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It would seem that such a task as setting the time should be solved in the simplest way. Yes, it is worth noting that there is nothing overly complicated in this action, only now it is almost impossible to reach it by the “scientific poke” method, as in the case of connecting the camera to the DVR. However, this does not negate the importance of setting the correct time.

People who deal with legal proceedings and video material as evidence of something will perfectly understand the seriousness of this seemingly trifle. Also, it is worth mentioning that the time setting process may differ due to the nature of a particular device. We will look at the most commonly used method.

First, remove the SD card from your DVR. After that, connect it to your personal computer (read more about connecting the DVR to a PC here).

Within a couple of seconds, a notification about the successful connection of the card should appear on the computer screen.

Now you need to format the memory card. Remember that all data stored there until the moment of formatting will be deleted, prudently save all important information on another medium.

After formatting, go to your memory card using the file manager. You need to create a new text file. This can be done by calling the context menu with the right mouse button and the item “Create”.

Once you’ve created your document, name it “time”. Now, in the body of the text file you created, you should enter the real date and time. Please note that it is imperative to save this type of record in the following form. “2013.01.01. 15:30:25 “. Write the characters inside the quotes to the file, of course changing the numbers to the actual ones.

After the steps taken, insert the memory card into the DVR and turn it on. Date and time set.

Check the methods for setting the time and date with the official setup data for your particular device model. Both the official website of the manufacturer and the instruction manual will help you with this.

Apr 25 How to set time and date on the DVR

As you can imagine, the video will always help you prove your case. But when considering a specific incident, the correct indication of the date and time can play a huge role. Let’s consider how to set the time on the DVR.

Worth paying attention

Do not trust unverified sources of information, so as not to harm the registrar. Also read how to connect the recorder to the Internet.

Always On Display : How To Enable Always On Display in Galaxy A10/A20/M10/M20/S8/N9/S10 #HelpingMind

Does Always On Display spoil

OLED screens are known to be prone to “burn-in” during prolonged static images, and developers use software-based techniques to combat this phenomenon. Samsung has also implemented a special pixel burn-in algorithm, so there is nothing to worry about. Complaints of some users are more likely directed to the virtual Home button, since it is constantly highlighted when the AOD is on, but even here, due to the constant micro-movement in a given area relative to the center, invisible to our eyes, it is not always in one place.

What do you think of AOD? Is this feature useful? Leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

How to enable Always On Display

Open the panel with icons and activate the Always On Display function by clicking on the icon. By default, it can be on the second screen, so swipe to the right if necessary. By clicking on the icon and holding it, you can go to the AOD settings.

Go to “Settings”. “Lock screen“. slide the slider to the right to Always On Display. By clicking on the inscription, go to the settings.

How to turn on the clock on Samsung screen off

In this article, we asked the wizard to answer the question: “How to turn on the clock on the switched off Samsung screen?”, And also give useful recommendations. What came of it,

Galaxy S7 / S7 edge. how to get the Edge Clock (Night Clock) back after updating to Android 7 Oreo

After updating the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones to Android 8.0 Oreo, not all users were happy with the changes. One of the most unpleasant surprises was the disappearance of the Night Clock function, which allowed the clock to be displayed on the side of the Samsung Galaxy on schedule.

But, fortunately, the night clock did not disappear completely, but moved to another section of the settings and became a separate style for the AOD clock (always on display)

Always On Display (AOD) on Samsung Galaxy smartphones

Always On Display (AOD) is a feature of AMOLED displays that allows you to display useful information (time, date, battery status, SMS, notifications) on the device screen without having to unlock it. First introduced by Nokia on the N86 in 2009, and on Samsung smartphones in the Galaxy S7 in 2016.

How to enable night clock on Galaxy S7 edge on Android 8.0 Oreo

As I mentioned above, night clocks have not disappeared but become the style of AOD watches. Let’s see how to find and enable Edge Clock on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge after updating to Oreo.

  • Go to settings and select “Lock screen and security”
  • Activate the option “ALWAYS ON DISPLAY”
  • Go to the “Watches and FaceWidgets” section
  • Click “Clock Style” to open the list of available styles
  • Of the proposed styles, we are interested in the penultimate option, which will return the night clock to its place
  • After that you will be able to adjust the position and color of the watch

In the “Always On Display” settings, you can adjust the clock display time. The only limitation is that you can no longer use different hours during daytime and nighttime.

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Samsung smartphones with Always On Display support

AOD works on the following Samsung Galaxy devices: Galaxy S7 / S7 edge, Galaxy S8 / S8, Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus, Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2017), Galaxy J7 (2017), Galaxy A6, Galaxy A8 / A8, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9.

Always On Display App


A more popular variety is a digital clock. Displaying the time in numerical form is more likely to be perceived by the user. In addition, additional information panels are often added to this format specifically. If the analog clock is chosen for the sake of conservatism and style, then digital is modernity, convenience and simplicity.

What is the Difference Between Tab and Widget

Basically, there are different shortcuts on the desktop, and the widget next to them looks like a black sheep. Let’s try to find the difference.

In our article, we have analyzed how to install the clock widget on the main screen of your mobile phone. And also what applications can be applied as a candidate. If the functionality of a regular watch did not suit you, pay attention to the programs we have listed. And comfortably track the time on your gadget.


Despite the fact that most often one of the windows is open on the PC, and not the desktop, it makes sense to experience the clock in use. One of the advantages is low system requirements. Both devices and widgets do not actually load the system. In addition, the clock is easy enough to set, so the user will not regret the time spent. After installation, most of the devices can be simply customized for yourself, creating a design for the style of wallpaper, computer or something else. Another plus is ease of use. A number of programs can be configured in such a way that transparent clocks and weather will be displayed over windows. This is really extremely convenient.!


An ordinary analogue clock, familiar to almost everyone from youth, can be installed on a computer screen. Naturally, they can be called analog only conditionally. From the clockwork with an abundance of gears, only hands remained. An analog clock on a PC also operates with digital data, but its presentation in the form of arrows is convenient. In most of these programs, you can customize not only the color or style of the dial, but also the presence or absence of a second hand. And also, if you wish, you can download a clock that will work as an alarm clock, making a sound at a specified time.

Installing special programs

To install the widget, download the selected exe file from the web, run it and follow the instructions of the installer. Traditionally, installation takes less than a minute, after which you need to confirm that you want to install the widget on your desktop. Further options are performed directly from the program or from the option icon of the widget itself.

Minimal Clock. clock widget with personal settings

Application “Minimal Clock” allows you to customize a good widget with a clear time display on the screen of your phone. The app has many personal options. During the installation of the widget, you can preview its visual.

You can also select the actions that the widget should create when you click on it. Thus, the application can open an alarm clock, options, or any application installed on your phone. Choose the design you like. Change the font, background and color of the theme. You can choose any photo or picture from the gallery of your mobile device as a background.

Install special programs

It can be difficult to install such a program. there will be problems with constant advertising, in addition, it is simply impossible to install any calculator without obtaining additional, and, in fact, unnecessary functions, for example, checking messages on the site classmates or just an additional browser that wants bypass the trash and become the default browser. Also, such programs hang their shortcut directly on the desktop, sometimes without asking the client if he wants this very shortcut to be there. However, getting rid of it is very simple. transfer it to the basket and forget.

Transparent clock and weather

This is one of the most popular free clock widgets with more than 10 million installations. The small program has very flexible settings, as a result of which the owner of the gadget can set the display on the display as he needs it. Utility features:

  • the presence of various beautiful and informative widgets in the sizes 2×1, 4×1-3, 5×3; Advertising
  • a wide range of themes, covers, fonts;
  • display, in addition to the exact time, other important information. about the weather, wind direction, humidity and pressure, battery charge, calendar events, etc.

If the owner of the device does not need all this data provided by the utility by default, he can delete it in the settings and just leave the clock. For this:

  • Press your finger on the time display on the screen, which will open the settings window.
  • Go to the “Design” section, then to “Advanced settings”.
  • Uncheck the boxes opposite the items for displaying information about the current location, system information, battery charge and mark the checkbox next to the line “Hide weather”.

After that, a minimalistic widget with a clock will appear on the screen, the look of which you can also change according to your own preferences.


Familiar to everyone since childhood. they show the time with the help of arrows. Their advantages include easy perception by the user and the look familiar to the eye. On a computer, they can either simply display the time, or have indicators of the load of the central processor and RAM, stylized as additional dials.

Some varieties can display the date in the style of a classic analog wristwatch. Such gadgets are well suited for conservative users, as well as for lovers of minimalism.

“How is the clock set on the desktop?” or modify the phone and computer for ourselves

As a rule, almost every modern person interacts at least occasionally with a computer or telephone. I would like these things to be convenient for everyday use: they replaced the clock, the calculator, and a shortcut to all frequently used programs was located on the desktop. It’s just that an inexperienced user will hardly be able to install all the applications he needs and create a working shortcut for each of them without some preparation. We present to your attention a small guide (divided into two parts: one of them is devoted to computers and laptops, and the second to phones), from which you will learn how to quickly set the clock on your desktop.

How to set the time on the Samsung screen


A much more popular and widespread clock among users of the Windows 7 operating system, which, in addition to the exact time, can display many other useful information. Often, you can configure or disable the display of unnecessary information, leaving only the most important so as not to be distracted.

Such gadgets have a customizable color of numbers, resizable and other parameters that allow you to customize them to your needs. On the web, you can find a huge variety of digital clock designs that will be in harmony with even the most daring desktop designs. You just need to search!

What to do if time gets lost

The reasons for the differences between the actual time and the display on the phone display:

  • battery replacement;
  • reboot the phone;
  • infection with viruses that interfere with the operation of the system.
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In the first case, the clock may go astray if the user removed the battery from the device. When reactivated, you need to re-enter the time values.

Important! New smartphones feature a non-removable battery. Therefore, the indicators will go astray less often.

It is necessary to clear the memory of the smartphone if the time is reset to zero after a reboot. To solve the problem, you can set automatic settings.

Viruses have a bad effect on the working condition and functions of the gadget. Antivirus software is required to scan the device.

Error in displaying information

How to display on the main screen and lock screen

The time is in the upper left corner on an Android smartphone. On the main screen of the gadget, you can apply the main settings or widgets.

  • Go to the home screen. Hold free space with your finger.
  • Select the category “Widgets”.
  • Add watches from the list.

If the clock does not appear on the display after setting the assigned program, the instructions below will help:

  • go to device settings;
  • select the “Screen” item;
  • find and change screensaver settings;
  • mark the item “Clock”.

Time widget on lock screen

Automatic and manual tuning

To save money, the owner can use the automatic mode to assign parameters on an Android smartphone. With automatic selection, the phone’s SIM card automatically assigns time information.

You can change the indicators as follows:

  • Go to device settings.
  • Select the heading “Date and time”.
  • Check the box next to the phrase “Use the time and time zone of the network”.

Setting the date and time on an Android smartphone

Important! If the time zone is incorrectly determined, you should manually adjust the indicator.

Instead of automatic installation, the user has the right to choose a manual data entry format. Find out the current time in the region of location will help the search engine in the browser. Instructions for making changes in stand alone mode:

  • Go to the profile “Dates and time”.
  • Set the time zone for your place of residence.
  • Enter numbers to set the desired parameters from the current date.

The method has several disadvantages. You need to find the current time before setting. When traveling, you need to remember about time zone changes, otherwise the watch will show the wrong time.

How to set the time on your Android smartphone

Any user of a modern smart device will be able to figure out how to set the time on a smartphone. Date and time display option helps to organize the workflow perfectly.

How to add clocks from other regions

Classic widgets will help you display the source from all cities:

  • Select the “Clock” program from the standard set.
  • At the bottom of the screen, go to the “World clock” section.
  • Find the desired city through the search bar and add.
  • To change the order of regions in the list, hold the position with the city and move to the desired place in the list.
  • To delete a city, hold its name and drag it to the bottom of the display.

How to adjust the monitor turn off time on the Windows 10 lock screen

Some users using the lock screen (which can be called up by pressing the WinL keys) in Windows 10 may notice that no matter what settings for turning off the monitor screen are set in the power options, it turns off on the lock screen after 1 minute, and some options there is no provision to change this behavior.

This guide details two ways to change the time before the monitor screen turns off when the Windows 10 lock screen is open. Perhaps they will be useful for someone.

How to add the monitor shutdown time setting to the power scheme parameters

Windows 10 has an option to turn off the screen on the lock screen, but it’s hidden by default.

By simply editing the registry, you can add this parameter to the power scheme settings.

  • Launch Registry Editor (press WinR keys, type regedit and press Enter).
  • Go to the registry key
  • Double click on the Attributes parameter on the right side of the registry window and set the value to 2 for this parameter.
  • Close Registry Editor.

Now, if you go to the advanced power scheme settings (WinR. powercfg.cpl. Power scheme settings. Change advanced power settings), in the “Screen” section you will see a new item “Wait time until the lock screen turns off”, this is exactly what is required.

Keep in mind that the setting will work only after you have already logged into Windows 10 (i.e. when we locked the system after logging in or it locked itself), but not, for example, after restarting the computer before logging in.

Change screen timeout when Windows 10 is locked with powercfg.exe

Another way to change this same behavior is to use the command line utility to set the screen timeout.

Run the following commands at the command prompt as administrator (depending on the task):

  • powercfg.exe / setacvalueindex SCHEME_CURRENT SUB_VIDEO VIDEOCONLOCK time_in_seconds (on mains power)
  • powercfg.exe / setdcvalueindex SCHEME_CURRENT SUB_VIDEO VIDEOCONLOCK time_in_seconds (on battery power)

I hope there are readers for whom the information from the instructions will be in demand.

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Thank you! I have long wanted to customize the lock screen, but could not find the desired setting. It is written here briefly and clearly, it helped!

Hello! I have not found anything similar anywhere, but there is a question. How to make the monitor turn off, for example, after 10 minutes of inactivity, but the computer is not locked, and the lock occurs later, for example, after 30 minutes of inactivity, or maybe 15 minutes after the monitor is turned off, or it does not automatically lock at all, but manual locking is needed, that is, it must be left automatically or manually. On Win10, the monitor goes out after 10 minutes and then everything starts with entering the password. Inconvenient. On Win7, before that, the monitor turned off, but there was no automatic blocking, I did it myself manually when needed.

Hello. In theory, when you simply turn off the screen, you should not need to enter the 10-ke. In general, there is only one parameter associated with your situation. Options. Accounts. Login options. Item “Login Required”.

Hello, there is such a problem because of overclocking, sleep did not work, having remade it, it worked, but now if the PC is idle, it turns off the display for 1 minute, and you cannot change this parameter through Windows 10 in the power supply control panel, what can you do? I think we need to shaman with the registry.

Hello. And in the parameters. the system. power and sleep mode are also not turned off?

Need help! laptop Windows 10! After starting, it works for 10 minutes, then quickly in the blue screen, the lock writes and goes out! When turned on again, it works stably for at least three days! And it does not turn off! Each time you turn it on, you need to wait 10 minutes until it goes out!

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And it is possible in more detail how exactly he writes something is not clear what kind of blocking. Those. and just writes “Blocking” and that’s it? On working Windows 10, press the WinL keys. the same label or different?

Hello. I have such a problem: I need the screen to turn off after some time (for example, 1 minute) after locking (WinL), but not to turn off without locking when idle. Unfortunately, this guide did not help. the value “Timeout before the lock screen turns off” is 1 minute. Now the screen does not turn off, even after reinstalling the OS.

Hello. In theory, exactly what is described should work and it is strange that it does not work. And if in the system itself you configure (before the lock screen) to turn off the screen. it works?

How Set Clock Widget All Samsung Devices

Dmitry, yes, in this case everything works as it should. I have already resigned myself and set the screen to turn off by pressing the power button on the case

Dmitry, now I understand everything, it is necessary that the value of the parameter “Turn off the display” (“When powered from the network, turn off after”) was not equal to “Never”. I put the value there at 5 hours, and the “Waiting time until the lock screen turns off” at 1 minute. Now it works as it should

Hello. Bought a new monitor 23.6 ″ Monitor AOC C24G1. And here’s the problem. One hour of work passes, and a black sign pops up in the center of the screen. It says “1 hour work, break?” and so on every hour. In the beginning it was bearable, but after a month, it is already annoying. It interferes with working and playing too. I can’t find information on this issue anywhere. Where does this file sit, how can I disable it? Help me please. Thank you.

Hello. It is the monitor that is reporting, not the system. The option is called Break Reminder, somewhere in the OSD.

The Break Reminder option in Russian in the settings is written like this, “Remind. about the lane. ” Therefore, I could not understand what it is. Thank you so much.

Thank you! Finally I found a competent answer, otherwise they write. “turn off the lock screen.” I need him!

Ways to set the time in hours

Since there are many models and types of watches on the market, there are several options for setting the time on a smart watch:

  • Automatically when syncing with a smartphone
  • Manually via the settings menu in the watch
  • Using a paired app that the wearable works with
  • By SMS command (if provided by the manufacturer)
  • Through the operator of the cellular network (with the support of the SIM card)

For iPhone (watchOS)

If you are the owner of Apple products, you can only set the time on your smart watch by synchronizing with your iPhone. You can manually set the time a certain number of minutes ahead (when the user is accustomed to the fact that his watch is in a hurry). We will talk about this below.

Set time on iWatch when connected to iPhone:

Set user time manually in hours:

Autonomous clock

Smart watches that work without connecting to a smartphone, as a rule, have their own settings menu so that you can configure them without third-party tools.

Such devices must be connected to the Internet to receive the necessary data, such as time and date. Often a time zone add-on is required for this data to be displayed correctly.

For example, to set the time on a Chinese smart watch, you just need to turn it on and specify the zone at the first start when the menu for setting the date and time opens.

But you can also do this through the settings menu in the System section, where you will find the Language and time item. Here you may be able to set up automatic synchronization with the time on the Internet and select the appropriate belt for your location.

Hybrid watch

In most cases, the time in a hybrid smartwatch cannot be manually adjusted. This happens automatically every time you pair them with your phone (via Bluetooth or via the app).

Before pairing, you must set the correct time in your mobile device.

If the time is incorrect, try to perform the calibration through the connected application installed in the mobile phone. How this is done is indicated in the user manual that comes with the watch.

The software interface is designed in such a way that it is intuitive for the user how to configure certain parameters in his wearable device. Therefore, look for an item such as Settings, Time and Date, Time Zone or Calibration.

Third party applications

The advantages of individual applications are that they can be flexibly customized. Let’s consider the most interesting of them.


Simple application with minimal design and simple settings.

  • Download the app from Play Store. [Appbox googleplay com.sunspock.miclock]
  • Press and hold an empty area until the menu appears → click “Widgets”.
  • Find MiClock.
  • Hold the clock → drag to the screen area.
  • A menu with settings will open, including the style and format.
  • Click “Continue”.

Minimal Clock

This widget is popular among users, and also has many settings.

  • Download the app from the Play Store. [Appbox googleplay com.jmt.clockwidget]
  • Hold an empty area of ​​the screen until the menu appears → click “Widgets”.
  • Find this app.
  • Pinch the widget → drag it to the desktop area.
  • A menu with settings appears, including:
  • time format;
  • battery charge display;
  • date format;
  • font style;
  • background and battery color;
  • and much more.
  • Click “Save” after completing the setup.
  • The configured clock appears on the screen.

Always on

The program is similar to the function that is present on Samsung devices with OLED displays. The essence of the application is that it displays the time on the locked screen.

  • Download the app from Play Store. [Appbox googleplay com.tomer.alwayson]
  • Go to Always On → follow the instructions.
  • The settings will be displayed, among which the most important are:
  • operating rules (battery usage, shutdown period, etc.);
  • gestures (actions after swipes, etc.);
  • dial settings (appearance);
  • power saving mode (battery overheating protection).

    The application will start after locking the screen and will run in an energy efficient mode.

    Built-in widget

    A widget is a callout interface element that can be placed on the Android home screen. This could be:

  • weather;
  • player;
  • clock;
  • notes;
  • the calendar;
  • etc.

By default, the clock widget is preinstalled in the system launcher, but it is hidden. To display it, perform a number of functions:

  • Go to home screen.
  • Pinch an empty area until the menu appears.
  • Click “Widgets”.
  • Select “Clock” and hold it until the main screen appears.
  • Move the dial to the desired location.

Setting the clock to the Android screen

The main advantage of Android (compared to iOS) is the ability to flexibly customize the system “for yourself”, because most of the parameters can be changed. Users often ask about OS modifications. One such question is about how to set the clock to the screen of an Android phone. Let’s take a look at several ways.