How to set up locked screen on iPhone

How to call Siri on iPhone

It is convenient to call Siri using a wired and wireless headset. Using ordinary headphones, you need to hold down the call button until the assistant appears. On Airpods, this key is on the left and right earbuds. To quickly call Siri, this function must be configured.

How to enable Siri on iPhone

The most convenient way to enable Siri for many users was through the Home button. It was enough to hold down the key for a few seconds for the voice assistant menu to appear on the screen. However, with the advent of the iPhone X, XR and other new versions, this button was removed from the smartphone.

The first way to turn on the assistant now is to say “Hello Siri.” An internet connection must be present for the command to work. If you add to the phrase, for example, how many degrees are outside or the score of a football match, then the answer to the question posed will be displayed on the screen. It does not matter here whether the screen unlock is enabled or not.

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The method is popular on new iPhones

The next method is with the lock button. This is a new technology that replaces the Home button. It is enough to hold it down for a few seconds to summon Siri.

Note! If the microphone on the smartphone does not work, you can ask a question using the keyboard.

What is Siri on iPhone

Siri is a personal assistant capable of processing natural speech

Since then, the voice assistant has been evolving and updated regularly. One of the popular innovations is the support for different languages. You can call Siri now in English, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Thai, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Turkish, Swedish, Arabic, Malay, Finnish, Hebrew.

Siri is capable of playing jokes, songs and poems

Turning on Siri makes it much faster to perform daily activities, find out the news, and get answers to questions. With the assistant, it is convenient to take notes, turn on music, make calls and receive reminders. In addition to standard functions, the application can interact with other programs, for example, with the addition of the used bank. Without opening the program, the user can ask Siri to perform a series of simple operations with money. You can also send SMS in Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp and other systems that support the voice assistant function. You can get a complete list of available commands by saying “Siri, what can you do?” In some cases, such a program can save lives, for example, when you need to call the emergency services or look at the first aid rules.

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Note! For iPhones 7 and newer, the function of accessing Siri through the locked screen is implemented, which allows you to use it when your hands are busy.

Siri features include information about sporting events. This function is especially convenient for those who are regularly interested in the results of various events.

One of the frequently asked questions is weather information. The assistant copes with this perfectly. Here you can find out the forecast for one day, week or month. In addition to temperature, the assistant indicates the probability of precipitation, humidity and wind speed. Another useful addition is the management of alarms and timers. Instead of opening the “Clock” and creating an alarm every time, it is enough to tell Siri the phrase “Set the alarm” with the time. This function also applies to timers.

Note! Siri helps you control various smart devices in your home using the HomeKit app. For this feature, Apple has released a smart HomePod speaker with 6 microphones for detailed speech recognition.

How to set up Siri on iPhone

To set up Siri, you need to open the settings section and select “General”. From the proposed list, you should find a voice assistant. By clicking on the switch, the application is switched to active mode. Special functions can be set with the help of the assistant. Siri is capable of recognizing the voice of the owner of the smartphone, so do not ignore the step where it is instructed to speak a number of established phrases. After these manipulations, it will be easy to call Siri at any time.

Note! Running Siri in the background will reduce battery life. For this reason, it is recommended to disable the program.

How to enable Siri on iPhone 10 and other Apple devices

Siri in iPhone is a handy assistant application that is known to almost all Apple users. Activating Siri is quite simple, and the challenge is made in several ways. The peculiarity of the program is that communication with it takes place through the user’s voice, and not by typing. This method significantly saves time if you want to urgently make any request. How to call Siri on iPhone, every gadget owner should know.

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How to unlock iPhone with Siri or lock

At the moment, when you try to open an application or mail through Siri, the program can unlock the phone on its own. At the same time, anyone can do it. Manufacturers are trying to secure devices and eliminate such vulnerabilities. For example, when opening social networks, be sure to enter a password.

In the event that the iPhone password is forgotten, you can bypass it in this way:

  • Call Siri and ask the program for the current time.
  • By clicking on “Clock”, go to the application with a timer and alarm clock.
  • Here you can find the item “Ringtone selection”. “Buy ringtone”.

After the steps taken, iTunes will open, after which it is enough to press the “Home” button to access the phone.

The second way to unlock iPhone is as follows:

  • You need to call the locked phone and accept the incoming call.
  • Then you should click on “Messages” and select one for the answer.
  • A window for dialing SMS will appear on the screen.

Activating VoiceOver will unlock the To field and access all data on your phone.

Siri in activation mode is able to block the phone in case of a security threat

If the user has forgotten the password, then you can say goodbye to the phone and the information in it. However, thanks to the above methods, it is possible to bypass iPhone lock.

Note! To protect your phone from hacking, you should turn off Siri when not in use. It is also necessary to prohibit the use of applications and notifications when the screen of the mobile device is locked.

How to change the screen lock time?

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Select Security. If this item is not in the menu, try to find instructions for your phone on the manufacturer’s support website.
  • Tap Screen lock. If it is already configured, enter your PIN, password, or pattern to change.
  • Choose a blocking method.
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How to disable automatic blocking?

Open the settings, go to the “Screen lock and security” section. Click on Smart Lock, enter your pattern, PIN or password and select the condition for unlocking.

How to enable iPhone home button on screen?

How to enable the virtual Home button on the iPhone or iPad screen (Assistive Touch) Open Settings → General → Accessibility → Assistive Touch (in order to quickly find it, scroll down.

How to change screen lock time in Windows 10?

On the left side, select “Lock Screen”, on the right side, open “Screen Saver Options”. In the drop-down list, select the screensaver you like, next to the “Interval” set the inactivity time after which the screensaver will turn on, and also check the box “Start from the login screen” = click “OK”.

How to change Windows 8 lock screen time?

Detailed information about the program on the lock screen

  • Move your finger quickly from the right edge to the center of the screen, click the Settings bar, and then click the Change Computer Settings button.
  • Select Computer and Devices, and then click Lock Screen.

How to Change Huawei Screen Lock Time?

How to Customize Screen Lock Time on Huawei via Android Settings?

  • go to settings;
  • go to the section dedicated to the display (located in the “device” tab);
  • in the specified section there is an item related to the time the screen was turned off;

How to Increase Samsung Lock Screen Time?

Simple instruction to help you set up lock screen timeout on Samsung Galaxy S8. To do this, go to: Settings — Screen — Screen timeout. And here select the required value from 5 seconds to 30 minutes.

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