How To Take A Fingerprint On The Screen

How to use the Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a new way to interact with the search engine, an improved version “Google now”.

The conversational style of interaction is based on the idea of ​​”live” communication with an electronic assistant and understanding the context. For example, if you ask “What is the weather today in St. Petersburg”, the assistant will give a quick and accurate answer. Then ask “And tomorrow “- and hear the weather forecast for St. Petersburg the next day.

You can call the Assistant in two ways:

  • Press and hold the button “Home”, and then say the start command “Ok Google”.
  • If the settings indicate “Voice unlock”, then it is enough to say a passphrase for the assistant to start listening to you.

Google Assistant is used for more than just answering questions. The Settings menu contains options for adding paid subscriptions, managing smart home devices, selecting news sources, linking the Assistant to “Google Calendar”.

Voice typing

Function “Voice Typing” opens up the ability to convert voice messages to text. To use it, you first need to install and configure the on-screen keyboard. application “Gboard”. After setup Use the speech-to-text app:

The keyboard will now pop up “default”, when you need to enter text.

  • To enter text using your voice, open any text field (e.g. messages) and click the microphone icon.
  • After the message appears on the screen “Speak Now” speaking the text.

Speak loudly and clearly for better speech recognition.

How To Take A Fingerprint On The Screen

Voice Commands Ok Google

In this section, we have prepared sample requests for the virtual assistant. For convenience, the teams were divided into thematic blocks.

  • Basic commands: “Send a message to your sister”, “Call your husband”.
  • Music: “Play classical music”, “Turn on the radio”, “What song is playing”.
  • Weather: “It will rain today”, “How many degrees outside”.
  • The calendar: “Remind tomorrow at 9 in meetings”, “What are my plans”, “Schedule a meeting”.
  • Timers and alarm clock: “Wake me up at.”, “Institutional timer for 10 minutes”.
  • Lists: “Write down your shopping list”.
  • Interpreter: “How to say” Good morning in english “,” Translate “How to get to the mall in French”.
  • Places and routes: “Where to drink coffee”, “How long to go to the museum”, “Where is the park”.
  • Calculator: “How much is 1000 RUB to USD”, “Find the square root of 138”.
  • Sport: “What is the score of the match”, “Which sports club is nearby”, “Which team won the soccer match yesterday”.
  • Movies: “Find the first series” The game of thrones “,” What film is shown in the cinema “.
  • Google Cast: “Show the stream from Youtube”.
  • News: “Tell us about new technology”, “Who got” Oscar “.
  • Kitchen: “Ok Google how to make apple pie”, “How much sugar to put in the dish”, “How long does the meat last”, “Ok google how to make lasagna”.

Begin each request with the phrase “Ok, Google”.

How to download Android voice control

We will tell you how to connect OK Google for early OS versions. You will need to download Ok Google Separate application. You can do this on the Official Developer Platform. “Play Market”:

  • Log in to the service using your account and write the name in the search bar “Google now”.
  • Click the button “Install”, and after loading. “Open”.
  • To set up a voice search engine, in the application go to “Menu”, then “Settings”.
  • In the tab “Voice search” enable the function “Ok Google recognition”.
  • Enable features “From Google Apps” and “Of all apps”. These options allow you to access voice search at any time.

Now you know how to enable OK Google on Android with different revisions of the operating system.

How to change command settings “Ok Google

You can get to the voice search settings menu from On-screen search terms.

Click the button below “Yet” and Make the desired changes in the settings sections.

How to set up Ok Google

Smartphone voice recognition technologies like Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana make life easier. You can ask for directions, search and send text to friends using only your voice. This is convenient when you are busy with something or need an urgent response.

In the publication, we will analyze in detail how to set up Okay Google on Android and how to enable search on the lock screen.

How to enable Android voice control

Depending on which build of Android OS you have installed, there are several ways to customize voice commands at the top.

Today, the current version of Android 9 is called “Pie”. Smart search is integrated into the system, so owners of smartphones with this OS assembly do not need additional applications.

We will tell you how to set up and activate Ok Google by voice command on a Samsung phone:

  • Hold the center button “Home” on the screen.
  • The virtual assistant window will open. Click the account icon in the upper right corner and select “Settings”.
  • Go to the tab “Assistant”. Check the section “Languages”. If there is Russian in the list, click “Add to”.
  • Scroll down to a section “Assistant devices” and select “Phone”.
  • Put the switch “Access via Voice Match” into an active position. Now, say the phrase Ok Google four times in a row to record a voice sample. This will exclude the possibility of activation of your smartphone by a stranger.
  • We activate the option “Unlock with Voice Match”, Confirm the security ID. pattern or fingerprint. This will execute the voice request on the locked screen.

This completes the smart search setup.

Solving problems with inclusions “Ok Google

If for some reason the assistant does NOT respond to voice prompts, Use one of the methods to solve the problem.

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Google update:

  • enter into “Google play”;
  • click the three-bar icon in the upper left corner;
  • select item “Apps and games”;
  • find the search service in the list of installed ones and click “Refresh”.

Android update. Typically, the system will automatically ask for owner permission to download the updated.

If this did not happen and an outdated OS revision is installed on the smartphone, download the update manually:

  • open the “Settings” section;
  • select item “System update”. If there are available updates, the process will start automatically.

After installing the latest software, perform the voice search setup again.


We will conclude the review with a selection of alternative solutions for the intelligent search of second developers. These products are compatible with Android OS:

  • Lyra cross-platform virtual assistant.
  • Alice from “Yandex”.
  • Cortana “Microsoft”.
  • Extrem.
  • Robin.

I have extensive experience in setting up and connecting access control systems (ACS) and time attendance systems. And also I am engaged in setting up servers, computers, workplaces.
I work as an engineer at Technootkrytie.

How to set up a fingerprint on Honor and Huawei: setting up Touch ID

How to set up fingerprint on Honor and Huawei? At all times, the security of personal information has been a priority in the development of phones. Therefore, the world famous Chinese corporation Huawei has introduced an ultra-precise Touch ID fingerprint indicator into its products. Compared to other companies that offer a password or pattern, this is a new and fresh solution to the issue of protecting the user’s personal data. over, the option does not have much effort in setting up and using.

How to put a fingerprint on Honor and Huawei

We will tell you step by step how to set up a fingerprint on Huawei:

  • Open the smartphone settings section through the gears in the menu or lowered the curtain on the screen.
  • Find the section Security and privacy, go to it.
  • There we open a position Fingerprint.
  • Then click on the Manage prints item.

Here, the Android system will require an additional identity identifier in the form of a key or code. This must be done so that the owner can use the device in the event of a mechanical failure of the scanner or a system failure.

  • Configuring additional blocking.
  • Choose the options for using Touch ID (full unlocking of the phone or separate access to some parameters).
  • Further, saving your finger to the phone memory by repeatedly pressing the panel. Each time there will be a perceptible vibration response. This is the reading rate.
  • Click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the screen.

Possible problems and how to solve them

Complaints Most often left on the forums and in the support chat by Huawei subscribers:

  • finger swipe sensor malfunctions. triggers In fact, only after a few clicks;
  • there is no reaction at all when clicking;
  • Setting item is NOT displayed.

Depending on what is the premise of the problem and what are its features, solutions should be determined. Here are some general tips:

  • get access to your desktop using a PIN or pattern;
  • completely discharge the device;
  • then charge 100%
  • thoroughly wipe the scanner area with a dry cloth.

Most often this solves the problem. Another commonplace, but effective option is a reboot. If the sensor is broken, you should contact an experienced specialist at the Huawei brand center.

If possible, find a good master.

Additional fingerprint functions

By touching the sensor It is possible not only to remove the unit from an Honor or Huawei smartphone, but also some other actions:

  • Take a photo or via camera.
  • Answer an incoming call.
  • deactivate the alarm.
  • Launch the device notification panel.
  • Review pictures from gallery.

How to disable Touch ID

  • Go to Settings.
  • We open the item Security and privacy.
  • There we are looking for a position Fingerprint and managing it.
  • Enter your key.
  • Deactivate the function.

To date, the fingerprint function of the updated version was presented in the 7c, 8x, 9 Lite, 10, 10 Lite Huawei models. It can be installed and disabled an unlimited number of times without involving third-party applications.

How the fingerprint scanner works

Each of us has a unique composition of drawings on the hand. For the reader to work correctly, it must first scan it.

Therefore, when setting up the phone, we are usually asked to touch the reading surface several times. Thus, the complete image is saved in the device memory.

When you touch the scanner, the phone recognizes it and unlocks the phone. of course, if the image stored in memory is identical to the image that was just used.

Interestingly, to unlock a smartphone, the device does NOT compare all the images stored in the memory, since such a process will take too long and require a lot of processing power.

The phone compares only a few characteristic and individual features such as the forking and ending of fingerprints.

Based on this, the system either approves the “unlock” command, or the device remains locked.

It is important to note that it is usually sufficient that only 40 percent of the features are compatible with unlocking the device.

It is more efficiently secure (and impossible to forget) than other ways to lock your phone because no two people have the same picture.

Of the many tech gadgets hitting phones, the fingerprint reader has proven to be one of the most useful.

Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to take care of our safety, it is convenient and quick to use, and sometimes it provides additional functions.

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This technology, originally present only in the most expensive devices, has become so popular over time, and we will find it in increasingly cheaper models.

In this case, fortunately, popularity goes hand in hand with practicality, because this is one of the most useful news to hit smartphones in recent years. success.

How to change finger on Samsung A50

Hands must be clean and free of moisture, dirt, oil, lotions, dyes, etc. to operate the scanner.

You can register up to 3 fingerprints. From the home screen Swipe up from the center of the display to open the Apps screen.

Note: These instructions only apply to standard view and default home screen layout.

Go to “Settings” and “Biometrics and Security”. Click Fingerprints. Note: Enter the current PIN, password or pattern. Choose an imprint for men.

Note: To select everything, touch and hold your fingerprint until it is selected, then touch “All” (top left).

Note: When checked, a blue check mark will appear to the left of the fingerprint. Click “Delete” (top right).

To confirm, SEE the disclaimer, then click Remove.

Select Settings and Lock Screen. In the next step, select your screen lock type and click fingerprints.

Read the note and proceed to the next step. Add additional lock pattern before adding fingerprints and click “Confirm. Further, as before.

How to change fingerprint on Samsung A50

Samsung A50 is packed with a fingerprint sensor, only the manufacturer has not brought this feature to perfection.

First, it is slow and even buggy for me. Therefore, I turned it off and will not show with pictures how to change a fingerprint on Samsung A50.

I will show you only in text so that again I do not have problems with unlocking. and the last time I barely unlocked.

Yes, such a feature is useful and trendy, but only if it works flawlessly. This technology has recently become a part of smartphones and seems to be for a long time. How the fingerprint scanner works, I’ll tell you later, and now how to change your finger.


Hello, Yaroslav! I was pleased to read your article and was very pleased. I also have such a function on my phone, but at the same time there is a rin-code, which sometimes asks me for a phone. I will say that the finger is a very convenient function. While it works well for me, my phone is new. Thank you for the article. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! All the best to you in everything and always. Regards, Anna.

Thanks for the comment. I’m glad it got lost. I also wish you all your wishes come true in 2020. By the way, while it is very unusual to write 2020.

Scan sensor stopped working

It is very convenient to turn on the phone by putting your finger on the small sensor. you do not need to memorize a graphic or PIN code. But there are times when the scanner recognizes the fingerprint every other time, or does NOT react at all. First, some actions should be taken, which will confirm or refute the breakdown.

  • Lock, and after a few seconds unlock by entering the password through the screen;
  • Reboot the device;
  • Rewrite your prints, with clean and dry hands. Wipe the scanner with a dry cloth.

In other words, perform a new fingerprint setting. You may need to try again several times.

The above actions did not help in solving the problem, you can resort to at least a flashing. In case of sensor failure, on an updated OS, the problem will be in the nature of a technical malfunction. This is the reason to visit the service center.

Features of use

With frequent use of the sensor, the fifth generation smartphones such as the Mi5 have experienced malfunctions. Among the main reasons, the following points clearly stand out:

  • A finger was applied to the scanner screen with a particle of dirt and water. Either the skin surface was damaged;
  • Problems on the fingerprint screen itself. This includes adhering dirt, dust, adhering loose skin particles, and other small things that interfere with normal scanning.

Therefore, the phone model with touch unlocking requires careful reading of the operating instructions.

Sometimes, there is a problem with deleting the recorded biometric information. Removing prints is possible only by selecting the English layout. After that, you can choose the Russian language, with the subsequent introduction of new settings. How to put your fingerprint correctly is described above.

Most people who use phones with touch unlocking, and do not want to leave their personal data in the device’s memory. Worried that they might fall into the hands of intruders. In fact, the captured prints are entered into the processor chip, and no one except the owner can use them. In the case of deleting this information, a person can be calm, since it is deleted completely, and not creating backup copies.

Possible problems with the touch sensor on Xiaomi

Siaoma’s phones, along with other models, have touch scanning, but are not perfect. Some of them may systematically show one problem, several times a year. Among those, there are often:

  • Failure to work with a fingerprint sensor;
  • The disappearance of the finger scan, or the settings item itself;
  • Scan response has increased significantly;
  • Sensor interruptions.

These problems can be eliminated by yourself without resorting to outside help. So, for this you need:

  • Unlock the phone, which was entered when adding a fingerprint;
  • Discharging the battery to automatically turn off the device (this will be facilitated by opening many applications);
  • Charge until the screen displays “Battery fully charged”;
  • Wipe off sensor display. It is necessary to use a dry and always soft cloth so as not to damage the surface;
  • Switch on the device. If necessary, adjust the print as described earlier.
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After the performed actions, the sensor should work in normal mode. There are cases when recognition stops working. the problem should be looked for in the firmware. In this case, you can not use the Ego when unlocking, it will not affect the operation of the system. How to disable the fingerprint scanner on Xiaomi was described above in the article. If it is necessary to work with a fingerprint scanner, it should be taken to an official service center.

Connecting a recognition scanner to Xiaomi. A device with a touch sensor manufactured by Xiaomi

Last year, the Chinese company Xiaomi introduced the world a novelty of computer technology. a mouse with a built-in fingerprint sensor. With it, you can enter the system by simply touching your finger to the scanner screen. Outwardly, the device looks like a simple mouse connected to a USB connector, only with a small scanning screen in front of the wheel.

The biometric sensor is capable of running on Windows 10, with the installation of an additional application, and Windows 8.1, as the developers said. The company is developing additional software to work with many browsers. Currently synchronized only with Google Chrome.

Step-by-step instructions for adding a new fingerprint

To enter the fingerprint data into the device, it is enough to do a few simple steps. You can add up to ten patterns.

After turning on the device, we perform the following actions:

  • We go to the list of applications or on the desktop, click on the “Settings” icon. We select “Lock screen and fingerprint”. This item can be found again, in the submenu. it should also be pressed;
  • Followed by “Choose a password”. After that, a list will appear in which the option to block the device is offered. They all work in conjunction with the scanner. Before adding a fingerprint, be sure to enter the code through the display. You can set a pattern or PIN without scanning your finger. Just don’t use this function.
  • Successful completion of the installation of the code will continue with the offer to scan the fingerprint (you can choose any finger). To do this, click “Add fingerprint”. All actions are preferably carried out according to the prompts that pop up on the display.
  • In conclusion, that everything worked out completely, the system will display the image from the print in an orange circle.

Poor fingerprint readability

The problem of poor readability applies to devices in which the sensor is located on the back. For example, maybe Redmi Note 4x. In the fourth generation, this function is capable of suspension, or simply disappear. The consequence is a firmware that defaults to using the Smart Cover. Disabling such will fix the bug, after which it will work normally.

To do this, select the item “Lock screen and fingerprint” in the settings menu, followed by “Advanced settings”, and uncheck the line “Smart cover mode”.

Disable the touch unlock feature of your device

When wondering how to disable the fingerprint on Xiaomi, you shouldn’t come up with complicated schemes. This is a simple data erasure and will take NOT more than one minute. You need to go to the item “Screen lock and fingerprint” (the path is described at the beginning of the article) and enter a new password. This is required to confirm the deletion of old information. If you do not add new finger scans, the sensor will be in the off state.

How to install a fingerprint on Xiaomi: Step by step instructions

Most of the “fresh” gadgets produced by Xiaomi boast installed high-precision fingerprint sensors. In the fourth generation, such as Xiaomi Redmi 4A, this function was NOT provided. Mi5, produced since 2016, was already equipped with a fingerprint sensor, but needed improvement, as it worked intermittently, or was completely turned off. The sixth version provides for the presence of an improved sensor installed in front of the screen. Consider how to install a fingerprint on Xiaomi, features of work, and what problems may arise.

  • Step-by-step instructions for adding a new fingerprint
  • Poor fingerprint readability
  • Scan sensor stopped working
  • Features of use
  • Disable the touch unlock feature of your device
  • Possible problems with the touch sensor on Xiaomi
  • Connecting a recognition scanner on Xiaomi
  • Removing the sensor from the phone
  • A device with a touch sensor manufactured by Xiaomi
  • Summing up
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