How to set up Mi Band 3 on Android

How to change the language on Mi Band 3. instructions

Step-by-step instructions with a photo are great for the Chinese version, as well as for the NFC version. Unlike the global version, the Chinese version is currently the cheapest, although in fact it is not inferior in quality and functionality to other versions.

The actions taken, in the end, completely solve the problems associated with the display of the Cyrillic alphabet. To work, you need a smartphone on Android OS. Other operating systems will not work. If you have an iPhone, for example, on iOS 11, then the basic instructions will be different.

Let’s look at three popular and working ways to change the language.

– installing firmware

And before you start, it’s worth noting that the phone needs to turn on airplane mode to prevent unnecessary actions.

  • MiFit app. if installed, be sure to uninstall. If he is no longer there, you can safely move on;
  • Next, download a special version of the MiFit application and install it. This is the stock version of the assistant It is completely ready-made and has built-in firmware in Russian;
  • Launch the utility and log in with your own Mi account;
  • Connect Mi Band 3 to your smartphone and start syncing;
  • After the synchronization has been carried out, the firmware will be downloaded and installed in automatic mode;

After that, the device will fully support the Russian language.

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How to change the language on Mi Band 3?

You will learn: how to change the language to English; how to make the Cyrillic display appear; how to change to Russian; what to do if iPhone and iOS phone.

– change language to English

Perhaps the easiest option to change the language. In order to change the language to English (maybe someone likes it more), you will need:

  • Go to phone settings;
  • Find the tab for changing the system language;
  • Change to English;
  • After a while, the language will change to Mi Band 3.

By the way, the same must be done to change the language back to Russian. Just in point 3, choose not English, but Russian.

– installing Mi Fit “from scratch”

For the first method, you will need to install the Mi Fit application, which, starting from version 3.4.4, translates the language of the watch into Russian. This is the official app from the developers.

At the moment, the official firmware has already been released, which supports the Russian language. Therefore, by connecting Mi Band 3 to an Android smartphone, the update will be downloaded and installed on the smart watch itself. After that, the watch will be fully Russified and support the display of the Cyrillic alphabet on the display.

IPhone manual

What should ios phone owner do? The main point is to go to the AppStore, download the Mi Fit app for ios or Mi Heart rate. Then Mi Band 3 to the iPhone and the application settings, select the item “Firmware update”. Then, in the list that appears, select the desired firmware, which will then be installed on the device itself.

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For iOS

IPhone owners have a small list of compatible programs. It:

Apps for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 watches

After purchase, the tracker is tied to the phone. To do this, you must download a dedicated application. The official software for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is Mi Fit. It will provide information from the tracker and set up the training mode. “Firmware” is downloaded from the Internet and installed automatically.

Some users prefer modifying the official application. Mi Fit mod Lolex.

  • display of the calendar in Russian;
  • compatibility with Russian social networks;
  • library of images for the background menu;
  • displaying the name of the caller;
  • adding Russian voice acting to training modes;
  • lack of advertising;
  • removal of irrelevant Chinese services.

The app provides pairing with 4 different Xiaomi smart devices. There are versions of the software product for both Abdroid and iOS.

What applications can be installed on Xiaomi Mi band 3

The application for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 guarantees the correct functioning of the fitness bracelet. Without it, many functions will not be available to the user. So, it will not be possible to track the state of the body during sleep, build the necessary graphs or set labels for behavior. Using the appropriate program will help the owner of the bracelet to expand the functionality for tracking daily activity and fixing achievements.

For Android

In addition to the official application, you can download popular software with which “Android” works on your smartphone:

  • Notify and Fitness. Allows you to track physical activity, control weight, set a smart alarm, send incoming calls, SMS and other messages to the tracker. The application has a clear interface and correctly displays the information transmitted from the wrist gadget.
  • Tools and Mi band. This program will help you get the most out of the functionality of your fitness bracelet. It is quite simple and does not require high technical characteristics of a mobile device. In addition to setting up incoming calls and notifications, the user has the ability to receive data on sleep and heart rate. The function “Sleep on the go” is of interest. Fitness bracelet “Xiaomi” will be able to wake up the owner after a short rest. The product functions correctly with the official app.
  • Mi bandage. Unleashes the full potential of the Mi Band tracker. For the functioning of the product, the installation of the official application is a prerequisite. It is possible to select actions for the desired event by the number or duration of screen touches. The software product allows you to control the player and flip through songs, adjust the volume, set an alarm, etc.

The “Copies” option allows you to create backup copies of settings and history in both manual and automatic modes.

For Windows Phone

For owners of mobile devices running on a Microsoft platform, there are few work programs that meet all the requirements for functionality and comfort.

Owners of the third generation of Xiaomi smart bracelets have access to 3 applications:

  • Mi Band Companion is considered one of the best utilities for Xiaomi fitness trackers. It has an attractive interface, but only a smart alarm clock is available in the free version. For the rest of the functions that track user activity, you need to purchase a license, which costs up to 200 rubles.
  • Mi band Tracker is the official app for gadgets running on Windows Phone. It is well Russified (most of the necessary functions are available), however, it has an illogical interface and often leads to malfunctions. Pairing with a wrist device is uncertain even with a native account.
  • Bind Mi Band is the only free app that works correctly with Mi Band. It has a smart alarm clock, calorie burner counter, pedometer and other functions that the user needs to monitor physical activity.

What to do if Mi Band 3 says “Open the application

Errors sometimes appear on 3rd generation Xiaomi devices. One of them reads: “Open the application.” In this case, the screen of the gadget glows, and it itself does not respond to any pressing or other actions. This situation arises due to the incompatibility of the firmware used and the Mi Fit application. This is due to incorrect loading of resources when updating a software product.

The problem is solved by manually reinstalling the version.

To do this, you need to do 1 of the following:

  • When installing, check the compatibility of the fonts of the gadget and the installed resource. A fully charged battery must be a prerequisite for correct installation of the product. After that, the firmware file is launched through the explorer using Gadgetbridge, and then compatible fonts and products are installed. The gadget should work.
  • For iPhone owners, the Amaztools software is available. You need to download the file with the.fw extension to the gadget and synchronize the application with the tracker. After installing the “firmware” file, the problem should be removed.

If both options did not lead to a positive result, then you can try to remove the error by downloading the Mi Heart Rate utility. Due to the fact that the product is paid, you need to purchase a subscription to the PRO version. After “flashing” the bracelet, the problem should be removed, and the device should work without comment.

How To Connect Mi Band 3 With Android Phone | Mi Fit App Setup With Android Phones | Complete Guide

Third Party Programs

In general, setting is a one-time process, then you will not go beyond the status tab when entering the application. But if the capabilities of MiFit are few, there are analogues: Mi Band Master and Notify Fitness. These utilities can work as an addition to Mi Fit or independently.

Let’s talk about the capabilities of Mi Band Master and Notify Fitness, in general there are many of them, but I will describe only the main ones.

Notify Fitness

Quite the opposite of sports-oriented software. It can be described for hours, the functionality is so wide. Lots of formulas for calculating calories burned per day, and tons of workout options.

Mi band master

The program is very similar to the official application, but has a number of additional benefits. In events, there is an option to alert you when your phone is fully charged / discharged. Determination of sleep phases, according to the developers themselves, works on the basis of a unique algorithm. The main plus is support, the developers are Russian-speaking and answer the same day. It is very pleasant and important.

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Setting up Mi band 3

First of all, Mi Band 3 should be connected to the official Mi Fit app, for Android or iOS. After installing and launching the software, you should log into your account or create a new one by email, phone or by linking to your Google account. After registration, the software will ask you to fill in personal data: age, weight, height, etc. Next, we create a pair between the bracelet and the smartphone. we bring the gadget closer to the smartphone and synchronize.

If you did everything correctly, the watch will vibrate and you will need to press the touch button to complete the synchronization. In the article we will talk about the initial setup of the device and give useful recommendations.

Basic settings for Mi Fit

The main screen of the program has three sections “Status”, “Training”, “Profile”.

    Status. this window displays the progress for the day, the number of steps taken, the last sleep, heart rate, weight. At the very bottom, a sorting icon is displayed, which controls the order in which objects are displayed: you can swap them or remove them from the main screen using the slider. Training. 4 types of physical activity are available in the application, work with maps via GPS is supported. Profile. in this window, the basic setting of the smart watch is made. Run in the background. the application must always run. Inside is an instruction on how to do this on your phone. Screen unlock. for those who do not have a fingerprint scanner, you can configure this feature, and you can unlock your phone without a password. The tracker will be the “key” for unlocking the smartphone. Incoming calls. to receive notifications on Mi Band about incoming calls, this function must be enabled. Events are regular notifications that will be displayed on the clock at a specified time. “Do not mess around” is a convenient function, if the smart watch sees that you have been sitting in one place for a long time, a message will come with an offer to walk. You can customize the time interval for notifications. Incoming SMS. similar to incoming calls. Goal notification. you will receive notifications about the completed goal (number of steps). Do not disturb. in this mode, the time interval is configured when the phone will not send notifications to the bracelet (for example, at night). Search for a bracelet. turns on a short vibration, The option is useless, if the Mi Band lies somewhere under the sofa, you will not hear the vibration and, accordingly, you will not find it. The location of the bracelet. choose on which hand, we will wear it. Heart rate detection. there are three options to choose from, automatic detection, where the time interval is set. Sleep assistant. will run continuously from the moment you fall asleep. Automatic detection and sleep assistant. Find phone. choose a melody that will play while searching for a smartphone. Night mode. you can set the time interval to decrease the brightness of the screen and save energy. Locking the bracelet screen. I see no point in this, but to protect against accidental clicks. that’s the thing. Weather settings. turn on GPS on your device, the application will automatically find the city and set up the display of weather conditions.

After finishing working with the basic settings, let’s go back one step to the profile:

    Activity goal and weight goal. according to the app itself, doctors recommend walking for at least 40 minutes a day, that is, 8000 steps, but you can set any other value. Friends. add friends who have a Xiaomi smartwatch and follow their statistics. Add account. setting up synchronization with other applications. Wake up notification. you will receive a notification with sleep statistics. Smart Analysis. Gives advice by analyzing sleep. Such advice, to be honest, I did not receive.

Personal experience

At the moment, I cannot single out any one program. As the main application, I use Mi Fit with a one-time setting. Sometimes I just adjust my weight, track my sleep and pulse. But I do not have enough sports functions, and as an add-on I use Notify Fitness. The key advantage in my case was the ability to select formulas for calculating calories and edit the values ​​of heart rate zones, but problems with synchronization and tracking sleep phases prevent you from using the software on an ongoing basis.

Please note that I use all applications in the PRO version.

For Mi band 3 to work correctly, you need to connect them to the Mi Fit program for the first time, and then the main application can be any of the above. They all have pros and cons, but for each they will have their own.

Does the tracker work without a phone

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 can work without synchronization with a mobile device, but in this case, the list of its functions is reduced. The user can only measure the pulse, see how many steps he took and spent calories.

To fully experience the benefits of Xiaomi Mi Band 3, it is better to use it with a smartphone.

How to connect to an Android phone or iPhone

The third modification of the bracelet is significantly ahead of the previous versions. An enlarged touch screen, a more modern capsule design, high resistance to moisture, a reliable strap. these are not all the advantages of Mi Band 3. information is reflected on its display, menu control is performed by swipes (finger movements on the touch screen).

But almost all functions of the fitness bracelet will be unavailable if the user cannot pair it with the phone. To configure the tracker and take advantage of all its capabilities, you need to download the Mi Fit program.

To set up an Android smartphone, you need to search for the Mi Fit application on Google Play, install it, and then open it. If the user has an account, then he needs to enter the application in one of the following ways: Mi, We Chat, Google. If you don’t have an account, then create one. Registration is carried out via email or phone number.

  • Select your current location. If what is offered does not suit you, then click “Next” and make your choice.
  • Press the “Accept” button, so you agree to the privacy policy.
  • Create an account by choosing one of the options (as during login), after that you will automatically be taken to the “Authorization” page.
  • Indicate the place where you live.
  • Enter mailbox address.
  • Create a “Mi-account”.
  • Create a password (minimum number of characters. 16).
  • Confirm password.
  • Enter the security code (captcha).
  • Click the “Login” button to activate your account.

If you register via phone, then repeat all steps from 1 to 4 points, then enter the phone number. Then enter the captcha, log into your account and activate it.

Important! After creating an account, Mi Fit prompts you to enter important information, such as gender, weight, height, etc.

After entering the data, it is recommended to determine the daily rate of steps (on average. 5000-8000). Then Mi Fit will monitor daily how the user completes the task.

Next, you need to select “Bracelet” from the list of devices. Then keep the fitness tracker close to your mobile device for the syncing to be successful. After the bundle, the device vibrates. Press the touch key on the monitor. After that, you can configure the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 to work.

The iPhone is connected according to the same plan as a bundle of a fitness bracelet with Android. The only difference is that Mi Fit needs to be downloaded from the App Store. You must give all the permissions that the program asks for, and then log into your account or register.

Synchronization of Mi Fit with Xiaomi Mi Band 3 occurs via Bluetooth. Therefore, keep the wireless connection active.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 settings: phone connection, notifications, russification

Fans of Xiaomi Mi Band series fitness bracelets have long been waiting for the release of the third version of the gadget. The updated model surpasses the previous ones in functionality and design.

Already in the first weeks of release, more than a million copies of the tracker were sold. However, not all users manage to immediately figure out how to use the device.

To experience all the benefits of the updated sports gadget, you need to know the answers to frequently asked questions.

How to set the time

Setting the time on the Mi Band 3 is simple, you don’t need any special software. After Russification of the fitness bracelet, the time is automatically copied from the smartphone. It is enough to sync the phone and the tracker via Mi Fit or another application to set up the watch.

It is interesting! The third model Mi Band 3 does not have the option “Time format”, unlike the previous version.

If the user lives in a time zone where the time is switched to winter and summer, then he needs to synchronize Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with a smartphone. If this is not done, then the time on the fitness bracelet will not pass. If desired, the data can be changed manually.

How To Setup Mi Smart Band 3 | Mi Band 3 Unboxing. Date & Time Change | Mi Smart Band 3 How To Use

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 may not show the time. In this case, you need to check the settings to make sure they are correct. Sometimes there is no clock on the display if the installed custom firmware is of poor quality. To check this, follow this plan:

  • Enter “Profile”, select the bracelet.
  • Enter display settings.
  • Check if the “Clock face” is active, if not, then turn on this object.
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After completing these steps, the time should appear on the screen of the fitness bracelet.

How to use: quick guide

With the help of the instructions for the fitness bracelet, you will know what it is capable of and how to set it up correctly:

  • The main screen of the tracker contains the clock and date. There is also a Bluetooth symbol, battery level, number of steps. You can navigate the menu using touch, as the screen is touch.
  • To measure your heart rate, press the button on the screen for a few seconds.
  • Alerts can be flipped by touching to the right, and if you hold down the button, they will be deleted.
  • Weather for 3 days. To flip through the calendar, you need to slide your finger across the screen to the right.
  • To activate the training mode, hold down the button, then Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will measure the pulse and count the time without interruption. To pause, you need to hold down the key again, and to continue, press the screen again.
  • In the “Details” tab there is a timer, “Silent” mode on a smartphone, search for a phone (when Bluetooth is on), screen settings (select a dial).
  • To be able to unlock the screen of a phone paired with a fitness bracelet, you need to enter the settings and add it to the list of trusted devices. The function works if the devices are located within the Bluetooth range.
  • To add an important event, press the button with “”, write the text, define the time of the notification, set the repeat (once, every day, week, etc.).
  • It is possible to set an alarm that wakes up with vibration. You can configure the snooze mode and the frequency of the signal.
  • To set up notifications, you need to enter the tab of the same name and select the required applications from the list of applications. After that, messages will be displayed on the screen, you can scroll through them using a swipe to the left.
  • Set the time interval and rest time to activate the “Don’t mess around” function.
  • The watch screen can display SMS from the phone. To do this, you need to go to “” and activate the message notification function.
  • Do not disturb mode can be activated. The user can set the start and end times for this period. On the same page, you can turn on the function of displaying information when you swing a brush.

The main functions of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 were described above, but there are still additional ones, for example, finding a fitness bracelet, visibility via Bluetooth, viewing information when raising your hand, locking the screen, setting the weather, etc. It will take some time to figure out all the functionality of the tracker, but with the help of tips and instructions, it will be possible over time.

Turn on Bluetooth on the fitness watch

The disadvantages of the third generation of Mi Band 3 fitness bracelets include the inability to turn off or turn off Bluetooth manually. The wireless connection is always active, which makes the tracker drain faster.

If desired, the Smart Watch can be made invisible to other Bluetooth devices. To do this, go to the settings, find “Visibility” and disable this option.

If Bluetooth often turns off, notifications do not work, then you need to check the fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • The distance between the phone and Mi Band 3 is small.
  • Only one program is used to control the Smartwatch.

The NRF Connect For Mobile program will help to establish a Bluetooth connection between a smartphone and Xiaomi Mi Band 3:

  • Click on “Scunner”, connect to the found device.
  • Go to the “Bonded” page and click “Connect”.

Minimize the program and link the fitness bracelet to the phone in Mi Fit.

Important! You can notice errors in the operation of Bluetooth on the main screen of Xiaomi Mi Band 3. The state of the wireless connection displays a special icon: if it is crossed out, then there is no connection, and vice versa.

The pair can be configured so that the user will be notified if the connection is lost. To do this, you need to log into Mi Band Master and perform the following actions:

  • Enter the settings, click “Events”.
  • Click on “Add”.
  • Select “The bracelet is connected”.
  • Customize the type of alerts.

The Bluetooth connection must be stable so that the user can properly upload data and set up the bracelet. The connection status can be monitored via the home screen or notifications.

Tools Mi band

One of the main functions of this software is individual notifications that can be flexibly configured for each individual application. The license costs 270 rubles, but there is no free version.

  • Link tracker to utility.
  • Give her access to notifications (she must request permission herself).
  • Go to the “Applications” tab.
  • Click on the plus sign.
  • Select a program from the list, for example, Whatsapp.
  • Carefully familiarize yourself with each item of the settings and make a choice.
  • You can configure repeat, prohibit display when the screen is on, ignore repeated notifications.
  • There are unique templates that allow you to set vibration with or without LEDs.
  • When saving, the tab will display the saved applications.
  • You can remove them with a long tap.

How to turn on?

It should be noted right away that it is not difficult to turn on notifications, and there are plenty of them in the third version of smart watches: about an incoming call, about an alarm clock, about inactivity for an hour, about a completed goal. Today we will talk exclusively about notifications from applications:. Viber, WhatApp, Gmail, Telegram Yandex mail, etc.

Not receiving notifications

One of the most common problems with Xiaomi bracelets is poor notification performance. Users complain that messages from some applications do not arrive, arrive with a delay, or are duplicated.

On Android smartphones, you need to check the checklist:

  • Mi fit (or other software) must have rights to work in the background and access to notifications.
  • Only one application is used to handle alerts.
  • Make sure there are no restrictions for the background of the application.
  • Check that Mi fit (or analog) is activated in autostart (you can do this in the settings).

In the “apple” operating system, the program must also have access to notifications. Another important point. you need to activate “Other” in the list of selected applications so that messages come not only from the programs that are present in the list. This mechanic was tested by one of the users: there was no Gmail in the settings, but when the last item was activated, notifications of new letters from this service were successfully received on the bracelet.

The problem with Whatsapp

Fitness tracker owners often report that they don’t receive notifications from WhatsApp. Someone receives SMS notifications, but calls are not processed. Others say that if several messages arrive, then only one is displayed correctly.

You can set up normal notifications from WhatsApp through third-party software, which is indicated in this article. If you managed to stabilize the work of messages from this messenger, then unsubscribe in the comments.

Alert Bridge

Another utility for the third generation of bracelets, which is designed to create individual alert templates.

  • To bind a device, you can select a bracelet from the list of connected Bluetooth devices, or enter the MAC address manually and give the application permission.
  • Next, let’s move on to the main settings. First you need to select all the necessary programs and activate the switches.
  • After saving, the status will display the number of connected applications.
  • In the display format, you can select one of the available options: you can display the title, application name and text.
  • A very important point is Emoji replacement. Mi band 3 does not understand them, so it makes sense to disable emoticons to save space for text output.
  • You can ignore some messages so that they are not displayed on the tracker. To do this, you must specify a title or text.

The functionality of the software is really cool, only annoying ads are displayed at the very bottom. To disable ads, you need to pay 60 rubles. However, such a small amount is a modest payment for stably working notifications without hieroglyphs, special characters and duplication. You can customize, for example, notifications and set your own template.

As for the iPhone, the setting of notifications in the proprietary Mi Fit application does not differ from Android. But there are problems with third-party software. there is only Mi band Master. Compared to the “green work” operating system, there is practically no choice, so you will have to be content with existing software solutions.


On models from different manufacturers: Meizu, Huawei, Lenovo or Xiaomi, the setting may differ slightly, but they are all united by one operating system, so the instructions can be considered universal.

  • So, first you need to bind Mi gang 3 to Mi Fit.
  • Next, select a device from the list and click on the “Alerts” tab.
  • Activate the switch to enable PUSH notifications.
  • A tab with all applications should open. From them you need to select the necessary ones and check the box.

Notifications from applications are processed through Mi Fit, so you need to give the program permission to run in the background.

On Xiaomi, you can configure the work of notifications for the bracelet as follows:

  • Go to the “Applications” settings tab.
  • Find Mi fit and choose it.
  • Click on “Other permissions”.
  • Activate by ticking “Run in background”.

After that, you need to restart the program and test the operation by sending SMS to your phone.

Mi band 3 notifications

Mi band 3 changed all the ideas about budget fitness trackers that were previously on the electronics market. Touchscreen display, timer / stopwatch, weather widget and most importantly. the “Notifications” section, where the number of alerts is displayed.

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In order to read the message, you just need to swipe to the left, if you hold down the bracelet button for 3-5 seconds, then all notifications will be erased. At first, messages were shown with hieroglyphs and question marks, but recently all the main unofficial programs have fixed errors: duplication, incomprehensible symbols, etc.

The structure of the notification is simple: at the top of the Mi Band 3, the application icon, its name is displayed, and below the message text. The large message is divided into parts (to switch, you need to swipe to the left again), there is a limit of 120 characters. The tracker memory can store up to 5 messages. When a new notification arrives, the screen backlight turns on for 5 seconds and the tracker starts vibrating. If after 1-2 minutes another notification is received, it will be displayed as the last one.

In this article we will tell you how to set up notifications, which programs to use besides Mi Fit and what to do if notifications do not come.

Background mode activation

In order for WhatsApp to remain active on Xiaomi, you need to ensure that it is constantly running in the background. In this case, you need to configure the application in such a way that its operation does not “eat up” the battery charge.

For these purposes, the following actions are carried out:

    In “Security” the “Power” section opens, and then “Application Activity” is selected;

  • Open the desired program and select “Smart Mode” from the available settings, which recognizes the importance of the application and keeps important processes running.
  • After that, messages from both Viber and WhatsApp should come to the Xiaomi smartphone.

    Notification functions in Mi Band

    Incoming call: after activating this function, a request for access to smartphone functions will appear. just confirm the request. Then you can configure additional parameters: Show contact details (shows the name of the caller on the Mi Band screen) and Snooze notifications (the bracelet starts to vibrate some time after the call is received. from 3 to 30 seconds).

    Events: this function allows you to set a reminder for an event. Everything works very simply. Click the “Add” button, enter a comment that accurately describes the event and set up the notification display time and frequency (daily, weekly, every month, every year, select days).

    Alarm clock: On the next screen, you can add up to 10 different alarms. Click on a preset alarm to edit it, or click “Change” to set the exact time and schedule (for example, daily, Monday to Friday, or optional). In the “Edit” mode, you can delete unwanted alarms by clicking on the red icon.

    Notifications: in this section, you can configure notifications from mobile clients of social networks, instant messengers and other installed applications. Click on the “Manage Applications” button, and simply check the boxes for the required applications. After that, notifications from these applications will be displayed directly on the screen of the Mi Band 3 bracelet, and in the case of Mi Band 2, either a unique application icon (WhatsApp) will appear, or a standard icon signaling the arrival of a new notification.

    “Don’t mess around”. this function activates special notifications that are triggered only after a certain time of inactivity and offer to warm up and take a walk. In the function settings, you can set the start time and end time of the function. In addition, you can turn on Do Not Disturb mode, for example, for lunch. during this time, notifications of inactivity will not come.

    Incoming SMS. the user has only a simple switch to enable or disable the function. The bracelet screen will display the text of the message, as well as information about the sender. the contact’s name or phone number.

    Goal notifications. this feature allows you to turn on a notification when you have reached the number of steps you have set as a goal per day. After activating the option, Mi Band will vibrate when you reach your goal.

    Do Not Disturb is a useful and powerful feature for turning off notifications during a set period (between Start Time and End Time). The option helps to maximize flexibility in configuring the notification function in Mi Band.

    After setting the desired personal notifications in Mi Band, you no longer need to worry about missed important calls, messages or notifications from social networks. This function will be useful for both work activity and personal life.

    How to set different vibration notifications on Xiaomi Mi Band 5

    Do you want to know by vibration if you have received a message, an alert about an upcoming event or an alarm? With the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 gadget, this is possible. And I’ll tell you how to set up all kinds of vibrations for different types of notifications.

    The first step is to open the proprietary Mi Fit application, then open the “Profile” tab and click on your smart bracelet Mi Band 5.

    The next step is to select the item “Vibration”.

    Next, click on the type of alerts on which you want to set a unique vibration.

    Then click on the “Add” button located at the bottom.

    To vibrate for notification, you need to tap on the smartphone display.

    After completing the drawing, you can check the vibration on the Xiaomi tracker itself. To do this, press the “Device vibration” button located at the bottom left.

    Now you need to click on “Save” and assign a name to the entry.

    Then it remains to select this vibration pattern.

    With the help of these manipulations, you can create vibrations for all types of notifications of your Mi Band 5.

    You can also watch this instruction in video format:

    What types of notifications can you customize

    The need to receive messages from the phone appears when the user does not want to constantly check social networks or other closed applications for messages or calls there. Mi Band 3 provides this opportunity. On the device, you can set up notifications about:

    • SMS;
    • Calls;
    • Events that were recorded earlier;
    • Messages from social networks;
    • Applications;
    • The weather;
    • Messages from messengers (Whatsapp, Viber, etc.).


    If Mi Smart Band 5 does not charge and Mi Fit does not see it, you should suspect a serious breakdown. Perhaps the gadget fell from a great height onto a hard surface, or you stepped on it. This is confirmed by the presence of physical damage. There are no external flaws, which means that a software failure has occurred. If the tracker display lights up intermittently, try restarting it or resetting it to factory settings.


    Mi Band 5 works without recharging for 14-20 days. Energy-intensive features such as continuous heart rate monitoring reduce the rate to 10 days. If there is less than 10% charge remaining, the fitness tracker must be connected to a power source. Otherwise, a forced shutdown will occur, which has a bad effect on the battery and the gadget itself.

    We connect a magnetic charger to the wearable device and wait. The display may not light up immediately, but after 30-50 minutes. Experts recommend recharging the bracelet during the day if the discharge has occurred to 0%. Charging did not help. it means that the cause of the malfunction is different, or the Band went offline, from where only the master will lead him.

    Tools Mi band

    Our users want all messages to be sent to the tracker in Russian. This is not difficult to do. For this, there is a special program that allows you to configure alerts for specific programs. The only drawback is that the free version does not currently exist, and the license costs 250 rubles.

    To manage notifications, you need to do the following:

    • Link a fitness bracelet to your account;
    • Allow access to notifications;
    • Go to the “Applications” section;
    • Click on “”;
    • Choose what you need;
    • Select the appropriate item from the settings.

    The paid version of the program can be explained by several advantages: the ability to set a repeat, ignore repeated notifications, block messages when the screen is on.

    Master for Mi Band

    Third-party software with more advanced functionality. It is installed on Android for free, and the owners of iPhones need to pay 200 rubles.

    Alerts are divided into several tabs: “Applications”, “Calls”, “SMS messages”, “Events” and “Reminders”. In addition to activating the function, you can carry out detailed customization using templates. Namely: select the type of notification. vibration, text, heading, configure inclusive / excluding filters, delay between triggers, etc.

    There are only two templates available if you use the free option. The PRO version removes this limitation. For example, you can put different filters on. WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber. If you want to use the same template, set the parameters “Any application” and “All contacts”.

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