How To Scan A Screen On A Computer

How to make a screen on a computer using Special programs

It is worth saying that there are actually a huge variety of programs that allow you to take screenshots of your computer screen. If you look at the Softportal service, 181 applications are issued upon the request for “screenshot”.

Most of all, each of them has its pros and cons, but often people use such programs out of habit. Once installed, sorted out and that’s it. There are especially powerful, even paid applications, which allow you to quickly not only create a screenshot, but also edit it. For example, you can add arrows, frames and other effects.
One of the decent and free options, the Joxi program.

You can download from the official website

After installation, the icon for this program appears in the taskbar. The first time you launch it, in the lower right corner you will be able to choose whether you want to take a screenshot of the entire screen, a snippet, or other options. Subsequently, after clicking on the icon, you can select the area of ​​the screen that you want to save and after selection the program looks like this:

Note the blue icon in the upper right corner. Clicked on the small arrow on the case, you can select:

If you just need to save the image, there is a corresponding button. But, what is especially convenient, as a rule, screenshots are taken to share with someone. If you click the “Publish” button to the clipboard, a link to this image will be saved. All that remains is to go to (or any other application) and insert it into the message. Very fast and very convenient.
Let’s summarize this method: download and Install the Joxi program. Click on its icon in the taskbar. Selecting the area of ​​the screen that we want to save and click the “Save” or “Publish” arrow. everything is ready.

How to make a screenshot on a computer Using an online service

It happens that a screenshot needs to be edited and it is often convenient to do this using a website rather than an installed program. Let’s take 2 such services as an example. They are united by the general principle of how to take a screenshot of the screen. Press the PrtScr button (if you don’t know where it is, see the first method just above). Go to the site and press CtrlV.

Let’s take as an example.

Press PrtScr or AltPrtScr and thus copy the screenshot to the clipboard.
Go to the website.

And, as we are advised, press CtrlV.

We see that the screenshot has been inserted into the site window. If you need to save it, then click on it, it opens in a new browser attachment.

Congratulations! Image is saved on the computer.

So, to take a screenshot on a computer using the online service, you need to press the PrtScr or Alt PrScr key, go to the service that we have chosen, press CtrlV to paste the image and save it to your computer.

3 ways to take a screenshot of your computer screen

Something, but proven folk wisdom does NOT age as quickly as our smartphones and laptops go out of fashion. “It’s better to see once than hear 100 times”.

Did you try to explain to someone from the Skype correspondence how to set up a WI-FI router? Then, probably, you understand that it would be better, indeed, a person saw 1 time than he heard or read 100 messages 100 times! That is why many people ask how to take a screenshot on a computer.

How to take a screenshot on Windows

Actually, here are the main groups of solutions:

  • standard Windows tools;
  • online services that allow you to make a screenshot of the screen on a computer;
  • special programs.

A couple of words of theory

The word “screenshot” has exactly passed into Russian from international English. It means an exact image of the user’s screen, a screenshot. In everyday life, there is an abbreviated version of this concept “box”.

Screenshot on Windows using the system.

If you look at the top left of the keyboard, you will find the PrtScr button. The name of this button comes from the English Print Screen. printing the screen. Previously, when this button was pressed, the printer would print the active screen. Now, when we press this button, the screen image goes to the clipboard. It remains only to insert the image into some program, from which it can be saved.

Honestly, say, on a laptop, this button can be anywhere, on the right side of the keyboard. Sometimes, as in the example below, for this button to work, you need to start with it the Fn button (Functions. it is usually located on the lower left side next to the Ctrl button) and Do not release it, press the button labeled PrtScr.

To action: press PrtScr, go to the Paint program, it is in any Windows operating system and press “Paste”.

The Start menu differs depending on the version of Windows, the screenshot below shows how to enter Paint in Windows 10, because I use this particular operating system.

In Paint you need to click “Paste” and our screenshot is here. If necessary, it can be edited by means of the program or simply saved via the button “File” and than “Save” or t.

So, to take a screenshot on Windows using the system, you need to press the PrtScr key, go into any image editing program, for example Paint and click the “Insert” button.

Conclusions of our “screenshot production

If you make a summary, there are 3 main solutions that allow you to make a screen on a computer

  • Use Windows tools;
  • Online services;
  • special programs.

Here, as they say, who likes what and for what purposes. Try, experiment.

Share in the comments which of the three ways seemed the most interesting to you?

Blog of a young admin. A fascinating blog of enthusiastic IT specialists. How to find a screenshot on a computer?

A screenshot is a screenshot, that is, the very image that the user sees at the moment. Screenshot is an irreplaceable thing, for example, when it is necessary to save an error code, which is displayed on the screen. Ok, you tell me, the screenshot has been taken. Only here’s how to find it now?

As you know, to take a screenshot on a computer or laptop screen, you must click on the Print Screen or PrtScn button.

All? Oh, if only it were that simple. You really saved the screenshot, only at the current moment it is in the clipboard, and in order to display the image on the screen, you need to use a graphical editor. I recommend Paint. a simple editor found in any version of Windows, including XP, Vista, 7,8, 10, etc.

To launch Paint, click on the “Start” button, then “All Programs”. “Standard”. Paint.

After Paint has opened, press the CTRLV key combination, after which Saved Screenshots will appear in front of you.

What is required of you? You either cut out the desired fragment from the screen you made, or keep it in its original form. To do this, select “Save As.” from the menu.

By saving the file in the most convenient format for you and in the required place.

As for those cases when it comes to screenshots in programs or games, they are usually saved in the folder with the program itself. For example, in Perfect World, screenshots are stored in the Perfect World \ Element \ Screenshots folder. Of course, they are saved automatically, so you only need to use a graphics editor to view the screenshot itself.

Post comments “How to find a screenshot on a computer?

how to find out which version of DirectX is installed on a PC? and is DirectX 12 suitable for Wind7? if yes, how can you change them??

Click WinR. In the window that appears, enter dxdiag. That’s it, now all the info on the directives in the window that appears. You can update there.

Screen black (Maybe due to HDMI)

Windows 10 Pro Version 1809 Build 10.1.17763.107.
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Where to find screenshots on Windows 10

Most PC (laptop) users know how to take screenshots, but not everyone knows where to find them. In the material, we will consider where screenshots are saved on Windows 10, depending on the chosen method of creating them.

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Where are screenshots taken by the Print Screen button stored?

With the introduction of the Print Screen key and a combination of the second buttons with it, you can put the box on the clipboard and then save it using a graphical application or save it as a file on disk. Also, the screenshot button may have the following names: Prt Sc, PrntScrn, Print Scr and similar.

1. Screenshot without direct saving to disk. This option implies its implementation in several ways, namely:

    A simple press of the Prt Sc button takes a screenshot of the entire screen in size equal to the resolution of your display matrix.

As a result of using the three methods above, the screenshot is placed in an area of ​​RAM called the clipboard and remains there until such time as the Ego is saved or overwritten with other information. There can be only one snapshot in the buffer, while old screenshots are overwritten with new ones.

To save to disk, run graphics software such as Paint or another graphics editor. Then by pressing Ctrl V, the screenshot is inserted into the window of the graphic editor. Then the image is processed or not (at the discretion of the user), and saved. For example, in Paint, you need to click the floppy icon, as a result, the save window will jump out. Here you need to specify the storage location, future name, file type, then click “Save”. The resulting snapshot is placed in the selected directory.

2. Screenshot with direct saving to disk. When you press Win Prt Sc, the display darkens for a short time, and a snapshot of the entire screen is created and placed directly on the disk.

Look for a screenshot in the explorer (Win E). Launched the explorer, in the left menu you need to select the “Images” item, then go to the “Screenshots” directory, where the Saved images with numbers in ascending order will be located.

You can move the snapshot folder to another location. Right-click on a free area of ​​the “Screenshots” folder by selecting “Properties” from the menu. On the “Location” tab, click the “Move” button.

Next, specify a new empty directory, and click the “Select folder” button. Click OK. In the warning, select whether or not to move files from the old location, respectively Click “Yes”. As a result, the selected folder will be reincarnated into the “Screenshots” folder, and now all new screenshots will be saved to it.

Where screenshots taken by applications are saved

There are many applications that take a photo of the display. Let’s consider the process of saving a screenshot using the built-in Scissors application as an example. This application can be found through the search form. It allows you to take a photo of the entire display, window or element, random and rectangular area. It is also an advantage that there is a delay of up to 5 seconds, at which certain actions can be performed.

When the mode is selected and the required parameters are set, it remains to press the “Create” button. The screenshot will fit into the program window. You can do some minor image editing here. Next, you need to click the floppy disk icon, specify the location, name and image format. The most extreme step is clicking the “Save” button. Third-party applications work on the same principle, mostly screenshots are saved on Windows 10 where the user himself indicated.

Where to find screenshots taken by the game bar

With this tool you can take a snapshot of the game, you can get additional information about the game panel from here. Pressing the Win G keys during the game brings up a message where you need to check the box “Yes, this is a game”.

As a result, a panel will appear at the bottom. The snapshot is taken with the Win Alt Prt Sc keys or by pressing the corresponding button on the panel.

A successful save is accompanied by a message in the notification area.

Open File Explorer. In the left menu select “”, where the “Clips” directory will be. Screenshots of the game are saved there, in the name of which there will be the name of the game and the date.

You can move the storage location of the Clips directory. This process is described above.

Now you know where to find screenshots on a computer with Windows 10. They are either in the clipboard, where they need to be saved with any graphics editor, or they are created immediately on disk. It all depends on the way.

Stage 1: put the box in the buffer

To do this, if you have a large keyboard (with a numeric keypad), then just press the PrtScr key.
In this case, a screenshot of the entire screen will be taken and placed on the clipboard.

If you want to “take a picture” only of the active window (if several windows are open in Windows), then you need to press the AltPrtScr key combination. That is, they hold down Alt and, as it were, adds PrtScr to make everything work.

If the AltPrtScr key combination does not work for you, then find the Fn key (near Alt) and read FnPrtScr.
This often happens on a laptop, where the keyboard is small and does not have a numeric keypad.

You can at this time be on any site, or simply in the Word program or other program, or play the game and press the combination of THESE keys to take a screenshot.

At the same time, we want to note that you will NOT see any information that the keys worked. In order to understand that the box is made, you need to go to stage 2.

Stage 2: insert the taken snapshot into a graphics editor

After we have completed the first stage, we run the standard Paint program that is available on any Windows OS:

And then just in the program window press the key combination “CtrlV”

The screenshot will be inserted into the program from the clipboard. Now you just need to select “Save” in the top menu, or press the key combination “CtrlS” and select a location on your computer to save in any of the available formats: jpg, png, gif.

Optionally, you can reduce the size of the image, stretch or shrink it.

Taking a snapshot of a page in Windows 7 using scissors

If you have a Windows 7 operating system, then you can do without the keys described in the previous section, and without all kinds of inserts.

You just need to launch a standard and very convenient program called “Snipping Tool”.

Immediately upon starting the program, the cursor will change to a cross. Hold down the right mouse button, you can select the desired area of ​​the screen, release the button and a box will automatically be made.

This mode is called “Rectangle”. It is the default. But you can select other options in the menu, from the drop-down list: “free form”, “window”, “full screen“.

After the screenshot is taken, saving it to the computer with the “CtrlS” key combination.

Taking a screenshot of the page (screen)

Increasingly, when working at a computer, and on the Internet in particular, we need to make screenshots of pages.

Most likely, you already needed to do this in some game, or send a report in the form of a screenshot of the screen to confirm your words. Well, or it happens that the interlocutor does not quite understand what they want and need from him literally on his fingers, or rather, he will not be able to select an element on the page and indicate an action.

It is for THESE purposes that this article is to solve your problem, which haunts and helps.

If you can’t make a screen using the Print Screen key

Let’s first take a look at how a screenshot of a page with the Print Screen key is generally taken, namely without any additional programs.

Lightshot Screenshot Software

Download software by button (Windows):
Download Lightshot free

or go to Mac version available.

After installation, an icon will appear in the Windows tray (near the clock), by clicking on which you can select an area for a screenshot. Then saving it to a computer or to the prntscr server, so that.
You can read the possibilities in the picture below.

How to scan a screen on a computer

Greetings, my dear readers! In today’s article we will look at a step-by-step tutorial describing how to create a screen copy from a monitor (screenshot), the lesson is intended specifically for novice computer users. We will look at how to create a screenshot (screenshots) without using unnecessary software for free with the implementation of the Windows 7 operating system.

For the convenience of storing your screenshots, you need to create a new folder. For ease of access to the folder, create it on the desktop. Let’s call it, for example, screenshots.

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if you still DO NOT know how to create new folders, then go to the instructions How to create a new folder

Step 2.

How To Scan A Screen On A Computer

If you are going to take screenshots on a regular basis, then it would be wise to bring the Paint program shortcut to your desktop.

To create a shortcut, you will need to go to the Start menu, all programs are standard on the shortcut of the paint program, press the right mouse button to send the desktop (create a shortcut). If this is not necessary, just open the program.

Let’s start creating a screenshot (screenshot).

To do this, you need to find the PrtSc button on the keyboard (it is located next to the F 12 key).

We press once. After that, a copy of your screen will be in the clipboard.

Open the paint program. To insert an image (screenshot), you must simultaneously press two keys Ctrl and V or the “Paste” button in the program window.

We pass to the final step. saving the image (screenshot) to the computer. To do this, you will need to do the following: click on the file menu Save as Choose the format you need, we have chosen JPEG.

The advantage of this format is the low weight of the image while maintaining quality. It can be shared on the Internet and sent by e-mail, also save disk space.

Saving the image to the folder you created earlier. screenshots.

Congratulations! If everything went according to plan, then a copy of your screen (screenshot) should be in your folder. screenshots. Now, at any time, when you need it, you can make a screenshot (screenshot) without installing third-party software on your computer.

Dear reader! You might be interested in the following articles:

Screenshot on second devices: how to choose a utility and how to use it

A screenshot can also be taken on a smartphone, tablet, or other modern gadget. For this purpose, the developers provided special commands (signals), called by pressing certain keys, or their combinations.

Regardless of the software (Android, Linux and others), these “hot” buttons on the device will function as indicated in the instruction manual. Today almost all such electronic devices are equipped with such buttons. If they are not there, then you can use applications from official sources:

  • Google Play Store (Play Store)
  • App Store.

Using them is NOT complicated.

Screenshot on PC: which utility to choose, how to use it

First of all, we will tell you how to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer using print screen and where to find it. This is possible without downloading additional utilities. There is a special key on the keyboard or PC (or laptop) case called Print screen.

When you press it, the picture on the monitor darkens, a tool appears in the form of an arrow or a hand to select (capture) the required area (area). The picture is instantly saved to the clipboard.

On the disk, you can then find it in a folder called “Downloads”. If you set a specific save path in the settings, then it will be much easier to extract the file.

But how to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer without Print screen is a slightly different process, since today there are models of PCs and laptops in which such a button is absent. The problem is solved only when installing Special utilities that help to quickly capture the desired part of the screen.

You can use the following utilities if there is no Print screen button:

  • Lightshot;
  • Joxi;
  • Scrinshoter;
  • WinSnap and others.

For some users, it is important to know how to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer and where it is saved. Even a beginner can change the program settings. It is enough to set the “hot” keys for quick launch, as well as the folder where the pictures will be automatically sent. This is a standard procedure regardless of software.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer on Windows 10 can be immediately seen when using the built-in key or utility. This software is simplified, which means it is easy and simple to use. If there are buttons on the keyboard or case, then you must perform the following steps:

  • Select a program and download it to your PC.
  • Install and follow the instructions when unpacking the file.
  • Run the utility and go to the “Settings” tab.
  • Set personal preferences and click OK or Apply.
  • Then use the set keys on the keyboard and take a picture by highlighting the desired area on the screen.
  • Open the file in the folder that was specified in the settings.

So, how to take a screenshot of the screen on a Mac computer, you need to look in the program settings. When you change the default settings to your own, it will be easier to take a picture the first time.

There is often a need to download software on a Mac. It is enough to press a special combination of keys. Further it is necessary:

  • Press and hold Shift Command “3” at the same time (at the same time, avoid long-pressing, so as not to “stick” buttons).
  • The icon will appear in the lower right or left corner. When you click it, you can edit the photo. make the desired size, select the folder to save.

If you use the “4” key for the combination instead of “3”, then you can select a specific area, and not the entire screen. The main rule is not to release the cursor until the desired fragment is selected.

If the Mac user only wants a photo of a window or a menu, then the combination of Shift Command adds “3” and “Space”. The snapshot will be automatically moved to the correct folder on the device.

A hotkey is a keyboard key that, when pressed, alone or in combination with others, performs a specific function. Hot Keys Provide convenient options for common tasks that are otherwise accessible through menu navigation.

Users can also assign keyboard shortcuts in many programs by using macros to create hotkey functions. Most operating systems have a library of these built-in buttons. Many of them are standardized to help users who can switch operating systems or use more than one platform.

For users of Microsoft Windows operating systems, holding down the Control (Ctrl) key while pressing the C (Ctrl C) key copies the selected text to the clipboard. Ctrl V pastes text into an available window. Ctrl X trims the text and Ctrl Z is the undo function.

The F keys (F1 through F12) are usually used by themselves, with F1 being the standard shortcut for the Help menu. On Apple Macintosh computers, the Apple or Command key replaces the Control key for the same keyboard shortcuts that Copy, Paste, Cut, and Undo.

Using buttons like these can improve performance and reduce repetitive mouse movements that contribute to conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. If the user constantly reaches for the mouse to perform the required task or function, then it is advisable to think about finding an existing combination of such buttons or creating your own.

How to take a screenshot on a computer

Many users find it difficult to understand how to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer on Windows 10 or other software. Upon careful study of the issue, it turns out that it is quite simple and quick to do it. You need to know the main characteristics of the utility.

Expert advice

Leading experts in the field of computer technology advise users:

  • Choose a utility only from a trusted source. Do NOT trust third-party developers.
  • DO NOT download or install the program if it is NOT suitable for the device.
  • Be sure to check the file for viruses before installing.
  • Following THESE simple tips will help you avoid common mistakes.

Windows 7-10 standard applications

In any version of the Windows operating system, you can make a screen screen with standard utilities and programs. There are two such ways. Let’s consider in detail each.

How to take a screenshot on a computer

Hello, today I will show you several ways to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer or laptop. We will also talk about creating screenshots on different operating systems, in a standard way and using various programs.

  • What is a screenshot
  • Windows 7-10 standard applications
  • Key “Print Screen”
  • Full screen screenshot
  • Screenshot of the active window
  • Graphic editor Paint
  • Word document and PowerPoint presentation
  • Screenshot app
  • MacOS standard application
  • LightShot program
  • installing LightShot
  • LightShot settings
  • Working with LightShot program
  • Joxi program
  • Installing the Joxi program
  • Joxi program settings
  • Working with Joxi
  • Website page screenshot

Working with Joxi

There are two items in the quick menu: fragment and screen.

Left-click on the program icon on the taskbar, highlighting the area of ​​the future screenshot.

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Joxi has a toolbar:

  • move the selected area;
  • pencil;
  • marker;
  • line;
  • arrows;
  • text;
  • oval (; ctrl. draws a filled oval)
  • rectangle (shift.square; ctrl. draws filled rectangle)
  • numbering;
  • text;
  • darkening, helps to highlight the desired and darken the NOT necessary;
  • save and share screenshot.

Graphic editor Paint

If you need to get a screenshot in the form of a file with the.jpg extension, it is better to use the graphic editor Paint. It is also present on all Windows versions by default.

Made a screenshot of the screen, open Paint.

Click the Insert button and then Insert again.

Then from the File menu, select the Save As item and then click on the Image format you need. The following are available:.png.jpeg.bmp.gif.

Next, specify the file name, save location and click the Save button.

The entire box will be saved and you can continue to work with it.

Word document and PowerPoint presentation

There are times when there is no need to save the box as a Separate file, but you need to immediately place it in the presentation or document, for this we also select the object for the screen, press the Print Screen key, open the presentation or document and call the context menu anywhere (right-click) and select Paste.

Further, the already built-in functions of the presentation or document, you can modify the screenshots.

Similarly, screenshots can be used in any similar programs.

MacOS standard application

Using standard tools, you can take a screenshot on a poppy. To do this, press the Shift Command (⌘) 5 key combination (for macOS Mojave).

With this keyboard shortcut, you can take various screenshots, as well as record.

For the second versions of macOs, a screenshot of the entire screen is Shift Command (⌘) 3, and windows. Shift Command (⌘) 4.

  • Full screen capture.
  • window shot.
  • Snapshot of selected area.
  • screen recording.
  • Selected area recording.
  • parameters.
  • snapshot.

You can take a screenshot of the Touch Bar with Shift Command (⌘) 6.

There are programs that are several times more convenient and simpler than standard Windows and MacOS applications.

Full screen screenshot

Place the necessary windows on the desktop, then find the Print Screen key on the keyboard, press it. Done, but not yet visible, as it is temporarily on the clipboard.

Screenshot app

Another standard Windows 10 app is Snapshot. This app is similar to the Scissors app, only improvements and redesign of the app.

In the search, enter the name of the application and open it.

The application is quite simple, one button Create is immediately active.

The following options are available:

  • create a fragment now;
  • create a fragment in 3 seconds;
  • create snippet after 10 seconds.

Choose the appropriate option and click it.

After clicking, the screen darkens and we need to select a screenshot option.

  • Rectangle. the selection area will be rectangular.
  • Freeform. draw the shape yourself for the future screenshot.
  • Window. you need to select a window and a screenshot will be created.
  • Entire screen. screenshot of the entire screen.
  • Close. cancel the box.

Having selected the desired element, we take a screenshot and automatically return to the editor, where we can make changes, for example, draw or write text.

  • handwriting input;
  • a pen;
  • pencil;
  • marker;
  • eraser;
  • ruler and protractor. you can change the inclination of the ruler and the size of the protractor with the mouse wheel;
  • crop. you can crop unnecessary image details;
  • save as. saving the finished result;
  • copy. copy the box to the clipboard;
  • share. share the screenshot to social networks or other applications;
  • more details. here are the application settings, you can open the screenshot using another program, print it, see tips and tips for the program.

In the parameters of the Sketch on a screen fragment. you can assign the opening of this utility by pressing the Print Screen button or leave the default combination ShiftWindowsS.

You can also assign the opening of the Sketch on a fragment of the screen to the Print Screen key through the menu Options. Accessibility. Keyboard.

For quick work, the program contains “hot” keys.

Simple and convenient application, and does not require additional installation and configuration.

Joxi program

Another interesting program is Joxi. Unlike the first program, Joxi has special plugins for all popular browsers. The program interface is different, but the principle of operation is the same.

How to take a screenshot on a computer

  • How to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer without using third-party software, that is, using the operating system itself? On your site there are always a lot of screenshots (pictures of what is happening on the computer screen) and they were made masterfully. You yourself, too, sometimes ask users to send you a screenshot of the screen in order to better understand the situation and give comprehensive advice. For example, today you asked me to send a screenshot of the Disk Management screen. Which program is the best to do it?
  • Letter Hello admin, I ask you for advice, I recently created a site for working with Audio / editors and immediately a simple question arose. than take a screenshot of the screen on the computer. I tried the ClIP2net program, but I still can’t figure it out. I saw the FastStone Capture program in your screenshots, what good or bad can you say about it?

How to take a screenshot on a computer

How to take a screenshot of the computer screen with the Windows built-in Paint program

It is not superfluous to say that in Windows 7 there is an improved, in comparison with previous versions of Paint. It has become more convenient, the interface has expanded, many tools have been added.
First of all, open our program Start. All Programs. Accessories. Paint,

such a nice program has opened.

So here’s the task of how to make this program a screenshot of the Disk Management window?
Well, let’s go to this very Disk Management: Computer-Management-Disk Management.

And now, press once the key on the keyboard Print Screen (PrtScn), it can be found in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

After you clicked Print Screen, a screenshot of the desktop is placed on the clipboard. And now it’s the turn of our built-in Windows program Paint. We return to our program and click the Insert button.

As you can see, we got a screenshot of the entire desktop, from which we can cut out what we need, for example, the Disk Management window.

Click the Crop button,

then selecting the area we need with the left mouse, release the mouse and press the Crop Button again,

now we can save our screenshot in a specific folder on the computer, preferably in JPEG (.jpg) format, and then post it on the forum for discussion or on our website.

By the way, if you press the Alt Print Screen combination on the keyboard, the computer will take a screenshot of the current or active window at that moment. Press Alt Print Screen, then press the Insert button in our program, and as you can see, you don’t even need to crop anything. Screenshot of the Disk Management window is ready. Also in our program, we can resize the screenshot, rotate it, write on it, draw, erase and so on.

On my own behalf, the tool is very good and simple, if you really work with it for some time, then you simply cannot be without it. Telling everything he can is a very long task, it seems to me that it will be much more interesting for you to learn this instrument on your own.

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