How to take a high-quality screenshot on a computer

Screenshot software

In some cases, standard methods may not help. You may be surprised to find that some laptops lack the Print Screen button. But there is no need to worry about this, since there are a number of programs that allow you to take screenshots. In addition, almost all of them are distributed free of charge. It is about them that our conversation will go.

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A fairly compact, but at the same time very powerful utility that is designed to create and share pictures and clips received from the display of your PC.

After downloading and installing the program, a kind of sun will appear on the desktop, which is just waiting for you to give it a command. The functionality of Jing is surprising: in addition to the standard functions, the utility allows you to view the recorded video, as well as add comments to it.

However, there are also disadvantages. Firstly, there is no Russian language for the program yet, although the menu is intuitive. In addition, although Jing is distributed free of charge, the authors are very intrusive to offer to purchase the so-called Pro-version, which has significantly more functions. The upgrade costs about 15 and will allow you to record videos in high definition H.264, as well as the absence of watermarks and the ability to upload videos to multiple sites at once, including Facebok or YouTube.

Screenshot is taken literally in one click. Then you can upload your image to again, with a few clicks.

Overall, the impression from Jing remained very favorable, although some points were not very pleasing.


And this is perhaps one of the most popular programs of its kind. The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that Floomby allows you to almost instantly post screenshots of your screen on the Internet, and for this the authors of the program will not charge you a cent.!

After installing the utility, you will be prompted to register. Whether it is worth doing it or not is up to you, but registered users have a little more options. So, files uploaded to the server can be stored almost forever if some simple conditions are met. For unregistered files, they are stored for about a week, after which they can be deleted.

As soon as you start Floomby, a small blue icon with the letter F will appear in the notification area at the bottom of the screen. As soon as you click on it, the program window will appear. Everything is very simple in it: by pressing one button, you copy the entire screen; clicking on another, select only the desired fragment, etc. There are also hotkeys for this, you can familiarize yourself with them in the instructions for the program.

After you take a screenshot, by clicking on the button you can instantly upload the image to the hosting and immediately receive a link to it, which you can send to your friends.

The utility is really good if you need to upload images to the Internet. On the other hand, most of the similar programs have such functionality.

PrtScr Assistant

Another utility designed to capture an image on the user’s screen. A screenshot is created by pressing a hotkey or using a timer, which can be a very convenient option.

  • Copy only selected window, section or entire screen.
  • The ability to automatically save images at once in one of several formats: BMP, JPG, JPEG, TIFF. Folder assigned by user.
  • Capturing an Image Using a User Programmed Timer.
  • Assigned hotkeys. It is possible to set your own hotkeys.
  • Actions can be accompanied by audible indication.

However, not everything is as good as it might seem at first glance. The fact is that PrtScr Assistant works for free only for 30 minutes, after which it stops working. In order to use it fully, you need to pay 5 for a license. In addition, the interface of the utility is in English, although it was created by our compatriot.

What exactly to use, you must decide for yourself, I just told you about the means for creating screenshots. In my opinion, one of the most optimal and convenient programs should be considered Floomby, although if you do not need additional functions, then you can easily get by with standard Windows tools.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer?

Screenshot or Print Screen is a screenshot translated from English. This is a very important thing that each of you should familiarize yourself with. Why is this so important? In fact, the answer lies on the surface. Let’s say your operating system generated an error. You go to a thematic forum where you ask the guru what this error means. For a more complete understanding of the situation, you may be asked to screen this error. This is where the skills you acquire today come in. So, right now we will talk about how you can create a screenshot in several ways at once.

Let’s start with the standard Windows methods. This method is the simplest and most popular one. You can take a screenshot using the standard method available to every user of absolutely any Windows operating system, be it XP, Vista, 7.8, and so on, and you do not need to use third-party programs.

Pay attention to your keyboard. in the upper right part of it there is a small Print Screen (or Prt Scn) button, which is difficult to notice the first time. For clarity, take a look at the image below:

Here it is worth moving away from the topic a little and telling that on most laptops the system is slightly different. If on a conventional keyboard you only need to press the Print Screen key once, in laptops it is often combined with other buttons, for example, with the Fn button. Only pressing these two keys at the same time will allow you to take a picture. You can learn more about this from the instructions for your device.

After the program window has opened, you will need to make one single movement. press the CtrlV key combination, that is, paste the contents of your clipboard. Immediately after that, you will see a screenshot of the screen.

Why do you only see the Microsoft logo in the picture above? It’s very simple. I cut out a specific part of the image that I wanted. To do this, use the “Selection” tool and cut out the desired fragment. This may be needed in cases where you need a screenshot of not the entire desktop, but only a separate part of it.

Also, keep in mind that you can always take a snapshot of only the active window. What does it mean? Let’s say you run some program. In my case, this is a text document. By pressing the AltPrint Screen keys, you will take a screenshot of this window only. In other words, you don’t need to trim anything extra.

Add a screen to the editor (all the same Paint).

There is a menu in the upper left part of the editor. Hover your mouse over the little blue button, click on it and select Save As. Here, by the way, you will be offered several formats for saving at once, the most optimal of which is PNG (with practically no loss of image quality). That’s all, the snapshot is saved on your computer in the selected location.

However, that’s not all! The fact is that in Windows there is another method that allows you to “take a picture” of the desktop, which is also very convenient. To do this, click on the “Start”. “All Programs”. “Accessories” and select the “Scissors” tool. When the utility is launched, the picture on the desktop will take on a different shade.

You need to select the desired fragment and select it. After another moment, it will appear in the editor window, where you can perform some action with the file, for example, draw something on it.

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Then save the picture as you did with Paint. As you can see, nothing complicated.

Magic Screenshot

Quite an interesting program with a number of very interesting features that may be useful to some of you. As in the previous cases, you can upload a screenshot to the service using Magic Screenshot and get a link to the file.

  • The ability to take a snapshot of both the entire screen and a separate part of it.
  • Adding text or other graphic elements to the resulting image.
  • Ability to give not only a title, but also a description of the screenshot.
  • Snapshot upload to the server or save in a folder on the computer selected by the user.
  • Ability to remove images from the server at will.
  • Free support.

As you might have guessed, Magic Screenshot is completely free to download. And support will help you quickly solve the problems that have arisen.

How to take a screenshot quickly

Let’s talk about tools for email newsletters. Discussing best examples and mechanics. We are talking about money. We publish vacancies.

A screenshot is a screenshot. It can be useful to show or explain something to other people, as well as prepare illustrations for the article.

There are many ways to take a screenshot quickly:

  • press hot keys in the operating system;
  • use the built-in program in the system;
  • install the extension in the browser;
  • download the program to a computer or laptop.

Let’s consider each method in more detail. Especially for those who looked in for a minute, I’ll tell you right away which tool is better to use in which cases.

What to do Which tool to use
Screenshot of the whole page GoFullPage. Joxi. Awesome Screenshot. FireShot
Freeform screenshot Scissors, Snapshot
Screenshot of the active window Screenshoter (desktop version). Screen-shooter. FireShot. Scissors
Use hotkeys Joxi. Awesome Screenshot. Screenshoter (desktop version). Lightshot (desktop version)
Wipe confidential data Awesome Screenshot. Joxi. Screenshoter (desktop version). Screen-shooter
Add a sequence of steps Joxi. Screen-shooter. Awesome Screenshot (Paid)
Select image quality Screen Capture. Lightshot (desktop version), Joxi (desktop version)
Find Similar Images on Google Lightshot
Quickly share your screenshot on social media Joxi. Lightshot
Save screenshot to PDF GoFullPage. Awesome Screenshot. FireShot
Capture screenshots and screencasts in one tool Awesome Screenshot. Screenshot (desktop version)


What he can do. Takes a screenshot of the entire page in one click. To do this, click on the extension icon or AltShiftP. Quickly and efficiently screenshots the entire page.

To save the finished screen as a file, drag it to the desktop.


What he can do. Captures the entire screen, selection, or active window. Supports hotkeys.

Unlike the extension, the program has an editor with basic tools and blur.

In the settings, you can select the format and quality of the image. The finished screen program allows you to save to disk or upload to the server.

The most important feature of the desktop version of “Screenshot” is that the program can shoot video in mp4 format for up to 60 minutes.

Scissors (Windows 10)

Where to find. Through the search or in the “Start” menu. “Standard Windows”.

What he can do. Takes a screenshot of the screen, active window, or selected area. Of the features. allows you to select both a rectangular area and an area of ​​arbitrary shape.

The Scissors tool has a timer to delay the shot up to 5 seconds.

The resulting image is opened in the editor, where there is a pen and a marker for selections. You cannot undo the changes, which is inconvenient. Therefore, if you need to edit the screen, it is better to open it in Paint (this is done directly from the “Scissors” menu).

The finished image is saved in JPG or PNG.

The Windows 10 team threatens to replace the Scissors tool with the Snip & Sketch utility in a future update. To access it, press WinShiftS. There is no timer and the ability to remove the active window, but there is a cancellation in the editor.


What he can do. Takes a screenshot of the selected area, the visible part of the screen, the browser window, and the entire page. There are hotkeys for capturing the entire page.

The finished image FireShot offers to save, send by mail or print. The paid version also has photo export to OneNote, and Flickr.

Big minus. there is no editor in the free version.

How much is. Free without an editor. There is a lifetime license. about 3000 rubles.

What he can do. Photographs a portion or the entire page. Supports hotkeys. Allows you to save a picture to your computer or publish it in the cloud and immediately get a link. Convenient that you can quickly share a screenshot on social networks.

There are many tools in the editor. Draw with a pencil; add straight lines, arrows, shapes and comments; hide excess with blur. There is even a sequence of steps in the Joxi editor.

To have access to the history of screenshots, you need to register.


  • the whole screen, press ShiftCommand3;
  • the selected area. ShiftCommand4;
  • browser windows. ShiftCommand4, then press the spacebar and click on the window.

Mac saves all pictures to the desktop in PNG format.

  • the whole screen, press PrtSc;
  • active window. Alt PrtSc.

The screenshot is saved to the clipboard. This is convenient when you need to insert an image directly into a document (for example, into Google Docs) or into an editor (Paint, Photoshop). To insert a screenshot, press Ctrv or select the desired item in the context menu (right mouse button).

If you want to immediately save the snapshot as a file, press Win / Fn PrtSc. Look for the file on the system disk in the Images / Screenshots folder.


What he can do. Takes a screenshot of the selected area. Unlike Screenshot, Lightshot has an editor with basic tools. Lets you add text, highlights, arrows, lines and shapes. Can’t blur parts of a screenshot.

From the pros. the extension allows you to quickly share a picture on social networks (.,) or print a screen.

Another cool function is to search for similar images in Google directly through the service editor.


How to use. After starting the program will be in the system tray.

Press the Print Screen key. The program automatically activates the window for selecting an area and taking a snapshot.

  • Pencil. lets you draw on the picture.
  • Line. draws lines.
  • Arrow. draws arrows.
  • Rectangle. allows you to draw a rectangular frame.
  • Marker. used to highlight.
  • Text. adds text to the image.
  • Color. allows you to set the color for painting and text.
  • Undo. undo the last action.
  • Upload to uploads an image to the server and publishes a link to open it.
  • social networks. allows you to share the snapshot on social networks.
  • Search. searches the internet for similar images.
  • Print. prints the picture on the printer.
  • Save. saves the image to your computer.
  • Small size.
  • Having your own server for downloading screenshots.

Cons: no fresh software updates from the official website.

How to use. After installation, the program will be in the tray. Click on it and Joxi will ask you to enter your email to get started, that is, register.

  • Fragment. selection of an area to save.
  • Move and transform. move lines, text, and other elements drawn on the image.
  • Pencil. drawing.
  • Line and Arrow. draw lines and arrows.
  • Text. print text.
  • Circle and rectangle. draw a circle and rectangle.
  • Numbering. add numbering to a picture.
  • Blurring. blurring information.
  • Blackout. will leave only the selected area in the field of view, and darken everything else.
  • Color palette. select paint color and text color.
  • Screen. capture the entire screen.
  • History. will open a browser window with your snapshots.
  • Settings. program parameters.

To save the document, click on the arrow next to the blue checkmark.

Pros: the presence of a large number of tools.

  • To work, you need to register.
  • Sometimes crashes with an error message.

Screen Shooter

  • Snapshot of both the entire screen and the selected area.
  • Excellent functionality for editing screenshots.
  • Ability to save both to a computer and to cloud services.
  • Works with any version of Windows.
  • Convenient editor.
  • Ease of use and low CPU usage.

Through Paint

Press once on the Print Screen key on the keyboard.

If you have a laptop, then you need to press the combination of the Fn and Print Screen keys. first one key, then, without releasing it, another.

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Click on the Start button and select Standard from the list. Paint.

Or in the search bar, type “paint” without quotes and open the program.

In the program window, click the “Insert” button.

Immediately after that, a screen photo will be added inside. The snapshot will be taken at the moment when you pressed the Print Screen key.

Cut off excess through “Select” and “Crop” at the top.

Then press the left mouse button and, without releasing it, outline the part that you want to leave. After that click on “Trim”.

If you cannot circle the first time, click outside the selected area once with the left mouse button. the selection will be reset.

We save the picture to the computer. To do this, click on the save icon at the top of the program or File. Save.

A window for saving the file appears. First, you need to select the place on the computer where we want to record the screenshot.

Then you need to change the name of the picture and select the format. To do this, click on the “File name” field at the bottom and type there a new name for the screenshot. Select PNG or JPG in the format field. Then click “Save”.

That’s all! The resulting snapshot is now recorded at the specified location (step 5). If you selected Desktop, then you need to search for it on the computer screen.

On a note. Thus, we photograph the entire computer screen. But if you need to take a snapshot of only one window, then you need to press not Print Screen, but the Alt Print Screen key combination. On Notebook: Fn Alt Print Screen.

Other free programs

In this review, I will briefly talk about other free programs for working with screenshots.

Screenshot Captor

  • Built-in editor with great functionality.
  • It is possible to capture from a WEB-camera.
  • The ability to download an image from a scanner.
  • High image quality.
  • Brightness settings.
  • Large selection of editing tools.
  • Capability to compress screenshots.

Online services for creating screenshots

There are services on the Internet that help you take screenshots. With the help of them, you can not only take a picture of the screen and save the picture, but also edit it. Draw arrows and frames, add text, rotate, crop and more.

An overview of the PasteNow service tools

The and. tools on the right-hand panel allow you to zoom in and out of the image. Center Image button aligns to center.

Arrow-shaped buttons on the left pane save or discard edits.

Crop the image. Crops the selection. Click on the button and highlight the area you want to leave.

The selected area was highlighted, and a green button with a bird appeared on the left. After clicking on it, the changes will be applied. only the cut part will remain.

Rotate the image. Expands the image according to your requirements. Can be rotated 90 ° clockwise and counterclockwise and 180 ° counterclockwise.

The filled rectangle. Allows you to draw a colored rectangle directly on the screenshot. Click on the tool, after which you will see a colored rectangle in the bottom corner. You can choose a color through it.

Hold down the left mouse button to start drawing. Release when the rectangle is ready.

Frame. Framed text or images. The drawing principle is the same as for the Filled Rectangle tool.

Pencil. Allows you to paint on the picture.

Line and Arrow. Draws lines and arrows.

Text. Allows you to write text. To do this, click on the tool, click on an empty space and start typing.

Censorship. Blurs information. Click on the tool, then hold down the left mouse button and select the fragment that you want to paint.

Take a screenshot for the first time

Some of our readers, after reading the first paragraph, have already found a button on the keyboard with the name “PrtScr” (or “Print Screen”, or a similar abbreviation). But the result of pressing this button will be different for everyone. Lucky for those who immediately saw the result. a photo of the screen in a separate window. There you can already act according to the situation and find a way to save this photo to the desired folder. Many, however, did not see the result of pressing the button, because the logic of the operation of this button in Windows is very unclear. And in Windows XP, and in Windows 7, and in Windows 10, the situation is the same: pressing the button copies a screenshot (or all screens at once, if you have several of them) to the clipboard, without signaling the user in any way, so the question is how to take a screenshot of the screen remains open.

AltPrintScreen combination

By the way, if you press more than one button, but the combination “AltPrintScreen”, then the computer will capture only a snapshot of the active window, i.e. windows of the program in which you are currently working.

Now you know that the photo is stored in the clipboard, in order to save it to the folder, you need to open the well-known Paint (or any other graphic editor) and paste the image there, and then save it to disk. Agree, not the most successful implementation: at first you do not know at all where the image got to, and then you try to save it for a long time.

The situation is even worse when you need a screenshot not for a family photo archive, but for sending it to someone via the Internet. Then you will need to find the saved file and upload it to the Network. A colossal waste of time: it’s good if you need one screenshot, not ten. In fairness, we note that, for example, the social network allows you to insert a picture from the clipboard directly into a message, without having to save it to a file.

How do I take a screenshot? Taking a screenshot of the screen on the computer

Everyone gets acquainted with the function of creating screenshots on a computer in different ways. With enough curiosity, the novice user may be interested in the appointment of a mysterious button on the keyboard called “PrtScr Sys Rq”. Google or Yandex will gladly tell him why this button is useful. On the other hand, the need to capture the information displayed on the screen may arise earlier, and then Yandex will have to search for the phrase “how to take a screenshot”. In any case, no matter from which side the user approaches this problem, this function is useful and interesting, especially if Honor has a variety of ways to take a screenshot.

Faster and more convenient ways

Of course, from the point of view of convenience, speed and rational use of time, the above method is no good. If the user needs to take a whole series of screenshots or, in general, such a need appears on a regular basis, then it is quite logical to think about how to take a screenshot of the computer screen quickly and conveniently.

Let’s start with built-in tools. If you are working in Windows 7 or Windows 10, you can find the “Scissors” program in the system. It allows you to more or less conveniently take a snapshot of the desired area of ​​the screen and save it or send it by e-mail. Additional functions include the ability to draw something over the screenshot. The program does not declare itself in any way, in order to use it, open the “Start” menu and search for the word “Scissors”.

Built-in keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

Yes, in the tenth version of Windows OS the situation with screenshots is a little better, tk. there are some new keyboard shortcuts.

“WinPrintScreen”. A screenshot of the entire screen content is saved in the “Pictures” path. Screenshots.

“WinH”. Send a screenshot using the built-in Share function. A relatively useless thing, at least for the desktop version of Win10. there are too few communication applications where you can send a snapshot.

For maximum speed of the process, it is better to use third-party applications. If you need to put a process “on the stream”, then you simply cannot do without such programs. One of these programs is LightShot. This is a program that actually does not have a windowed interface, it loads when Windows starts, “sits” in the tray next to the clock and waits until you click on the icon or press the set keyboard shortcut. The screen immediately “freezes”, you select the desired area, draw lines, rectangles, arrows or write text, and then you can copy the screenshot of the screen to the clipboard, upload it to the server and get a short link, print it or save it to your computer. Fast download is available on social networks (. ). By the way, you can search for similar images on Google.

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The app can store the history of uploaded pictures if you register on the developer’s site.

KISS. KiberInfinity’s Screen Shooter

Another small but interesting program for taking screenshots. By pressing the hotkey (you can select it in the settings), the application intercepts the screen, you select the desired area, the editing window opens. With the next click, you can upload the screenshot to the server, having received a short link. Those. taking a screenshot becomes almost instantaneous. In the editing window, you can draw different shapes (including arrows and dialog bubbles), write text, blur part of the screenshot and crop it, or vice versa, expand the empty space around the image. The download is performed on the selected server from the list, you can save, print or copy the screenshot, or search for the image on Google. In the application settings, you can skip the editing window altogether, making the download instant, with a separate tick, the automatic saving of downloaded screenshots is turned on.

Download history is available without any registration: the program saves links and generates an html file with image thumbnails in its folder.

Cloud storage clients

For some time now, cloud services have also taken care of the functionality of screenshots. For example, Yandex.Disk intercepts pressing the screenshot key and invites you to always take screenshots through its application. In the editing window, you can draw the original solid and dotted curved arrows, geometric shapes, use the highlighter, blur part of the image and crop it. The final image is saved, of course, in the Yandex.Disk folder, and you will receive a public link to this image to publish it.

Dropbox, by the way, also knows how to publish screenshots. Pressing “PrtScr” simply saves the screenshot in the cloud, and “CtrlPrtScr” also copies the public link to the clipboard. The editing interface, alas, is not provided here.

Quick Boot Trick

If you need to share a screenshot on the social network, then you can either simply paste a picture from the clipboard into a message, or insert a link that will immediately turn into a photo, or simply upload a file. But what if you need to upload a photo somewhere else, and the screenshot program is configured only to upload pictures to the server, but not to save? You press “Download”, an explorer opens with a proposal to select a file, but you do not have a file. Do you really need to download it first? Do not hurry. Just paste the link into the field where you write the name of the file to open, click “Open”, the computer will think for a couple of seconds and instead of the file from the folder will download and insert a photo directly from your link!

Tool. Screenshot Sketch in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a built-in, high-quality and functional utility for creating screenshots as quickly and in a user-friendly way as possible. So the screen can even be made of arbitrary shape, so that later it will not be edited.

Open the START menu, and immediately start typing “sketch on a fragment”. The required application will appear in the list of correspondences. open it.

Click on the “Create” button, a window will open with four options for how you can make a screen. select one of them:

  • Rectangle of the desired size
  • Free form
  • Currently open window
  • Full screen

After that, the screenshot can be edited with the available tools and saved by clicking on the floppy disk icon. It is better to choose JPG format for saving. such images take up less space.

Interesting! If you press “WIN SHIFT S” on the keyboard at the same time, the screenshot creation window will also open. Only after you create it will it go to the clipboard and you will need to save it to a file using any graphics editor. For example, using the same Paint as we did in the first chapter.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer: TOP ways

You can create a screenshot of your computer screen with just one press of the Print Screen key on your PC keyboard. This is a very convenient and demanded function.

All the ways how to make a print screen on a computer with the operating system Windows 10, 7 and earlier, we will consider in this material in all details and with explanatory pictures.

From the previous article, you learned what a screenshot is and what it is for. Today we will analyze effective ways to take a screenshot on a computer with Windows 10, 7 and Mac OS.

Print Screen key on keyboard

In Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP, you can take a screenshot of the screen simply by pressing the “PrtScr” key located on the keyboard. To screen only the currently active window, use the Alt PrtScr key combination. The button is located on the right side of the keyboard on its upper part just to the left of the digital block (see the picture).

  • Print Screen. screens the entire screen
  • Alt Print Screen. will only screen the active window
  • Win Print Screen. screenshots the entire screen and immediately saves the PNG image in the folder: “Images”. “Screenshots”

How to take a screenshot on Windows 10 computer quickly and easily?. press the “WIN Print Screen” key at once and the image will instantly be saved in the folder. “Images”. “Screenshots” in PNG format.

Press “WIN E” on the keyboard and in the left column go to the path of this folder.

If you have Windows 7 or want to additionally edit the resulting snapshot right away, then:

Press the Print Screen button on the keyboard, in rare cases it is pressed simultaneously with another button. Fn. The picture will be taken immediately and will go to the clipboard, save it to a file and edit it if desired.

You need to open any program for editing images, for example, “Paint”. it is built into Windows by default. Press the Win key and start typing “Paint” (without quotes), then click on the appearing application of the same name. Also, this program can be opened in any other way that is most suitable for you.

Directly in the program, insert the received screenshot into the working window by pressing the “CTRL V” keys. The image can be edited before saving.

To save it, in the upper left corner of the program, click on “File”. “Save” and select the path to save the image. Or just click on the save icon.

Important! If the Print Screen key does not work or is not present on the keyboard at all, and this happens, go to the next chapter, there it is not needed.

How to take a screenshot on Mac OS

In this OS this is done easily. press the “Cmd Shift 3” keys and on the desktop you will instantly see the screen just created. If there is no need to immediately save it to a file, but add only to the clipboard, then when you press these three buttons, hold down “CTRL”.

To screen a specific part of the screen. use the combination “Cmd Shift 4” and specify the required area.

How to make a screenshot of the screen on a computer. programs

Programs designed to take screenshots are called screenshots. They are used primarily for convenience, if you often need to take pictures, for example, of active windows, immediately edit them minimally and share with other users. There are a huge variety of screenshoters, we will consider only three of the most convenient and popular.


A convenient program for quickly creating screenshots, there is support for shortcuts / hot keys, which greatly simplifies the work. The finished pictures can be immediately shared with other users. One of the best utilities of its kind, really makes it easy to work with screenshots.

  • Editing capability
  • There are shortcuts
  • You can share the result immediately with other users
  • Support: google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox and Yandex.Disk
  • Upload to FTP