How To Rotate A Computer Screen 90 Degrees

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How to return 90 degrees online or in the editor and save it

And now in the second variant of rotation. changing the recording file itself and saving it in the desired orientation. This can be done using almost any editor, including free or on Special online services.

How to return to the media player

For starters, how to rotate in all popular media players. Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC), VLC and Windows Media Player.

With such a rotation, you only see from a different angle, this option is suitable for a single viewing, it is wrong to remove or encoded a film or recording, the file itself is changed and saved Will not.

Turning online

There are more than a dozen services on the Internet that can return it by 90 or 180 degrees, as well as reflect it vertically or horizontally. While writing this article, I tried several of them and can recommend two.

The first online service is, listing it as the first because it is doing well with the list of supported formats.

Just go to the specified site and drag it into the browser window (or click the “Upload your movie” button to select a file on your computer and upload it). Once downloaded, a preview will appear in the browser window. as well as buttons to rotate 90 degrees left and right, reflect and reset the changes made.

How To Rotate A Computer Screen 90 Degrees

After you have set the desired rotation, click the “Transform” button. Wait for the transformation to be completed, and after its completion, click the button “Download Result “to download and save the rotated one to the computer (and its format will also be saved. avi, mp4, mkv, wmv, etc.).

Note: some browsers will immediately open for viewing when the download button is clicked. In this case, after opening in the browser menu, you can select “Save as” to save.

The second such service is It is also easy to use, but does not offer preview, Plasma some formats and only saves in a couple of supported formats.

But he also has advantages. you can return not only from your computer, but also from the Internet, indicated his address. It is also possible to set the encoding quality (the Encoding field).

Windows Media Player

In the standard Windows Media Player in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7, there is no rotation function when viewing and it is usually recommended to return it to 90 or 180 degrees using the editor, and only then watch (this option will be considered further).

However, I can suggest a way that seems simpler to me (but also not very convenient): you can simply change the screen rotation while you are watching this. How to do this (I am writing a long way to the necessary parameters so that they are equally suitable for all recent versions of Windows):

  • Go to the control panel (in the “View” field at the top right, put “Icons”), select “Display”.
  • On the left select “Adjust Screen Resolution”.
  • In the screen resolution settings window, select the required orientation in the “Orientation” field and apply the settings to rotate the screen.

Also, screen rotation functions are present in the utility of NVidia GeForce and AMD Radeon cards. In addition, on some laptops and computers with integrated Intel HD Graphics, you can use Ctrl Alt one of the arrows to quickly rotate the screen. I wrote more about this in the article What to do if the laptop screen is turned over.

How to return 90 degrees

The question of how to return to 90 degrees is asked by users in two main contexts: how to return it when played in Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic (including Home Cinema) or VLC and how to return it online or in a recording editing program and save it after this upside down.

In this manual, I will show you in detail how to rotate 90 degrees in the main media player (at the same time, it does not change itself), or change the rotation using editors or online services and save. so that in the future it will be played in normal form in all players and on all computers. However, the rotation is not limited by a right angle, it can be 180 degrees, it is just that the need to turn exactly 90 clockwise or counterclockwise occurs most often. You may also find the review Best Free Editors helpful.

Media Player Classic

In order to rotate 90 degrees or to any other angle in Media Player Classic and MPC Home Cinema, the player must use a codec that supports rotation, as well as assigned hotkeys for this action. By default, it is, but just in case, how to check it.

  • In the player, go to the menu item “View”. “Settings”.
  • In the “Playback” section, select “Output” and see if the current codec supports rotation.
  • In the “Player” section, open the “Keys” item. Find the items “Rotate frame by X”, “Rotate frame by Y”. And see what keys you can use to change the rotation. By default, these are Alt keys, one of the numbers on the numeric keypad (and that is separately located on the right side of the keyboard). If you don’t have a numeric keypad (NumPad), here you can assign your own keys to change the rotation by double-clicking on the current combination and pressing a new one, for example, Alt is one of the arrows.

That’s all, now you know how you can rotate in Media Player Classic during playback. In this case, the rotation is carried out NOT immediately by 90 degrees, but one degree at a time, smoothly while you hold the keys.

VLC player

To rotate when viewing in the VLC media player, in the main menu of the program go to “Tools”. “Effects and Filters”.

After that, on the “Effects”. “Geometry” tab, check the “Rotation” item and specify how exactly you want to return. for example, select Rotate 90 Degrees. Close the settings. when playing will be returned in the way you want (you can also set arbitrary angle of rotation in the item “Rotation”.

How to return to Windows Movie Maker

Rotation is possible in almost any, like a simple free editor. and in a professional editing program. In this example, I will show the simplest option. using the free Windows Movie Maker, which you can download from the Microsoft website (see How to download Windows Movie Maker from the official website).

After launching Movie Maker, add to it. which you want to return, and then Use the buttons in the menu to rotate 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.

After that, if you are NOT going to somehow additionally edit the current one. just select “Save Movie” from the main menu and specify the format for saving (if you don’t know which one to choose, use the recommended options). Wait for the save process to complete. ready.

That’s all. I tried to exhaustively state all the options for resolving the issue, and how much I succeeded, it’s up to you to judge.

How to create a keyboard shortcut for screen rotation on Windows

The Catalyst Control Center driver for ATI or AMD cards allows you to create a keyboard shortcut for screen rotation. Right-click on the desktop and select Catalyst Control Center from the context menu. Then go to Settings. Hotkeys. Select “Desktop Control” from the drop-down menu and set a keyboard shortcut for different screen rotation options. It is best to use the above combinations, as they are usually not used for any other actions. It remains only to check the box so that the specified combinations take effect.

For Intel cards, open the driver control panel under Options and Support and enable the keyboard shortcut function there. Then set the Required Combinations for the respective turns. In Windows 7, you can disable the action by right-clicking on the desktop and follow the path Graphics Settings → Keyboard shortcuts → Turn off.

If the above options don’t work then it’s worth updating the card drivers. It’s best to download the latest package from the manufacturer’s website, rather than relying on Windows Update. Both AMD and NVIDIA use their utilities to automatically detect the latest drivers and download them, but you can also do this manually. If you have any difficulties with defining the card model, then press Win R and enter the dxdiag command. On the “Monitor” tab you can find the model of your card and its manufacturer.

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Please also be aware that some manufacturers may disable the screen rotation function. It is initially NOT systemic and is implemented using equipment. In your case, the computer may NOT be able to rotate the screen, in most cases this situation occurs with laptops.

How to return the screen on a Windows computer using the Display Settings menu

This method works on Windows 7 and newer.

Right click on the desktop and, depending on your Windows version, select the “Screen Resolution” or “Display Settings” menu.

In the window that appears on the tab “Display” find the item “Orientation”.

By default, the screen orientation is set to Landscape. Most cards are able to return to the screen when the parameter set here is changed. If the menu is inactive, then there is a problem with the card drivers or the computer manufacturer has specifically disabled this function.

It remains only to set the required parameter:

  • “Album”. This is the default orientation.
  • “Book”. The screen will go back 90 ° to the right. This will move the right edge of the image to the bottom of the monitor.
  • “Landscape (inverted)”. The picture on the screen will turn upside down. This will move the top of the image to the bottom of the monitor.
  • “Book (inverted)”. The screen will return 90 ° to the left. This will move the left edge of the image to the bottom of the monitor.

In Windows 7/8, you will have to go to Control Panel → Display → Configure display settings.

How to return the screen 90 or 180 degrees on a Windows computer using a keyboard shortcut

Some of the modern maps allow you to rotate the screen by using a keyboard shortcut. The following combinations work with integrated Intel cards, but with discrete solutions from AMD or NVIDIA, this most likely will NOT work.

  • Ctrl Alt. Flip the picture upside down.
  • Ctrl Alt →. return the screen 90 ° to the right.
  • Ctrl Alt ←. will return the screen 90 ° to the left.
  • Ctrl Alt. return to the default default landscape orientation of the screen.

How to return a Windows or Mac computer screen to 90 or 180 degrees

For many users, this task itself may sound strange, but if you work with application development, design or something similar, it can be useful to return the screen of your Windows or macOS computer.

Windows has several options for rotating the screen to the desired orientation. Depending on the OS version, the control panel of the monitor or adapter can help, the shortcut key combination can work. Let’s take a closer look at all the options.

How to get the screen back on a Windows computer using map settings

The largest card manufacturers: NVIDIA, AMD and Intel can use special utilities to change the parameters of the image display on the screen. These service applications can be accessed through the context menu that appears after right-clicking on the desktop. You can also find these applications in the Windows Control Panel or through the Start Menu.

For THESE purposes, you will need the Rotate or Orientation option. In the NVIDIA junk, on the left in the menu, find the “Screen rotation” section,

and in the AMD utility called Catalyst Control Center go to the General Display Tasks section and find the Revert Desktop menu.

Into the Intel junk in the “Monitor Settings” or “Graphics Settings” menu Use the “Rotate” item.

How to return the screen 90 or 180 degrees on Mac

Use the button in the dock or click the Apple icon → System Preferences in the menu bar. If you have “System Preferences” already open, then it is better to close this window and start working with it again. Then follow these steps.

1. Hold down the ⌘Cmd ⌥Option (Alt) keys.

2. Click “Displays” in the “System Preferences” window.

3. Select the “Monitor” tab and you should see an additional “Rotate” option at the bottom.

4. Click the dropdown menu and select 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

If your screen suddenly goes black, it will only happen for a moment. Then the picture will be drawn taking into account the new screen orientation.

Keep in mind that not only does the picture look different, your mouse or trackpad will work differently too. And this will take some getting used to, as the cursor will move in accordance with your screen orientation.

When the Required work is finished or you just get tired of playing with this screen rotation, you need to go back to System Preferences → Monitors and select “Standard” in the “Rotation” drop-down list. Your Mac screen will revert to its normal orientation.

Map management

The laptop screen can also be turned upside down by controlling the card. The process is slightly different depending on its varieties.

Catalyst Control Center. Works on computers and laptop with an Nvidia or AMD card. Desktop rotation is available in “common display tasks”.

It looks like working with the map step by step like this:

  • Name the right mouse button on the desktop, select Catalyst Control Center (there will be one more word at the beginning. the name of the card, Nvidia or AMD).
  • Select “Common Display Tasks”.
  • Click “Return to Desktop” or “Rotate Desktop”.
  • Select the desired reversal option from the proposed.

The screenshot shows that, in addition to the normal screen position, 3 more views are offered. 1 (book). the top will be on the left, 2 (landscape mirrored). bottom, 3 (mirrored book). case.

  • Likewise, by clicking on an empty space on the desktop with the right mouse button, select “Screen Settings” (or “Screen Resolution”). Familiar menu, but different choice.
  • Then look for the word “Orientation”. To do this, you may need to press the “Display” button.

If you have an Intel card, look for the graphics option. Next, select either graphic characteristics or graphics options.

In the first case, the order is as follows:

  • Basic Mode.
  • display.
  • turn.
  • Selecting the option you want. Normal view or 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation offered.
  • OK. to fix the action.

In the second case, the order is as follows:

  • turn.
  • Choosing from the same options.

As you can see, the second option is somewhat simpler and faster.

Using keyboard shortcuts

The screen orientation can be changed without opening the system menu, but by pressing keys on the main keyboard in conjunction with the cursor buttons. Use the following combinations to Flip the screen on a computer:

  • Pressing CTRLALT and the down arrow simultaneously Flip the image 180 ‘;
  • Pressing CTRLALT and the right arrow at the same time will rotate the picture to the right by 90 ‘;
  • Pressing CTRLALT and the left arrow at the same time will rotate the picture to the left by 90 “.

To set the screen parameter to the “default” position, press CTRLALT and the up arrow. The desktop image will take its usual position. Since hotkey combinations control graphics, and its parameters are controlled by the map, the above method of changing the position of the picture on the desktop may NOT work. The shortcut control buttons only work on Intel Embedded Processors. With discrete graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA brands, pressing keys will (most likely) have no effect.

It is easy to check which card is installed on the motherboard. need to press WINR. In the window “Execute“In field”Open“Write down the phrase “dxdiag“. Confirm your entry. In the window that appears, go to the “screen“. In the block “Device“All characteristics and installed GPU drivers will be registered.

special utilities

Someone reads e-books or uses a laptop as a projector at a presentation. Others like to Scan from printer to computer, which makes the text angled and difficult to read. For such cases, utilities are provided that allow you to rotate images as you like:

  • iRotate. This program needs to be installed, as it is not included in the standard Windows package. Next, it remains to take a few steps: call the context menu and select the desired orientation of the picture.
  • EEERotate. Simple, minimalistic utility for rotating a photo or text on the display. Contains a component for changing the orientation of the touchpad to side control.
  • Pivot Pro. The program is broader in plan, it allows not only inverting the image, but also adjusting the monitor settings for specific tasks. For example, color depth, resolution, etc. Supports hotkeys, works with multiple connected monitors if necessary, adjusts the window size in startup applications automatically.

Pay attention to the compatibility of the selected program with your operating system. You can look for other utilities depending on your needs, but in most cases THESE should be enough. You can turn the screen to any angle.

Windows 7

You need display settings. To do this, look for “Screen resolution” in the context menu on the desktop. The usual “orientation” is called “Landscape”. Click on it if another is enabled. The screen should return to its original position.


This method is simpler, but does NOT work in all cases. Typically used in devices with Intel graphics. If you have AMD or Nvidia, returning the screen this way may not work.

Down arrow in combination with Ctrl and Alt puts the screen in an upside-down position. The right (→) or left (←) arrow will rotate the top of the screen 90 degrees in the corresponding direction. Up arrow restores normal position.

Using the Graphics Control Panel

In the system menu of the built-in maps, there is the same block with Display parameters as described in the first method. To get into it, you need to go to “Control Panel“And choose”Graphics settings.“. You can also call the menu by clicking on the graphics icon in the tray.

Then proceed like this (instructions for Intel cards):

  • will be called “display“;
  • In field “turn“Open the menu by arrow;
  • Select the desired image position option and confirm the action by pressing OK.
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If the key combinations did NOT work, then the menus listed in the settings will not be. To prevent unexpected monitor rotation and triggering of second keyboard shortcuts, you can completely disable their work. Then accidental presses will NOT work. This can be done in the Graphics Control Panel. After calling it, you need to call it “Options and support“, Go to”Key control. (shortcut keys)“And check the box next to”Turn off“.

The function of rotating the screen by 90 or 180 degrees is specially conceived. It is used in computers and laptops with Windows OS to help work with graphics or photographs, to recognize text after scanning. However, it happens that this happened not of our will and it is necessary to turn the screen back. The problem is solved in three ways, but the current versions of Windows (7, 8, 10) have their own nuances.


The image on the monitor screen is Flipped 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

Using the desktop context menu

To call it, you need to go to the desktop and call it with the mouse (button on the right) on a blank area of ​​the screen. From the menu that appears, select “screen parameters“.

In the window that opens in the item “display»Find block«Orientation“. There is an arrow box under the menu. You need to open it and select the desired option. landscape or portrait orientation. After setting the correct value, the screen will return to the usual form.

  • The default orientation is Landscape;
  • Bookstore. Setting the image on the desktop in a vertical position, rotating the default position by 90 ‘;
  • Landscape and Portrait Inverted sets the desktop image to the position where the bottom and top of the picture are swapped, rotated 180 “.

A computer restart is NOT required. But the process of turning when the system is loaded can take several seconds.

Windows 10

The interface of the Windows 10 operating system is almost identical to version 8. In addition to the context menu, you can use the “Start” option. Next, we are looking for:

  • All parameters;
  • system;
  • Screen (display)
  • Orientation.

If the menu is in English, these items might look different:

  • All Control Panel Items;
  • System;
  • Screen Resolution (Display)
  • Orientation.

Intel HD Graphics Control Panel

In the context menu, select the Graphic characteristics. item. In the window that opens, select the Display Basic settings category. Now it is enough to specify the required rotation value in degrees. The interface may differ slightly depending on the version of the program. But in all versions it is possible to programmatically change the display orientation.

Radeon settings

Modern Radeon graphics drivers are not able to rotate the screen. In the case of using which, you need to use the method proposed above with the introduction of updated system parameters. Indeed, the need to duplicate the functionality of Flipping the screen after the fact comments.

Previous versions of the driver used the AMD Catalyst Software component. It also had such an opportunity, now it can also be found on old gaming laptops. In the same place, it is enough to go to the General display tasks. Return the desktop and select the Desired rotation, Apply changes. Rotation values ​​already available as described above.


Go to Settings System display. In Display Orientation, select Landscape (normal screen layout) or Portrait (return screen 90 degrees).

NVIDIA Control Panel

From the desktop context menu, select NVIDIA Control Panel. Now go to the Display Rotate display location. Select the display you want to change, then select the desired orientation.

How to Flip the screen on a Windows 10 laptop

The display rotation function allows you to change the orientation of the desktop. This is useful if the physical display is rotated and you want to match the desktop orientation to its new position.

If the screen on a laptop has turned over, you will need to go to the options yourself and select a different orientation to fix. By default, the following display orientations are available in the operating system:

  • landscape. the default value, corresponding to 0 degrees;
  • portrait. portrait orientation, corresponds to the value of 90 degrees;
  • landscape (inverted). equal to the value of 180 degrees;
  • book (inverted). the same as inverted 270 degrees.

Also, depending on the graphics card, the Using the driver software screen may return. If you find out which card is on the computer, you can decide on the method of Flipping the screen.

How to return the screen to 90 degrees in Windows 10

On a computer, you can easily return the screen to 90, 180 or 270 degrees under Windows 10. There are often situations when the screen on a laptop has turned over and does not turn back. The whole reason is that the screen rotation is carried out at the software level without using the accelerometer.

This article will show you how to Flip the screen on a computer or laptop in Windows 10. Even when trying to open the Task Manager, laptop users miss and manage to get the screen back. It is really very simple to return everything back, just use one of the solutions below.

Windows 10 screen rotation hotkeys

The list of keyboard shortcuts is really big in Windows 10. The hotkeys table contains all the useful combinations available in the operating system. But there is data on hotkeys for screen rotation. This means that changing the position of the screen using hotkeys is due to third-party software.

The Intel Integrated HD Graphics Control Panel allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly rotate the screen. The user just needs to hold down the Ctrl Alt keys and press the arrows in different directions.

Ctrl Alt Landscape view (default value)
Ctrl Alt → Returned 90 Degree, Book, Standard
Ctrl Alt Inverted 180 Degree, Landscape, Mirror
Ctrl Alt ← Rotate 270 degrees, book, mirror

Additionally, you can install the iRotate utility, which adds its own hotkeys for rotating the screen. Its keyboard shortcuts are the same as those suggested above.

Users of laptops and computers have always been able to rotate the screen, but this functionality was not necessary. Only if the screen itself turned (according to users), then it was necessary to return it to its standard state. By means of the operating system it is possible to set the landscape or portrait orientation of the display.

How to return the screen on a laptop using the keyboard?

Random screen rotation is a very common problem. Agree that it is inconvenient to work when the screen is turned over, say, 90 degrees. In this article, you will learn how you can reverse the screen of a computer or laptop using a keyboard shortcut.

Screen rotation hotkeys

If the screen of your laptop or computer accidentally Flips over, then the fastest and easiest way to return it to its original position is to use a special combination of buttons. This combination is the same for all devices and windows versions. “CTRL” “ALT” “Up arrow”.

Buttons on the keyboard to rotate the screen to its original position

In order to return the screen to 90 degrees, you need to press the combination. “CTRL” “ALT” “Right arrow”.

Buttons on the keyboard to rotate the screen 90 degrees

For 180 degree rotation. “CTRL” “ALT” “Arrow to down”.

Buttons on the keyboard to rotate the screen 180 degrees

And to rotate the screen 270 degrees. “CTRL” “ALT” “Left arrow”.

Buttons on the keyboard to rotate the screen 270 degrees

It is worth noting that hot data hotkeys for screen rotation may NOT work if the card driver is missing.

Rotate the screen through its properties

In order to Flip the screen through the properties, you need to right-click on any free space on the desktop and select “Personalization”.

Next, in the lower left corner, click “Screen”.

After that, in the upper left corner, select “Screen Resolution Setting”.

Screen Resolution Setting

Rotate the screen in its properties

In line “Orientation” choose the option you want:

  • Landscape. no rotation, standard layout;
  • Portrait. 270 degree rotation;
  • Landscape (inverted). 180 degree rotation;
  • Portrait (Inverted). Rotate 90 degrees.

The last thing to do is to agree to the changes, clicked “OK” and “keep” in the corresponding windows.

In these ways, you can easily Flip the screen of your computer or laptop.

How to Flip the Windows 7 screen

In a similar way, you can return the screen to Windows 7. This operating system uses a slightly different interface to control the display settings.

In Windows 7, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on an unallocated space on the Desktop.
  • In the menu that opens, click on the item “Screen resolution”.
  • In the “Screen Settings” window, in the “Orientation:” parameter, select the required option:
  • landscape.
  • portrait.
  • Landscape (inverted).
  • Portrait (inverted).
  • Click on the “OK” button.

Screen rotation in AMD graphics settings

AMD Graphics Control Panel settings differ markedly depending on the driver version.

In AMD Catalyst Control Center, in the General Display Tasks setting, select Rotate Work Display. The control panel window displays the current rotation of the desktop. Select Desired Turn from the second available options:

  • bookstore.
  • Landscape (mirrored).
  • Book (mirrored).

Click on the “Apply” button.

How to Flip the Windows 10 screen

Now let’s look at a method that works on all desktops and laptops in the Windows operating system. Screen orientation can be changed using built-in system functions.

If the user needs to return the Windows 10 screen, he can use the following method:

  • Right click on an empty space on the screen.
  • In the context menu that opens, select “Display settings”.
  • In the “Parameters” application, in the tab “Display”, in the Scale and Layout section, navigate to the Display Orientation option.
  • Select the appropriate screen display option:
  • Landscape. standard default orientation.
  • Portrait. rotate 90 degrees to the left.
  • Landscape (inverted). 180 degrees upside down.
  • Portrait (inverted). turn hectares 90 degrees to the right.

Immediately after changing the screen orientation, a window with a timer will open, in which it is necessary to confirm the changes in the display parameters. If the user does NOT confirm the changes within 10 seconds, the default settings will be saved on the computer.

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Screen rotation with Joke prank software (optional)

There are specialized programs with which you can Flip the Windows monitor screen. I decided to supplement the article with a story about the free Joke program, which does NOT need to be installed on a PC.

With the help of the Joke program, various effects can be called on the monitor screen in order to joke at the unsuspecting user. Among the capabilities of the program there is a suitable function. screen Flip.

Go through the following steps:

  • Run Joke on your computer, or schedule the desired effect to run at a specific time in advance.
  • Click on the “Rotate” button, after that the desktop will turn over on the computer screen.
  • The effect is disabled in the program using the “F5” key.

How to Flip the screen on a PC with NVIDIA graphics

On computers with NVIDIA cards, you can change the orientation of the desktop from the control panel of the graphics adapter.

On a computer with an NVIDIA graphics adapter, follow these steps:

  • Launch NVIDIA Control Panel on your computer.
  • In the task column, in the “Display” section, click on “Rotate the display”.
  • Choose the option that suits you:
  • landscape.
  • bookstore.
  • Landscape (folded).
  • Book (folded).
  • After selecting the desired orientation, click on the “Apply” button.

How to Flip the screen on a laptop: keyboard shortcut

Let’s first figure out how to return the screen using the keyboard. But not all computers support the function of screen rotation with the introduction of “hot” keys. On some laptops this feature may be disabled by the device manufacturer.

Now we will see how to return the screen on a laptop that has integrated Intel graphics. On devices with second-hand cards, this method most likely will NOT work.

In order to Flip the screen, the following key combinations are used:

  • “Ctrl” “Alt” “”. return the default screen orientation to its original position.
  • “Ctrl” “Alt” “→”. return the screen 90 degrees to the right.
  • “Ctrl” “Alt” “←”. return the screen 90 degrees to the left.
  • “Ctrl” “Alt” “”. turn the screen upside down.

This method will not work on stationary computers.

How to return the screen. 7 ways

This article covers various ways how to Flip the screen or return the computer screen by changing the display mode of the display screen to the side position in “portrait” mode, or turning the monitor screen upside down. Screen rotation methods may be needed by the user for different purposes.

Sometimes, a change in the correct orientation of the screen occurs due to lost settings, after installing or updating the driver, as a result of an error in the Windows operating system, due to user actions, for other reasons.

In this guide, you will find instructions on how to Flip the screen on a laptop (laptop) or computer (desktop) using different methods. This can be done in several ways:

  • Use a keyboard shortcut on a laptop that Flips the screen.
  • The Windows screen is Flipped using standard operating system tools.
  • Return the screen using the map settings control.

In the first case, a key combination is used that Flips the screen. To Flip the screen, the user presses the Corresponding keyboard keys.

The second method assumes that the user will use the built-in functions of the operating system to return the Windows screen.

In the third option, you need to use the control panel settings of the NVIDIA, AMD or Intel card. In the adapter settings, there are options used to change the screen orientation.

Screen Rotation in Intel Graphics Control Panel

On computers using Intel graphics, you can use the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel or Intel Graphics Control Center.

Follow these steps:

  • From the Windows Control Panel, open “Intel HD Graphics”. Another way to access the parameters: press the “Ctrl” “Alt” “F12”.
  • In the Intel Graphics Control Panel open the Display section.
  • In the “Display” window, in the “Display settings” section, select the desired screen rotation angle:
  • 0 degrees;
  • 90 degrees;
  • 180 degrees;
  • 270 degrees.
  • Click on the “Apply” button.

The Options and Support section contains settings for keyboard shortcuts or to disable keyboard shortcuts.

In this case, you will need to follow the steps:

  • Run the Intel Graphics Control Center application on the computer.
  • Open the “Display” tab.
  • In the “Settings” section, in the “General” tab, in the “Rotation” option, select one of the appropriate options:
  • scenery.
  • Portrait.
  • Landscape (upside down).
  • Portrait (inverted).

Similar actions can be performed from the context menu of the screen:

  • Right click on the screen.
  • In the context menu, first select “Graphics Options” and then “Rotation”:
  • Rotate 0 degrees.
  • Rotate 90 degrees.
  • Rotate 180 degrees.
  • Rotate 270 degrees.

How to find out which driver is installed on the computer

Before changing the display display settings using the card’s control panel, you need to know what type of devices your computer has.

  • Open Device Manager on your computer in one of the convenient ways.
  • In the list of connected devices open “adapters”.
  • All devices installed on this computer will be displayed here.

One laptop or desktop PC can have two adapters: a graphics adapter integrated into the motherboard and a discrete card. By the name of the devices: NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, it will become clear which control panel to look for on the computer.

Turning the screen back through the graphics settings

If all the described methods DO NOT help and the failure occurred at the software level, you can try to rotate the screen through the settings of the graphics adapter. The sequence of actions will depend on your device and the model of the installed card.

Let’s decide on the type of graphics adapter:

  • Intel Graphics. for laptops and personal computers without a discrete card;
  • Nvidia graphics. for PCs with a card from this company installed, as well as laptops with the specified adapter and an external display connected;
  • AMD Graphics. For PCs with AMD GPUs and laptops with an external display attached.

cards from Nvidia and AMD

This method will help the owner of personal computers and mobile PCs with an external monitor connected through the HDMI port. All operations will be carried out from the card control panel and do not forget to update the driver first.

  • Right click on an empty spot on the desktop and in the context menu, depending on the card manufacturer, open “AMD VISION Engine Control Center” or “Nvidia Control Panel”.
  • In the menu, find the “Display” tab and open the “Rotate display” item.
  • It remains to return your monitor to its normal position by choosing the desired angle of rotation.

Three ways to Flip the screen to the starting position

I can imagine the situation. you turn on the computer, it boots up and the image on the monitor gets the wrong orientation. What to do? Panic! We urgently need to fix it and turn the screen on the computer to its normal position. And it doesn’t matter why this incident happened. someone’s “bad” joke or you turned it over yourself.

All described methods are applicable to computers based on OS Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10) and are arranged in the order: from simple to complex. No time to waste and let’s start.

Intel Graphics Options

This method is mainly suitable for owners of mobile PCs. laptops and netbooks, since the display works on the basis of graphics integrated into the device’s processor. The name and appearance of the settings window may vary, depending on the processor model.

1. On an empty place on the desktop, right-click and in the context menu click “Graphics Options”. “Rotation”. and the required rotation angle.

2. If the specified item is missing, go to “Graphic characteristics”.

3. In the HD Graphics Control Panel window, mark the required rotation angle.

Don’t forget to apply the changes, you will NOT need to reboot the device.

Flip the computer / laptop screen using hotkeys

The easiest way to get the image position back is to use the keyboard shortcut.

Select the required combination on the keyboard depending on the current position of the screen:

  • The screen is rotated 90 degrees to the left. Ctrl Alt right arrow;
  • The screen is rotated 90 degrees to the right. Ctr Alt left arrow;
  • Screen rotated 180 degrees (standing upside down). Ctrl Alt Down arrow.

Pressing the keys must occur simultaneously. otherwise, nothing will work.

Did it help? Bookmark this page (just in case) and you’re good to go. If everything remains in place, try the following method.

Flip the image through the screen parameters.

Digging into the settings, you could accidentally change the screen orientation from landscape to portrait or portrait, thus Flipping the image. Now the task is to bring everything back.

1. On an empty space on the desktop, right-click. In the context menu, select “Display Options”.

2. You will be taken to the Windows settings, section “Display”. Find the item “Orientation”, and select item “Landscape” and save the changes.

All of the above actions were performed on a Windows 10 base. The only difference from the lower versions is the design of the settings window. DO NOT be alarmed if the design of the windows is from the screenshots, and does not match yours.

In this manual, I have described all the available methods for solving autogoods problem. If none of the described steps helped you turn the image upside down, try using one of the restore points or checking the device for viruses. Also, a banal driver update often helps.

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