How to take a picture of the screen on iPhone 11

How to take a screenshot of an entire page on an iPhone with iOS 13

Before iOS 11, screenshots on iPhone and iPad were just screenshots. The standard tools of the operating system did not allow cutting them, highlighting the necessary fragments, and generally editing them in any way. But with the advent of the screenshot editor, working with screenshots has become much more productive and until now has almost not caused any complaints. However, with the release of iOS 13, Apple proved that there is no limit to perfection by integrating into the OS even more advanced toolkit for working with screenshots.

An important innovation in iOS 13 is the ability to create swipeable screenshots. They are saved in PDF format, not PNG, but at the same time they allow you to capture not only the visible part of the screen, but also the one that goes beyond its limits. This is very convenient, for example, if you need to screenshot an open web page or a dialog in the messenger as a whole, but you do not want to exclude important messages from the screenshot that were written a long time ago.

iPhone X or later

  • Press the side button and the volume up button at the same time. Release the buttons quickly.
  • A thumbnail image appears in the lower-left corner of the iPhone screen. Tap a thumbnail to add pictures and text using Markup, or tap and hold a thumbnail to share a screenshot. To remove a thumbnail, swipe left.

Take a screenshot of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Learn how to take a screenshot on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Making a screenshot of the screen on the iPhone in 2 ways

Taking a screenshot on iPhone is easy. The smartphone itself already has this option, and the screen photo can be taken in 2 ways: by pressing the buttons and using the additional menu (the menu itself will not be visible in the finished screenshot).

Screenshots on the iPhone can be taken for almost any task: viewing SMS messages, on the main screen with application icons, and even during photo / video shooting.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone 11

Press the Volume Up button and the Side button on your iPhone 11 at the same time. As soon as you release the buttons, a screenshot will be taken.

You will hear a characteristic sound, and a preview of the screenshot will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Click it to crop and edit the screenshot.

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To mute screenshot sound, simply mute iPhone.

To immediately share a screenshot, hold down its preview. You can also swipe this preview from the screen, and the screenshot will simply be saved in the Photos app.


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How to take a screenshot (take a picture of the screen) on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch?

In fact, there is nothing easier than taking a picture on the display with the device itself. Screenshot or Screenshot (screenshot) is a standard function of all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. In order to take a screenshot, you just need to simultaneously press the Power button and the round Home button At the moment of pressing, the device will take a picture of everything that was on the screen.

The above method does not work on the iPhone X, since the smartphone lacks the familiar physical Home button. Fortunately, Apple has provided an alternative solution.

The method is pretty simple. In order to take a screenshot on the iPhone X, you need to simultaneously press the volume up key and the sleep on / off button. Similar to previous models, you will see a white flash and hear the corresponding camera sound, indicating that the screenshot has been saved.

The resulting screenshot will instantly be placed in the “Photos” application in a special album called “Screenshots”.

Screenshot editor (screenshots) in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad: how to enable and use.

Starting with iOS 11, the mobile platform for iPhone and iPad offers a new, more functional way to take screenshots and even annotate them.

From the point of view of controls, the process remains the same: you press and for a second simultaneously hold the Home button on the front of the case and the power button on the left side.

iPhone 11 / 11 Pro Max How to Screenshot!

Next, a small thumbnail will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen, clicking on which will allow you to view the screenshot.

iPhone 11 / 11 Pro Max: How to Take Screenshot Tips (Screenshot Entire Webpage)

A special editor will appear on the display, with which you can crop images, add to it using a marker, pencil or pen (six colors are available).

You can add a digital signature, various elements such as circles or arrows, and underline a specific element using a magnifying glass.

If you don’t want to edit the screenshot, just click the “Done” button in the upper left corner and save it to your photo album, or delete it.

How to avoid taking screenshots (screenshots)

In most cases, you do not have to resort to creating screenshots (taking pictures of the screen), thereby not clogging up the Camera Roll, but save the relevant content in ways that are more acceptable to it.

For example, if you just want to copy “for later” text information from a web page (correspondence), you can select it by touching it with your finger and then select the Copy option from the context menu that appears. After that, the text copied to the clipboard can be Pasted in the same way into any application (Notes, instant messengers, etc.).

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It is not necessary to photograph the screen of a website with an interesting article, if you can save a link to the page in Safari Bookmarks. To do this, click the Share button at the bottom of the screen (if it is not visible, then tap at the bottom of the page) and select the Add Bookmark icon about syncing Bookmarks between iOS devices and Mac computers, we talked about in this article.

If you need to save any image posted on the website or in the messenger application (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then it is not necessary to take a screenshot of the screen, because other unnecessary information will also fall into it. In order to save a picture, you need to touch it and select the Save Image option

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How to Take iPhone X Screenshot, Screenshot on iPhone 10

With the new iPhone X, Apple has ditched the Home button, which was previously located under the screen and took up a significant portion of the front of the device. This solution made it possible to enlarge the screen without increasing the size of the case, but created some difficulties in operation. Since now, all the operations that were previously performed using the “Home” button are performed in other ways.

For example, in previous iPhone models, the Home Lock Key combination was used to take a picture of the screen. Naturally, in the iPhone X, due to the lack of a Home button, it is impossible to use this method. But how, then, to take a photo of the screen? We will answer this question now.

Despite the absence of a Home button, the screen photo on the iPhone X is done in much the same way as on previous iPhone models. As before, to take a picture, you need to hold down two keys and hold them for about a second. The only difference is the buttons themselves.

In the new iPhone X, in order to take a screenshot, you need to simultaneously hold down the side button (on the right side of the device) and the volume up button (on the left side of the device). Release both buttons immediately after pressing.

The iPhone X screen will then light up in white and a camera sound will appear to indicate that a screenshot has been taken.

Most likely, this method will also work on iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

How to take a screenshot and edit it on iPhone: tips for users

Since you have decided to read this article, you probably still do not know how to take a screenshot on the iPhone. Yes, you heard right! It is the screenshot. I’m sure you’re surprised right now. After all, most likely, you only used this function on a computer. But before answering the question: “How to take a screenshot on the iPhone?”, Let’s find out what this function is. What is it for and what is the use of it?

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How to take a screenshot on iPhone?

  • Turn on your iPhone.
  • Open the required page or tab you want to take a photo.
  • Press two buttons simultaneously. Power (on / off) and Home (round button at the bottom of the screen).
  • Wait for the screen to click or flash. This will be a signal that the photo has already been taken.
  • Go to the “Photos” application and look at the resulting image, it will be saved in the “Camera Roll” folder.

Now you know how to take a screenshot on iPhone. But, perhaps, this is not enough. After all, sometimes it is necessary to get a snapshot of not the entire screen, but some of its specific part. That is why, after the screenshot is in the folder with photos, it will be desirable to edit it and crop the excess. A special program designed to work with images can help us with this.

How to Capture a Screen on iPhone 5

How to take and edit a screenshot in iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch?

From time to time You may need to take a photo of some information from the screen of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. For example, in order to share a prototype of the options of some parameter on the device, a recipe, a fascinating freeze frame from a movie or a game.

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