How to sync contacts from Google to iPhone

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How to Transfer Contacts to Android Using SD Card

Flash card is another way to import Gmail contact information to your phone. The procedure is similar to the transfer using a Google account, but it has its own peculiarities:

  • Login to the Google account from which you are going to import.
  • From the menu choose Export, but instead of CSV, click the vCard extension.
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  • Save contacts to SD card in the root directory in the “Contacts” folder.
  • Insert your flash device into your phone.
  • In the “Contacts” of your device, select “Menu”, and in it “Import”. Specify SD card as source.

All files will be transferred to your phone. They will automatically be added to the contact menu. In the same way, you can make a backup of all address data on the device. To do this, in the “Import / Export” section, select the flash card as the carrier.

How to transfer contacts using a Google account

Android devices are automatically synchronized with Google account data (including mail). To import Gmail data to your phone, log in using the account to which your email account is linked. To add an account with the desired contact addresses, you simply need to follow this algorithm:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • In the “Personal data” section, select the “Account” sub-item, and then click on “Add account”.
  • Specify the type of account. In our case, this is a Google account.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the form. The system may require you to enter a PIN, pattern, or lock password.
  • After adding an account, all emails, contacts, calendar events and other data will be transferred to your Android device.

Some Google Accounts may experience sync issues or may be disabled. To fix this, go to the “Settings” of the phone, and then select “Personal information”. Click on “Google Accounts” and in the “” section click on “Sync”.

You can also import contacts without adding an account. This method is implemented using a special CSV file:

  • Go to the Google account from which you want to export contacts.
  • In the “Contacts” menu, select the “” section, and in it, click on the “Export” sub-item.
  • Specify a group of contacts for transfer (“My contacts”. users whom you added yourself; “All contacts”. users with whom you have corresponded at least once).
  • In the list of file types, select Google CSV.
  • Specify the directory where the data will be saved, and then click “Export”.
  • After that go to your Google account.
  • In the “” menu, select the “Import” section.
  • Select the saved file, and it will automatically be imported into your Google account, as well as into the Android connected to it, respectively.

The added file will not be synced until you sign in to the Google account it belongs to.

How to transfer contacts using special applications

MOBILedit is considered one of the most multifunctional programs when working with contact information! With its help, you can import this data from a variety of sources, as well as transfer it to other devices in a more user-friendly form.

After installing the program on your computer, connect the phone from which you want to transfer the address information via a USB cable. The program can also import data directly from Gmail. Here you need to do only 2 steps, namely:

  • After synchronizing the computer and the phone, go to the “Phonebook” menu, and then click the “Export” button.
  • Whichever method you choose, save the contact information on your computer (for example, in CSV format). Connect the device to which you want to transfer.

The program allows you to display data using:

  • USB cable;
  • Bluetooth;
  • SD cards;
  • Google data.

The rest of the options do not imply synchronization, so they are suitable for users who just need to transfer data from Gmail without the ability to operate user information from other devices.

Importing Gmail contacts to your phone memory

There are several ways that you can use your Google Mail contacts on your phone. Some options involve not only transfer, but also synchronization, so any changes to information will be displayed on all devices connected to Gmail. In all other cases, only the transfer of contact information will occur. Import can be done using a Google account, external media (SD Card), SIM card, Bluetooth, MOBILedit! PC Suite, special utilities from your phone manufacturer.

How to transfer contacts using Bluetooth

This kind of method is suitable for cases when the gmail contacts that need to be transferred are on another phone.

Turn on Bluetooth connection on both devices. On the phone from which you want to transfer, select the desired contact information or click “Select All”. Then click “Send Contacts” and specify Bluetooth as the transfer method. Find the second device. Select it from the search list. Confirm the transfer and await completion. Select the received file and import it into the contact menu of your phone.

How to transfer contacts using a SIM card

If you changed your phone, and the old contact information (including Gmeile contacts) remained on the old device, then you can import using your SIM card to update the entire contact database (including Google contacts). To do this:

  • Insert the SIM card into your old phone, and then go to the contacts menu.
  • Copy information from device to SIM card.
  • Move the SIM card to your new Android device.
  • Go to the “Contacts” section, and then to the “Menu”.
  • Select the “Import from SIM” option.

The method has many limitations (the length of the contact, the transfer of not all information, the number of transferred contacts at a time), therefore it is rarely used.

Other options for importing contacts to Android

How else can you import your Gmail contacts to your Android device? Each well-known manufacturer provides special software for working with user contact information. This greatly facilitates the synchronization of devices, and also eliminates errors and bugs that are often found in third-party programs.

Such utilities work with universal extensions (VCF or CSV), which allows you to comfortably move, delete and create new contacts using the proprietary equipment of the manufacturer of your device.

How to Transfer Data from Google Account to iPhone?

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select Passwords & Accounts New Google Account.
  • Follow the instructions to enter your email address and password.
  • Select the data to sync and click Save.

How to Transfer Contacts to iPhone with Names?

  • Insert the previous SIM with your contacts into iPhone.
  • Click “Settings” “Contacts” “Import SIM contacts”.
  • If prompted, select where to import SIM contacts.
  • Wait for the import to finish.
  • Open Contacts and make sure your contacts are imported.

How to import contacts from iPhone?

  • Go to the website;
  • Login with your iPhone account;
  • Go to the “contacts” tab;
  • Select all entries and click the “settings” icon (in the lower left corner);
  • Go to the item “Export files in vCard format”;
  • Open the Gmail page and go to the “contacts” tab;

What to do if Google won’t sync?

Check the stability of your internet connection. Connect to Wi-Fi if available. Make sure sync is enabled and the settings are correct. Remove Google account and add again.

How to enable synchronization with Google account?

To enable sync, you need a Google account.

  • Open Chrome on your computer.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on your profile picture.
  • Sign in to your google account.
  • If you want to sync data across all your devices, click Turn on sync Turn on.
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What to do if contacts are not displayed on iPhone?

Usually, contacts on iPhone won’t show up when it fails or doesn’t sync with an iCloud account. In this case, you need to go to the settings of the account to which the numbers were saved and enable the “Contacts” parameter.

3 How to forward contacts one by one

It may be that you only need to transfer one contact. for example, to share your phone number with someone.

  • Open your contact list on your Android smartphone.
  • Select the required number: to do this, hold the contact’s name until a drop-down menu appears for sending or deleting.
  • Tap on “Send” and select the format for transferring information: it can be text, QR-code or vCard file.
  • Further, everything is the same as in the previous paragraph. look in the list for a convenient method of sending (Disk, Bluetooth, messenger) and transfer the contact.

1 How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone Using SIM Card

Perhaps the easiest way to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone is to save numbers on a SIM card and connect it in a new smartphone. However, it is important to consider here that a SIM card can store a maximum of 255 contacts, and if you need to transfer more information, use other methods.

First, make sure your contacts are saved on the SIM. To do this, open the “Contacts” application on your Android smartphone and go to its settings.

Select “Import / Export Contacts”. “Export to Storage: SIM”. Next, you will be asked to choose where you want to copy contacts from: from the phone book, Google, WhatsApp or other instant messengers. Tick ​​the necessary contacts and confirm your choice.

If there are records on the SIM, it will be enough to insert the card into a new smartphone to transfer them to the iPhone. To upload contacts to your iCoud or Gmail account, you can go to settings and select “Contacts”. “Import SIM contacts”.

2 How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone in One File

Another simple method that works even for a large number of contacts. They can be transferred as regular files by combining them into one archive.

  • To do this, go to the “Contacts” application on your Android smartphone again, open the settings and select “Import / Export contacts”. “Send contacts”.
  • Your phone book will open, where you can select the numbers of people you want to transfer from android to iPhone.
  • Then click “Send” and select the method of transferring the file with numbers. You can use mail, messenger, cloud or Bluetooth.
  • For contacts to appear on iPhone, you will need to download and upload the sent file.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone: 5 Ways

We tell you how to throw contacts from android to iPhone: all at once or only a select few.

4 How to sync contacts with Google

We recently discussed how to combine calendars on a computer and smartphone using a Google account. The same trick can be used to sync contacts and transfer them to a new device. even when it comes to transferring data from Android to iOS.

Move to iOS app to transfer data from Android to iPhone

In the second half of 2015, Apple released the Move to iOS app for Android smartphones and tablets, designed to migrate to the iPhone or iPad. With this application, after purchasing a device from Apple, you can relatively easily transfer all your data, including contacts, to it.

However, with a high probability, you will still have to transfer contacts to the iPhone manually, using one of the methods described below. The fact is that the application allows you to copy data only to a new iPhone or iPad, i.e. when it is activated, and if yours is already activated, then to use this method you will have to reset it with the loss of all data (which is why, I think, the rating of the application in the Play Market is slightly higher than 2 points).

For details on how to transfer contacts, calendars, photos and other information from Android to iPhone and iPad in this application, you can read about Honor in the official Apple guide:

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Purchased an Apple phone and want to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone?. it is simple to do this, and for this there are several ways, which I will describe in this manual. And by the way, you should not use any third-party programs for this (although there are enough of them), because you already have everything that you may need. (If you need to transfer contacts in reverse: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android)

Transferring Android contacts to iPhone is possible both online, if contacts are synchronized with Google, and without using the Internet, but almost directly: from phone to phone (almost. because in the meantime we need to use a computer). You can also import contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone, I’ll write about this too.

How to transfer SIM contacts

I don’t know if it’s worth highlighting the transfer of contacts from a SIM card to a separate item, but questions about this often arise.

So, to transfer contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone, you just need to go to “Settings”. “Mail, addresses, calendars” and below the “Contacts” subsection, click the “Import SIM contacts” button. In a matter of seconds, SIM contacts will be saved on your phone.

Sync Google Contacts to iPhone

The first method is for those who have Android contacts synchronized with Google. in this case, all we need to transfer them is to remember the login and password from their account, which will need to be entered in the iPhone settings.

In order to transfer contacts, go to the iPhone settings, select “Mail, addresses, calendars”, then. “Add account”.

Further steps may differ (read the description and choose what suits you best):

  • You can simply add your Google account by selecting the appropriate item. Once added, you can choose what to sync: Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes. By default, this entire set is synced.
  • If you need to transfer only contacts, then click “Other”, and then select “CardDAV Account” and fill it in with the following parameters: server., username and password, in the “Description” field you can write something of your choice eg “Android Contacts”. Save the record and your contacts will sync.

Attention: if you have two-factor authentication enabled in your Google account (an SMS comes when you log in from a new computer), then you need to create an application password before performing the indicated points (both in the first and second cases) and use this particular password when entering. (About what an app password is and how to create one:

How to Copy Contacts from Android Phone to iPhone without Syncing

If you go to the “Contacts” application on Android, press the menu button, select “Import / Export”, and then. “Export to storage,” then a vCard file with the extension.vcf will be saved on your phone, containing all your contacts Android and perfectly responsive iPhone and Apple programs.

And then you can do one of the following with this file:

  • Email your contacts file as an Android attachment to your iCloud address that you registered when you activated your iPhone. After receiving an email in the Mail app on iPhone, you can immediately import contacts by clicking on the attachment file.
  • Send directly from Android phone via Bluetooth to your iPhone.
  • Copy the file to your computer, and then drag it to open iTunes (synced to your iPhone). See also: How to transfer Android contacts to a computer (it describes additional ways to get a file with contacts, including online).
  • If you have a Mac OS X computer, you can also drag the file with contacts to the Contacts application and, if you have iCloud sync enabled, they will appear on iPhone too.
  • Also, if you have enabled sync with iCloud, you can go to the website in the browser on any computer or directly from Android, select the “Contacts” item there, and then, by clicking on the settings button (bottom left), select the “Import vCard “and specify the path to the.vcf file.

I think that the listed methods are not all possible, since contacts in the.vcf format are quite universal and can be opened by almost any program for working with this type of data.

Additional Information

There are also many programs for Windows and Mac that allow you to transfer contacts and other information between Android and iPhone, however, in my opinion, as I wrote in the beginning, they are not needed, because all the same can be easily done manually. Nevertheless, I will give a couple of such programs: suddenly, you have a different view on the appropriateness of their use:

  • Wondershare Mobile Transfer
  • CopyTrans

In fact, the specified software is intended not so much for copying contacts between phones on different platforms, as for synchronizing media files, photos and other data, but it is also quite suitable for contacts.

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Even this site ignores Windows phone. And I decided to try it and did not regret it.

Pavel, I will not ignore, no. Just to write about it, it must be in stock. And I’m only ready on 950xl to use Continuum. But there is no money for it.

Thanks for helping us transfer contacts.!

Thank! Everything worked out. synchronized successfully the first time)

Hurrah! After much suffering, everything worked out!
Deleted contacts on iPhone. And I decided to transfer contacts from android to iPhone. For some reason, it did not work through the cable, through the programs. But to save the file, send it to mail and upload it to the iPhone IT WORKED. THANK! Now we need to transfer messages and notes) I went further digging))

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Thank you so much! It turned out so easy thanks to you)

How to transfer contacts from Google account to another?

Open the View contacts page and log in to the account from which you are going to take contacts. Select the contacts you want to transfer, or if you want to transfer everything, just click the “Select All” button. Click the “” button and select “Export” in the drop-down menu that appears.

How to Export Contacts from iPhone to iCloud?

3) On the iPhone you want to transfer contacts to, go to Settings → iCloud and log in with your iCloud account. If you have already been logged in, you can skip this step. 4) In the menu “Settings” → iCloud (on the new iPhone), activate the switch “Contacts”. Done!

How to Transfer Contacts from Old Phone to iPhone?

  • Insert the previous SIM with your contacts into iPhone.
  • Click “Settings” “Contacts” “Import SIM contacts”.
  • If prompted, select where to import SIM contacts.
  • Wait for the import to finish.
  • Open Contacts and make sure your contacts are imported.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Backup from Android to iPhone?

Transfer via email

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android device, go to Settings and tap Chat Settings.
  • Select the WhatsApp conversation you want to transfer.
  • Enter your email address and click “Submit”.
  • Sign in to your iPhone mailbox.

How to Transfer Data from Google Drive to iCloud?

Click Google Drive in the left pane in the other window. Click the top file in the iCloud Drive folder. Hold down the shift key and click the bottom file in the iCloud Drive folder. Click and drag all your files to your Google Dis folder.

How to sync contacts from gmail to iCloud?

Click the “Import Contacts” button in the lower left corner and select the file you just downloaded from iCloud. It should import all your contacts to your Google account. Hurrah! Also, there should be a merge notice of your duplicates about duplicates.

How to pull contacts from Google account?

Open in your browser, log into your Google account, click on the menu on the left side of the screen, expand the “” submenu and select “Revert Changes.” Indicate for what period of time you want to restore contacts, and click on the “Confirm” button. Contacts will return.

How to download contacts from Google Drive?

If you have saved contacts in a VCF file, you can import them to your Google account.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Contacts app.
  • In the upper left corner of the screen, click on the menu icon Settings Import.
  • Select the VCF file.
  • Find and select the VCF file you want to import data from.

Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone

If you’ve used an Apple device before, it’s easy to transfer your data and settings. It is enough to use the “Quick Start” function. which will guide you through the entire process. First you need to make sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are active on the devices. Further:

  • Turn on your new iPhone.
  • Place or hold it next to your current Apple smartphone.
  • The screen will display “Install New iPhone“.
  • Click the “Next” icon.
  • Follow the instructions.

In order for the function to work 100%, you should take care of the backup of the previously used iPhone saved in your iCloud account.

How to move photos from Android to iPhone?

In order to independently transfer photos and videos taken to the previous smartphone, you must first transfer them from its memory to the computer memory.

  • In most cases, the files from the Android gallery are located on the phone’s internal storage. The computer displays them in the DCIM folder.
  • Open folder, copy photos to PC. Open iTunes, connect iPhone to your computer and wait for iTunes to detect it.
  • Next, click on the word iPhone in the top bar of iTunes. A window will open with information about the iPhone. Go to “Photos” in the list on the left.
  • In the next window, click on the option “Synchronize photos”, and select “Select folder. “In the drop-down menu behind the phrase” Copy photos from. ” Find the folder with photos and click “Select folder”.
  • Now all you have to do is click “Apply” in the left corner at the bottom of the screen to confirm all changes. Photos should get into iPhone memory without any problems.

How to import google contacts to iPhone

Recover iPhone Data from iCloud to Phone

If you want to manage your data more conveniently, you can download iCloud for PC. Then go to iCloud Drive, mark photos, bookmarks, etc. So, in the future, you can effectively manage them.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone?

Buying a new device brings emotions, joy, and, as a rule, additional hassle. There comes a point when we need to spend some time setting up and transferring the necessary data from a previously used model.

You have become the owner of a new iPhone. Perhaps this is your first iOS phone, or maybe you decided to change your old gadget to an updated version. Anyone in such a situation would ask the question of how to transfer data, accounts and previously configured setup programs to a new device? In our guide, you will learn how to do it quickly and easily.

Often times, you don’t even need a pre-installed app. Currently, the user’s contacts are usually located on the device itself or in the cloud storage, and not on the SIM card. In many cases, Google will help you sync your contacts. Apps like Move to iOS and Samsung Smart Switch can also copy contacts.

How not to lose data stored on iPhone?

Get in the habit of copying. It can be a simple but time consuming copying to a PC. Or by syncing the data with your Google account. The simplest solution would be to back up your iPhone. It is tedious for him to create a backup copy of the data. This is done via iCloud.

  • Go to iPhone Settings.
  • Choose a login name”.
  • Click the “iCloud” icon.
  • Select “iCloud backup”.
  • Click “Back Up Now”.

You can check the size of the backup files at any time by going to the same panel. The backups will be done automatically, but it is recommended to force them before restoring the Apple iPhone to factory settings.

IPhone to Google

Everything is extremely simple. In fact, even a novice owner of “apple” smartphones will cope with the process. To establish synchronization, the first step is to add a Google account to your phone. This is the only way to bring the idea to life.

What exactly needs to be done? Would need:

  • Turn on your mobile device. Wait until it is ready to go. If the smartphone has already been turned on, you need to quit working with previously open programs.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu. iCloud.
  • Select “Mail, addresses, calendars”.
  • In the window that appears, click on “Add Account”.
  • Examine the proposed list of services. How to sync iPhone contacts to Gmail? To do this, you need to click on the line Google.
  • Enter the requested data. Usually it is about the name / nickname, email address on “Google”, and also about the password. After that, click on the “Next” button.
  • Select the data to be synchronized. In our case, this is “Contacts”. You just need to turn the switch located opposite the corresponding inscription to the “On” position.
  • Click on “Save”.

That’s all. If everything is done correctly, data synchronization will begin in a few seconds. The operation takes place in automatic mode. The user does not have to perform any additional actions.


How to sync iPhone contacts to Gmail? First you need to properly prepare for the procedure. This is necessary in order to avoid crashes or malfunctions.

Before working with Google, you will need to interrupt all previously established synchronization. The correct implementation of the process can be guaranteed only when the work is carried out with only one service.

It is also recommended to close all minimized programs, games and applications. That’s all about preparation. There are no further indications regarding this issue. How to sync iPhone 4 contacts to Gmail?

How to sync iPhone contacts with Gmail: tips, tricks, instructions

Today we will figure out how to sync iPhone contacts with Gmail. It’s no secret that modern mobile devices are closely related to various Internet services. Google accounts on phones and tablets are activated quite often. They allow you to quickly take advantage of the many features of Google. Sometimes the owners of “apple” products need to synchronize their contacts with a “Google”.account. But this process is often accompanied by some problems. Which ones exactly? How to properly sync iPhone with Gmail? All this will be discussed further. In fact, answering the questions asked is easier than it might seem.

Google to iPhone

From now on, it is clear how to sync iPhone contacts with Gmail. But what if you need to carry out the operation the other way around? That is, transfer data from “Google” to iPhone?

This is not as difficult as it seems. But, as a rule, the bulk of operations are carried out using a computer. It is more convenient to work with e-mail from this device. How to sync contacts with Gmail on iPhone 6?

It is enough to adhere to the following instructions:

  • Open Google. Pass authorization in e-mail from an existing account.
  • Click in the upper left part of the window on the inscription Gmail.
  • Click on the “Contacts” button.
  • At the top of the page that appears, click on the inscription “. / Additional.”.
  • Click on “Export.”.
  • Mark the contact groups that you want to transfer. In the “Format” section, you must put a checkmark in front of vCard.
  • Click on the button labeled “Export”.
  • Download the resulting document to your smartphone using any application. Can use iFunBox or iTunes.
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From now on, it is clear how to sync iPhone contacts with Gmail in both directions. If you want to transfer data from mail to phone, you can use one more little secret.

Fast export

How exactly? Fast contact synchronization with Gmail relies on a special vCard transfer method. What is it about?

To quickly transfer phones from email to iPhone, you need to follow all the previously suggested steps (up to and including 7). Next, the received vCard will need to be sent by email to the address configured on the iPhone. After. open a document from a smartphone and select “Create new” or “Add to existing”.

Instead of a conclusion

Today we learned how to sync iPhone notes with Gmail, as well as contacts and other data. In fact, everything is much simpler than it seems. The main thing. have an email on google.

There are no more proven and effective ways to synchronize your smartphone with Google. By adhering to the proposed algorithms, you can transfer contacts, notes and calendars to Google mail in a few minutes.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone After Activation?

If you go to the “Contacts” application on Android, press the menu button, select “Import / Export”, and then. “Export to storage,” then you will have a vCard file with the extension. vcf containing all your Android contacts and perfectly readable by iPhone and Apple programs.

How to sync contacts from iCloud to iPhone?

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Go to Settings [your name] iCloud.
  • Turn on the “Contacts” option.
  • When prompted to merge contacts or cancel the operation, click “Merge”.

How to transfer contacts from Google to iCloud?

To transfer contacts from Android to iOS, please do as follows:

  • Go to your Google contact management page. Perhaps authorization will be needed;
  • There will be an Export button on the left pane. Click on it:

Why not all contacts sync to iCloud?

Most likely, you do not have synchronized contacts that you transferred from another phone, for example, from an Android phone. At the same time, new contacts should appear in iCloud. Now it is advisable to maintain some pause, no more than 10 minutes.

How to sync contacts from gmail to iCloud?

Transfer iCloud contacts to Gmail (Google) for use on iPhone

  • On your computer, go to the iCloud website and enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Then go to the “Contacts” section.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the gear-shaped button and select first the item “Select all”, and after “Export vCard”.

How to transfer contacts to iCloud?

Sign in to with your login credentials. Click the gear icon, and then click Select All. to mark all contacts for export. Click the gear icon again and select Export vCard. to copy contacts to VCF file.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Backup from Android to iPhone?

Transfer via email

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android device, go to Settings and tap Chat Settings.
  • Select the WhatsApp conversation you want to transfer.
  • Enter your email address and click “Submit”.
  • Sign in to your iPhone mailbox.

How to sync iPhone contacts with Google account

To set up permanent synchronization with Google / Gmail, you need to set up the corresponding profile in the smartphone settings. To do this, you need to go to “Settings”, find the section “Mail, addresses, calendars” in the list of items and find the item “Add account” in it.

Please note that if the smartphone has previously been configured to sync with some other service, then before setting up Google, it is advisable to disable any other automatic synchronization. Correct synchronization is guaranteed only if it happens with one selected service.

In the “Add account” section, you will see a list of services that you can connect to the device to set up synchronization. We select the Google service and in the menu that opens, enter the name (your real name or nickname, which will be used in the signature under emails written from the iPhone), your full Gmail email address, password and name (any name that will be displayed only in the settings phone). Press the “Next” button.

At the next stage, you will be asked to indicate which data will be synchronized between your smartphone and Google services. If you only need synchronization of phone book numbers, then you can safely turn off the rest of the switches and click the Save button.

If the login and password are entered correctly, then in a few seconds the data will begin to sync. The smartphone will do this automatically and will not require any additional actions from you.

Transfer Google contacts to and from iPhone

IPhone users often have difficulty syncing contacts. And due to the fact that the most popular mail service today is Gmail, then, accordingly, many users store all e-mail addresses and phone numbers there.

Another scenario is also possible. you have been using Apple products for a relatively long time and a lot of numbers and entries in the phone book have accumulated in it and you want to transfer them to your Google mail in order to have access to them while writing letters from a computer or just for backup How to set up such synchronization as simply and correctly as possible, we will consider in this article.

How to Transfer Contacts from Google Account to iPhone

If for some reason you have deleted your phone book or you need to add several individual contacts, then you can manually transfer entries from Gmail to your phone or vice versa.

  • You need to open your Gmail mailbox through your computer’s browser and in the upper left part of the display, under the Google logo, click on the Gmail inscription. In the menu that opens, click the “Contacts” item;
  • Find and press the ” / Advanced” button in the toolbar above the list of names and select “Export” from the list that appears;
  • Specify which groups you want to copy or select “All contacts”. Be sure to indicate that you want to save the data in a format compatible with Apple Contacts. vCard. And click “Export”;
  • You can save the resulting file in the computer’s memory and later download it to your smartphone using iTunes, iTools, iFunBox or CopyTrans Contacts.

In this case, the easiest way to download the received file to the phone and add all the phone book data with one click of a button is to send this file to the mail configured in your smartphone.

Attach the saved file to the letter and send it by mail. When the email arrives, open it and click on the vCard file icon. Choose one of the two suggested actions. add entries from the file to the existing ones in the phone book, or create new ones.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Importing contacts

It takes very little time and an internet connection to successfully sync your data with iPhone and Gmail. Synchronization methods will be described in detail below.

Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail

Users of Apple products may encounter the problem of synchronizing contacts with the Gmail service, but there are several ways that can help in this matter. You don’t even have to install any programs and spend a lot of time. Correct setting of profiles in your device will do everything for you. The only difficulty that can occur is the wrong version of the iOS device, but first things first.

Adding a Google account

This option is suitable for Apple devices with iOS 7 and 8. You just need to add your Google account.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “Accounts and Passwords”.
  • Then tap on “Add Account”.
  • In the highlighted list, select “Google”.

Using CardDAV

CardDAV provides support for many services across a variety of devices. To use it, you need an Apple device with iOS higher than version 5.

Go to “Accounts and Passwords” (or “Mail, Addresses, Calendars” earlier).

In the “Contacts” section, click on “CardDav Account”.

  • Now you need to fill in your details.
  • In the “Server” field write “”.
  • In the item “User” enter your email address Gmail.
  • In the “Password” field you need to enter the one that belongs to your Gmail account.
  • But in the “Description” you can come up with and write any name convenient for you.
  • After filling, click “Next”.
  • Now your data is saved and synchronization will start when you first open contacts.
  • Using Google Sync

    This feature is only available for business, government and educational institutions. Ordinary users need to use the first two methods.

    • In the settings go to “Accounts and Passwords”.
    • Click on “Add Account” and select “Exchange” from the list.

    In “E-mail” write your e-mail, and in “Description”, whatever you want.

  • In the fields “Password”, “E-mail” and “User” enter your data from Google
  • Now fill in the Server field with “Domain” can be left blank or enter the same as in the “Server” field.
  • Then save and switch the “Mail” and “Contacts” slider to the right.

    As you can see, there is nothing difficult in setting up synchronization. If you have any difficulties with your account, then log into your Google account from a computer and confirm the entrance from an unusual place.

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