How to take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone 6

Screen. this is.

But before taking a screen on the “iPhone 6 S”, you need to understand what we are dealing with. What is called a screenshot?

Translating the word from English, we find out that screenshot. this is a screenshot. It really is. We can say that the studied concept is used to describe a photograph taken from the display of a mobile device or computer.

How to make a screenshot on “iPhone 6”? We will try to find the answer to this question further. This is far from the most difficult task, the solution of which can be realized in several ways.

Before capturing an image

How to make a screenshot on “iPhone 6”? We have almost completely figured out this issue. It remains to understand how to act in this or that case. But first, let’s get acquainted with the standard means of “apple” products, which may come in handy along the way.

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  • Power button. It is usually located on the top of the device. Responsible for turning the device on and off. If the phone is locked, it can be used to turn on the backlight.
  • Home button. It’s a large, round, white button. It is placed at the bottom of the smartphone, right below the screen. Home is available for all iPhone models, it is impossible to confuse it with other elements.

Perhaps this will be enough for the implementation of the task. Now you can take screenshots of your mobile phone.

How to take screenshots on “iPhone 6”: best tips and tricks

How to make a screenshot on “iPhone 6”? A similar question arises from many modern users. After all, this operation is extremely useful. Below we will look at the possible steps to take so-called screenshots on the iPhone. Everyone, even a preschooler, can cope with the task.!

Algorithm of actions

So how do you take screenshots on “iPhone 6”? In the same way as on any other “apple” phone. The algorithm of actions will be extremely simple and straightforward. In just a few seconds, the user will be able to cope with the task.

How exactly? The instruction for capturing an image from the screen of an “apple” mobile phone will look like this:

  • Open what you want on your device.
  • Click on the “Home” button.
  • While holding Home, hold down the phone off key.
  • Keep controls pressed until they click.

Done! Now it is clear how to make a screen on the “iPhone 6”. This instruction will work for all iPhone models.

Important: when capturing an image, you must click on the listed controls at the same time. Otherwise, the task will not be realized. Instead of a screenshot, either the power off menu will appear, or the main settings of the device will open.


We’ve figured out how to take screenshots on iPhone 6. You can cope with the task with the help of third-party applications. For example, Screenshot. You can find suitable software in the AppStore.

  • Login to the program.
  • Open the desired page on the phone.
  • Click on the button responsible for capturing the image. This refers to the control in the program.

It is done. Now everyone can cope with the creation of screenshots. This is a fairly simple operation.

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Snapshot creation methods

How to make a screen on the “iPhone 6 Plus” and not only? As we said, there are several solutions to this technique.

  • capturing pictures by regular means;
  • use of additional software for the phone.

Most often, users are interested in the first option. But working with additional programs does not cause any hassle.

We have dealt with the creation of screenshots on the iPhone. Where to choose?

The majority of users prefer to create screenshots of the phone using standard means. This technique works flawlessly in all iOS. It is safe and extremely simple.

If you want to capture a picture from the screen, and then use a unique editor, it is better to give preference to specialized applications for iPhones. They usually have additional useful features.

How to make a screen if the “Power” button does not work?

You can make a screen on the iPhone without using mechanical keys. for this you need to use the “Assistive Touch” function (which many users, alas, do not even know about). Proceed like this:

On the device, go to “Settings”. “General”. “Accessibility” and in the block “Physiology and motor skills” find “Assistive Touch”.

Activate the toggle switch opposite “Assistive Touch”, and you will see that a transparent round button appears on the screen.

Click on the transparent button. the following menu will appear:

Select “Machine”, and in the next submenu. “”, and you will find yourself here:

Click “Screenshot” and the screenshot will be taken. However, you will not see the Assistive Touch menu in this image.

The standard way to take screenshots on iPhone

Select the image that you would like to “screen”, and simultaneously press the buttons “Home” (located in the center under the screen) and “Power” (located on the top edge of the case). Then release them immediately.

You will hear a characteristic sound comparable to a shutter release on a camera. The screenshot on the iPhone will be saved in the standard “Photos” application. you can find it last in the queue in the gallery. Image format. png.

Pay attention to these aspects:

  • Do not hold down the “Home” and “Power” buttons, otherwise you risk making a “hard” restart of the smartphone.
  • By taking a screen in this way, you are photographing the entire screen, and not any part of it. If you need to “capture” part of the screen, it is better to use a special utility or built-in photo editor.

The described method of creating screenshots is relevant for all iPhone models, except for the very first one, as well as for iPad and iPod.

What to do if you only need to photograph part of the screen?

In such a situation, there is a way out: you can make a screenshot of the entire screen and then crop it using the built-in photo editor. This is done like this:

Find the picture you want in the photo gallery. For example, this one will do:

Click the “Edit” button in the upper right corner.

In photo editor mode, select the last tool in the bottom panel. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to illustrate this process. the iPhone will not “screen” the photo editor options.

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Crop the picture and click “Save”. ​​the corrected image will appear in the gallery. From the initial picture, according to our example, this turned out:

The presence of the “Assistive Touch” function and the built-in photo editor is another confirmation of how attentive the developers are to the problems of users. In situations where Android cannot do without installing third-party software (for example, if you need to cut an image), the iPhone will cope with integrated software solutions.

Fast selection

In order not to edit the finished screenshot, when you need to quickly indicate to the interlocutor the sequence of actions in the phone settings, we will resort to a little trick. Hold your finger on the desired point and take a picture. As a result, as shown by the arrow in the picture, it will be highlighted in gray.

The classic way

The key combination that Apple put into the operating system at the start of the iPhone hasn’t changed since then. To make a touchscreen, you need to simultaneously press the “Home” button and turn off the power. At the same time, the smartphone will emit the sound of the shutter of a classic camera. The picture created in this way is placed in the folder of the same name in the program “Photos”.

For the later released 6S, which uses 3D Touch, this combination will also work. Apple will stop using it only in the iPhone X, which has lost the physical Home button.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone 6

Developers put so many functions into smartphones that many users do not have time to learn them. Some may never be needed, but many, when used correctly, make life a lot easier. One such feature is the ability to create screenshots. With their help, you can quickly save or transfer any information to your interlocutor. In this article, we will show you how to take a screenshot on iPhone 6, and give some useful tips for working with them.


As promised, we will tell you about some of the features of iOS that allow you to speed up the exchange of information, in which you need to send a screenshot.

Programmatic way

The second way to make the process of taking screenshots on iOS more convenient and productive is much less known. It consists in using the auxiliary touch function, which displays an additional virtual button on the smartphone screen with its own control menu.

  • From the desktop, open the iPhone settings. Go to the “Basic” section.
  • We are looking for the accessibility settings menu marked in the screenshot.
  • Scroll down the screen to the “Interaction” section. In the list of available parameters, we find the item indicated in the screenshot.
  • Located at the top and marked with a “1”, a switch activates the Assist Touch function. By default, the screenshot button is located in the third level submenu. Getting to her with such an arrangement is long and inconvenient. There are two ways to change the situation by optimizing the process of creating a touchscreen. In the subsection marked with the number “2”, we can move it to the upper level. The three marks the option to configure the events that occur when the main floating button is pressed. Here you can set the parameters at which the screenshot will be created using one of the preset options.
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The screenshot function is so well implemented in iOS that third-party developers don’t even try to create any competing product. In the App Store, you can only find editors that allow you to stitch pictures into a tape. The value of such an action is rather doubtful, since any messenger allows you to send a series of photos in one message.

Assistive Touch setup

Using the options listed in the previous paragraph, we will configure Assistive Touch.

  • By default, the top-level menu consists of six items shown in the screenshot. The frame indicates the area in which you can change the number of actions displayed on the screen at the same time. Using the plus and minus signs, select the appropriate option. The menu contains from one to eight different actions, while it is impossible to set two identical ones. Having decided on the quantity, select any icon from the indicated by the arrow and open an additional menu.
  • Find the marked item and activate it for placement on the first level.
  • Similarly, actions for the virtual auxiliary touch button are selected from the same list. Depending on preference, you can choose to take a picture by double-tapping or long-pressing.
  • The constant presence of a virtual button on the screen is not always convenient. However, the system also provides for this moment. We go down in the accessibility section to the very end of the screen. Open the item “Quick Commands” indicated in the screenshot.
  • By clicking on the symbol of their three horizontal lines indicated by the arrow, we activate the movement of elements in the list located here. After dragging Assistive Touch to the top position, tap on it again so that a blue checkmark appears. As a result, triple clicking on the Home button will bring up an additional control on the screen. You can hide it with the same gesture or set the action “Quick commands” in the above menu.

Share menu

After the last major iOS update, the finished screenshot in the form of a thumbnail is displayed for a while in the corner of the screen. By clicking on it, you can open the editing tools and add the necessary notes.

Holding your finger on a thumbnail will open the Share menu, shown in the following screenshot. With its help, you can immediately send a picture to your interlocutor from the main screen, without wasting time searching for it in the Photo program.

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