How to take a picture of the screen on lumiya

How to take a screenshot or how to photograph a monitor or part of it

Sooner or later, each user faces the task of saving the image of the monitor or its section. This action is called “take a screenshot”.
The easiest way to take screenshots. use the copy of the monitor window completely. by pressing the Print Screen / SysRq key on your keyboard. The image on the monitor is copied to the computer’s clipboard. Then open the Paint program, which is originally included in any Windows assembly through Start. All programs. Standard and just press the CtrlV key combination. That’s it, the picture is inserted into the program, a window with the “photographed” picture of the monitor has opened in the program. This method, of course, has a number of disadvantages, because you have to pay for SIMplicity, for example, you cannot save the mouse cursor, you cannot capture the whole picture if part of it crawls out of the monitor, etc.

Fortunately, there is another way to scan images on a computer screen.
For “advanced” screen capture, Snagit 10 is perfect.
The program allows you to copy both the entire monitor and a portion of the monitor. You can also scan an entire web page, regardless of its height. Snagit 9 will grab the entire web page that requires vertical scrolling and display it as a single, single image. This program allows you to record video from the screen, read the test and copy it to the clipboard, or immediately create a text document from such documents from which the text cannot be moved using the Copy / Paste commands, for example, from pictures or PDF files that cannot be copied.
Another “trifle” that this wonderful program possesses is ripping icons and other graphics from EXE and DLL files.

If we talk about the possibilities of capturing a static image, then here Snagit 9 has no equal. You can copy the entire screen or a piece. over, if you click on the upper right cross “Close”, then the program will not close completely, but will be minimized to the tray. Screen copying can now be started with the Print Screen / SysRq key. When you press this key (or the big round red button in the interface if the window is open), the following pointer will appear on the monitor:

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A magnifying glass shows an enlarged image of the area where the cross is pointed for precise aiming at the object. over, moving the mouse exactly (to the pixel) to get to the right place is often difficult, and here the program provides the ability to precisely move the crosshairs using the keyboard navigation keys, up, down, right, left arrows. One click corresponds to moving one pixel. Now, holding down the left mouse button, you can move the crosshairs to the desired point on the screen. And the movement keys will again help to accurately point the crosshair, and you should press them without releasing the left mouse button.
If you need the mouse cursor to be present on the screenshot, click the button. located at the bottom of the main program window in the “Options” rollout.

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How to take a picture of a computer screen

Solving some problems, we may need to put into the document what we see on the computer screen at the moment. If we knew how to take a screenshot and performed this action for a long time, we might have forgotten. Well, if you have never done this at all, then we will learn how to take a picture of a computer screen, having received an image at our disposal.

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We will be helped by computers whose manufacturers are focused on Windows operating systems.

Among the numerous buttons on keyboards of such computers, there is a button labeled “PrtSc”. When people talk about this button, they call it “Print Screen“. The screen shot itself is called “Screen Shot”.

Most often, this button is located on the right side of your computer keyboard in the top or bottom row of buttons. One press of this button and allows you to photograph the computer screen more precisely what we see on the monitor at the moment. This photo, or let’s just call the screenshot, in the same second appears in the clipboard of the operating system in the PNG file format (type). Using the “Paste” option or the “CtrlV” key combination, we can place the image in the Word editor document:

To access the “Paste” option, you need to right-click, calling up the options window, in which we select the “Paste” option we need:

There may not always be a folder icon in the options window to indicate an insert. In some cases, it can be written like this: “Insert”.

If necessary, we can insert the photographed computer screen into many programs. These can be office suite programs, for example, a program such as Excel:

Or maybe Power Point:

If we need to send the captured screenshot by e-mail, then we can do it easily. Our actions are still the same:

In the given examples, the office suite programs from Microsoft were used. In order for us to have no doubts that we can put the screenshot taken in other programs, we will place the picture in Photoshop:

How to take a screenshot of your computer in Windows 8.

If our computer is controlled by the Windows 8 operating system, then we can use the automatic mode of creating a special folder and placing the photographed computer screen into it. All this will be done by the operating system itself, and we only need to press a combination of two keys, one of which is the key with the inscription “PrtSс”, and the other with the Windows logo, that is, 4 squares imitating windows.

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After we pressed the combination of these two keys, we need to turn to the section of the library called “Images”. In this section, a folder with a screenshot will appear (everything is done by Windows itself):

How to take a picture of a computer screen, at a time when it, our computer, works like a “bee”, well, we are together with it. That is, the computer works in multitasking mode. Many windows with various programs are open, several tabs are activated in the browser, in general, “work is in full swing”:

We do not need to close the windows, minimize them, increase the size of the window of which we want to take a snapshot, but we do not want to increase it. It is enough to click on the desired window with the mouse, making it by this very click the current window (active) and then press the AltPrtSc key combination:

This keyboard shortcut allows you to take a snapshot of only the active (current) window, cutting off the entire background, whatever it may be. Well, then we use the “Paste” option or the keyboard shortcut CtrlV.

If we like and like the option when Windows 8 itself creates a folder in the “Images” section of the library and places the photographed computer screen into it, then we can use this option on an ongoing basis. Once created in this way, the folder does not disappear anywhere and can be replenished with screenshots:

I hope this article fully helped answer the question of how to take a picture of a computer screen (take a screenshot).

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