How To Take A Screenshot Of A Part Of The Screen On A Computer

Screenshot software

In some cases, standard methods may NOT help. You may be surprised, but some laptops lack the Print Screen button. But there is no need to worry about this, since there are a number of programs that allow you to take screenshots. Besides, almost all of them are distributed free of charge. It is in them that our conversation will go.

A fairly compact, but at the same time very powerful utility, which is designed to create and exchange pictures and clips received from the display of your PC.

After downloading and installing the program, a kind of sun will appear on the desktop, which is just waiting for you to give it a command. The functionality of Jing is surprising: in addition to the standard functions, the utility allows you to View what was recorded. and also add comments to it.

However, there are also disadvantages. Firstly, there is no Russian language for the program yet, although the menu is intuitively clear. In addition, although Jing is distributed free of charge, the authors are very intrusive to offer to purchase the so-called Pro version, which has significantly more functions. The upgrade costs about 15 and will allow you to record in high definition H.264, as well as the absence of watermarks and the ability to uploads to several sites at once, including Facebok or Youtube.

The screenshot is taken literally in one click. You can then upload your image to again, with a few clicks.

Overall, the impression from Jing remained very favorable, although some points were not very pleasing.

Blog of a young admin. PrtScr Assistant

Another utility designed to capture an image on the user’s screen. A screenshot is created by pressing a hotkey or using a timer, which can be a very convenient option.

The program is endowed with a lot of functions:

  • Copy only the selected window, section or the entire screen.
  • The ability to automatically save images at once in one of several formats: BMP, JPG, JPEG, TIFF. Folder assigned by user.
  • Capturing an image using a user-programmed timer.
  • Assigned hotkeys. It is possible to set your own hotkeys.
  • Actions can be accompanied by audible indication.

However, not everything is as good as it might seem at first glance. The fact is that PrtScr Assistant works for free for only 30 minutes, after which it stops working. In order to use it fully, you need to pay 5 for a license. In addition, the interface of the utility is in English, although it was created by our compatriots.

What exactly to use, you have to decide for yourself, I just told you about the means for creating screenshots. In my opinion, one of the most optimal and convenient programs should be considered Floomby, although if you do not need additional functions, then you can easily get by with standard Windows tools.

How To Take A Screenshot Of A Part Of The Screen On A Computer


And this is perhaps one of the most popular programs of its kind. The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that Floomby allows you to post screenshots of your screen on the Internet almost instantly, and for this the authors of the program will NOT charge you a cent!

After installing the utility, you will be prompted to Register. Whether it is worth doing this or not is up to you, but registered users have a little more options. So, files uploaded to the server can be stored almost forever, provided that some simple conditions are met. For unregistered files, they are stored for about a week, after which they can be deleted.

As soon as you start Floomby, a small blue icon with the letter F will appear in the notification area at the bottom of the screen. As soon as you click on it, the program window will appear. Everything is very simple in it: you press one button, you copy the entire screen; clicking on another, select only the desired fragment, etc. There are also hotkeys for this, you can find them in the instructions for the program.

After you take a screenshot, by clicking on the button you can instantly upload the image to the hosting and immediately receive a link to it, which you can send to your friends.

The utility is really good if you need to upload images to the Internet. On the other hand, most of the similar programs have such functionality.

Magic Screenshot

Quite an interesting program that has a number of very interesting features that some of you may find useful. As in the previous cases, you can upload a screenshot to the service using Magic Screenshot and get a link to the file.

  • The ability to take a snapshot of both the entire screen and a separate part of it.
  • Adding text or other graphics to the resulting image.
  • Ability to give only the title, but also the description of the screenshot.
  • Snapshot upload to the server or save to a folder on the computer selected by the user.
  • Ability to remove images from the server at will.
  • Free support.

As you might have guessed, Magic Screenshot is completely free to download. And support will help you quickly solve any problems.

A fascinating blog of enthusiastic IT specialists. How to take a screenshot on a computer?

Screenshot or Print Screen is a screenshot translated from English. This is a very important thing that each of you should be familiar with. Why is this so important? In fact, the answer lies on the surface. Let’s say your operating system generated an error. You go to a topic forum where you ask the guru what this error means. For a more complete understanding of the situation, you may be asked to screen this error. This is where the skills that you acquire today are needed. So, right now we will tell you how you can create a screenshot at once in several ways.

Let’s start with standard Windows methods. This method is the simplest and most popular. You can take a screenshot using the standard method available to every user of absolutely any Windows operating system, be it XP, Vista, 7.8, and so on, and you do NOT need to use third-party programs.

Pay attention to your keyboard. in the upper right part there is a small Print Screen (or Prt Scn) button, which is difficult to notice the first time. For clarity, look at the image below:

At this point, it’s worth going a little off topic and telling you that most laptops have a slightly different system. If on a conventional keyboard you only need to press the Print Screen key once, in laptops it is often combined with other buttons, for example, with the Fn button. Only pressing THESE two keys at the same time will allow you to take a picture. You can learn more about this from the instructions for your device.

Well, we continue. So you pressed the Print Screen key? Fine, that is exactly what was required of you. Let’s move on to the next step. The fact is that the picture is saved in the clipboard, so we need to free it from there. The graphic editor Paint, built into the OS by default, will help us with this. It’s easy to find it: open the Start menu. All Programs. Accessories and select the application of the same name. After a second, it will be launched.

After the program window has opened, you will need to make one single movement. press the CtrlV key combination, that is, paste the contents of your clipboard. Right after that you will see a screenshot of the screen.

Why do you only see the Microsoft logo in the above picture? It’s very simple. I cut out a certain part of the image that I wanted. To do this, use the “Selection” tool and cut out the desired fragment. This may be needed in cases where you need a screenshot NOT of the entire desktop, but only a separate part of it.

Also, remember that you can always take a snapshot of only the active window. What does it mean? Let’s say you run some program. In my case, this is a text document. By pressing the AltPrint Screen keys, you will take a screenshot of this window only. In other words, you don’t need to trim anything extra.

Add a box to the editor (all the same Paint).

There is a menu at the top left of the editor. Hover your mouse over the small blue button, click on it, and select Save As. Here, by the way, you will be offered several formats for saving at once, the most optimal of which is PNG (with practically no loss of image quality). That’s all, the snapshot is saved on your computer in the selected location.

However, that’s not all! The fact is that there is another method in Windows that allows you to “take a picture” of the desktop, which is also very convenient. To do this, click on the “Start”. “All Programs”. “Accessories” and select the “Scissors” tool. When the utility is launched, the picture on the desktop will take on a different shade.

You need to select the desired fragment and select it. After another moment, it will appear in the editor window, where you can perform some action with the file, for example, draw something on it.

Then save the picture as you did with Paint. As you can see, nothing complicated.

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That’s what I understand is an excellent article! I often have to work with screenshots, but I use the print screen key, and I never even thought about the program. Now, perhaps I’ll install, but which one?)

I advise flumba. it may be unpretentious, but it instantly uploads screenshots to the server and gives a link. and it works very quickly. I don’t need more functionality.

Tell me, is there a difference in creating a screen on a computer and on a laptop?

There are no differences, only on the laptop the button can be called differently or its name is abbreviated. Everything else is the same.

I tried the PrtScr Assistant program, I can say that against the background of the current competitors It is not the most convenient, and most importantly. paid, costs up to 5. so, in my opinion, it is not worth purchasing.

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Maybe someone knows. You need a utility that will take screenshots after a certain period of time. Can someone tell me where to find one? I searched everything I could, but I couldn’t find anything suitable # 128577;

and what, interestingly, does not suit the standard methods? I understand that most programs simply collect information about the user, for ordinary life the printscreen button is enough

what other information? Are aliens spying on you?))

I’ve been using jing for a year now, it’s a good program, but sometimes it slows down. maybe you need to reinstall, I don’t know.

I also use it for a long time. Now rarely, before often. There were no problems with her, I did not notice the brakes

I can tell you how to do it on iPhone and iPad: you need to hold down the Power button and then press the Home button. the snapshot will be saved.

These are not computers))

Does anyone know how to take a snapshot of the entire page in the browser if it is long and has to be scrolled.

you can, but you need to use the program. It will NOT work through Windows.

only Jing. I tried a lot of different progs, but this one is the best, I was convinced long ago

Thanks to AltPrint Screen. I didn’t know that this way you can chest open windows)

Thank you, the article was very helpful. I will download all the programs and look for the best one)

I prefer the old fashioned way. with the print screen button) but by the way, don’t tell me how to make a screen of the entire page, even if you need to scroll?

you need to download the program free of charge. it seems like there are online services, but I haven’t seen it myself.

I do not recommend using free programs for screenshots, they follow users, I read on one site.

Guys, is there an online service for a desktop screenshot? really needed!

click on the print screen button and get the desktop images) or you need something else?

floomby is installed but does not upload the file to the service. DO NOT tell me what the problem is?

maybe you have no internet connection?

Guys, you need to make a big page box. No program is suitable. how to be Tell me, I really need!

I succeed in everything, except for one thing. the picture is kind of blurry.

try to save not in jpg, but in png. this should help.

You can also save it in a hypha, but not all programs read this format.

while the prtscr buttons have not come up with anything better # 128512; I just use it # 128512;

I also took pictures in my youth, I didn’t even know about the screenshots)))

I only use the standard “prt sc” way and paste into Paint.
There is no easier way)))
Then cropping the picture as needed and you’re done.

yes, everyone uses this method, it is more convenient to use it Until I met.

yes there are a lot of THESE programs, a lot. but what’s the point? everyone works according to the same scenario, and paid ones are generally laughter. why are they when there is a bunch of frish?


You can download the program here.

  • Photo and screen recording.
  • Large set of tools and settings.
  • Photo and camera support.
  • Ability to print and scan an image.
  • conversion support.
  • Recording everything that happens on the screen.
  • Excellent graphic editor with filter support.
  • Hotkey support for capture.
  • Support for multimedia equipment.

Cons: large volume of the distribution.


  • Open the website
  • Press the Print Screen key.
  • Press the key combination Ctrl V on your keyboard to upload the image to the site.
  • If necessary, edit the picture and save to computer.

How to save. Select JPG or PNG format and click on the “Save” button.

After that, a window with save parameters will open. Click “Download screenshot” and it will appear in the “Downloads” folder on your computer.

through scissors

Scissors is a standalone software for taking screenshots. It is more convenient than Paint.

“Scissors” is either in Windows, or available. It depends on the system version. So if you cannot find this program through “Start”, it means that it is simply available on the computer.

1. In the search bar on the taskbar or start, type Scissors and run the application.

The program window will appear.

2. Click on the “Create” button and select the part you want to screen. To do this, simply click on the left mouse button and, while holding it, circle the desired part.

If the window overlaps what you want to remove, move it with the left mouse button by the header. where it says “Scissors”.

3. As soon as you Release the left mouse button, the Selected area will be photographed and added to the small program.

There are a couple of editing tools here. The pen is like a pencil for underlining. Marker. for stroke.

4. Save the image to the computer via the button. This is done in the same way as in Paint.

How to take a screenshot of a website page service

1. Go to the site

2. In the “Create” field, enter the URL of the site from which you want to take a picture. Click on the “Create” button.

3. Click on a thumbnail and a larger image will open. Right-click on it and select “Save Image As”.

You can share the resulting pictures. To do this, copy the link to it from the “Screenshot address” field.


The program is included in the YANDEX.DISK set. You can download and install from the official website

How to use. Run the program, a window will open with a selection of the area to capture.

Then the application interface will open.

  • Arrows. drawing arrows.
  • Text. add text. Can change the font and color on the panel.
  • Shapes. Draw lines, rectangles, circles, and stars.
  • Marker. used to highlight.
  • Blurred. Blurs the selected area.
  • Crop. Cuts the area.

To save, click on the “Save” button below.

The image will be recorded on YANDEX.DISK. You can find it through This Computer. YANDEX.DISK. Screenshots.

To send a snapshot over the Internet, click on the “Share” button.

Yandex Upload a link to the clipboard, which you can paste on the site: on a social network, on a forum, in an email.

  • Convenient screenshot editor.
  • Synchronization with YANDEX.DISK.

Cons: you need to install the YANDEX.DISK application.

  • Go to
  • To take a screenshot, press the Alt Print Screen keyboard shortcut.
  • Then press Ctrl V to paste the image to the site.
  • Edit the image and save to your computer.

How to save. Click on the “Save your changes” button at the top. Then click on the link slightly to the left.

The finished snapshot will open. Click on it with the right mouse button, select “Save Image As” and specify the folder.

  • Crop. crops the image.
  • Pencil Tool. lets you draw on the picture.
  • Text Tool. adds text.
  • View the Image in Full size. displays the screenshot in full size.
  • Move. moves the image. service

1. Go to

2. In the Snapito field, enter the URL of the site you want to screen. Click on the “Snap” button.

3. Save the screenshot by right-clicking on the image and selecting “Save image as”.

Can be on the image. To do this, click on the “Copy” button and the addresses will be copied to the clipboard.

An overview of the PasteNow service tools

The and. tools on the right-hand panel allow you to zoom in and out of the image. Center Image button aligns to center.

Arrow buttons on the left pane save or discard edits.

Crop the image. Crops the selection. Click on the button and highlight the area you want to leave.

The selected area was highlighted, and a green button with a bird appeared on the left. After clicking on it, the changes will be applied. only the cut part will remain.

Will return the image. Expands the image according to your requirements. Can be rotated 90 ° clockwise and counterclockwise and 180 ° counterclockwise.

The filled rectangle. Allows you to draw a colored rectangle directly on the screenshot. Click on the tool, after which you will see a colored rectangle in the bottom corner. You can choose a color through it.

Hold down the left mouse button to start drawing. Release when the rectangle is ready.

Frame. Framed text or images. The drawing principle is the same as in the Filled Rectangle tool.

Pencil. Lets draw on the picture.

Line and Arrow. Draws lines and arrows.

Text. Allows you to write text. To do this, click on the tool, click on an empty space and start entering text.

Censorship. Blurs information. Click on the tool, then hold down the left mouse button and select the fragment that you want to paint over.

How to use Snagit Editor

A very easy-to-understand program for screenshots. Snagit Editor. It allows you to not only save screenshots, but also edit them. frame, enlarge areas, cut, merge, add effects and so on. A useful feature of Snagit is a stored image library. Files are always available for revision and editing.

After installing the program, a small window with settings will appear on the screen. Here you need to select the type of file sent to the clipboard. select Image for screenshots. And also a button that will call the application. Photo PrintScreen.

To use Snagit Editor, after installation, proceed as follows:

  • in the small window of the program select the type of the captured area;
  • press the PrtSc button from the keyboard;

If FullScreen is selected in the settings, then the editorial window of the program with the image of the saved area will appear on the screen after a few seconds. Here you can change the orientation of the frame, export it, apply effects, etc.

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FullScreen mode in Snagit

If Region is selected in the settings, then the screen will display a cursor in the form of an intersection with an icon counting the size of the captured area. As soon as the cursor marks the boundaries of this area, you need to click with the left mouse on the screen at the point of completion of the selection. The editorial window of the program will automatically open with the captured image in the center. It’s ready to edit.

Snagit. Select a specific area

Snagit editing interface

  • as soon as the changes are completed, go to the “File” menu;
  • select “Save As”;

Saving a screenshot in Snagit

When an object is automatically saved, the graphic data is assigned the.png type and a name containing the date and time of the snapshot. Images are stored in the program library.

  • Click “Save”.

With the Snagit Editor you can edit any graphic files, even those created by other programs. In this case, if it does not clean the objects in the library, then you can change and delete the added editing after saving the file. Which is very convenient.

Saving screenshots in Snagit

LightShot. How to use

Less functional, but easier to understand is the LightShot software product. completely free software. The main advantage is the instant sending of the screenshot to the network. The program provides a Russian-language interface and is installed on a PC or laptop in a standard way.

When installing LightShot at the last stage, you need to uncheck the boxes in front of the imposed applications. Yandex.Bar, etc. Then just click “Finish”. Since the utility is a replacement for the standard features of Windows 10, the application is called by simply pressing the PrtSc button from the keyboard.

After installing LightShot, proceed as follows:

    press PrtSc;
    The monitor will darken and an intersection cursor will appear. Move it, the user sets the boundaries for capturing the snapshot.

Screenshot with LightShot

Screenshot with LightShot

How to take a screenshot with LightShot

Captured area of ​​the screen using LightShot can be immediately posted to social networks.

How to take a screenshot on a computer?

How to take a screenshot on a computer?

A typical screenshot or part of it is a screenshot, or a box, or a screenshot. The graphic frame illustrates exactly the picture that the user of a computer, poppy or laptop sees on his screen. Such images are indispensable for writing step-by-step guides or quickly saving accurate data displayed on a monitor. The graphic file can be obtained using built-in features of the Windows 10 operating system or third-party software products. We will find out how to correctly and quickly make a screen of a PC, macbook or laptop monitor in various ways.

There are several ways to take a screenshot:

How to take a screenshot on a computer?

Most PC users use a computer running Windows 10 and we will work with it.
To save a screenshot, you need:

  • find the Ctrl and PrtSc keys on the keyboard;
  • press them at the same time;
  • open the Paint application;
  • when the Paint window is active, press CtrlV from the keyboard;

Press CtrlPrtSc on the keyboard

What we get after pressing CtrlV in Paint

Now you know which keys save the screenshot on the computer, but when you press them, you need to remember that you are performing a complete screen delight. That is, the entire visible area. If you need to save only a part of the resulting image, you need to crop the picture after inserting the frame in Paint.

Cropping an image in Paint

In the Windows operating system, starting from Vista, there is a very convenient built-in functionality for saving screenshots. It’s called “Scissors”. You can find the application in the Start menu → Accessories.
If it doesn’t work, look for the search term on the Start bar. it is indicated by dandruff. Type in the name of the application.

How to find Scissors in Windows

Windows scissors

Then they act like this:

  • call the application “Scissors” with one click on it;
  • call “Create” in the window that appears;

Click “Create” in the “Scissors” application

How to save a screenshot in the Scissors app

How to save a screenshot in the Scissors app

The given keyboard shortcut can be used to save a snapshot of a PC monitor running all generations of Windows operating systems. But the application “Scissors” is a new software product. It can be used to take screenshots on devices running Windows Vista and earlier.

There is also a keyboard shortcut for capturing only the active window on the screen. AltPrtSc. That is, the saved frames will not display the Computer Start panel, but only the window that is currently active. This keyboard shortcut comes in handy when writing manuals.

How to take a screenshot on a laptop?

Since laptop users are also using a Windows operating system, the screen capture methods will NOT change. Only the function keys will change:

  • WinPrtSc is a complete screen delight. The keyboard shortcut also works when saving a screenshot on a Windows PC;
  • FnPrtSc. full screen delight;
  • AltPrtSc. save the image of the active window or program.

After pressing one of the listed combinations, the data saved to the clipboard must be transferred to Paint and saved. How to do this, we wrote a little higher, only for PC.

When working with a laptop, you can use another built-in function. the game bar. It is opened by pressing the WinG key combination at the same time. Further:

    in the “Open Game Panel” dialog box that appears at the bottom of the screen, check the “Yes” box;

Opening the game panel on a laptop

Screenshot using the game bar

Image saving alert

Screenshot folder

The object is saved automatically. The snapshot is located in the Pictures folder by default. This method of saving a screenshot can also be used on a computer. But with a full function keyboard, it’s easier to press the WinPrtSc key combination.

Screenshot software

If you need to perform any operations with the saved image. crop, designate objects, erase elements, leave inscriptions, etc. it is more convenient to use third-party software products. There are many of them:

  • LightShot;
  • ClIP2net;
  • SSmaker;
  • Screen Capture;
  • Snagit Editor;
  • Joxi;
  • FastStone Capture and others.

Most third party software products are shareware software. They need to be downloaded from the network and then installed on a laptop or computer.

The software installation process is standard. The program interface is intuitive, but mostly in English, so it makes sense to understand in more detail how to take screenshots using third-party applications.

After installing the program you like, it is better to restart your computer or laptop so that all changes take effect.

Can I take a screenshot on a Mac?

Yes, you can. To take a screenshot on a Mac, they use special key combinations and (or) third-party software products. Among the latter there are paid and free software. Skitch, LittleSnapper (multifunctional utility, paid), Voila. We recommend installing additional applications if you have to work with the screenshot frequently. If you just need to save the image, then use the following keys:

  • ShiftCommand3. full screen area delight;
  • ShiftCommand4. change the capture area. After pressing a combination, the cursor turns into a cross. Move it, you can change the capture area. It is more convenient to perform a selection operation by holding down the Shift, Space or Option keys;
  • ShiftCommand4 with open window. grabs the active window area on the screen. After pressing the key combination, you need to press the space bar. The cursor turns into a camera icon. It must be brought to the active window.
  • ShiftCommand6. Touch Bar screenshot.

All Saved Objects are placed automatically on the desktop. Files are assigned the.png extension.
If the user needs to change the path to save the object, then together with the required key combination, press Control. The image will be saved to the clipboard.

The choice of how to take a screenshot depends on the subsequent actions with it. If editing of the received images is not necessary, then additional software is not needed. Remember that senseless installation of software products only “clogs up” the system disk.

How to take a transparent screenshot

Another interesting program “PrtScr”, which can take transparent screenshots, although it is in English, but I will show everything now.

Program page (English):
Platform: Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP
English language
Distribution: free

What are transparent pictures? Let me show you with an example. I took two screenshots in different formats and superimposed them on another image in any graphics editor:

Case opaque JPEG format. As you can see, I selected an arbitrary area, but it is surrounded by a rectangle (which is usually just white, but this program adds a slightly visible background there).

And on the left is a fragment that was saved in a transparent PNG file. It is superimposed in the form in which I outlined it, without a rectangular frame. Such files are very convenient and beautiful to superimpose on other images, and so that it will be invisible.

The PrtScr program “hangs” at the bottom in the form of an icon, clicked with the right button to select “Capture screen now”.

after which the screen will change color, and the following prompt will appear:

This means that: the left mouse button selects an arbitrary area of ​​the screen (hot keys “AltPrint Screen”), when Ctrl is pressed, a rectangle will be selected, and the right mouse button can simply draw on the screen and then select the desired area. If you just call it anywhere, you get a screenshot of the entire screen.

Hot keys “CtrlPrint Screen” include a magnifier with very large magnification, where you can use Ctrl to select an area of ​​the screen with pixel precision.

So, after we did what we wanted, our screenshot appears in the form of a beautiful flying object and a window for saving the results.

Here’s what’s interesting here:

  • Save as. save to file. If you used arbitrary selection, then in order for the picture to turn out transparent, you need to save it in PNG format, not JPEG. over, on the tab “Settings” must be checkbox “Transparent PNG” (it is there by default). Else Use “JPEG”.
  • Email. send by mail using the default mail program
  • Edit. edit in the “Paint” program
  • Print. print to printer
  • To clIPboard. copy to clipboard
  • Discard. remove screenshot
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A little about the settings

Each time you start the program, a window with settings appears:

By default, buttons for taking a screenshot of the entire screen: CtrlPrtScr, for an arbitrary area: PrtScr. In the settings, you can specify your own buttons, if, for example, these are already used for the second software.

Next, we can determine where to save screenshots. By default, images are saved to the hard drive and uploaded to the screenshoter’s own server (so you can receive and send the link). You can restrict only Hard disk (local) or only the server. Note, there are no restrictions on the number of files sent to the server.

The folder where the files will be saved on the computer can be specified just below. By the way, the shortcut to it is already on your desktop.

And the last few tweaks:

  • Show cursor on screenshot. leaves the mouse arrow in the picture, otherwise the arrow will NOT remain
  • Show notifications. to display messages about successful actions over the screenshot icon
  • Play sound. I think it’s clear why # 128521;

In general, that’s all, in fact, even a kettle can figure it out, everything is absurdly simplified. After installation, the program gets into autorun and starts every time the computer or laptop is turned on (fortunately, the settings window does NOT appear in this case). If this is not necessary for you, then see the article on disabling from autorun in Windows. By the way, we could have included this option in the settings, as most developers do.

Screenshot. just press # 128578;

So, go to the site https: //screenshoter.rf/ and download the Screenshoter program, there is one big button “Download for free” on the floor of the screen, so you will NOT miss # 128521; The program is from a domestic developer, therefore it is completely and, of course, free # 128578; In addition, I checked it for viruses. everything is clean.

During installation, you can disable the loading of Yandex items:

Immediately after installation, a window opens with the program settings, click “Save”, in which I will tell you a little later.

Now, to send the second link to the screen screen, you just need to press the CtrlPrtScr buttons (if anyone does not know, then on the standard keyboard the PrtScr button is F12. A characteristic click and a second screen darkening will mean that your clipboard already has a link to the image! Check. inserted it into the browser address bar:

It’s that simple! And if you need to take a snapshot of a certain part of the screen, then press only the PrtScr button and select an area. When you release the mouse, a link to the snapshot will be in your clipboard!

The screenshoter has a couple more trump cards in the that other competitors do not have. If you reach for the keyboard “far” or laziness, you can simply name the program icon in the system tray, which is equivalent to pressing the PrtScr button:

And for someone it will be more convenient to name them with the right click on any empty space on the desktop and select the appropriate action in the context menu:

And everything is so simple, because the programmers began to make the program purely for themselves, in order to get the functionality that is on the Macintosh. quick creation of screenshots. And, I want to say, it worked out perfectly.

Screenshot using Windows without programs

In the simplest case, the Windows 7/10 operating system is enough for us. Press the “Print Screen” key to take a screenshot of the screen. It is located in the upper right part of the keyboard.

Please note that on some notebooks the “Prt Scr” key is combined with some other button. In this case, you must press the combination “Fn Prt Scr”. But by itself, pressing this button does not save the screenshot, but simply copies the picture from the screen to the clipboard, just like you copy any text using the “CtrlC” buttons and then paste it with the “CtrlV” buttons.

To save a picture from the clipboard to a file, we need the standard Paint image editor. It can be launched from Start. All programs. Standard. Paint “or just write the word” paint “in the search bar of the” Start “button and select a program from the drop-down list.

This is exactly what I do, because it turns out faster than looking for a program in the rubble of the Start menu # 128578;

Now in the Paint program, just click “Paste” or the “CtrlV” buttons to paste the contents of the clipboard.

As you can see, I took a screenshot of my desktop. All that remains is to save the picture to a file. To do this, click on “floppy disk “and choose where to save the file. I recommend choosing the file format “JPEG”, because It Takes up the least amount of space, but you can NOT touch anything and leave “PNG” as the default.

You can only take a screenshot of the active program. To do this, press the Alt Print Screen key combination. And you can insert a picture from the clipboard not only in Paint, but, for example, directly into a Word document or into an Outlook email.

So, the simplest aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Press “Print Screen” or “AltPrint Screen”
  • Run the Paint program
  • Paste the contents of the clipboard
  • By saving the file

You can also easily screen the screen using the standard Windows 7/8/10 “Scissors” utility. With its help, you can copy an arbitrary part of the screen. It is located in the Start menu. All programs. Standard. Scissors “.

Click on the arrow on the “Create” button and select what we want to copy: an arbitrary shape, a rectangle, a window or the entire screen. If you just need to copy a rectangular area, then select the “rectangle”, and if you want to circle the shape with the mouse, then select the “free form”. When you have chosen what you want, press the “Create” button. When the screen changes color, you can select an area. By the way, when you start the program, it is immediately in the selection mode.

Next, a window for editing and saving the finished screenshot will appear:

There are simple drawing tools here “Pen” and “Marker”. You can erase your creativity with the eraser. You can save the result using a “floppy disk”. Scissors utility” cannot create transparent PNG-files, so it is better to save in JPEG. I will show you what transparent images are below. By the way, you can always reduce the size of the image later.

How to save a screenshot on your computer simply and beautifully

Almost all computer users sooner or later need to save the screen image to a file. Such a screenshot is called a screenshot, from English Screen Shot. a screenshot. In this article I will show you how to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer using standard methods and using simple programs, and below you can see.

Basically, this is necessary for communicating with the technical support service, or in order to help someone himself, he showed how his window of some program looks like. Sometimes, this is done just to make a new screensaver for the Desktop or for other very diverse uses.

The described methods are suitable for programs on the Desktop; to take a picture from the game, you need another program.

The easiest way to get a screenshot

Screenshooter allows you to save screenshots with a minimum of actions.

After the standard installation, we use the buttons:

  • AltShift1: whole monitor box
  • AltShift2: selected part of the screen
  • AltShift3: snapshot of the selected window
  • PrtScrn: full screen and edit panel

If you chose the 4th option, then to finish the selection of the area press Enter, cancel. Esc. A simple editor will open:

Here you can draw arrows, various shapes, add text with adjustable transparency, numbering, crop the image. Click on the “Save” button. You can click on the program icon in the system tray near the clock and work from there:

The same options for screenshots, you can also choose where to save images:

By default, the screenshot is saved to your hard drive, but it is better to set up the cloud. this is the most convenient option to share the screenshot. Let’s go to “Settings”:

We see the standard autorun options and you can also turn off the editor window after taking a screenshot. In this case, we immediately receive a ready-made link. On the Hotkeys tab, you can override the default buttons:

I think that these combinations were initially chosen for those cases when there is NO PrtScrn button on the keyboard. To share the finished screenshot, you need to set up the cloud, to choose from: Yandex Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive:

For the cloud to work, you need an account (mail) in any service. Go to your version and log in using the settings wizard.

As you can see, everything is very simple. There are both standard Windows features and various applications with their own merits. Decide which method to use. I also think it will be very interesting for you to read how to record from the screen with sound. If you liked the article, then share it with your friends on social networks.!

And now with a visual “debriefing” # 128578;
We take screenshots on a computer using standard methods