How to split laptop screen into 2 parts

How to Partition a New Laptop Hard Drive

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After purchasing a new hard disk, he needs to create partitions and format it in the NTFS or FAT 32 file system. Creating two partitions of a laptop hard disk with bay 2.5 is no different from performing this task on a regular computer.

There are several ways to create partitions:

During the installation of the operating system

Use a boot disk like Hiren’s Bootcd and partition the disk with Partition Wizard Home Edition

Divide the disk into partitions in the Windows operating system using a standard application if the 2.5 hard drive is connected using a Sata to USB cable.

Today they brought me a new hard drive, so I will create a partition using the first option, that is, during the installation of Windows 7. over, I need to install a brand new OS, because not so long ago I wrote that a neighbor’s hard drive had crashed. Immediately I apologize for the awful quality of photos, I shot with a camera.

Insert a USB flash drive or DVD / CD disk with the Windows 7 operating system

We are waiting for the Windows installer to load

Click the Next button, then the Install button

Select “Custom Installation” and click the Next button

If there is no need to create two sections. just click the create button, then apply.

As a result, one section will be created, just press the button next and proceed to installing Windows.

If you need to divide the disk into partitions, click the Create button, and in the field specify the size of the system disk. In my case, I indicated 200,000, which is approximately 200 gigabytes. The remaining 270 will be located on the second partition of the disk.

Two new partitions will appear on the screen, and one system (Disk 0), you can ignore it. Click the mouse on the disk with the inscription “Unallocated space on disk 0”, and click the create button.

There is no need to change the number in the size field, just click the apply button.

Now we have divided the hard drive into two partitions.

Select Disk 0 Partition 2, and then click Next to start installing Windows.

Why you need to create separate partitions for the disk.

  • Firstly, all information, including photos, videos, documents, and passwords can be stored on the second section.
  • Secondly, if the system suddenly flies, the data on the second section will remain in place. You can effortlessly reinstall Windows, and not think about the safety of data.

Programs from monitor manufacturers

Many monitor manufacturers offer their own utilities to split the monitor into parts. they can be downloaded from the official support site for your monitor (however, it is possible that the same programs will work on other brands of monitors). Examples of such programs:

  • Samsung Easy Setting Box
  • Dell Display Manager
  • LG 4-Screen Split (or simply LG ScreenSplit)
  • Acer Display Widget

With a high probability, for other manufacturers, you can also find similar programs.

Share the screen using the “Pin Windows” feature in Windows 10

To simplify working with multiple windows, Windows 10 has a built-in “Pin Windows” function, which allows you to automatically divide the screen between several windows: into two parts. left and right; or four. at the corners of the screen. Usually this option is enabled by default, but you can check its status by going to Settings. System. Multitasking. “Attach windows” item and checkboxes below this option.

When the function is enabled, you can very quickly share the screen between two or more program windows as follows:

  • When two or more program windows are open, drag any window by its title to the left or right border of the screen, or to one of the corners of the screen, and when the dock area is shown, release the mouse button.
  • When dividing into two parts (when dragging left or right), you will see a prompt to select a window for the rest of the screen from the list of open ones, select it and it will take up all the free space.
  • When dividing the screen into 4 parts, the windows for each corner will need to be dragged manually, as in the first step.
  • If you want to change the aspect ratio of the areas on the screen, do it with the mouse, moving the divider between the windows.
  • To “stop dividing” the screen, simply drag the title of the window fixed in this way and drag it to another place.
  • If you need to pin windows to the edges of the screen using the keyboard, use the keyboard shortcuts Windows Left Arrow, Windows Right, Windows Up, Windows Down. The last two combinations work after you have docked the window to the left or to the right: otherwise, they will either minimize the window to the taskbar, or expand it to full screen.

For many users, the built-in functionality will be quite enough, but if you need more complex setting of zones on the screen (for example, for a very wide monitor), the described features may not be suitable. In this case, you can use Microsoft PowerToys as well as third-party utilities.

Microsoft PowerToys FancyZones

Microsoft PowerToys is a set of useful utilities for Windows 10, among which there is FancyZones. a tool for creating “zones” on the Windows 10 screen and placing windows in them.

With FancyZones, you can use ready-made layouts, as well as create your own in FancyZones Editor in order to divide the Windows 10 screen into an arbitrary number of parts. Creating screen areas may seem counterintuitive, but below in the video instructions, the process is demonstrated visually.

After activating the function and setting the screen areas for windows, while dragging any window, it will be enough to hold down the Shift key to display the available areas for docking the selected window.

Details about the program, its other functions and the official download site in the review: Microsoft PowerToys. a set of useful utilities for Windows 10.

How to split screen in Windows 10

This tutorial details how to split the Windows 10 screen in different ways in order to arrange different programs in different parts of it. Additionally, you can use Windows 10 virtual desktops to organize your workflow.

Also, on a similar topic, you may find useful the article How to split the screen on Android.

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Divide the screen into 2 parts on the iPad

If you are using an iPad, you can also split the screen into 2 parts. Also open several apps on iPad. Next, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open a special Dock.

In the panel listed above, open the two programs you want to transfer. Then hold them and move them, for example, to the right (left) side of the screen. Then two windows will appear. Detailed instructions on this issue. “”.

How to split the screen into 2 parts mac OS

On a mac OS device, you can split the screen using Split View. First you need to activate it. To do this, move the mouse pointer in the upper left corner of the screen to the green button that helps to expand the screen.

Then hold down this button and select Place Window Left or Right from the menu. After that, your windows will be split in two. Detailed hint on splitting windows in mac OS. “”.

How to split the screen into 2 parts Windows 7

So how to split the screen into 2 parts Windows 7? This is done simply using the Shap function. It allows you to organize your open windows on your computer screen. You don’t need to activate this tool on Windows. Shap is built in by default.

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First, open several windows (programs) on your computer desktop, such as a browser and a Word document. Next, click on the first window at the top with the left mouse button and move it to the left side of the screen (this is a browser). In a Word document, click the square button in the upper right corner to collapse the document. Next, drag it with the computer mouse to the right side of the screen (screen 1).

As you can see in the first screenshot, we were able to split two windows into two parts in Windows 7. And then, a faster way to split the screen in Windows 10 will be presented.

Sharing on iPhone

There are many features and apps for iPhone that help you split the screen. Let’s first consider the standard way of splitting screens. Go to the main iPhone settings and turn on the “Allow multiple programs” section. This feature will help you swipe windows in different directions on iPhone.

  • Split Web Browser. This application is a browser. Download and install it on iPhone. Then open some windows in it.
  • Multitasking Split Screen. To work with this application, you will also download it from AppStore. Next, launch on iPhone and you will be able to split windows in two screens.

The use of the listed applications is free. When working with them, ads may pop up.

How to split the screen into 2 parts of Android

Android has the ability to split screens. Let’s take a look at some simple examples. Let’s say we have opened the “Message” application on the phone and in parallel the contacts of the numbers. To quickly switch between them, click on the square on the Android control panel and the available windows will open on the Android desktop (screen 4).

To navigate between them, swipe your finger up or down to select a particular window. You can also use apps that split the screen on Android:

  • Floating Apps Free;
  • Easy Split Screen. Manager Split Screen Shortcuts;
  • Overlays. Floating Apps Launcher.

These and other applications can be downloaded from the Play Store.

How to split the screen into 2 parts Windows 10

To split the screen into several parts or more in Windows 10, use the hotkeys: Win left and right arrow. The same keys can be used for Windows 7 too.

Also open any two windows in the system and click on the indicated keys (screen 2).

Let’s say two documents were opened in Word. To separate them, you press the Windows-shaped button on your keyboard and click the right key. If you need to move the document window to a different location, click the left button. In addition, you can minimize and maximize open windows. To do this, use the hotkeys Win up and down button (screen 3).

If you press Win further the up button, the window will expand. Down. on the contrary, curl up.

Why split your monitor screen into two

Hello, friends! It is not uncommon for users to experience multitasking while using computers and gadgets. For example, when working with two Word documents, you need to open two windows to read the text. Or while browsing the web page of the browser, you need to switch to the Windows desktop to copy the information and send to the user.

Of course, you can do the listed actions using the pointer of a computer mouse. But this is a long story. you will have to collapse tabs, sections, search for data on your computer, and more. It’s easier to create two windows on the screen on your device, or even more, to quickly navigate documents, files and programs.

Next, in practice, we will consider how to split the screen into several parts in Windows 7, 10 and other devices.

How to split screen in 2 Windows 7 and Windows 10 on phones

How to split the screen into 2 parts Windows 7 and 10? We will answer this question in this article. This information will help PC and gadget users to speed up their work with various objects.

How to split screen into 2 parts on Android, Windows, Samsung, Honor

Today, digital devices allow users to do a lot: go online, create videos and photos, play games, send messages. But manufacturers do not even think to stop there. With each new version of the operating system or device model, more and more new features are added. And today you will learn how to split the screen into two parts in Android and Windows operating systems, as well as on Samsung and Honor phones.

Split screen in two in Android OS

Owners of mobile devices with the Android operating system can use the function of dividing the screen into 2 equal parts. starting with version 7. Unfortunately, previous versions do not allow this. By placing 2 applications on the screen, you can fully work with them. This is quite convenient, because often we have to communicate on social networks through the application and at the same time search for information in the browser.

If you don’t know what version of OS you have on your device:

  • Lower the shutter and select the gear. settings icon;
  • Lower the screen to the very bottom and find the item “About device”;
  • Choose it. All the technical information you need will be here.

Like Windows, Android has several ways to split the screen into 2 parts.

Consider the standard and universal:

  • Among the buttons on the panel of the smartphone there is a square one, depicted in the form of two horizontal stripes. When you press and hold it, a list of running programs appears;
  • Select one of the programs and drag up the screen or down;
  • Place the second program accordingly in the opposite part;
  • The strip between the windows can be adjusted to their size. If you move this bar up or down as much as possible (right, left), you can return to the usual full screen mode.

The programs you want to place on the split screen must already be running. If the auto rotate mode is activated, you can change the orientation of the two screens by rotating the smartphone.

How to create 2 Android desktops using settings

There is a special mode in the settings of Android version 7 and above.

It allows you to split the screen in two with a simple swipe on the multitasking key on your mobile device:

  • Lower the curtain and find the smartphone settings button (gears);
  • Select it and hold it for a while until the notification about the inclusion of “System UI Tunner” appears;
  • After that, you can get into the two-window mode by swiping your finger over the button with two horizontal stripes.

On your mobile device, you can set up a gesture to open two programs in one window. Check out the official manual of your smartphone and find out how to do it.

How to arrange multiple windows side by side in Windows 10

In Windows 10 (and 8.1), you can create a multi-window display by simply dragging and dropping programs to the desired location. In this case, a “floating” frame appears on one side of the window. It shows how it will be located. You just have to release the mouse button so that it locks in this place. In the latest release of the popular system, you can split into parts not only the windows of folders and programs, but also the desktops.

This is a very handy feature. With its help, you can make several tables with icons of different programs. And change them based on the current task. The split window function supports the hotkeys WIN. left, right, up, down arrow. You can even place the window on a quarter of the monitor by pressing WIN up and right at the same time. The direction can be changed depending on the corner in which you want to place the window.

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How to split a screen in two in Windows

In the Windows operating system from Microsoft, there are several ways to split the screen image. Starting with Windows XP, this opportunity has appeared thanks to the windowed mode of the programs being launched. For example, you can run Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop. Then, using the windowed mode, move the two running programs into place. Use the button in the upper right corner “Minimize to window”. If you need to open two folders and work with them at the same time, then the Total Commander program is perfect for this.

convenient options for creating a screen with two running programs appear in later versions of Windows.

How to open programs in one window on an Honor smartphone

It can be very useful to open 2 applications simultaneously on mobile devices. With this function, you can simultaneously watch videos on YouTube and write SMS messages to the girl. The Honor smartphone also has such an opportunity.

  • Open one of the apps. which needs to be placed at the top or bottom of the screen;
  • Now use your knuckle by pulling the screen in the desired direction;
  • Parts can be resized by holding the intermediate strip and adjusting the screens.

If you have just started using your smartphone and it does not work out for you, this does not mean that the function is missing. You may simply not succeed the first time. Try again. If it doesn’t work again, do not use the “knuckle” of your finger, but touch two fingers at the same time. And do the same. pull the running application from one edge to the other. You can change the application in one of the halves. To do this, you need to close one and open a new one.

Screen zoning in Samsung smartphones

Few people know, but Samsung smartphones are the pioneers of the function of dividing the smartphone screen into 2 parts. For the first time, such an opportunity appeared among users who purchased Samsung smartphones in 2012. But then it was still not so popular and in demand. Nowadays, the demand for working with two applications at once has grown significantly.

In Samsung smartphones starting with Android 8, each window has a dedicated multitasking button. It looks like the one that is located on most smartphones right on the body. two horizontal stripes. If, after launching the application, you click on it, then the current program will be located on the half of the screen. Expecting the second one to be occupied by the next app you open. As we can see, it is quite simple to work with two programs at the same time in phones and tablets of this manufacturer.

If there are many open applications and it is difficult for you to navigate in them, you can close some of them. To do this, select the Home button (central key) on the smartphone panel and you will see the desired list. You can close any application with a simple swipe to the right or left. There is also a small cross on each tab. Click it to close the selected program. In these ways, you can split the screen into two parts on any device. Samsung, Honor, Android or Windows.

Split screen mode on pure Android

First, how you can use two different applications on pure Android by splitting the screen. The interface on your phone may be slightly different, but the essence of the actions remains the same:

  • Launch the applications that you want to use in split screen mode, and then open the list of running applications: on my phone (Nokia with Android 9 Pie, works on Android 10) this is done by dragging the indicator from the bottom to the top, on some devices it may be a separate button (usually. “stripes” at the bottom left).
  • In the list of applications, select the one that you want to place at the top of the screen and click on the icon of this application. Select “Split Screen” from the menu. If there is no such item in the list, check if it is present for other applications. If yes. then read the first note below.
  • The application will be placed at the top, and a list of other running applications will be placed at the bottom. Among them, select the one you want to launch at the bottom of the screen and just click on it.
  • Done, the screen is split and you can work with the application in the upper half as well as in the lower.

In addition. some notes regarding split screen operation.

  • Some applications do not support split screen mode and for them the “Split Screen” item will not appear in the menu.
  • On some phones, you can resize a portion of the screen for each application by moving the bar in the center. If you move it all the way up or down, the phone will work in normal mode again.
  • The way to control the split screen may differ slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in any case, to exit it you can simply close both running applications (but it’s usually easy to find an easier way).

How to split screen on Android

The latest versions of Android allow you to work in split screen mode and place different applications in different parts, which can be convenient in some situations, for example, with very active communication in the messenger and a fairly large screen.

This tutorial details how to split the screen into 2 parts separately on pure Android and on Samsung Galaxy phones. The steps are demonstrated for Android 9, but on many devices the same can be done in earlier versions of the OS. See also: How to transfer picture from Android to TV.

How to split screen in 2 on Samsung

The essence of the actions required to enable split-screen mode between different applications on Samsung Galaxy smartphones is not much different from actions on pure Android:

  • When all the applications that you want to place on two parts of the screen are running, click on the button that displays the list of running applications (button with stripes, far left at the bottom).
  • Click on the icon of the application that you want to place at the top of the screen and select “Launch in split screen mode”. If such an item is not displayed, it is possible that it cannot work in this mode (and there are such applications).
  • The application will be placed at the top, and in the list below you can select another application to be placed in the second part of the Samsung screen.
  • Done. Now the screen is split, you can change the size of each part by moving the separator bar, and to exit split screen mode, you can click on the application list button, and then click on the cross at the top of the screen (or simply close all applications used on two screens ).

I hope there will be no problems: everything is very simple and clear enough. If questions remain, below is a video, in the first part of which the division is shown on pure Android 9 Pie, in the second. on Samsung smartphones.

How to split the screen equally between 2-4 windows of programs (Snap in Windows 10)

Good day!

Recently I noticed how one girl constantly manually (with the mouse) adjusted the Excel and browser window so that you can work simultaneously with 2 windows On the one hand, you can do that, but on the other, this operation can be significantly simplified and accelerated.

The fact is that even in Windows 7, the Snap function appeared, which allows you to pin a window in the desired area of ​​the screen. and, by the way, the selection of the width and height of the window occurs automatically. In Windows 10, this function has been improved and has become even more convenient (now when working on a large screen. the right combination is always at hand ).

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Actually, below I will show a couple of examples of using this function (it is possible that many also do everything with the mouse by inertia and do not even know about this useful “little thing”).

A simple way to split the screen (auto-fit)

And so, let’s say you have a browser open to the full width of the screen (by default). And now you need to work in parallel with the Word document.

It’s simple: you need to press the key combination Win → (arrow to the right).

Win right. position the window to the right

Windows will automatically change the width of the browser window to exactly half (thus opening most of the shortcuts on the desktop).

Next, start Word (or that second program that you need) and press the combination Win ← (left arrow).

Windows will also automatically change the width of the Word window and place it on the left. the border between the two windows will eventually be exactly in the middle (and, with habit, this is done very quickly. in just a few seconds. No mouse will allow you to overtake the hot key combination.).

Windows automatically split screen for Word and browser

If you need to place 3 windows (or 4) on the screen, select the program window that can be halved again, and press the Win combination (down arrow). As a result, the selected window will be placed exactly in the lower corner, and the upper one will remain for the new application.

The half was divided into half. now you can open 3 windows!

Of course, these combinations (Win arrows) can be combined for more convenient placement of windows on the “territory” of the desktop.

If you often work with documents, specials allow you to significantly save time. utilities for auto-switching keyboard layouts (they analyze what language you are typing in and switch to it themselves).

Divide into 4 parts

Snap Assist allows you to work with 4 applications at once. Implemented as follows.

Grab a window. hold down the left button when the cursor is on the title bar.

As a result, the familiar transparent edging will appear, limiting its dimensions.

Place the remaining 1-3 windows in the free corners in the same way using the mouse.

You can activate the window, press Win ← or Win → to stick the interface to the left or right border. Then hold down Win or Win to move the interface element up or down. To move the window from bottom to top, hold down Win and vice versa, the cursor arrows move horizontally using Win.

To quickly move the application interface to the corner, use the Win shortcut keys, two cursor keys, for example, Win ← (first hold down the first button, then simultaneously the other two) will move the window to the upper left corner.

How to disable or enable Snap Assist

To disable the split screen function:

Go to the “System” section of the Settings, for example, through the Start context menu.

Visit the subsection “Multitasking”, and move the “Attach” switch to the “Off” position.

If you do not want to disable Snap Assist completely, you can activate / deactivate one or more additional functions below:

  • when the window is attached, its dimensions are adjusted in such a way that there is no free space;
  • after fixing the first object in the free half, show active windows so that the user can choose which one should be placed next to;
  • in case of adjusting the size of the sticky window, change the dimensions of the interface sticky next to it.

To enable the option, go to the same section and activate the “Attach”.

In tablet mode, there are some peculiarities in the Snap Assist service. the window needs to be dragged down, after which Windows will prompt you to select a location for pinning.

With the help of a dividing line. painted in dark gray and located at the border of program interfaces. their sizes are simultaneously changed. Move the cursor to this line and wait for it to increase in thickness. Now click on it and drag in the desired direction.

Checking if Snap Assist is enabled

Open Settings System Multitasking on the right side and make sure Pin Windows is enabled. Pay attention to the items that are marked with checkmarks, you can remove unnecessary for greater convenience of using window splitting.

How to split the screen into 4 parts using a mouse in Windows 10

When it comes to embedding application windows in a quarter of the screen, the mouse is the best way to do it. Click on the title bar of an app to grab it, and drag it to one of the four corners of the screen to display a transparent overlay. Release the mouse button when you are happy with the placement preview.

Then you can open another window you want to use and do the same. If you have a touchscreen, you can also drag apps to the corner of the screen using this method. However, this may take several tries because the overlay is not always displayed when it comes to Corner Snap.

Split Screen in 2 Windows 10: How to Split Screen in 2 and 4 in Windows 10

The Snap Assist feature was introduced in Windows 7 and, with minor improvements, has been migrated to the next versions of the operating system. It is used to arrange windows on the display using a keyboard shortcut or mouse.

Allows you to divide the Windows 10 screen into 2 parts with a horizontal arrangement of windows, into 4 equal areas or three windows. When working on large displays with editors, editing software, modeling and other heavy packages, the function will allow you to keep more information in sight.

Possible problems

Sometimes the function refuses to function properly. First of all, make sure that there are drivers for the graphics adapter in the Device Manager, if you are using basic or standard ones, install the official ones from the hardware manufacturer’s website. Next. restart Explorer through the Task Manager.

Another option is to change the scaling.

Through the context menu of the Desktop, open “Screen Settings”, in the “Scale and layout” drop-down list, set the recommended value.

If the problem is relevant with him, try increasing the number: below, click “Advanced scaling options”.

Enter a value (it can be a few percent higher or lower for verification) and apply the new settings.

Windows Snap Assist makes it easy to work with multiple apps on large screens. Despite the limited functionality, there are no worthy free alternatives to it.

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