How to set weather on Honor phone screen

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How to install a widget on your phone’s home screen

You can set the weather on the phone screen like this:

  • Press your finger on an empty space on the main Honor screen, hold your finger until the screen window shrinks and a menu appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the menu, select the section “Widgets”.
  • In the list of available widgets, find the weather widget you want to add to your home screen.
  • Press and hold the widget until it is placed on the home screen.
  • The widget can be released when it is in the right place.

Weather widget on Honor phone screen

In the user interface used in Huawei / Honor and is called EMUI, the stock weather widget first appeared in version 5.0. With its appearance, it became much easier to find out the current meteorological data on Honor 6, 6a, 7a, 7c, 8, 8x, 9, 10 and other models.

The Weather application itself is located on the desktop or in the Tools folder. It provides the user with detailed information about temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, and also indicates the phase of the moon, sunrise and sunset times. To instantly update information, you need to swipe the screen down for a couple of seconds.

You can configure the application to receive a forecast not only for your city, but in addition to this, specify several (up to ten) other cities. The transition to the screen with the weather for the selected cities is carried out by swiping right-left.

In order to open the option for selecting cities, you need to click on the corresponding icon, which is located in the upper left corner of the application window. At the top right is a gear-shaped icon. these are settings. Here the user selects the unit of temperature measurement (Auto (° C), ° C, ° F), turns on the automatic update of the forecast (every hour, every 2 hours, every 6 hours, every 12 hours, or every 24 hours).

By the way, Google Play has a huge selection of alternative weather widgets. The best ones are Weather & Clock Widget for Android, Transparent Clock & Weather (Ad-free), Zooper Widgets, etc.

Problems with weather updates

It happens that the weather information is not updated on the widget. What could be the reason, and what to do in such a situation?

Reason 1. Failure after updating the firmware version.

Sometimes after installing a new firmware version (EMUI and Android), the weather widget that is displayed on the lock screen “freezes”. In order for the information to start updating again, just go to the lock screen settings and turn off the weather display function. After a few minutes, you can activate it again, and after that there should be no problems.

You can remove the widget from Honor’s home screen, and then, as described under the heading above, add it back to the screen. If, along with this widget, after the firmware update, some applications stop working correctly, freezes and other problems begin, you will have to act more radically and reset the system to factory settings.

Reason 2. Out of memory resources

Here we are talking about a lack of RAM, as a result of which the information ceases to be updated automatically. How to solve a problem:

  • Go to “Settings” of the device.
  • Find the section “Apps and notifications”.
  • Open “Applications”.
  • In the list of applications that opens, select “Weather”.
  • Click “Stop” to stop the application.
  • Clear cache on your phone.

After clearing the cache, you need to restart your smartphone, open the “Weather” application, click the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen and enable the option to automatically update data. In the same settings, check and set the information update interval. Don’t forget to enable your device’s location feature as well.

Reason 3. Power saving option is enabled

The weather widget will stop showing updated data if the power saving option is automatically or manually enabled on your smartphone. Of course, you don’t need to give up the energy-saving mode. You just need to properly configure the operation of the “Weather” application:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Next, open sequentially the sections “Battery and performance.” Energy saving “-” Select applications “.
  • On the “System” tab, find the “Weather” application, open it.
  • We select the “No restrictions” mode.

Now even if your Honor is switched to energy-saving mode, the information will not stop updating.

Work screen

A variety of information is displayed on the working screen of the mobile device. On the phone, we can communicate with friends, watch photos, movies, exchange messages and files. The capabilities of modern smartphones are very large, and there are also a lot of processes that a smartphone SIMultaneously operates with. Therefore, so that the owner of a modern phone does not get confused and can control his device, the necessary information for the convenience of its perception is displayed on the screen in the form of icons and icons. They are also called pictograms.

Icons and icons on the home screen of the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone. What does the Home screen look like and what do the icons and icons on the screen of a Huawei (Honor) cell phone mean??

The entire surface of the Home screen is divided into areas and each area has its own purpose:

  • Status bar at the top of the screen: Provides network connection information, battery level, and notification icons.
  • Notification panel: Contains icons for basic smartphone functions. Opened by swiping from top to bottom from the top Status bar.
  • Working area of ​​the screen: contains icons (icons) of applications, folders and widgets.
  • Home Screen Indicator: Indicates which Home screen is currently displayed.
  • Quick Access Toolbar: Contains icons for frequently used applications. This panel is present in all windows of the Home screen.
  • Navigation bar at the bottom of the screen: these are the virtual navigation buttons.

The appearance of the main working screen of the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone looks like this:

26 comments to “Icons and icons on the home screen of the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone.”

Hello, child has removed application icons from the working area of ​​the screen, how can I transfer applications to the home screen of a smartphone?

In the Android operating system, the icon on the home screen displays the application itself. Those. if you have deleted an application icon from the home screen, then you have deleted this application from the smartphone’s memory. But this does not apply to system applications. this is sacred.
Therefore, in order to restore application icons to the Home screen, you need to go to the Google Play Store and reinstall the applications.
Yours faithfully.

Hello! How can you increase the size of the icon on the desktop? How to increase the size of the notification bar?

Unfortunately, this cannot be done in the standard way through the Smartphone settings.
Yours faithfully.

I ask you to inform how, to speed up access, to make a shortcut to the “data transfer” icon on the desktop. not to use the curtain constantly? It is not in the existing widget ((honor 10)

The standard set of widgets “on / off Data transfer” on Huawie is not. But for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. yes (see the Power Management widget).
Therefore, try to install a third-party widget from the Internet to enable / disable “Mobile Data”.
Yours faithfully.

Good evening. Once I was watching a movie and I accidentally didn’t understand how, but it (the window with the movie) came out on the desktop as an additional window in the upper corner, but I watched the movie and rewrote it with a password, and at the same time I could move it to the right and to the left where it is convenient for me. And now I can’t figure out how to do it again, because dividing the screen into two, the video stops, that is, you either watch or write. Please tell me how to do this, I searched the entire Internet and did not find (((

You just went into multi-window mode. How to enable this mode is described in the article “How to enable Two windows mode on a HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?”.
But you won’t be able to watch two videos at the same time. the applications must be different.
Yours faithfully.

Hello. From time to time, all the icons from the quick access panel (at the bottom of the desktop screen) move somewhere in the middle, and they don’t want to climb back at all. After a reboot, everything is restored. What’s happening?

sorry for delay.
Most likely, this is the action of one of the running applications.
Clear the phone memory and check all running applications, you need to close unnecessary ones.
Yours faithfully.

how to restore icons to the screen of system native programs. such as camera. calculator, etc. child deleted. The applications have all these applications. but there are no icons on the screen.

Most likely, you will have to use a radical tool. completely clear the cache of your phone. For this:
1. Turn off the phone.
2. SIMultaneously press and hold the power and volume up buttons for 10 seconds.
The Recovery menu appears.
The transition between its menu lines up and down is made by the volume up-down buttons, and the menu item is selected by the power key.
3.Use these keys to select the Wipe cache partition item. Make no mistake with the point! Press the power button.
4. Upon completion of clearing the CACHE, reboot the phone again. the first line of the recovery menu.
6. After turning on the phone, most likely, all system application icons will return to their places and will work properly as before.
Yours faithfully.

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After transferring data via Google account to the new Huawei, 3 desktops were filled with applications. I scattered everything into folders, but still the folders take up a lot of space. How to make sure that the application icons were not on the desktop, but somewhere in the general list of applications in the tray when you swipe up?

Change the style of the home screen from “Normal” to “Application screen”:
Settings. Screen. Home screen style. Select “Application Screen”.
Or you can hide applications, but to do this, use a special application for protecting applications from unauthorized persons such as “Hide App”, “MAX AppLock”, etc.
Yours faithfully.

Hello, I want to change the standard appearance of icons on Huawei p smart to icons from a pure android. It is possible to do it?

Yes, it can be done. Since about mid-November 2018, the THEMES application has been automatically updated, and now it has become easier to do many things to change the installed Theme, style of screens and icons.
First download the Theme (ready-made Screen Style), the icons from which you want to install yourself. To do this, you need to find your Theme in the TEMA application and “Download” it without installing.
1. Launch the THEMES application from the Home screen.
2. Next, click on the “I” icon at the bottom of the screen on the right.
3. Select the item “Configure”.
4. Select the item “Icons”.
5. Select the Theme, the icons from which you want to install. Click “Apply”. Or to “Customize” if you want to select each icon separately.
Everything, the icons have changed.
How to do it is described in the article “How to change the theme on the smartphone HUAWEI (honor)?”.
Yours faithfully.

Good afternoon! When downloading from the play market, icons of installed programs are no longer added to the desktop. There is no menu in the settings for automatically creating an icon during installation. Can you tell me how to fix.

sorry for delay.
Most often this happens when the installed application is installed on the SD card in the phone’s memory.
Therefore, try reinstalling the application not on SD, but in the phone’s memory.
Yours faithfully.

Hello, how to remove inscriptions with icons on the desktop?

Unfortunately, the ability to delete the inscription (application name) under the icon on the Desktop through the Settings of the HUAWEI (Honor) smartphone under the Android 8.0 Operating System is not provided.
Yours faithfully.

Can you please tell me why some of the icons on Honor 8x are gray? For example, the “settings” icon and “SIM card menu”.

Please specify exactly where the icons are grayed out and whether they allow you to open the corresponding programs, despite the gray color.
Yours faithfully.

Can you please tell me how to restore application icons (both native and installed) to the desktop? The applications themselves are in the list of installed ones and are launched. Wipe cache partition didn’t help. Also, missing icons are displayed in multi-window mode.

Hello. bought a month ago Honor 8x. And for this month, the 2nd time there is some kind of failure, apparently. the bottom line is that all the icons on one of the pages of the desktop seem to be reset. and where there should be a call-SMS-browser and something else move to the middle of the screen in a heap. not separately, namely in a heap on top of each other. and you cannot drag them to the opposite place. only restarting the phone helps.

sorry for delay.
You need to contact HUAWEI service center to return your phone.
Yours faithfully.

Turning off time

The lock screen clock in Android OS is disabled through the settings. But since manufacturers modernize the system and release their own shells, this operation is not always carried out according to the standard scheme.

No such feature was found in EMUI. The clock cannot be removed from the lock screen, the developers did not add such an option. Perhaps it is present in custom firmware for these devices.

How to Move, Remove and Reset Time on Huawei and Honor Lock Screen

Need to move time on your Huawei or Honor lock screen? Many users encounter problems when performing this operation on Android mobile phones. Our article will consider this issue and provide the information you are interested in.

How to remove double time on the lock screen?

The EMUI shell has the ability to display home and local time. Dual clocks appear on the screen for user convenience. But they can be disabled according to this scheme:

  • Go to settings.
  • Go to date and time options.
  • Find the item “Dual Clock”.
  • Click on it to deactivate.

How to put time on the lock screen?

The clock on the lock display is available immediately after activating a new device. This widget is included in the operating system at the software level. Therefore, the owner does not need to manually activate the watch.

How to remove time from the lock screen?

The ability to completely remove the clock also raises many questions. Can this be done at all? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

How to Move Time on Honor Lock Screen?

Huawei and Honor smartphones enjoy a certain popularity. In fact, these phones are produced by one company, only under different brands and they are designed for different market segments. The smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer use their own shell. It has a stylish interface and features. One of the features of the shell is beautiful and unique date and time widgets.

Many users have a question: “How to set the time on the lock screen, move it to another place”? It is important to know that the shell of these smartphones does not allow you to move the widgets in this area. You can only use the style and placement of elements provided by the developer.

Is there really no way to change the layout of the widgets? The only option is to set a different style for the lock screen. Required:

  • Go to settings.
  • In the menu, find the item “Security and privacy”.
  • Click on the section “Screen lock and passwords”.
  • Go to “Lock screen style”.
  • This section offers several options for further selection. Click on one of the styles, then click on “Apply”.
  • Now your smartphone has a different lock screen with a different design and placement of the clock. But you can always return the previous option according to the described scheme.

There is a Themes application on the desktop. It contains additional options for the design of the shell and lock screen. There are many different themes available for smartphones from this Chinese manufacturer for every taste.

weather, honor, phone, screen

Why is the lock screen wrong time?

Is the time on the lock screen wrong? There are many reasons for this. lost settings, software errors, problems on the developer’s servers, etc. What the user needs to do:

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

How to install widget on Home screen of HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?

A widget is information expressed in a visual graphical form of a small size, reflecting the result of the activity of any program on the device screen. SIMply put, it is a very visual picture containing useful information obtained as a result of the program.

The most popular widgets: current weather, weather forecast, time, calendar, moon phases, short notes, to-do list, music player, etc., etc.

The popularity of widgets is that they can be placed on any convenient place on the screen, and they very briefly and succinctly reflect only the information you need.

And how to move the widget to a new location on the screen of a Huawei (Honor) smartphone?

To move the widget to a new location, click on the widget icon and wait for a few seconds until the smartphone responds with a vibration. After that, without lifting your finger from the screen, swipe the widget to the place where it will be placed.

To move a widget to another Home screen, you need to bring the widget to the edge of the screen in the desired direction. At this point, you will be presented with the next Work screen. Now you can install the widget to the location of your choice.

How to install a widget on the screen of a Huawei (Honor) phone?

The procedure for installing widgets (for example, the Google Play Music widget):

On the Home screen or any other Home screen where you plan to place your widget, swipe two fingers together to enter editing mode.

Four menu items will appear at the bottom of the screen: “Wallpaper”, “Widgets”, “Navigation”, “Settings”.
Selecting the “Widgets” icon.

At the bottom of the screen, widget icons will appear that you can install on the screen of your mobile device. Among them, you need to find the widget you are interested in, for this, making a swipe from right to left, you need to scroll through the widget tape.

On one of the pages, find the icon for the “Google Play Music (2)” widget folder and click on it with your finger to open this folder.

Now two widgets of the “Google Play Music” folder will appear on the bottom line of the screen, from which you need to select the “Google Play Music 3×1” widget. Figures 3×1 mean the area occupied by this widget on the screen, measured in the number of “standard single widgets”, ie. we get an area of ​​three standard widgets in one row.

Press your finger on the widget and wait a few seconds until the smartphone vibrates. After that, without lifting your finger from the screen, swipe the widget to the place where the music player widget will be placed.

And how to remove a widget from the screen of a Huawei (Honor) smartphone?

To remove a widget, press your finger on the widget and hold for 2-3 seconds.

After that, a minus in a circle appears at the top of the screen with the words “Delete”.

Then, with a swipe, without lifting your finger from the screen, move the music player panel to the “minus in a circle”.

Carrying out this operation does not mean at all that the widget program is permanently deleted from the smartphone’s memory. No, this operation only removes the widget from the Home screen. The application itself remains in the smartphone’s memory.

The procedure for deleting an application from the memory of a smartphone is described in the article “How to remove an application from a smartphone HUAWEI (honor)?”

How to install the widget on the home screen of Honor and Huawei smartphones

How to open widgets on Huawei and Honor:

  • We select the table on which the element will be installed. Usually, they choose the main desktop, so that after unlocking the phone, they can immediately be able to observe the operation of the specific software installed in the device.
  • Using a swipe, we bring two fingers together. This operation activates the editing mode. After that, a menu of several items will appear at the bottom of the display.
  • Click on the widgets icon. Scrolling the tape to the right, we select, for example, music or clock.
  • Now you need to choose with dimensions. If we talk about music, then the best option would be 3×1.
  • Select the appropriate option and move it to the working display. After, it should appear on the desktop and reflect the exact data on the program’s activity.
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To move to another page or delete, you need to perform a typical operation: hold down with your finger and drag to the desired position.

Moving a widget

To move it to another location, click on the icon and wait a couple of seconds. As soon as the phone responds with a characteristic vibration, move it to the desired position by means of a swipe without releasing your finger.

To move to another page, bring it to the edge of the screen in the required direction and drag it to the desired location.

Recovering a deleted widget

Re-add the element to the screen using edit mode. In this case, you should build on the above instructions for adding.

Removing a widget or app icon

To remove an element, click on it with your finger and hold it for a couple of seconds. At the top, a minus in a circle or a trash can with the text Delete appears. Then, using a swipe, move to the icon, while keeping your finger on.

This procedure does not mean at all that he has been deleted from the memory of the mobile phone forever. In reality, the user only deletes from the main display. If necessary, you can return it back.

Where are the widgets on Huawei and Honor

They differ in that they can be placed virtually anywhere on the work screen. To activate edit mode and make changes, for example, add a new icon or delete an unnecessary one, you need to bring two fingers together on the screen. You can also open the editing mode by holding your finger on any free space. The following icons will then appear in the lower half of the display:

  • Wallpaper.
  • Widgets.
  • Navigation.

How to install the Widget on the home screen of Honor and Huawei

Widget is an application presented in an illustrative format. It is an informative element that contains useful data that was obtained during the operation of a particular application. The most current Huawei and Honor widgets: weather, date and time, moon phases, small notes, etc.

What to do if the widget does not load

The options can be as follows:

  • Failure in mobile phone settings.
  • Cache load. The loaded cache significantly contributes to the formation of problems in the functioning of the device. In this case, go to the “Settings” section and clean it.
  • The need to update your Google profile. Typically, users use this method on failures. If the item does not load, we just try to restart the smartphone. To do this, we delay the lock button and wait for the reboot. After that we try to enable.

Also, the reason may be hidden in the error of the program itself. Let’s say you can’t add an e-wallet. The solution is to update the software. Go to the Play Market, find the program you need and click on the update button.

How to Set Weather on Home Screen of Samsung Smartphone?

A bit of geography: The globe is a round planet, the axis of rotation of which has a slight deviation from the vertical axis (from the perpendicular to the plane of its orbit) about 23.44 °. This causes a regular, four-time change of “Seasons”, or seasons of the year: summer, autumn, winter and spring.

The “climatic” change of seasons, especially, causes a wide temperature difference, both in the year and during the day; the presence of various types of precipitation. either rain or snow; then the sun warms and pleases, then it is dark all day, as late in the evening; and the most important thing is the beginning and end of the “heating season”!

We humans, as warm-blooded creatures who have lost the fur of the skin during their evolution, are very uncomfortable with all these “vagaries” of the weather. Therefore, the weather forecast for both tomorrow and the summer season is becoming one of the most important news of interest to mankind. We just have to constantly monitor the weather.

And how to set up your smartphone to reflect weather information on the Home screen of your Samsung smartphone?

The standard set of applications on Samsung smartphones includes a Weather widget that is very easy to display on the Home screen of your smartphone. This application allows you to configure it so that it shows either the current weather of the “exposed” city, or the weather of the current location, which the smartphone reads from the smartphone’s geolocation data.

over, one of the variants of this widget can show the current time. This allows you to install only one widget instead of two widgets on your phone, in which there will be both the weather and time in your city.

Below we will show you how to install the Weather widget on the Home screen of your smartphone using the example of the editorial smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 running Android 9 Pie.

Important note: Since we want to have reliable information on the current weather, our smartphone must have an Internet connection during the automatic update of the weather application data or during a forced update of the data. And also, if we configure the display of the Weather for the current location, we must enable the geolocation service (GPS).

Instructions for installing and configuring the Weather widget on the screen of a Samsung smartphone.

On the Home screen, where we plan to set the weather, you need to swipe two fingers on the screen.

Screen. on the Home screen, swipe two fingers together.

This will open the Display settings. You need to select the “Widget” icon.

Screen. click on the “Widget” icon.

Next, flipping through the pages with widgets with a swipe, you need to find the “Weather” widget.

Screen. by swiping through the pages with widgets, you need to find the “Weather” widget. Click on the Weather widget.

This widget has three “weather” options. You need to select “Weather and clock 4×1”. To do this, you need to click on the “Weather and Clock 4×1” icon and hold for a while.

Screen. press and hold the “Weather and clock 4×1” widget.

After that, you will be “taken” to the Home screen to determine the location for the Weather widget with the clock. By swiping the widget, set them in a convenient place for you.

Screen. swipe to locate the “Weather and Clock” widget.

This is what the Weather and Clock widget looks like on the screen.

But now, instead of the current weather (temperature, cloudiness / precipitation), our widget shows the “Cloud with a plus sign” icon. This means that when you first start this widget, you need to enter a city to show the weather.

Click on this icon.

Screen. click on the “cloud with a plus” icon.

The Add Current Location window appears on the screen. In the line “Search” you need to enter the name of our city. We enter the word “Samara”, and after the program displays a list of all settlements containing this word, you need to click on the first line: “Samara, Russia”.

Screen. click on the “Search” line to start entering the city name. Screen. we type the word “Samara”. After that, from the list of settlements, you need to click on the line “Samara, Russia”.

And now the “Weather and Clock” widget shows the current time and weather in the city of Samara: time 12:44, Tuesday, November 26, sunny but cold. 6˚С.

In order to get acquainted with the rest of the current weather data and its forecast for the next week, or to further customize the widget, you need to click on any place in this widget on the phone screen.

This is how the home page of the weather widget looks like.

We decided to configure the widget so that it could show the weather in two cities: in Samara and. To add another city, you need to click on the “Places” button.

Screen 0. click on the “Places” button.

In the newly opened window “Places” to add another city, you need to click on the button.

Further, in the search bar you need to enter the text “Moscow”. And after the program displays all the settlements with the word “Moscow”, you need to click on the first line: “Moscow, Russia”.

Screen 1. press the button “”. Screen 2. we type the word “Moscow”. After that, in the list, click on the line “Moscow, Russia”.

Now, turning the pages of the cities of Samara or Moscow, swipe to the right or to the left, you can see the weather in these two cities.

Screen 3. weather in Samara. To switch to the weather, let’s swipe from right to left. Screen 4. weather. To switch to the weather in Samara, let’s make a swipe from left to right.

To enter the “Weather” application settings, you need to click on the “Ellipsis” icon at the top of the screen on the right.
This is what the Weather Settings page looks like.
In addition to the various settings, here you can make changes to two main points:
– change the time of automatic update of weather data from the Internet;
– enable the item to show the weather at the current location. In this case, one more “place” will appear in the list of cities previously entered by you. where you are according to the geolocation (GPS) data of your smartphone.

Let’s change the auto-update time from “every 3 hours” to “every hour”. To do this, click on the “Auto update” item, and then click on the “Every hour” item.

After that, we will return to the Main page of the “Weather” widget by clicking on the “Back” button

Screen 5. click on “Auto update”. Screen 6. click on the “Every hour” item. Screen 7. “Weather settings” screen view after changing the auto-update time. Return to the Main page of the “Weather” widget by clicking on the “Back” button.

When you switch from the “Weather and Clock” widget to the Home screen of the smartphone, the phone will reflect the city that was in the Widget Settings.
Let’s return to the Home screen of the phone from the weather page by clicking on the Home button at the bottom of the screen. After that, on the Home screen of the smartphone, the widget will show the time and weather of the city of Moscow.

Screen 8. return to the Home screen of the smartphone by clicking on the “Home” button.

On the Home screen of your smartphone in “Weather and Clock” you can “move” to another city. To do this, swipe up or down from the center of the Weather & Clock widget. Thus, you will flip through the cities of Samara and Moscow in a “circle”.

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Change the city from Moscow to Samara by swiping down from the center of the widget.

Screen 9. change the city of Moscow to Samara with a swipe from the center of the widget down.

And how to remove an extra “Clock” widget from the screen of a Samsung smartphone?

Instructions for removing a widget from a Samsung smartphone screen.

Now we have two clock widgets on the screen: the Clock widget and the Weather and Clock widget. To remove the “Clock” widget from the screen, press the widget and hold it for 1-2 seconds.

Screen 0. press and hold the “Clock” widget.

After that, the Clock widget will be outlined in turquoise and a menu of three positions will appear. In it you need to click on the item “Remove from the screen”.

Screen 1. press and hold the “Clock” widget. Next, in the menu, click on the item “Remove from screen”.

The Clock widget has been removed from the screen.
In order to move the “Weather and Clock” widget to the place of the remote widget, press and hold this widget until it is highlighted in a turquoise frame. After that, with a swipe, you need to move it up the screen to a new place.

Screen 2. press and hold the “Weather and Clock” widget. Swap the widget to a new location. Screen 3. view of the Home screen after moving the “Weather and Clock” widget.

Installing a system widget on Android OS

The procedure for setting the weather and your city on the main screen of your smartphone is as follows:

  • Long press in a place free from shortcuts on the main screen of your phone until the context menu appears;
  • In the menu that appears, tap on “Widgets”;

Click on “Widgets”
In modern phone models, they are grouped into small groups. Find the “Weather” widget, tap on it;

Tap on “Weather”
Several grouped weather widgets will open. Click on the one you like and, without lifting your finger from the screen, transfer the image to the main screen of your phone;

Choose the widget you like
Most widgets can be resized by changing their borders.

Place your favorite widget on your home screen

For some manufacturers (for example, Xiaomi phones), the widget menu is called up with a two-finger movement, called a “pinch”. This name was not chosen by chance, since you place two fingers on the phone screen, and synchronously bring them together, performing an imaginary “pinch”.

If you have an old version of Android OS, then widgets can be found in the “Applications” menu.

Third-party weather apps for your phone’s home screen

In addition to the weather application preinstalled in the system, you can easily install a third-party application of this plan on your mobile phone. Such an application is downloaded on the Play Store, and usually has a variety of different widgets in it.

We recommend paying attention to the following applications:

Download links: Description:
“1Weather” One of the highest quality weather apps on Google Play. Has a SIMple and beautiful design combined with a powerful set of tools.
“Weather Live” This application uses its own innovative technology “Weather Live”, has an indicator of “temperature by feeling”, provides a forecast for the next 7 days.
“AccuWeather” The app boasts fairly accurate weather forecasts, extreme weather alerts for the next 15 days.
“Weather Underground” In addition to the standard set of functions, the application has an interactive map showing the nearby weather stations, displays health data in the form of tiles, and more.
Yahoo Weather The application offers an excellent selection of photos corresponding to weather conditions, animated display of sunrise and sunset times, wind and pressure, and other features.

The Yahoo Weather app has a great set of widgets

After downloading and installing such an application on your phone, you will find its weather data in the standard “Widgets” menu of your device.

What you need to know about displaying weather on the home screen of your smartphone

As you know, Android OS from version 4.4 began to be equipped with an application for displaying the weather “AccuWeather”. This application has a weather widget in its functionality, which can be conveniently placed on the main screen of the phone.

With the development of the Android OS, the availability of a weather widget in the functionality of the system remained unchanged. Even the most modern phones based on Android OS 9 and 10 have in their functionality a pre-installed weather application with weather widgets of various shapes and fillings.

In addition to the pre-installed Weather application, you can easily add any of the external weather applications to the system. Each of these applications has a variety of functional widgets, customizable for user preferences.

Let’s figure out how to set the weather on your mobile phone.

How to set the weather on your phone‘s home screen

They say the weather doesn’t have bad weather. But sometimes we can be convinced of the opposite, by an unfortunate accident, falling under a heavy downpour, or shivering during severe frosts. In an effort to avoid such troubles, we often pay attention to the weather forecast, trying to dress “for the weather” and planning our day accordingly. A convenient tool for displaying forecasts is a special widget for a smartphone. Below we will analyze how to set weather information on the home screen of your phone, and what we need for this.

How to Set Weather Data on iPhone

By default, the weather widget is available in your phone’s Notification Center. If it’s not there, then you probably turned off location tracking for the Weather app for your iPhone.

To enable location, go to Settings. Privacy. Location Services and activate them. Then scroll down the same screen and tap on “Weather”. Here select either “Always” (preferably) or “When using the application”. Now check if you can see the weather widget in your iPhone’s Notification Center.

Set the value to “Always”

If the weather isn’t showing, open the Weather app. If prompted, allow the app to track your location (when using the app or always).

Another reason for the lack of a notification widget is related to the disabling of the weather display on the iPhone.

To fix, do the following:

  • Swipe from left to right on the screen of your iPhone to open the widgets section of the Action Center on your gadget;
  • On the main screen, scroll down and tap on the “Change” option;
  • Enter the lock code when prompted;
  • On the Add Widgets screen, scroll down to the Add Widgets section, click the “” button next to the Weather widget. Then click on “Finish”;

Click on “Plus” next to the weather

  • Now open the Action Center section on your phone. You will be able to see the current weather information on the screen.
  • If it still does not appear, turn off the device completely, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on.

    Beautiful widget design

    If you are from the category of people who are primarily interested in information content. a small window in the corner of the screen is your choice. For the category of people who value beauty, in addition to functionality, we have developed beautiful designs with bright images. Such rendered windows take up more space, but they look colorful and impressive. Drawn pictures or animations for most weather conditions:

    • Snow, hail.
    • Rain, expected precipitation, thunderstorm.
    • Partly and persistently cloudy.
    • Clear sunny sky.

    An example of a nice Weather widget

    Detailed weather information

    To display the weather correctly, you must have an activated Wi-Fi or mobile Internet connection. The data is loaded and you see the current information. Earlier we said that the widget displays brief information, if you click on it, a window with more detailed content will open. The weather will be shown by the hour, whether precipitation is expected, as well as the state outside the window for several days in advance. Conveniently? Certainly.

    Detailed weather information

    When you start the program for the first time, the city will be selected automatically. If this did not happen, specify your place of residence manually by selecting your location from the list. In the future, data for your city will be loaded and information on weather conditions will be relevant.

    What is a widget on a smartphone?

    There are several basic elements on the Android smartphone desktop: application icons and widgets. Programs are launched when you click on them with your finger, and widgets can display useful information immediately on the display, without the need to launch the application separately. In the screenshot below, we see program icons and a weather widget.

    Android widget and icons

    Here are some of the most commonly used widgets that you can easily keep close at hand:

    • Currency exchange rates.
    • Internet search widget.
    • Time zones of countries and cities, for those who travel a lot.
    • Display of breaking news, scheduled events.
    • Calculator.
    • Notes.
    • Widget for calling a taxi and others.

    Any of these widgets can be added to the main screen of the smartphone in a couple of clicks, which appears after unlocking. Now we will show you step by step with pictures how this is done.

    If there is no standard widget

    To install such a design, open the Play Store and type “Weather widget” in the search bar.

    Example of third-party programs

    How to add a weather widget to the screen

    On smartphones Honor, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG and other popular brands, the weather widget is a built-in program, we just need to add it to the screen. On many phones, actions are performed in a SIMilar way, follow the instructions:

    • Unlock your phone. Pinch your finger to an empty spot on the screen.
    • A window will open at the bottom where you can customize the desktop, wallpaper, add widgets.
    • Go to the item Widgets.

    Go to the item Widgets

    Selecting the Weather from the list of widgets

    The widget was displayed on the screen

    How to set the weather on the screen of the phone Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi. instruction

    Today we have a tutorial article. If you came to this page, then you have recently started using an Android smartphone. Today we are going to show you how to set the weather on your Honor phone screen. After reading the article to the end, you can add not only weather, but also other widgets to the screen. Everything in order.

    In today’s article, we have covered how to set the weather on the screen of Honor and Huawei phones. This manual is suitable for Android smartphones of all popular brands. The principle of adding widgets to the desktop screen is almost the same. Write in the comments if everything worked out. Also ask questions if something remains unclear. We will show you how to set up and add other useful widgets and try to cover current topics on our information portal.

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