How to set up Internet on Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia. how to set up the internet?

In this article we will tell you how to set up the Internet on Sony Xperia.

When buying a new product from Sony, namely the Xperia smartphone, the consumer is interested in getting the most out of the purchase. A person wants to have access to modern means of communication (social networks), exchange photos with friends and acquaintances, visit interesting sites. Luckily, mobile operators offer a ton of unlimited data plans that can be purchased at reasonable prices. Having acquired a new Sony Xperia Z2, first of all, I changed my tariff plan from “regular” to “Internet”, which opened up opportunities for wireless access to the World Wide Web without restrictions. The impetus for this was the need to always be in touch, and Wi-Fi connection, unfortunately, is not present everywhere. Most Sony Xperia smartphone users have no idea how to set up the internet. Therefore, this article provides detailed instructions for connecting it.

Internet setup Sony Xperia

There is no general algorithm for setting up an Internet connection on Sony Xperia, since the setup process depends on the type of mobile operator from which you directly access the signal. Accordingly, the phone must indicate the correct access point of the desired operator.

Ideally, after turning on the phone for the first time, you should receive an SMS notification, which will contain automatic Internet settings for Sony Xperia, which will automatically activate the Internet on the device. If such a message has not been received, then you need to start setting up the Sony Ixperia Internet yourself. You need to do the following:
1. select “Settings” in the menu, then click on the line “” and go to the item “Internet settings”; the window that opens, choose your operator.

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There is another way to configure the Internet on Sony Xperia, which involves entering the settings manually. It is used if the installation is not carried out in automatic mode or is simply not suitable for your device. Initially, you should go to the site of the mobile operator and find on it all the information necessary for manual (manual) Internet settings. Example for MTS:

After the necessary data is received, in the main menu of the smartphone, select the item “Settings”, then go to the sub-item “”, and then click on the line “APN access points”. Then, in the upper right corner, click on the plus sign, with which the access point is added. The data obtained from the mob. operator, enter in each of the fields and save the settings.

After that, select the added access point and turn on the mobile data transfer.

Configuring Smart TVs on Linux

After the firmware is updated, on Sony TVs with Linux OS, you need to open the menu with the HOME key on the remote control, then select “Settings”. “Network”. Now you need to click on “Refresh Internet Content”. This will automatically connect the device to the company’s servers to update the available applications and services. At the end of the process, a corresponding notification will appear.

Then, by pressing the “SEN” button, you should go to the Smart-section of the TV receiver. Within a few seconds, a number of manufacturer-recommended apps will appear. To add other programs to them from the available ones, you need to click on “” or the “My Applications” button. After selecting the required widget, you can open it or place it in “My Applications” for quick access.

Public channels

Watching free TV channels on Sony equipment is possible when connected to an terrestrial antenna or cable TV. To do this, you need to connect the antenna cable to the appropriate socket, and then press the “HOME” button on the remote control, then select “Settings”. “Channel settings”. “Digital tuning”. “Automatic digital channel tuning”. Then you need to confirm the action by clicking “Yes”.

Next, you must specify which antenna will be used: “Ether” or “Cable”. When you select the first option, auto search for channels will start. If a cable is indicated, you need to select a service provider from the list that appears, and if it is unknown or not presented in the list, click “Other”. Here you can manually specify the “Scan Type”, “Frequency” and “Network ID”, having received these data from the provider. If the required information is not available, in the first field you need to select “Quick scan”, and in the second and third. “Automatic”, and then start the search.

Smart TV setup

After setting up the Internet connection, it is recommended to update the TV receiver’s firmware first. This is necessary, since in new versions of the software, the developers eliminate the detected errors, add new functions and technologies, in other words, improve and modify the “smart” functionality of the Smart-device.

Instructions for setting up Smart-TV on Sony TVs

Sony Smart TV panels not only traditionally broadcast TV channels. they open up the opportunity for the user to watch a variety of video content online, including IPTV, chat with friends via social networks or Skype, play games on a big screen, surf the World Wide Web. and performing other activities of an entertainment nature related to the Internet. However, to take advantage of all this, you need to connect the TV receiver to the Network, and then set up Smart-TV on your Sony TV.

How to activate mobile data on Sony Xperia


To establish a wired connection to the Network, you need to connect an Ethernet cable to the LAN connectors on the router and the back of the TV receiver. Further actions depend on the operating system of the Smart device. Android or Linux (for example, KDL-40WD653).

  • For Android-based equipment, press the “HOME” key on the remote control, then open “Settings”. “Network and Accessories”. “Network”. After that, you will need to select “Network Settings”. “Simple”. “Wired LAN”, and then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • For TVs with Linux OS, you need to click “HOME”, open “Settings”. “Network”. “Network settings”. “Set up a network connection” or “Wired setting”. Next, you need to select “Simple” or “Automatic”, and then act according to the recommendations on the TV screen. Usually, the connection is configured immediately, no additional manipulations are required.
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On Sony Bravia TVs of different years of release, the menu may differ, as well as the names of the sections, so a more detailed description of the connection is recommended to be found in the instructions for use of the TV equipment.

Software Update

To complete this process, you need to press “HOME” on your Smart TV with Android TV OS, and then select “Applications”. “Help”. “System update”. “Automatic download” or “Automatically check for updates”, then click “On” Some of the models will need to accept the company’s privacy policy.

For Sony TVs with Linux OS, you need to press “HOME” and then on the screen select “Settings”. “Product Support” or “Customer Support”. Next, you need to click “Automatic update” or “Automatic software download”, and then “On” and “Enter”. The procedure may vary from model to model.


WI-FI connection can be done in two ways:

  • using WPS technology, designed to simplify the wireless connection to the router and does not require entering a password from the local network;
  • in the classic way, in which you need to know the name of the home WI-FI network and the password to it.

Connection via WPS is possible only if both the TV receiver and the router support this technology. It is also carried out in two ways: the first. using a button, the second. by entering a code. In the first case, you need to press “HOME”, then on the screen select “Settings”. “Network settings”. “Wireless settings”. “WPS (button)”. After that, you need to follow the instructions on the screen, where you will be asked to press the WPS button on the router and hold it until the connection is established. In the second case, you need to open the TV receiver menu from the remote control using the HOME key, select Settings. Network settings. Wireless settings. WPS (PIN). Further, you should also act according to the instructions on the TV screen. But with such a connection, it is required to open the router’s web interface from the computer and add a new device (TV), specifying the PIN from the TV receiver screen as confirmation. After that the connection will be established.

To connect in the standard way. using a password from the WI-FI network. you need to press “HOME”, and then sequentially select “Settings”. “Network settings”. “Wireless settings”. “Scan”. Next, in the list of found networks, you must specify the home and enter the password to establish a connection.

For a detailed description of connecting to the WI-FI network for a specific model of the TV receiver, it is recommended to look at the instructions for it, since on different devices this process may differ depending on the type of menu and the name of the sections.

Setting up Smart TVs on Android

Installation is even easier on Sony TVs with the Android TV platform, and the Smart Service interface will seem familiar from smartphones and tablets running this platform. All you need to do to set up the Smart functionality is to register in the Google Play service and log in to be able to download programs and games to your TV set.

Advice! The most convenient way is to create a Google Play account on your computer, and then go to your profile on your TV. You can also use an existing account.

How to set up Internet on Sony Xperia

After purchasing a new Sony Xperia smartphone, the user wants to get the most out of it: constantly communicate with friends on social networks, browse favorite sites, share photos and much more. Fortunately, modern mobile operators provide tariffs with free mobile Internet for a nominal fee. Personally, when I bought a Sony Xperia Z2, the first thing I did was change the tariff plan to a new one, with free Internet access without limiting daily traffic. And in truth, going out into the street, without the Internet, the smartphone turns into a simple “dialer”, and the number of open Wi-Fi access points in my city is not large. However, many users may be faced with the question of how to set up the Internet on Sony Xperia and I will try to answer this quivering question.

Of course, there is no single “panacea” here, since everything is tied precisely to your mobile operator, which actually provides you with the service of access to the Internet and its access point must be registered.

On a good account, immediately when you turn on the smartphone for the first time, automatic settings should come to your number, after which access to the Internet service will be active. If this did not happen, then you can go to “Settings Internet settings” and select your operator in the window.

You can also use manual input of all the necessary settings if the automatic ones do not come to you or do not want to work. To do this, first of all, go to your operator’s website and find everything there for manually setting up the Internet (below is a screenshot with this data using the example of the Ukrainian mobile operator MTS, you need to go to your operator’s website!):

After that, go to the Sony Xperia smartphone in “Settings APN Access Points”, then click on the plus sign in the upper right corner to add an access point, enter all the data that you found on the site and save the settings.

After that, select the added access point and turn on the mobile data transfer.

Setting up your Sony Xperia as a USB tethering or wireless hotspot

This instruction will be very useful for beginners who have just managed to get acquainted with Sony Xperia devices and those who have not fully figured out all the capabilities of the gadget. There are times when you may need the Internet on another gadget at hand, such as a computer, laptop or tablet. Having an active Internet connection on your smartphone, you can easily distribute the Internet from it and we will tell you how to quickly set up and use Sony Xperia as a Bluetooth modem, USB modem and wireless access point. Before that, make sure that your smartphone is configured for mobile Internet or 3G

Using your Xperia as a Wi-Fi hotspot

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Go to “Settings Tethering and hotspot mode” (remember this path).

Next, you need to put a tick in front of the “Wi-Fi access point” item, after which you will be informed about the termination of current downloads, updates, etc here we press “OK”.

A corresponding inscription with an icon will appear in the notification panel, and the name of the access point and information about activity will be displayed in the item itself.

To configure additional parameters of the wireless access point, go to the corresponding item. Here you need to put a tick in front of the “Visible” item and find out the password that you need to enter on another device to connect. It must be taken from the menu item “Configure Wi-Fi access point”. If the password is hidden and displayed in the form of dots, then simply put a check mark “Show password”. Now Ixperia can connect to your Sony wirelessly without any problems.

Using your Xperia as a Bluetooth hotspot

You can also distribute the Internet via Bluetooth. To do this, all in the same menu “Modem mode and access points” tick the “Modem Bluetooth mode” and unforgettable in the Bluetooth settings, activate its visibility for other devices.

On the connected device, after selecting your Sony Xperia, you need to click on the settings for this connection and check the “Internet access” checkbox. Also check its availability on your smartphone. This completes the setup.!

Using your Xperia as a USB tethering for your PC

Despite the simplicity of this setting, some users may still have problems. To get started, connect your Sony Xperia smartphone or tablet to the PC using a USB cable, after which in the “Modem and access point mode” menu, the line “USB modem mode” will become active next to which you need to put a checkmark.

Further, all actions take place automatically. the corresponding drivers must be independently installed on the computer and the Internet connection will work. This happens if a modern operating system Window 7 or 8 is installed on the computer. The problem may arise precisely because the PC zealously refuses to install these same drivers, although such cases are rare.

Updating Sony Bravia TVs

A modern TV is not just a box in which programs are broadcast. Today it is a full-fledged multimedia device that needs proper care. In particular, it is sometimes necessary to update the firmware of your Sony Bravia TV. If you do this on time, you can continue to watch your favorite movies online and use the Internet without using any other additional devices.

But Sony TV is incredible. The new line, called BRAVIA, was also based on the beloved Android, the possibilities of which are amazing.

What to do after reboot so that Sony Bravia works properly?

Android, surprisingly, looks great on TV. Although it is not a fact that its presence at first will not seem somehow strange. But after all the systems are configured, the work will go like clockwork. But before proceeding to further work, you need to make the initial settings. They also need to be repeated after flashing the system, therefore it is better to immediately remember the algorithm of actions.

First, it is imperative to install the language in which the person will be comfortable using the software;

Set up a Wi-Fi connection in order to actively use the Internet for further work, since after a reboot, as a rule, this data disappears, and the Internet will help to restore it;

After setting up the Internet, you must activate your Google account in order to enjoy the benefits offered by the Internet;

By the way, if the channel settings were linked to your account, you can restore them as soon as the connection with Google is set up. It is advisable to set the same passwords on different devices and use the same service. It will be much more convenient this way. The registration code for the TV should come to the phone or laptop, and as soon as you enter it, the connection will be established.

Is it worth updating the software on a new device?

If the device came out a couple of years ago, there is reason to believe that more modern and practical firmware has already appeared. In this case, it is not recommended to leave it intact, as further troubles may arise. When you turn it on for the first time, you are immediately prompted to update the system. If you are not sure that you can perform such an action, then it is better to skip this step, and, if necessary, do it after you get used to it a little, or using the help of a person who understands a similar matter better.

If you decide that the system needs updating, then this moment will take about an hour, maybe a little longer. Much depends on the speed of the internet provider and the amount of free traffic. If the Internet is already set up, then it is better to go to the official website of the company and watch the latest software that will fit your TV.

In order to see, you need to know the exact name of the device model, and drive its name into the appropriate line. Otherwise, it is not easy to figure out the number of updates, because they are not sharpened for all models, but are suitable only for certain series. By the way, on the official Sony resource there is not only the opportunity to download the software, but also detailed instructions for stopping. Everything is done for the convenience of customers.

Android 6.0 update

This update is one of the newest, and is suitable for Sony TVs that were released no later than 2015 and 2016. Here is a list of models for which the update is “sharpened”:

Sony X94C, X93C, X91C, X90C, S85C, S80C, X85C, X83C, X81C, X80C, W95C, W87C, W85C, W80C, W75C;

Sony X94D (XD94), X93D (XD93), X85D (XD85), S85D (SD85), W9xxD, W8xxD.

Now users will not have to suffer with a thousand system errors that slowed down the TV, preventing them from using the Internet normally and comfortably, watching their favorite programs on TV, etc. And thanks to the update, even Smart TVs are improved, since the package includes several useful functions.

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Android TV 6.0 Marshmallow, according to Google’s assessment, is the best solution for:

Improving device performance;

Improving the speed of systems on the TV.

In addition to all of the above, the Android TV 6.0 update will delight the user with a lot of interesting features that will be available after the Sony TV is updated. In particular:

Now you can more comfortably work with an external storage device using USB for this;

On devices that have installed the update in question, the new concept design pleases;

For a home where minor family members live who cannot live without a TV, the software allows you to use the “child mode”;

Also included is an excellent audio control.

All in all, the software turned out to be worthwhile. But you should use this flashing carefully, downloading it only from the official website, and carefully checking whether it fits the TV model, otherwise the system will freeze and work poorly.

How to update the software on a Sony Bravia TV

Modern technology is so cool that you don’t need to be a programmer, system manager or any other professional to update the system on your TV. Everything is already there. As soon as new software comes out, a message immediately appears that obsessively recommends switching to a more modern version.

But what’s new doesn’t mean it’s better. Many users on the net say that the latest firmware from Sony is far from perfect, and not suitable for all TVs. What, then, to do? Before updating the system, you should search the forums for stories of people with the same TV model. If their system works well, then you can install it for yourself.

How do you install it? It is very simple. the device will do almost all the procedures on its own, the person only has to click the remote control in time.

The instructions must be followed. This can lead to the fact that the TV stops responding to manipulations, or even breaks down. Sony has a very sensitive configuration, so the update instructions must be followed exactly;

Do not disconnect the device from the network during the update.

How is Sony Bravia TV updated? Here is the sequence of actions:

You need to go to the “Settings” menu and see what version of the software is installed. If it needs updating, the device will indicate it;

If the system does not need updating, but the owner wants to change it on his own initiative, then you can go through the browser to the official website and download the software yourself;

When the file is downloaded, you need to open it and start the flashing procedure;

In its course, the TV will turn itself off and on, indicating that the system is updated;

After that, you should go to the web content and return the settings that were erased.

You should not ignore the proposal to rewrite the system, and be sure to periodically carry it out. This ensures the smooth operation of the device.

Mobile Internet

Usually, the mobile Internet settings come immediately after installing the SIM card and turning on the phone. this is a rule common to all mobile operators.

If neither the first nor the second option works, you can try to establish a connection through the smartphone settings yourself:

  • In the “Settings” menu, go to the “” section.
  • Open the item “Internet Options”
  • Choose your mobile provider.

After a short pause and the connection is established, the Internet connection profile should automatically be filled with the necessary data. If this does not happen, you will have to enter the parameters manually:

  • Go to the website of your mobile operator and find the parameters for connecting to the Internet.
  • Open the “Mobile” section on the “” tab.
  • Go to the “APN Access Points” item and click on the plus button to add a new profile.
  • Enter the data for connecting to the network that you looked at the provider’s website and save the changes.

To use the created access point, mark it in the settings, and then turn on the transmission of mobile data.

How to set up the Internet on Sony Xperia

Xperia is a line of powerful and feature rich smartphones from Sony. To use all the features of this mobile device, you need to know how to set up the Internet on Sony Xperia.

If you know how to set up the Internet on Android, then you can easily cope with performing a similar operation on a Sony Xperia smartphone. However, while maintaining the general order of setting the parameters for connecting to the network, there are some nuances of setting up the connection, which need to be discussed in detail.

Wireless network

Connecting to Wi-Fi is even easier and faster. To work with a wireless connection, you need to go to the settings in the “Wireless connections” field and set the “Wi-Fi” slider to “Enabled”.

After turning on the adapter, all Wi-Fi networks available for connection will appear on the screen. You just have to select the one you need and connect to it, entering, if necessary, the security key (if it is set by the network administrator).

It is recommended to immediately make additional settings for the smartphone so that after exiting sleep mode you do not have to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network (to save battery power, the connection is automatically reset).

This can be done in the “Advanced settings” section. there is a special item for setting the parameters for switching to sleep mode.

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