How to split screen on iPhone

Changing the aspect ratio of split windows in Split View

To completely comfortably adjust the dimensions of both Split View panels, grab the border strip located at the junction of the split applications with a long tap. By dragging it to the sides, you can increase the space for the first application and, accordingly, decrease the space for the second. When the tablet is flipped vertically, the maximum possible variation of the display area allocated for applications is 70/30, which is the only option. Centering (50/50 spread) and other variable proportions (up to 70/30) only work when the device is rotated horizontally.

Note! To switch a window to full screen mode, you just need to stretch it in the appropriate direction.

How to open two windows (make two screens) on iPad and iPhone using Split View

It all starts with the launch of one or another software. If we consider the same Safari, then when it is open, it means that one of the persons involved in the process already exists. Further, by making a right swipe (by swiping across the tablet screen from its right side to the left), you can see the Slide Screen side panel. It has an application selector, with which the selection of a second application is performed, for example, iFiles or any other. Having figured out how to split the screen into 2 parts on the iPad, the user should not have a question how to make two screens on the iPhone, of course, when it comes to Split View.

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Viewing two sites at the same time is possible thanks to the Split View function

How to swap windows in Split View

For this, there is a special shutter at the top of the screen space of the right application that can be pulled. The application on the right will begin to follow the finger holding the curtain across the screen to where the user points. Interestingly, Split View is even able to remember the location of its “windows”, for example, if instead of, say, Safari, open “Messages”, and instead of iFiles. Apple Music, then when the browser returns, they will be displayed there.

Combination for viewing 3 applications

Split View Purpose

IPad’s Split View feature enables multitasking in iOS. If you know how to split the screen on an iPhone or iPad, then you can place any two applications side by side, for example, the Safari browser and the iFiles file manager to control and manipulate downloads in real time. At the same time, the user can adjust the size of the monitor space allocated for each application, so that it exactly corresponds to a specific task, or distribute it equally between them.

Split View on Tablet

Before opening two windows on iPad, you should activate Split View mode in the settings:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “General”, go to “Multitasking” and “Dock”.
  • Activate the “Allow multiple programs” option using the switch (after turning it on, its color will change from gray to green).

Note! You can turn off the dual-window mode at any time.

Split View iPad. Multitasking on iPad and iPhone

Sometimes iPad or iPhone users need to run two applications at the same time. On a tablet, this can be done using a special Split View mode, which allows you to divide the screen space into two parts. IOS developers have made it so easy to use that the desired effect is achieved with just a few gestures. How to include this functionality in everyday work on the iPad and how to make two active windows integral interface elements, more on this later in the article.

How to remove split screen and exit Split View

If the question arose of how to remove the dual screen on the iPad, then you should know that exiting Split View is quite SIMple. There are even two options available:

  • By pinching and dragging the border strip to the right with the concomitant closure of the second application.
  • Pressing the “Home” button with the concomitant exit both from the split screen mode and from both programs open in it.

To completely remove the dual screen on the iPad and make everything work as on a standard mobile device, the already familiar steps will help:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “General” go to “Multitasking” and “Dock”.
  • Deactivate the “Allow multiple programs” option using the switch (after deactivation, its color will change from green to gray).

This will cause the Split View to stop appearing when the tablet is flipped horizontally. But it is worth noting one exceptional case. Safari will continue to use this mode in the future, until Split Screen is disabled in the settings of the browser itself.

Important! If Split View is disabled, the Slide Over function, which is its software component, is automatically disabled.

It’s worth noting that Split View, which enables multitasking on the iPad, is relatively new. Therefore, only the latest versions of iOS and the latest iPad models such as the Air 2 and Pro, as well as Apple devices based on iOS 9 or later have it. In some iPad Mini, Split View is not provided due to a smaller screen compared to its “brothers”. At the same time, the early iPads, although they are technically capable of working with this function, today remain without it.

Screenshot via OSD

For the menu to appear, follow the steps:

1 Go to the “Settings” menu.

3 p. “Universal access”.

4 p. “AssistiveTouch”.

5 Activate the slider.

6 A menu icon should appear at the bottom.

7 Now we go to the place that needs to be filmed (for me, for example, it will be just the main screen with icons), then click on the menu icon, after which an additional menu will open.

10 p. “Screenshot”.

For ready-made screenshots, you can make a beautiful frame in the shape of an iPhone. For this there is a free application called “Screenshot. Frame Maker”.

Screenshot by pressing 2 buttons

You just need to press the lock key and “HOME” at the same time:

Making a screenshot of the screen on the iPhone in 2 ways

Taking a screenshot on iPhone is easy. The smartphone itself already has this option, and the screen photo can be taken in 2 ways: by pressing the buttons and using the additional menu (the menu itself will not be visible in the finished screenshot).

Screenshots on the iPhone can be taken for almost any task: viewing SMS messages, on the main screen with application icons, and even during photo / video shooting.

For iPhone 4 / 4s, 5 / 5s

For iPhone 6/6 Plus, 6s / 6s Plus, 7/7 Plus, 8/8 plus

For iPhone X

As a confirmation, the screen will blink 1 time, and in addition you will hear a characteristic sound. All screenshots are saved to the folder with your photos.

Now let’s look at the second way to take a screenshot.

Making a frame for a screenshot in the “Screenshot. Frame Maker” program

After installing the program itself, we do the following steps:

1 Click on the “Screenshot” icon.

2 Click on the cross.

3 A folder with your photos will open, where a ready-made screenshot should be located. We choose it.

4 Move on.

5 Here you can choose the type of our frame.

6 Now we choose what needs to be done with the finished screen. I chose “Save to photo folder”.

The final version looks like this:

Never took a screenshot on an iPhone. Now I will know how to do it. It turns out. it’s not so difficult. I usually take screenshots on my computer. For this I have a special program.

Everything is so SIMple, but I was tormented)), before that I had only smartphones. Setting up with the help of hints is nothing complicated.

I take a screenshot of the video on iPhone 6. In addition to the lower and upper bands with the movie player, I have an entire black screen. What to do?

I just did a youtube video screen and from the built-in camera. everything is fine. Also iPhone 6. Standard player?

Connection priorities

If the monitors are the same, it makes no difference which one to give priority to. But if they are different, you need to correctly distribute the load on them. In addition, many video cards have only one connector of each type, and the quality of image and sound transmission is different. If you compose the TOP, it will look like this:

  • 1st place. DisplayPort;
  • 2nd place. HDMI;
  • 3rd place. DVI;
  • 4th place. VGA.

Therefore, a monitor designed for complex tasks and serious work with graphics is connected through the most powerful interface, and the screen itself should be of the best quality.

Important! Most new video cards have multiple HDMI and DisplayPort connectors, so there are no problems with them when distributing tasks to different monitors.

What the different options mean in the settings

There are the following options:

  • “Night light”. It cannot be configured for each screen separately, only for all at once. This provides a gentle regime for the eyes in the dark;
  • “Multiple displays”. You can select “Expansion” and stretch one picture over 2 screens so that one will continue the other, or you can activate the duplication function, and both monitors will show the same thing. Here you can also change the priorities. make the second monitor the main one and vice versa;
  • Windows HD Color. This option is useful if the device supports HDR (roughly speaking, improved picture quality);
  • “Resolution and Orientation”. Can be configured separately for each screen. It is better to use the resolution settings that the system recommends. Orientation settings allow you to position the image horizontally or vertically (landscape and portrait orientations).

Important! The function “Scale and grid” allows you to adjust the size of the picture, but if the screen resolution is less than 1920 × 1080 and there are no vision problems, there is not much sense in this.

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Display settings window in Windows 10.

To switch between different modes, use the “Win P” keys (calls the panel with the corresponding menu). Alternatively, you can right-click on the desktop and select “Display Options”.

Is it possible to split the desktop vertically

The vertical split screen is called Split Screen. Typically used by gamers while playing in front of a TV set-top box or through a computer.

On a PC or laptop, you cannot make a full-fledged split-screen by splitting the screen, you can only adjust the windows using the keyboard. How to do this is described below.

Split-screen is needed for team games, but it cannot be implemented on PC by splitting the screen

How to split the screen into 4 parts using the keyboard

The easiest way to do this is using hotkeys. The Snap function allows you to either split the monitor screen into 2 parts in Windows 10, or to fix 4 working windows. They do not duplicate each other, each window has its own operation.

  • After launching the desired program (any), press “Win →” (button with the right arrow). The window will be minimized, taking up half of the desktop.
  • Having opened the second program, press “Win ←”. And the second window will move to the other side, and the screen will be divided exactly in half vertically.

This is not a split-screen, but it is convenient to work on such a double screen. you do not need to constantly switch between windows.

In the same way, the table is divided into 3 or 4 parts:

  • Select a program whose window can be moved.
  • Press “Win”, after which the window will become smaller and move to the upper corner of the table. The window of the newly launched program will take up the vacated space at the bottom.

Important! If several applications are already open on the computer, their location on the desktop is configured by SIMply dragging and dropping the desired program into the free space on the screen.

Borders between windows can be changed by hovering over the delimiting line, holding down the left mouse button and dragging in the desired direction.

Split screen, window size can be changed manually

How to make two screens on Windows 10 and set up monitors

Information on how to make two screens on Windows 10 (connecting different monitors or splitting the desktop) is often needed by designers, programmers, gamers and other users whose work or leisure is associated with active use of a PC. With two screens, you can do multiple tasks at the same time, saving time, and setting them up is easier than you think.

If the system does not recognize the second monitor

If, for some reason, a dozen did not see the new screen, first they check that the cables are connected correctly. If this is the order, you need:

  • Right click on screen.
  • Go to “Options”.
  • Where the monitor will be displayed, click on “Detect”.

Note! If that doesn’t work, it’s worth updating your graphics card drivers or drivers for the monitor itself. In practice, this is usually not required, and there are no problems with how to set up a second monitor on Windows 10.

How to customize the taskbar and wallpaper

Immediately after connecting a second monitor to a Windows 10 computer, the taskbar appears on two screens at once. To change this, you need to:

  • Right-click on an empty area of ​​the panel.
  • Click on “Taskbar Options”.
  • Find the item “Multiple displays”.
  • Deactivate the “Show taskbar on all displays” function by moving the slider.

You can adjust the panels for each monitor here, under the Multiple Displays section. You need to expand the line “Show taskbar buttons” and select the desired option:

  • all panels. the same taskbar is displayed on both screens;
  • the main panel and the one in which the window is open. the main monitor will show the icons of all active programs, and the second only those that are displayed on it;
  • pane with an open window. each screen will display only the programs assigned to it.

Standard tools are used to control the background. You need to right-click on an empty area of ​​the screen and do the following:

  • Select “Personalization”.
  • Right-click on the desired wallpaper and select “Set for monitor 1”.
  • Also sets the background for the second screen.

Important! When finished, the settings are saved. They can always be changed, so don’t be afraid to click the wrong place.

Here are the personal screen settings for each user.

Starting and disabling the Snap function

To disable the Windows Snap Assist option, you need to click “Start”, go to Settings (gear icon) and find the “System” section. Thereafter:

  • In the menu on the left, find the item “Multitasking”.
  • In the window on the right, under the “Attach windows” label, move the slider to an inactive position.

You can enable Snap in the same way. If you do not need to turn it off completely, deactivate the functions of your choice. To do this, leave the slider in the “On” position. and uncheck the boxes next to those options that are not useful.

How to remove unnecessary desktops

Once you’re done with the screens, they can be easily removed. For this you need:

  • Click “Task View” or “Win Tab”.
  • Move the cursor to the extra desktop and close it by clicking the cross (like a normal window).

This will move the programs that were active on the closed screen to the main desktop. This usually happens without problems, but just in case, the results of the work are saved so as not to lose.

Note! The combination “Win Ctrl F4” allows you to instantly close the active table and switch to the next one in order.

To remove an additional table, click on the cross

How to enable split screen (two apps at the same time) Split View on iPad?

Activating the multi-window option is extremely SIMple. To do this, you need to perform a few SIMple steps.

Rotate your tablet to landscape orientation;

Open one of the applications in which you intend to work;

Bring up the Dock panel. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the display.

Press and hold in the Dock the icon of the program you will be using on the right side of the display. It should be noted that not all applications support this mode.

Drag the program icon to the very edge of the screen (to the left or right), and an additional area for Split View should appear.

Release your finger. The floating icon will launch the corresponding application in Split View.

Attention! If the icon of the application being moved is not brought to the edge, but SIMply thrown onto the screen, then Split Over mode is activated. it is available on all the latest iPads (iPad mini 2/3/4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro) with iOS 9 installed and higher.

GPS on iPhone: How to Find and Share Your Location Coordinates.

How to switch from Split Over to Split View?

To activate Split View, just touch the tab of the shutter-divider in the Split Over window or pull it up.

In what proportions does Split View work and how to change them?

Split View allows you to split the screen in screen proportions. 50/50 or 70/30. To change the proportions, pull on the tab located on the left in the middle of the right window.

How to download books to iPhone and iPad for free and without a computer.

How to swap Split View windows?

In order to move the window located from the left to the right side or vice versa, pull the shutter tab to the desired side.

How to split screen on iphone

How to exit Split View on iPad?

To deactivate the split screen mode, you need to switch to Split Over mode by pulling down the shutter tab. Then pull the application window tab to the right of the screen.

Based on iOS 9, Apple has introduced a multi-screen repeating feature called “Split View”. Split View means split view of windows. With this mode, the iPad screen can be split into multiple windows and you can use two different applications at the same time. You can install this split window option on iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2.

To be able to work on two screens at once, you need to activate this option. It’s not difficult to do this on iPad. It is enough to follow a certain sequence of actions.

What is Split View Multitasking on iPad?

Split View on iPad allows you to fully work (view content, copy links, text and images between windows) on an Apple tablet with two applications at the same time.

Split View on iPad with iOS 11, or how multitasking works on Apple tablets

In the mobile platform iOS 9, for the first time, the multi-window mode was implemented, which was called Split View. Currently, the “split screen” option is available to owners of iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad and iPad Pro.

Multitask Image on iPad

To do this, while watching a video in a movie application or while making a FaceTime call, you need to activate the “Home” button. This will change the video size, and half of the screen will be free for other actions on iPad.

If you have a tablet with an earlier version of iOS and cannot use Split View, then there is a Slide Over option for this. It works like this: each time on the right, a new panel will be superimposed on the old image in slide mode. When you finish working with the active application, you close it, and the previous window will open and become active in front of you.

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iPad as a second monitor

Inside iOS 11: How to use Split-View on an iPad!

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The announcement of the new iPhone 6 should take place tomorrow, September 9th. The launch is to show an iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen and a 5.5-inch screen, so two iPhone versions will be released for the first time. Just the other day, the developer Stephen Tronton-Smith discovered a new feature of the operating system in the iOS 8 emulator.

The developer, having learned the resolution of the iPhone Air (5.5-inch) in the news, decided to recreate the resolution of 1472 × 828 in the iOS SIMulator. According to him, some standard applications started to behave rather strangely. The iPhone Air’s display is such that, for example, when viewing contacts horizontally, the list of contacts is visible on the left, and the contact information is on the right, just like on the iPad.

Thus, Stephen learned that the workplace will not be wasted just like that and the iPhone Air will be fully utilized. The new generation of iPhone will receive not only an enlarged screen, but also the use of large diagonal capabilities via iOS.

In addition, the developer does not deny the possibility of the appearance of a multitasking function with a split screen into two parts. The user will be able to read the book and at the same time view or communicate on social networks. This feature is also expected in iPads because it has become quite popular on Samsung tablets.

Until September 16, inclusive, everyone has a unique opportunity to get a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 sports bracelet for free, spending only 1 minute of their personal time on it.

IPad owners have already tested the multi-window mode in iOS 9

Yesterday at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015, Apple officially unveiled the latest version of iOS 9 for mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can enter its name as in Russian, by putting it on the screen and the weather. The most resounding and long-awaited announcement was the emergence of true multitasking and multi-window mode for iPad tablet computers. However, it should be noted right away that this function will only work on iPad Air 2 and newer devices. It is possible that the reason for this was the obvious lack of RAM. In almost everything, multi-window on iPad resembles a SIMilar function in OS X El Capitan, but as expected it has fewer capabilities.

The Slide Over function allows you to swipe to the right or left to open another program on top of the main running application. For example, while surfing the web in Safari, you can see new messages in. With all this, the 2nd application occupies only a third of the screen. Thus, you will be able to do your main job without missing important messages. Than ipad and android tablets. On the application screen, you can throw it from the left. Apps developed for iOS 8 with Auto Layout and Size Classes can already be used to display SIMultaneously on an iPad display.

The Split View function looks much more curious, which allows you to split the tablet screen into two parts and work with 2 applications at once.

Split View splits the screen into 50% to 50% or 70% to 30%. To do this, you need to make a swipe from the right side to the center of the screen, or further, depending on the desired proportions of the monitor division.

How to remove screen magnifier on iPhone?

How to turn off the magnifier?

  • We go into the settings. It’s the same on iPhone and iPad;
  • We click on the main ones;
  • Choose the section “Universal Access”;
  • Item “Magnifier”;
  • Click on the small switch to turn it off;

What to do if the screen on iPhone is enlarged?

Just do this:

  • With three fingers, tap three times on the iPhone screen. The screen will shrink to normal size.
  • If after repeated attempts to touch the 3rd, nothing happened (the iPhone screen is still enlarged), then restart the iPhone and do the 1st step again.

How to split screen on iPhone? How to dual screen iPhone?

Here’s how to use Split View.

  • Open the program.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Dock.
  • In the Dock, press and hold the second app you want to open, then drag it off the dock to the right or left of the screen.

How to stretch the screen on iPhone?

  • Open Settings. Basic. Accessibility: Zoom in and turn on the slider next to Zoom.
  • Now, to turn on the zoom mode, just tap the screen twice in a row with THREE fingers.

How to open two windows in Windows 10?

SIMply press and hold the Windows key and press the LEFT ARROW followed by the UP ARROW to dock the window, for example, in the upper left quadrant. That’s it, easy and SIMple! Docking windows by dividing the screen into two or four equal parts is undoubtedly convenient.

How to split screen on iPad?

Splitting the screen in Safari on iPad

  • Open the link in Split View: press the link and, without releasing it, move it to the right side of the screen.
  • Open a blank page in Split View: press and hold the icon. then click “Open a new window”.

How to hide the second screen on your phone?

How to turn off split screen

If you launched two screens using third-party software, then you need to go to its settings. There we indicate the function to turn off the mode. You can make everything much easier. click on the cross in the upper corner of the screen. After that, the split screen process will be disabled.

How to shrink the screen on iPhone x?

IPhone zoomed-in: causes and solutions

  • STEP 1. TAP TWICE WITH THREE FINGERS to zoom out to 100%. Yes, this is how (de) activates the Zoom function.
  • STEP 2. Now let’s disable this goofy feature. Go to Settings Universal Access Increase and turn off the switch opposite the word Increase.

How to split screen in 2 on Mac?

Hold down the full screen button in the upper left corner of the window. When the button is pressed, the window is minimized and can be dragged to the left or right of the screen. Release the button, then click a window on the other side of the screen to start using both windows at the same time.

How to make a second screen on iPhone?

Set up split screen mode on iPhone or iPad

  • Open the second app. To split your screen on iOS, you just need to open the second app and minimize it.
  • Open the main application. Now open the main application with which you want to split screens.
  • Drag second app.

How to customize the dock bar on iPhone?

Go to Settings → Home Screen & Dock and deactivate the “Show recommended and recent apps in dock” switch. After you do this, only the applications you manually placed for quick launch will remain in the Dock.

How to make picture-in-picture on iPhone?

How to enable picture-in-picture on iPhone

In compatible apps, which include Apple apps like Apple TV, you can tap the picture-in-picture icon at the top of the app to activate this mode, or just double-tap a video with two fingers.

How to split the screen into 2 parts on a computer?

So, now to split the screen into two equal parts, just open the required window and press the key combination “WIN left or right arrow”. The previously selected active window will move to the selected side, and the rest of the windows will be presented in the form of thumbnails.

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How to remove the bottom bezel on iPhone?

In order to hide the bottom panel on the iPhone (Dock), you first need to turn off the Reduce Transparency option. See below how to do this: 1. Go to the application “Settings” “General” “Accessibility” “Increase contrast” and disable “Reduce transparency”.

How to use two screens on iPad?

Opening two items in Split View on iPad

  • While in the main app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and stop your finger to show the Dock.
  • Touch and hold an app in the Dock, drag to the right or left edge of the screen, and then lift your finger.

How to make a transparent background on iPhone?

To make the wallpaper look normal, you need to enable “Reduce transparency” in the iOS settings. To do this, go to “Basic Settings” and then to “Accessibility”. When creating these wallpapers, heyeased used the rules of the system that match the background color in the mode of lowering the transparency.

How to reduce screen size on iPhone?

Tap 2 times SIMultaneously with three fingers on the iPhone display and the image is immediately reduced. And if instead of two touches you make three, then the zoom menu will appear on the iPhone screen, pressing the Reduce image on the display button will become normal.

Screen without Power button

If suddenly the lock key is broken or “freezes”, how can I enable a screenshot on the iPhone (for example, on the iPhone 7 Plus model)? To do this, you must first activate the function of the virtual button on the screen.

To make it appear, it is worth taking 4 steps:

  • Go to the settings of the phablet.
  • Find the line “Basic” in the proposed list.
  • Next, you need “Universal Access”.
  • Enable AssistiveTouch.

The display will show a light gray circle that replaces the button. It can be used to perform lock functions, adjust the volume, take screenshots, and more. The circle will be on the side of the screen and will absolutely not interfere with visibility.

Screenshot on iPhone via computer

If you need to make an enlarged image from the iPhone screen, connect a personal computer. But first you need to download a program that would synchronize the device with a PC. It is called Reflector and connects 2 devices to each other using Wi-Fi.

How can you take a screenshot on an iPhone, for example, 6 or 7 models, via a computer? To do this, go to AirPlay and select Replay. Now all the images from the iPhone screen (for example, iPhone 6s) will be broadcast to the large computer monitor. To create a screen successfully, you need to press the PrtScr button on the computer keyboard. The resulting snapshot is inserted into any Word document (or another graphic editor, program, etc.) by pressing the CtrlV buttons.

Screenshot on the new iPhone X

And now. information for owners of new products from Apple. How to take a screenshot on Affion X and the latest brand phablets. XS, XS Max and XR? All data with a step by step manual in the table:

The screen is made with two buttons: “Off” and “Volume up”.

Then the resulting screen can be saved, immediately sent to the selected contact or edited at your discretion. All screenshots taken are “accumulated” in the folder of the same name in the “Albums” section.
The procedure is the same regardless of the model. To save an image from the screen, you must:

  • open the desired picture on the display;
  • press the buttons indicated in the table with a second hold;
  • a click will be heard and a familiar flash will be visible;
  • the thumbnail will move to the corner of the display.

Awesome Screenshot

This free software is an extension of the Safari browser. The program offers many interesting possibilities:

  • screenshots of the entire display or a separate, selected area;
  • fast processing of the resulting image (drawing arrows, changing colors, “fog” in certain areas of the image, etc.);
  • allows you to go back a few steps if something was done wrong during editing.

All pictures taken through this program are saved in the “Gallery”.

Important! With the help of Awesome Screenshot, only screenshots of the pages opened
via the Safari browser.

Screen capture

If it is necessary to photograph not the entire display image, but only a separate part, then the ScreenshotPlus utility is often used for this. It works in tandem with the Activator application, which is desirable to download on the iPhone in advance (for example, on a model of the 8 series).

After turning on the software, a frame will appear on the screen, which will determine the boundaries of the screenshot. Its future size is also indicated under the frame. To change the borders, just move the frame to the desired area of ​​the screen or expand it by clicking on the side handles. When the image area is selected, all that remains is to click on the camera icon.

For your information: ScreenshotPlus. paid: estimated download cost is 1.

But it happens that you need to capture not a separate section of the screen, but, on the contrary, a long text that does not fit into the working area. How to take a long screenshot on iPhone then?

For these situations, a special branded utility BigShotJb is provided. The software takes pictures with scrolling of the screen and transfers everything photographed to the folder where the frames from the regular camera of the gadget are already stored.

The application is launched with a wave of the iPhone and immediately starts making screenshots. There are no special settings here, everything is easy and SIMple.

Screenshot using third-party programs

How to take a screenshot on iPhone using third-party services? It’s very SIMple: just choose a suitable application in the AppStore, install it on your “apple” phablet and use it for your own pleasure.
The owners of the iPhone themselves highlight 2 advanced software worthy of attention. It is worth telling about them in more detail.

Screenshot in the standard way

The easiest method to take a photo of the iPhone screen is to press the Home (bottom center) and Power (side) buttons at the same time. As a result of this manipulation, the user will hear a characteristic click. Immediately after that, the screen will be covered with a white “veil” for a few seconds, and the resulting image of the display in.png format will be saved in the “Photo” section.

Screenshot. Frame Maker

Free application that allows you to take screenshots of the entire screen or only the active working window of the smartphone. The finished screenshot is saved in a pre-selected folder for it, and in three formats at once. Such a variety is convenient, because the screen made can be viewed on other devices.

The main advantages of the program:

  • it is possible to activate the automatic mode, which makes screenshots every 15 seconds;
  • in the assortment. a large number of frames for the finished picture (they can also be used to design a screen made through other programs).

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How to take screenshots on iPhone? 7 ways with step by step instructions

This article will show you how to take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone if you need to save an interesting picture or a funny moment in the game. The resulting picture can then be sent to friends and admired by yourself. The information will be useful for curious owners of Apple smartphones who want to use the capabilities of the iPhone 100%.

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