How to Roll Back iPhone to Old Version

How to revert (rollback) an old version of iOS? All the truth!

Hey! Let’s start right away with the “spoilers”. practically nothing. No, in fact, in most cases, returning the previous version of iOS firmware is a daunting task. And the point is not even that to rollback you need to study a lot of instructions and make some inhuman efforts that are beyond the control of an ordinary person.

It’s all about our beloved (but inaccurate) company from Cupertino. It is Apple (at the level of its servers) that categorically prohibits the installation of an older version of iOS on iPhone and iPad.

  • You ask: “And since you can’t roll back at all, then why did you start being clever and even wrote some instructions?”.
  • I will answer: “There are still some chances”.

What kind? Now I’ll tell you everything quickly. Let’s go!

So why can’t you install an older version of iOS on your iPhone or iPad in most cases? Because there is such a thing as “firmware signature”.

In short, this is a software reconciliation on Apple servers. here is more information about this procedure.

Is the firmware new or current? Apple gives the go-ahead. set it to health. Is the firmware out of date? Sorry, you can’t put it.

Then what options could there be? There are not so many of them

  • Firstly, after the release of a new firmware, within a few days (weeks), it remains possible to install the previous (only the previous!) Version of iOS. this is a normal practice for an “apple” company.
  • Secondly, Apple sometimes (very, very, very sometimes!) “Glitches” and it begins to “sign” absolutely all versions of the software for its devices. Such a celebration of life is extremely rare and does not last long.

How to keep abreast of all these “whistles” with firmware and, if necessary (possible) roll back the iOS version for your iPhone or iPad? Here’s the instruction:

  • There is a wonderful (no joke) site which contains absolutely all firmware for iOS devices and, more importantly, there is always up-to-date information about the status of the software.
  • We open the site, select our device and see the list of software.
  • Green. the firmware is signed and can be installed. Red. don’t even try.
    roll, back, iphone, version
  • Select the required firmware, download it to your computer.
  • We launch iTunes, connect the iPhone (iPad), if necessary, create a backup copy.
  • While holding (on the keyboard) the “Shift” key press “Restore”.
  • We indicate the path to the previously downloaded firmware.

Finally, a few popular questions and answers:

  • Is it possible to do all this operation without a computer? It is impossible. rollback to the old firmware version is possible only through iTunes.
  • “Uncle Vasya from the Internet” promises that he has some kind of secret instruction, which he can share for only 500 rubles! Buy? Better not to pay. there is no secret instruction, and “Uncle Vasya” will simply become a little richer.
  • And when will the moment come when Apple starts signing absolutely all firmware and I can install the legendary iOS 6 on my iPhone 4? Nobody knows. Again, this thing happens rarely and does not last long. you need to be in time. Join our VK group. if this happens, I will immediately inform you about it.

Perhaps it’s time to wrap up. If you have any questions or want to share your story. welcome to the comments! I will listen with pleasure and, if necessary, I will try to help!

How to return from iOS 12 to the previous version: detailed instructions

Many Apple product lovers regretted upgrading to a trial version of iOS 12. Gadgets began to feel dull or crash faster, applications crashed more and more often. There are many bugs and shortcomings in it, and it is still difficult to talk about perfect work. Can I downgrade the firmware from the 12th version to the 11th? Can. And here’s how exactly. shown below.

Curious to know the difference: Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 comparison

For those who are not completely satisfied with the new version, but still doubt whether they need this rollback, we can give a small comparative table of the operating time of one phone charge on firmware 11 and 12. For the test, we used models 5S, 6, 6S, 7 with new original batteries. The difference in operating time under maximum load is small, but obvious.

So, if the decision is made, you can proceed to return to the old operating system.

How to downgrade from iOS 12 to iOS 11.4.1 without data loss

The option is unique for all gadgets. It is faster than the restore option, but sometimes does not work on some models. Although it’s worth a try to save time. All you need is:

Before you roll back iOS 12 to 11.4, in iCloud you need to stop the “Find IPhone” work, otherwise it will simply not allow you to do it.

Plug the device into the PC and go to iTunes.
3. In the “Browse” menu, hold Shift, select “Refresh”.
4. Find the firmware file and enable the update.

What to do before rollback

Before you roll back from iOS 12, you need to remember about backup, that is, a backup copy. It can be done in two ways. through iCloud and iTunes.

Through Aycloud it will be easiest, you just need:

  • Find the Apple ID menu;
  • In iCloud, click “Backup” and mark everything that needs to be uploaded to the cloud;
  • Press the toggle switch (as in the photo below) and wait for the end of the download.

Using iTunes is also an easy way, but it requires a laptop. It is necessary:

  • Connect a USB cable to a computer and a gadget;
  • Open iTunes on your laptop and find your phone in the menu;
  • In the “Browse” click on “This computer”;
  • Select “Create a copy now”;
  • Click on “Move purchases” in the “Devices” menu to resume all applications if needed.

Before rolling back the iOS 12 update, you need to find a suitable version of the previous iOS and check its “signature”, that is, Apple’s permission to revert to the old version. This must be done so that when installing the OS, aytyunz does not give an error, and simply does not refuse to install a new operating system.

  • Go to any special site to verify the signature. It is easy to find it through a search engine.
  • Select a product (iPhone, iPad, iPod).
  • Click on the product model.
  • Make sure that the correct firmware is selected for a specific model (it will glow as available) or download it there on the site.

Keep in mind: If you usually use the standard Safari browser, then before downloading the firmware you need to turn off self-extracting from the archive. Or just download the program via Chrome. You can also change the name of file to.ipsw.

How to get back to iOS 11 from 12 with recovery

This method is longer and slightly different for different models, but still there is nothing complicated about it. It’s just that in this case, you need to restore the previous version, and not update it. You only need:

  • Check signature and download firmware.
  • Connect the gadget and go to iTunes.
  • Start Repair (DFU). Different models use different key combinations for this.

Click the volume up and down, hold the shutdown button, and the desired screen will pop up.

Hold the volume down and power until a window pops up.

Hold “Home” and turn on to pop up the desired window.

  • Click “Ok”;
  • Click “Restore iPhone” while holding Shift;
  • Find firmware and start recovery;
  • Click “Next” and “Accept”;
  • After about 10 minutes, the system will boot, and you can resume data from a backup copy.

The answer to the question: “is it possible to rollback from iOS 12?”. unambiguously positive. If something did not work out, then rather the wrong version of the program was downloaded, and it is worth doing everything again. In the worst case scenario, it will take 15 minutes, so if the current version of the operating system does not suit you, then you can still return everything back.

How to rollback an iOS update on an iPhone or iPad

How to roll back to a previous version of iOS on a device? By convention, there are two rollback methods:

  • with data retention;
  • with a full reset of user settings and files.

It should be noted right away that rolling back to the previous version 12 by itself, without third-party resources or using iTunes, is impossible. There are methods that pose risks to the user, and there are completely safe ones. Below will be an explanation of why it is advisable to use one or another option.

Rollback to a previous version with a full reset of user data

The rollback process with a full reset implies all the same steps as in the case of saving data ”, except for two points. First, there is no need to back up your data. And secondly, after the desired OS is selected and installed via IPSW, you do not need to perform a recovery. You can start using your iPhone immediately after it restarts.

How to rollback iOS from 13 to 12 version of the operating system

All of the available OS rollback methods have been described above. If you need to select a specific firmware version, for example, from iOS 13 to iOS 12, then you need to download it and install it on your iPhone.

You can download and install absolutely any version for each selected device. The site contains all available firmware for any Apple devices. The process always follows the same principle. The above details how to downgrade from iOS 13 to 12 or any other version.

The user only has to choose whether to reinstall the OS with his own hands or resort to using third-party software. This method is the easiest, which allows you to return back to the previous version of the operating system.

How to Prepare iPhone for iOS Rollback

How to Roll Back iPhone? Preparing a smartphone consists in storing personal data and all information that is contained in the device’s memory. It is necessary to save passwords from accounts so as not to lose access to paid subscriptions. It is also necessary to make a backup of the system and save all media files to external media or in the cloud storage.

If you are not using iTunes, it is recommended that you try iCloud or its assistant to back up your device. You need to understand that backing up through icloud will take a lot of time, because the timing of transferring information directly depends on the volume of the last.

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How to rollback iOS through third-party programs

Rollback iPhone from iOS 13 to 12 through third-party programs proceeds in almost the same way as the previous method, with the exception of using unofficial software. It is strongly discouraged to use this method, since no one will be held responsible for the results.

Important! Using Jailbreak is extremely risky, since the slightest incompatibility or a problem in the operation of this software can turn the iPhone into a “brick”, as the wizards usually say.

Of all the options presented, the most optimal is the use of FoneCope iOS System Recovery. This program can rollback the non-iTunes version and will not cause any data loss. This program is safe and free from viruses.

  • Download and install FoneCope iOS System Recovery on your computer. Then run the program and use a USB cable to connect the device to the computer.
  • Select “Standard” mode in the main interface.
  • Press “Start” and follow the instructions for putting the device into DFU mode. If DFU does not work, you need to go to recovery mode.
  • Next, the program will automatically detect the iPhone or iPad and select the latest firmware. Here you need to make sure that the correct firmware version has been selected, then you need to click “Download”.
  • After the firmware download is complete, you must press the “Start to Fix” button. The software will check and install the old version of iOS without iTunes on the device.

It will take some time to downgrade the iPhone software. And the status indicator will show how many percent has already been met.

How to rollback an iOS update on an iPhone or iPad

Many iPhone and iPad owners have been eagerly awaiting the iOS 13 update. Attracted a new interface design, the addition of some functions and capabilities, debugging bugs in previous versions, new controls and much more. This is one of the largest updates and is optimal for the latest generation of devices. The 13 version of iOS is loved by the majority of apple product owners. However, some users are disappointed in the new OS and are now wondering how to rollback iOS to a previous version. This is easy to do, just follow the instructions below.

Rollback to the previous version while keeping the data

By default, any rollback to a previous version implies a complete reset of user settings. As soon as any other version of iOS is installed, the user will only be presented with the factory settings. Therefore, the only way to protect yourself is to make a backup.

The next step is to start rolling back using IPSW. All that is required from the user is to download the file of the required version (image file) and save it on any computer where iTunes is installed.

To roll back the iPhone (iPad or iPod Touch) firmware, follow these steps:

  • Back up your iPhone.
  • Disable Find My iPhone, if enabled. To do this, go to Settings and click Cloud to uncheck “Find My iPhone”. When the pop-up window appears, enter the Apple ID, as well as the password from it.
  • After that, connect your iPhone to your computer with iTunes using a USB cable.
  • Launch Finder or iTunes on your computer and make sure the latest version is installed. After that, you can start rolling back the OS to the previous version.

Where to find the previous MIUI firmware?

The old MIUI firmware can be found on the Xiaomi official website. Go to the website Go to the “Downloads” section (for the domain, this is the “Firmware” section).

Find your phone model. In our case, this is Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm Global.

At the moment, the main release indicates the stable global firmware MIUI 9. V9.5.8.0.NCFMIFA. We need version, so click on the “Older versions” tab on the left.

Select V9.2.1.0.NCFMIEK and click download. The archive size is 1.3 GB. You can download the archive with the firmware to any device, i.e. it doesn’t have to be a phone or a laptop.

Step 1.

We make a backup copy of all important data stored on the phone. Since the rollback of the Xiaomi update means deleting all data and resetting the phone to factory settings.

Therefore, it is recommended to save a backup of the phone data on a computer, flash drive or cloud storage.

After flashing, all information is deleted.

Step 2.

We set up the phone to install the firmware. Open “Settings”. Go to “Advanced settings”.

We click on the item “For developers”. Move the slider to “Factory unlock”.

Step 4.

We do a complete data cleaning through the Recovery mode. Cleaning in this mode is recommended if you are upgrading to a previous (old) MIUI version or want to upgrade through one or more firmware versions.

We go to “Settings”. “About phone”. “System update”, in the upper right corner there are three horizontal dots, click on them, and select “Restart in Recovery mode”.

In the menu that opens, select Wipe Data or Wipe Reset.

Step 1.

We connect the smartphone to the computer via a USB cable. Rename the downloaded firmware file “”. The name is only with a small letter. Do not change the ZIP file extension.

Copy the renamed file with the firmware “” to the phone’s memory. That is, to the internal shared storage itself, and not to any folder on the phone.

Rollback update without ROOT rights

In what other cases does the rollback of the MIUI update help. If the Xiaomi smartphone after the update:

  • does not work,
  • is not downloading,
  • requires a password,
  • reboots,
  • System app not responding.

Step 2.

Fully charge your phone! The minimum battery charge is 70%, but it is better that the charge level is 90% or higher.

Step 3.

Reset settings to factory defaults. Go to “Settings”. “Advanced settings”. “Restore and reset”.

In some situations, “Factory Reset” is already a rollback method. Since if you just bought a phone and updated, then in this way you can roll back to the factory version of the OS.

Once again, we will clarify that a factory reset will delete all your data from the phone (contacts, photos, videos, applications, phone settings, etc.). Therefore, it is so important to complete “Step 1” and make a backup.

Possible problems

The range of possible technical errors is extensive. There may be problems with activating the device after an incorrect (the instructions described in the next chapter exclude such problems) rollback, difficulties associated with using biometric scanners, starting the camera and saving photos, playing music and even activating the mobile network. There are situations and it is much worse when, with the wrong algorithm of actions, neither smartphones, nor tablets, nor “smart watches” were no longer turned on without calling the service center.

The only way not to encounter such unrecoverable errors is not to deviate from the instructions, use firmware files from trusted sources, do not improvise and in no case slow down devices connected to the PC via USB (if the wire goes away, the recovery process will be disrupted, but serious consequences will follow).

Data backup

In order not to lose the data stored in the device’s memory, you need to copy it to a safe place. Make a full backup of your gadget content in iTunes on PC and in iCloud storage. These actions will allow you to get all files and personal data back when you rollback an outdated version on iOS. Rollback implies the complete erasure of all information on the device, only clean software remains.

Having copied the data in two ways, you need to go to the iCloud settings, find there an iPhone or iPad (depending on which device you have) and turn it off. This is done in order to remove protection from the software available on the device. Otherwise, there is no way to return the previous version of iOS. But do not worry about this, because the protection is removed only during the installation of the old version, and upon completion of the rollback, the protective function will be enabled automatically.


If you are going to rollback a device on a 64-bit processor (iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2, iPad Air), then it must be switched to DFU mode and connected to the computer.

If the gadget has a 32-bit chip, you will need a jailbreak with OpenSSH. You don’t need to translate it into DFU, just connect it to your Mac.

How to return an old version of “OS

Rollback to the previous version of iOS by developers, of course, is not encouraged, but it is officially applied. This feature is available only for a short time after the applied operating system update. Further, the given chance is blocked and it is impossible to return the old firmware to the iPhone. Then iPhone owners are looking for other options.

In any case, it is recommended that you carefully prepare for a rollback to a previous version of iOS.

General recommendations when rolling back

That’s all, installing the old version is not at all difficult, you can watch the progress of the process in the iTunes window, at the top of it. Do not under any circumstances interrupt the installation process: do not disconnect the gadget from the computer, do not launch any programs until iOS is installed. You can use the device immediately after you can roll back iOS. You will know that the installation is complete when a white screen and welcome screen appears. After that, you need to activate your device and use the newly installed iOS in work without any problems.

Now you can easily run the old version of the application and use the interface that you are used to and refused because of the update. If for some reason you could not roll back the software, describe your problem in the comments. We will help you figure it out.

Nuances of the update

But first, I would like to mention a couple of nuances associated with iOS firmware that you simply must know. As you already know, updating to a newer firmware is carried out intuitively by pressing one button in the Phone Settings or in iTunes on a computer.

If you want to return to a non-previous version of iOS, you must first download the firmware file with the ipsw extension from the Internet, and then install it by connecting the phone to the computer.

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If you suddenly decide that you can install any old firmware, you will have to upset you. you can only roll back to Apple-signed firmware.

During the installation of any version of iOS, your device contacts the Apple server for a digital signature. If the server sees an iOS version on your device that is no longer supported, it will not sign it and the installation will end with an error.

Let me explain with an example: if you just installed iOS 13.4, you can only go back to 13.3. With the release of new versions of iOS, Apple stops signing older versions.

The maximum is “you can take one step back.” At the time of this writing, the only current firmware for all devices starting with the iPhone 4S is 9.0.2.

How to find out which versions of iOS are relevant today? Very simple! We go to the IPSW firmware search service and click on the model of your device.

Disable Find My iPhone

If you have this option enabled, then before the rollback procedure it must be disabled, otherwise iTunes will give you an error when you try to start the process and this will be the end of it. How to disable Find iPhone function, read on our website.

How to roll back to an earlier version of iOS

Hello everyone, dear users of iOS devices. iPad and iPhone. In today’s article, I will show you how you can return a previous, older version of iOS. Why might you need it? For example, you have upgraded to a new version of the operating system, you don’t like it and want to revert to the previous version of iOS. You won’t be able to do this (return) using standard methods, here you have to carry out some manipulations.

The rollback process to an older version of the iOS operating system is as follows:

  • Selecting and downloading from the Internet the version of the iOS operating system you need.
  • Connecting a gadget (iPad or iPhone) to a computer, launching iTunes.
  • Adding the downloaded version of iOS to iTunes, then automatic rollback of the system.

But, before you start restoring the old version of iOS, I want to clarify a few points:

How to roll back IOS Apps to previous versions

  • Before work, be sure to make a backup copy of your iOS device, this will allow you not to lose data in case of unsuccessful rollback.
  • You will not be able to install too old versions of iOS on your iPhone or iPad, for example, IOS 6 and below. Apple just stopped signing (activating) these versions. Perhaps at the time of your reading this article, Apple has stopped signing iOS as well. Before rolling back, please take this into account.
  • The rollback process is painless for your iPhone or iPad, even if you can’t rollback successfully, you can always restore your iPhone or iPad. But in any case, you act at your own peril and risk.

So let’s begin the process of replacing your iOS operating system with an earlier version.

IOS download

First of all, before returning an earlier version, you need to download the version of the operating system that you want to install on your iPhone or iPad. I must say right away that you can download iOS for free. So, let’s move on to the download process:

  • Follow the link.
  • In the field “YOUR DEVICE” you need to select the type of your mobile device. For example: iPhone or iPad.
  • Next, in the field “THE MODEL” you need to select the model of your device. For example: iPhone 4s or iPad 2 Wi-Fi.
  • Further, in the field “iOS VERSION” you need to select the version of iOS that you want to install on your iOS gadget.
  • To complete the entire operation, you need to click the “Download” button, after which the process of loading the operating system will begin.

So, after the file with the system is downloaded to your device, proceed to the next step.

Rollback iOS

Move on to the fun part. replacing iOS with an earlier version. To return iOS, follow these steps:

  • Connect your gadget to a personal computer on which the latest version of iTunes is installed (if there is no program, then you need to install it. You can download it from the link.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • In the side menu (if not visible press CTRLS) select your device.
  • In the field that opens, in the “Overview” tab, find the “Update” button.
  • Hold down the Shift key (if you have Windows) or Alt (if you have a Mac) and click on the “Refresh” button. A window will open in which you need to select the previously downloaded file with the operating system.
  • After all the above actions, the rollback of the iOS version will begin. It usually doesn’t take long.

That’s all for today, I hope this little note helped you, you were able to return the version of iOS that you need.

I would be grateful if you leave a comment. To do this, you can use the commenting form from the social network. Attention: in order to be able to leave comments, you must be logged in

What is required to rollback iOS?

To work with the Vieux utility, you need an Apple computer with macOS 10.15 or 10.14 (no older).

Hackintosh. that is, an Apple system installed on a regular computer is not supported. Linux support may appear in the future. There will be no Windows support. The developer said it was too difficult to provide.

You also need a suitable mobile gadget. Among them:

  • iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad mini 2 (these can run iOS 10.3.3).
  • iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini 1, and iPod touch 5 (can run iOS 8.4.1).
  • iPhone 4s, iPad 2 (you can install iOS 6.1.3 on them).

Devices with 32-bit processors (and this is all those released before 2013) must have Jailbreak and OpenSHH utility installed.

Instructions for downgrading to an older version of iOS

And now we proceed directly to installing the old firmware version.

  • Download the file from Vieux and unpack it to any folder (to download, click on the Clone or Download button and select the zip option).
  • Download the ipsw firmware you want to rollback to. In my case, this is iOS 8.4.1.ipsw from the site
  • Open the Spotlight search engine by simultaneously pressing the Cmd Spacebar.
  • Enter the name of the program “Terminal” there and launch it.
  • Install the package manager by entering the command /bin/bash.e “(curl.fsSL”.
  • Then we load the driver for working with USB. To do this, we drive brew install libusb into the terminal.
  • Next, enter the command cd Path to the folder with Vieux.

If you do not know how to specify the path to a folder, you can simply drag it with the mouse from the Finder program directly to the terminal

We activate the command to download the necessary components

  • We connect our device to the computer (in the case of devices released after 2013, first we put it into DFU mode, simultaneously holding down the lock and “Home” keys)
  • Then we enter the command /vieux.i path to the downloaded ipsw file with firmware (or python3 vieux.i path to the downloaded ipsw file with firmware, if the previous one does not work).

You can change the name of the ipsw file in advance to shorten the command length. Therefore, I just call it ipad.ipsw

  • Opening the settings of the mobile device.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi section and click on the letter i to the right of the name of your wireless network.
  • We look there the IP address of the device and enter this address into the macOS terminal.

Watch the requests from the utility carefully

  • Then we enter the standard password alpine and press the Enter key.
  • And before starting the flashing, we press the “Home” button on our device. Or just disconnect it from the computer and reconnect it.

The rollback process may take some time. Do not disconnect your smartphone or tablet from your computer. It’s also worth noting that flashing may fail the first time. In this case, you should try restarting your mobile device and computer, and then try again. This helps to get rid of most common mistakes. You can also reduce errors by using macOS Mojave instead of Catalina.

How to install an older version of iOS on your iPhone or iPad using Vieux

Here’s how to rollback some older iPhones or iPads to more stable iOS versions.

What is it about?

We’re talking about a small utility called Vieux, designed specifically to install older versions of iOS on supported devices. For example, on iPhone 4s, you can install iOS 6 (the same one with the old design).

Jailbreak installation instructions

This instruction is only needed by those using a device with a 32-bit processor.

  • Go to the Panda Store website from a mobile device and download the application to your device.
  • The system will ask for permission to install the profile. Click on the “Install” button.

Here is one of the working hacking tools

You can also download the Jailbreak for other iOS versions right there. The further installation principle is almost the same. And the instructions for downloading OpenSSH and flashing are completely identical.

We agree to the terms of work and install the “jailbreak”

Such an advertisement with a barely noticeable button will be displayed. We are looking for her and press

  • The device will reboot. After that, run the Phoenix program again and repeat the same steps.
  • Click on the Use Provided Offsets button.

After installation, you may need to reboot and reinstall Phoenix

Can I roll back other devices?

Not. recent devices (anything younger than the iPhone 6) are not supported. They can only be rolled back to officially signed versions of iOS. At the time of publication of this article, these are iOS 13.3.1 and iOS 13.3. Usually, the previous version of iOS is signed for about two to three weeks (then you can easily flash the device through iTunes). There are exceptions if a critical error is found in the system and people should not be allowed to use it.

The developer Vieux says that it will never be possible to roll back other devices. But it is likely that in the future there will be ways to install older versions of iOS on other devices.

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Possible problems

The range of possible technical errors is extensive. There may be problems with activating the device after an incorrect (the instructions described in the next chapter exclude such problems) rollback, difficulties associated with using biometric scanners, starting the camera and saving photos, playing music and even activating the mobile network. There are situations and it is much worse when, with the wrong algorithm of actions, neither smartphones, nor tablets, nor “smart watches” were no longer turned on without calling the service center.

The only way not to encounter such unrecoverable errors is not to deviate from the instructions, use firmware files from trusted sources, do not improvise and in no case slow down devices connected to the PC via USB (if the wire goes away, the recovery process will be disrupted, but serious consequences will follow).

Proven Ways to Roll Back iOS to a Previous Firmware Version

Apple technology is subject to fewer changes than Android devices. On iOS, you cannot work with files downloaded from the network, greatly change the interface, install software from third-party sources bypassing the App Store.

It is even more difficult to customize the operating system. the developers do not allow you to rollback iOS at any time (for example, to the legendary firmware version 10.3.3). And yet, the rollback function is available, albeit in a greatly reduced version and with a bunch of nuances. Which ones? About everything below!

Working ways

It is always worth starting the process of returning to the old version of the iOS operating system from the IPSW.ME website, a kind of database where independent developers have created a real cult of fans of Apple technology. First, we have collected a whole collection of instructions and answers to frequently asked questions. So, for example, everyone can find out whether it is possible to install JailBreak on iOS 11.4, whether it is worth downloading 12 Beta, how to disable all service notifications and change the wallpaper.

And secondly, they took care of preserving the ten latest official updates of the iOS operating system, and those versions to which it is really possible to roll back were marked with special green checkmarks. And here it is important to understand. the set of versions available for rollback is strictly limited and depends on Apple’s actions.

For example, if iOS Beta 12 appears specifically for developers, then it will be allowed to rollback to 11. If beta 13 appears, then to stable 12, and so on. Of course, there is no way to install iOS 8, 9, 10 via IPSW.ME (and by third-party methods). Therefore, if there is a desire to roll back from beta to something stable, there is a way:

    First of all, it is important to choose a device. Your choice is iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Apple Watch. Additionally, the iTunes version is restored, starting from 10.5.3 (if for some reason the tool has stopped working stably, does not process files as before or does not start at all, you can try changing the version. Possibly relevant for both Windows and MacOS);

The second important step is to flesh out the classification of the device. So, for example, the iPhone is available starting with 2G, iPad 1 or Apple Watch of the first generation. If you remember which version of a smartphone, tablet or player is in your hands now, you should go to Settings and select About device. And then continue the search. This is important. any inaccuracies at the selection stage can lead to unforeseen consequences. At best. to the loss of personal data (which can be easily restored from a backup), at worst. to the transformation of your favorite device into a “brick”;

Next, it is important to select the version of iOS to which the rollback will be performed. As a rule, the IPSW.ME service offers several options with a difference of several months. You can read more about the specifications of each version on the Apple website in the update logs;

The last step is to go to the operating system build page and click “Download”. Any directory will do;

  • The initial preparation is completed. the files necessary for rollback have been downloaded, it remains to figure out the details.
  • Is it possible to rollback iOS

    The procedure for rolling back the iOS operating system is possible on any Apple devices. this is Mac, and iPhone, and iPad, and iPod Touch and Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Of course, you shouldn’t count on a return to iOS 7, 8 or 9 on smartphones. the rollback works in the conditions set by the developers in advance. So, for example, if there is an opportunity to test the beta version of iOS, then the opportunity for rollback will certainly appear, but before the first stable version following the beta.

    Preparing the device

    Before restoring, it is important to disable the “Find iPhone” mode on any device suitable for rollback:

      Go to “Settings”. At the very top of the menu (on iOS 11) go to the parameters of the current profile;

    Find the “iCloud” menu item. First of all, go to the “Backup” option and be sure to click “Enable”. With any rollback, all data available on the internal memory (including contacts, browser data associated with passwords and texts for autofill, as well as photos, applications and all settings) are automatically deleted and not restored without an available backup. If you feel sorry for losing data, then you should deal with the preparation of the backup right away;

    How to Downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13! (Without Losing Data)

    If there is no space left in iCloud, then an alternative option is to create a copy via iTunes by connecting the device to a computer via USB and checking the box next to “Save a copy on computer”;

    The first option is preferable. iCloud accesses memory much more often and never misses important system updates;

    Copy created? It’s time to move on to the most important thing;

  • Scroll the menu with the opened iCloud settings to the “Find iPhone” item and move the lever from the active to inactive position. The system will immediately prompt you to enter several passwords and codes confirming the right to use the device. First of all, it is important to specify the data from the Apple ID (if the data is forgotten, then the password and login are restored through the support service. When communicating with call center operators, you will have to name the key questions and answers specified during registration), and at the same time, if one different devices are connected to the profile, pass two-factor authentication. Thus, iOS is trying to protect itself from unauthorized access, and therefore such a sophisticated check should be treated as calmly as possible.
  • And yet. without the Find iPhone (iPad, iPod, and so on) function, any Apple technology is under serious threat, and therefore you should not delay the recovery mode, it is better to get down to business right away. And, after returning to the desired iOS version, immediately activate the function back.

    Recovery mode

    If the save firmware, with the backup and settings, did not arise any problems, then it is time to get down to the point:

      Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod, set-top box or smart watch to your computer using a USB cable. It is important to understand that the device must work (the battery charge level will suit any, the main thing is not to disconnect from the USB socket and not interrupt the recovery process, which the developers from Apple do not consider serious and dangerous, but it is better not to risk it again);

    Without pressing any buttons (the network has long suggested holding down the volume and the lock key to go to recovery mode, in fact, the process has long been simplified), go to the device page in iTunes (the button is marked in the screenshot and is located right above the menu on the left side of the interface) ;

    On the page that opens, go to the settings (on the left!) And select the “Browse” item. All the information necessary for recovery will appear on the right. The current version of the operating system and the “Restore iPhone” button (the rest of the name depends on the device connected to the system), which you need to click;

  • The last step of the rollback is to select the downloaded firmware from the IPSW.ME website and initiate the rollback process. The process will take 15 to 30 minutes. During this time, you should not even touch your favorite device, it is better to wait patiently.
  • IOS rollback is possible. the main thing is to carefully understand the instructions described above and, most importantly, do not use firmware downloaded from unverified sources.

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