone. To do this, open the program, connect the phone to the PC, and after it is recognized, click “Restore”. Select an archived copy of your data, and the recovery will happen automatically.
  • Process complete: you managed to rollback the firmware.

So, now you know how to get everything back if there was a software update on your Samsung phone. Thanks to the same instructions, you can install any firmware on your phone that it supports. it’s not just about how to rollback an Android update to Samsung. If you value the interface and functions that are in your version, then I recommend turning off automatic system updates. So you can generally save yourself from the actions described above.

How to Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Phone Using Odin

  • Download the appropriate Galaxy stock firmware for your phone.
  • Extract the contents of the firmware zip file.
  • Please note that the extracted files will be in “tar” or “tar.md5” format.
  • Now download and extract the Odin tool to your computer.
  • Open the extracted folder and click on the Odin.exe file.
  • You need to connect your Galaxy device to PC when it is in download mode.
  • Please note that the CO port will light up on Odin after the phone is connected.
  • Press the AP button and select the firmware.
  • Do the same for BL, CP and CSC.
  • Be aware that a regular CSC file will erase all data. To save the data, select the “HOME_CSC” file.
  • Don’t forget to select Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time in the Options tab.
  • Click the “Start” button to install the firmware on your Samsung device.
  • That’s all! After the installation is complete, you will see the PASS message.