How to screenshot screen on Samsung phone

What is a screenshot?

This word has few meanings. A screenshot is an exact screenshot that displays exactly the image that the user saw when they shot it using hotkeys. Let’s see why you might need it.

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Screenshot is a very handy feature. It exists on most operating systems, on virtually all modern devices. If a screenshot is taken on a computer using the Prt Scr / Sys Rq button, then on smartphones it is done differently. The answer to the question of how to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone, we discussed in this article above. But why might you need a screenshot of a mobile device?

How to take a screenshot on “Samsung Galaxy”?

Newer versions of Android have a slightly different system for producing screenshots. For example, to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy, you must SIMultaneously hold down the Home and Back keys. The snapshot should appear in your “Gallery”.

By the way, on HTC smartphones the production of pictures from a mobile screen is arranged in a SIMilar way. Which is very convenient for those who recently changed their phone.

How to take a screenshot on an older version of Android?

If you tried all of the above methods and the picture could not be saved, then most likely you have an old version of the operating system on your phone. For example, phones with Android 1.2 do not have this feature. And to take a screenshot on the old “Android”, you have to download a special program No Root Screenshot. This, of course, is not very convenient. By the way, this program works on new versions of the OS, which means that you can use it even on the latest “Android” for screen capture.

How to take a screenshot on “Samsung”: all the ways

One day it becomes necessary to take a picture from the screen of your smartphone in order to send it to a friend. For example, you won beautifully in a game or want to show your interlocutor the number of messages that a girl sent you while you are distracted. In general, there can be a variety of reasons why you need to take a screenshot, but it is done differently on different phones. Let’s figure out how to take a screenshot on Samsung using only the volume and off keys. The methods are pretty SIMple.

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How to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone?

The smartphones of this company usually have the built-in Android operating system, on which it is very easy to capture a screen image. At the same time, it will be saved in the “Gallery” and you will not have to search for the screenshot you have taken. First you need to find out your Android version.

There are four ways to take a screenshot on Samsung. Which one should you choose? It depends on the version of Android installed on your mobile phone and which keys on your device are considered “hot”.

The first way to take a screenshot is to hold down the Home and Power buttons at the same time. Holding them down for a few seconds will take a screenshot, which can then be used as a JPG image. But if you didn’t succeed, then you will have to use the second method. Before you take a screenshot on Samsung, open the window you want to remove and hold down the Power and Volume Down keys. The picture will appear in your gallery.

On older versions of Android, things are just as SIMple. Press the “Home” button and the “Back” button at the same time, and a screenshot from the screen of your smartphone will appear in your “Gallery”. As you can see, everything is quite SIMple, and if you need to take a screenshot, you shouldn’t have any problems with this. Remember the Power button and the On / Off key. This is the same. But what if none of the above methods helped?

Why is it needed?

The screenshot can come in handy in various situations. For example, you had some kind of error and you need to explain the essence of the problem to technical support, but you don’t understand how to do it without a snapshot. In this case, the screenshot will certainly help. A snapshot can also come in handy during active games on a smartphone, for example, to save game moments or your statistics in the phone’s memory. This may come in handy in the future.

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You also often need to take a picture of your correspondence with someone. But how to take a screenshot on “Samsung” in order to save a chat from “” or WhatsApp, many do not understand. Therefore, you should know the hotkeys and use them when necessary. The advantage of this function is that the pictures are saved in the “Gallery” in JPG format, which opens on all known devices, including various types of players, game consoles, personal computers, players and, most importantly, on all mobile phones with color screen, not to mention smartphones.

If you went to the “Gallery” of your phone and did not find a picture there, then look in the “My files” folder. Also folders with screenshots can have the following names: Pictures, Screenshots, ScreenCapture. If you cannot find the screenshot you took, you may have chosen the wrong method for capturing the screen and the screenshot was not saved. Try using other hotkeys. All methods, like on “Samsung” to take a screenshot of the screen, are indicated in this article above.

Fourth way

In most modern Samsung phones, the screenshot is taken with gestures. The function is inactive by default. You can activate it in the control settings, section “Palm control”.

To take a screenshot in this way, you need to drag the edge of your palm across the display from left to right or vice versa.

How to take a screenshot on a Samsung smartphone: several ways to take a screenshot

Today this function is actively used by almost every user. It is an opportunity to capture the screen of a gadget or computer in a picture.

It is also much easier to take a screenshot of the display than it is to save an image to send in a message. The function is provided today in every phone, but it is activated in different ways. The following are options for how to take a screenshot of the screen on a Samsung phone.

Third way

Samsungs with operating system versions 2 and 3 take a screenshot with a different key combination. On most of these models, all the main buttons are mechanical and a screenshot is obtained by SIMultaneously holding down the Home and Back keys for a couple of seconds.

In some phone models, you can take a picture on the gadget in several ways at once.

How to find out that a screenshot has been taken

If the attempt to hold down the buttons at the same time is unsuccessful, then the phone will either be locked, or the screen will display data about the change in the volume level.

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When the picture is captured, the picture will freeze for a while and the desired image seems to peel off from it. After that, on top, in the left corner of the screen, a characteristic icon will appear. By expanding the drop-down menu, you can view the screenshot or open it in the folder.

Second way

On modern devices, released no more than 2 years ago, the screen is made by SIMultaneously pressing the shutdown and Home keys. This action works only if there is a mechanical menu button.

You also need to hold down the keys for a few seconds.

If no way works

If neither option works, try just holding the buttons longer. To get a screenshot, you need to hold down the keys at the same time, it will be difficult for an inexperienced user to do this the first time.

If the screen does not work if all the conditions are met, then it is possible:

  • The phone is actually from a different manufacturer. There are often fakes of well-known brands on the market that do not support most of the functions of the original devices.
  • The smartphone has custom firmware installed. Counterfeit operating systems often conflict with proprietary hardware. You can fix the situation by rolling back the OS to the factory one. If you can’t do it yourself, you need to contact the service center.

The first way

On older models of phones of this brand, a screenshot is taken by SIMultaneously pressing the power off and volume down keys. This option often works on smartphones of other brands, released on the Android operating system.

To save the display image, hold down the buttons for a few seconds. If the screen is done for the first time, it may not work right away. It will take several attempts to hold the keys in sync.

Where to find screenshots

You can view the screenshots made on all phones. Samsung, ASUS and other gadgets on Android, in the “Gallery” or “My files”.

If you need to find where the snapshot is saved, you should contact the file manager. The default folder for screenshots is Pictures. Next, you should refer to the Screenshots or ScreenCapture directory.

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