How to take a screenshot of the screen on a Lenovo laptop

Using the keyboard

The brightness of the screen on a laptop is changed by a special key combination. One of them is a functional one, located in the bottom row of keys between Win and Ctrl and the designation Fn is applied to it. It includes additional character layout. Among them there are necessarily two keys with the designation “sun”. On one of them, the arrow or triangle is turned up, and on the other. down. Accordingly, in the first case, we increase the brightness, and in the second, we decrease it. Now, to change the brightness, do the following. We hold down the function key and, together with it, the second one, on which the “sun” and the arrow (triangle) upwards are SIMultaneously located.

How to brighten the screen on a laptop? Easy and fast

In the process of work, new owners of mobile computers often have the following question: how to make the screen on a laptop brighter? If there are no problems with this on a stationary system unit (the monitor is installed separately and it must have buttons for control), then with such devices it is not so SIMple. Within the framework of this article, the SIMplest ways to solve this problem will be presented. In most cases, they allow you to achieve the desired result. But if nothing worked, then you need to contact a specialized center for the repair of computers and laptops. Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that some component of the mobile PC is out of order and needs to be replaced.

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Energy plan

Another way to solve this problem is to change the power consumption. On a stationary computer, such a setting does not play such an important role as in this case, because it constantly works from the network. But for a laptop, this is critical. It can run on battery power, and when it goes into this mode, the minimum power plan is activated. One of its components is a decrease in screen brightness. To change the mode, perform the following manipulations. We go to “Start”, then select “Control Panel”. In it you need to find “Power Supply”. A window with a list of available modes will open. We select the mode in them, which is called “With maximum performance”. After that, the brightness should immediately increase. This is another option for how to brighten the screen on a laptop.

Video card drivers

Now let’s figure out how to brighten the screen on a laptop using drivers for a video card. Open the control panel for the graphics adapter by double-clicking the right mouse button on the right side of the taskbar on its logo. This could be a black and blue screen for Intel, a green icon for Nvidia, or a red label for AMD. Let us dwell on the first of them, since they can be found most often at the moment. For other manufacturers, the procedure is SIMilar. If we don’t find something, look at the documentation. After a double click, a menu will open. In it we select “Graphic characteristics”. Next, go to the “Display” section and find the item “Improving the quality of color” in it. The Brightness slider appears on the right. By changing its position, we achieve the desired result. In the event that there is no such panel, then you need to install the driver from the disk that came with the laptop. Another option where such software can be found is the official website of the graphics adapter manufacturer. In addition, the video card drivers allow more flexible PC settings. For example, using them you can reduce the resolution of the laptop screen or change its orientation.

Extreme case

Have all the recommendations outlined earlier been followed, and the screen brightness on the laptop remains unchanged? In this case, you will have to contact the service center. As practice shows, most likely, something broke at the hardware level. This is especially true when the screen goes dark for no apparent reason. That is, nothing was installed, the settings were not adjusted. The reason can be anything: the train is frayed, the contact has moved away, or something else. In any case, finding the cause of the malfunction and fixing it at home is almost impossible. Therefore, you will have to contact the service center for help.

Let’s sum up

This article provides a step-by-step answer on how to brighten the screen on a laptop. First, we use the keyboard shortcut. In most cases, this is a solution to the issue. Then we check for all the drivers on the PC and adjust the settings of this program for the graphics adapter. Another place where the answer to this question may be hiding is in the energy saving plan, which can be changed in the “Control Panel”. If everything is done, but the result is not achieved, then you need to contact the service center for help.

Mac OS system

Apple does not use the “Print Screen” button in its Mac OS system, which may be on a computer or laptop, so other keyboard shortcuts work there:

  • cmd (⌘) shift 3. takes a screenshot of the entire computer screen, and places it on the desktop;
  • cmd (⌘) shift 4. takes a screenshot of the selected area of ​​the screen and places it on the desktop;
  • cmd (⌘) shift 3 space. takes a snapshot of the selected working window and places it on the desktop.

To save the screenshot to the clipboard, you need to use the Ctrl key with the given keys.

Screenshot software

If you often use screenshots, then you can use special programs to create a screenshot of the screen.

You can install an add-on in the browser and when you click on the icon of this add-on in the browser menu, you will be prompted to select an area in the window to save. Further, the add-on will offer you options for saving the window screen. But their action is limited to the browser.

But if you need a screenshot of the entire screen, then you can use the programs that are installed on the computer and work like any installed utility. With their help, you will save both the browser window and the entire screen at will.

Such programs provide much more functionality for working with screens than the tools built into the system. For example, you can take several pictures in a row, upload a screenshot to the program server and get a link to it for use on the Internet, etc.

Programs for creating screenshots that are popular today can be downloaded from the following resources:

Screenshot on Windows laptop

This button still has the inscription “Sys Rq”, but this function is currently not used. So the “Print Screen / Sys Rq” button will only take screenshots.

So, let’s take a look at the points of what to do to get a screenshot of the laptop or computer screen:

1) Press the “Print Screen” button (may have PrntScrn, PrtScn, PrtScr or PrtSc). it is located at the top right, in the same row with the keys “F1-F12”.

When pressed, a screenshot is taken and placed in the “clipboard” memory area. In this case, you will not notice anything, there will be no messages about this on the screen.

If you want to keep only the image of the active working window. and not the entire desktop, then press the “AltPrint Screen” combination (means SIMultaneous pressing, pressing Alt and without releasing, press Print Screen).

2) Now that the screenshot is in the clipboard, you need to send it to the image processing program.

Windows always has the popular paint editor. It can be found under this path Start ⇒ All programs ⇒ Accessories ⇒ Paint.

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Opening Paint, click the “Paste” button in the menu, or the CtrlV key combination, or click “Paste” in the context menu. A screenshot of the laptop screen should be displayed in the editor window.

When the screenshot image is already inserted into Paint, you can edit the image using the program itself. That is, cut out the desired area, write text, change color settings, etc. Also, instead of Paint, you can use any other installed graphics editor, such as Photoshop or another.

After processing, you can save the screen capture to your computer. To do this, click the “File” menu item and select “Save As” there, in Paint you can click the icon, as shown in the figure.

And then select “save as” and select the desired format for the saved image. Usually choose the format png or jpeg. A picture in jpeg format takes up less space on the computer, less KB (kilobyte). This is not critical for a computer, but if you send a picture via the Internet, then the size is very important, the smaller the better.

If you have Windows 8, then you can find Paint to save the screenshot through the search. Move your mouse to the upper right corner and open “Search”, enter the name of the desired program in the search bar and everything is found. You can also right-click on an empty screen and all applications will open, here we are looking for.

How to take a screenshot of a laptop screen if you have Windows 10? As above, it is written for the seven, and Paint is located here, as in species 7. You can find the start button in applications through the menu, or you can call the “search” and find by the name of the program.

3) Another method to take a screenshot of the laptop screen with Windows 7.

Scissors Tool in Windows 7. Find this program here Start ⇒ All Programs ⇒ Accessories ⇒ Scissors.

Click on the “create” menu and after that a menu with a choice of the shape of the saved image will become available. You choose what you want.

After that you can process the image, the available tools are visible in the menu. Everything is intuitive there, with the help of the “Marker” you make selections of the desired area in the image, and with the help of the “Pen” you make notes on the screenshot.

After that, either save the screen or send it by mail directly from the program.

How to make a screenshot on a laptop

You can take a screenshot on a laptop or computer using both the operating system installed on the laptop and third-party programs that you can install at will.

What is a screenshot

A screenshot is a screenshot of a laptop or computer monitor.

The picture will be the image that was on the screen at the time of pressing the capture button.

This is sometimes necessary when you need to fix some frame on the video, an error message pops up and you need to shoot this error, you need to fix some event in the game, etc.

Screenshot program “Scissors

Windows 10 has a standard Scissors program that allows you to easily create screenshots of areas of the screen (or the entire screen), including with a delay, edit them and save them in the desired format.

To launch the Scissors application, find it in the All Programs list, or more SIMply, start typing the application name in the search.

After launch, you have the following options:

  • By clicking on the arrow in the “Create” item, you can choose what kind of picture you want to take. free-form, rectangle, full screen.
  • In the “Delay” item, you can set the delay of the screenshot for a few seconds.

After the snapshot is created, a window with this screenshot will open, to which you can add certain annotations using a pen and a marker, erase any information and, of course, save (in the file-save as menu) as an image file required format (PNG, GIF, JPG).

How to take a screenshot in Windows 10

Even if you know perfectly well how screenshots are taken, I am almost sure that in this article you will find some new ways for you to take a screenshot in Windows 10, and without using third-party programs: only by the means offered by Microsoft.

For beginners: a screenshot of the screen or its area can be useful if you need someone to demonstrate something depicted on it. It is an image (snapshot) that you can save on your disk, send by email to social networks, use in documents, etc.

Note: to take a screenshot on a Windows 10 tablet without a physical keyboard, you can use the Win key combination volume down button.

Print Screen key and combinations with its participation

The first way to take a screenshot of the desktop or program window in Windows 10 is to use the Print Screen key, which on a computer or laptop keyboard is usually located in the upper right part and may have an abbreviated version of the signature, for example, PrtScn.

When you press it, a screenshot of the entire screen is placed in the clipboard (i.e. in memory), which you can then paste using the standard CtrlV key combination (or the menu of any program Edit. Paste) into a Word document, as an image into a graphics editor Paint for later saving the picture and in almost any other programs that support working with images.

If you use the Alt Print Screen key combination, then the clipboard will not capture the entire screen, but only the active program window.

And the last option: if you do not want to deal with the clipboard, but want to take a screenshot immediately as an image, then in Windows 10 you can use the Win key combination (key with the OS logo) Print Screen. After clicking it, the screenshot will be immediately saved to the Pictures folder. Screenshots.

A new way to take a screenshot in Windows 10

Windows 10 Update 1703 (April 2017) introduced an additional way to take a screenshot. the WinShiftS keyboard shortcut. When you press these keys, the screen is shaded, the mouse pointer changes to a “cross” and with the help of it, holding the left mouse button, you can select any rectangular area of ​​the screen, a screenshot of which you want to take.

And in Windows 10 1809 (October 2018), this method has been even more updated and now is a Snip & Sketch tool that allows you to create, among other things, screenshots of an arbitrary area of ​​the screen and perform SIMple editing. Read more about this method in the instructions: How to use a snippet to take screenshots of Windows 10.

After the mouse button is released, the selected area of ​​the screen is placed on the clipboard and can be inserted in a graphical editor or in a document.

Game bar Win G

In Windows 10, when you press the Win G key combination in full-screen applications, the game bar opens, allowing you to record a screen video, and, if necessary, take a screenshot using the appropriate button on it or a key combination (by default, Win Alt Print Screen).

If such a panel does not open for you, check the settings of the standard XBOX application, this function is controlled there, plus it may not work if your video card is not supported or drivers are not installed for it.

Microsoft Snip Editor

About a month ago, as part of its Microsoft Garage project, the company introduced a new free program for working with screenshots in the latest versions of Windows. Snip Editor.

In terms of functionality, the program is SIMilar to the Scissors mentioned above, but it adds the ability to create audio annotations to screenshots, intercepts the Print Screen key press in the system, automatically starting the creation of a screenshot of the screen area and SIMply has, perhaps, a more pleasant interface (by the way, to a greater extent suitable for touch devices than the interface of other SIMilar programs, in my opinion).

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At the moment, Microsoft Snip has only an English-language version of the interface, but if you are interested in trying something new and interesting (and also if you have a tablet with Windows 10), I recommend it. You can download the program on the official page (update 2018: no longer available, now everything is the same in Windows 10 using the WinShiftS keys)

In this article, I did not mention many third-party programs that also allow you to take screenshots and at the same time have advanced functions (Snagit, Greenshot, Snippy, Jing, and many others). Perhaps I will write about this in a separate article. On the other hand, you can already look at the software just mentioned (I tried to mark the best representatives).

How to take a screenshot on a laptop

A screenshot is a snapshot / photo (call it what you want) of your laptop screen. precisely, for dummies. a screen is a duplicate of what you see in front of you at the time of its creation. Everything exactly, down to a single pixel.

Why take a screenshot? For example, show the correspondence, and everything else. I will use them for you to illustrate. Where, where to press, what should be displayed, etc. This is a very convenient option that you will definitely need more than once.

How to take a screenshot of an open window

In the case above, we learned how to take a screenshot of the entire screen, and now let’s learn about the new, standard OS function “screenshot of an open window”. There is an open window, I will enter your work area. Those. it will not include the taskbar with the time, the desktop background (if any), etc. To take a screenshot of the window, press the PrtScAlt key combination. See for example

How to make a screenshot on a laptop

Basically, a laptop or a computer does not matter, as does the model: Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, and so on. Everywhere, and in all versions of windows operating systems, you can take a screenshot using the “Print Screen” key. Do not be discouraged if you do not have a print screen on your laptop, it just has a different name. PrtSc and you can find this button in the upper right corner. For an illustrative example, I give you 2 photos with keyboards, on which an arrow for the button you need.

After you pressed the PrtSc key, the screenshot was taken, but it is stored in the clipboard for now. If you reboot the laptop, a buffer demand will occur and your snapshot will be lost.

How to save a screenshot on a laptop

In fact, it is very SIMple and can be done in a million ways, the most basic and at the same time SIMple we will now consider.

  • Open the standard windows xp, 7, 8, 10 application “paint”. You can find it in the start menu. all programs are standard. Paint. Then press “CtrlV”. Now save your screenshot with the CtrlS keyboard shortcut.
  • Do everything the same as in the first case, only with any other graphic editor.
  • Open a chat on a social network, for example, VK and in the input field, press CtrlV i.e. insert.

How to take a screenshot of a part of the screen

Congratulations, you’re in luck today. And then there is no program to download, there is no need to install. The thing is that your laptop already has a standard program called “scissors”.

To open it, go to the start menu. all programs. standard. scissors.

We open them and you don’t need to click anything else. You can already use the cursor to select the area you need for the screen. Just select an area of ​​the screen and release the mouse. After that, click in the top menu “file” and select save.

A very large article turned out for just one, SIMple button, but now you can create 3 types of screenshots using windows and save them. To better asSIMilate the information from the most gifted teapots (no offense), I suggest looking


Fast, high-quality and handy screenshot with interesting and necessary functions. There is a built-in and online editor, the resulting images can be immediately and easily shared. A really high quality and handy tool that makes it much easier to work with screenshots.


  • The image is uploaded to the service, and the user receives a public link that he can share with whoever he wants
  • Search by SIMilar images
  • Convenient to use
  • Is universal
  • Editor

How to take a screenshot on a laptop

Screen Capture

A very popular and effective utility with many functions, it is especially convenient that there is a search history for the created images. You can view them anywhere from the cloud storage and immediately share with friends.


  • Snapshot history
  • Embedded in the context menu
  • Easy to manage
  • There is a nice built-in editor
  • Saving to cloud storage
  • You can add text to the picture


An easy-to-use and functional utility that allows you to create screenshots in one click, process them and share with friends on social networks. Great and efficient software that doesn’t take up much space on your laptop.


  • Support for keyboard shortcuts for control
  • Sharing functions in social. networks
  • Image editing
  • Support for popular image formats
  • Launch at system startup
  • Compression function

Print Screen button on keyboard

Almost any keyboard on laptops has a special button. Print Screen, by clicking on which a screenshot will be taken. It is located at the top right of the panel with buttons F2-F12. It says: “Print Screen” or the same phrase, but already in an abbreviated form: “Prt Scr”, “Prnt Scrn” or SIMilar.

Important! Often you need to press it with another key. Fn, moreover, it is this key that is pressed first, and only then the print screen. If you need to take images only from the currently active window, you must also press the ALT key. On some laptop models, pressing Fn is optional. Remember these combinations:

  • FN Print Screen. captures the entire area
  • FN ALT Print Screen. captures only the currently active window with its current size
  • WIN Print Screen. the image will be immediately created in the “Images” section, in the “Screenshots” folder, in PNG format

If you have Windows 10, then press the “WIN Print Screen” key at once, the screenshot will be immediately saved in PNG format along the path: “Images”. “Screenshots”. You can open this folder in Explorer. press the “WIN E” keys at once and go to it in the left column.

If you want to further edit the image and save the image in a different format, for example, in JPG, then:

Press the Fn and Print Screen keys on the keyboard at the same time, the screenshot will be taken and go to the clipboard. You need to save it to an image file.

Press the WIN key on your keyboard to open the Start Menu and immediately start typing the word “PAINT”. From the match list, open the appropriate program. You can also use any other graphics editor.

In the program, press the “CTRL V” button at once, the picture will be inserted. Next, in the menu, click on “File”. “Save As”, specify the file type, preferably JPG and specify the directory to save, or just click on the floppy disk icon. If desired, you can edit the image before saving.

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Important! If you do not have the Print Screen key on your keyboard or it is broken, then skip to the next chapters, there are described how to do it without using it.

Windows 10 and 7. Scissors tool

The tool works much the same as the previous one and should be used on Windows 7 or 10 if it doesn’t work.

Open the START menu and start typing. “Scissors, open the application from the list of suggestions”.

Select a mode in the appropriate box and take a picture. To save it, click on “File”. “Save As” and specify the directory. Also here you can select the file type, better specify. JPG.

Windows 10 Features. Snapshot Sketch

How do I take a screenshot on a laptop? Windows 10 has a built-in functional utility for taking screenshots, which allows you to take not only screenshots of the entire screen or active window, but also of a certain shape.

Open the START menu and start typing. “Sketch on a fragment”, open the corresponding application from the list of proposed.

To take a screenshot, click on the “Create” button, a window with four options for images will open:

  • Rectangular shape
  • Free form
  • Active window. you need to click on it to select
  • Full screen

After selecting the option, you can immediately save the resulting result by clicking on the button with the floppy disk, indicating the file type and selecting the desired directory. Also in this window, you can immediately edit the image a little: add explanations, crop, use handwriting.

Interesting! You do not need to open this application, but SIMply press “WIN SHIFT S” on the keyboard to open a window with options for creating snapshots. And then just save them in any graphics editor by analogy with the Print Screen key from the first chapter.

How to make a screenshot of the screen on a laptop. programs

In some cases, it is more convenient to use special utilities. screenshots, which can automatically create screenshots on a laptop and save them. Consider three of them.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop: all ways

It is really easy to take a screenshot on a laptop, both using a special key on the keyboard. Print Screen, and the capabilities of the Windows operating system.

In this material, we will consider in detail all the ways to create them, and you will learn how to make a print screen on a laptop quickly and most importantly SIMply.

From a previous post, you might have learned what to do if the flash drive is not formatted. Now we will consider in detail and with examples how to take a screenshot on a laptop windows 10, 7 and earlier versions of this OS.

Interesting! The instruction is universal and is suitable for laptops of various models. So you can take a screenshot on laptops: Lenovo, ASUS, HP, Toshiba, Acer and other brands.

Reviews, firmware, repair of smartphones, laptops and tablets Lenovo

Screen creation options on a tablet

It is also easy to create a picture on a tablet with several options, among which there are quite SIMple solutions:

  • This method is SIMilar to the telephone option. You should press two buttons at the same time: “Disable” and “Volume”. When you hear the sound accompanying the shooting process, then everything went well.
  • Let’s look at how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo tablet using special programs. The functionality that allows you to make a screen is available in the applications available in the “PlayMarket”. Screenshot is a well-established program that allows device owners to make a screen with just one touch.

In this case, the user can independently edit it and choose in which file to save the picture.

  • You can create a screenshot on Lenovo using Quick Launch. On the panel that opens, slide your finger across the screen from top to bottom, and find the desired function (screenshot).

One of the suggested methods will definitely fit the user’s model.

Reviews, firmware, repair of Lenovo smartphones, laptops and tablets. How to take a screenshot on Lenovo: screenshot. Options for creating a screen on the telephone

There are different ways that you can make a screen on your phone. They depend on the device firmware. Therefore, we will consider several options:

  • In some models of devices in the pop-up menu there is a special button, by clicking on it, you get a screen that will be saved in the desired folder.
  • Taking a screenshot using the button to turn off the mobile device. Press the button designed to turn off the device. Immediately after this, a new menu appears in which you can see an icon called “Screenshot”.

Not all models have such an icon, which means you need to use another option.

  • Let’s consider how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo smartphone by SIMultaneously pressing two buttons: “Power off” and “Volume down”. After doing this SIMple step, you will get a screenshot. To find it, follow the following steps: go to “SD-card” → “Pictures” → “Screenshots”.

Some users ask how to take a screenshot on Lenovo phone in a different way and if it is possible. Yes, there is such a possibility. To do this, you need to use UC Browser, a program that some Lenovo models are equipped with. You need to open it and do sequential actions: Menu → Tools → Screenshots. If your phone does not have this program, you can easily download it to your device.

Options for creating a screenshot on a laptop

On a laptop from Lenovo, making a screen is quite SIMple. There are two ways to do this. Let’s take a look at how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop as the first one. You can create a snapshot using the PrintScreen key, which is specially designed for this purpose, located in the top row of the input device. Just click on it.

Then you should open Paint graphic editor. Paint, press CTRLV. All. the image will be inserted into the work area. Next, you need to save it in the required format.

  • How to take a screenshot on Lenovo on a laptop using special software. some owners of mobile devices do not know. To do this, there are various applications that allow you to create a screen on the device in a matter of seconds and send it to the desired folder. Download the appropriate program to the laptop, such as LightShot or Clip2Net and start using it.

Having considered these methods, device owners will get acquainted and learn how to make a print screen on Lenovo or how to take a screenshot on Lenovo.

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