How to take a screenshot of the screen on a windows computer

How to take a screenshot on a computer

The easiest and fastest way to do it is to use a special key. Print Screen (translation. screenshot). It is usually located at the top right of the keyboard on both a computer and a laptop. The inscription can also be written in abbreviated form. Prnt Scrn.

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After doing the steps above, open any program for working with images (paint), install courses in it and press the keyboard shortcut CtrlV (paste). The image will appear in the program. Then you need to save it, and then use it.

By the way, you can press the Print Screen key and immediately upload (Ctrl V) images to social networks (for example, in a contact), without the need to use an editor. Below is a demonstration of how this happens on a social network in contact.

System utility scissors

This utility is designed specifically for creating screenshots of certain areas of the screen. It appeared with the Windows 7 version and is present in newer ones. Go to the start menu and find it. Or go to Start Programs Accessories.

After launch, you need to select an area on the screen and save the resulting result.

This method will avoid installing third-party software.

How to take a screenshot on a laptop and computer with Windows 7

Very often you need to show a screenshot to your interlocutor, friend or work colleague. It is usually called a screenshot. this is an image (snapshot) taken from the screen at a certain period of time. In this article, I will demonstrate how to take a screenshot on a computer or laptop with Windows 7, 8 or other installed. The actions are identical for everyone.

Usually, you need to take a screenshot when:

  • I would like to share a beautiful moment from a computer game.
  • To create instructions for working with any application or program.
  • Some kind of malfunction has occurred and it must be demonstrated to a specialist so that he can help.

Now how to do it.

Screenshot of a separate Windows window

There are situations when it is necessary to capture not the entire computer screen, but only a separate window. In this case, no third-party programs are required. Now you just need to do it a little differently:

  • Select (make it active, in the foreground) the window you want to capture.
  • Press Alt Print Screen shortcut.
  • Paste the resulting image in a graphics editor or anywhere else.

A very convenient and SIMple solution for creating a screenshot of the desired window.

Taking screenshots with a third-party program

The free screencapture program provides more advanced screen capture capabilities. Its functionality:

  • Uploading images directly to the online storage.
  • Save anywhere on your computer.
  • Built-in editor.
  • Customizing the keys for taking a screenshot.

Download it and install it. After starting, the settings window will appear on the right where you can:

  • Select image quality.
  • Where to save.
  • Format.
  • Snapshot history.

And other settings. Perfect for those who don’t have enough standard tools for taking a screenshot in Windows.

There are a lot of SIMilar programs. There are both paid and free. I liked this one the most. You need to choose based on your own tasks. Additionally, you can watch a video example.

I hope you have no questions left about taking a screenshot. If, what. always ready to answer in the comments. service

Go to

In the Snapito field, enter the URL of the site you want to screen. Click on the “Snap” button.

Save the screenshot by right-clicking on the image and selecting “Save Image As”.

Can be on the image. To do this, click on the “Copy” button and the address will be copied to the clipboard.


  • Snapshot of both the entire screen and the selected area.
  • Capability to capture video from the screen and WEB-camera.
  • Ability to save both to a computer and to cloud services.
  • Excellent image editor with all the necessary tools.
  • The ability to take screenshots in games.
  • Customizable shortcut keys.
  • The ability to record video from the screen.
  • The application runs on an OS not lower than Windows 8.1
  • Small functionality when editing video.

How to take a screenshot

In this tutorial, I will show you how to take a screenshot of your computer screen. We will learn how to make screenshots using standard Windows tools and special programs.

Screenshot Captor

  • Built-in editor with great functionality.
  • It is possible to capture from a WEB-camera.
  • The ability to download an image from a scanner.
  • High image quality.
  • Brightness settings.
  • Large selection of editing tools.
  • Screenshot compression option.
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Cons: no Russian language support.

Screen Shooter

  • Snapshot of both the entire screen and the selected area.
  • Excellent functionality for editing screenshots.
  • Ability to save both to a computer and to cloud services.
  • Works with any version of Windows.
  • Convenient editor.
  • Ease of use and low CPU usage.

Through Paint

Press once on the Print Screen key on the keyboard.

If you have a laptop, then you need to press the Fn and Print Screen keys combination. first one key, then, without releasing it, another.

We click on the Start button and from the list select Standard. Paint.

Or in the search bar, type “paint” without quotes and open the program.

In the program window, click the “Insert” button.

Immediately after that, a screen photo will be added inside. The picture will be taken at the moment when you pressed the Print Screen key.

Cut off the excess through “Select” and “Crop” at the top.

First, click on “Select”.

Then press the left mouse button and, without releasing it, outline the part that you want to leave. After that click on “Trim”.

If you cannot circle the first time, click outside the selected area once with the left mouse button. the selection will be reset.

Save the image to your computer. To do this, click on the save icon at the top of the program or File. Save.

A file save window appears. First, you need to select the place on the computer where we want to record the screenshot.

Then you need to change the name of the picture and select the format. To do this, click on the “File name” field at the bottom and type there a new name for the screenshot. Select PNG or JPG in the format field. Then click “Save”.

That’s all! The resulting snapshot is now recorded at the specified location (point 5). If you selected Desktop, then you need to look for it on the computer screen.

On a note. Thus, we photograph the entire computer screen. But if you need to take a snapshot of only one window, then you need to press not Print Screen, but the Alt Print Screen key combination. On Notebook: Fn Alt Print Screen.

Free software for creating screenshots


Go to the site

In the “Create” field, enter the URL of the site from which you want to take a picture. Click on the “Create” button.

Click on a thumbnail and a larger image will open. Right-click on it and select “Save Image As”.

You can share the captured snapshot. To do this, copy the link to it from the “Screenshot address” field.


  • Screen recording (available only in Pro version)
  • Convenient editing panel.
  • The ability to save a screenshot both to a computer and to social networks and to a cloud service.
  • Sufficient functionality to work in the free version.
  • There are versions of the application for the browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • Registration required to get started.
  • Video recording is available in the paid Pro version.
  • Uploading files to your servers is available in the paid Pro version.

LightShot settings

Before we begin to analyze the work with the program, let’s make and see the program settings. Right-click on the program icon located on the taskbar, select Settings.

The program settings are few, but divided into four tabs:

  • basic;
  • Hotkeys;
  • formats;
  • proxy.

In the Basic menu, you can configure, for example, saving the cursor to a screenshot, as well as hide or show notifications about copying and saving.

The Hotkeys item, the main key for creating screenshots, you can assign any, for example, the same Print Screen key, but I assign another one. Pause, since I use Print Screen by default.

In the Formats section, you need to select the format of the loaded image. Choose from PNG and JPG.

Proxy tab, allows you to use and configure proxy servers.

Screenshot app

Another standard Windows 10 app is Snapshot. This app is SIMilar to the Scissors app, only improved and redesigned.

In the search, enter the name of the application and open it.

The application is quite SIMple, one button Create is immediately active.

The following options are available:

  • create a fragment now;
  • create a fragment in 3 seconds;
  • create snippet after 10 seconds.

Choose the appropriate option and click it.

After clicking, the screen darkens and we need to select a screenshot option.

  • Rectangle. the selection area will be rectangular.
  • Freeform. draw the shape yourself for the future screenshot.
  • Window. you need to select a window and a screenshot will be created.
  • Entire screen. screenshot of the entire screen.
  • Close. cancel the screen.

Having selected the desired element, we take a screenshot and automatically return to the editor, where we can make changes, for example, draw or write text.

  • handwriting input;
  • a pen;
  • pencil;
  • marker;
  • eraser;
  • ruler and protractor. you can change the inclination of the ruler and the size of the protractor with the mouse wheel;
  • crop. you can crop unnecessary image details;
  • save as. save the finished result;
  • copy. copy the screen to the clipboard;
  • share. share the screenshot to social networks or other applications;
  • more details. here are the application settings, you can open the screenshot using another program, print it, see tips and tips for the program.
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In the parameters of the Sketch on a screen fragment, you can assign the opening of this utility by pressing the Print Screen button or leave the default combination ShiftWindowsS.

You can also assign the opening of the Sketch on a fragment of the screen to the Print Screen key through the Options. Accessibility. Keyboard menu.

For quick work in the program there are “hot” keys.

SIMple and convenient application that does not require additional installation and configuration.

MacOS standard application

Using standard tools, you can take a screenshot on a Mac. To do this, press the Shift Command (⌘) 5 key combination (for macOS Mojave).

With this keyboard shortcut, you can take various screenshots, as well as record a video.

For other versions of macOs, a screenshot of the entire screen is Shift Command (⌘) 3, and windows is Shift Command (⌘) 4.

  • Full screen capture.
  • Window shot.
  • Snapshot of selected area.
  • Screen recording.
  • Selected area recording.
  • Options.
  • Snapshot.

You can take a screenshot of the Touch Bar with Shift Command (⌘) 6.

There are programs that are several times more convenient and SIMpler than standard Windows and MacOS applications.

Full screen screenshot

Place the necessary windows on the desktop, then on the keyboard we find the Print Screen key, press it. Done, but not yet visible, as it is temporarily on the clipboard.

Joxi program settings

Before getting started, you need to study the program settings. Here are a few of them:

  • Storage. you can store up to 1 GB of images for free.
  • Settings. select image quality, additional options, select language.
  • Hotkeys. the main ones can be changed, the auxiliary and social ones. no.

Print Screen key

A very popular way, especially since all programs for this are immediately installed in any version of the Windows operating system.

Word document and PowerPoint presentation

There are times when there is no need to save the screen in a separate file, but you need to immediately place it in the presentation or document, for this we also select the object for the screen, press the Print Screen key, open the presentation or document and call the context menu anywhere (right-click) and select Paste.

Further, with the built-in functions of the presentation or document, you can modify the screenshot.

SIMilarly, screenshots can be used in any SIMilar programs.

How to take a screenshot on a computer

Hello, today I will show you several ways to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer or laptop. We will also talk about creating screenshots on different operating systems, in a standard way and using various programs.

Graphic editor Paint

If you need to get a screenshot in the form of a file with the extension.jpg, then it is better to use the graphic editor Paint. It is also present on all Windows versions by default.

Made a screenshot of the screen, open Paint.

Click the Insert button and then Insert again.

Then the File menu, select the Save As item and then click on the desired image format. The following are available:.png.jpeg.bmp.gif.

Next, specify the file name, save location and click the Save button.

All the screen will be saved and you can continue to work with it.

Using the Print Screen Key

The Print Screen key (PrtSc or SIMilar name) is located on the top row of keyboard buttons. Pressing PrtSc will allow you to screen the entire computer screen, while the Png format image will fit into the clipboard and will have a size equal to your screen resolution. You can take a photo of the active window using Alt PrtSc.

Note: on laptops, you may need to press Ctrl PrtSc or Fn PrtSc to take a full screen shot, or Alt Fn PrtSc to capture the active window.

To work with a screenshot, you need to paste it (Ctrl V) into a tool for working with images (Paint, Adobe Photoshop), or into other applications (for example, Microsoft Office). To edit and save the image, open a graphics editor, for example, standard Paint.

Enter in the search for any version of Windows “paint” (without quotes), then start the editor. To insert a screen photo, use the Ctrl V key combination or the “paste” application button.

Paint has basic editing tools that you can quickly figure out. For screenshots, cropping, colored strokes, and text are often used. Edit the image, then click the menu button, move the mouse pointer over “save as”, then select one of the image formats: Png, Jpeg, Gif, Bmp. Jpeg is suitable for most purposes. You can also click the save icon or Ctrl S.

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Specify the folder to save the screenshot and write a name. Here you can also set the file type. Then click the “save” button and the image will appear in the required format in your directory.

You can take a screenshot of the screen on a computer in Windows 8, 10 as a file. Press the Windows PrtSc key and the Png file is immediately saved with the name “screenshot (number)”. To find the screenshot in Windows Explorer on the left, select “Pictures”, go to the “Screenshots” folder.

Note: on laptops, you may need to press the Windows Ctrl PrtSc or Windows Fn PrtSc buttons to capture the display.

Scissors tool

There is another tool that allows you to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer in Windows 7, 8, 10. The scissors tool was first introduced in Windows Vista, and has not undergone major changes and additions in subsequent versions of the OS. Unlike using Print Screen, the “scissors” application allows you to screen an arbitrary or rectangular area and save it in a format of your choice.

In the Windows search, enter “scissors” (without quotes), then run the application. In the small window, click “cancel” and prepare the screenshot area. If necessary, go to the “parameters” make the necessary settings, here you can easily figure it out. Next, next to the “create” button, click on the arrow to select the type of screenshot, here are available:

  • Free form. allows you to select a fragment of any form with the mouse pointer for later saving.
  • Rectangle. Crop any rectangular area selected by the computer mouse cursor.
  • Window. captures the specified active window.
  • Entire screen. a photo of the entire display area.

Note: Windows 10 introduced a “pause” button that allows you to delay 1-5 seconds for capturing pop-up OS elements.

After choosing the type, click the “create” button and, depending on the actions, select the area, click on the window. The scissors app will display the screenshot in its window. On the resulting image, you can draw with a pen or a marker, the selected colors and shapes, as well as erase drawn strokes.

You just have to click the floppy disk icon to save. Specify the folder and name for the saved file, and also select the file format: Png, Gif, Jpeg. Click the “save” button and look for the file in the selected folder.

how to take a picture of a computer screen on Windows 7, 8, 10

In the previous article, we considered recording video from a screen with sound, now let’s see how to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer in Windows 7, 8, 10. Screenshot is a photograph of the elements displayed on a PC monitor, laptop display and other devices.

A photo of the screen is taken in order to capture interesting moments, to visually show fragments of difficult-to-explain situations and much more. Windows has all the tools you need to take a screenshot, but nevertheless, many third-party programs have been developed that extend the capabilities.

Screenshot software

Programs are needed to expand or speed up the process of creating a screen photo. With the help of programs, it is possible to get an image and edit it in one place. Many paid and free applications have been created in this direction. In order to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer, you do not need to buy the program, because you can use the free options.

  • LightShot
  • Screenshot Creator
  • Qip Shot
  • ScreenHunter
  • Many other

Let’s take a closer look at LightShot as an example. Download the program here, then unpack the archive and install it.

A pen icon will appear in the computer tray, left-click on it or the Print Screen key, after which the screen will darken. To screen the entire screen, press Ctrl A or select the desired area with the mouse cursor.

Apply the necessary tools: pencil, line, arrow, marker, rectangular selection, text, color picker. To remove the applied elements, click on the return arrow (Ctrl Z).

After converting the screenshot, click on the floppy disk icon (Ctrl S) to save the image to your computer. Specify the file format (Png, Jpeg, Bmp) and folder, write the name and click “save”.

Note: when you press Shift Print Screen, a screenshot of the entire screen is saved immediately in Png format to the folder that you specified using the method above. In the LightShot settings, you can set your own hotkeys.

As you can see, it is quite possible to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer in Windows 7, 8, 10 using standard OS tools. If you often take photographs of the display, then I advise you to use a third-party program with advanced features.