How to set up iPhone via iPhone

Description of iPhone recovery methods

Many owners of modern gadgets are interested in how to restore iPhone via iTunes. This process consists of two stages:

  • Factory reset (to a clean state).
  • Restoring user data from backup storage.


  • IPhone recovery via iTunes is available only for the official and current firmware version (requires a subscription from Apple). For example, a smartphone user with iOS 4.2.1, which has long been decommissioned and out of service, will not be able to initiate a rollback through the service. The application will throw a critical error.
  • Relevant for people with a locked iPhone. When the firmware is updated, the version of the modem will probably be updated as well. For such smartphones, before starting the recovery, it is better to use the Redsn0w utility.
  • If the user has not prepared a backup copy of the system in advance, then it will have to be restored in one step. the phone will return to the factory settings. All files and parameters will be lost.

Important! After familiarizing yourself with the nuances of the procedure, you can proceed to the very restoration of the smartphone via iTunes.

IPhone Recovery via iTunes

The smartphone will have to be connected to a personal computer or laptop with Internet access. the device needs to download all the latest updates. Only then the program starts. IPhone Recovery via iTunes:

  • In the program, open the “Overview” section, click on the line “Restore iPhone”.
  • A window will open asking you to confirm the action. All the consequences of the procedure are described here. this is the complete removal of files and any information from the phone.

After agreeing to the terms, a long rollback process will begin. This can take 5 to 25 minutes. Immediately after the end of the recovery, the iPhone will reboot with the factory settings. data loss is possible if you reset everything.

How to restore iPhone without a computer

You can reinstall the system without the help of a PC. Algorithm:

To complete the procedure, it is recommended not to break the connection and regularly connect to the network and power source.

How long does it take to restore iPhone via iTunes

The wait can take from 10 minutes to several hours. As mentioned above, it all depends on the volume of files and the quality of the Internet connection.

Description of iPhone recovery problems

One of the most common problems is error 3194. It occurs due to various reasons, but more often due to the consequences of working with the TinyUmbrella program or similar.

Get rid of error 3194 when restoring iPhone via iCloud:

  • Go along the path in Explorer: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc and find the hosts file inside.
  • Open this file using the stock program “Notepad” and find the line that contains the inscription delete it.
  • Remember to save the modified file and restart your PC.

Most likely, the error will not bother the user again when trying to restore the phone again. However, before starting work, it is recommended to temporarily disable the Windows firewall. the risk of blocking will significantly decrease.

Other common errors are 1013, 1014 and 1015. They may mean that you cannot roll back the firmware due to the impossibility to return to the old version of the modem. The solution will only help when using old models. To remove the error, you need:

  • Download the latest version of the redsn0w program.
  • Extract the downloaded file and open the utility as a PC administrator.
  • Synchronize your phone with your computer.
  • On the main screen of redsn0w select “Extras”, then “Recovery Fix”.
  • Click “Next” and switch iPhone, iPad to DFU mode as shown in the instructions. It is not difficult to do this: for 3-4 seconds you need to press the “Power” key, then hold the “Home” for 10 seconds, release the “Power”, but continue to hold the “Home” for another 10 seconds. The program will display a timer for each action so that the user has no problems activating the desired mode.

Important! Other errors are easier to solve by contacting the technical support of the company. specialists will answer all questions.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone if It’s On?

To do this, on your old phone, open Settings. Apple ID Profile. iCloud and scroll down to the “iCloud Backup” menu. It must be enabled; if not, turn it on. At the same time, if you want to transfer all the data, make sure that all toggle switches are turned on in the “Applications using iCloud” menu. May 9, 2020.

What to do if iPhone is charging and won’t turn on?

If iPhone charges but won’t turn on, restore it via DFU mode.

  • Press the volume up button and release immediately;
  • Press the volume down button and release immediately;
  • Press the side button and wait for the branded apple to appear on the device display.

How to create a new account on iPhone?

Create an Apple ID using the App Store on your device

  • Open the App Store and click your profile photo.
  • Click Create New Apple ID.
  • Enter your email address, password and select the country or region that matches the billing address you provided when you selected your payment method.

Is it possible to activate an iPhone without a SIM card?

The second way to activate iPhone without a SIM card is using iTunes utility for Windows or OS X. First, you need to download the latest version of iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer. Follow the instructions on the screen and soon you will receive an activated smartphone without using a SIM card.

How to re-set iPhone as new?

Erasing Data from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Go to the menu “Settings” “General” “Reset” Then click “Erase content and settings”.
  • Enter your device password or Apple ID password when prompted. Then confirm that you want to erase the data from the device.
  • Wait for the data to be erased

How to properly activate iPhone 7?

IPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPod touch (7th generation): Press and hold the Top (or Side) and Volume Down buttons until the Apple logo appears.

How to quickly set up an iPhone?

  • Turn on your new iPhone and place it next to the used one.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on both devices.
  • On your current iPhone, a Quick Start screen appears and prompts you to use your Apple ID to set up your new device.
  • Next, an animation will appear on the screen of the new iPhone.
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How to independently reflash any iPhone at home

Why did you suddenly decide to reflash your iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone se, iPhone 3gs or another, now is not the time to find out.

There are many reasons: your iPhone may be locked, found, and so on. The main thing here is STIHL and the right approach. so I will describe everything step by step.

From the first lines, I also want to reassure you, if something goes wrong, for example, the files are unpacked, and the installation will not work, do not panic.

You just have to go to the service, where this process will be completed with the help of more advanced tools.

Re-flashing in the service is not expensive. depending on the region, it fluctuates between 5-10.

The main purpose of this post is how to reflash an American iPhone, although I think I’ll write about a Chinese device too.

How to reflash a found or locked iPhone

A locked or found iPhone can be reset in the same way as described above. Only you can expect a very unpleasant surprise, and possibly a tragic one.

The fact is that in a locked iPhone (the blocking of restrictions is not taken into account. it is easy to remove it) the “Find iPhone” function can be enabled, and without knowing the account data and ID you will not be able to disable it.

Even services refuse to accept such devices for flashing. In the official service center, this service can be turned off, but they will require documents to confirm that this is your phone, and this service is not free.

Step four. reflash the iPhone yourself via dfu

To do this, first connect your device to your computer. The second is to turn off the device.

Hold the power button for 3 seconds, then press the Home button without releasing the power button for 10 seconds.

Release the power button, but continue to hold the Home button until iTunes informs you that it has detected a device in recovery mode.

Further actions, as when flashing through Recovery Mode.

NOTE: There is no home button on the iPhone 7. Therefore, after connecting, press and hold the “Power” button and without releasing it, hold down “Volume Down” and hold both buttons for 10 seconds. If the logo appears (picture below), then the buttons were held for too long. repeat the process.

If the display stays black and iTunes displays a message stating that a device has been found in recovery mode, then you’ve put your iPhone in DFU mode.

Use this method if the flashing through Recovery Mode for some reason did not work.

Step two. reflash the iPhone yourself via a computer, via iTunes

As you have already noticed, you need a computer (laptop) and a cable to connect the PC to the iPhone. I think you have it.

Then if not yet, download the iTunes program from here, install and connect the computer to the phone, but do not turn it on, unless you want to make a copy, which will never hurt to recover from a flashing failure.

It is advisable to place the downloaded iOS on the computer desktop so as not to search for a long time, although this does not affect the process itself, wherever it is.

How to set up a new iPhone — Apple Support

We have completed the initial stage, we move on to the second. set up the iPhone for flashing.

Since I have already mentioned the iPhone 5 above, I will use it as an example, but on other devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and so on, everything happens the same way, except for entering DFU mode.

Step three. reflash the iPhone yourself

ATTENTION: be sure to charge the battery to 100%, otherwise you can be very sorry (if the battery cannot withstand you will have to open the device).

NOTE: Before flashing, be sure to turn off Find My iPhone.

Now, for flashing, you need to enter Recovery Mode or DFU on the iPhone. One won’t work use the second.

To use Recovery Mode, turn off the iPhone completely, then connect it with a cable to a computer or laptop while holding the Home button.

Now launch iTunes and wait for iTunes to find the iPhone. If the “Restore” window appears, click “OK”.

If the message does not appear, select “Restore iPhone” while holding down the Shift key.

A window will appear in which you need to specify where the firmware is located. We indicate the firmware file that you should have already downloaded, and I recommended that you put it on your desktop. Select and click “Open”.

This stops your intervention. iTunes will do everything itself. At the final stage, we disconnect the cable and turn on the iPhone as usual.

I hope the flashing was successful, and if not, it’s certainly sad, but there is another option. through DFU.

How to connect an iPhone to a radio with an AUX cable?

Using the AUX cable. which has 3.5mm plugs on both sides. is the most obvious and easiest way to connect an iPhone. One plug is inserted into the 3.5 mm jack on the radio, the second into the headphone jack on the gadget. The “apple” device in this case acts as a sound source, and the car stereo system. as an amplifier.

However, Apple does not mention this method on the official website, which means it does not approve of it. Connecting via an AUX cable does have a number of disadvantages:

    You cannot control the playlist using the buttons on the radio itself. The space in the car is littered with wires. The battery of the gadget is discharged while listening to music. IPhones of the 7th modification cannot be connected in this way. They do not have a 3.5 mm jack. headphones are connected to USB Type-C.

Connecting an iPhone to a radio tape recorder using AUX also has advantages. Firstly, this method does not require deep tuning of the gadget or radio. just set the appropriate mode in the car stereo menu. Secondly, the user can listen not only to songs from his own music collection, but also to FM radio. if, of course, he installs some radio application on the iPhone.

What to do if external devices cannot be connected to the audio system?

To connect an iPhone to a standard car audio system, which initially does not have an interface for connecting external data carriers, you can use an FM transmitter. This device is capable of streaming mp3 files in the FM radio wave.

How to set up listening to music through an FM transmitter?

Plug the transmitter cable with 3.5mm jack into your mobile device.

Connect the FM transmitter itself to the car’s cigarette lighter.

Set the transmitter to a radio frequency.

Activate radio mode on the audio system and select the same frequency.

Play a song on iPhone. If the connection is successful, you will hear the song in the speakers of your audio system.

The method of connecting an iPhone to a radio tape recorder via an FM transmitter cannot be called reliable. In urban areas, it will be problematic to use this device due to the fact that the air is already overcrowded. there are not many free frequencies. Therefore, the FM transmitter should be considered as a temporary solution. for the period while the driver is saving money for a modern audio system.

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Connecting iPhone via Bluetooth

Connecting an “apple” gadget to a radio tape recorder via Bluetooth is a more complicated method than the two described above. However, if successful, the car enthusiast will be able to avoid using the wire.

You can connect iPhone to car stereo system via Bluetooth as follows:

Go to the “Settings” iPhone and find the section “Bluetooth”.

In the “Bluetooth” section, switch the slider of the same name to the active position.

Open the “Settings” menu on the radio and select the “Phone” option. After that, the radio will start searching for the Bluetooth signal of the mobile device.

Establish pairing. in the “Devices” block on the iPhone screen, select the model of the car radio and enter the password. The password is usually simple. 0000.

Wait until the connection is complete. it may take a couple of minutes. You will learn that the connection has been successfully established from the message that appears on the display of the radio.

The Bluetooth connection method has several disadvantages:

    Active Bluetooth drains the battery quickly. The data transfer rate is limited by the technical parameters of the mobile device and the bandwidth of the channel. The wireless data transfer protocol is not present in all radio tape recorders. although over time the number of radio tape recorders without Bluetooth is rapidly decreasing. By the way, the problem of the lack of Bluetooth can be solved by purchasing a special module that connects to the auxiliary connector of the radio. When pairing, the user may face the fact that the iPhone does not see the radio.

Problems when connecting an “apple” gadget with a car stereo system via Bluetooth are not uncommon. Apple’s website has a whole section dedicated to how to solve them. The problem can be caused, in particular, by an outdated version of iOS on the iPhone. A user who wants to connect a smartphone with a radio tape recorder wirelessly will have to update the “operating system” on his mobile device to the latest version.

How to connect iPhone to radio?

Not only drivers who are going on a long journey are thinking about how to connect an iPhone to a radio tape recorder. Many motorists cannot imagine even a short trip around the city without their favorite music. Fortunately, there are several ways to combine an iPhone and a modern radio tape recorder into an audio system.

and more drivers are abandoning the idea of ​​storing USB flash drives with music in their cars. It is much easier to connect the iPhone to the radio tape recorder and listen to the songs loaded into its memory than to constantly look for where the tiny data carrier has disappeared.

There are a lot of ways to connect an “apple” device to a car stereo system. When choosing the most convenient method, the user is limited primarily by the technical characteristics of his car and the radio itself.

What is CarPlay and how to use it?

CarPlay is a communication solution offered by Apple to motorists. The main task of CarPlay is to enable the driver to safely use the mobile device while driving. As soon as the device connects to CarPlay, the iOS interface is broadcast to the car’s built-in infotainment system and appears on the display located on the dashboard.

The motorist can get directions in the navigator, write and send messages, receive calls, and also manage music playlists without distracting from the road. for example, using voice control Siri.

There are 3 methods to connect iPhone to CarPlay:

If the first two methods are obvious, then the third one needs more detailed consideration. The pairing method described above will not work. the user needs to act a little differently:

Activate Bluetooth pairing mode in the car.

On your mobile device, follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “CarPlay”. “Available Cars”.

Choose your own from the list of available cars. This will initiate the process of connecting iPhone to CarPlay.

The way to connect to CarPlay via Bluetooth may differ slightly depending on the iOS version of the mobile device!

Unfortunately, not every Apple device owner is able to use CarPlay yet. The list of cars that support this feature is limited and only includes premium cars. Mercedes and Volvo were the first to integrate CarPlay into their cars. Currently, 49 car manufacturers are working with this function. A full list of CarPlay-enabled vehicles can be found here.

Also, not every iPhone is suitable for working with CarPlay. You need a 5th or newer gadget with iOS version higher than 7.1. Apple tablet cannot be connected to CarPlay.


Connect iPhone to your computer using the supplied USB cable and follow these steps:

    Launch iTunes and wait for the mobile device to be detected. Click on the thumbnail icon.

  • Then you just have to wait for the completion of the process, during which in no case should you close iTunes and disconnect the iPhone from the computer. this can seriously disrupt the operation of the phone.
  • iPhone

    As we said above, you can also perform a reset on a mobile device, and this approach is faster and just convenient.

      Open the “Settings” iPhone and go there to the section “General”.

    Scroll down the opened page and click on the words “Reset”.

    How to Transfer Everything from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

    Next, select “Reset content and settings”, then confirm your intentions.

    This action will start the required procedure, which can take 10-20 minutes. Wait until the screen displays a welcome message to signal its successful completion.

    Preparatory Measures

    Before proceeding to erase data from your device, you must turn off Find My iPhone, as otherwise it won’t work. We wrote about how this is done on the iPhone with iOS 12 and earlier versions in a separate article, the link to which is given below. Next, we will tell you what actions should be performed in iOS 13.

    Confirm your intentions by entering the password in the pop-up window and then clicking on the words “Off.”

    Reset iPhone

    The solution to the problem posed to us can be implemented in two ways. through the iTunes program for PC or in the “Settings” of the mobile device itself. Below we will consider each of them, but first, let’s prepare for this procedure.

    Solving Potential Problems

    In some cases, trying to reset iPhone through iTunes may fail. There are many reasons for such a problem, and it can manifest itself both in the form of a banal interruption or failure, and more specifically, expressed in a number error. In the latter case, the solution is much easier to find, in the rest you will have to try different methods. Fortunately, our site has separate articles on this topic, and if you were unable to erase data from your phone, we recommend that you read them.

    How to reset iPhone

    We’ve looked at two possible ways to reset iPhone, and each one is equally effective at solving this problem. Potential problems that you may encounter during this procedure are often easily remedied.

    When you need to download new firmware to your cell phone

    You may need to flash an iPhone through iTunes on a computer in several situations:

    • The operating system has crashed. When a serious error occurs in the software, the smartphone fails. To use the gadget again, you need to flash the device.
    • A new software version has been released. The company has fixed problems and bugs in the old firmware. Also, the new operating system adds features and additional applications. Minor bugs and crashes fixed.
    • Updating software for installing applications. Some programs may not work on older software versions. A firmware update is required for games or applications to work without bugs.
    • note
    • An iPhone user can install a new version of the software for free through the settings section on the phone.
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    IPhone firmware and how to reflash a smartphone via iTunes

    In order for the smartphone to work, an operating system is installed on it. Also, Apple is constantly releasing updated software versions in which bugs have been eliminated. But there are situations when a client needs to reinstall the firmware on his device. You need to figure out when such a procedure is required and how to flash the iPhone yourself through iTunes.

    What is firmware for a smartphone, why is it necessary for a cell phone

    The update allows you to eliminate those bugs that were identified earlier in the system. The user will have access to new operations. He will also have access to applications that cannot function on older versions of the software. To give the iPhone more built-in features, the company is releasing new operating systems. They fixed bugs and added functionality. There are three types of firmware that are available for smartphones:

    • official, it can be used by all customers, the download is free through the settings of the smartphone or iTunes;
    • beta version, it can only be used by those who have a developer certificate;
    • custom firmware is available to some customers, to download it, you need to have PWNage Tools and Sn0wbreeze programs, it is not officially distributed.

    Usually, the installation of new firmware is required in order to unlock the iPhone and be able to use the smartphone with any mobile operator. This applies to older versions of cell phones. Also, in this way, the gadget is restored if it was blocked due to an incorrect password.

    How to flash using iTunes

    IPhone firmware via iTunes allows you to restore your phone to work. To download a new software version to your phone, you need to follow these instructions:

    • the cell phone is connected to the equipment on which the iTunes program is installed, it can be a laptop or a stationary PC;
    • the connection must be made with the original cord;
    • then the owner should launch the iTunes application on his computer, if the launch process did not start automatically;
    • when the utility and the gadget are synchronizing, the smartphone icon will be displayed on the screen, you need to click on it;
    • after that, the user presses the “Shift” key and selects the “Restore” button on the screen;
    • a file with firmware will appear on the computer, which was previously downloaded to the stationary PC;
    • the file must be in the “IPSW” format;
    • if the software is not found, the system will inform the client about it by notification;
    • in order to start the process of updating the system, you must give your permission for the procedure;
    • then there will be an automatic download of the firmware to the cell phone.
    • note
    • During the installation process, the utility will delete all data from the cell phone. After the operation is completed, there will be no information on the smartphone. All settings will be reset to factory defaults. For this reason, it is recommended that you create a backup beforehand.

    Also, the firmware can be installed via a Wi-Fi network. This procedure is called by users “By Air” installation. If an iOS update is already available on your smartphone, you can complete the process without a computer. To install, follow these instructions:

    • first you need to go to the section with cell phone settings;
    • then the item “Basic” is selected on the screen;
    • now the client will need the section “Software update” from the list;
    • the process of searching for new firmware versions will start on the screen;
    • if there are new proposals, they will appear on the display;
    • then the owner will have to click the “Download and install” item;
    • when the procedure is completed, the new software will be installed on the smartphone.

    It is possible to install a new firmware in DFU mode. This method is necessary if recovery via Recovery Mode is not possible. The mode is used in case of serious failures in the smartphone system. It is usually used if the cell phone does not turn on. DFU allows you to reset all installed settings. To enter this mode, the user must perform the following actions:

    • the cell phone is connected to the computer using the original cable;
    • then on the iPhone, press the “Power” and “Home” buttons at the same time;
    • it takes about ten seconds to hold the combination;
    • when the required time has elapsed, the “Power” key is first released;
    • the “Home” button must be held down.

    Not all users can immediately enter this mode, since there are no changes on the display. To understand that the phone has entered the desired mode, you should look at the iTunes program window. As soon as the procedure is completed, a message about the found device in recovery mode will appear on the screen.

    Additionally, the firmware is performed through the recovery mode. The procedure is performed according to the following scheme:

    • the smartphone turns off, then the Home button is pressed and the cell phone is connected to the PC;
    • then you need to start the iTunes program, it must determine the cell, then click “OK”;
    • now you should select the item “Restore iPhone”;
    • the item is pressed while holding the “Shift” button;
    • after that, the file manager will be displayed on the screen;
    • the required firmware is selected.

    Then iTunes will perform all the steps automatically. When the procedure is completed, you can turn on your phone.

    What is iPhone firmware

    Before you install new software through a computer, you need to find out what kind of firmware methods there are. Today you can use two methods:

    • Recovery. This method is used when the client cannot use the smartphone due to a failure. Cell phone won’t turn on or freezes constantly. In this case, the client can independently reflash the iPhone via iTunes. For the operation to be successful, the owner must have access to a stationary computer, as well as to an already downloaded operating system.
    • Software Update. The installed operating system is changed to a new version that is offered to the user. The updated iOS will fix bugs and add new functionality. The update is performed via iTunes. Also, the operation can be carried out “by air”.
    • note
    • Before starting the installation process, it is recommended that you prepare your cell phone for the procedure. First, you should make a backup copy of all data from the gadget. If the installation process is disrupted, all information will be lost. Backup will allow you to restore parameters and files.

    How to flash a locked smartphone

    To do this, use the Tenorshare 4u Key unlock tool. The procedure is performed like this:

    • the phone is connected to the PC, the utility is launched;
    • then the item “Start” is selected on the screen;
    • you must first download the firmware for your smartphone;
    • to start recovery, press the “Open Now” button;
    • in 10-15 minutes the smartphone will be restored.

    After completing the procedure, you can turn on your cell phone and use it again. All data from the gadget will be deleted.

    Flashing a gadget via iTunes is not difficult. Also, the user can use third-party programs to restore his smartphone. The easiest way to install a new software version is through the section with phone settings.

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