How To Take A Picture Of The Screen On iPhone

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On an iPad with Face ID

  • Press the top button and the Volume up button at the same time. Quickly release the buttons.
  • Tap a thumbnail to add pictures and text using the Markup feature, or tap and hold a thumbnail to share screenshots. To remove a thumbnail, swipe it to the left.

On iPad models with Apple Pencil support, you can swipe up with the Apple Pencil from any bottom corner of the iPad screen to take a screenshot.

Standard way

The fastest and most basic way to take a screenshot is as follows:

  • push buttons Increase the volume and blocking;
  • a preview appears in the corner of the screen, in which you can edit the picture;
  • if you don’t want to edit, just swipe it to the side or wait for it to disappear from the screen.

Everything happens very quickly and conveniently. You can find ready-made screenshots in the Photos application. There is also a separate section “Screenshots”.

How to take a screenshot from Assistive Touch

You can even take a screenshot with one hand on iPhone 11, but you need to set up Assistive Touch to do this.

Open the Settings app and go to the main ones. Universal access. Assistive Touch. Here, click on the switch next to Assistive Touch. A semi-transparent Assistive Touch button appears on the screen.

Click Top Level Menu, select the star icon and then Screenshot. The ability to take screenshots will be added to the Assistive Touch menu. You can also replace standard actions with others.

You can now take a screenshot with one hand at any time by selecting the screenshot icon in the Assistive Touch menu.

You can find all your screenshots in the Screenshots album in the Photos app. This album is created automatically and all screenshots you take appear there.

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For iPhone 4 / 4s, 5 / 5s

How to take a screenshot of an entire page on an iPhone with iOS 13

By iOS 11, screenshots on the iPhone and iPad were just screenshots. The standard tools of the operating system did NOT allow you to crop them, select the necessary fragments and generally edit them in any way. But with the advent of the screenshot editor, working with a screenshot has become much more productive and, until now, has almost not caused any complaints. However, with the release of iOS 13, Apple proved that there is no limit to perfection by integrating into the OS even more advanced tools for working with screenshots.

An important innovation in iOS 13 is the ability to create swipeable screenshots. They are saved in PDF format, not PNG, but at the same time they allow delight not only the visible part of the screen, but also the one that goes beyond it. This is very convenient, for example, if you need to screenshot an open web page or a dialog in the messenger as a whole, but you don’t want to exclude important messages from the screenshot that were written a long time ago.

How to do without taking screenshots (screenshots)

In most cases, you can not resort to creating screenshots (taking pictures of the screen), thereby NOT clogging up the film, but save the relevant content in ways that are more acceptable to it.

For example, if you just want to copy “for later” text information from a web page (correspondence), then you can select it by tapping your finger and then select the option to copy from the appeared context menu. After that, the text copied to the clipboard can be Pasted in the same way in any application (Notes, instant messengers, etc.).

It is not necessary to photograph the screen of a website with an interesting article if you can save a link to the page in Safari Bookmarks. To do this, click the Share button at the bottom of the screen (if it is not visible, then Tap at the bottom of the page) and select the Add bookmark icon. We talked more about syncing Bookmarks between iOS devices and Mac computers in this article.

If you need to save on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch any image posted on the website or in the messenger application (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.), then it is not necessary to take screenshots of the screen, because other unnecessary information will also fall into it. In order to save a picture, you need to touch it and select the Save Image option.

iPhone 8 or earlier, iPad, and iPod touch

  • Press the Top or Side buttons and the Home button at the same time. Release both buttons quickly.
  • A thumbnail image will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Tap a thumbnail to add pictures and text using the Markup feature, or tap and hold a thumbnail to share screenshots. To remove a thumbnail, swipe it to the left.

To find the screenshot you just took, as well as earlier ones, select Photos Albums and click Screenshots.

How to take a scrollable screenshot

  • To take a screenshot of the entire page, press the Power key and the Home button or the Volume Up button depending on your iPhone model;

After the thumbnail of the screenshot appears in the lower left corner, click on it before it disappears;

  • This action will open a screenshot of the entire page with the ability to scroll, zoom, save and forward.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot save the scrolling screenshot in PNG format as before. This limitation stems from the size of the captured image, which would not only weigh an unreasonable amount, but also load the hardware of the device on which it is viewed. But such a PDF screenshot can be saved even in the memory of your iPhone, at least immediately Upload it to the cloud.

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    news of the Internet and modern technologies

    Sometimes you may need to take a photo of some information from the screen of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. For example, in order to share a sample of the settings of any parameter on the device, a recipe, an interesting still-frame from a movie or game.

    Taking screenshots via OSD (AssistiveTouch)

    • You need to go to the settings menu and select the “Basic” item;
    • After selecting “Accessibility”, enable the AssistiveTouch option by activating the slider;
    • After activation, an icon will appear on the screen as in the screenshot below;
    • Now open what you want to shoot and click on the AssistiveTouch icon, in the window that appears, click “Device”. “” and select “Screenshot”.

    This option is most relevant if any button on the device is NOT functional. AssistiveTouch lets you use a non-functional button right on your iPhone display.

    How to take a picture of the screen by pressing two buttons on iPhone?

    • For iPhone 6/6 Plus, 6s / 6s, Plus 7/7 Plus:

    How to take a screenshot on iPhone?

    The following methods of taking screenshots are common:

    • Simultaneously pressing the “Home” and lock buttons. After the snapshot, the created screenshot will be saved in the Gallery and will be available for use and sending to social networks / email;
    • It consists in using an option called “AssistiveTouch”, this method is suitable for those users who are lazy about clamping two buttons of the device at the same time, and this method is not uncommon for those Apple users who have faulty buttons on the gadget.
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    How to take a screenshot on iPhone

    The function of creating screenshots is considered very popular today, because allows you to capture and share important information. The procedure for creating screenshots in Android and Apple devices differs markedly in the aLGorithm, therefore NEW iPhone users at first get lost and wonder how you can take a screenshot on iPhone.

    Screenshot Editing Apps

    As practice shows, many people prefer to share screenshots. In this case, applications that allow you to edit photos will be relevant. Popular among them is, for example, “Screenshot Maker Pro”. will allow you to add various effects to the image, resize and add different frames after you managed to take a screenshot.

    Screenshot Maker Pro is an English-language application, but nevertheless has an intuitive interface. Its main disadvantage is the need to purchase a paid version if you plan to access the application several times a day, but the developers allow you to use Screenshot Maker Pro” no more than twice a day for free.

    The analogue of this application is NOT inferior to “Screenshot. Frame Maker”, after installing it on the iPhone, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

    • Launched the application, click on the plus sign;
    • A folder with your photos will open, among which you need to select the screenshot we need;
    • After selecting the desired picture, you will find yourself in a menu where you can select frames;
    • It remains to choose what to do with the edited photo, the result of editing can be seen in the image below.

    How to take screenshots on iPhone? 7 ways with step by step instructions

    This article will show you how to take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone if you need to save an interesting picture or a funny moment in the game. The resulting picture can then be sent to friends and admired by yourself. The information will be useful to curious owners of smartphones from Apple, Who want to use the capabilities of the iPhone at 100%.

    Screenshot in the standard way

    The easiest method to take a picture of the iPhone screen is to press the Home (bottom center) and Power (side) buttons at the same time. As a result of this manipulation, users will hear a characteristic click. Immediately after that, the screen will be covered with a white “veil” for several seconds, and the resulting screenshot in.png format will be saved in the “Photo”.

    Screen capture

    If it is necessary to photograph not the entire display image, but only a separate part, then the ScreenshotPlus utility is often used for this. It works in tandem with the Activator application, which is desirable to download on the iPhone in advance (for example, on a model of the 8 series).

    After turning on the software, a frame will appear on the screen, which will determine the boundaries of the screenshot. Here, under the frame, its future size is indicated. To change the borders, it is enough to move the frame to the required area of ​​the screen or expand it by clicking on the side handles. When the image area is selected, all that remains is to click on the camera icon.

    For your information: ScreenshotPlus. paid: Estimated download cost is 1.

    But it happens that you need to capture NOT a separate section of the screen, but on the contrary, a long text that does NOT fit into the working area. How to take a long screenshot on iPhone then?

    For THESE situations, there is a special branded utility BigShotJb. The software takes pictures with scrolling of the screen and transfers everything photographed to a folder where frames from the usual camera of the gadget are already stored.

    The application is launched with a wave of the iPhone and immediately starts making screenshots. There are no special settings here, everything is easy and simple.

    Screenshot on iPhone via computer

    If you need to make an enlarged image from the iPhone screen, connect a personal computer. But first you need to download a program that would synchronize the device with a PC. It is called Reflector and connects 2 devices to each other using Wi-Fi.

    How to take a screenshot on an iPhone, for example, 6 or 7 models, via a computer? To do this, you need to go to AirPlay and select “repeat”. Now all the images from the iPhone screen (for example, iPhone 6s) will be broadcast to the large computer monitor. To create a screen successfully, you need to press the PrtScr button on the computer keyboard. The resulting snapshot is inserted into any Word document (or another graphic editor, program, etc.) by pressing CtrlV.

    Screenshot. Frame Maker

    A free application that allows you to take screenshots of the entire screen or only the active working window of a smartphone. The finished screenshot is saved in a pre-selected folder for it, and in three formats at once. Such a variety is convenient, because the screen made can be viewed on second devices.

    The main advantages of the program:

    • it is possible to activate automatic mode, which makes screenshots every 15 seconds
    • in the assortment. a large number of frames for the finished picture (they can also be used to decorate a box made from other programs).

    Read more about iPhone in the article: How to Create an Apple ID: 3 Proven Ways

    Awesome Screenshot

    This free software is an extension of the Safari browser. The program offers many interesting possibilities:

    • screenshots of the entire display or a separate, selected area;
    • fast processing of the resulting image (drawing arrows, changing colors, “fog” in SEPARATE areas of the image, etc.);
    • allows you to go back a few steps if something was done wrong during editing.

    All pictures taken through this program are saved in the “Gallery”.

    Important! With the help of Awesome Screenshot, only screenshots of the pages opened
    via the Safari browser.

    Screenshot on the new iPhone X

    And now. information for owners of new products from Apple. How to take a screenshot on Affion X and the latest phablets of the brand. XS, XS Max and XR? All data with step-by-step manual in the table:

    The screen is made with two buttons: “Off” and “Volume up”.

    Then the received mailbox can be saved, sent here to the selected contact or edited at your discretion. All screenshots taken are “accumulated” in the folder of the same name in the “Albums” section.
    The procedure is the same regardless of the model. To save an image from the screen, you must:

    • open the desired picture on the display;
    • press the buttons indicated in the table with a second hold;
    • a click will be heard and a familiar flash will be visible;
    • the thumbnail will move to the corner of the display.

    Drawer without Power button

    If suddenly the lock key is broken or “freezes”, how can I enable a screenshot on the iPhone (for example, on the iPhone 7 Plus model)? To do this, you must first activate the function of the virtual button on the screen.

    To make it appear, it is worth taking 4 steps:

    • Go to the settings of the Phablet.
    • In the proposed list, find the term “Basic”.
    • Next, you need “Universal Access”.
    • Enable AssistiveTouch.

    The display will show a light gray circle that replaces the button. It can be used to perform lock functions, adjust the volume, take screenshots, and more. The circle will be on the side of the screen and will not interfere with visibility at all.

    Screenshot using third-party programs

    How to take a screenshot on iPhone using third-party services? It’s very simple: just choose a suitable application in the AppStore, install it on your “apple” Phablet and use it for your own pleasure.
    The owners of the iPhone themselves highlight 2 advanced software worthy of attention. It is worth telling about them in more detail.

    When you might need a screenshot?

    First, let’s talk about why you might need a screenshot at all? The situations are different. Basically, users, taking pictures of the contents of the screen, want to share some information or, conversely, save it. eg:

    • Copy chat conversations with contact details or other information;
    • Save a result or achievement in a mobile game to show off to friends or acquaintances;
    • Create a “save” of your social network page so that you can quickly see the number of friends / subscribers or give a link to your account;
    • Take a snapshot of a web page, pictures from the Internet, postcards, photographs, stills from a movie, etc., and then set them as a screensaver on your desktop.
    • Capture the system error and then send the mailbox to Support.
    • As you can see, the screenshot may be needed in different situations. All that remains is to find out how to take a screenshot on the fifth iPhone, including models 5s, 5se, 5c, etc.

    How to take a screenshot on iPhone 5 if the Lock or Home button isn’t working?

    As with any device, one of the buttons, which is involved in the creation of a screenshot, can fail in an “apple” smartphone. What should be done in this case? A few simple steps will help you

    • Go to the “Settings” section. From there to the “Basic”. Then we select the item “Universal access”.
    • In the section “Physiology and motor skills” we find “Assistive Touch”.
    • We activate this function, that is, we put the switch in the “On” mode. Then a semi-transparent button will appear on the screen.
    • We click on it. A menu will open, in which we select “Device”, then the item “”.
    • Finally, the “Screenshot” line will be available here. As you may have guessed, you just need to click on it. All the box is done!
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    How to take a screenshot on iPhone 5

    A rather useful option, which is supported by almost any smartphone, is the ability to save information from the gadget’s screen as a picture. In this article, we will analyze the question of how to take a screenshot on the iPhone 5.

    How to take a screenshot on iPhone?

    You can take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone in just a few seconds. over, you do not need to enter any menus and submenus, activate different modes, etc. Only two buttons are involved, and the user needs to do the following:

    You need to turn on your smartphone. Suddenly, for some reason, you have it turned off. To do this, hold down the upper right button for a couple of seconds.

    As soon as the device turns on, you need to select a photo or picture, a screenshot of which we will take. If you decide to just practice, you can save a screenshot of your desktop.

    After selecting the image that you want to “screen”, press simultaneously the buttons “Home” (on the front panel. in the center at the very bottom under the display) and “Power” (also called the lock button, sleep mode, power supply, etc.). Then I immediately release them. You don’t need to hold it for a long time! It is best to press the buttons with two hands: “Power”. the one in which you hold the device, “Home”. the other.

    Have you heard the characteristic sound or click that appears when photographing? And the screen seemed to be lit up by a flash? So you did everything right. The screenshot will be saved by default in the photo gallery.

    The main thing is NOT to hold the buttons for too long! One second is enough. Otherwise, instead of taking a screenshot, the system will prompt you to restart or turn off the device. In this case, you will have to press the cancellation, and start the whole procedure again.

    Useful Tips

    The screenshot turned out. But how to find it? Tap the “Photos” icon. It is located on the main screen. Then go to the item “Camera photo”. Your screenshot should be at the very end of the list. That is, the picture is saved in the same folder with the photos taken by the camera.

    Before taking a screenshot on iPhone, please make sure the battery charge is at least 10-15% higher. Still, the procedure for taking pictures is energy-intensive. If the battery is at a minimum, then, most likely, the smartphone will simply turn off.

    Taking a screenshot on the iPhone 5, 5s, se, etc. You are taking pictures of the entire screen. If you need to “screen” only a certain part, then it is better to use a special program or editor.

    Is it possible to somehow edit the screenshot taken on the iPhone? Sure. The image is saved in png format, which allows you to crop the frame, superimpose highlights on it, change the color, etc. You can add various effects using the integrated photo editor or the Screenshot Maker Pro application.

    Do not forget that you will NOT be able to take a screenshot on a switched off iPhone. Also, the smartphone does not “screen” in some applications. For example, in the same photo editor.

    How to take a screenshot on iPhone?

    The need to take a screenshot on the iPhone arises when a user wants to share a game achievement or part of a conversation on a social network with friends. Taking pictures of the contents of the screen is as easy as shelling pears if the mechanical buttons of the gadget are in order, however, even if one of them is faulty, this is not an obstacle for experienced and experienced users. The article will explain several methods on how to take a screenshot on iPhone.

    The standard way to take screenshots on iPhone

    Select the image that you would like to “screen”, and simultaneously press the buttons “Home” (located in the center below the screen) and “Power” (located on the top edge of the case). Then release them immediately.

    You will hear a distinctive sound, comparable to the release of the shutter on a camera. The screenshot on the iPhone will be saved in the standard “Photos” application. you can find it in the gallery last in the queue. Image format. png.

    Pay attention to these aspects:

    • DO NOT hold the “Home” and “Power” buttons pressed, otherwise you risk making a “hard” restart of the smartphone.
    • By making the box this way, you are photographing the entire screen, not any part of it. If you need to “capture” part of the screen, it is better to use a special utility or built-in photo editor.

    The described method of creating screenshots is relevant for all iPhone models, except for the very first one, as well as for iPad and iPod.

    What to do if you only need to photograph part of the screen?

    In this situation, there is a way out: you can take a screenshot of the entire screen and then crop it using the built-in photo editor. This is done like this:

    Find the picture you want in the photo gallery. For example, this one will do:

    Click the “Edit” button in the upper right corner.

    This will bring you into photo editor mode.

    In photo editor mode, select the last tool in the bottom panel. Unfortunately, it will NOT be possible to illustrate this process. the iPhone does not “screen »photo editor options.

    Crop the picture and click “Save”. ​​the corrected image will appear in the gallery. From the initial picture, according to our example, this turned out:

    How to make a screen if the “Power” button does not work?

    You can make a screen on the iPhone without using mechanical keys. for this you need to use the “Assistive Touch” function (in which many users, alas, do not even guess). Proceed like this:

    On the device, go to “Settings”. “General”. “Accessibility” and in the block “Physiology and motor skills” find “Assistive Touch”.

    We activate the switch opposite “Assistive Touch”, and you will see that a transparent round button has formed on the screen.

    Click on the transparent button. the following menu will appear:

    Select “Machine” and in the next submenu. “Yet”, and you end up here:

    Click “Screenshot” and the box will be taken. However, you will NOT see the Assistive Touch menu in this image.

    The presence of the “Assistive Touch” function and the built-in photo editor is another confirmation of how the developers are rumored to the problems of users. In situations where Android cannot do without installing third-party software (for example, if you need to cut an image), the iPhone will cope with the expense of integrated software solutions.

    Screenshot services

    To create screenshots, you can use special services on the Internet:,, and others. They have editing tools: crop, rotate, print text, arrow, line, shapes.

    How to take a screenshot via the service:

    • I will take a picture of the screen by pressing the Print Screen key. Or just one active window by pressing Alt Print Screen.
    • Go to and paste the image by pressing Ctrl V.
    • If necessary, edit the picture and save it: right-click on the photo. “Save Image As”.

    Also, the photo will be available via the link. it is indicated in the field “URL of this page”.

    On a note. To send screenshots over the Internet, it is better to use the website. Upload the image and get a short link. using it, the frame will be available to everyone on the Internet. This link can be sent by mail, via social network or messenger, published on the website / forum.

    In Paint

    Let’s take a look at how to make a screen using Paint. This is the most popular way because Paint is on every computer.

    1. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. There is no need to hold it. just press once and release. It happens that on a laptop you need to press two keys at once: Fn and Print Screen.

    2. Open “Start” and select “Accessories. Windows” at the end of the list. And from it select Paint.

    You can also type paint directly in the open Start menu and launch the application.

    3. Insert a snapshot. To do this, click on the “Insert” button at the top left.

    The screen photo will be added to the program window.

    4. Edit the snapshot if necessary.

    Since the resulting photo is larger than the program window, it usually goes beyond Paint. Its scale can be reduced through the slider in the lower right corner.

    To trim excess Use the Select tool. Click on it and while holding the left mouse button select the part of the image that you want to keep. It should be indicated by a dotted line.

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    Then click on the “Crop” button at the top.

    Zoom in to 100% using the bottom right slider. Thus, you will see a real picture of what happened.

    5. Save the result to your computer.

    To do this, click on the button “File” at the top and select “Save As.”.

    A save window will appear. Go through it to the folder on the computer where you want to place the image. For example, if you want to add it to the Desktop, then in the list on the left, select “Desktop”.

    In the File name box, type a name for the snapshot. It is usually named “Nameless” by default. You can print a number instead.

    Change the file format in the lower field if necessary. In most cases, PNG or JPG is fine.

    Then click “Save”.

    6. The screenshot will be recorded in the place and under the name that you specified when saving it (see the previous paragraph). This will be a regular file-Photos that can be written to a USB flash drive, sent by mail, published on social networks, etc.

    On a note. If you need to take a snapshot of only one window that is open at the moment, press the Alt and Print Screen key combination.

    Drawer on PC and laptop

    Screenshot is a screenshot, a photograph of what a person sees on a computer.

    To create such photos, there is a special Print Screen button on the keyboard. It can also be called Prt Scr, PrtScr, Prt Sc, PrtScn or PrntScrn.

    After clicking on it, nothing will happen. no Clicks, no flashes. But the photographed screen will be fixed in the PC memory. For this snapshot to appear, it must be inserted into an imaging program. For example, in Paint.

    The most popular way to take screenshots:

    • Press the Print Screen button on the keyboard.
    • Open Paint program.
    • Insert a snapshot into it.
    • Save on computer.

    But there are other ways too. I will tell you more about each below.

    How to take a screenshot

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to take a screenshot (screenshot) on a computer and laptop. We will learn how to photograph the screen in whole or in part.

    In the program Scissors

    Snipping Tool is a special software for taking screenshots. It is initially available in Windows 7, 8 and 10 (but not in all editions).

    You can open “Scissors” in the same way as Paint: Start → Accessories. Windows → Scissors.

    Or by typing the word scissors directly into the open Start menu.

    This is how the program window looks like:

    Click on the “Create” button. the screen is fogged up. While holding down the left mouse button select the part you want to photograph. After you release the mouse button, the image will be added to the program window.

    Recording an image to a computer is the same as in Paint (see above).

    On a note. Some Windows editions do not include the Scissors program. Therefore, if you did NOT find it on your computer, it means that it is initially absent in your system. Use instead one of those programs that I talk about at the end of the article.

    Via keyboard shortcut

    In Windows 8 and 10, you can take a screenshot using the Win Print Screen keyboard shortcut. The image is immediately saved to the Screenshots folder.

    To do this, press the Windows key and, Do not release it, the Print Screen key.

    Now open the Pictures folder. There will be a folder called “Screenshots”, and inside your photo.

    And in Windows 10, using the Win Shift S keyboard shortcut, you can launch “Sketch on a screen”. This is an enhanced version of the Scissors app. there are more editing tools.

    Screenshot software

    There are also separate applications for taking screenshots. They are handy when you need to take pictures frequently. Next, I will briefly talk about the Most convenient free programs.

    LightShot ( simple, compact. Has editing tools: line, arrow, frame, pencil and marker, adding text. Allows you to upload a file to the website and get a link.

    Pick Pick ( is not only a screen photo, but also a full-fledged graphic editor. Large set of tools: lines, shapes, arrows, text, frame, shadow, blur, watermark, brightness adjustment and others. You can switch the program to Russian as follows: Options. General.Language. Russian.

    • A snapshot of a scrolling window
    • Upload to social networks, suites, cloud
    • Configuring Hot Keys

    Hot Key Screenshot ( suitable for computer games. Quickly takes a picture using the assigned key and saves it to the computer in a special pic folder (located in the program folder). No installation required.

    There are other free apps as well. They are approximately the same in functionality, but have certain limitations: registration is required, there is a Russian language, support for only certain versions of Windows, etc. There are also paid programs for professional work: Snagit, Movavi Screen Recorder.

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    05/27/13 Release of iPhone 5S and iPad 5. Date of new products in 2013.

    The previously announced release date for the new iPhone 5S and the fifth generation iPad has been postponed again, this time to fall 2013. According to Japanese news blog Macotakara, the next generation of iPad tablets will not be released until after the iPhone 5S. Thus, the release of the new iPad 5 is scheduled for the end of 2013, almost immediately.

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    05/25/13 WWDC international conference in summer 2013. What’s new from Apple?

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    News feed. How to take a picture of the screen on iPhone

    Screenshot of iPhone. a standard feature included in the iOS mobile operating system since the first iPhone went on sale. The function allows you to take a picture (capture an image, Print Screen) the screen of the iPhone 5, 4S, 3GS, in whatever state, except for the sleep mode and the switched off phone.

    The most useful thing with which you can save pictures and navigation maps, a dialed phone, take a photo of an image during a call, capture a frame from a You Tube or a movie, save web pages and much more.

    To take such a picture, you must simultaneously press the upper and lower buttons of the phone, the screen will flash for a moment and the iPhone will emit a sound of photographing.

    Screenshots taken from iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, 2G, iPod Touch and iPad are saved in a standard image folder along with photos from the main camera. Files are saved in PNG format

    05/31/13 How to replenish Apple ID account through a new service from Yandex Money, without a credit card.

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