How to set up a remote control on an LG TV


  • Press and hold OK and TV at the same time for 5 seconds. The LED on the TV button will blink 2 times in red. the remote control has entered the programming mode, if not. try again.
  • Point the remote control at the set-top box, enter 4 digits of the code, depending on the TV manufacturer. The combinations are located below in the table and pdf file. At the time of entry, channels should not be switched. If this happens. the remote control has not entered the programming mode, return to the first point.
  • If entered correctly, the TV button will blink 2 times in red. In case of incorrect entry or incorrect code. the LED will be on for 2 seconds without blinking. It is not always possible to trace the indication. To check, add the sound, if there is no effect. go back to the beginning of the instructions or go to the second method.

Sometimes you have to go through 5-10 codes before the remote will bind to the TV.

Manufacturers Codes
Lg 2182 1149 1423 1840 1663 0178 0037 1305 1842 1768 0714 1637 0606 1319 1721 1265 0009 0556 0715 1681 0001 0217 0163 0109 0698 0247 0361 2057 2731
Samsung 2051 0618 0812 0587 1458 1619 0556 1249 1312 2103 2137 1630 0644 2094 1584 2097 1235 0009 0037 1678 0217 0370 0060 0766 0814 0072 0264 1037 0163
Sony 1505 1825 1651 1625 1751 0010 0011 1685 0036 0000 0810 2778
Toshiba 0035 0060 0154 0508 0156 0243 0036 0070 0102 1508 0217 0109 0718 0195 0191 0618 1916 1908 0009 0698 0037 1945
JVC 0653 1818 0053 2118 0606 0371 0683 0036 0218 0418 0093 0650 2801
Philips 0556 0037 1506 1744 2015 1583 1495 1867 0605 1887 1455 1695 1454 0554 0343 0374 0009 0200 0361 1521
Panasonic 0650 1636 1650 0226 0250 1310 0361 0853 0367 0037 0556 0163 0548 0001 1335 0108 2677
Supra 0374 0009
Thomson 0625 0560 0343 0287 0109 0471 0335 0205 0037 0556 1447 0349 1588
Sharp 0093 1193 1659 1667 1393 2214 0036 0818 2402 0053 0200 0852 2810 1163 1935
Erisson 1682
Rolsen 1371 0819 0037 0556 2098 2037 2001
Shivaki 0037 2129 2270 0556 0443 0451 0374 0178
Haier 1615 2212 1560 2134 0876
GoldStar 0037 0009 0370 0217 0247 0556 0163 0361 0109 0606 0714 0715 0455
Telefunken 0625 0560 0074 0109 0343 0498 0262 0471 0287 0335 0073 0037 0556 0486 0714 1556 0346 0821 1585 1588 1163 1667
Sanyo 0208 1208 0292 0036 0011 0370 0339 0072 0217 0045 0009 0163 0037 0556 0486 0170 1649 1624 1037 1667 1149 1163 1585 2279
Mystery 2241

If your TV model is not in the table and file, then there is no guarantee of tuning, try auto tuning. There are definitely no following manufacturers: DEXP, Fusion, DNS, BBK, Polar, Vekta, Helix, Doffler, Prestigio, Irbis, LUMUS, Hyundai, Sanyo.

How to reset settings

If you need to reset the settings, you must do the following:

  • Press and hold the above TV and OK buttons until the LED on the first one blinks twice. Thus, the gadget begins to function in a new mode.
  • When the remote control enters it, it is necessary to enter 997. Correct entry will be reflected by four-fold blinking of the diode located on the POWER button. After that, all previously existing settings will be deleted.


  • The start is similar to manual tuning. press and hold OK and TV at the same time for 5 seconds. The LED on the TV should flash 2 times red.
  • Point the remote at the set-top box, enter 991 and press the channel up CH button until the TV turns off. Then press OK to save the code, the TV indicator blinks red 2 times, the remote control is configured.

During programming, pressing CH should not switch channels. It is not always possible to bind the remote the first time, try several times.

It happens that the CH button has to be pressed for more than a minute and when you turn off the TV. successful programming, you press it again by inertia. In this case, when you click OK, you will save the wrong code and you will have to repeat the algorithm.

If before that the remote control from the set-top box performed the functions of a TV and suddenly stopped, try setting it up in one of the ways. If it doesn’t work, call Rostelecom’s technical support. They will try again with you, if necessary, send a specialist to replace the remote control.

Setting methods

All actions require the following buttons:

remote, control

Need buttons to configure

  • entering the code manually, depending on the TV model;
  • autosearch. iterating over codes from the internal list.

When selecting, the TV must be turned on.

LG TV Universal Remote Control Set Up |The Good Guys

Eliminating the conflict of remotes

Periodically, the remote control settings get confused. the Rostelecom remote control gives commands to both the set-top box and the TV. For example: press the volume up button, a menu opens in parallel, or a channel is selected.

How To Register your LG Magic Remote control

  • Point the remote control at the set-top box, simultaneously press and hold the OK and POWER buttons for 5 seconds. If the indicator on the POWER button blinked 2 times. the remote control entered the programming mode.
  • Select the first code from the list: 3220 3221 3222 3223 3224, enter it from the remote control. Then try to click on the button causing the command conflict. If the problem persists, start over using the following code.

Less often, there is a situation when not only the console from the set-top box gets lost, but also the remote from the TV. When you increase the volume on the TV remote control on the Interactive TV. broadcasting mode of the set-top box, the channel changes or a menu opens. In this case, it is necessary not only to program the remote control from the set-top box under one of the above codes, but also to select this code in the set-top box menu:

  • Go to “Menu”. “Settings”. “System settings”. “Remote control”. Select a set of commands depending on the code that has been configured on the console from the set-top box. If you make a mistake, it’s not scary, the prefix will not allow you to select another code, it will show the current one below.
  • Try turning up the volume on the TV remote control. If the problem persists, go to the “Remote control” again, select “Allow all”, configure under a different code. Go to the “Remote Control”, select this code.

Synchronization command set

The chance that it will be possible to set up in the first step is 80%, since the TV remote control with such a failure works on one of five codes.

  • There are 2 ways to configure the remote: manually and automatically. Manually faster, but code is required. Automatically longer, but there is a chance that it will be possible to set up a TV for which there are no codes in the table and pdf file.
  • The remote control cannot be configured for all TV models.
  • When buying a new TV, the remote control is easy to reset and reconfigure for it.
  • If the Rostelecom remote control and the TV remote control work on the same channel, this can be corrected in the set-top box menu. It is rare, but if you are unlucky, the solution algorithm is described above.
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If it did not work to set up, reset, remove the remote control conflict. write what exactly the problem is. Indicate your TV model.

The Rostelecom remote control can be used to configure and control the set-top box and directly the TV, but before that you need to configure it.

How to find the TV code?

Before proceeding to activate the universal remote control, you will need to know the code for your TV. Some models have a three-digit code, but there are those that work with a four-digit code. You can clarify this information by carefully studying the operating instructions supplied with your TV model. If there are no instructions, special reference tables will help you, which can be found on the Internet by typing in the search engine the phrase “Codes for setting up the remote control”.

For the operation of a remote control device and for linking several devices through it, the program code performs the main function.

It is with the help of the code that the recognition, synchronization and operation of all devices that you plan to control using the remote control take place. A code should be understood as a specific set of numbers that is unique. Search and code entry can be performed both automatically and manually. If you dial a certain order of numbers on the universal remote control, then the automatic search and selection option will be launched. For various TVs, their own unique codes have been developed, but there are also common ones, for example, the following:

  • code 000 is used to turn on the device;
  • channel search by moving forward is carried out through 001;
  • if you want to go back one channel, then use the code 010;
  • you can add the sound level with code 011, and decrease it with code 100.

In fact, there are quite a few codes, and you can see for yourself by studying the tables with them. It should be noted that in original control devices the code system cannot be changed. It has already been entered by the manufacturer and is suitable for the multimedia device to which the remote control is supplied. Universal consoles are arranged differently. they can be customized for any type of equipment, since their built-in code base is much larger and more diverse, which gives this device the opportunity for widespread use.

How to set up a universal TV remote?

Manufacturers of modern multimedia devices produce remote control devices for controlling them from a short distance. Most often, any model of TV or video player is supplied with an original remote control suitable for it.

Remote control is convenient because a person does not need to make unnecessary gestures in order to activate or deactivate certain options of the technique. Sometimes there are several such remotes in one room, and in order not to get confused in their use, you can purchase one universal model that will combine the control of several devices. To activate the remote control and “bind” to the technique, it must first be configured or programmed.

Difference between original and universal remote

Any remote control device is used to implement the capabilities of a technical device. There are original models. that is, those that come off the assembly line with a multimedia device, as well as universal consoles, which are designed so that they can be programmed to synchronize with many models of equipment produced by different world manufacturers. Sometimes it happens that the original remote control is lost or for some reason out of order.

If the model of the TV or other equipment is already old, then it is simply impossible to find a replacement for the same original remote control.

In such cases, the task of remote control can be taken over by a universal device.

The pulsed emissions of universal consoles are such that they are suitable for controlling many models of both modern technology and devices of the old generation. In addition, the universal device has a peculiarity. it can be adjusted for sensitivity to several devices at once, and then the extra remotes can be removed and only one can be used, which, you see, is very convenient.

Most often, universal remote control devices come to us from factories in China, while the birthplace of the original remote control depends on the manufacturer of the multimedia device to which it is attached, which means that it corresponds to the brand and has a higher degree of quality. Another feature of universal controls is that they are less expensive. If you wish, you can choose them by color, shape, design. Each such remote control contains a software encoding base, due to which it is synchronized with most models of multimedia equipment.


Manual synchronization can be performed when the activation codes are known to you, or when the remote control cannot be configured in automatic mode. The codes for manual tuning are selected in the technical data sheet of the device or in special tables created for your brand of TV. The sequence of actions in this case will be as follows:

  • turn on the TV and point the remote control at its screen;
  • press the POWER button and at the same time dial the previously prepared code;
  • wait until the indicator lights up and pulses twice, while the POWER button is not released;
  • check the operation of the main buttons of the remote control by activating their functions on the TV.

If, after setting up on the TV using a “foreign” remote control device, not all options were activated, then you will need to separately find and activate the codes for them. The algorithm for setting up remote devices of various well-known brands will differ in each specific case.

  • Manual remote control Huayu. turn on the TV and point the remote at it. Press and hold the POWER button and the SET button at the same time. At this time, the indicator will begin to pulsate. Now you need to enter the code that matches your TV. After that, the indicator turns off, then press the SET button.
  • Setting up your Supra. turn on the TV and point the remote at the screen. Press the POWER button and at the same time enter the code that matches your TV. After the light pulsation of the indicator, the POWER button is released. the code has been entered.

The code is entered in the same way into remote devices of other manufacturers. All remotes, even if they look different, have the same technical structure inside.

Sometimes, even on more modern models, you can find the appearance of new buttons, but the essence of the remote control remains unchanged.

In addition, it is worth noting that in the last few years smartphones have begun to be produced, which also have a built-in remote control, with which you can control not only the TV, but also, for example, turn on the air conditioner. This control option is universal, and the synchronization of devices in it occurs via the built-in Bluetooth smartphone or the Wi-Fi module.


The general principle of setting up a universal control panel has approximately the same algorithm of actions, suitable for most devices:

  • turn on the TV to the mains;
  • direct the remote control to the TV screen;
  • find the POWER button on the remote control and keep it pressed for at least 6 seconds;
  • the volume control option appears on the TV screen, at this time the POWER button is pressed again.

After this procedure, the universal remote control is ready for use. You can check the functionality of the remote control after its activation in the following way:

How To Use The LG Magic Remote (2021)

  • turn on the TV and point the remote control at it;
  • on the remote control, dial 4 times the number “9”, while the finger does not remove from this button after pressing, leaving it for 5-6 seconds.

If the manipulation was performed correctly, the TV will turn off. On the sales market, most often there are models of remote controls, the manufacturers of which are Supra, DEXP, Huayu, Gal. The settings algorithm for these models has its own nuances.

  • Supra remote control. point the remote control at the screen of the turned on TV and press the POWER button, holding it for 6 seconds until the option for adjusting the sound level appears on the screen.
  • Gal remote. turn on the TV and point the remote at it, while on the remote you need to press the button with the image of the type of multimedia device that you are currently configuring. When the indicator is on, the button can be released. Next, they press the power button, at this time an automatic code search will start. But as soon as the TV turns off, immediately quickly press the button with the letters OK, which will make it possible to write the code into the memory of the remote control.
  • Huayu remote control. point the remote control at the turned on TV, press the SET button and hold it. At this time, the indicator will light, on the screen you will see the option to adjust the volume. By adjusting this option, you need to set the necessary commands. And to exit this mode, press SET again.
  • DEXP remote control. point the remote control at the turned on TV screen and at this time activate by pressing the button with the brand of your TV receiver. Then press the SET button and hold it until the indicator turns on. Then you need to use the channel search button. When the indicator turns off, immediately press the OK button to save the automatically found code.
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Often, for various reasons, it happens that an automatic code search does not bring the desired results. In this case, the settings are made manually.


To connect and configure a multifunctional Chinese remote control, first of all, you need to charge it. that is, connect the power connector to the desired type of battery. Most often AAA or AA batteries are suitable.

Sometimes such batteries are replaced with batteries of the same size, which is much more profitable, since it implies reusability, because the batteries can be recharged through an electrical outlet.

After recharging the remote control is completed, it can be synchronized with the equipment. The universal version of the remote control without settings will not function, but they can be performed in manual or automatic mode.

How to set up a universal remote for an LG TV

A universal remote control is a device with which you can remotely control several devices at once, for example, a TV, an audio system, a set-top box, etc. This is very convenient, since one remote control replaces several, saves time and eliminates the blockages of unnecessary equipment.

Universal remotes are produced by many manufacturers, and they all differ not only in price, but also in the set of functions and types of devices that can be connected to them. Therefore, carefully read the datasheet before buying.

Setting up a universal remote: steps and instructions

  • Before you start setting up the universal remote control for your LG TV, turn on the TV (with the original remote control from the device or using the Power button on the case).
  • Point the remote at the TV, press the TV (TV) button. Hold it for a few minutes. The indicator on the front of the device should light up.
  • Press a combination of programming buttons on the remote (they differ depending on the manufacturer, so carefully study the instructions. This can be a combination of Power and Set, Setup and C, etc.
  • The field for entering the code appears on the TV screen. For different models of LG TVs, this can be 025, 164, 161. Enter the code using the remote.
  • Wait for initialization to complete. The process usually takes a few seconds, after which the indicator on the remote control will turn off.

LG’s universal remotes have proven themselves well in the market. They are compatible with any equipment from this manufacturer.

It is important to remember that in many universal remotes, all settings are reset after the batteries are removed from them at the same time. Therefore, they need to be changed strictly one by one, or the adjustment will have to be carried out every time from scratch.

Almost all modern LG TVs running on the webOS operating system can be connected to the Magic Universal Remote Control, which works in the same way as a computer mouse. With its help, it is convenient to select the desired functions directly on the TV screen by moving the cursor over it.

The Magic Remote Control may be included or purchased separately, depending on the TV model. In some cases, you may also need an additional connection of the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth adapter.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting the Magic Remote Control

  • Turn on the TV using the “native” remote control or the button on the case.
  • Approximately 15-20 seconds after turning on the TV, point the Magic Remote Control towards it and press the OK (Wheel) button.
  • The remote control is activated, after which the corresponding inscription will appear on the TV screen.

You can also customize various settings for the Magic Remote, such as the speed at which the cursor moves across the screen and the size of the cursor. Here’s what you need to do for this:

  • Press the Home button (Home icon) on the remote.
  • In the upper right corner, select “Settings” (Icon “Gear”).
  • Click the button with three vertical dots in the right corner of the screen.
  • In the menu that opens, you can change the speed with which the cursor will move across the TV screen, as well as its appearance: size and shape.

If you do not use the cursor, then after a certain time it becomes inactive and its image disappears from the TV screen. To return it, just shake the remote control from side to side.

The Magic Remote Control can also be used like a regular remote control. To do this, press any of the buttons: “up”, “down”, “right” or “left”.

The range of use of the Magic remote control is 10 meters, if you use it from a greater distance, there may be problems with signal transmission.

How to set up a universal remote on a smartphone

A smartphone can become a universal remote control. To do this, he must have the Smart function. To do this, you need to download the application. for example,

Smartphones with universal remote function

Most smartphones with a built-in universal remote option. Customize based on personal preference. Control the light in the apartment or the supply of cold air in the air conditioner from the mobile.


Each TV has a specific communication code. With the help of it it is possible to set the parameters of the NC. Select instructions depending on model.

  • start the receiver;
  • on the universal remote, click on the “Start” button, then enter the TV code;
  • now release the key.
  • open the change mode, in parallel press the keys: “Start” and “Set”;
  • waiting for the signal to appear on the gadget;
  • enter the combination;
  • signal goes out.
  • we activate the TV;
  • click on the buttons “C” and “Settings”;
  • after initialization, remove your fingers from the keys;
  • checking the work.

How to connect a universal remote to an LG TV: codes, instructions

Technician designers complement the devices with a useful control panel. This makes it easy to use any system. It is now possible to turn off the light, turn on the air conditioner or adjust the set-top box while sitting on the couch. One device is useful to the user. Faced the question “How to set up a universal remote control for an LG TV.” A short instruction will help you understand this issue. With simple actions, users activate control with appliances at home.


Auto tuning method that fits most models. Follow the instructions:

  • start the receiver;
  • activate the “TV” section and wait for the light signal to appear;
  • click on the “Mute” button to search;
  • at the end of the action, check the work.

No code

Another universal method is code search. Brief instruction:

  • activate the TV and translate the remote control;
  • hold down the “TV” and “OK” keys;
  • after 2-3 seconds the keys will light up;
  • click on “switch” TV channels and turn off TV;
  • the stake was successfully selected;
  • to save the parameters, click on the “TV” button.

What is a universal remote?

Owners of digital television acquire a universal remote control. To install it, you need a separate receiver. They have the same structure and consist of a plastic case, electrons, soft keys, LEDs and electronic power parts.

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The universal spacer has a similar internal structure as the standard one. Not every device is adapted to control. External similarity does not guarantee the versatility of the PU. Read the technical specifications before purchasing a useful accessory.

Top 3 best universal remotes

  • Rexant 38-0011;
  • Vivanco UR 2;
  • One For All URC 6810.

How to find your LG TV code?

Need codes for LG TV on Universal Remote? To connect to TV you need to know the code. It is found in the technical data sheet. In addition, such information is on the manufacturer’s website. Go to the “Reference” section and find the corresponding code.

If this data is still not available, use the built-in auto-tuning options. The system itself finds the TV code and displays the data on the screen.

Installation instructions

  • In the main block, you should see all installed programs. In theory, YouTube does not need to be installed for an LG TV and the application is installed from the factory. But there are times when, after installing a software update, it crashes.
  • Scroll and find the section “LG Content Store”. from here you can just install the program.
  • At the top, go to the “Applications” section.
  • On the Popular tab, you should immediately see the YouTube program, click on it. If you cannot find the application you need in the list, then you can search for it by scrolling down the list. Or you can find it using the search. there is a magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen: click on it; enter the name of the program.
  • Click on the “Install” button. the program will be downloaded from the Internet. After that, you can run it.

ATTENTION! If you get an error, the application does not install, does not start or hangs, then go to the last chapter of this article.

How to set up YouTube?

After installing any specific settings, you do not need to do it. But you need to log in to your account. This must be done in order for you to correctly select videos based on recommendations from YouTube itself. There will also be synchronization with all devices on which the YouTube program is installed, and where you are logged in under your account.

If you already had an account, then you can use it. Or click on the “Add account” button. If you don’t want to log in, just click on the “Guest” button. After that, you will have two choices:

Enter the phone number or email address that is linked to the Google account. After that, enter the password.

Connect your phone and TV to the same router network using Wi-Fi or wire. Next, on your phone, open the YouTube app.

Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, a window will open where you need to select the “Login to your account” button. For convenience, you can use a third-party account.

How to download YouTube to LG Smart TV: installation, setup and troubleshooting

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you how to download and install the YouTube application to your LG Smart TV. First of all, your LG TV must be connected to the Internet. It can be connected to a global network only through a router using Wi-Fi or a cable. if you do not know how to do this, then I advise you to read this article.

SPECIALIST HELP! If you have any questions while reading the article, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and I will help you.

Application installation problem

Sometimes there may be problems when the program refuses to install, crashes or does not start at all, so I will give you a number of preventive actions that should help you.

  • Try restarting the TV itself and the router to which it is connected.
  • Once again, make sure you have connected the TV to your home router, otherwise it will not be able to connect to the internet. If you do not have a router configured, then go here.

You can try to update the operating system on the TV set:

  • Again open the main menu and go to “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Next, we need to click on the gear again to go into all the settings. the icon is at the very bottom.
  • On the left, select the “General” section and then scroll to the item “Information about the TV”.
  • Slightly below there will be a button “Run and install”. click on it. It may be unavailable only in two cases: you are not connected to the Internet; the latest update is already installed.

Then try to install the program again. If this does not help, then you can do something else:

  • Turn off the TV and unplug it from the outlet. this is very important. After that, wait half an hour and turn it back on.
  • If this does not help, then you can try resetting it to the factory configuration. To do this, again go to “Settings” and on the “General” tab just above click on the button “Reset settings to factory settings”.


The principle of connecting a satellite dish differs from the number of satellites available for processing. An approximate connection sequence looks like this:

  • Insert the antenna cable into the socket on the TV.
  • Go to “Settings” and go to “Channels”.
  • Select “Manual tuning” and in the list of signals that opens, select “Satellite”.
  • Install “EUTELSAT 36 A / B 36.0 E” and tap on the remote control on “OK”.
  • Specify the frequency 2-LNB 9750/10600 and 1-range 10750 and start the search.

Important! To accurately tune the satellite, contact your service provider who should specify the frequencies covered by the antenna heads.

Choice of country of residence

If the TV has not yet been connected to the Internet, the wrong region will be set on it, which contributes to problems when searching for digital broadcasting. To change the region of residence:

  • Press “Home” on the remote control.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Expand the “” additional menu. three vertical dots.
  • Go to “General”.
  • Open “Country” and select the region of residence.
  • Restart your TV (turn off and on).

Setting up your LG TV for the first time

Presetting your LG TV is necessary to coordinate the user, register the device on the network and access the current list of TV programs.

Switch language

For easier navigation between menu items, switch to your native language. If it is installed by default, go to the next item. For others:

  • Turn on the TV, press the “Home” key on the remote control. Depending on the model, it is shown as a house.
  • Open the settings section and go to the image of a suitcase with a key / gear or select the “” menu, depicted as three vertical dots.
  • In the submenu, find the line “Language”, click on it with the “OK” key on the remote control and select “Russian”.

Note! LG TVs targeted for sale in the CIS countries have the default language of the “home region”.

How to tune digital TV channels

Having finished with the presets, the user can proceed to the search for TV channels.

Change of time and date

To avoid software glitches or authorization errors on individual resources, it is recommended to set the correct time:

  • Click on “Home” again.
  • Open “Settings” and select “”.
  • Go to the “General” tab.
  • Go to “Time and date”, change their settings.

In this tab, they also activate the on / off TV on schedule and set the sleep timer.

How to tune satellite channels

TVs from LG can receive satellite television without using tuners, subject to the support of the DVB-S2 broadcast format. this will be indicated in the official specifications of the model, noted on the branded box.

How to set up cable

Finding cable channels is the simplest:

  • Connect antenna.
  • Go to “Settings”. “Channels”.
  • In the list of signals, select “Antenna” and start the search.

The TV will automatically search for digital and analogue broadcasts.