How to take a screenshot of the screen on 5 iPhone

Screenshot on the new iPhone X

iPhone X (as well as XS and XR) did not receive the Home button, which was previously always located under the device screen. As a result, many key combinations have changed in these models. In particular, the keyboard shortcut for taking screenshots has also changed.

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After pressing these keys, the screenshot will be taken and saved in the “Photos” application.

How to take a photo without using the keys

You can also take a screenshot on the iPhone without using the hardware keys. This method will be convenient for you if one of the buttons does not work for you or it is simply difficult for you to press these two buttons at the same time.

In order to take a screenshot on the iPhone without using the keys, you need to enable a function called AssistiveTouch. To do this, go to the device settings and go to the “Basic” section.

Then open the section “Universal Access”.

Next, go to the AssistiveTouch settings.

As a result, a small round button will appear on the screen, which can be moved anywhere on the screen. In order to take a screenshot without using hardware buttons, you need to click on this round button and select “Device Screenshot”. It should be noted that when taking a screenshot in this way, the AssistiveTouch menu will not be included in the frame.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone

A screenshot or screenshot is a file with a picture that completely copies the state of the device’s screen at a certain point in time. A screenshot can be taken on any Smart device. So, in previous articles we have already talked about how to take a screenshot on Android and a smartphone from Samsung. This article will also focus on the iPhone. Here’s how to take a screenshot on iPhone. The instruction will be universal and will fit most iPhone models, be it iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8 or iPhone X / XS / XR. Surely, this instruction will remain relevant even after the next generation of iPhone is released.

Screenshot on old iPhones with the Home button

The method for taking screenshots on iPhone differs depending on the model. If you are using a model that is equipped with a Home button under the screen, then in order to take a screenshot you need to simultaneously press and release two keys: the power key and the Home key.

The power button can be located either not on the top or on the side of the device. This does not change the key combination in any way, in both cases, in order to take a screenshot, you need to hold down the power and Home keys.

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The moment you release these keys, a screenshot will be taken and saved in the “Photos” application. In the future, you can work with this image as with any other image. For example, it can be sent by mail.

It should be noted that when taking a screenshot, the iPhone emits a characteristic sound similar to the sound of a triggered camera, if you take a lot of screenshots and this sound annoys you, then you can turn off the ringtone and the pictures will be created silently.

Where to find screenshots taken

After you have pressed the desired key combination and made a screenshot, it is saved in the standard “Photos” application. You can find the icon of this application on the iPhone desktop.

In order to find the previously made screen, open the “Photos” application and go to the “Albums” tab. Here in the “Screenshots” album will be stored all the screenshots that you took.

In the “Photos” application, you can send a screenshot to another application or edit it right here (the “Edit” button).

When you might need a screenshot?

First, let’s talk about why you might need a screenshot at all? Situations are different. Basically, the user, taking pictures of the contents of the screen, wants to share some information or, conversely, save it. For instance:

  • Copy the chat correspondence, which contains contact information or other information;
  • Save a result or achievement in a mobile game to show off to friends or acquaintances;
  • Create a “save” of your social network page so that you can quickly see the number of friends / subscribers or give a link to your account;
  • Take a snapshot of a web page, pictures from the Internet, postcards, photographs, stills from a movie, etc., and then set them as a screensaver on your desktop.
  • Capture the system error and then send the screen to Support.
  • As you can see, the screenshot may be needed in different situations. It remains only to find out how to take a screenshot on the fifth iPhone, including models 5s, 5se, 5c, etc.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone 5

A rather useful option, which is supported by almost any smartphone, is the ability to save information from the gadget’s screen in the form of a picture. In this article, we will analyze the question of how to take a screenshot on the iPhone 5.

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How to take a screenshot on iPhone 5 if the Lock or Home button isn’t working?

As with any device, the “apple” smartphone can fail one of the buttons, which is involved in the creation of a screenshot. What should be done in this case? A few simple steps will help you:

  • Go to the “Settings” section. From there to “Basic”. Then we select the item “Universal access”.
  • In the section “Physiology and motor skills” we find “Assistive Touch”.
  • We activate this function, that is, we transfer the toggle switch to the “On” mode. Then a semi-transparent button will appear on the screen.
  • We click on it. A menu will open, in which we select “Apparatus”, then the item “”.
  • Finally, the “Screenshot” line will be available here. As you may have guessed, you just need to click on it. All screen is done!

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone?

You can take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone in just a few seconds. over, you do not need to enter any menus and submenus, activate different modes, etc. Only two buttons are involved, and the user needs to do the following:

You need to turn on your smartphone. Suddenly, for some reason, you have it turned off. To do this, hold down the upper right button for a couple of seconds.

As soon as the device turns on, you need to select a photo or picture, a screenshot of which we will take. If you decide to just practice, you can save a screenshot of your desktop.

After selecting the image that you want to “screen”, simultaneously press the buttons “Home” (on the front panel. in the center at the very bottom under the display) and “Power” (it is also called the lock button, sleep mode, power supply, etc.). Then we immediately release them. It is not necessary to hold for a long time! It is best to press the buttons with two hands: “Power”. the one in which you hold the device, “Home”. the other.

Have you heard the characteristic sound or click that appears when photographing? And the screen seemed to be lit up by a flash? So you did everything right. The screenshot will be saved by default in the photo gallery.

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The main thing is not to hold down the buttons for too long! One second is enough. Otherwise, instead of a screenshot, the system will prompt you to restart or turn off the device. In this case, you will have to press the cancellation, and start the whole procedure again.

By the way, the described algorithm for creating screenshots is relevant for all iPhone models (in the “six” the lock button has changed its location), with the exception of the very first one. In the same way, you can take a picture of the screen on iPad or iPod.

Useful Tips

The screenshot turned out. But how to find it? Tap the “Photos” icon. It is located on the main screen. Then go to the item “Camera photo”. Your screenshot should be at the very end of the list. That is, the picture is saved in the same folder with the photos taken by the camera.

Before taking a screenshot on iPhone, make sure the battery is at least 10-15% charged. Still, the procedure for taking pictures is very energy intensive. If the battery is at a minimum, then, most likely, the smartphone will simply turn off.

Taking a screenshot on an iphone 5, 5s, se, etc., you take a picture of the entire screen. If you need to “screen” only a certain part, then it is better to use a special program or editor.

Is it possible to somehow edit the screenshot taken on the iPhone? Of course. The image is saved in png format, which allows you to crop the frame, apply highlights on it, change the color, etc. You can add various effects using the integrated photo editor or the Screenshot Maker Pro application.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to take a screenshot on a switched off iPhone. Also, the smartphone does not “screen” in some applications. For example, in the same photo editor.

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