How to set an iPhone ringtone

How to Set ANY Song as RINGTONE on iPhone (No Computer)

Create iPhone Ringtone with iTunes

Having dealt with the installation of iTunes, let’s start creating a ringtone. Stock up in advance with the very melody (in MP3 format) that you want to hear during an incoming call, you need to take care of this in advance.

If your iTunes library already has an MP3 music file from which you plan to make a ringtone, then you can skip step: 1. 2. 3, if iTunes is still empty, then we do it.

In the open iTunes program, select the section. Music (1). Here, in the left side panel, for convenience, go to the subsection. Songs (2). If your iTunes does not have a panel on the left, then you can turn it on, as it is written. here.

Now, in the computer, we are looking for our music file in MP3 format, grab it with the mouse and drag it to the library with songs (3).

Our music file has appeared in your iTunes library. Now click on it with the right mouse button and select. Information (4).

In the window that opens, we are looking for. Parameters. We expose, the beginning is 0:00, the end is 0:30 and press OK. Thus, the length of our iPhone ringtone will be 30 seconds. I tried to make a ringtone lasting 3 minutes, iTunes did not miss it, gave the following:

“The ringtone was not copied to the iPhone because the duration is too long.”.

Therefore, 30 seconds is the best option.

iphone, ringtone

We select our music track by clicking on the file in iTunes with the mouse, the track is highlighted in blue. Now we are looking for a tab:

  • File. Convert. Create AAC Version

I don’t know why Apple hid this function so far, it used to be easier. right-clicked on the file and converted, now the conversion path has become a little longer.

In a couple of seconds, we get our 30 second file, with the same name as the original file. Click on this 30-second melody with the right mouse button and select. Show in Windows Explorer (Show in Finder, Mac OS users press).

In the window that opens, we see our ringtone file, but still in M4A format, rename the M4A extension to the M4R extension. If you have any difficulties with renaming an extension or the extension is not displayed, then take a look at the instructions. “Features of renaming M4A to M4R”.

If creating ringtones in iTunes is inconvenient for you, then you can use the following services and programs:

Then you can use the second part of this manual to sync these ringtones to your Apple iPhone.

Instructions for downloading ringtones to iPhone. iTunes 12

Ringtones for iPhone have not lost their relevance, because changing the ringtone brings a little variety to our everyday life. I decided the other day to create a new melody for myself and put it on the iPhone ringtone, but it turned out that the updated iTunes has small changes in the interface, which made the task a little more complicated. If you make and install ringtones in outdated versions of iTunes, then read the instructions here. “How to make a free ringtone for iPhone”. Well, we will understand the 12th version of Tuna.

For convenience, the instructions were made from two sections:

It is not necessary to have an Apple ID to create your own ringtones in iTunes, even if you just bought an iPhone and did not have time to acquire an ID, then you can download ringtones, like music. If you also decided to make your own iPhone ringtone, then you need to download and install the iTunes program on your computer, if you have not already done this, then keep a few step-by-step instructions:

Before you start, connect your iPhone to your computer and make sure there is a check mark in iTunes. Process music and videos manually.

We put the ringtone on the iPhone

The renamed ringtone in M4R format is our created ringtone for iPhone. In fact, the ringtone is ready, now you need to put it in the iPhone by syncing.

Using the mouse, grab the finished M4R file, pull it into iTunes and drop it straight into the program. Before that, it is advisable to transfer this ringtone to some of your own folder (and already pull it from it to iTunes), since it may still be useful in the future. There is another way how you can add ringtones to iTunes. read more here.

To make sure that the M4R ringtone has been successfully added to iTunes, do the following: at the top of the program, where we had the “Music” section, click and select “Sounds”. If there is no “Sounds” section, then in the same context menu, from the bottom, click. “Edit menu”, tick the “Sounds” checkbox and click Finish.

In iTunes 12.7, the developers removed the Edit Menu button, so some users may not be able to enable the Sounds section. Ringtone is now added to iTunes by drag and drop M4r ringtone. You can drag the ringtone. like this.

Once in the Sounds section, we should see our 30 second file. If we see it, and it is there, then the ringtone has been successfully added to iTunes. Sometimes, despite the correct steps above, the ringtone does not appear in the Sounds section, it happened in iTunes under MacOS, the removal of a 30-second file from the Songs section helped, which apparently somehow interfered with the M4R loading. But when you delete this file, you need to select the button. Leave File.

If your ringtone in M4R format does not appear in Sounds, then there may be problems with the original MP3 music file, in which case try other MP3 music files. Or try to make a ringtone not in iTunes, but with the help of other services and the links to which we indicated above in the text.

If ringtones appeared in iTunes, in the Sounds section, then we put them in the iPhone:

  • We take a USB cable, use it to connect the iPhone to the computer. In the top bar of the iTunes program, click on the iPhone icon that appears
  • In the left side panel under the iPhone itself, click the section. Sounds
  • Check the box. Synchronize sounds
  • Choose: All Sounds or Selective Sounds
  • At the bottom of iTunes, click. Apply or Sync

A faster way to sync ringtones in iTunes is shown clearly. here, alternative sync not in iTunes here. Ringtones and i-FunBox.

We are waiting for all the stages of synchronization to pass, and iTunes will write the ringtone to the iPhone. Then we take the phone, go to Settings. Sounds. Ringtone, and we see our very first ringtone in the list.

If you want to turn on the iPhone backlight flashes on an incoming call, which will accompany your melody, then read. flash manual.

If you decide to delete ringtones from the iPhone, then we read. here. Well, if you still have questions about ringtones for iPhone or you want the same beautiful ringtone name as in the last picture, then welcome to our. “Questions and answers on ringtones for iPhone”.

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How the iPhone killed custom ringtones

What melody is on your call? If you are an iPhone owner, then most likely it will be a standard “Introduction”. Probably, this is one of the most popular melodies of recent years, which can compete in popularity even with the global Nokia Tune. Despite the fact that almost everyone uses it, catching up on when someone’s phone rings, we do not change it to something else. But once the standard ringtone was almost the biggest cracker, and they always tried to replace it with something more individual.

iPhone disaccustomed us to put custom ringtones on calls

You may have never thought about it, but it was the iPhone that led us all to the fact that it became something indecent to change the standard incoming call signal to a custom one. True, at first everything was not so simple.

Own music for iPhone ringtone

In the late 2000s and early 10s, putting your own music on the iPhone was a real challenge. It was necessary first to cut the song you liked, which for many was a completely non-trivial task, then change its format from MP3 to ACC so that the iPhone would recognize it, load it into the smartphone’s memory via iTunes.

Only then could it be installed on the bell, and even then, if everything was done correctly, of which it was absolutely impossible to be sure. In any case, as I remember, a lot of people got worn out at this stage. Perhaps I missed something or made a mistake in some step, because I have not done such things for about ten years, but I think that in general it is understandable how inconvenient it was.

In fact, Apple hasn’t stopped users from ringing their favorite tunes or trying to promote theirs. It’s just that the company fought piracy in this way, because the cut compositions were the subject of someone’s copyright.

Of course, there were users who were stopped by considerations of ethics, but most did not try to change the melody, because they were simply lazy, despite the fact that they did not like the standard one. It would seem that the range of iOS had about a dozen different sounds that could be selected for replacement, but for some reason no one was in a hurry to do this.

The most famous ringtone

Previously, it was important for everyone that others saw that they had an iPhone. Then it was forgotten, but custom ringtones never returned

It’s just that at some point, users realized that everyone knows the “Introduction”, and when this melody plays, it becomes clear that they are now calling the owner of the iPhone. But in those days it was considered a luxury item, and those who spent money on it did not want to deprive themselves of the views of those around them, surprised that they were in the same room with such a rich man.

This went on for several years. Users tolerated an unpleasant composition, but refused to change it, because it was believed that if they use an unloved melody, then one that is at least known to everyone. It was not customary to talk about this out loud, but everyone perfectly understood why the newly-minted iPhone owner only increased the volume of the incoming call, but at the same time did not try to replace its sound with something else.

Many years have passed since then and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. Apple went to meet users and removed many of the restrictions of iOS, allowing you to do things that were unthinkable under Steve Jobs. However, if you have noticed, today no one is in a hurry to ring their favorite song. At some point, it even became bad manners. So what if everyone has the same melody on their calls? In the end, the signal from cars is also about the same, and nothing.

Can we say that the iPhone has killed our personality? I do not know. Despite the fact that the trend songs on the call give off something like a tube, today it is completely unacceptable to replace the standard “Entry” with them. You may be misunderstood. It’s like eating onions: everyone likes it, but making others feel this amber is somehow indecent.

Convert to ringtone format

First select the file. Then open the File menu. It contains the item “Convert” and then “Create version in AAC format”

The conversion of the file will begin, as a result of which a file with the same name, but of a shorter duration will appear.

iphone, ringtone

Click on this new file with the right mouse button and select “Show in Windows Explorer” from the drop-down menu.

An explorer window will open. Here you need to change the file extension from m4a to m4r. That is, change the last letter “a” to “r”. (If you do not show extensions, then select in the explorer “Tools. Folder Properties. View. and uncheck the menu” Hide extensions for registered file types “). You can immediately copy the resulting file to another folder where you can easily find it.

Now without closing the explorer window, return to the iTunes window and go to the “Sounds” section. To do this, click on the “.” Icon and select “Sounds” in the drop-down list.

Return to the explorer window and drag the ringtone file with the mouse to the iTunes window. (You can do it through the “File” item. By default, the converted files are in the C: \ username \ My Music \ iTunes folder). The file should appear in the list of ringtones.

How to set an iPhone ringtone

To put your finished music on your iphone, open the Settings app on your phone. Click “Sounds” in the next “Ringtone” window. A list of ringtones installed on your phone will appear. The one you create will be the very first. Click on it, a check mark will appear on the right. Thus, you were able to change the melody on the iPhone by setting your music instead of “Marimba”.

Besides, you can put music on iphone ringtone for each contact. To do this, open Contacts in the phone application, select the subscriber whose call should be different from the others, click Change. Scroll down to the Ringtone field to set iPhone ringtone. The number of contacts with unique ringtones is also unlimited.

You can place a call on iphone 4, iphone 5, iphone 6 using the same principle. The difference may only be in the iTunes version, but the procedure is the same everywhere.

After that, you will not confuse the sound of your phone with anyone else, and you will recognize calls from especially important persons from the very first second.

Limiting the length of the melody

Now you need to reduce the length of the piece of music to 40 seconds, otherwise you will not be able to put music on the iPhone call.
This can be done using online services or special programs on the smartphone itself.
Here’s a look at how it’s done in iTunes.

Right-click on the name of the music file. In the drop-down menu, select “Details”.

The file properties window will open. Click the Options tab. Here, in the “start” and “end” fields, you need to indicate the fragment of the recording that you want to cut out of the entire piece of music.

Fragment duration should not exceed 40 seconds.

After setting the time interval, click “OK”.

Now you need to convert the file to ringtone format and put the song on a call.

How to set an iPhone ringtone

So that every time you hear a familiar melody, you do not need to grab your with your phone, you need to download the ringtone to your iPhone. You can make the desired call yourself from musical compositions.mp3. Or by downloading a ready-made file from the Internet.

The iphone ringtone must be in.m4r format. a special format for ringtones, and the length of the composition does not exceed 40 seconds.

How to put music on iPhone ringtone? The procedure is as follows:

  • Select and upload the file of the desired ringtone to iTunes.
  • Reduce the duration of a piece of music to 40 seconds.
  • Convert file to AAC format.
  • Download the file of the finished ringtone to iPhone by syncing with iTunes.
  • Place a call on iPhone.
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Now let’s take a closer look at how to set a ringtone on an iPhone.

Video instruction on how to add ringtone to iPhone. All of the above actions in a short video.

Uploading a ringtone file to iTunes

Instructions on how to put a melody on an iPhone via iTunes are described in detail in the article “How to upload music to an iphone”.

Open the iTunes program (you can download it for free from the official website

Go to the “Music” section by clicking on the note icon in the upper left corner.

Click on the “File” item and in the pop-up menu that appears, select “Add File to Library”.

The uploaded file will be displayed in the library.

Sync iPhone with iTunes

If your iPhone is not already connected to your computer, connect it using a USB cable. Click on the device icon in the top bar of iTunes.

Select Sounds in the left pane. In the right window, check the “Synchronize sounds” checkbox. By default, all ringtones in iTunes will sync to iPhone. Then synchronize the device by clicking the “Finish” button.

After synchronizing the phone, you can set the iphone ringtone and assign it to any contacts from the phone book.

How to set a standard ringtone for a call

What actions to take and how to put a melody on a call is an urgent question for novice IPhone users. Setting up an ordinary call takes place in a couple of keystrokes and is not too difficult. Algorithm explaining how to put a standard ringtone on the iPhone:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Select the “Sound” section.
  • Click “Ringtone”.
  • A list of beeps appears. Choose the right one, install, save.

Initial use of an IPhone mobile phone is limited to a basic set of sounds. If you want to install music based on your personal musical preferences, you must first download it. You will be able to carry out self-loading thanks to the computer and useful programs. How do you change the ringtone on your iPhone to the one you really like? There are several ways.

How to make ringtone on iPhone without PC

Install the GarageBand app on iPhone and launch it.

Go to the “Audio Recorder” menu by scrolling to it on the main screen of the application.

Click on the button with the image of the layers in the upper left corner (shown in the screenshot below).

Turn off the metronome by pressing the button with its image.

Click on the “” button to the right of the recording track.

In the “Song Section” window that opens, select “Section A” and activate the “Automatic” switch.

Click on the loop icon in the upper right corner of the screen, select the “Music” tab.

Find the song from which you want to make a ringtone, hold it with your finger and drag it to the track on the main screen of the application.

Click on the imported track to enter edit mode.

Change the length of the song by moving the edges of the beginning and end of the track. Please note that the duration of the ringtone should be 30 seconds.

For the most accurate ringtone creation, zoom in the track by stretching it with two fingers.

After the ringtone is created, click on the triangle (or the inscription “My songs”) in the upper left corner. You will be taken to a list of songs you created in GarageBand.

Long press on the created ringtone, click “Share” → “Ringtone”, specify the name of the ringtone and complete the operation by clicking “Export”.

Done! Your ringtone has become available for installation in the “Settings”. “Sounds” menu.

How to make ringtone on iPhone without PC

There are several convenient ways to create and download ringtones on iPhone. But most of them require the use of a computer, which users cannot always afford. How to make a ringtone directly on the iPhone and immediately set it as a ringtone was described in this instruction.

Note that this method of creating ringtones on iPhone without a PC has existed for a very long time. However, not everyone could use it. This is because the GarageBand application, with which we will create a ringtone directly on the iPhone, was previously paid for most users. Recently, Apple made it free for absolutely everyone, thanks to which the method described in this manual for creating a ringtone on an iPhone without a PC has become relevant for every user.

Also, before starting, it is necessary to note two disadvantages of this method. First, the GarageBand app weighs 1.44 GB, which is why not all users will be able to keep it installed on the device. And secondly, alas, you cannot cut a ringtone from a song from the Apple Music collection using GarageBand.

How to put a ringtone on iPhone

Apple has created a product in the form of an IPhone and has won its consumer with excellent quality, high performance, and a novelty of high technologies. Caring for users is also represented by a special kind of functionality. To an android user, such control will immediately seem strange. Previously used programs seem not very clear in the IPhone. Even the question of how to put a ringtone on an iPhone can be confusing for a beginner. How to set a ringtone on an iPhone 5 or its siblings, there are several solutions.

How to put your ringtone on iPhone without computer and iTunes

Here is a solution to the question of how to put music on a call on an iPhone There is free software for this. These programs include:

  • ITools:
  • Download the ITools program, install and open.
  • Click “Tools”.
  • Click on the icon that says “Create (Make) sound signal”.
  • Next, through the “Choice” we select the desired composition.
  • Then you need to cut off the fragment you like and click “Save”. The final save folder is “Desktop”.
  • We connect the IPhone to the PC.
  • In ITools, on the left side, open “Media”, on the right “Ringtones” and drag a fragment of your favorite song to the area indicated by the arrow.
  • The finishing point will be the action that decides how to put a ringtone.
  • The option of working through the program does not always work. If the warning “Unable to establish compatibility with iTunes” pops up, then use another method in order to throw off audio tracks.
  • IFunBox. A very simple way to transfer the desired piece of a song. You need to download from the Internet and run the IFunBox program. In the column on the left side, select the “Ringtones” section. On the right, you will see a list of basic phone sounds, where you drag the trimmed song. Saving will be done automatically.
  • How to download and install mp3 ringtone

    Despite the fact that there are quite a few different mobile phones with different operating systems, to set your own ringtone, you need to do approximately the same steps:

    • Download ringtone from the site.
    • Move it to the place where ringtones are stored.
    • Select a new melody in the call settings.

    How to download a ringtone from the site.

    When downloading a melody directly to the phone through a standard mobile browser, problems often arise. For example, by clicking on the download link, the melody is not downloaded, but played or an error occurs when opening the file. In this case, you can try downloading again through another browser that allows you to download files. Or, instead of clicking on the download link, make a long press and select the appropriate item in the pop-up menu to save the melody to your phone.

    In phones on the Android operating system, such problems rarely happen, but to download mp3 files from the iPhone, you will have to install an additional application, for example, Documents from Readdle, which has a built-in browser and copes perfectly with downloading almost any file.

    How to transfer a ringtone to the place where ringtones are stored.

    This task is also much easier on Android phones than on iPhones. To do this, you can use almost any file manager and copy the mp3 file from the folder where you saved it when downloading, usually the “Download” or “Downloads” folder (can be nested in other folders). After that, you need to transfer, i.e. paste the copied file into a ringtone folder, usually “Ringtones”, which can also be nested in other folders.

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    On the iPhone, everything is much more complicated and you will need the GarageBand application, which will allow you to create a ringtone in the desired format based on the downloaded mp3 file. To do this, install and open the “GarageBand” application, create a new project, select “AUDIO RECORDER”, in the upper left click on the bricks and an empty track for your audio recording will open. At the top right, click on the lasso, select “Files”, “View objects from the program files”, “Browse”, find your melody and select it. Then click and hold on the file and drag it to the beginning of the audio track. Now save the document by clicking in the upper left corner on the triangle and “My Songs”. After that, call the context menu by making a long press on the created file, and find there “Share”, then “Ringtone”, specify the name of the ringtone, click on the “Export” button and “OK”. That’s all! By the way, after clicking on “Ringtone”, if you have already created your own ringtones, the “Your Ringtones” button will be available. A list of your new ringtones will be stored there, where you can delete them if necessary.

    How to set a new ringtone in the call settings.

    There should be no problems here, because new ringtones at this stage should already be present in the selection list. In the iPhone, for this you need to open the settings, select “Sounds, tactile signals” and in the “Ringtone” field, click on your melody from the list. To set a ringtone for a specific contact, you need to go to the settings of this contact and select a new melody there.

    In conclusion, it is worth noting that many file managers and music applications on Android smartphones support the function of simplified installation of music on a call and you just need to find the ringtone file, make a long press and select “Set as ringtone”.

    If you still cannot download a melody from our site directly to your phone, then try to do it using a computer. Phones on the Android operating system, when connected via a USB cable, are detected by the computer as a removable disk and you need to copy the downloaded mp3 melody to it. But before that, you need to find a folder on your phone’s hard drive, in which ringtones, usually “Ringtones”, are stored (can be nested in other folders). After that, you can select a new ringtone in the call settings. For the iPhone, this will not work and you will need an additional iTunes program.

    Instructions for installing a ringtone for an iPhone call via a computer and iTunes:

    Let’s consider this instruction in more detail:

    How to download a melody from our site to your computer.

    On the page with the melody, under the player, there is a download link. “Download mp3 ringtone”. By clicking on this link, the melody should be loaded into the “Downloads” folder, which is usually configured for the browser for downloaded files. You can also right-click on this link and select “Save link as”, then specify the folder to save the file.

    On many computers, the display of file extensions is disabled and it is not visible what format the “.mp3” file or some other format has. To enable the display of file extensions, go to the “View” tab in Windows Explorer and check the box next to “File name extensions”. This operation can also be done through the “Control Panel”. “Design and Personalization”. “Explorer Options”. “View”, where you need to uncheck the box “Hide extensions for registered file types”.

    How to make iPhone ringtone from mp3 ringtone.

    Ringtones in m4r format are suitable for iPhone calls. Therefore, if you have an mp3 melody, then you need to convert it to m4r. This requires either a special converter program or an online service, one of which is With its help, you can not only convert mp3 to m4r, but also cut out only the desired fragment from the melody, as well as make a smooth increase and decrease of the melody volume around the edges. To convert, you need to open your mp3 melody on this site, select the desired fragment of the melody using the sliders, click on “Ringtone for iPhone” and click on the “Cut” button. After that, you can download the finished ringtone in m4r format to your computer.

    Installing iTunes on your computer.

    ITunes can be downloaded from the official website: iTunes. Download and install the program following the instructions on the screen. Now, if you connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable, iTunes should start automatically. If this does not happen, then start it manually by clicking on the shortcut on the Windows desktop.

    How to Copy Ringtone from Computer to iPhone.

    To download ringtones to iPhone, drag and drop m4r files from Windows Explorer to the Sounds subsection of iTunes.

    How to set iPhone ringtone.

    Open iPhone settings, select “Sounds, tactile signals” and in the “Ringtone” field, select your melody from the list. That’s all!

    How to change ringtone on iPhone: set your own ringtone and standard?

    Over time, many owners of modern iPhone gadgets want to change the annoying standard ringtone set for an incoming call. Especially annoying is the fact that most people use their native music, and, being in a public place and hearing a familiar sound, several people reach into their s for their phones. We tell you how to change a boring ringtone.

    How to download and install your own ringtone on iPhone?

    Native iPhone songs are not particularly original, so many people want to hear the original soundtrack from their favorite artist or some popular hit during incoming calls.

    The easiest way to install a new ringtone on iPhone is to download it using your computer and iTunes application.

    After connecting the phone to the PC, you just need to drag the required file in the appropriate format to the “Sounds” section.

    How to change the default ringtone on iPhone?

    To change the ringtone for incoming calls, you need to take several steps:

    • Go to the “Settings” tab, then “Sounds” and select the “Ringtone” item.
    • The entire list of built-in ringtones will open.
    • To select the desired composition, you need to put a tick in front of it.

    In addition, in this section you can set the sounds of incoming messages and system notifications, as well as select vibration settings.

    How to put separate ringtones on different contacts?

    To change the ringtone for an individual subscriber, which is very convenient when waiting for important calls, you will need:

    • enter the “Phone” menu;
    • select the required contact;
    • press the “Change” button;
    • in the upper left corner there will be a list of possible compositions to be set for an incoming call or SMS from this subscriber.

    Setting a melody (ringtone) without a computer

    For those who like to frequently refresh the list of real tones for incoming calls, it is recommended to choose the method of installing ringtone on iPhone without a computer. You only need internet access.

    To do this, you need only two applications, which should be downloaded from the App Store and installed on your gadget:

    • Any browser that has its own download manager, for example, Aloha Browser for iPhone.
    • Apple’s GarageBand music app for iPhone.

    After installing all the applications, you can start downloading. To do this, you can use any resource that allows you to download music and sounds using the installed browser. After uploading the required composition, several steps should be taken:

    • Open the “Downloads” menu. the “Change” button will appear in the upper right corner.
    • Click on it, then select the required file and click on the “Share” button.
    • In the window that opens, click “Save to files”, and then, selecting the “Documents” folder, click “Add”.
    • Convert this file using the GarageBand music editor to a ringtone.
    • After that, it will appear in the iPhone menu, where the standard ringtones are located.
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