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How to switch the Internet to the desired SIM card on Samsung Galaxy Duos from SIM 1 to SIM 2 or vice versa. Samsung Galaxy how to turn off the Internet from one SIM card and turn it on to another.

How to switch the Internet to the correct SIM card on Samsung Galaxy Duos. In this article, we will look at how to change the SIM card in the settings on a Samsung Galaxy with two SIM cards with which we want to use the Internet on a smartphone. Earlier we already had an article on how to switch high-speed 3G and 4G Internet to the desired SIM card, and if you were looking for how to do this and got to this page, then you can go to the article on how to switch high-speed 3G and 4G to the selected SIM card on Samsung Galaxy by going by this link.

If you cannot find in the settings how to disable mobile data from one SIM card and enable it on another SIM card from which you want to use the Internet, then you have come to the right place. Below you will learn how to switch the Internet from SIM 1 to SIM 2 or vice versa on Samsung Galaxy Duos.

And so to switch the Internet of Samsung Galaxy Duos to the desired SIM card, do the following on your smartphone: Open Settings. In the menu that opens, select the SIM card manager. Next, we find the item Data transmission network. Now you can choose from which SIM card to use the Internet from SIM 1 or SIM 2. You can also completely disable the Internet from both SIM cards by selecting Disable mobile data in the menu.

Many users of Samsung Galaxy duos on their own cannot find how to change the SIM card from which you need to use the Internet in the settings and the money goes away, do not stand the SIM card where the unlimited Internet is connected. And therefore, I think the article will be useful, especially for inexperienced users of Samsung androids. We hope this article helped you and you were able to switch the Internet to the desired sim card.

How to set up camera on Samsung Galaxy

Hey! Today I will show you how to set up the camera on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can easily and quickly change the camera settings on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Any model A, S, J, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, X. See the instructions below and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have questions. Go!)

On the home screen, find the Camera icon and tap on it.

Next, your camera will turn on. At the bottom left, click on the Settings icon. You can also include here:

  • Full screen mode;
  • Automatic flash;
  • Choose an effect;
  • Expand the camera;
  • Strength and Vignette.
  • Image size. Resolution and Megapixels;
  • Video size. FHD;
  • Turn on the timer. For example, 2, 5 or 10 seconds before shooting;
  • Front camera photo size;
  • Front camera video size;
  • Timer front.,
  • Vertical display. Save all images as shown in the preview area, not upside-down;
  • Shooting method. Take selfies when you touch the screen., Automatically take photos when you show your palm to the camera.
  • Change camera mode. Rear camera: HDR, Night, Panorama, Pro, Beauty, Auto, Stickers, Burst. Front Camera: Selfie Focus, Selfie, Stickers, Wide Selfie;
  • Grid;
  • Geotags. Saving location data in snapshots and videos;
  • Review of images. Viewing photos immediately after shooting;
  • Quick start. To open the camera, quickly press the Home key twice;
  • Floating camera button on the screen;
  • Press the volume key to take a photo;
  • Reset camera settings.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

Rostest or Eurotest

switch, camera, samsung

Note that all Samsung smartphones in the Russian market are divided into two certification groups:

  • “White” mobile phones have been officially imported into Russia. We went through all the necessary registration procedures. In our country, there is no legislative regulation of the silent shooting mode. Therefore, the shutter click can be disabled via system signals;
  • “Gray”. imported illegally, without customs clearance. Typically, these mobile phones are certified in countries where there is a legal ban on silent shooting. For such gadgets, in accordance with the law, changes are made to the software settings. For such Samsungs, you will have to do other ways: download the firmware of another region, switch the mobile phone to the minimum volume mode, connect headphones or take pictures while filming.

Step-by-step instruction

Note that most Samsung smartphones (for example, M20, A50, A70, etc.) do not provide deactivation of the soundtrack for the picture. To disable, you will have to go to system settings and perform a number of actions.

  • select the icon that is responsible for volume control;
  • expand the list of events, the adjustment of which is available in this paragraph;
  • in the “System” line, drag the slider to the left until the level is reduced to the limit.

These actions will turn off the camera sound on Samsung, but also turn off all system alarms.

How to mute the camera on a Samsung smartphone

Note that the sound can be turned off in two ways:

  • disable clicking the shutter in the Camera application;
  • reduce the volume of system signals to a minimum or switch to the “Silent”, “Vibrate” mode.

If the second method is chosen, after shooting it is necessary to return the volume level, which is comfortable for the owner of the smartphone. Otherwise, there is a high risk of missing calls, alarms and other important reminders.

Another option is to install a third-party program that allows you to take pictures. Such applications have a clear interface, allow you to disable the shutter click with just one button on the taskbar.

How to turn on Samsung camera sound

After turning off the system signals and taking photos without clicking the shutter, you must turn on the signals again, otherwise, you can miss important calls, messages in instant messengers or reminders. To do this, you need to repeat the shutdown procedure in the same order, with the difference. the slider is moved to the right until the mode is activated to the desired volume level.

Some users use different melodies for clicking the camera in order to understand at what moment the button was pressed.

In some cases, this can be a hindrance and must be turned off. In Samsung, it is more convenient to do this by lowering the volume level, since there is no provision for turning off in the application.

Camera functions on Samsung smartphones

Of course, there are a great many models of Samsung smartphones, and each of these models has its own specifics of phone camera settings. But the vast majority of such cameras have the following basic settings, which we will discuss below.

Tracking AF

This parameter is used to track an object that you tap on the screen during shooting. The phone keeps focusing on this subject no matter where it is going or what is happening. This feature, typical of expensive DSLR cameras, is supported on Samsung phones.

What is a front camera and why is it needed?

There are two types of cameras: main and front. Front camera is called the camera, which is located on the front panel of the gadget. Usually, the front camera is slightly inferior in quality to the main one, for example, if the resolution of the main one is 8 megapixels, then the front camera will most likely be about 5 megapixels.

The front camera is designed to make video calls, that is, while communicating via Skype, or similar programs, the interlocutors see each other using these cameras. Therefore, before turning on the front camera, it would be good to tidy yourself up.

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Taking selfies has become very popular lately. For those who do not know. this is a self-portrait, that is, after you turn on the front camera, pictures of yourself are taken.

Mode Button

In your Samsung camera settings, you can find the “Mode” button, which will give you access to the functionality of the “Pro” button.

The latter will give you access to professional camera settings.

  • Brightness;
  • ISO (camera sensitivity to light);
  • White balance;
  • Focal length;
  • Filters and other options to suit digital camera professionals.

Having got acquainted with the basic camera settings, we will figure out how to set up a camera on Samsung using examples of a number of models.

How to turn on the front camera on your phone?

When it comes to video calling, usually the front camera turns on automatically. This is especially true for laptops. But sometimes on tablets and smartphones you still have to do it manually.

Let’s say you are chatting with a friend via WhatsApp or Skype, but the other person does not see you or instead of your face sees a completely different image, that is, the main camera is on. How do you turn on the front camera then? You need to find the icon representing the camera and click on it. Usually there is a change of camera after that.

If you intend to take a photo of yourself and are wondering how to turn on the front camera on an “Android” smartphone, the approximate procedure is as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10: How to Switch Camera to Front / Back

  • activate (unlock) the smartphone screen;
  • find the icon with the camera on the desktop or in the main menu;
  • By default, on all Android gadgets, the main camera is turned on first. In shooting mode, there should be an icon on the screen in the form of a camera with two arrows that go around it, click on it.

That’s it, you now know how to turn on the front camera. The interface of smartphones and tablets based on “Android” is approximately the same, so this guide is valid for all gadgets.

Voice control

This option makes it possible to take pictures by saying a key phrase. For example, it could be “Cheese”, “Smile”, “Record video”. after which they take a picture or start recording a video.

How to enable the built-in webcam on a Samsung laptop

Now it’s the turn to write instructions on how to turn on the camera on a Samsung laptop on Windows 7 or Windows 8 (there is no difference, only the drivers may differ).

I have already written about the rest of the mini computers. I want to note right away that the official website (software support) of Samsung turned out to be the worst of all manufacturers.

The best ASUS. There are no problems there. Why am I writing this. To enable the built-in webcam on Samsung, individual drivers are required. The easiest and best (safer way) to download them from the manufacturer’s website.

Camera Settings You SHOULD Change On Your Samsung

So, on the official Samsung website, at the time when I write, not a single download link works, and it was created as if it was soldered with his feet.

Regardless of what kind of Samsung laptop you have: rc530, rv513, rv515, rc530, rv509, rv511, rv508, 300e, or another, to turn on the webcam (built-in), you need two things: drivers and a special program. without them you cannot no way.

Samsung Laptop Camera Drivers

Perhaps you already have the driver, especially if you purchased a laptop with a pre-installed operating system.

When self-installing Windows 7 or 8, they are often “crooked” or absent altogether.

Perhaps when you read, there will be changes on the official website and you can download “native” drivers for the camera of your Samsung laptop.

To enter it, write in the google search engine: “Samsung support” (without quotes) and follow the link as shown in the figure below.

If you cannot download them from there, then it is best to download a free program: “DriverPack Solution”. It has drivers for all laptop models (including Samsung WEB cameras).

Only it is too big. you need high-speed Internet, but then, she will independently adopt everything that is needed (without the Internet).

If you search the network on your own especially for the camera of your laptop, be careful, most with viruses.

Another option to install drivers is to find them by device ID. Learn more about the procedure for such an installation here.

Program for the built-in web camera of a Samsung laptop

As I wrote above, in order to turn on the camera on Samsung, you will definitely need a special program. If you installed Windows yourself, you definitely don’t have it, but it doesn’t matter.

By clicking on the link in front, you will be taken to a page where you can download a completely free program for a laptop camera and more.

There are also detailed instructions for installation, configuration and use.

That’s all. If you have a driver and a program, then launch it (program) and the camera on your Samsung laptop will turn on on its own. I think there should be no more questions. Good luck.

Method: file manager

This method also consists in cleaning the material, but in a different way. In this case, this method has the goal of removing the camera failure on the “Samsung Galaxy” and is as follows. We resort to using a file manager.

Why You Can’t Switch Between Front and Back Camera While Recording on Galaxy S8/S9

  • The first step is to connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.
  • You need to find and open the memory folder of this smartphone, and then go to the “Android” folder. There will be another folder with dates. This is what you need.
  • There you can find the archive folder, where the cache storage of your smartphone will be. You will need to delete it.
  • Experts in this matter advise you to delete all files from this folder, since they are completely useless on your device and only bring memory problems.
  • After you complete your action, you need to restart the device. We hope this method helped you troubleshoot, if not, then go to the last method.

Method: cleaning the internal storage

Camera failure on “Samsung” is bad, so it is better to eliminate this shortcoming as soon as possible. The second method is to clear the internal storage in the “Camera” application using the Recovery method. Just like the previous method, we will consider all the details step by step.

The first step is to turn off your device. Next, you need to press and hold three buttons on your phone for a certain time. These buttons are:

  • The button that is responsible for turning on and off.
  • A button called Home.
  • And the phone volume up button.

When you hold these buttons for a few seconds, the phone will provide you with the system parameters of “Android”.

In order to clean your device, you need to flip through the lines using the volume buttons. To go down, use the volume down button.

You need to find a line called Wipe cache partition. Next, your task is to restart the device.

If the camera crash on the “Samsung Grand Prime” has stopped. that’s good, but if not, then you should turn to the next method.

Method: removing an alternate camera

This is the last method that can help you prevent the camera from crashing on “Samsung”.

This method also consists in removing, but this time the so-called alternative camera is removed.

Your task is to find all the applications that use the camera’s services, as well as the memory storage. After you find them, your task will be to remove them. After this step, be sure to restart the smartphone.

One of the above methods will certainly fix the problem with the camera, and it will continue to do its job well. If all else fails, it is imperative to contact the service center, which means that the problem is much more serious.

Many users of Samsung smartphones face problems and one of the most common of them is the “Warning: Camera Failure” error. At the same time, rebooting does not help and the owners of Samsung Galaxy devices are looking for another, more effective solution.

Fortunately, we even have several methods that allow us to restore the smartphone’s camera to work. Let’s start with the simplest, and then, if the problem remains unresolved, then move on to heavy artillery.

Top Causes of Camera Failure on Samsung

The camera error is caused by a number of software reasons, among which the following should be noted:

  • Problems with updating the Android OS. If you have recently updated your OS, then there is a possibility that the installed update is not working correctly. This is especially true if the update is interrupted during the installation process;
  • There is no free space on the phone. If, due to the installation or operation of any applications, the gadget’s memory is crammed to capacity, then this will cause the “Camera failure” error;
  • Cache and data errors in the Cameras application can also be a factor in the problem;
  • The error in question can also be caused by incorrect changes to the system settings by the user himself;
  • And, of course, the cause of the error can be an outdated version of the application that works with the camera.
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Remove the SD memory card from the phone

Turn off the gadget, remove the SD card from it. Then turn on your smartphone, the Camera application can work. Remains to insert the memory card back.

I can’t switch from the front camera to the regular one. I don’t see the icon anywhere (((Android 4.3

Perform a factory reset. I think this will help you there are probably no other ways to return the badge.

To return to the settings, go to the menu. settings. recovery and reset. reset parameters.

Guest replies about Highscreen Zera S 12/06/2014 12:24 PM

If the phone has a front-facing camera, then it is included in the menu. camera. the camera itself has a toggle icon. it looks like a camera with arrows. click on it and then you will switch to the front camera.

The icon should be on all phones that have a front camera, I don’t know why you don’t have it. specify the android version of your phone.

I have a 5x phone, the front camera icon is gone, I can’t understand why. What should I do to return the icon? Please help.

I reset the settings to the factory settings 4 times already, the icon appeared, what to do?

Guest replies about Highscreen Zera S 03/29/2015 00:40 AM

I reset the settings to the factory settings 4 times already, the icon appeared, what to do?

Try in the settings of the camera itself to find switching the camera to the front one, for some the icon disappears and is placed in the settings menu due to a phone update.

Instead of a camera icon, there is now a SIM card icon.

I have the same problem too! Throwing the settings does not work! What to do?

I also lost the switch icon what to do

I would also advise you to check the modes that you have set in the camera (icons located at the top). select the very first mode (icon), after which the icon for switching the camera to the front will reappear, quite recently, while understanding new firmware, I came across this problem, but there are problems that the icons disappear altogether, but this happens very rarely and for hardware problems.

What is the password on the Haighscreen Alpha Ice to collect the factory settings?

install the new android everything will work

It helped me, in the settings, stop the camera, reset all settings, and without turning on the camera, restart the phone, the icon appeared ^^

What does it mean to stop the camera. What is it like? and what does it mean to reset all settings? more?

Thanks helped me. In some androids, instead of a camera application, there is a gallery. In the settings, find.applications.all applications-Camera (Gallery).Stop erase data, clear the cache, then press back and select the function reset settings-all then reboot the phone and the lady appears. I just did it and it worked. good luck to all. I have HTC Desire 816G dual SIM. if anything write me

Hello, I have lost the icon for switching cameras Lenovo A319. What to do?

Hello, I have ex play joy, I also have such a problem, and everything that you said does not help, I checked

my phone texa does not have icons front camera only eats3G what are they doing help

On my camera, the icon for switching to the front one is gone. What to do? Phone model lenovo a859. Android version 4.2.2

hello help with the problem. I asked my niece to take a picture, she took the phone in her hands and pressed something, after that I do not have an icon for switching between cameras on the phone giant-pi-ukr help.

hello! the situation is as follows: PRESTIGIO psp3405 duo. the icon for switching cameras has disappeared. reset the system several times, does not help. please tell me what to do?

Indeed, shamanism with gallery cache and factory reset helped. thanks a lot!

Hello! I have a new htc desire 526. no camera switch icon. I got everything stuck on the front. Did everything above. Does not help

yes in fig it is not necessary to help anyone. they all give a fuck about our problems

The same problem, the front camera icon disappeared, resetting the settings did not help

I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace I do not have an icon to switch the camera from outside to inside what to do please help me

Can’t switch from front camera to rear camera, there is no icon

I have no badge cant take pictures what to do woolfy34

When I switch the application to the back camera, the camera closes and it is written that this application does not respond

Also nonsense. None of the above helped. So the selfie remained upside down.

Good afternoon, the same problem. On the hightscreen phone, the icon for switching the camera from front to rear disappeared. used to be. help please. settings checked everything you need turned on, everything you do not need off.

All of the above did not help. And the cache of the camera was cleaned and reset, and the front-facing camera remained.

I have a Sony Xperia m2 aqua. The camera switch icon is gone. What to do

Hello everyone, the disappearance of the camera switching icon is also fucking. I see more than one such. Many say that the loop and all that, but since the phone was not open nirazu, I began to look further, and then VOOUAAALYA

A WAY HELPED me. erase application data gallery or Cameras, do the following:

go to Settings. Applications, go to All on the top line. find Gallery or Camera in the list and just click on Erase data, if the cache is not 0.00 KB then clear it too.

I didn’t even need to restart my phone, we go into the camera and Uuseee.

Hello everyone, the disappearance of the camera switching icon is also fucking. I see more than one such. Many say that the loop and all that, but since the phone was not open nirazu, I began to look further, and then VOOUAAALYA

A WAY HELPED me. erase application data gallery or Cameras, do the following:

go to Settings. Applications, go to All on the top line. find Gallery or Camera in the list and just click on Erase data, if the cache is not 0.00 KB then clear it too.

I didn’t even need to restart my phone, we go into the camera and Uuseee.

It also helped me with resetting the camera application and clearing the cache. thanks for the advice

thanks helped, reset the settings and rebooted.

Help there is no icon for switching to the front camera on the Nomi i502 phone trying to reset to factory settings does not help in the settings I can not find.

Clever guys that you are hanging noodles here, this can only be fixed by flashing!

There is no camera icon at all in all applications. What to do?

Hello everyone. Also recently I ran into the problem of the disappearance of the camera change icon. Lenovo P70A. Who knows a way without resorting to a factory reset?

Cleared data, cache and reboot. Helped.

nothing happened as they wrote earlier, cleared the data, cache, rebooted, apparently when it fell, something happened to the camera, and therefore the icon disappeared automatically

Stopped Camera, cleared cache, cleared data. helped. Thank you!

How to turn on the front camera if there is no icon

Why is there no camera icon in apps?

First, check the camera through any application (flashlight) download from the playmarket, if the flashlight does not work, then there is a problem with the camera. The camera also did not switch, I disassembled the phone, pulled out the camera cable and put it back, everything worked.

On my Lenovo tablet, the camera switching icon sometimes disappears. If you restart the tablet, the icon appears.

On my Lenovo tablet, the camera switching icon sometimes disappears. If you restart the tablet, the icon appears.

Thank you! Helped Lenovo tab2 a10-70l without resetting to z / installation.

Lenovo A616 the icon for changing cameras disappeared. I rebooted the phone. That is, off and on. Icon appeared!

Hello everyone! People if the rear camera does not work and at the same time the flashlight means the loop has gone. 100 %

Hello everyone! People if the rear camera does not work and at the same time the flashlight means the loop has gone. 100 %

Nothing helped either, even threw a fucking tablet-glass broke. It helped the person above to write. I see more than one such. Many say that the loop and all that, but since the phone was not open nirazu, I began to look further, and then VOOUAAALYA

A WAY HELPED me. erase application data gallery or Cameras, do the following:

go to Settings. Applications, go to All on the top line. find Gallery or Camera in the list and just click on Erase data, if the cache is not 0.00 KB then clear it too.

I didn’t even need to restart my phone, we go into the camera and Uuseee.

Installing the software

Some models of webcams, in addition to connecting, also require the installation of special software that comes with the device. Usually the necessary drivers and software are installed automatically from optical media.

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Sometimes it is necessary to download and install suitable software from the manufacturer’s official website:

You can automatically update the drivers for the webcam using DriverPack Solution or DriverMax.

If the specification of your camera does not specify the requirements for the software, its installation is not required.


At the stage of choosing a webcam, you need to find out in advance which USB interfaces are present on your computer and purchase a compatible device.

If your camera is not equipped with a microphone, you will have to purchase and connect an audio recorder separately. Otherwise, the camera will only transmit the video signal.

When connecting a webcam with a built-in microphone, you may need a 3.5 mm jack for the appropriate purpose.

After completing the PC and webcam compatibility check, you can proceed to the connection.


The process of connecting a webcam to a computer is the simplest stage, as it has many similarities to connecting most other peripheral devices. over, the instructions are fully relevant if you are using a laptop.

    If necessary, connect the camera and the supplied USB cable together. In most cases, the wire is embedded.

Without turning off the computer, connect a webcam to the USB port on the back of the system unit.

If necessary, connect the additional “3.5 mm jack” wire to the microphone connector. Usually the port you want is marked in pink and the corresponding icon.

If the connection is successful, you will receive a sound notification and the process can be considered completed.


If the webcam, after connecting and checking, does not transmit the image as you would like, you can configure it. To change the parameters, you will need special software, be it the included software or Skype.

Webcam settings are also present in many video recording programs.


After connecting and installing special software, it is important to check the functionality of the device. We described this process using the example of Windows 7, but the instructions are quite relevant for other OS versions.

Connecting your webcam to your computer

A webcam correctly connected to the PC allows you to record videos or communicate with other people on the Internet. Within the framework of this article, we will talk about the connection process and the subsequent verification of such a device.

Solution of problems

In case of any problems with the operation of the webcam, we have prepared a corresponding article on how to fix them.

In some cases, manual activation of the webcam may be required.

Camera app is still unavailable

Phones that fail with any of the above are likely to have more serious camera failure. To fix it, it is better to contact the Samsung service center where you live. Experts will carry out a full diagnosis and. if necessary. replace parts.

Data reset

Returning a smartphone to its factory settings is quite a drastic measure. Its main drawback is the consequences: the deletion of absolutely all personal data from the internal memory of the phone. However, Samsung “zeroing” can fix the camera problem.

Please back up important user files before performing a factory reset. For example, transfer all data to the cloud or to another device. The Titanium Backup app is great for creating a full Android backup.

There are two ways to reset data on Android:

  • Via Android system settings. To do this, go to the “General settings” “Restore and reset”. Among all the sub-items, we are looking for the inscription “Reset settings”.
  • Through Recovery. Option for advanced users who know how to handle this add-on. (Above we described in detail how you can do this). In the Recovery menu, select the Wipe All Data item and wait a few seconds for the system to delete all data. We reboot the phone and check the operation of the camera.

Clearing the cache of faulty applications

The cache stores the data needed to run Android apps quickly. Often, it is the cache that is the culprit for all kinds of “glitches”.

Clearing the data must be done in the Camera and Gallery applications. So, we follow all the points of the instructions:

  • Go to Phone Settings.
  • We find the item “Application Manager” (or “Applications”).
  • Select “Camera” and tap on the corresponding menu item.
  • Go to the “Memory” section,
  • We find the button “Clear data”, and just below. “Clear cache”, click on it.
  • Close the settings and check if the camera is working.

To delete data in the Gallery, go back to the application manager, find the “Gallery” item in it and clear the data and cache in two clicks.

Note. You need to delete unnecessary information and clear the cache on your phone not only when an error occurs in the Camera application, but also on a regular basis. This ensures the efficient operation of all programs and prevents possible crashes in the Android OS. To quickly delete cached files, we recommend the free CCleaner mobile app.

Also read the google help for more details on clearing the cache.

Android Camera Crash: How to Fix Problem on Samsung Phone

Owners of different models of Samsung smartphones (S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, Mega 2) may face an unpleasant situation: the Camera application does not start. Instead of starting the camera, the Android user receives a notification that a crash has occurred.

The service centers will tell you that you need to take the device for diagnostics in order to find out the cause of the failure. It could be a software glitch or a hardware failure.

However, there are several methods you can use to find out the cause of camera problems and even fix them yourself. We will look at simple, but quite effective ways.

Safe mode

One of the features of all Android gadgets is the presence of a safe mode, which allows for the initial diagnostics of the device. Thus, you can find out why the camera on the phone does not work.

You can enter Safe Mode on Samsung as follows:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Turn on the smartphone, wait for the “Samsung” logo to appear on the screen.
  • Hold down the volume button (volume down) and hold until the Android OS starts completely.
  • If “Safe Mode” appears at the bottom of the screen, then you did everything right.

The point of Safe Mode on Samsung is that only a limited number of apps work. All third-party programs are blocked.

Note. Read more about Safe Mode here.

If the camera on the smartphone starts up in this mode, this indicates problematic third-party applications that, most likely, were installed recently. In this case, it is necessary

  • Start the phone in standard mode (exiting safe mode)
  • Delete new apps one at a time until the camera starts up again.

[Instructions on how to uninstall unnecessary applications]

If the camera still does not work in safe mode, proceed to the next chapter.

Simplest: reboot your phone

It would seem that this method cannot solve problems with the camera. However, experience shows that often a simple restart of the phone will normalize its operation. The method is simple and absolutely safe.

To fix Samsung camera crashing through reboot:

  • Open the “Restart” item (to display the corresponding menu, hold down the Power button on the phone).
  • We are waiting for the phone to turn off and restart, displaying the Samsung logo.
  • Check if the camera is working by logging into the application and taking a test photo.

Removing a memory card from a smartphone

Another quick and effective way to solve the problem with the camera on Samsung phones is to remove the memory card and insert it back.

If the Camera application starts to launch without a memory card, it is likely that it will continue to work after reinstalling the SD card. However, take your time and check your storage device for read errors first. This can be done using the chkdsk utility utility (in Windows it is available initially):

  • We connect the memory card to the computer (via a card reader).
  • In the context menu of the disk, select the Service tab Check.
  • We are waiting for the end of the check (at this stage chkdsk will correct errors) and insert the memory card into the phone.
  • Checking the operation of the “Camera” application.

See article on this topic: Here are some common errors that can cause your phone to not detect your memory card. This is what causes the camera to crash.

Fixing Samsung Camera via Recovery Mode

If the standard cleaning of the data failed to fix the camera failure, you can carry out a “global” cleaning through a special mode. Recovery. To run it on a Samsung phone, you need:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Simultaneously hold down the power button, Home and volume up.
  • After a few seconds, Recovery Mode is activated on the phone.
  • Using the sound adjustment button, select the Wipe Cache Partition item in the menu.
  • We clear the cache in all applications installed on the smartphone.
  • Reboot the phone through the Reboot System Now menu item.