How to scan QR code on Samsung

3 Ways to Scan QR Code on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

How to Scan QR Code on Samsung Galaxy and Samsung A Series? The problem is that the developers managed to hide this function in the most unobvious places, which they could not find even with the help of a search for settings. In fact, everything is not so bad and for this we do not need to install third-party applications.

There are several ways to read QR codes on Samsung smartphones. They differ depending on the firmware version.

3 Ways to Scan QR Code on Samsung Galaxy and Samsung A Series

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To scan a QR code on a Samsung A series and Galaxy phone, you need to either use the built-in tools or download a dedicated scanner. To do this, you need a modern smartphone or tablet that takes clear legible pictures. It is also possible to decrypt the information via a PC or laptop. Other gadgets do not work with this data format yet.

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Additional Information

Sometimes problems can arise when using the option in question. Let’s explore common issues.

From an unlocked smartphone

Call up the quick access panel by moving down from the center of the display. Next, on the right, select the desired icon, point to the code, read the information.

Method number 3. using a camera

This is perhaps the most inconvenient way to read QR codes. Open the Camera application, select the item and find the Scanner icon, as shown in the screenshot below:

Now you need to take a picture of the required code in this mode. Try to select it so that it falls completely within the blue frame and take a picture. Next, in the same window, click on the thumbnail of the image in the lower left corner:

In the toolbar that appears below, click Scan QR Code and you’re done.

Sometimes this item does not appear immediately and you need to wait a little.

How to read a QR code with a Samsung smartphone

Mobile scanners are pretty primitive. Now we will show you how to scan a QR code with your Samsung mobile phone in three steps:

  • Install suitable software on your mobile phone.
  • Open the application by clicking on its icon.
  • Point the camcorder at the QR code.

Scanning can be customized as you like. For Galaxy owners, the easiest way is to launch a Samsung scanner built into a standard shell. Actions are carried out in a special mode that will need to be activated. Enter the “Camera”.

Move to advanced settings. there you are interested in scanning mode.

Done. Read the data. the algorithm works on any Samsung.

What is required to scan a QR code on Android OS

Matrix barcodes have become part of our lives. Initially, the encoding was used in the automotive industry, but then it migrated to other industries. Now QR codes are marked:

To get the required information, you need a modern smartphone equipped with a camera and simple software. Even with the front camera on your device, you will achieve what you want. Apps from Gamma Play, InShot Inc and YUNteam will be of invaluable help.

How to Scan QR Code on Android Samsung

How to scan a QR code on “Samsung” if you need to quickly read information? Modern Galaxy models run on Android OS, so we will consider the situation on this “OS”. The most popular way is to download special programs from the Play Market. These applications will allow digital reading, but you still need to be able to use them. Let’s get down to a detailed analysis.

Where to find QR code on Samsung phone

Most Androids now come with built-in QR code software. These are simple programs directly related to the camcorder. To activate the option in the settings, press the special button.

Your phone is now ready to read and use the encoding.

How to read QR code via Samsung browser

The Samsung Internet browser can be enhanced with additional extensions. One of these extensions suits our needs. Go to the browser settings menu and activate the desired program.

Now you know how to scan a QR code on “Samsung”. Similar tools are available in Xiaomi and Huawei gadgets. The latter manufacturer even bothered to read the encoding with a locked device. As for third-party applications, you need to install them from the Play Store platform. There are enough options. choose the software you like and click “Install”. Then the gadget will do without your participation.

How to scan and decrypt a QR code with a phone camera

Hello everyone! And the path led you under mysterious circumstances. Namely, find out the secret meaning of QR code scanners. First, let’s answer the question. what is a QR scanner, how to check and scan it, and what is it for? In general, this is a special program or online service that helps to decipher the information hidden in the so-called QR code. You have most likely already seen square openwork black and white patterns. this is the QR code.

You can also create your own QR code and encrypt any information. Of course, there are also restrictions on the amount of encrypted information: 7089 numbers and 4296 letters. There are two ways to scan a QR code. You can simply use a special or built-in program. point the camera at the image.

After that, the program instantly reads and displays information on the screen. The second way, just take a photo of the code and upload it to the online service. The second method is a bit long, but it also helps to decode the QR-code. That’s about how to scan QR and we’ll talk in the article. I will give almost all the simple ways that you can always use in any situation.


  • On the home screen, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up an additional menu;
  • After that, click on the scanner icon as in the picture below;
  • We put the code in the set square;
  • At the very end, the information that was encoded will open;

Yandex browser

Yandex browser, it turns out, also has a built-in encoder, and it doesn’t matter what your phone is: Android or iOs. The reader works with all smartphones. True, if earlier it was called simply QR-scan, now it is called differently. Because of what many users get confused.

  • Download and install the browser from Google Play or App Store;
  • After opening, you need to click on the menu (three dots to the right of the search line);
  • Next, select “Ask with a picture”. This function is called so, because in addition to the QR code, you can also take a picture of anything, and “Alice” will tell you what is shown in the picture;
  • Then everything is as usual. just point the camera at the code. Reading on your mobile will happen almost instantly. After that, you can go to the site or search for the proposed information on the Internet.

iPhone, iPad, iPod

NOTE! The auto scan feature is only available on iOS 11 and above. If you have a lower version of the system, then you will need to download an additional program. See the chapter below about this.

  • Turn on the “Scan QR Code” function;
  • Now we go into the camera in any way possible;
  • Point the camera at the encrypted information and wait for the answer to be displayed.

Via camera or standard app

ATTENTION! Not all smartphones have standard apps or camera extensions. So if this method does not help, then move on to the second.

Special programs

There are a large number of applications on the Internet that give you the opportunity to scan, decrypt and recognize the code from any smartphone for free. I will not write to you and give you the names of a large number of special programs, because it is not necessary. They are all about the same and work according to the same algorithm.

NOTE! When using third-party programs, the application will ask you for permission to use your camera, as well as access the folder with photos and videos. Without this permission, the program will not work and will not be able to photograph the image.

  • Open Google Play or App Store and enter “QR scanner” into the search box. Next, simply select the application with the highest score and open it. In general, you can choose any application, they all work the same.
  • Install the program and open it at the end;
  • You will definitely be asked to allow access to the camera, without this it will be impossible to take pictures from this application. therefore, click “Allow”;
  • That’s it, now you just need to square the code.
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We turn on the camera, then from the bottom slightly to the right of the button for photos we find “Mode”. After that, select “Scanner”. Next, just point the camera at the desired image.

Ways to scan code

In order to pay bills and receive reliable information about certain cultural sites, you do not need to carry a special barcode scanner with you. In fact, a minimum of funds is needed: a smartphone with a main or front camera and software capable of displaying data encrypted in a picture.

How to scan qr code on different models of smartphones

There are several ways to scan a QR code on an Android device: by downloading a special application through the Play Market or using the built-in OS tool for reading codes.

QR-code (English Quick Response Code. quick response code; abbreviated QR code) is a matrix (two-dimensional) barcode, developed by the Japanese company Denso-Wave in 1994. Initially, these codes were used in the automotive industry to quickly record information about the production and sale of cars.

Now images with black squares can be found at:

A QR code is convenient because it allows you to encrypt several thousand characters in one picture. In this case, the image itself for scanning can be either a small centimeter square or a rather large picture placed on a flat surface.


On Samsung devices, the scanner is a function built into the standard camera, and in order for the code to be read, you just need to point the lens at it. But if automatic recognition did not work, you need to activate a special mode. For this:

  • Go to the “Camera” application.
  • Go to additional settings.
  • Selecting the scanner mode.

Thus, you can get information from the QR code on all modern Samsung models.


Xiaomi smartphones have a Scanner application, which is located by default in the Tools folder or in the additional menu to the left of the main screen.

All you need to do is run the tool and place the code inside the scan frame. If the code is correct and the camera is well focused on the image, then the display should show all the information encrypted in the picture, which can be used at your discretion.

A feature of the Xiaomi scanner is the ability to scan any photo from the Gallery for the presence of a QR code.


Huawei smartphones have a very convenient function of displaying several tools on the locked screen for quick opening. QR code scanner. including.

In order to open the scanner from a locked device, you need to:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the locked screen, resulting in a tool menu at the bottom.
  • Select the scanner icon from the list.

Next, we aim the camera at the QR code, wait for the tool to decode the image and see the result. However, to get complete information, you need to unlock your smartphone.

In an unlocked phone, you can find the scanner in the quick search menu for applications. To do this, on the main screen, we swipe down from the center of the screen and click on the scanner icon located in the search bar.

The EMUI shell also has the ability to scan a photo with a QR code. To use it, you need to go to the Gallery, select a photo with a barcode, click on the “” button and select “Scan QR-code” in the displayed menu.

Create your own QR code

You can use various tools or online generators to create your own QR code. Most popular services:

  • Application “AndQR. Create QR Codes”.
  • QR Code Generator Application.

First, you need to choose what function the generated code should perform and enter the information that needs to be encrypted. Further, the individual design of the code is carried out. color design and logo.

Each service has its own settings and restrictions, which you should familiarize yourself with before starting work.

How to scan a QR code on a Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi smartphone

Modern phone manufacturers often implement their own barcode tools on Android. You can read without installing the application on several models.

Owners of Xiaomi devices can use the built-in Scanner program. Located in the “Tools” section or in the auxiliary panel.

For the application to work, the user needs to place a character inside the scan limiter. After correct scanning on a focused camera, encrypted information appears on the screen from the image.

Finding a scanner on a Xiaomi device

Important! The uniqueness of the application lies in scanning any picture from the photo album to find the QR code.

Users of Huawei or Honor devices can display a number of tools on the locked display for quick use. Symbol scanning app included.

Instructions for opening and using the program from the locked screen:

  • Swipe up to unlock the display. At the bottom is the settings panel.
  • Select a scanner from the list of available utilities.
  • Hover a quick response code on the camera.
  • Wait for the decryption results and analyze the data.

On the main screen of the mobile device, you can find the program through the quick search menu. Swipe down from the middle of the display and select the utility symbol found in the query string.

Important! In order to scan a cipher from a photo, you need to select the desired picture and through the “” additional settings panel go to the “Scan QR Code” service.

The scanner function is built into the classic Samsung smartphone camera. To read, you just need to point the lens at the object.

If the automatic mode did not recognize the object, then you can switch to a special format. The method is available on modern devices to receive encrypted information:

  • Go to the “Camera” service.
  • Go to auxiliary tools.
  • Select the “Scanner” utility.

What it is

QR is short for Quick Response Code, which means quick response code. A two-dimensional barcode created by a Japanese organization in the mid-90s. At first they were used in the automotive industry to quickly search for information about the development of cars.

Scan QR code

Nowadays, the picture with black lines is often found:

Important! The convenience of a QR code is that it encrypts several thousand values. You can read both a thumbnail image and a large picture.


QR code reader app

After installing the program, you can run the utility. The user grants permission to use the camera and points it at the object. Then you can copy or immediately open the link in your default browser.

There are different options for reading QR code depending on the Android device model. To scan an image, you need to open the utility and point the camera at an object to get a link.

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Summing up

As a result, we learned how to scan a QR code on Android in different ways. We hope this article was useful to you. If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. We will try to help everyone.

Even if this does not happen, some of the users on the site will definitely tell you how to get out of the situation and give good advice. You just have to bring it to life.

How to scan QR code on Android with and without programs

A QR code is analogous to an older barcode. However, unlike him, he is more secure and practical. The barcode could only indicate some information, such as, for example, the website address. QR, on the other hand, carries a lot more data and allows you to include anything you want. Thanks to all of the above, many programs have appeared on Android to scan such code. In this article we will just talk about how this is done.

Standard functionality

Some smartphones and tablets (depending on the brand) have the functionality of scanning QR codes as standard, and everything can be done without an application. We will not list them all, we will only touch on the model from Xiaomi.

  • In order to read QR on such a smartphone, you first need to launch its standard camera.
  • At the top right of the screen is the settings button. We tap on it.
  • Find the item indicated in the screenshot and turn it on.
  • Now, when a QR code appears in front of the lens of your camera, it will be automatically recognized. You will see a link like this, which is shown in the screenshot below.
  • A selection window will open in which you can either copy the link or open it in the browser.

QR Droid Code Scanner

Another application that can be found on Google Play. You can also download it via a direct link on the Google website. For now, we will consider the program itself.

This is how the QR Droid Code Scanner launch shortcut looks like. click on it.

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This application, unlike the previous one, is made in Russian and, as soon as it starts, we need to click on the button with the inscription: “STARTING WORK”.

The scanner is immediately visible, but first, let’s take a look at its settings. We tap on the button located in the upper right corner.

In the main menu, you can see 6 tiles-buttons that redirect the user to the desired section. Here they are:

  • Scanner. Needed directly to scan QR codes;
  • Story. Contains all objects that were scanned in the program;
  • Share. Sending the result to another person or people;
  • Still. Additional functionality, which will be discussed below;
  • Settings;
  • Tips & Tricks.

So, in order to use the scanner, you need to activate it in the main menu and, hovering over the QR code, press the “Read” button.

Next, let’s look at the program settings. In the same way as in the previous case, we will show you all the screens and, as necessary, we will explain the purpose of this or that item.

Here the start screen is selected, the address for the backup is set and the language of the program interface is configured.

Next, we can set up the scanning engine. One of the proprietary algorithms is used: Zapper or ZXing. Below it will turn out to enable or disable the crosshair, set up an automatic action after scanning and enable displaying hints or copying a link to the clipboard.

In this section, you can configure the soundtrack, turn on and off the vibration. The process of logging actions and interaction with Android Wear smartwatches is also configurable.

Then we will be able to export or import the backup or set the date.

Allow the sending of anonymous data (it is better to disable it), enable verification of the security link received during the scan, or configure batch scanning. Functions like zoom or highlight are available below.

But this is not the end of our settings. In addition to the above functions, we have the following:

  • extended slip function;
  • prohibition of some special characters;
  • activation of WEB preview;
  • search for saved images.

The final settings screen contains interesting features such as: setting the maximum number of positions, configuring custom CSVs, shaking the smartwatch and saving duplicate positions.

In addition to the settings in the QR Droid Code Scanner menu, there is an item called “”. Consider its functionality.

  • Privileged Partners. List of apps cooperating with QR Droid Code Scanner;
  • Inbox. App technical support;
  • Scanning from a file;
  • Manual QR code entry;
  • Service for creating short links;
  • URL crawling;
  • Working with XQR codes;
  • Tips and tricks;
  • Program evaluation;
  • Share this.

Consider the last, but no less functional, application on our list.


  • There is a search bar at the top of the Google Play window. This is what we will use. We activate and write the name of our application. It is not necessary to enter it all the way. As soon as the object indicated in the screenshot appears in the search results, just tap on it.
  • We will be redirected to the home page of the program. There is a large green button that says INSTALL. Click her.
  • We are waiting for the end of the download of the application. Since it “weighs” a little less than 5 MB, the process will not take much time.
  • Done. After the automatic installation is over, we can run the program right from here.
  • Also on the home screen (if activated in the settings) a launch shortcut will appear.

This completes the installation of the program, and we can proceed to the overview of working with it.

In the screenshot below, you can see the programming interface. Here it is divided into 3 main tabs. There is also a settings icon made in the form of a gear. On the main tab “SCAN” there are 4 main tools:

  • Scan Barcode. This is a QR scanner that works through a camera;
  • Manual Key-in. Function of manual data entry about the code;
  • Decode from File. Decoding from a file. From here you can open the previously downloaded QR code and read it;
  • Decode from Url. Scan by link.

At the bottom there are several buttons that do not carry useful functionality. You should not pay attention to them.

Let’s consider the program settings. There are quite a few of them here. Your screens will have screenshots of different configuration areas, but we will just voice some of the most interesting points.

For example, on the first screen, you can enable or disable the sound of the program. The same can be done with vibration feedback. You can set the operating mode when the program starts running directly from the scanner, bypassing the main menu. Another important feature is the automatic copying of data to the clipboard.

As soon as we want to start scanning and launch the scanner itself, the program will request access to the necessary system resources. Naturally, it needs to be resolved. Click the button marked in the screenshot.

Next, we aim the frame of the scanner so that the horizontal strip falls directly on the QR. Try to keep your hands from shaking while staying focused. Scanning will fail without normal sharpness.

There is a backlight for QR BARCODE SCANNER operation in low light conditions.

Once the code is recognized, you will see the information shown in the screenshot below.

There is a thumbnail of the tracked QR code, its format, data type and date. Naturally, in the window below we will see the content. In this case, this is a link to the manufacturer’s website. There are also 2 buttons “Go to Website” and “Share”. The first will open the official website, and the second will help. As a result, the site opened. Everything works well.

In addition to scanning QR, you can also create them here. To do this, go to the third tab. We marked it in the screenshot. All data types that can be encrypted are listed as a list. The following is supported:

  • phone book contact;
  • phone number;
  • Url;
  • Email;
  • attachment;
  • location;
  • any text;
  • bookmark;
  • calendar event.

When the data type is selected and set, we just have to click the “Encode” button. In this case, we encrypted the link.

The output is such a nice code. You can immediately share it or change the color.

Let’s try to encrypt arbitrary text as well. To do this, select the desired item.

Enter the phrase in the designated field and press the “Encode” button.

The result looks great. Let’s change its color a little more. We press the button intended for this.

Let’s move on to the next program, which also has impressive functionality.

NeoReader QR Barcode Scanner

This program, like others, you can download and install via Google play or via a direct link. When this is done, you can go directly to work with her.

On the first launch, we will need to satisfy the access request. Click “ALLOW”.

Next, we will be notified about the main features of working with the utility. To close the advertisement, click the button circled in the picture below.

Then a window with settings will appear. Here you will be able to choose a language, indicate your country, gender and age. The two checkboxes below allow you to enable or disable the program’s access to geodata.

You can actually start scanning. Point the camera at the QR code and NeoReader QR Barcode Scanner will automatically recognize its contents.

When the sign appears, we can either get additional information about it, or open it in a browser.

You can also choose exactly the browser you want.

And here is the result. The diaper pack was recognized flawlessly and we see the official website of Libero.

We think that these three programs will be enough for any person. Choose the one that is most convenient for you and use at your own discretion. We will talk about some of the features of Chinese devices.

Analysis software

In order to scan and decode a QR code, you actually need an Android smartphone or tablet with an integrated camera. You will also need to install a special application.

We will not, as they say, pour water, and will immediately move on to the issue of reading QR codes. In order to do this, the top 3 third-party applications will be used, as well as standard tools. True, they are only in some phone models.

How to scan a QR code on Android?

A QR code is called a matrix barcode, which contains a tag containing one or another information about an object. For example, a link to a website can be encrypted in a QR code. This tutorial will show you how to scan QR code with your Android smartphone.

Many firmwares already have a built-in QR code scanner. So, for example, it is in the MIUI firmware from Xiaomi. Open the “Tools” folder.

Actually, it remains to hover the frame at the QR code so that it is inside this frame.

If everything is done correctly, you will see information. If, for example, a link is encrypted in the code, the site will be opened in the browser. In our example. the QR-code of the English-language Wikipedia, so the corresponding site was opened.

In some cases, the link does not open, but is shown on the screen, and you can go to the site by clicking the button, for example:

What if there is no scanner in the firmware? Install it using the Play Market, especially since most of these applications are distributed free of charge. Open the Play Market.

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In the search, specify the query qr scanner.

We will install the application from Kaspersky Lab.

Grant the necessary permissions and do the same. put the qr code in a frame.

How to Scan QR Code from Camera on Samsung Galaxy A50s, A50, A40, A30, A20, A10, etc

If you do everything correctly, information will appear on the screen or a website will open, as in our example.

Generally speaking, all scanners work according to the same principle, so install the application that you like best.

BarCode Descriptor

If you have thought about how to scan a QR code on Android, then there is a special program for this, which can be downloaded directly from Google Play. First, let’s look at the BarCode Descriptor.

This application has a simple interface and several functions. Your camera is used to work with codes. All you need is to bring the phone camera to the code, and the information hidden in it will appear on the screen at the same moment. You can also interact with her. For example, if this is a link, open it in the browser by simply clicking on it once, and if it is a phone number, then call the subscriber. You can also view the scan history and repost information on social networks and friends in SMS. Among the shortcomings, one can single out an interface that does not please with a riot of colors.

QR & Barcode Scanner

The second way of how to scan a QR code with your phone is to use the QR & Barcode Scanner software. Here everything is the other way around, one of the advantages is a beautiful interface.

Scanning the code is the same. through the phone’s camera, unfortunately, there is no way to download an image from a disk. You can interact with the information received. send it by mail, SMS or social networks. If this is a link, then follow it by opening a browser.

QR Code Desktop Reader Generator

First of all, let’s figure out how to scan a QR code on a computer. Although it is used for this less often, it will not be superfluous to learn about a special program for this. And we will talk, as you might guess from the title of the subtitle, about QR Code Desktop Reader Generator.

  • You can scan the code directly from the monitor screen, for this you need to use screen capture. The option is called directly from the main screen of the application. You just need to select the area where the QR code is located, after which the program will show the encrypted information.
  • You can also use your webcam for scanning. The algorithm of actions is simple: select the corresponding option in the menu, bring the QR code to the camera, and the application shows you the result.
  • You can also load the code into the program directly from the clipboard.
  • If the code is in the form of an image on your computer, then you can also load it into the program without unnecessary problems, after which it will show the information hiding in it.

As you can see, using the application is very simple, and there are a lot of ways to scan a QR code. By the way, among other things, you can create codes by entering information in the text field and clicking the corresponding button.

How to scan a QR code on computer and phone?

Now you know how to scan a QR code not only on smartphones, but also on a computer. All programs have been tested and do not pose any threat to the user, if only they were downloaded from official sources (on the official website of the developer or on Google Play).

How to scan a QR code using a Samsung smartphone.

Today the QR code can be found in the most unexpected places. This form of matrix barcode (QR code from the English Quick Response Code. “quick response code”, abbreviated QR code) was developed in Japan and used in the automotive industry to identify parts and assemblies during assembly on a conveyor.

And how to decrypt a QR code and what to do with it next?

You can read (or scan) a QR code using a Samsung phone without installing additional special programs using smartphone applications:
Method 1: Scan QR Code via Camera App.
Method 2: Scan QR Code via Google Lens App.
Method 3: Scanning the QR code through the Yandex application.

Method 1: Scan QR Code via Camera App.

Before scanning, check:

1A) Check that your smartphone is connected to the Internet, either via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

1B) Check that the “Scan QR code” function is enabled in the settings of the Camera application. For this:
– From the Home screen of your smartphone, launch the Camera application.

Screen. launch the Camera application.

Screen. click on the “Settings” icon

Screen. check: the “Scan QR code” function must be enabled.

Scanning a QR code with the Camera can be started in two ways:
– from the Smartphone Notification Panel;
– launch the Camera application from the Home screen of the smartphone.

2A) To start scanning the QR code from the Notification Panel, you need to lower the Notification Panel curtain with a swipe down from the top edge of the screen and click on the “QR Scanner” icon.

Screen. open the Notification panel by swiping down from the top edge of the screen. Screen. click on the “QR Scanner” icon.

2B) launch the Camera application from the Home screen of the smartphone.

Screen. click on the “Camera” application icon.

Now, being in the Camera application, we aim the Camera lens at the QR code.

As a result, the application itself finds the QR code, scans it, decrypts it and displays the results of its work:
– As a result of the decryption of the QR code, a text that has been encrypted may appear on the screen, for example: “Happy New Year!”.

Screen. transcripts of QR-code: text “Happy New Year!”.

After that, the smartphone’s Internet browser is launched and we go to the site. It turned out to be an IBM website.

Screen. QR code decryption: website address. To go to the site, you need to click on the decryption text with the site address. Screen. the view of the site in the Internet browser at the address from the QR code.

Method 2: Scan QR Code via Google Lens App.

The Google Lens QR code scanning app is easiest to launch through the Google Assistant Voice Assistant.

To do this, you need to press the “Home” button on the Navigation panel of the smartphone and hold it for a while.

Screen 0. press and hold the “Home” button to launch the Google Assistant Voice Assistant.

This will launch the Google Assistant Voice Assistant.

Screen 1. the first page of the Voice Assistant Google Assistant.

Then you need to wait a few seconds while the “caring” Voice Assistant listens to your commands. You need to wait until the 4 colored squares on the bottom line of the screen change to the microphone icon. The Google Lens app icon appears on the left side of the microphone icon. He is what we need. Click on the Google Lens icon.

Screen 2. click on the Google Lens icon.

Next, we aim the camera of the Google Lens application at the encrypted code. If necessary, you can mark the code for decryption with your finger on the screen. The program will capture the code, decrypt it and place the result on the phone screen. If it was a site, then you need to click on the address of this site and the program will launch an Internet browser and go to the site itself. In our case, it was a link to the Wikipedia site.

Screen 3. point the camera at the QR code. Then click on the decrypted website address to go to it. Screen 4. view of the site in the Internet browser at the address from the QR code.

Method 3: Scanning the QR code through the Yandex application.

Launching the Yandex Browser application from the smartphone screen.

Screen 5. launch the Yandex Browser application.

Click on the “Yandex Services” icon located in the bottom line of the screen.

Screen 6. click on the Yandex Services icon.

Find the “QR Scanner” icon and click on it.

Screen 7. click on the “QR Scanner” icon.

Point the smartphone camera at the QR code and Yandex will read it. Yandex places the decryption result at the bottom of the screen. In our case, it turned out to be the site’s QR code. To go to the site, you need to click on the line “Go to the site”.

Screen 8. point the camera at the QR code. Then click on the line “Go to the site”.

You are now on the site page.
The application itself translated the text of the site into Russian.

Screen 9. view of the site in the Internet browser at the address from the QR code.