How to show charging percentage on Samsung

Using the Battery Percent Enabler app

If for some reason you cannot turn on the System UI Tuner, then you can use the third-party application Battery Percent Enabler (or “Battery with a percentage” in the Russian version), which does not require special permissions or root access, but reliably enables the display of the percentage of the charge batteries (moreover, the same system setting that we changed in the first method just changes).

  • Run the application and check the “Battery with percentage”.
  • You immediately see that the top line began to display the percentage of the battery (in any case, I had it), but the developer writes that you need to reboot the device (turn it off and on completely).

Done. At the same time, after you changed the setting using the application, you can delete it, the percentage of the charge will not disappear anywhere (but you will have to reinstall it if you need to disable the display of charging in percentage).

How to enable battery percentage in Android

On many Android phones and tablets, the battery status in the status bar is simply displayed as “fullness”, which is not very informative. In this case, there is usually a built-in ability to enable the display of the battery charge as a percentage in the status bar, without third-party applications or widgets, but this function is hidden (except for the latest versions of the system).

In this instruction. how to enable the display of the battery charge as a percentage by the built-in tools of Android 4, 5, 6 and 7 (when writing it was checked on Android 5.1 and 6.0.1), separately. on the latest Android 9 Pie and newer, on Samsung phones Galaxy as well as a simple third-party application that has one single function. toggles the hidden system setting of the phone or tablet, which is responsible for displaying charge percentages. May Help: Battery Drain Fast on Android, How to Find Current Android Battery Capacity.

Note: usually, even without turning on special options, the remaining percentage of the battery charge can be seen if you first pull out the notification shade from the top of the screen, and then the quick action menu (charge numbers will appear next to the battery).

Enabling battery percentage display on pure Android 9

In the latest versions of Android, you can enable the display of the battery percentage in the status bar using a simple setting (if you do not have one, use the methods from the following sections). Steps to enable:

  • Go to Settings and click on “Battery”.
  • Turn on the item “Battery level”.

These are all the necessary actions. the necessary information should immediately appear at the top of the screen of your smartphone.

Battery percentage on Android built-in system tools (System UI Tuner)

The first method usually works on almost any Android device with up-to-date versions of the system, where there is no charge percentage point in the settings. over, the method works even in cases where the manufacturer has installed its own launcher, which is different from the “pure” android.

The essence of the method is to enable the option “Show battery level as a percentage” in the hidden settings of the System UI Tuner, having previously enabled these same settings. This requires the following steps:

  • Open the notification shade so that you can see the settings button (gear).
  • Press and hold the gear until it starts to rotate and then release it.
  • The settings menu will open with the notification that “System UI Tuner has been added to the settings menu.” Keep in mind that steps 2-3 are not always obtained the first time (you should not let go immediately, as the gear began to rotate, but after about a second or two).
  • Now, at the very bottom of the settings menu, open the new item “System UI Tuner”.
  • Turn on the option “Show battery level as a percentage”.

Done, now the percentage of charge will be shown in the status bar on your Android tablet or phone.

Battery percentage on Samsung

Samsung Galaxy phones have a built-in function to turn on the display of battery charge in percent, but it is not in the most obvious location for beginners:

  • Go to Settings. Notifications. On the next screen, click on the item “Status bar”.
  • Turn on the item “Show charge percentage”.

After that, your Samsung Galaxy will show the percentage of charge next to the battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen, as required.

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Question about Demonstration in System Ui Tuner. There it is disabled for me, but in system processes this Demo mode works and cannot be stopped or disabled (the buttons are not clickable). And the battery then eats, for 5 days from this process, 10% of the charge flies away. The phone has all default settings. Moto G4 Play. If anyone knows how to disable it, I will be grateful for the help. Thank you.

I don’t know the answer. Now I looked at my Moto X Play. there is such a process, but I used 0% of the charge in 3 days (from the moment of full charge)

show, charging, percentage, samsung

Hello, I have a Moto-g, I press, hold, (for a long time) does not rotate. What to do?

Now I google, they write that it works on Moto G3 / G4 From ideas. clear the cache and data of the application “settings” and try again.

Hello, sorry for not being in the subject, but still: tell me how to display the temperature of the battery / processor in the status bar?

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Without Root. nothing. And with Root there are different possibilities, like “CputTemp in Status Bar”.

There are many such applications. I use Phone temperature. Shows battery temperature simply and clearly in a line

Explain what does the gear mean to turn? Moto-g Android 5.1. I was holding, not spinning.

In a literal sense, start rotating when you hold it down (the truth may be hard to see under your finger). On Moto X Play it worked exactly in 5.1.1 and 6.0.1

And how to turn off the percentage of battery power, I did not find the whole bodies

So exactly the same as turning on, i.e. everything is the same, but turn off in the System UI Tuner. Provided that you do not have any special firmware, where there is no possibility of turning off.

After disabling the System UI Tuner, the percentage of charge is still not displayed, Android 7.1.1 help to solve the problem

on a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 (Android 4.2.2), this function is turned on differently: you need to go to settings. display. show the percentage of charging and tick

My gear does not spin, but in the application it says that it is successful, but the percentage does not show, help (Samsung Galaxy j5 2016)

On Xiaomi Mi 2 Lite it does not work. Fucking bare Android you can’t even change the back buttons

On bare Android 8 and 9 works. Works on Moto C 4G too (Android 7).

I have a tablet megaphone login 3t, the gear does not spin, I can not set the percentage of charge, how to be.

I have a megaphone login 3t on my tablet, this gear does not spin, how to make it show the percentage of charge on the display.

I have a tablet megaphone login 3t gear does not spin I can not set the percentage of charge, what to do.

Hello! It does not work for me! Android version 5.1 And not working What to do.

Thank you. Your site has the most complete and detailed answer. After the update, the battery level is no longer displayed. Solution helped me. Settings. Notifications. Status bar.

Thanks for the help! I have a Samsung note 10, so that the battery charge is displayed as a percentage, you need to go through the “status bar” and enable this function. She herself would never have guessed to look there. Here is a clear step-by-step instruction in pictures. Thanks again!

A very intelligible instruction, the whole process of restoring the “visibility” of the battery charge percentage took several seconds. Thank you so much!

How to show battery percentage in Samsung m31, Samsung battery percentage Kaise enable Karen

On an excellent day, I was looking, I could not find it, but here everything is so simple that not much they have posted this function. thanks for the help

Thank you, the battery level now shows as a percentage, Android 7.1, through the system ui tuner did

How To Turn On Battery Percentage Samsung S10e S10 S10! 3 8 2019

Battery Calibration Apps for Android

If manual calibration does not fix the problem, use the Battery Calibration app.

  • Install Battery Calibration.
  • Charge the device to 100%.
  • Run the application and click the “Calibration” button.
  • Unplug the charger.
  • Let your smartphone drain completely.

After calibration in Battery Calibration, it is recommended to wait for a full discharge and always charge to 100%. Otherwise, incorrect data will be displayed again.

Restarting Explorer

Try restarting Windows 10 Explorer. this will force your laptop to reboot the entire system interface and if the battery icon disappeared due to Explorer crashing (which is not uncommon), it will reappear. Procedure:

  • Open the task manager: to do this, you can right-click on the Start button and select the desired item of the context menu.
  • In the task manager, find the explorer, select it and click “Restart”.

Check if this fixed the problem. If this time there is no result either, go to the last method.

Battery Calibration in Android Phones

What if Android was not flashed, and the device was bought not so long ago so that the battery becomes unusable? Calibrate the battery using programs or Recovery Menu.

Calibration is needed to eliminate a malfunction in which the battery “remembers” the wrong charge limits. As a result, the battery does not charge to its full capacity, shows incorrect percentages and discharges quickly.

Updating the motherboard BIOS

Like drivers, motherboard BIOS has different versions. Sometimes they do not work quite correctly, which leads to the appearance of various failures with the detection of connected equipment, including the battery. If you can find a newer BIOS version on the official website of the laptop developers, we advise you to update it. How this is done on different laptop models,

We have arranged the methods from the most effective and simple ones to those that help only in the most rare cases. Therefore, it is better to start from the first, gradually moving on to the next, in order to save your time and effort.

Panel with indicators on Samsung smartphones

There are always a few small icons or indicators displayed at the top of our Samsung smartphones. The inclusion of any technology. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data transmission. is accompanied by the appearance of the corresponding icon. It also displays a charge indicator.

Most Android mobile phones have the ability to customize the appearance of this indicator. We can make it so that only the small battery is displayed. Or make it so that the display of the remaining battery power is presented as a percentage.

Way to set charging percentages on Samsung S7

As we said, different Samsung models may have different ways to change charging settings. For owners of Samsung S7 and S8 mobile phones, the process of displaying the charge level as a percentage is the same.

  • Go to the phone settings again. To do this, open the quick access menu (swipe the Android shutter);
  • Select the gear button;

Immediately after activating this option, at the top of the screen, you will be able to see the battery percentage of your Samsung phone.

Updating motherboard chipset drivers

The motherboard chipset driver is responsible for battery operation and receiving information from it. From time to time, the developers release updates that fix possible errors and crashes. If you have not checked for innovations for the motherboard for a long time, we advise you to do it one of the suitable options. In our other article, you will find a guide to installing the required software.

I would also like to mention the DriverPack Solution program. Its functionality is focused on finding and installing driver updates, including those for the motherboard chipset. Of course, such software has its drawbacks associated with intrusive advertising and disabled offers to install additional software, however, DRP copes well with its main task.

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Panel with indicators on Samsung smartphones

There are always a few small icons or indicators displayed at the top of our Samsung smartphones. The inclusion of any technology. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data transmission. is accompanied by the appearance of the corresponding icon. It also displays a charge indicator.

Most Android mobile phones have the ability to customize the appearance of this indicator. We can make it so that only the small battery is displayed. Or make it so that the display of the remaining battery charge is presented as a percentage.

Saving battery on Samsung

Now that we have set the charging percentages on the smartphone, we can know when we should start conserving battery more carefully. Since its level is reduced to a minimum. A useful utility has been developed for mobile devices of this brand. Samsung Max. You can download it in the Play Market using this link.

  • Manage your applications;
  • Store data of applications that are installed in the smartphone;
  • Check the file system of your mobile phone for viruses and bugs that track your actions;
  • Fully controls the charge consumed by applications. For the most demanding applications, you can limit traffic if applicable;
  • The user will receive the most accurate graph with the consumption of Internet traffic by applications on Samsung;
  • Enable incognito mode in apps to prevent ad platforms from tracking your actions.

All this and not only you get by installing on your Samsung Max phone.

Advantages of the application: Disadvantages of the application:
You can enable the function of percentage indication, save traffic and limit it both for a smartphone and for a separate application. The app is not intended for tablets (no horizontal screen orientation).
You can set the traffic limit for different periods of time. It consumes a lot of RAM (up to 200 MB). But their developers promise to eliminate soon.

How to display charging percentages in Samsung

This representation of the remaining battery power does not make it clear how many hours we can still use the device. This is especially important to know when the rate is low. Most users are not yet familiar with the Android system.

We have prepared a simple instruction for them:

    Select the settings icon on the main screen;

On the same settings window, you can change how notifications are displayed on Samsung.

After changing these parameters, the window can be closed.

Way to set charging percentages on Samsung S7

As we said, different Samsung models may have different ways to change charging settings. For owners of Samsung S7 and S8 mobile phones, the process of displaying the charge level as a percentage is the same.

  • Go to the phone settings again. To do this, open the quick access menu (swipe the Android shutter);
  • Select the gear button;

Immediately after activating this option, at the top of the screen, you will be able to see the battery percentage of your Samsung phone.

How to enable charging percentages on Samsung

By purchasing a brand new smartphone, we are forced to customize it to fit our needs and preferences. Since the default settings are not always acceptable. It is important not only to change the desktop, but also to change some of the system parameters. In this article, you will read about how to put charging percentages on your Samsung smartphone.

What to do if you don’t receive charging percentage notifications on your Samsung Galaxy S10 lock screen

In the new models of the popular Samsung brand, developers continue to make mistakes. For Galaxy S10, no battery notification appears on the locked screen. They should notify us about receiving letters by E-mail or in social networks. This issue can be resolved with the third-party Always on Edge Lighting application.

It contains a large number of settings related to mobile device notifications. And also backlit. You can also put the display of charge percentages on your Samsung through the program. And turn on the backlight of indicators when receiving notifications.

How to enable charging percentages on Samsung?

Almost all Android smartphones do not use the percentage of charge by default. Why? Apparently, this has something to do with Google’s Android policy (the operating system belongs to the world’s largest search giant). Or maybe it’s something else. In any case, the user needs to independently “set” percentages. How to do it if you have a Samsung smartphone?

By the way, this is how the charging icon without interest looks like:

The manual is suitable for smartphones based on One UI: A10, A30, A50, S10, etc. Open the Settings app

Toggle the “Show Charge Percentage” switch to the “On” position.

The item “Show charge percentage” is disabled. Turn it on by pressing the switch.

We look at the status bar, see the charge level as a percentage and rejoice.

Instructions in case nothing works. Open the settings section, look at the top of the window. here you will see the search bar.

Click on it and indicate the search word “percentage” (indicate without quotes). And the desired menu item is immediately displayed.

It remains only to click on it and enable the function.

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Manual for phones with TouchWiz shell

Tachwiz firmware is the oldest version of the proprietary shell / launcher created for Samsung smartphones. It appeared back in 2008 and lasted until 2016. TouchWiz interface is installed on such models as Galaxy S3 or J3.

In general, if you have a phone with TouchWiz, then in order to set the charging percentage for Samsung in the same way as in the “Method one”, which is described above, you will need to go to the status bar settings: application “Settings” “Display” ” Status bar”.

By clicking on this item, we enter the menu and put the slider opposite the option “Show charge percentage” to the on position.

Manual for phones with Samsung Experience and One UI shells

Note that until 2018, Samsung’s branded shell was called Samsung Experience (for example, the popular budget phone J7 runs on it). Later models began to appear on One UI. In general, this includes many smartphones of the A-series: A10, A30, A40, A50, A51, A71 and S-series: S8 / S8, S9 / S9 / Note9, S10 / S10, S20 and others.

First, you need to start by opening the Settings app. This can be done by tapping on the corresponding icon on the home screen.

In the “Settings” select the “Notifications” section. Blocking, permission, adding to priority “.

This section contains a set of options. Find among them the “Status bar” and click on this item with the mouse.

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A menu will open in which you will see “Show charge percentage“. To activate this option, just slide the slider to the right.

Now, if you look at the top panel of your phone, which is the status bar, you will see that percentage is displayed next to the charge indicator.

If you see only the battery icon on the phone screen (say, Galaxy S9 or S9), then you can enable charging percentages on Samsung like this:

  • swipe down on the home screen to open the notification shade;
  • on the open notification curtain, find the settings icon. It is drawn in the form of a gear. Tap on this gear;
  • Scroll down the settings menu and find the Battery section. It can be located under the “Notifications” section (it all depends on the firmware version that is installed on your Samsung);
  • find and select “Show battery level in percent”;
  • set the switch next to this item to the “On” position.

As you can see, just a few simple steps, and you were able to put the charging percentages on Samsung.

How to enable charging percentages on Samsung phone screen

One of the most important components of a mobile device is the rechargeable battery. It depends on its condition how long we can use our phone without connecting it to a charger. Without a doubt, when choosing a smartphone for yourself, you must first of all pay attention to the capacity of the built-in rechargeable battery. When the battery has a higher capacity, less often you have to think about charging.

The ability to display battery percentage is essential for any phone, regardless of model or brand. However, the problem is that on many out-of-the-box devices, this function is often inactive. For example, on Samsung smartphones, the user has to configure it manually. The step-by-step steps may differ from model to model. We will tell you how this is done in more detail.

Battery Checker Apps

If you are more serious about always being aware of the state of the battery of your mobile device, we recommend downloading and installing one of the following applications on your phone:

  • Battery HD Pro,
  • AccuBattery,
  • Nova Battery Tester,
  • Power battery,
  • Ampere,
  • GSam Battery Monitor,
  • 3C Battery Monitor Widget.

These programs will help you get a complete picture of the degree of battery wear (Nova Battery Tester), show you how many minutes of phone calls, surfing the net and watching videos (Battery HD Pro) the battery will last. Battery Life, for example, will provide detailed data on battery temperature, charge level, capacity and number of cycles. The most comprehensive in terms of diagnosing and fixing battery problems is the Power Battery app. Some of its functions can work in automatic mode. GSam Battery Monitor and 3C Battery Monitor Widget also provide very decent monitoring of the battery condition.

In general, third-party applications can provide additional capabilities for tracking the battery life of a smartphone. For example, to give an accurate analysis of its condition in the form of graphs and tables. Or display, for example, information about the percentage of charging on the main screen when locked, and much more.

How to put charging percentages on Samsung a51

The Korean packed all his models, including the Samsung a51, with rather large batteries, but unfortunately they don’t have crazy endurance.

If you want to better monitor the battery discharge, you need to enable display of consumption as a percentage in the status bar.

By default, the a51 only shows an icon showing how much charge is left before you need to “top up”.

To set the default percentages you have to scroll through a bunch of menus to get the number and usage statistics.

Fortunately, this is easy to crank with a simple toggle. turn on charge percentages in the status bar.

In order to facilitate access to checking the battery statistics, at the end I will give another useful trick.

How to set the percentage of charge on Samsung a51

Going into the “Settings” menu, you can customize a lot. In our case, we’re going to head to the notification section.

From there, tap the status bar. This menu has a simple toggle slider at the bottom of the list that, when turned on, displays the battery percentage in the Galaxy a51’s status bar.

If you go to the Play Store and download a free app called “Quick Settings”, you can add a shortcut to the battery menu in your quick settings, I, for example, am “shocked” by this, but the Korean himself does not offer it.

After downloading the app, tap the side options at the bottom of the screen, tap Utilities and then Battery.

When the icon is added, open quick settings on your a51, tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, select Button Order and drag the battery icon to the desired location.

Once added, this shortcut will open the battery usage graph when you click on it. Have a good day.


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Vitannya! At me at once, if the smartphone is connected to charging and it reaches up to 100 hectares of repairs, my melody is a ringing tone, so I can’t seem to be able to see it, but it’s not worth mentioning, but it’s not the same for the last day. the charge, if it reaches 100 per cent, it will turn out to be saved from the battery of charges. I didn’t bother to insert a picture memory into the phone without a picture, if the phone was on the charger. In principle, it’s not a problem for me, and I may sound altogether, but I’m not alone, but I’ve got a bedroom in my room, and there’s my mother, it’s sensitive and not easy, if you want to see it in the evening. Say whether weasel is really helpful, the memory card has become very clean and the melody of dzvinka has already begun to grate?

Greetings, most likely you have not a standard sound set on the notification, but the ringtone is registered.

Aaa shanovny to Yaroslava, well, that’s why I’m digging around here and I’m trying to do it myself. And from bachit You can know some tricks Giblets and little by little start to work and axis Well, everything is clear. Dyakuyu for the opinion. Good day to you, and I’m so happy now. I want the nobility to be charged with chi ni. Skilches here Android Van Love.

Thanks for your help), Samsung Galaxy A 6 is the same principle.