How to set up a Sony Bravia TV

Channel search

Setting up digital terrestrial television on a Sony Bravia TV is performed when you first turn it on, you cannot do without a remote control. On first launch:

Setup steps may vary slightly from model to model. After setting, to get into the channel search mode, go to “Menu”. “Options”, select one of the modes.


Use the lightest part of the adjustment table to set the contrast. Change the level until the right side of the screen becomes extremely light. With the correct values, the difference between the right and left zone will be significant.

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You can adjust the contrast on the TV.

TV setup

To set up the TV correctly, it is not necessary to call a TV technician, you can do it yourself. It is enough to adhere to the instructions in accordance with the sequence.

Before starting the procedure, you need to download a calibration chart to a USB flash drive, hard disk, open it through the built-in multimedia player of the TV-panel. But for models with Smart-TV support, the calibration files can be downloaded directly from the Internet.

Many Sony Bravia TVs with Smart-TV support.

Features of Sony Bravia TVs

Before connecting a digital TV, perform panel setup, check if the model has a digital tuner. If the model was released after 2015 for the Russian market, this option is 100% available. For old TVs, you can use the manufacturer’s official website, where in the search bar it is enough to drive in the TV modification. If your Sony Bravia TV does not have a built-in T2 tuner:

  • buy an external TV set-top box that allows you to receive and decode a digital signal;
  • update your TV. The old model is not always capable of producing a high-quality signal, providing access to all functions.

Sony BRAVIA TV. Set Up and Quick Guide


Calibration should be started by checking the image size parameters. The default settings visually enlarge the picture, which degrades the sharpness. As a result, moiré may appear on the contours of the resolution bands. For change:

  • go to “Settings”. “Screen controls”;
  • disable the item “Automatic display area;
  • also uncheck “Maximum resolution.

As a result, arrows should be visible in each corner of the panel, which indicates that the panel is correctly calibrated.


You can also set up digital broadcasting on Sony TVs in manual mode. To do this, using the remote control:

  • go to “Menu”. “Options.” Manual search “;
  • change the broadcasting frequency using the keys and. until the desired channel is found;
  • carry out the procedure for all programs.

After saving the channel, make fine adjustments using the corresponding menu item. This will achieve the best image quality.

Manual channel search.


With increased sharpness, the image will look unnatural, cutting your eyes. To correct the problem, use the intersecting cut lines shown in the diagram. Decrease the sharpness value until the light outline disappears along the lines.

Color palette saturation

To make the image natural, saturated, change the dynamics of the palette until all transitions are pronounced on the central gradient.


If the owner of the TV has noticed an unnatural picture, then he needs to adjust the sharpness. This process should be carried out until a light outline remains on the calibration chart.

Search for digital TV channels

Many owners do not know how to tune digital channels on Sony Bravia TVs. This can be done quite simply by following the detailed instructions. Tuning digital channels on such a TV is performed as follows:

  • In the main menu, select the “installation” section, then click the “digital configuration” subsection and click on the ok button.
  • Next is the link “digital setting”.
  • The key “autosearch digits” is pressed. stations “.
  • The intention to perform an automatic search is confirmed.
  • A window opens.
  • Selected link “cable”.
  • Basic parameters are entered for search.
  • The “quick scan” key is pressed.
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After setting up digital TV and saving the changes, you can proceed to watching.

Sound setting

To adjust the sound, you need to use either an external speaker system or internal TV speakers. In this case, you will not have to adjust any additional options.

Manual channel search

digital channels on the Sony Bravia TV can be set manually. To do this, you will have to connect an analog antenna, take the remote control and use it to enter the main menu. In the manual search section, the frequencies are changed using the minus and plus keys. After the TV channels are found, each should fine tune. Thus, it will be possible to adjust the quality of digital broadcasting:

  • In the menu, select the item “manual”.
  • Frequency parameter entered in manual mode.
  • Leave “auto” in the window with the access code.
  • In manual mode, the symbol rate parameter is entered.
  • Click on the “start” button.


Select the lightest part in the diagram. The contrast should be adjusted until the right area is very light. In this case, the difference between the right and left side of the screen should immediately be striking.

Automatic channel search

The user must find the appropriate connector on the TV and insert the antenna into it. After that, you will have to select the signal source of the same name. To prepare the TV to search for channels, disconnect all previously connected devices (optional). Tuning channels on a Sony Bravia TV can be performed both manually and automatically. If the TV owner does not want to waste time, he can use the remote control to carry out automatic setup. To do this, the main menu is entered, the “parameters” section is located, the link “auto-tuning” is selected, the action is confirmed.

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SONY BRAVIA. First Power On, Setup.

Today we will talk about the initial setup of your BRAVIA TV.

Next, we select the location of the TV, to improve the sound characteristics. If you want to install the TV on a cabinet, you need to choose a table stand, if on a wall, then a wall installation.

We select the type of connection, in this case we chose the cable, since we have an analog signal. Since the analog connection we skip the digital settings, and proceed to the analog auto settings. If you have a CAM module, then you need to make digital auto settings. After completing the settings, press OK, for your convenience, BRAVIA TVs have a built-in electronic manual that you can refer to at any time by pressing the i-Manual button.

Next, we proceed to individual image and sound settings by pressing the home button on the TV remote control.

To adjust the image, go to the menu, display settings. Here we see four sections:. video input settings (allows you to set parameters when connecting additional devices). screen control (allows you to select the screen format). 3D settings (allows you to set parameters when a 3D signal is detected ),- Images.

Go to the image section. There are three image modes: bright, standard and individual. When choosing an individual mode, you can choose the image parameters yourself.

We proceed to sound settings for this in the installation menu, go to sound. There are three sound modes: dynamic and standard.

If you are confused and want to reconfigure the TV, the reset function will help you. To do this, in the installation menu, go to system settings → general settings → factory settings → reset. You can watch the video by clicking on the link:

How to set up digital TV on Sony Bravia KLV-26S550A TV?

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Sony TV remote control

The Sony TV remote control is designed to set up and adjust all functions. Remote control buttons assignment:

In button. select the connected source I button. turn the TV on and off turn subtitles on or off AUDIO button. turn on stereo sound mode SYNC MENU button on Sony TV remote control. display Bravia Sync menu RELATED SEARCH button. browse the Internet while TV is on TITLE LIST button. play title list REC button. record SOCIAL VIEW button. To watch TV with your social media friends FOOTBALL button. Live soccer mode DISCOVER button. Search content SEN / APPS button. Home menu application categories GUIDE button. Display digital TV guide RETURN button. return to the previous menu OPTIONS button. a list of convenient functions and shortcuts HOME button. displays the TV main menu DIGITAL / ANALOG button on the TV remote control. switches between digital and analogue mode EXIT button. exits the Menu button?. display information i-MANUAL button. display the user manual Button 1 9. select channels TV / RADIO button. switch between TV and radio modes 3D button. select 3D display mode Color buttons. access special functions some menus according to the instructions on the TV screen.

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Sony TV remote control

The Sony TV remote control is designed to set up and adjust all functions. Remote control buttons assignment:

Sony Bravia 4K Android TV | Installation Guide

In button. select the connected source.

Button I. turn on and off the TV.

Button turn subtitles on and off.

AUDIO button. turn on the stereo sound mode.

SYNC MENU button for Sony TV remote. displays the Bravia Sync menu.

RELATED SEARCH button. browsing the Internet while the TV is on.

TITLE LIST button. Play the title list.

SOCIAL VIEW button. watch TV with friends from social networks.

FOOTBALL Button. Football Live Mode.

SEN / APPS Button. Application Categories of the Home Menu.

GUIDE button. displays the digital TV guide.

RETURN button. return to the previous menu.

OPTIONS button. a list of convenient functions and shortcuts.

HOME button. Displays the TV home menu.

DIGITAL / ANALOG button on the TV remote control. switching between digital and analogue mode.

I-MANUAL button. displays the user manual.

TV / RADIO button. switch between TV and radio modes.

Colored buttons. access special functions of some menus as directed on the TV screen.

How To Set Up Channels On Sony Bravia

How to set up a Sony TV

Our company customizes Sony TVs of any editions and modifications. tuning and sorting analog and digital television channels, connecting the TV to the global Internet, connecting various external recording and playback devices.

We know how to tune channels on a Sony TV. Call us! Tel. 8-926-444-1-666

Setting the Sony Bravia TV to the picture

Setting up the Sony Bravia TV to select the picture mode according to your preferences is done by successive pressing on the remote control [Settings] / [Picture] / [Picture Mode]. The selection is made from the available parameters. Vivid. increases the contrast and sharpness of the image;

Using Smart TV on Sony TVs

All TV functionality on Sony Smart TVs is implemented through the Android operating system. This platform is extremely popular, so operating your TV will be intuitive. Using the capabilities of a TV will not be much different from using a regular smartphone. And you can even connect your Google account with the saved settings. Thus, the TV will be synchronized with other mobile devices.

Smart TVs from Sony will allow you to watch any channels and programs in real time, as well as record them on removable media. Almost all models have a built-in browser that allows you to easily search the Internet and use social networks. If social networks are used constantly, you can additionally install the corresponding application.

TVs are equipped with webcams that will help you to comfortably make video calls or even group conferences.

List of applications on Smart TV from Sony Bravia

As soon as the Internet is connected to the TV, it will immediately be possible to use all the functionality of the device. First of all, when you switch to Smart TV mode, a special window will appear.

In one part of this window there will be television channels, which can later be sorted by level of interest. The other part contains the installed applications available for use. Initially, this part will be empty or very few programs. To expand the capabilities of the device, you will need to install the appropriate software.

To do this, go to the All Applications tab by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen. A list of available channels and applications that you can install will appear. Among the popular programs, you can see various browsers, video hosting, music players, and the like.

Traditional television channels will also be available, including both state and local ones. The TV provider Tricolor boasts a variety, perfect for use in smart TVs. Additionally, you can use the program “Opera TV Store” to improve the convenience of viewing channels. Separately, it is worth noting the possibility of using online games.

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How to set up Smart TV on a Sony TV

Setting up Smart TV on a Sony TV in most cases comes down to the process of connecting the Internet to the TV. In this case, you can use a wired or wireless connection. In any case, the process will be simple if you already have a router. This will avoid the need to manually enter parameters when directly connecting the cable to the TV.

With a wired connection, you just need to connect the cable from the router to the corresponding port on your Sony Smart TV. Then, through the main menu, go to the “Network Settings” section and start the process of establishing a connection. If the check did not reveal any problems, then the connection will quickly be established. A message appears on the screen, after which you can start using the functions of the smart TV.

The Wi-Fi connection works in much the same way. The difference is that the TV will have to independently find the networks available for connection. The user selects the desired network, then you need to enter the password and hold down the “Connect” button. In a few moments, the device will connect to the Internet and notify the user about it.

After connecting to the network, you need to find the item “Update Internet content” in the menu and start the corresponding process. The programs will receive the latest updates, and then a notification will appear on the screen that the TV is ready for use. It will not be superfluous to also update the firmware itself to the latest version. This will avoid numerous mistakes in the future.

When working with a smart TV, various problems can occur, which in most cases are associated with an outdated version of the operating system. Therefore, when errors are found, the update should be the first user action. And only if after it errors remain, it is worth resorting to other methods of repair.

Most of the problems arise precisely through the fault of the user, as manufacturers try to quickly correct all errors by constant firmware updates.

How To: Set-up your new BRAVIA TV (Tutorial)

Setting up and using Sony Smart TV

Televisions are no longer a simple device for watching channels. Now these are real multimedia centers that open up ample opportunities for users. Smart TV technology dramatically improves the usability of content directly from your TV. Leading manufacturer Sony also offers users its smart devices under the name Sony Bravia. Consider the procedure for setting up Smart TV Sony and the features of applications that can be installed on such devices.

Installing Smart TV on Sony Bravia

After purchasing a Sony Bravia Smart TV device, you need to carry out its preliminary configuration, which consists in connecting to the Internet. Without this, it will be impossible to use the functions of the smart TV. Usually, the whole process can be seen in a good instruction, the use of which will significantly speed up the setup process.

Smart TV Sony Bravia. TV capabilities

Sony Smart TV expands the capabilities of a conventional TV into a full-fledged multimedia center. In addition to the standard viewing of TV channels, the following options are now available to users:

  • using Skype for video calls;
  • the ability to communicate in social networks;
  • playing music in high quality;
  • use of various video hosting sites;
  • installation of simple games, etc.

In addition to advanced functionality, the advantages also include an increased viewing angle, the ability to watch videos in high quality and no distortion, even with a dynamic image.

The sound in such models is also at a high level. Advanced surround sound technology immerses the viewer in the world of cinema. Many devices support playback of files from blu-ray discs containing high quality materials. Also TVs support HD channels.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the presence of additional technologies that significantly improve the usability of Smart TV. Most technology is present in all models, regardless of price or diagonal inches.