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Set a clear goal

Follow your content plan. Choose a topic close to what you are currently posting about.
It is clear that if you “here and now” decide to share what surrounds you (you are broadcasting in nature or from an event you are at), this is another option. Now I propose to analyze the case when you want to offer useful content, convey information as an expert in your field.

For the first live broadcasts, you can safely take topics from your own posts. See what caused the greatest response from subscribers, read the comments. And voice it all on the air.

Think over the appearance

Usually the protruding is visible up to the waist or chest. See in advance how it will look in the frame. Once I watched a live broadcast, where a young woman was in a dress without straps, which was held on an elastic band over her chest. In the frame, she was just on this same rubber band, and it seemed that a naked girl was broadcasting.

If you are sitting close to the camera and occupy the entire screen in close-up, then it is better not to do a fluffy hairstyle, not to loose or throw long hair forward on your chest, not to do bright makeup.

It is quite possible that it is beautiful, but it looks deliberately in the frame, too artificial. Especially if you have floral wallpaper, curtains or carpet on the background. in general, an ordinary home environment in which you look like a foreign body.

This also applies to the appearance of men. When you put on a formal day or business suit with a tie, and against the background Of course, you don’t have to go to extremes and go on the air in your home T-shirt. Such an appearance may be in harmony with the interior, but it will not add a sense of professionalism.

Always remember what kind of image you are broadcasting to viewers. If you position yourself, for example, as a family psychologist, then a revealing outfit is unlikely to increase the confidence of the audience.

Practice your speech

Retell everything you have written many, many times. Aloud. It is very important to retell loudly, with all intonation bursts, pauses, gestures, facial expressions. Rehearse until this speech becomes “familiar” to you. The feeling that you are pronouncing a memorized text should go away.

Once again, once you become an experienced speaker, a simple speech outline is enough. While you are a beginner. write the entire text in full.

You will be able to speak “impromptu” when your text is “written down”, when you have already spoken on this topic dozens of times.

Pay attention to what is in the frame.

Is there anything unnecessary in the background that could spoil your carefully crafted expert image? Remove all unnecessary things: bags, dishes, children’s toys, hanging wires. everything that might still be there.

Write a speech outline

Think over the structure of the text (remember the purpose). If you are new to public speaking, then write your speech from beginning to end, with all the jokes, deviations from the topic, “impromptu”. Even what you will say to interact with the audience: “Put the plus signs”, “Do you agree with me?” etc.

Remember that you will be seen not only live, but also in the recording. Therefore, you do not have to wait silently for the audience to join you. Start talking as soon as you go on the air. Greet those who will be watching you in the recording and tell us about something close to the topic of the broadcast. Try to greet the viewers joining you calmly and clearly, without stretching the endless “Greetings”.

For example, I will show the beginning of my text for a live broadcast:

I’ll wait a bit for the audience to join. And first, I’ll tell you who I am and what the topic is today.

So, my name is Inga Lozitskaya. I am a lecturer-musicologist, teacher of public speaking. The topic of today’s broadcast is “How to Prepare for a Public Speech”.

You need to prepare for any performance. Required. I really like the saying by Mark Twain: “It takes over three weeks to prepare a good short speech offhand.”.

It doesn’t matter how long your talk is. an hour, 15 minutes or 3 minutes. It is imperative to prepare.

Well, I see that we are already joining, I am glad to welcome you all. Hello!

My friends, wave me in the comments if I can be clearly seen and heard. And if it’s okay then let’s start.

Yes, thanks, I see that there is a connection. Then let’s get down to business. The topic that we will discuss today is “How to prepare for a public speech”.

How to stop being afraid of live appearances

Nine steps will help you prepare carefully for your broadcast and act more confidently in front of viewers.

show, screen, live

Oratory teacher, lecturer-musicologist, music critic.

If you have a grand piano at home, this does not mean at all that you know how to play it. If you have a voice, it does not mean that you can sing. If you know how to speak, it does not mean that you can immediately perform in front of an audience.

To speak in public easily and simply, without fear and stuttering, you need to practice, develop skill. Then the fear will go away, and the speech will flow. And in order not to be afraid of live broadcasts, you need to go live more often. Here’s a paradox. And if you carefully prepare for your performance, then you will have nothing to fear.

True, there is an opinion that there is no need to specially prepare for a live broadcast: show yourself as you really are, and you will become closer to your subscribers. If this is a personal blog for family and friends. your business, you can do whatever your heart desires.

But if you position yourself as a professional, an expert in something, do business on social networks, then you need to think over everything to the smallest detail so as not to scare off potential customers and not to lose subscribers.

I offer a checklist that will help you prepare for the live broadcast.

Consider whether you will respond to comments

You can return to the topic, interrupted by thought, if you are distracted by questions and answers?

Sometimes, especially during the first broadcasts, you can turn off comments (or chat), and tell viewers: “I want to give you as much information as possible, so I won’t answer questions / turn off the chat. Anything you want to know, write all your questions in the comments under the post, which I will post today after the broadcast. I will answer everyone, and if there are a lot of questions, I will conduct a separate broadcast with the answers. “.

Just don’t be unfounded. Have the most useful live stream, after which do not forget to post a post and answer questions. Then such a step as disabling comments will not look like an escape from questions.

Basically, if you own your topic and have rehearsed your speech, you are not afraid of questions. Unless they can greatly distract from the main topic, so you need to be able to “come back” and say what you have planned to tell. This skill comes with experience.

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A competitor to OBS Studio is the paid software XSplit. It is also downloaded and installed on your computer.

It’s a simple yet powerful streaming and recording solution. XSplit allows you to stream to. YouTube and other similar sites.

Its users note that the program is simpler, better and more reliable than OBS Studio. The main difference from free programs is that it is more reliable and has fewer bugs, therefore, when using it, users’ nerve cells are saved.

Has a user-friendly and lightweight interface. There are many tutorials for using XSplit, mostly paid, albeit inexpensive.

Chroma Key function makes it easy to change your broadcast background.

Built-in audio mixer for noise cancellation.

But both XSplit and OBS Studio are video broadcasting programs that are very demanding on computer power and “eat” a lot of RAM. It seems that OBS Studio is a little less demanding in this regard, but this is not accurate, I did not check.

Adding source

In the “Sources” window, click on the plus sign and select “Screen Capture”. As soon as save, a picture of your monitor will appear on the screen of the main window.

Now, everything is ready to start Stream. Click the “Start broadcast” button and return to the YouTube control panel.

At the top there will be a launch notification.

As soon as the video encoder is synchronized with the channel, a picture of your monitor appears and the corresponding entry in the top panel.

If you want to additionally display an image of your beloved in the corner of the broadcast, add in the sources. “Capture device” video and define the device (laptop camera or separate webcam).

After the end of the live broadcast, turn it off in the program. The video will start saving and will be available in the recording on your channel. With it, you can work in the constructor, crop, enhance the image and much more.

Greetings! Today I will tell you about video broadcasting programs and how to set up a live broadcast on YouTube without the wonderful Google Hangouts assistant.

This article is for owners and experts of online schools, information businessmen who are interested in the question of how to conduct a webinar with a presentation.

Conduct a regular video broadcast on YouTube with showing yourself through a webcam. as before, no problem. You just need to set up your YouTube channel in the right way. Connect the possibility of live broadcasts.

How to do this, read the article “Create a YouTube business channel and connect it to Adsense” on my blog. And there is AdSense, learn from the article.

On August 1, 2019, Google Hangouts stopped working. YouTube has closed this program for live streaming online. Hangouts allowed during video broadcasts to show one by one either yourself, or turn on a screen on which you could post a presentation for a webinar.

basic information

  • first, you need to give a title and description of the live broadcast;
  • schedule the start of the broadcast;
  • choose a category (belonging to a topic);
  • in the “Confidentiality” parameter you can provide full access for everyone or set restrictions with certain conditions


Free video streaming software recommended by Bizon365. Browser option.

This program emerged because, when the Bizon365 service was thinking about how to replace the dying Henhauts, one of Bizon’s clients told about the Meetjitsi video broadcasting program.

Meetjitsi also lets you stream videos over YouTube. But it does not require installation on a computer. You can work through the browser.

You just enter the program website, log in. You need to allow access to the camera and microphone. Insert the broadcast key from your YouTube channel and start the broadcast.

Allows you to transfer video and audio data between browsers without a dedicated server on a point-to-point basis using an open source technology called WebRTC.

You can show yourself or your screen with a presentation.

There is a “Hand” function. By clicking on it, you indicate that you want to speak. This is if you work with chat from this program.

Meetjitsi has a text chat that can be accessed through a password. The number of participants in the chat is not limited.

Chat from Meetjitsi is hardly relevant for webinars. As a rule, the chat of the service is used, where the broadcast from YouTube launched through Meetjitsi is integrated. Or a chat of a third-party service or social network, for example,

The idea of ​​the Meetjitsi video streaming program is good, but not fully developed. Testing by practice has shown that it is difficult to use.

I can note myself and other users say that the program is quite buggy. It is impossible to enter a crowded room, especially in the evening. Video streams can be mixed. For example, during the broadcast, you can hear someone else’s voice. Then left people get on the broadcast.

The enthusiasm for Meetjitsi is slowly fading away. Bizon did not cancel, but clarified his recommendation, reporting possible problems with broadcasting.

But in general, its use is quite realistic. It works well during the day when the air is not overloaded. And if the number of participants is small, for example, in a master group lesson.

In addition, the developers do not stand still, the program is being improved. Test.

Now in the standard functionality of YouTube, only the ability to broadcast via a webcam remains.

That is, you can show your face, but you cannot enable screen display.

Now online schools are forced to look for an alternative to it. third-party video encoders, programs for video broadcasts. That’s about them, that is, how to set up a live broadcast through YouTube using video encoders, and today we will talk.

Video encoder setup

You do not need to configure anything in this parameter, but you will need the data in this section to configure the program.

The server address and broadcast key are registered here. The key for each account is unique and can be used for a long time, until you yourself want to replace it.

The rest of the settings can be left as they are. These include “Hints” and “Advanced Options”.

The latter, the settings are individual and do not affect the broadcast itself. Each of them customizes them according to their needs. For example: you can turn on chat and receive messages from viewers, along the way, answering questions asked.

The broadcast interface is ready and now we turn to the screen capture program.

Preparing OBS Studio

You can use the OBS Studio video encoder to capture your screen. An excellent solution for the task at hand. You can pick it up from the offsite

The program is very popular, since a large number of plugins have been written for it that improve and improve the work with broadcasts.

Here we will consider only the basic settings required to start a live broadcast. Tighten the rest for yourself.

Setting up the broadcast in the YouTube interface

The first settings must be made just before the start of the broadcast. To do this, go to your YouTube account, select “Creative Studio” (click on the avatar) and in the left menu “Live broadcasts”.

You are taken to the control panel, where you will configure the main parameters.

The very first thing to do is set the image to be displayed before you start watching. In the future it can be changed.

How to show your computer screen live (LIVE, share the screen)

In this article, I will explain in detail how to make live broadcasts with the display of your computer screen.

LIVE broadcasts are currently the priority content for

If you post a text publication, or publish a picture, then the coverage of such a publication will be less than if there was a video in the publication.

But even video has a lower priority for. And therefore, in the case of a LIVE broadcast, you will get more audience reach. is interested in this type of content, and shows live broadcasts to a larger number of users.

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One of the options for live broadcasting is LIVE broadcast, in which you show your screen, showing some interesting information.

Until recently, it was difficult enough for many to make such a broadcast to broadcast their computer screen. It was required to connect auxiliary programs (such as OBS Studio), which were quite difficult to configure.

And now there is a built-in feature: in a live broadcast, you can show a PC screen. So far this only works in the Chrome browser.

I will demonstrate the whole process using the example of my business page in

Go to your page at. Where there is a window for a new post (with a prompt “Write something”), find the “Start Live Stream” icon:

After clicking, a window for creating a live broadcast will appear. By default, the camera will connect (highlighted in blue). On the right, find the “Share Screen” button:

When you click “Share Screen” a window will appear: Install “Screen Sharing”?

Click Install Extension. I will repeat that I am describing the process using the example of the Chrome browser. The extension will automatically install and the following window will appear:

There are three options in the “Share your screen” step. You can show “Full Screen”. Then your viewers will see everything that happens on your computer: tabs, windows, etc.

The second option is “Chrome Tab”. In this case, you can specify a specific tab of the Chrome browser, which are listed below as a list:

The third option: “Program window”. Here you can, for example, select the same browser, but you can switch to different tabs in it, and all this will be seen by your viewers during the broadcast:

After choosing an option. click “Share”:

You’re done for your LIVE broadcast.!

You will see something like this with the words “LIVE” and the time counter (on a red background):

After streaming, click Finish:

At the end of the broadcast, it will remind you that after a while the recording of this broadcast will be posted in your Chronicle, if you want it (if you do not plan to show this video at the end of the broadcast, that is, the “Delete video” button).

As you can see, the whole process is so simple that now you do not need third-party programs, complex integration settings with

Now everything is available with one click on the “Share Screen” button.

Watch a video on this topic:

How to show your computer screen live LIVE broadcasts are currently the priority type of content for If you are posting a text post or posting a picture, then the coverage of such a post will be less than if the post included a video. But even video is less priority for And therefore, in the case of a LIVE broadcast, you will get more audience reach. is interested in this type of content, and shows live broadcasts to a larger number of users. One of the options for live broadcasting is LIVE broadcast, in which you show your screen, showing some interesting information. Until recently, it was quite difficult for many to do this broadcast to broadcast your computer screen. It was necessary to connect auxiliary programs (like OBS Studio), which were quite difficult to configure, and now there is a built-in feature: you can show a PC screen in a live broadcast. So far, this only works in the Chrome browser. Step by step guide:

How to watch Formula 1 on Chinese GP on Xbox

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How to watch the 2019 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix on Apple TV

It’s always fun to watch Formula 1 races, especially when you watch them on Apple TV. If you have an Apple TV at home and want to watch the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix live, here’s what you need:

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Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to do it successfully:

  • Subscribe to FastesTVPN.
  • Get FastesTVPN app for your device (or configure it via router)
  • Launch the FastesTVPN app and connect to our Russia server
  • Access to MatchTV Stream in your device browser
  • Watch the Chinese Grand Prix live from anywhere for free.

As mentioned above, MatchTV will only broadcast the race online in Russia. So if you live elsewhere and want to access the free MatchTV stream, you need a VPN to bypass Russian IP geoblocks. Follow the instructions above to watch the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix online for free.

How to watch Formula 1 in Chinese GP on PlayStation 4

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  • Connect PlayStation 4 to your router
  • Launch PlayStation 4 Browser and access MatchTV Stream
  • Enjoy the Formula 1 Race in China on PlayStation 4 for free.

How to watch Formula 1 on Chinese GP on Windows

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  • Get FastesTVPN App for Windows
  • Run FastesTVPN on Windows
  • Log in, select the protocol and connect to Russia
  • Launch Windows Web Browser and visit MatchTV Stream
  • Watch the Chinese Grand Prix live on Windows for free.

How to watch the 2019 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix on iPhone

IPhone users can also watch the race on their device. All they have to do is follow the instructions below:

  • Get FastesVPN
  • Setting up our VPN settings on iPhone
  • On your iPhone, go to Settings.General.VPN
  • Select Add VPN Configuration
  • Select the protocol (i.e. IKEv2)
  • Description: type FastesTVPN_IKEv2
  • Server: type (only for IKEv2)
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  • Hit “Done”
  • Launch Safari and visit MatchTV
  • Watch China GP Race 2019 Live on iPhone for Free.

How to watch Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix on Cody

Want to stream the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix on Kodi? First of all, you should know that streaming official channels on Kodi can get you in trouble. You must have a VPN to stay anonymous while you access tons of official content. There are many Kodi add-ons that allow you to stream f1 races live on popular channels. So make sure you have VPN set up on your Kodi device before streaming f1. If you have a VPN on your Kodi device, just follow these steps:

  • Now, Run Cody
  • Go to settings. File manager. Add source
  • Click NobodyAnd enter this
  • Click Ok
  • Name the source “clean”
  • click Ok
  • Return Home Screen
  • Select Add-ons
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  • Go to Install from
  • wait for Pure Repo to install
  • Go to Install from repository. PureRepo. Video add-ons
  • Click on PureSports
  • Hit install
  • After installation, go to Home screen and select Add-ons
  • launch of PureSports
  • Go to your preference Streaming channel F1
  • Enjoy Formula 1 Race Live on Cody!
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