How to sync phone with Samsung phone

How to sync Android Mobile with Windows 10

Synchronization of files between computer and mobile phone. this is something that Apple has been working with for many years with its products, but for some time it has been relatively easy to do with Windows 10 and Android Phone.

Previously, to sync your phone and computer, you had to plug in a cable between both devices, but luckily this is no longer necessary (if we don’t want to). Although with some brands like Samsung it is very easy thanks to the tools designed to do it. and we will see this later. there are also various alternatives with which we can sync files between Android phone and PC with Windows 10 as operating system.

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Using the Your Phone app

This application, developed by Microsoft, allows us to access files on a Windows 10 PC from an Android phone and vice versa, as well as control the computer remotely from a mobile phone. In addition, with this free application, users can see notifications from their phones, as well as text messages and photos on the computer. Your Phone app is installed by default on Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

Your phone needs a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data to work.

  • To start syncing, you must download it to your mobile from Google Play and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • On your computer, enter your phone in the Windows launcher and select the application.
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Make sure your mobile phone and computer are connected to the same network. As soon as you are logged in, the sync process will begin.
  • Open the Your Phone app on your computer and you will see a window on your desktop that displays all the information on your mobile phone with all its contents. The left side of the app shows everything you can do with the app, namely the following:
  • Messages: you can view all SMS you receive on your mobile from your computer. You can also compose new messages and send them to contacts in your phone book.
  • Notifications: you can access and manage the notifications we receive on our mobile phone.
  • Using OneDrive

    using Google Drive or Dropbox

    Other cloud related options available. these are the two tools. As we saw in the example of OneDrive, the main thing is. install applications on your computer and phone at the same time. This way, whatever you add to the service, whether it comes from a phone or a computer, will be available on both devices at the same time.

    There is mirroring, but only for Samsung

    This application also has a function with which you can send the screen of a mobile phone to a computer and be able to use it on it. Windows 10 can launch various Android apps like WhatsApp or Telegram without touching our mobile phone, but at the moment this feature is only available for Samsung devices. Especially for the following models:

    • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
    • Samsung Galaxy S9
    • Samsung Galaxy S9
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
    • Samsung Galaxy Fold
    • Samsung Galaxy S10
    • Samsung Galaxy S10
    • Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
    • Samsung Galaxy S10e
    • Samsung Galaxy A8s
    • Samsung Galaxy A30s
    • Samsung Galaxy A31
    • Samsung Galaxy A40
    • Samsung Galaxy A41
    • Samsung Galaxy A50
    • Samsung Galaxy A50s
    • Samsung Galaxy A51
    • Samsung Galaxy A60
    • Samsung Galaxy A70
    • Samsung Galaxy A70s
    • Samsung Galaxy A71
    • Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy A80
    • Samsung Galaxy A90s
    • Samsung Galaxy A90 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy S20
    • Samsung Galaxy S20
    • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
    • Samsung Galaxy Fold
    • Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro
    • Samsung Galaxy Z flip
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 20
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

    Using Airdroid

    The last option we offer. use the Airdroid app. This application is very old, but it is still extremely useful for this purpose. As we saw in previous apps, the first thing you need to do is install the apps. on your phone and on your computer, create an account and sign in to both.

    Some of the most notable features of Airdroid include:

    • Files: you can send files between your computer and your phone, and you can also choose where they will be saved.
    • URL: you can send yourself web addresses that will automatically open in your mobile browser.
    • Reply to messages from apps like WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger from your computer without using your phone.
    • Apps: You can uninstall apps from your device from your computer or transfer APK files.
    • You can also make full backups of your phone on your computer.
    • Find your lost or stolen Android device on your computer.
    • clipboard: you can send texts to be copied to the mobile clipboard.

    Sync Data from Samsung to Galaxy Note 10

    Selena Comez Updated on August 05, 2019

    [Conclusion]: Do you want to sync data on your Samsung phone with your Galaxy Note 10 phone, but can’t find a way? This guide will show you how to sync data from Samsung phones to Samsung Galaxy Note 10, such as photos, contacts, SMS, call logs, WhatsApp, documents, etc.

    What is Samsung Galaxy Note 10?
    The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 uses a 6.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with a 60Hz refresh rate. The core is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and is equipped with an 8GB 256GB memory combination. Built-in 3600mAh battery supports 25W fast charging.

    “Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series mobile phone is coming soon, I am planning to replace this phone, is there a way to sync all data files from my old Samsung mobile phone with the new phone?”

    Perhaps many friends have faced the same problem. When they change their new phone, they don’t know how to sync phone numbers, text messages, pictures, videos, music, call logs, WhatsApp, documents, and more with the new phone. Now with Phone Switch, you can easily sync everything between Samsung and Galaxy Note 10.

    Phone switch. sync data from Samsung to Galaxy Note 10

    Phone Switch is a powerful phone to phone data transfer software to sync photos, contacts, text messages, call logs, apps, app data, music, videos and more from Samsung Galaxy S5 / S6 / S7 / S8 / S9 / Note 5 / Note 4 / Note 3 / Galaxy J / Galaxy Ace to Galaxy Note 10. In addition, the program can transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy Note 10, it can also sync contacts, text messages, music and many other types of files to another phone. Android like HTC, LG, SONY, OPPO, vivo, Google, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Nokia, BlackBerry and so on. Phone Switch not only helps us sync data between different phones, but also helps to recover lost data easily. Let’s take an example of syncing data from Samsung to Galaxy Note 10.

    Easy Guide to Sync Data from Samsung to Galaxy Note 10

    Download and run the program

    The first thing you need to do is download the software to your Windows PC or Mac. Then, with it installed, launch the Phone Switch toolkit and click Switch to continue. With this function, it can help you sync data from Samsung to Galaxy Note 10.

    Connect Samsung and Note 10 to PC or Mac

    Then you must use a genuine USB cable to connect your Samsung phone and Samsung Note 10 to the system at the same time, the program will detect both devices, please wait for a while.

    Once the devices are discovered, the interface will provide a baseline snapshot of them. Ideally, your Samsung should be listed as the source and your Galaxy Note 10 as the destination. If not, then click the “Flip” button to swap them.

    Sync Data from Samsung to Galaxy Note 10

    Then you can select the data you need to sync from your old Samsung. For example, photos, videos, messages, music, etc. After selecting data from old Samsung, click the “Start Transfer” button to continue.

    It will take you a minute to sync data from your old Samsung device to your Galaxy Note 10. Do not pull out the USB cable during this process. You can view his progress using the on-screen indicator.

    Note. Thus, you need to wait patiently during the sync program and let your phones connect to the computer until sync is complete.

    Manage and sync data from Samsung phone to tablet

    FoneLab HyperTrans It is a versatile file-based tool to sync and manage large amounts of data between iOS devices, computers and Android devices without data loss, which also helps with backup and file management.

    Working with us Fonelab HyperTrans, you can

    • Transfer Files from Samsung Phone to Tablet, iPhone, Windows and Mac.
    • Move contacts, photos, videos, music files and other file formats.
    • Add, remove, edit, upload files and even create ringtone files.
    • Move data with one click.

    And you can sync data of Samsung phone with tablet by following procedure:

    Transfer data from iPhone, Android, iOS, computer to anywhere without any loss.

    How to sync Samsung Phone contacts to your Google Account

    • Move files between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.
    • Import files from iOS to iOS or Android to Android.
    • Transfer Files from iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android to Computer.
    • Save files from computer to iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android.

    Step 1 Connect your Samsung phone and tablet to your computer with original USB cables. Once HyperTrans has detected the devices, the model number of your Samsung devices will be shown at the top of the program interface.

    Step 2 Select the file to sync from the menu on the left. Target files can be previewed before transfer.

    Step 3 Then click Export to device. (Same procedure for syncing tablet with Samsung phone)

    Step 4 You can view the process and the number of synced files. When the whole process is complete, you can click the Close button to check the transferred files.

    Synchronizing Samsung Phone with Tablet Using Samsung SideSync

    Samsung SideSync is a new and useful way to sync your Samsung phone with your tablet. It allows you to access and control your Samsung phone on your tablet over a Wi-Fi connection. But you have to make sure the devices are on the same network.

    Step 1 Install and run Samsung SideSync on both Samsung devices. Then select the model number of your Samsung phone listed in the program interface on the tablet.

    Step 2 After connecting the two devices, the Samsung phone will be locked. After that, you will be able to control and manage your Samsung phone with Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

    Step 3 Find the photos, videos, and document files you want to sync and drag them to your tablet. (Apart from several Samsung device file formats, messages and even call logs can also be synced.)

    Sync Samsung Phone to Tablet via Smart Switch

    Smart Switch is an alternative data sync tool if Samsung SideSync is not supported by your phone and tablet. But both devices must be at a distance of 50cm!

    Step 1 Download and install the app. After that, launch the app on both Samsung devices.

    Step 2 Open Smart Switch on both devices. Select JOIN THE TREASURE BOX CLUB! or on your Samsung phone or tablet. And a list of data types will be displayed for transmission.

    Step 3 Select the files you want to transfer.

    Step 4 Press OK on the other device to receive the files and press Done after the transfer is complete.

    Sync Samsung Phone with Tablet via Google Account

    You can sync files between Android devices through your Google account with ease. Let’s find out more about how to sync Samsung phone and tablet via Google account.

    Step 1 Tap the Settings icon on your Samsung phone, select Cloud & account and find Accounts. Then you will receive your account information. (If you don’t already have a Google account, you can tap Add account and select Google.Tap New to create a new account.)

    Step 2 Sign in Google account on both Samsung phone and tablet, then select the content you want to sync.

    Step 3 Click Sync Now Transfer Files.

    How to sync Samsung phone with tablet. funds available 4

    You can share files from one iOS device to another with AirDrop, iTunes, or iCloud. But how to sync files from Samsung phone to tablet?

    The following article illustrates 4 ways to sync Samsung phone with tablet.

    While there are several ways to sync files, FoneLab HyperTrans is the perfect choice for all kinds of file transfer and management without losing any data. What’s more, it can convert and edit files. questions, you can leave your comments right down the article.

    Transfer data from iPhone, Android, iOS, computer to anywhere without any loss.

    Wired connection

    If you are at home, using wires will not cause you much inconvenience, but it will significantly improve the quality of pairing and transfer of information from a smartphone to a TV.

    Popular articles

    Types of stations and adapters

    Models: Galaxy S8 / S8, Note8, S9 / S9, Note9 support modes: DeX and Screen mirroring

    You can use your smartphone as a mouse

    DeX Station (EE-MG950BBRGRU)

    Models: Galaxy S8 / S8, Note8, S9 / S9, Note9 support modes: DeX and Screen mirroring

    Multiport adapter (EE-P5000)

    Models: Galaxy S8 / S8, Note8, S9 / S9 support modes: Screen mirroring

    Models: Note9, Tab S4 support modes: DeX and Screen Mirroring

    USB Type-C to HDMI adapter (EE-HG950)

    Models: Galaxy S8 / S8, Note8, S9 / S9 support modes: screen mirroring

    Models: Note9, Tab S4 support modes: DeX and Screen Mirroring

    Models: Galaxy S8 / S8, Note8, S9 / S9 support modes: screen mirroring

    Models: Note9, Tab S4 support modes: DeX and Screen Mirroring

    USB connection

    Unlike HDMI, this cable will not show you the smartphone screen, but will open a folder with its contents. You can play video, music and open photos in the same way, in addition, Smart TV will be able to recognize popular document and presentation formats.

    And again, the whole process is extremely simple. turn off your smartphone and TV, and then connect the cable to their USB ports. Do not forget to choose the cable that suits you. the TV has a connector with a regular USB output, but smartphones have built-in micro-USB or mini-USB, so your cable should have different types of ends. After switching on, the connection will already be established.

    Wireless connection

    The previous connection options apply to both Smart TVs and regular TVs without this technology. This section will focus specifically on connecting to “smart” devices, since wireless contact requires Wi-Fi technology, which is not available on all TVs.

    So, how do you connect your phone to Smart TV if, for example, you are on a visit and do not have a cable at hand, or just do not want to get tangled in wires? There are also several options for this.

    Option 2. DeX station or adapter

    With the help of DeX accessories, you can work in two modes: duplicate the screen of a smartphone or tablet on a TV (as in the Screen Mirroring function) or use the DeX shell (a mobile device works like a mini-computer).

    Support for these modes is device and accessory dependent.

    Works with any TV with HDMI

    No restrictions on image output: the same on the TV as on the mobile device (in screen mirroring mode)

    Convenient shell and optimized applications for working on a large screen (in DeX mode)

    Works with a limited number of smartphones and tablets

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S | How To: Side Sync

    You need to buy additional accessories

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    If your smartphone or tablet is running Android 9

    Press the Source button on the TV remote and select Screen Mirroring from the source list. If you have an N, M, Q, LS or K-series TV, skip this step and go to the next.

    Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the quick settings panel.

    Swipe again to expand the panel completely.

    Swipe from left to right to open additional settings.

    The smartphone / tablet will start searching for the TV. Select the TV you want to connect to from the list.

    The smartphone / tablet will start connecting to the TV. The TV may ask you to connect. Allow it.

    After connecting, an image from a smartphone or tablet will appear on the TV screen.

    Defining the application and installing it


    Some sellers of Chinese gadgets under the guise of a well-known brand sell a fake. Sometimes it is easy to recognize it externally by the crooked inscriptions, buttons, influx of plastic, defects. Such fitness trackers are full of surprises and may either not connect at all or become ineffective after a short time. There are also defective items in branded products. If your phone connects to other Bluetooth devices and has the correct Bluetooth version, if the watch does not want to connect to other phones, it is likely to be defective. Then you have to return them to the seller.
    Having studied the basic principles and examples of connecting Chinese fitness bracelets to the phone, you can certainly connect any watch. But if something does not work out, re-read the section on connection problems or search the network for instructions on connecting a specific bracelet model.

    Conditions for correct operation

    When choosing, you need to pay attention to the system requirements of devices, their compatibility, versions of Bluetooth channels. Successful pairing of devices also depends on timely software updates.

    Smart watch must be compatible with your phone. Most of the models of wrist gadgets sync with any Android 4.2, iOS 8 and later phones.

    Before connecting the watch to the phone, you need to perform the operations common to all devices:

    • turn on both devices;
    • check the completeness of the battery charge;
    • at a low level, recharge;
    • if devices have recently been connected to other gadgets, cancel all previous connections;
    • activate bluetooth option on both devices.

    All smartwatches, except for Apple Watch, successfully connect to smartphones running on Android OS. The principle of synchronization is generally the same, may slightly differ in the location of the required menus.

    How to connect smart watch to Android phone:

    Connecting the fitness bracelet to the phone

    After installing the desired application, turn on the bracelet and make sure it is charged or charge it. On some tracker models or in the applications themselves, a connection instruction appears immediately, which will help you complete the necessary steps. At the same time, at first, many devices offer to select a language, so do not skip this step so as not to then search for this setting in the menu in Chinese.
    If there is no instruction, add the device yourself. Usually, for this you need to click on the plus on the application screen and select “Add”, select the “Device” tab, find the “Add device” line on the main screen or the “Profile” tab, or something similar. Then the type of smart things (watches, bracelets, sneakers, vacuum cleaners, etc.) and a specific model are selected. If you do not see the model of your fitness tracker in the list, select the option “My device does not exist”, update the list, click “Add manually” or something similar.
    After that, the application will start searching for the watch via Bluetooth, so this module must be turned on on your phone, and the watch and phone must be nearby. As soon as the app detects the phone, the watch will ask you to confirm the pairing. Click the checkmark and the connection will be established. In some models of bracelets, you need to scan the QR code burning on the screen of the fitness bracelet. In this case, the scanner will start in the application, and you will have to place the clock screen with the code in the window of this scanner.

    System updates needed

    The watch will not connect to a Google smartphone if the minimum working updates are not installed:

    • Google Play. at least 7.3;
    • SearchApp. from 4.0;
    • Android Wear. 1.1.

    Examples: how to connect Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor bracelets to the phone

    We will give as an example several instructions of specific models that will help you in practice to master the steps for pairing a smartphone and watch. Each of the instructions below has a specific section on connecting a fitness bracelet or smartwatch to your phone.
    Instructions for connecting the bracelet Mi Band 3
    Instructions for setting up a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4
    Instructions in Russian for setting up a fitness bracelet Huawei Honor Band 4
    Instructions in Russian for the Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet
    Instructions for Amazfit Pace watch
    Manual for Amazfit Stratos
    Manual for Amazfit GTS

    How to properly connect a smartwatch to an Android phone

    To get the most out of your watch, you need to sync it with your phone. Specialized software will help you with this.

    Important! Check with your dealer if the devices are compatible. Although most modern models can be connected to a smartphone with any operating system.

    • Find and download the Android Wear program to your phone.
    • We turn on the Smart watch and at the same time open the program on the phone.
    • In the window that opens. “Application settings”. click “Configure”.
    • The phone displays a list of connected devices. Finding your watch. Push.
    • At the same time, codes appear on the screen of the smartphone and watch:
    • if the codes match, click “Connect”. the process may take several minutes;
    • if the codes do not match, then we restart the clock, repeat the procedure.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete synchronization. The “Connected” sign confirms that the process was successful. If the installation fails, an icon appears on the screen. a crossed-out cloud.

    Reference! For a long time, smartwatches were not available to a wide range of users. the price was very high. With the development of technology, budget models of good quality appeared.

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